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Oracle10g Database Administration
Description :
This course offers an exhaustive and comprehensive knowledge and features of Oracle10g
Database, that is used to create effective, effective, powerful and robust database applications.
Oracle10g is for large and complex system environment.
This course provides YOU in-depth knowledge on concepts and implementations based on real time
experiences of the Trainers.
YOU could experience the working of Oracle10g database and enhance YOUR technical skills and
Exposure to Linux Operating systems and SQL knowledge as a prerequisite will help YOU to
understand Oracle10g DBA in the best way.

Highlights of the Program:
Oracle Database Architecture
Preparing and Configuring OS
Implementation & Configurations
Administration, Maintenance & Management
Network Concepts and Administration
Planning and Implmenting Backup strategy
Recovery concepts, considerations, scenarios and case studies
Performance considerations, monitoring and tuning
Course Duration : 

10  days @ 8 hours (theory + practicals)
20 days @ 4 hours (theory + practicals)
45 days @ 2 hours (theory + practicals)

Oracle Database and Instance Architecture
Types of Database
Physical Structure of the Database
Logical Structure of the Database
Memory Structures of an Instance
Background Processes of an Instance

Database Implementation
Preparing OS for implementation
Installation of Oracle Database software
Automatic pre & post installation validations
Database Startup Modes
......Experience The Difference
#66, First Floor, DVG Road, (Near Netkalappa Circle, Above Canara Bank), Basavanagudi,
Bangalore-560 004, INDIA
Web: Email : .Experience The Difference #66. Above Canara Bank)..YASHU INFO SYSTEMS Database Shutdown Modes Setting Initialization Parameters in the Parameter file Databae Creation with various options Creating Data Dictionary Views Creating Standard Packages SYSAUX Tablespace Database Features Usage Tracking Database Highwater mark statistics Parameter file Management Creating Server Parameter file using Text Parameter file Managing Server Parameter file Creating Text Parameter file using Server Parameter file Database Tablespace Administration Tablespace Management Creating and Managing Dictionary Managed Tablespaces Creating and Managing Locally Managed Tablespaces Creating and Managing Default Temporary Tablespaces Creating Tablespaces with Non Default Block Size Rename Tablespace Creating and Managing Bigfile Tablespace Creating and Managing Temporary tablespace groups Proactive Tablespace Space Management Database Files Management Creating and Maintaining the Datafile Creating and Maintaining OMF Datafile Copying Files using the Database Server Creating and Maintaining the Control Files Creating and Maintaining Multiple OMF Control files Creating and Maintaining the Redo Log Files Creating and Maintaining Multiple OMF Redolog files Redo Logfile Sizing Advisor Managing Archived Redo Log Files Rollback & Undo Segment Management Creating Rollback Segments Managing Rollback Segments Creating and Managing Undo Table spaces Undo Tablespace settings considerations .. INDIA Web: www. Bangalore-560 Email : info@yis. First Floor. (Near Netkalappa DVG Road.. Basavanagudi..

Experience The Difference #66. Bangalore-560 004.Hash Partitioning Local Creating and Managing Function Based Indexes User Management and Security Creating and Managing Users Creating and Managing Roles Creating and Managing Profiles Implementing User Authentication Password file Management Overview of Database Auditing Oracle Network Administration Oracle Networking Architecture Overview Oracle Net Services Server Side Configuration Oracle Net Services Client Side Configuration Usage and Configuration of Oracle Names Method Usage and Configuration of the Shared Servers . INDIA Web: (Near Netkalappa Circle. Basavanagudi. Above Canara Bank).yis.. DVG Email : info@yis. First ..YASHU INFO SYSTEMS Table Management Storage Structures and Relationships Automatic Segment Space Management Creating and Managing Normal Tables Creating and Managing Range Partitioned Table Creating and Managing Hash Partitioned Table Creating and Managing Composite Partitioned Table Creating and Managing List Partitioned Table Creating and Managing Index-Organized Tables Creating and Managing Clusters Tables Creating and Managing Temporary Tables Overview of Resumable Operations Index Management Creating and Managing B*Tree Indexes Creating and Managing Bitmap Indexes Creating and Managing Partition Indexes Partitioned Indexes Manageability Improvements Global Partitioned Indexes

(Near Netkalappa Circle. Bangalore-560 Email : info@yis. INDIA Web: www.. Above Canara Bank).yis...Experience The Difference #66. First . INFO SYSTEMS Backup and Recovery Flashback Features Flash Recovery Area Flashback Database Flashback Drop Flashback Query Flashback Table Logical Backup and Recovery Backup and Recovery Considerations Logical Backup using Datapump Logical Recovery using Datapump Transportable Tablespaces User Managed Physical Backup and Recovery Cold Backup Hot Backup Types of Failures Recovery case studies Backup and Recovery : RMAN Architecture Benefits of RMAN Recovery Catalog considerations and configuration RMAN Administration RMAN commands Backup using RMAN Recovery using RMAN Performance Tuning Memory Management and Tuning Operating System Memory Usage Automatic Shared Memory Management Application Considerations and Tuning Memory Tunning Manually Tuning Shared Pool Tunning DB Cache Multiple Buffer Pool Tuning Log Buffer PGA Memory Management .co. DVG Road.

in Email : info@yis.. Above Canara Bank).co.. First Floor. DVG Road.YASHU INFO SYSTEMS Tuning Segments Undo Segments tunig Undo Advisor Overview of Rollback Segment tuning Online Segment Shrinking Segment Advisor Freelists Contention Monitoring Objects in Oracle10g Monitoring Objects in Oracle9i Tuning Temporary Segments / Sort Segments SQL Statement Processing SQL statement processing phases Monitor the use of shared SQL areas SQL statements & shared SQL areas Using the CURSOR_SHARING parameter Automatic PGA Management EXPLAIN and AUTOTRACE Usage of the EXPLAIN PLAN Command Enabling and Using AUTOTRACE Interpreting EXPLAIN Output Interpreting AUTOTRACE Statistics SQL Trace and TKPROF Invoking the SQL Trace Facility Setting required Initialization Parameters Formatting Trace Files using TKPROF Interpreting TKPROF output Optimizer Mode Cost-Based Optimizer Optimizing for Response Tim Choose an Access Paths Rule-Based Optimizer Indexes and Basic Access Methods Row Access Methods Creating B*-Tree Indexes B*Tree Index Access and Index Merging Gathering Statistics DBMS_STATS Package . .Experience The Difference #66.. (Near Netkalappa Circle. Bangalore-560 004.. INDIA Web: www.

(Near Netkalappa Circle.Experience The Difference #66. INDIA Web: www. Column..yis. DVG Road.. Above Canara Bank). and Index Statistics Building Histograms SQL Analyze Analyze for SQL Tuning Influencing the Optimizer Initialization Parameters ALTER SESSION Command Hints and its categories Sorting and Joining Sorting Guidelines Using Top-N SQL Nested Loops Joins Sort/Merge Joins Hash Joins Optimizer Plan Stability Purpose and Benefits of Optimizer Plan Stability Creating Stored Outlines Outline: Administration and Security Advisors Memory Advisor SQL Access Advisor SQL Tuning Advisor Tuning Tools Automatic Workload Repository AWR Automatic Database Diagonistic Monitor ADDM Build and Manage Statspack Overview of utlbstat and utlestat tool I/O Tuning I/O Tuning consideration Identifying I/O Contention UNIX Tools or Commands for I/O Tuning .in .co.YASHU INFO SYSTEMS Identifying Email : info@yis... Basavanagudi. Bangalore-560 004.. First