Call for Participants – Triple E: IPSF Trainers Development Camp (TDC

July 4 to July 10, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic
This year IPSF aims to train a new generation of trainers within the Federation in order to expand
the Training Programme and strengthen the Professional Development portfolio. The event
targets pharmacy students with previous leadership experience as a part of their NGOs/Member
Organization. The TDC is an opportunity to develop the necessary skills for training session design
and delivery. If you’re interested to share your knowledge, motivate other students, and
contribute to the IPSF Training Programme, apply for IPSF Trainers Development Camp now! You
will spend six amazing days in a challenging and stimulating environment learning to shape future
At the end of the TDC, participants will be challenged to provide trainings, putting into practice
all they have learned during the event. Upon completion of the TDC and fulfilment of additional
requirements, graduates will be awarded the title of an IPSF Trainer.

How will you benefit from the event?
The Trainers Development Camp (TDC) is primarily aimed at pharmacy students with a passion
for fostering professionalism in others and who wish to contribute to the IPSF Training
Programme. The TDC will provide the participants with background about experience-based
learning and training design as well as equip them with necessary skills to deliver trainings.
As an IPSF Trainer you’ll be able to conduct workshops at IPSF World Congress and Regional
Symposia. Trainers may also provide services at IPSF Leaders in Training events as well as
conducting events for IPSF member associations upon invitation.

Event Details
We feel honoured to invite you to our beautiful capital Prague for the Triple E: IPSF TDC.
This would be a 7-day event focused at developing training skills, and provide a comprehensive
idea of how training sessions are conducted. Expect work and learning intensive days!
The event will take place in Prague in the first week of July and we will be happy to see 20
participants grow personally during the whole week. We will be staying at a hostel just 3 minutes
away from the Old Town Square, the centre of the city.
The price includes meals, accommodation, materials and training venues.

Organization Background
Czech Pharmaceutical Students‘ Association represents about 1,500 pharmacy students from the
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové. The association celebrated its 25th
anniversary in 2015. It has a large portfolio of different student activities such as Lectures, Soft
Skill Trainings, Patient Counselling Event, Student Science Conference, Public Health Campaigns,
Ball of Pharmacy, Parties etc. They are also internationally active given the fact that they have
had many students being a part of both IPSF and EPSA teams and also very active regarding the
IPSF Student Exchange Programme.

Over seven days, 20 students and recent graduates from all over the world will gather to take part
in learning their role in development of training design and trainings. These skills will allow
participants to utilize their training foundation to host leadership and professional development
workshops. By participating in TDC, IPSF aims to grow the ability for the Federation to host an
increasing number of professional development events globally.

Event Summary

July 4 to July 10


Prague, Czech Republic




International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation,
IPSF European Regional Office,
Czech Pharmaceutical Students‘ Association

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Please note the registration deadline is 4th June, 2016 23:59 GMT +0. For more details contact
Ms. Pratima Jain,

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