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May 2010, No.

In brief …
Dear Members,
Kral Shack Phone…703-451-9700 Our approved vision statement is as follows: "SSRC’s immediate
Tennis Courts… Available year objective is to remain open for the 2010 swim season to be able to
round upon request. provide a safe environment for family-friendly fun, neighborhood and
*Pool Season…29 May–29 Aug community recreation.” We have a great deal more work to build a
long-term vision that will move the Club past its 60th Anniversary in
*Operating Hours… Pool is open:
2014. For now, though our pool on track to open on 29 May 2010!
- Weekends: 12-8pm.
- Holidays: 12-6pm One member wanted to know if it was okay to pray for really hot
- Weekdays weather to encourage new members to join the Club… Absolutely!
1-25 Jun: 4-8pm. Below is a summary of the key items in this newsletter to keep all
28 Jun-6 Aug: 2-8pm. members informed of activities, events and changes at SSRC. More
9-27 Aug: 4-8pm. information is at our temporary website
*See article on Season and Hours
Rules & Regs… • Current Status of Club Expenses and Income • Revised Pool Season and Operating Hours
• SSRC Cleanup Days: 15 and 22 May from 10am-4pm
2010 SSRC Board of Directors: • General Membership Meeting: Wednesday, 16 June, 7pm
Joe Milligan, President • Member Request: Reconsideration of Late Fees
Janice Buckley, Vice President
• Special 2010 Pilot Program for Adults desiring limited visits
Julie Mackin, Treasurer
Debbie Mays, Secretary
• Cell tower update
Heather Bogstad • Springfield 15K/5K Run & Walk Community
Becky Campbell • SSRC Committee Structure & Sign-Ups
Jeff Firman • SSRC’s 2010 Program
Patricia Hagy
• Board Member Farewell
Mary Yarrison
Current Status of Club Expenses and Income: SSRC’s projected
Web Master Chuck Seward expenses for 2010 are approximately $70,000. Thus far, SSRC’s 2010
Pay dues by check or use PayPal income is $47,000 and we started the fiscal year with a little more than $13,000 in the bank. Membership fees provide 85% of SSRC’s
http://swimspringfield.posterous. income with about 10% from swim team reimbursement and the
remaining from guest fees, pavilion rentals and concessions. Our fees
SSRC Newsletters posted at: were based on having 120 members; however, only 79 members have paid their 2010 dues. Current income will enable us to open on 29
May through sometime in July. In order to remain open till 29
Start 2010 Right at SSRC August, we simply need to bring onboard more members which will,
– Recruit a Neighbor! in turn, generate the additional income that we need to operate.
Revised Pool Season and Operating Hours: As stated above, we will
operate the pool, contingent on funding, from 29 May through 29
August based on member requests. To do this, we are adjusting pool
operating hours: Weekends 12-8pm; Holidays 12-6pm; & Weekdays:
1-25 June 4-8pm; 28 June-6 August 2-8pm; and 9-27 August 4-8pm.
SSRC Cleanup Days: All Members are requested to join turn out on 15 May and 22 May from 10am-4pm
to help “spruce up” the pool. Great opportunity for teen service hours. Light landscaping is needed to
include raking leaves and picking up sticks. Other small jobs include light plumbing repairs. In general,
we want to make our Club presentable for the season.
General Membership Meeting: During the January 2010 General Membership Meeting (GMM), we
addressed a critical issue – the survival of our Club. Our record-breaking gathering voted to sustain SSRC
and do what was necessary to open the pool for the 2010 Swim Season. The good news, as discussed
already, is that our management contract with NVPools has been signed and we indeed will open the
pool for swimming on 29 May. However, we have a number of serious issues that all members must
address as we look to rebuild SSRC during the next several years. This really is an effort that will take all
members. The next General Membership Meeting is set for 7pm on Wednesday, 16 June. By then, we
should have much greater fidelity about the T-Mobile Cell tower and, more importantly, will have a good
understanding of our membership numbers and how long we will be able to keep the pool open. Our
fee structure is based on active members: the fewer active members, the higher the fee structure; the
more active members, the lower the fee structure. We recognize and appreciate all the active members
who are committed to keeping our club available for the community and will need to examine what we
need to do to continue that commitment as we move forward!
Member Request: The Board was approached by a member who requested late fees be adjusted (e.g.,
waived, etc.) since SSRC advanced the due date for annual fees and made the late fees a percentage of
fees due. As discussed at the January 2010 GMM (see above), the Board knew hard choices were
needed to keep SSRC going. We also recognized the importance of understanding early in the process
how many active members we would have in 2010 and that we needed to have funds to pay our
contract with NVPools. Based on these factors, the Board decided to accelerate collecting fees by 30
days and adjust late fees as a percentage of fees due. After reviewing the member’s request, the Board
declined to change the policy as it did not see any compelling reason to make this change. That said, per
our bylaws, it is the members who operate SSRC and who have the final say. Any member may submit
an idea for consideration (see below as one idea from a member and changes to our schedule submitted
by another) or raise an issue for a vote at a GMM. For example, a member may propose an “Amnesty
Day” for late fees which, assuming a quorum (i.e., 25 memberships present), would be put to vote.
Special 2010 Pilot Program for Adults desiring limited visits: Based on a specific proposal by one
member, the Board approved a pilot to permit adults desiring limited visits, 15 for singles and 20 for
couples, to join SSRC for a reduced fee of $200 and $250, respectively. More information is available
from Membership.
Cell Tower Update: The final approval is expected to be given by the Fairfax County Board of
Supervisors at a 3:30pm meeting on 11 May 2010.
Springfield 15K/5K Run & Walk Community: The 6 June Springfield 15K / 5K race will signal the arrival
of THE signature fitness event for southern Fairfax County. The SSRC Parking Lot will be used to
provide parking or staging for participants up until 10am. Sign up for one of the races at Metro Run &
Walk or at Spread the word and send a link to to
anyone who might be interested. Sponsor the race with financial support. We have a variety of
sponsorship levels and benefit packages, ranging from $200 to many thousands. Sponsor the race
through in-kind products and services like race-day food, media advertising, photocopying, race bag
goodies, random runner prizes, etc. Volunteer for the planning committee or for race weekend. Bring
friends and family along! Great communities make great events, and great events make great
communities. Let’s all come together for the Springfield 15K / 5K! If you can help or have questions,
please contact Mark Russell, race director, at or 703-913-0313.

SSRC Committee Structure & Sign-ups: Our Club needs the services of all of members as we continue
to rebuild SSRC. Following is a description of the Board of Directors and principal Committees that we
are implementing to move SSRC forward. If you have not already done so, please contact the SSRC
President to volunteer for a committee or contact the SSRC Vice President if you are willing to consider
serving on the Board of Directors and would consider standing for nomination at the 16 June GMM.
• Serving on Committees… Many hands make light work. Service on the committees should
probably be no more than 1-2 hours per week during the swim season and less during the off
season for meetings and activities. This is a great way to contribute to the Club and community
as well as get to work with your neighbors.
• Serving on the Board of Directors… With the stand-up of committees, the role of the Board is
changing from one of “doing” to “overseeing” and providing policy for SSRC. Board members
generally meet once or twice a month for two hour meetings and spend time planning for
meetings. Officers spend considerably more time preparing state filings, agendas, minutes,
budgets, etc. Board members also serve on committees and volunteer, but this is not part of
their function as Board members.
Board of Directors: The Board’s functions are to determine direction of work to be done, policy options,
determine policy, implement selected policies, perform oversight of organizational operations
(nominate & evaluate) and serve as a court of last resort.
Executive Committee: The executive committee is responsible to the board of directors of SSRC to
function on behalf of the board of directors in matters of emergency an in interim periods between
regularly scheduled Board meetings. The executive committee shall have and exercise the authority of
the board of directors, provided that such authority shall not operate to circumvent the responsibility
and authority vested in the board of directors by the SSRC’s bylaws.
Vision & Communications Committee: The vision committee, in conjunction with the board of
directors, will develop the five year strategic plan for SSRC. Additionally, this committee will develop
and implement websites, flyers, newsletters and other channels to communicate with members as well
as the general public.
Program Services Committee: The program services committee is responsible to the board of directors
for the overall program emphasis of SSRC. The committee shall develop programs and monitor program
goals with the involvement of the total organization. Program services includes and is not limited to
pool operations, social events (e.g., after hours parties, etc.), swim team, dive team and concessions.
Resource Development Committee: The resource development committee is responsible to the board
of directors of SSRC to assume the primary relationship in matters pertaining to membership, business
relations, public relations, community outreach, volunteer coordination, planned giving, and board
membership in accordance with policies and practices established by the board of directors of the SSRC.
Finance Committee: The finance committee is responsible to the board of directors of SSRC to assume
the primary relationship in matters pertaining to the SSRC’s finances. This includes matters pertaining
to building care and maintenance, protecting the capital investment of the SSRC in buildings and
grounds, and assuring the functional utility of all areas and equipment.

Board Member Farewell: Board Member Jason Spoolstra has stepped aside for personal reasons. We
thank Jason for his contributions to the Club.

SSRC’s 2010 Program: Ability to remain open through 29 August 2010 is contingent on availability of
funds. Updates will be provided in future newsletters and are posted at Send recommendations to
Date Activities Comments
9 May Mother’s Day
11 May Fairfax Board of Supervisors Cell Tower – Final Decision
15 May SSRC Clean-up Day All Members
*15 May Lake Accotink Park Tennis Camp 10-noon Depends on attendance; Every
Sat in Summer
**18 May SCA Meeting @ Crestwood
22 May SSRC Clean-up Day All Members
29 May Opening Day – Open @ 12pm Close @ 8pm unless specified
31 May Memorial Day – Pool Closes @ 6:00 pm
1-27 Jun Open @ 4pm on weekdays/12pm on weekends
6 Jun Support Springfield Days 5/15K Run/Walk 3-6 June, Springfield Days
13 Jun BOD Meeting Place TBD
**15 Jun SCA Meeting @ Crestwood
16 Jun General Membership Meeting Pavilion @ 7pm
19 Jun Swim Time Trials @ SSRC
26 Jun Swim ”A” Meet #1 v. Hollin Hills @ SSRC
After Hours Event 8pm-12am
28 Jun-8 Aug Open @ 2pm on weekdays/12pm on weekends
28 Jun Swim “B” Meet @ Rolling Valley
29 Jun Swim Team Bowling
3 Jul Swim “A” Meet #2 v. N. Springfield @ SSRC
5 Jul Swim “B” Meet v. Fox Hunt @ SSRC Pool Closes @ 5pm
*6-19 Jul Lake Accotink Park using Tennis Courts 9-noon Depends on attendance
7 Jul Swim Team Lap-a-Thon
10 Jul Swim “A” Meet #3 @ Stratford
Swim Team Party & Sleepover
11 Jul BOD Meeting Place TBD
12 Jul Swim “B” Meet @ Hunt Valley
14 Jul Swim Meet: Relay Carnival @ SSRC Pool Closes at 4pm
17 Jul Swim “A” Meet #4 @ Woodley (& Lunch)
19 Jul Swim “B” Meet v. Cottontail @ SSRC Pool Closes @ 5pm
**20 Jul SCA Meeting @ Crestwood
24 Jul Swim “A” Meet #5 @ Annandale (& Lunch)
31 Jul Swim Meet: Divisionals @ Stratford
After Hours Event
1 Aug Swim Banquet
3 Aug National Night Out (NNO) Need NNO Coordinator
7 Aug Swim All Stars
8 Aug BOD Meeting Place TBD
9-27 Aug Open @ 4pm on weekdays/12pm on weekends
14 Aug After Hours Event 8pm-12am
**17 Aug SCA Meeting @ Crestwood
29 Aug Pool closes for the season SSRC Annual “Puppy Paddle”
*If there is anyone in the club who is interested in teaching tennis to children and teens and they are
available during these times please contact Julie Tahan at Lake Accotink Park at 703.569.0285
**Working to establish stronger community partnership with SCA.