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Forests Beneath the Grass: Proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Advancing the Application of
Assisted Natural Regeneration for Effective Low-Cost Restoration
by : Durst, P., Sajise, P., & Leslie, R.N. (eds.)
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Kamus Penyakit dan Tumbuhan Obat Indonesia [Etnofitomedika]

by : Ellyn K. Damayanti, Ervizal A. M. Zuhud, Tyasning Permanasari, Harini M. Sangat
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Posted:16 Sep 2015

SEAMEO QITEP in Science: The Ki Hajar Dewantara Awards

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KHD form
Ki Hajar Dewantara Award is an idea and initiative by SEAMEO QITEP in Science that was presented
in Centre Directors Meeting last 1-3 July 2013 and has been approved by the Governing Board Meeting
on 25-27 September 2013 in Bali. To ensure the program is supported by the member countries, the
initiative was brought to the High Official Meeting on 19-21 February 2014 as part of the SEAMEO
proposed program. The intention of the presentation of the award is to honour and appreciate the

science teachers who have dedicated their lives and effort to bring the teaching and learning process up
to an excellent level. This concept derives from the inspiration of the founding father of National
Education, the late Ki Hajar Dewantara for his unceasing commitment to make education a
contribution towards human liberation. As a commemoration of his steadfast passion, SEAMEO
QITEP in Science will bestow the Ki Hajar Dewantara Award for the excellence among the best science
teachers as the highest endowment.
1. To commemorate the services of Ki Hajar Dewantara in forming national education system in
both philosophy and practices.
1. To develop, advocate and reward excellence in science learning and teaching practices that
contributes to the students learning experience and outcomes.
1. To reinforce the concept of the teaching profession and science education development as a
driving force in the regional progress leading collectively to prosperity and peace to the ASEAN
Economic Community.
1. To foster cooperation and close relationships among SEAMEO Member Countries by means of
better science education and a greater awareness of the place of science in society.
The award will be conferred during the International Conference on Science Education, biannually
event of SEAMEO QITEP in Science, where teachers, academics, researchers and education observers
gather to inform, discuss, exchange and disseminate their best practices in facilitating the learning
The Award for the winner is comprised of:
The Trophy.
A Certificate.
A Professional Development Fund: The winners will be awarded scholarship to attend
programs and activities conducted by the Centre.The first winner will be awarded
scholarship to attend our 1) International Programmes; 2) Regular Training Course; and 3) The
7th International Conference. These activities are worth USD 5,000. The first Runner-up will be
awarded scholarship to attend our 1)International Programmes; and 2) Regular Training Course,
and these activities are worth USD 2,500. The secondrunner-up will be awarded scholarship to
attend our International Programmes, that is worth USD 1,000.
The Procedures
General Criteria nominees must be:
Citizen of SEAMEO member countries.
Science teacher in education institutions
Professional Criteria nominees must:

Kindle a love for science in their students;

Use ingenious methods to engage students in learning of science
Be passionate about making science interesting and relevant to student
Create and conduct research in teaching field

In Addition, they should:

Have contributed something for the community.

Touch the life of the students by inspiration.
Encourage students to relate science as part of their daily life.
Help to improve the use of science.

Filling in the form provided and submission of the supporting documents that reflect the
achievements of the applicant.
Sending a research paper that reflects the teachers learning process in research such as
lesson study, or action research related to Inquiry Base Science Education (IBSE)
All documents should be submitted to
Ms. Micah Chua Aguirre
Email: /


Deadline of submission: 26 February 2016.