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In general, science of urban and regional planning has two aspects that
can be developed, physical and non-physical aspects. Physical aspect are
climatology, morphology, lithology, stratigraphy, hydrology, hydrogeology,
geological hazards, and natural resources as well as non-physical aspects such
as economic, social cultural, political, and defense security. geological
environment is becoming one of the main focus in this study. geological
environment can be defined as the application of geological information in
development, especially to improve the quality of the environment and to
minimize environmental degradation as a result of the changes that occur from
the use of natural resources.
regional planning focused on environmental geology as a means to take
out a policy on appropriate land use recommendations, based on complete data
and information about aspects of geological. In the process of regoinal planning,
planners must consider about geological conditions that is can found in the area,
because the geological conditions reflect the strength of the aspect of
environmental aspects in thats region. Thats aspect considering on physical
aspect like climatology, morphology, lithology, stratigraphy, topography,
hydrogeology, geological hazards.
Trisobo have land thats dominated by plantations, forests and rice fields.
while the remaining 20% of land used as residential areas. Trisobo village Blorong
fed by rivers, which have the potential to flood and erosion, with a slope of 0-8%,
means flat, and 25-45%, means steep. trisobo an area with soil type latosol,
which potentially occurs avalanches. but the facts show that landslides are rare
in trisobo, maybe never showed before. analysis of natural resources and all the
problems that trisobo had is needed. it is with regard to all aspects of geology
that existing resources can be utilized for the community as well as for planning
related to the study area in the future. the ultimate goal is to provide
recommendations on the village, the government and the developer.
Formulas Problem
The formulation of the problem which will be described in the report
observations of geological environment in the village Trisobo is how the condition
Village Trisobo in related aspects of morphology, lithology, structure
hydrogeology and geological hazards that exist, as well as the influence of
geologic aspects are the real conditions of land use in Trisobo. then evaluating
whether the use of land located in the village of Trisobo were appropriate to the
suitability of existing land or not. An assessment made in an area need to know
how the distribution of rocks and soil in the region to be studied first. Therefore,
it is important to know how the distribution of rocks and soil, and dominance
contained in Trisobo village. Finding out the circumstances of secondary
geological aspects such as climatology, hydrology, and topography can found in
the village of Trisobo. Some of these things need to be done research to provide
guidance in taking advantage of opportunities and mitigate and minimize efect
from disasters and geological hazards in the village Trisobo.
The aim and targets

The purpose of the study is to determine the physical condition of
the village Trisobo. Seeing the geologic aspects that exist, so it can be a
source of data in interprething land use Trisobo village. By knowing the
village land use Trisobo can be used to analyze the suitability of land
Trisobo village. With the pictures of land use, we can expecting to reach
land suitability in the utilization of the natural environment. Land usein
accordance with the conditions that have been analyzed are expected to
create a balance between natural ecosystems with the needs of the
people in the village.
Targets directed at the locations included area Trisobo, sub Boja
Kendal district. To assess environmental conditions in the village Trisobo,
both of geologic aspects of the environmental and social community in
the village Trisobo. some of the things that were targeted in this task,
Identify the geologic aspects contained in Trisobo village.
Understand the issues contained in the Village area Trisobo
Analyze potential and threats owned village Trisobo
Identify village land use Trisobo
Analyze the suitability of land by village land use Trisobo
Conducting scoring the physical quality of the assessed

Regional Scope
In this report book, there is two scope, macro and micro scope.
Macro scope
The scope of macro Trisobo Rural District of Boja. Boja is located
in the Kendal regency, Central Java province with an area of 64.10
km2. Boja sub-district administrative boundaries north Subdistrict
Kaliwungu, south District of Limbangan, west District of Singorojo, east
of Semarang. Every year the number of residents in the District Boja
continues to grow, as described in the following table: