Childrenâ s Care, Learning and Development NVQ Level 3 Unit 304 Reflect on and develop practice K3M232 The

importance of integrating new information and/or learning in order t o meet current best practice, quality schemes or regulatory requirements This means if you have received new or updated training (first aid, food hygiene , EYFS) or have be given some new information at a staff meeting (policies, or i nformation about a child eg special needs), or have read updated information in a book, magazine or on the internet, if you are learning new information on a co urse (NVQ!), how you would then use this information in your setting to improve the provision and its standards..... .....and why is this important?: to provide the best quality of care for the chi ldren in the setting, and to meet all the necessary requirements eg health and s afety. Every Child Matters, Safeguarding Children, EYFS Outcomes, to make sure a ll the settings policies are up to date etc....

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