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A Filipino guitarist, received his first training at the University

of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music under the guidance
of Ruben F. Reyes. In 2005, Joseph went to Japan to pursue
his post-graduate studies focusing on contemporary guitar
music with Norio Sato, a world renowned leader of the
contemporary music group Ensemble Nomad, at the
Elisabeth University of Music. Currently, he is a
professor for guitar performance at the Sichuan
Conservatory of Music in China.
Joseph has performed in numerous concerts in
Japan, Germany, China, Singapore, Thailand,
Vietnam, and the Philippines, where he continues
to inspire many by teaching in masterclasses
and workshops.

About the music

About the music

Undulations (Yori-aki Matsudaira)
Waves grow, burst and change shape.
Millions of droplets become one with the wave.
And then each droplet changes shape again, energizing a new wave.
This process is repeated, again and again.
We hear something similar in the piece Undulations for solo guitar.
As a whole, the piece has one unified process; at the
same time, having six different processes, and within
those sixty more processes exists; Sounds changing shape, like waves.
-Yori-aki Matsudaira
Yori-aki Matsudaira was born in Tokyo on March 1931. He studied biology at Tokyo Metropolitan
University and was self-taught in both piano and composition. Throughout the span of his
musical career he has employed various compositional techniques serialism, indeterminacy,
combines and new modal music.

Tres Momentos Microtonales (Agustin Castilla-Avila)

Agustin Castilla-Avila is one of Spains prolific composers of his generation. He first began his career in
music as a guitarist while composing on the side and eventually focusing more in composing later on.
His works to date comprises of works for orchestra, solo instruments, chamber music and theatre music.
Many years ago, during my guitar studies, I fell in love with microtonal music on the guitar. I wanted
to play microtones but I could not afford either to get one of the existing microtonal guitars or to
learn a special technique to play them. In addition, the repertoire for those instruments was very limited.
So, mainly because of practical reasons, I created my own system on the ordinary guitar using six G
strings tuned at sixths of a tone. By doing so, I dont only solve the problem of getting a new instrument or
learning a special technique for it but also create a beautiful and very particular resonance having the
different microtones on open strings.
As a composer, I like very much to use this instrument as a bridge between folk and contemporary music.
While in Tres Momentos Microtonales, one could hear strong influences between Southern Spain and Arabic
Music; Sakura (dedicated to Joseph Mirandilla) is an arrangement of the Japanese Folksong.
-Agustin Castilla-Avila