Binding and Loosing

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Matthew 16:19, "And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Jesus called Binding and Loosing the keys to the kingdom. These keys should be used on a daily basis by Christians to protect themselves from the powers of darkness.These keys can also be used as an offensive weapons against the kingdom of darkness. What is Binding? We can view binding as sort of tying up a spirit or handcuffing in the spirit realm. For instance, we cannot bind a physical person or their will with these keys, but, we can bind the demons that are driving this person. Binding is not the casting out of demons. Casting out the demons is the actual removing the demons from the person by using the name of Jesus. Binding is tying up the spirit so that the spirit is not free to influence the person that you are praying for. Binding the spirit would be more temporary as casting out the demons would be for more long term. This spritual tool can be used in a lot of instances including the following: • If you are preparing to go and witness about Jesus, you would use a spiritual warfare that would include Binding the enemy that would hinder and loose the Word of God to be received.

• This of binding would also work as a member of a team while another person is witnessing you would be secretly binding the spirits that would hinder • A family member is unsaved and is living in sin, you would begin to bind anything that you see in the physical such as smoking, drinking, fornication so that the person would be free to hear about Jesus • IF you have someone at your place of employment that is giving you a hard time, you can begin to bind the demons that are motivating that person. There are many other scenarios where these keys can be used in your arsenal of Spiritual tools and warfare tactics. The scripture says whatsover we bind of earth shall be bound in heaven. This simply means that we are on earth right now, however if we speak the Word of God the binding will happen in the heavenly realms. Jesus has given us the authority to use these tools to use while we are on the earth. Very Powerful! When a spirit is bound in heaven, this simply means "the heavens" or you may think of this as "air", and this is the place where the spirits reside. In Ephesians the Bible says that we are seated in heavenly places with the Lord Jesus Christ. We are are seated in heavenly places right along with the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words the word heavens is referring to the spirit realm where the spirits operate. The Devil is also known in the Word of God as "the prince of the power of the air". When you speak the binding words here on earth they will take effect in the spirit realms. What is Loosing? Loosing is simply loosing the the things of God. The things of God would be such as the Word, The Spirit, The Angels etc. As we loose on earth through our spiritual warfare, the Lord does in heaven. We also may loose, the blessings of the Lord and the love of God. We can loose such things as: • Adoption- Romans 8:15 • Cousel, Might, Knowledge, and the fear of the Lord-Isaiah 11:2

• Brokeness- Ps 51:17 • Blessing - PS. 115:12-15

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