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The regular meeting of the Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners was held on Wednesday,

January 20, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. in their office located at 13300 Fifteen Mile Road, Marshall, Michigan.

PRESENT: Commissioner Scott Brown, Chairman

Commissioner Hugh Coward, Vice Chairman
Commissioner Charles Monaweck, Member
Commissioner Eric Tobin, Member
Commissioner Christopher Vreeland, Member

ALSO PRESENT: Kevin Henning, Managing Director

Mary Jo Crumpton, Deputy Board Clerk
General Public

Chairman Scott Brown called the regular meeting of the Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners to
order at 5:30 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion made by Commissioner Tobin and supported by Commissioner

Vreeland to approve the Claims Payable Listing ending January 13, 2010 for
$527,853.53. Roll call vote: Vreeland-Yes; Coward-Yes; Tobin-Yes;
Monaweck-Yes; Brown-Yes. Motion carried.

Motion made by Commissioner Monaweck and supported by Commissioner

Tobin to approve the January 6, 2010 regular meeting minutes. Voice vote:
Motion carried.


Mrs. Crumpton read the communications as follows:

a) Received the 2010 Budget of the Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners

b) Received Resolution 2010-01 regarding Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds

c) Received the Land Lease Agreement between the Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners
and the Calhoun County Board of Public Works

d) Receive the 2010-2012 SEIU Labor Agreement


Approve the 2010 Budget: Mr. Henning stated that the 2010 Budget was presented to the Board
and the Public Hearing was conducted on December 2, 2009. He is requesting Board approval of the
2010 Budget.

Motion made by Commissioner Vreeland and supported by Commissioner

Coward to approve the 2010 Budget of the Board of Calhoun County Road
Commissioners. Roll call vote: Tobin-Yes; Coward-Yes; Vreeland-Yes;
Monaweck-Yes; Brown-Yes. Motion carried.

Resolution 2010-01: Mr. Henning explained that Resolution 2010-01 is to approve application for
debt issuance in the form of Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds, allocated by the County,
for infrastructure improvements related to capital equipment.

Motion made by Commissioner Tobin and supported by Commissioner Coward

to approve Resolution 2010-01 regarding Recovery Zone Economic
Development Bonds. Voice vote: Motion carried.
Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners
Minutes of January 20, 2010

5 Year Plan: Mr. Henning commented that is good to see all the citizens, Supervisors, and Public
Officials, as well as the news media in attendance. As part of CCRC’s 5 year plan, discussion has
been ongoing regarding turning roads back to gravel as a potential option to live within our means
and allow for safe travel on our roads throughout the county. We continue to work with Township
Supervisors to collectively come up with a 5 year plan for our road system.

In addition, we are scheduling a Board retreat for March 6, 2010, to discuss our 5 year plan prior to
implementation. Our data analysis will include collecting current PASER rating data for all of our local
roads in 2010. Mr. Henning noted that most of the data currently available is from 2005.

A map pointing out the roads in Calhoun County that are on our “watch list” was distributed and will
also be available as an interactive map on our website. Those roads in red are critical with a plan
needed within 1-2 years. Yellow roads are on our “watch list” and a plan is needed within 5 years.

Mr. Henning also provided a gravel road analysis of 78 of the 83 counties in Michigan providing
information by county on their total miles of gravel roads, total primary and local road miles, and
where they rank in the percentage of gravel roads. Mr. Henning noted that CCRC is the 21st largest
road commission in Michigan by miles of road. Of the 78 counties surveyed, Calhoun County ranks
75th with 11.53% of our total road miles being gravel. One aspect to consider is if CCRC is stretching
MTF funds further than other road commissions because of our higher ratio of paved to gravel roads.
Another consideration when comparing roads between counties includes local government unit
support. Many surrounding counties have direct County support or township millages that support the
local road system. As an example, Kalamazoo County receives approximately $1.5 million annually
from local units of government, whereas Calhoun County has averaged $340,000 per year.

Commissioner Tobin asked if the map had changed since the last meeting. Mr. Henning replied that it
has been revised and noted that it will also be updated once all the data has been collected.

Commissioner Brown asked how many miles of road would be rated. Mr. Henning responded that we
will be rating all of our local roads, 800+ miles, which have not been rated since 2005. Commissioner
Brown asked for a comparison of PASER ratings for all Michigan counties if the data is available to us.

Other: We have set aside $400,000 for the 2010 Local Road Program. We have not seen a lot of
precipitation in January, so crews are trimming trees within our right-of-way and cleaning up trees
that have come down in storms.


County Commissioner Julie Camp thanked Mr. Henning for attending the Township Board meetings
throughout the county and commented that it has generated considerable dialogue.

Marengo Township Supervisor, Bob Brownell, believes that the cost to maintain gravel roads will
actually be higher since they will need to be graded twice per week if they are heavily traveled.

Homer Township Resident, Lane Landis, commented that 25 ½ Mile Road has been turned to gravel
and asked what other roads have been turned to gravel.

Creighton Burrows commented that you don’t need a computer to determine what roads are the
worst; you just need to drive them. Residents that paid for road improvements should be paid back.
Why did CCRC buy the Durapatchers if roads are going to be turned back to gravel? Mr. Burrows is
disappointed that CCRC is considering returning roads to gravel.

Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners
Minutes of January 20, 2010

A citizen commented that Division Drive between Emmett and Newton Township was returned to
gravel and the residents are very happy.

A citizen questioned that gravel road analysis that was provided and believes the real problem with
the roads is a quality issue – quality roads were not built.

Convis Township Supervisor, Julia Schafer, commented that she does not believe that CCRC has heard
the majority of public opinion on turning roads to gravel. She would prefer to see the county move
forward, not backwards but realizes funding limitations.

Commissioner Monaweck commented that he recently drove Division Drive in Emmett and Newton
Township and stated it is a much more comfortable drive since it was returned to gravel. While he
doesn’t believe that returning roads to gravel is the answer in the long term, but we cannot continue
to invest more in patching roads than what they are worth.

Commissioner Tobin thanked Mr. Henning for his efforts in developing a 5 year plan for our road

Commissioner Vreeland commented that he is pleased to see the increase in attendance tonight and
encouraged the audience to stay for the Township Supervisors meeting to offer their input.

Commissioner Brown thanked the audience for attending tonight’s meeting to share their ideas and
thoughts. He noted that we cannot change what has happened in the past – all we can do now is
move forward with what we have. Commissioner Brown emphasized that he did not want the public
to have the misconception that as soon as Spring arrives we will be rushing to turn roads back to
gravel. As a Board, we have a responsibility to plan for the Calhoun County road system. Part of that
plan is to deal with the funding shortage, due to consistently falling revenues. He emphasized that
our 5 year plan needs to address how to manage the failure of many miles of road if the State does
not increase revenue.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Calhoun County Road Commissioners will be held on
Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 5:30 p.m.

There being no additional business before the Board, Chairman Brown adjourned the meeting at
5:53 p.m.

Submitted by:

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Mary Jo Crumpton, Deputy Board Clerk Scott A. Brown, Chairman