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Your company has bagged a lucrative contract to construct a housing colony for an Industrial
Group to be located in Western Maharashtra in coastal belt. You as a Project Manager have been
asked by the company to evolve organization structure with the following conditions;
I. Organization should be as lean and thin as possible with bare minimum of personnel on
company roll up to Junior Engineer level.
II. All supervisor to down below will be temporary for project duration only to be recruited
locally from 100 km radius
Suggest & discuss an organization structure denoting responsibility, authority, communication
control for all facts of construction work & management function as visualized by you.
Housing Colony consists of 10 bungalows for senior executives, 20 apartments in five buildings,
100 dwellings for white collar workers and 300 dwellings for blue collared workers.
Colony will have marker and entertainment complex.


1. Overview
Our company have secured a very good contract to build housing colony for an industrial
Group. Project is going to execute in Western Maharashtra in a coastal belt. Project
Location is around 150 km from Mumbai.
Company has asked me to evolve organization structure with following conditions:

Organization should be as lean and thin as possible with bare minimum of

personnel on company role up to junior engineer level.

All supervisors to down below will be temporary for project duration only to be
recruited locally from 100km radius.

As a project manager I need to suggest and discuss an organization structure denoting

responsibility, authority, communication control for all facets of construction work and
management functions as visualized by me.


Purpose, Objectives & Performance indicators

This project execution plan outlines the objectives, processes and strategies that will be
employed by the parties managing the project to execute the works and also establishes a
framework to ensure that the project expectations and key performance indicators are met
The plan ensures that a consistent approach is adopted by all parties managing the project
and is intended to be a mandatory control document for all aspects of the project.
Goals and Expectations
The key drivers and desired outcomes for the project are:

10 bungalows for senior executives

20 apartments in five buildings
100 dwellings for white color workers, and
300 dwellings for blue colored workers
Market and entertainment complex

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Key Performance Indicators

The following threshold performance criteria (KPIs) are expected outcomes for the
successful delivery of the project:
Occupational health and safety
Disabling injuries Nil.
Medical treated injuries Nil.
Serious or reportable incidents - Total Recordable Injury Frequency RateTRIFR <15
100% of all incidents to be reported (and recorded) with 80% of all incidents
reported by the project Team.
Environmental and community
Community complaints - Nil
100% of all incidents to be reported (and recorded) with 80% of all incidents
reported by the project Team.
Implementation and deliverables

Scope - no unauthorised deviations.

Cost - completion within approved budget.
Time - completion within approved schedule.
Quality - meet requirements of technical specifications.

Delivery of the project in accordance with the performance criteria (KPIs) is dependent on
the following:
Project approval to proceed given in accordance with the agreed programme.
Finalisation of contractual arrangements in accordance with the agreed programme.
Provision of Approved for Construction drawings and documentation to the
contractor in accordance with the agreed programme.
No significant delays due to inclement weather or latent conditions on the site.

Related Documents

The project execution plan is one of a number of documents that define the project and
describe how the project will be delivered. These defining documents are supported by
specific management plans (e.g. safety management plan), policies and procedures.

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This project is defined by the following documents:

Scope of work.
Approved budget.
Approved schedule.
Project execution plan.
Design Basis Report.
Technical Specification and Drawings for All Works.

Project Deliverables & Scope of Work

Projects consist of housing colony of 10 Bungalows for senior executives, 20 Apartments

in Five Buildings, 100 dwellings for white collar workers, 300 dwellings for blue collared
workers. Colony will have market & entertainment complex. Scope of works includes apart
from civil work, complete MEP work & interior fit out. Internal Roads & Landscaping
work is also forms the part of works.

Assumptions, Dependencies, and Constraints

This section of the project execution plan is intended to identify and address those issues
or conditions that are beyond what are usually considered to be normal project constraints,
such as cost and time. These issues or conditions can originate from a variety of sources,
i.e. internal, external, climatic, physical, and cultural.
Project and Site Specific
The key issues are:

The wet/dry season cycle that imposes access, safety and workability constraints on
progress of the work.
Final Finishing work might take more time because of mainly the interior fit out
design for Bungalows & entertainment complex is not finalized till date.
Ability to source and retain suitable and adequate resources (both labour and
Availability of adequate survey data to complete detail design and determine final
quantities in order to meet the programme.

These issues are crucial constraints and will be pivotal elements of the contractors
resource plan and work schedule.
Also for utilities like water electricity & drainage approval with local authorities are in the
progress. It has been agreed that permanent utilities will be available at least before 12
months of final handover

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Evolution of the Plan

The project execution strategy and methodology may need to change during the course of
the project, to adapt to prevailing conditions and requirements. The principal mechanism
for review and monitoring project execution will be regular project meetings involving all
affected team members

2. Project Organization
Management of the project will be implemented through an integrated project team
comprising personnel from three organizations as follows:
Owner / Employer
Engineers / Consultants
It is considered that project team members from the contractor and project manager will be
full-time whilst the owners representative(s) may be full-time or part-time.
In order to achieve successful project completion, other specialist personnel or
organizations may supplement the project team on an as-required basis.
The project team will be located in a dedicated project office at the site
The Project is divided into the six sectors namely Sector I , II, III, IV, V & VI
Sector I 10 Bungalow for the senior executives.
Sector II 20 Apartment in five building.
Sector III 100 Dwellings for the white color workers.
Sector IV 300 Dwellings for the Blue color workers.
Sector V Market & Entertainment Complex.
Sector VI Roads & landscaping work.
Manpower availability & disbursement in the proximity of the construction site should be
analyzed. Skilled and unskilled workers belonging to different categories mainly mason,
shuttering carpenters, steel fixers, finishing carpenters, plumbers, electrician, painters,
carpenters, Ducting workers & helpers are to be recruited locally.

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Requirement of personnel for successful execution of the Project

Sr No

Job Title


Project Manager

Project Coordinator

Construction Managers- Civil

Construction Manager- MEP

Project Engineer- Civil

Project Engineer- Electrical

Project Engineer- HVAC

Project Engineer- Plumbing & Fire Fighting

Quantity Surveyors


Cost Control


Planning Engineer


Quality Assurance & Quality Control Engineer


Health & Safety Engineers & Inspectors


Procurement & Material Control Staff


Site Engineer- Civil


Site Engineer- MEP





Administrative Staff/Secretary/Clerks

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For Detail Site organization chart refer to the Attachment -1 Organization Chart.

Roles and Responsibilities

The following section is a summary description of the key project team members roles and
2.1.1 Owners Team

Project Manager
Provides senior management support and guidance to the project team.
Audits and reviews project delivery.
Reports progress and significant issues to senior management.
Principal point of contact and prime responsibility for managing major project
Ensures agreed support services are provided to the project as required.
Audits and reviews project safety and environmental performance for compliance.
Team will consists of small team consists of Discipline Engineers
Engineering, Architect & Interior Design
Engineering Consultant (OE) firm appointed by the Owner will check & approved
the shop drawings for the construction.
All Material submittal & approval will be done by the Engineer.
Architect & Interior Design firm is appointed by Owner; they are responsible for
complete project architectural & interior design work including external
landscaping work.
2.1.2 Contractors Team

Project Manager
Manages the implementation phase of the project, including resourcing, detailed
scheduling, methodology, work packaging and sub-contracting.
Ensures relevant management plans are prepared and implemented.
Responsible for overall execution of the project within the given time, assured
quality & budget constraints.
Oversees and reviews progress of the work on a daily basis.
Manages and reviews safety and environmental performance on a daily basis.
Reports on progress, all aspects of project delivery (including time and cost),
project issues, and incidents to the higher management.
Manages contractual issues.
Manage industrial relations on the project site.
Negotiation & purchase of the major materials & finalizing them according to the
requirement of the client.

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Ensures the personnel under his control are adequately experience or trained to
enable them to carry out their duties.
Ensures timely submission of monthly interim bills and follow up their certification
and payment.
Attending the meeting with the client and evaluate the progress of the site activities.
Project coordinator
Implements and oversees the works on a daily basis.
Prepares and monitors detailed resource plans and schedules.
Requisitions, allocates and maintains resources.
Determines, in collusion with the Construction Manager, work packaging and
Implements and audits all safety, environmental and quality requirements for the
Manages sub-contractors.
Coordination with the internal department in connection with execution of the
Ensures all quantities for completed work are verified and recorded
Reports on all aspects of site progress, site issues and incidents to the Construction
Manages daily site industrial relations
Construction Manager Civil & MEP
Champions the project.
Overall responsibility for delivery of the project and agreed project outcomes.
Provides leadership and direction to the project team.
Manages all aspects of the project in accordance with agreed delivery criteria,
policies, management plans and constraints.
Performs a pivotal role in determining in collaboration with senior members of the
project team, the overall direction and delivery strategy for the project.
Directs the Projects Engineers, Site Engineers & Supervisors to ensure construction
works are progressed efficiently & cost effectively.
Establishes and manages the project control system for the project.
Audits and reviews all aspects of project performance.
Conducts regular project progress and review meetings with the project team.
Delegates duties and monitors performance of the project team.
Manages, in collaboration with the Design Manger, engineering and technical
requirements during the implementation phase.
Reports on all aspects of project delivery, project issues and incidents to senior
Assist the project manager & coordinator in all decision making about all site
related matters.
Review field related coordination issues and direct resolutions for the

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Project Engineers- Civil, Mechanical, Electrical

Provides day to day support to the Construction Manager principally for project
control, reporting, contract administration, invoicing and payment.
Study the drawings and specification to understand the project requirement and
sequence of works.
Check the material requirement and submit to the construction manager & Project
managers approval.
Asses the manpower requirements and inform the construction manager
Supervise the material usage at site and control wastage.
Collect and record project data and information to enable accurate cost and time
reporting and forecasting.
Participates in audit and review of project delivery.
Coordination of project consultants and external service providers.
Ensures that persons under his control are having enough experience to carry out
the site works.
Ensure that corrective action is taken where require to meet budget quality and
Quantity Surveyors
Tender Evaluation and preparation of tender evaluation reports recommending the
prospective subcontractor.
Check the contract document prior to signature of the Managing Director.
Prepare the forecast of rate of spend giving dates & amounts.
Coordinates with engineers on expenditure of prime cost sum.
Prepare financial reports at the time interim valuation.
Prepare claims for increase in cost of labor, material etc.
Measure project and value at the contract rates.
Cost Controls Engineer
The Project Controls Engineer will be responsible for overall project cost control
and high level scheduling of the project.
Proving Cost Engineering Cost Codes to various task & project deliverable- To
provide unique numbers for tracking expenses.
Preparing Monthly Cost Status Reports and Project Forecast Reviews - To generate
a monthly report of a projects cost status and financial performance against budget,
through a common database of budget, expense to-date and forecast cost, that is
reviewed and agreed by Finance and Accounting Department, Project Controls
Services Department and Operations.
To provide a method for the maintenance of the budget at current status, by
incorporating all changes to the original budget.
Planning Engineer

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Coordination with concerned departments for timely approval of various materials

Compiling the tender and master programs and obtaining approval from clients.
Monitoring and updating the master programs.
Identify deviations and problematic areas in project.
Analyze the updated and highlighting the areas of concern and slippages.
Recommending the solution for the areas of concern and slippages.
Updating manpower actual v/s Planned.
Preparing of weekly and monthly progress reports
Validate time extension
Coordinate day to day activities with project manager & construction manager to
ensure timely handover of the projects.
Accumulating and compiled data to prepare the update of the project, progresscurves, performance reports, resource, manpower
Close out report and Historical data preparation
Quality Assurance & Quality Control Engineer
To ensure that works carried out is according to the specifications.
To ensure full compliance of works with the related quality procedures.
To provide necessary training to the side engineers & supervisors for various
To advise the site engineers of all specific requirements related quality and make
sure that he is aware of the quality works.
Responsible for snagging and de-snagging activities.
Coordinating with the management representative in the measurement analysis and
improvement of the quality management system.
Coordinate all receipt inspections.
Verify that the quality related site activities are in accordance with the applicable
codes & standards.
Assures all technical documents relative to site quality control are current status.
Health & Safety Engineers & Inspectors
Responsible for overall implementation of the safety policy of the company at site.
Gathers information about health and safety through visit of activities.
Checks that the workers carry out and enforce the conditions set by the health &
safety matters.
Monitors contractors and workers awareness of safety manners.
Verifies the inspections of machinery and equipments used on site is in accordance
with regulation.
Checks that the accidents have been reported and registered and measures have
been implemented to prevent reoccurrence of the same in future.
Ascertains the existence of work permits in dangerous places or use of hazardous

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Conduct the tool box talks & training programmes on site for workers so they are
familiar with safe work environment and practices.
The site safety program will be administered by the Project Safety Engineer, who
will advise whenever site personnel and construction workers are not following the
requirements of the program, especially as they relate to OSHA safety regulations.
Project Manager will work closely with the Safety Manager to ensure that all
company policies are followed while contractors are on site.
Procurement & Materials Control Staff
Project procurement control is essential. Completing a project on time and within
budget requires careful attention to materials contracting and procurement
activities. Detailed engineering design depends on the prompt selection of
equipment and schedule certainty relies on timely material purchase orders and
subcontract selection. Continued support after contract award includes control and
monitoring of costs.
Internal materials contracting and procurement will be managed the Purchasing
Purchase of the approved and quality construction products and goods and keeping
track on all the materials.
Keeping a proper record of the material issued to the site and prepare inventory
Verification of inventory computation by comparing them to physical counts of
stock, investigate discrepancies or adjust errors.
Site Engineers
To carry out all the activities as per the drawings & specifications with all quality
Execution of activities as per the program and highlighting delay if any at right
Highlighting drawing discrepancies to Project Engineers.
Leading a team of supervisors to carry out their duties and responsibilities.
Ensuring optimum utilization of manpower and material.
Ensure safety of construction work.
Supervision of execution of works.
Supervisors will be responsible for the activities and will ensure that completed
work will only be released if it is of the required quality and as per the related
specification and drawings.
Provides day to day support to the site Engineer principally for project control,
Labour report, work competed, Material order.
Giving instruction to team of skilled & unskilled workers .
To ensure that Gang leader is aware of the job requirements and that they have
enough information to carry out their duties properly.
Supervision of execution of works.
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Engineering Services Department

Engineering Manager will be responsible for the activities performed by the
engineering team providing engineering services for project work.
Engineering team will do all calculation & design check as per the tender drawings ,
preparation of Shop drawings for Clients Engineer Approval.
The Engineering Manager will oversee the day to day activities in the design office
he will report directly to the Construction Manager. Reporting to the OE Project
Engineering Manager will be discipline engineering leads, including preparation of
as build upon completion of work

3. Project Management
Generally the project site work will consist of the following broad functions:
Coordination and supervision of work activities
Inspection and auditing of work
Resource management
Safety management
Environmental management
A site management plan will be prepared by the construction manager to address the above
site functions.
The plan will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following detailed functions:
General correspondence
Site communications
Access control
Site meetings
Asset control
Receipt of drawings and documentation
Site purchase orders and minor contracts
Site consumables
Material control
Request for information register

Coordination and supervision

Work methodology
Work scheduling

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Progress monitoring and reporting

Industrial relations
Interfaces with operations
Constructability reviews

Inspection and auditing

Inspection and test plans
Inspection reports
Non-conformance reports

Resource management
Resource planning and allocation
Equipment maintenance and servicing
Equipment register

Safety management
Work permits
Operating procedures
Operator competency
Incident investigation and reporting
Environmental management
Operating procedures
Incident investigation and reporting

The site management plan will be reviewed on a regular basis by the project manager and
the construction manger, and updated as required.
3.1 Communications Management
3.1.1 Document Control
Contractor will accept the (Owners Engineers) OEs standard document filing and
numbering system to maintain organization of submittals. This system will be used to
identify and file project documents. The standard document filing and numbering
system may be adjusted for project requirements, as mutually agreed between
Contractor and the Owners Project Manager.

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Contractors Project Managers, the Owners Project Manager, shall ensure that all
project documents are properly numbered and filed. All project documents shall be
identified by the standard file number. Contractor may adopt the OEs system to
organize and track internal project documentation once it is available for review.
The Owners Project Manager shall ensure that a review of the projects official file
system, process, and procedures is performed quarterly. Manager shall be notified of
the results of the review.
3.1.2 Owner Representation Plan
Senior Project Manager will make monthly project status presentations to the
Operations Committee headed by the Project Director.
The Project Manager will provide the basis for these reports through consistent
reporting from the Project Controls Engineer. Support will be received by the OE
Project Manager along with other key members of the project management team as is
necessary to explain progress and/or issues with design, schedule, procurement,
permitting/licensing, construction, safety, and project financials.
The meetings will be held in Site offices on the second Tuesday of every month and
will be limited to a one-half day meeting. The agenda for each meeting will be issued
to the Operations Committee members on the day prior to the meeting. Each meeting
will be followed by a tour of the facility to provide an overview of the progress of the


Project Controls (Planning & Cost Control)

Contractor will internally develop, maintain, and implement a logic-driven schedule
for the project management team to confirm the requirements of the overall project
are being met. This project schedule will integrate project activities.
The successful completion of Project on time and within budget requires carrying out
the project in accordance with a well developed plan. Contractor objective is to
implement a cost effective management tool that provides timely and accurate
reporting of actual project costs against the project budget and actual project progress
against the project schedule, thereby facilitating the management of project cost and
schedule risks and helping to minimize disputes. It should provide the necessary
information needed to quickly identify and effectively address and resolve problems
as they arise.
Cost control is an integral part of successful project performance. The necessary
elements of a cost control system include accurate budget development, cost
reporting/ forecasting, cost tracking, and cash flow development. By implementing
these practices, the lowest cost project can be achieved.

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3.2.1 Planning (Scheduling)

Three levels of schedules will be developed over the course of the project with
increasing amount of detail, as follows:

Level I Project Milestone Schedule The Level I schedule shall include the
most significant events in the project and planned dates for the
accomplishment of each. This will be developed at the beginning of the
project by the Project. Scheduler and maintained by the Project Controls
Summary Schedule The Summary Schedule (sometimes referred to as a
Level II schedule) is a time sequence network of summary activities and their
associated planned dates. It is developed by the Project Scheduler by
summarizing (i.e., rolling up) the Level III schedule and provides an overview
of all phases of the project for periodic corporate management. This Level II
schedule will be incorporated into the schedule maintained by the Project
Controls Engineer, which also tracks internal projects related to the
construction work.
Level III Control Schedule (CS) The Level III schedule will be prepared by
the Project Scheduler utilizing the precedence critical path method covering
all phases of the project and incorporating milestones and other key events
defined in the Level I schedule. Activities included in the CS cover the
permitting, conceptual and detailed design, procurement, construction, and
start-up. Interfaces between all activities are included which assures
integration of all phases of the project. The construction and start-up portions
of the CS will be developed in sufficient detail to logically complete the
project and to focus engineering and procurement with early need dates. The
CS will be utilized by the project team to monitor and analyze construction
and start-up activities and progress of the Engineering and sub Contractors.

3.2.2 Estimating
The estimate will be based upon preliminary engineering, Architecture & Interior fit
out work. It will be based on a well defined site plot plan, general arrangement
drawings, and preliminary drawings.
The project cost estimate will be updated with actual award procurements and
construction proposal pricing that are received as the project progresses. The number
of unknowns will be reduced and the accuracy of the estimate will therefore be


The budget estimate has been developed in conjunction with the Tender Drawings
and is based on the approved scope of work, and known constraints and site
conditions at the time of preparation.

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The level of contingency applied to the estimate aligns with the assumed level of
project risk.
The project budget will be a controlled document.
3.2.4 Forecasting
The project will manage cost changes through Contract Change Orders. The purpose
of these documents will be to describe the change and impacts to the schedule and
Client need to approve the Contract Change Orders prior to the work being
performed. The Project Controls group will manage the process and maintain logs and
files for the changes. Forecasts of cost to complete will be derived from factoring the
changes into the project cost estimate and thus reported on a monthly basis.
3.2.5 Progress Assessment for Vendor Pay Requests
Project Schedule will be analyzed on a monthly basis and deviation and analysis
reports will be prepared by the Project Controls group with support from the project
Other reports will be developed as required and tailored specifically for the projects
needs to assess actual progress by the subcontractors. Progress payments will be
made in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the relevant contract.
3.2.6 Reporting
Monthly reports will be produced with a written summary prepared by the Project
Controls group that indicates float analysis, problem areas, trends, and risks for
Project Manager and project team to review. For critical activities that are trending 20
days or more behind, will be required to develop recovery plans to ensure the project
completion date is not impacted.

Contract Management
3.3.1 Compliance plan
A compliance plan will be generated for each major contract to ensure each party has
achieved the agreed requirements. This plan will be reviewed by the Project
Controls Engineer periodically, or as required by milestones achievement on each

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3.3.2 Contractor Interface

Since the project involves a scope split of the permitting, preliminary and Owners
engineering, and construction, a detailed division of responsibility (DOR) document
shall be prepared, communicated, maintained, finalized, and implemented. Review,
expansion, and refinement of the DOR will likely be required during project
A list of the key information and data developed for items that will have the most
influence on the successful and timely performance of services by each party.
The interface coordination list shall be initially developed within 60 days of the OEs
notice to proceed. Additions shall be made as new key interfaces are identified. The
interface coordination list shall be in tabular format and indicate, as a minimum, the
Transmittal number of applicable correspondence.
Transmittal subject.
Date requested.
This list will be reviewed from time-to-time in a meetings

Risk Management
Risk management for the project will be the responsibility of all Contractor project
management staff. It is expected that lessons learned from previous projects and
excellent planning will help avoid many of the risks present on this type of project.
Selection of appropriate expertise, based on knowledge and experience, will be
fundamental in addition to the requirement of good communications between the
Owner and each contractor.
Many types of risk exist for the project, including business, commercial, permitting,
contracting, etc. The most tangible is the risk of loss which may occur at any time, but
especially during procurement and construction of the project. This risk of loss is
covered through the various forms of property insurance carried by Contractor. For all
other forms of risk, full risk management plans will be developed to identify where
risks may exist, the cause of such risk, the effect, and a mitigation plan for those risks
which are considered either highly probably or costly.


A planned and systematic approach to quality management will be adopted for the
project that will focus on delivering project outcomes that are fit for purpose and meet
or exceed project requirements.

Quality Assurance

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 16


The quality system used on the project will comply with the requirements of AS/NZ
ISO 9001:2000. A quality management plan will be developed for the project by the
project manager in collaboration with the construction manger.
The plan will define the requirements and processes for quality management on the
project and will be the principal mechanism for ensuring compliance and consistency
of completed work on the project.
The management plan will include the following:
Best practice
Continuous improvement
Standards and codes
Audit and review
Corrective actions
The quality management plan is a controlled document and will be reviewed on a
regular basis and updated as required.
3.5.2 Quality Control
All construction work will be controlled through a site based quality control plan. The
key elements of the plan will be:
Conformance to the scope of work
Compliance with specifications
Inspection and testing
The quality control plan will be developed by the construction manager in
collaboration with the project manager. The plan is a controlled document and will be
reviewed as required.

Site Safety & Loss Control

The protection of life and property, prevention of accidents, and maintenance of a
safe and healthy work environment for site personnel and visitors are needed for the
project to be successful. A site safety program will be established and it will be
defined and documented in a Project Safety and Health Manual. It shall be
administered by the Project Safety Engineer, who will advise the Chugach Electric
Project Manager and the OE Assistant Project Manager whenever site personnel and
construction workers are not following the requirements of the manual or abiding by
OSHA safety regulations.
Contractor will be responsible for the following activities:
Administer the site safety program as documented in the Project Safety and
Health Manual.

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 17


Initiate reports and maintain records as required by Contractor insurers and

OSHA regulations.
Monitor the enforcement of all safety rules and regulations on the project,
including but not limited to, the following:
Monitoring contractor/subcontractor enforcement of personnel
wearing appropriate personnel protective equipment (PPE).
Assisting contractor/subcontractors in posting safety signs for
hazardous locations.
Monitoring contractor/subcontractor performance to ensure
compliance with OSHA standards.
Monitoring contractor/subcontractor working areas and note any
violations of safety regulations.
Maintain surveillance of jobsite working practices and conditions,
including levels of airborne contaminants, noise exposure, and sanitary
Organize and oversee a Supervisory Safety Committee consisting of the
Project Manager, OE Assistant Project Manager, and Project Safety Engineer.
Construction Manager to evaluate the performance of the safety program
Maintain liaison with contractor/subcontractors on ordering, handling,
and controlling hazardous materials.
Assist in claim investigations; log claims.
Conduct safety and site loss orientation meetings for new site personnel
and construction workers.

All contractor/subcontractor workers shall be responsible for compliance with all

federal and state laws related to their work as evidenced by a safety plan coordinated
with the Project Safety and Health Manual. The Engineering and Construction
Contractors and all subcontractors shall implement the following activities in
connection with their work in cooperation with Chugach Electric, the OE, and other
Initiate and maintain procedures that are necessary to comply with OSHA
Provide frequent and regular inspections of the jobsite, materials, and
equipment by competent persons.
Determine that their employees comply with established first aid and medical
attention procedures.
Be responsible for the distribution of potable drinking water, the provision of
sanitary toilet facilities for its employees, and furnish required PPE, safety
warning devices, signs, portable fire extinguishers, etc.
Determine that equipment used on the SPP meets OSHA regulations.
Be responsible for the attendance of all new employees to safety and site loss
orientation meetings.
Issue safety instruction with all work assignments, supervise weekly safety
meetings, and ensure all craft employees are familiar with OSHA regulations.

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 18





Contractor have developed the following Environment Policy that outlines their
commitment to environmental protection.
Environment Policy
Companys Environmental Policy is to maintain a high standard of environmental
protection. In maintaining this standard, PRB will take appropriate precautions to
minimize any potentially adverse impacts of its activities on the environment, the
community and its employees.
PRB operates with the belief that strong environmental management is essential to a
sustainable business specifically:
Ensuring all employees and contractors as necessary to meet our
environmental requirements;
Assessing the potential environmental effects of our activities and
integrating environmental considerations into all aspects of our planning,
operational decisions and processes;
Communicating with our employees, the community, regulators and other
stakeholders in relation to environmental issues;
Ensuring the efficient use of resources and the minimization of waste
generation and disposal;
Progressively rehabilitating areas no longer required for efficient operation
using the most practical methods;
Maintaining an effective, integrated environmental management system;
Ensure continual improvement in environmental performance incorporating
advances in environmental, community and technology;
Taking appropriate actions to correct any deficiencies identified.
Contractor acknowledges its environmental responsibilities and ranks them equally
with its other business objectives. Environmental management plans are an integral
part of the overall planning and management process, and will be reviewed
3.7.2 Environmental Management Plan
A project specific environmental management plan will be developed for the project
by the contractor in collaboration with the project manager and HSEC coordinator.
The management plan will define the issues and processes for environment
protection on the site and may utilize existing MRM procedures where appropriate.
The management plan will include the following:
Targets and license conditions
Training and inductions

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Procedures and mitigation strategies

Emergency response
Incident investigation and reporting
Waste management
Vegetation management
Surface water
Air quality
Hazardous goods

The environmental management plan is a controlled document and will be reviewed

on a regular basis and updated as required.

4. Project Execution

The temporary facilities necessary for the execution of the works will be
constructed and ready for operation, all necessary resources in respect of staff,
labor and construction equipment to start the works will be mobilized in
accordance with the mobilization plan and adjusted as required to maintain the
work schedule. Mobilization of the personnel for execution of early works will
take place immediately.

Temporary facilities

A project specific environmental management plan will be developed for the project
by the contractor in collaboration with the project manager and HSEC coordinator.

Location and availability of area allotted for temporary facilities will be

matched against requirement of all parties with regard to:
Site Office space.
Store-containers and lay-down areas.
Power, utilities and communication facilities.
Water supply facilities.
First Aid facilities.
Safety and security both on-site and offsite.
Complete Janitorial Services.
All existing resources of Contractor shall be available for the support of
this Project, including offices, lay down yards, camp sites, manpower and

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 20



equipment for the immediate commencement of mobilization and

construction of the Temporary Site Facilities.
The Site Offices shall be prefabricated modular units manufacture by us
and erected on site and shall be in compliance with local regulations.

The Site offices will be fully furnished and well equipped with all
requirements of power, communications, sanitary and janitorial
services/equipment to make them fully operational with adequate provisions
of safety and security.

The offices will be maintained in the appropriate condition in line with

contractual requirements and International Industry Standards.

Contractor will arrange and maintain adequate and safe transportation

operations for the material, equipment and the project personnel to and from
work sites, facilities, camps, etc.

Specific and detailed plan will be submitted to OE during execution of the

project for approval.

A camp with all facilities to accommodate the manpower required for this
Project is also readily available with all messing, power, utilities and
canteen services made available.

The project management group, construction management and construction
supervision personnel will be mobilized from Contractor current projects in
region that have been involved in Projects of a similar nature and/or have
served satisfactorily for us on previous construction projects.
The labor requirements for the project have been determined and majority
of personnel required to execute this project will be mobilized from our
existing operations. This will enable us to provide an experienced
workforce with the knowledge of local standards, method and procedures.
The project will be staffed with experienced foremen, having good
command in English and good communication skills to lead the craftsmen,
maintain closer control and familiarity with the project and to enhance
Contractor will ensure that any certifications of training are current and up
to date for each individual. Following are examples of Certification
Welder certification.
Rigger Certification.
Crane Operator certification.
Critical coating certification.
Power actuated tools certification (i.e. Hilti gun).
Contractor, subcontractor and vendor welding.

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 21


Heavy Lifting

Others where required



Construction Equipment
The majority of the construction equipment required for the Project is
readily available with Contractor within the Equipment Division of the
Company in Mumbai or on the Projects sites. The estimated equipment for
the entire project will be made available on site within the time schedule in
order to achieve the work progress. There will be a constant coordination
between the project management and the equipment division for with regard
to the equipment requirement. Equipment Deployment Schedule shall be
submitted during submission of EPC schedule.



Contractor will establish an exclusive Team at our Office lead by dedicated

Team Leader necessitates the engineering requirement.
Understanding the nature, complexity and technicality of the work to be
carried out is of the utmost importance. Contractor will ensure technical
control by deploying qualified and experienced engineering support for
each discipline.

Continuous checking for conformity with the approved design will be part
of the process implemented by the discipline Engineers as well as by the
QC department; all drawings, specifications, data sheets, vendor data etc.
will be controlled and monitored by the Office Engineers assigned to the
Engineering Team; they will log in and log out all technical data and ensure
that revisions as received are distributed and old revisions returned for
filing to avoid re-work due to drawing changes. This will be coordinated
with engineering consultant (OE). Request for Information (RFI) will be
raised for any discrepancies encountered in the drawing/technical
documents or for any additional information.

All data sheets will be prepared and submitted to local Authority for
approval prior to release of Purchase Orders.

All drawings and technical data will be transferred electronically;

distribution in the field will be hard copy. The Technical Team will also be
responsible for maintaining as built documentation

Engineering Execution Plan

Detailed Engineering activities will be carried out at our Engineering
Office. Given the nature of the Project, our Engineering shall depute
Engineering Coordinator and discipline personnel viz. Electrical, & Civil
for the period of 1 to 4 weeks at the beginning of the Project, for Site basic
Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 22


survey, Data collection / verification of the existing facilities with

respective Tender engineering drawings. Both will jointly work to ensure
consistency on the verification and approach to be followed for the Projects
for the proposed facilities. The same shall be periodically forwarded to our
Engineering Office to enable them to proceed with detailed engineering.
Once the verification and adequacy of the information is available to
proceed with engineering, they shall be actively involved in the consistency
& progress of the deliverables in line with the Site facilities. However, the
Engineering Coordinator will be available for participation in all meetings /
resolving all queries with Client during the engineering phase envisaged for
a period of 9 to 12 weeks from the beginning of the Project. The
Engineering coordinator will attend and will be available for all weekly /
monthly coordinator meeting with engineering consultant (OE)



Procurement and Material Control

All the materials will be unloaded at site, stored in the warehouse, or lay
down areas and preserved according to an approved material management
procedure and the movement will be controlled using Material
Management System.

No material shall be issued until inspected and approved by both

engineering consultant (OE) and Contractor at the time of receipt. All the
original material test certificates, shipping documents, inspection formats
(OS&D reports), etc. shall be kept with ADDC QA Department with copies
available at the warehouse.

Support materials will be procured and support fabrication will proceed

according to the priority as per the standard support drawings. Erection
materials will be issued to the field directly as and when warranted by

Material traceability will be ensured according to the agreed procedure.

All the materials supplied by Contractor will be controlled using the

ATS, PRB Developers in-house software.

Subcontracting strategy
The majority of the scope of work will be carried out by Contractor on a direct
hire basis. If required to sub-contracted out to third parties will be in accordance
with the prior approval of engineering consultant (OE)
Each Sub Contractor will be assessed and evaluated prior to award against
scope, past and present experience, ability to perform, anticipated work load,
knowledge of local conditions and resource availability; Each and every sub

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 23


contractor will be supervised and managed by Contractor and will form part of a
seamless organization.


Testing & Commissioning

Pre-commissioning will be carried according to the agreed scope and procedures.
As the construction scope is initially driven by Sections installation and the
delivery of equipment, the focus of attention from 0% to 70% of the construction
schedule concentrates on the installation of these materials and equipment
components on an area by area basis.
However as the progress nears the 70% mark emphasis moves towards the
interfacing between the different Sections, such that the completed portions can
be prepared for pre commissioning. Pre-commissioning involves interface with
other disciplines; it shall be the responsibility of Contractor to ensure the smooth
integration of all activities to support the construction schedule and arranging the
vendor assistance required during pre-commissioning.
Specific safety procedures will be developed for pre-commissioning, to ensure
that the work force is made aware of which systems are energized and require a
work permit prior to working on that system; the control and issue of these work
permits will be coordinated and managed by a dedicated area permit controller
assigned by Contractor.
Contractor shall ensure the smooth commissioning and Site Acceptance Test in
coordination with Vendors for their respective equipments and systems, and in
whole as a complete system.


Maintenance during Warranty Period (12 months)

Contractor shall carry out the Maintenance as required in the Contract and shall
cover follow;


Corrective Maintenance
Urgent reported faults
Non urgent reported faults
Non urgent faults reclassified as urgent due to the failure of another
element of the System
Urgent faults shall have response and problem resolution timescales as
outlined in the main contract documents. A non-urgent fault shall be any
other fault not classified as urgent.

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 24


A reclassified fault shall be a non-urgent fault, which due to further faults

or circumstances results in non-operation.
Faults shall be reported and logged as outlined in the specification.
Best endeavor to restore the system to full operational status as soon as
possible and during the first visit along with make available all spares that
may be required to achieve this.

4.6.2 Routine Preventative Maintenance

Contractor Shall carry out the Routine Maintenance based on approved program
of routine maintenance visits which shall be detailed with dates for each site
activity and shall cover the following:

Submitted schedule of services, together with the program of the services

shall be carried out at each site under routine maintenance.
Full maintenance and servicing of the full system as required ensuring the
system is maintained at its optimum performance.
A daily operational test procedure shall be initiated to ensure that the
monitoring system is functioning every 12 or 24 hours according to the
level required.
Performing all necessary quality checks and completing calibration and set
up procedures of all equipment.
All equipment shall be tested and adjusted in accordance with the
manufacturers recommended instructions.

4.6.3 Problem Reporting, Tracking and Fixing Procedures

24 Hour Fault Service with fault registration service, to which the MSEB can
report service faults that is manned or otherwise actively monitored seven (7)
days per week twenty four (24) hours per day. System shall be provided for
logging and tracking all fault reports in line with the procedures set out as follow.


Fault Reporting by MSEB

Contractor Response
Problem (Fault) Resolution
Response Times


The Contractor shall prepare the following during Service Period:

Problem Report
Outstanding Problem Report
Monthly Reports

Replacement of Spare Parts

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 25


The Contractor acknowledges the availability of spares is essential to maintain

the operation of the System. All replacement parts and consumables which are
necessary for the Services shall be provided by Contractor.
The Contractor shall, as a condition precedent to the issue of the Certificate of
Completion , prepare recommended spare parts list that detail its and its Vendors
two (2) years operational recommended spares with price lists.

5. Project Completion

Practical Completion
Practical completion will be reached when the project works are completed in
accordance with the scope and performance criteria and are functionally ready.
Achievement of practical completion will be determined and agreed by the
project manager, the construction manager. Relevant details of practical
completion will be recorded on a certificate of practical completion.


Following practical completion & Warranty Period, the works will be handed
over to the owner for operational purposes. A handover certificate will be
prepared and signed by the project manager for acceptance and sign-off by the
Any outstanding items of work and an agreed timeframe for their completion
will form part of the handover certificate. When all outstanding work is complete
the handover certificate will be updated accordingly.
Staged handover of completed portions of the work will be determined and
agreed by the project manger and the mining manger.


Close out
Project close out occurs when all work has been completed and handed over to
the owner. A project review will be carried out by the project director and senior
members of the project team, following the handover.
The review will identify positive project outcomes and areas for improvement.
Key learnings from the review will be captured for incorporation into future
work. Feedback on project outcomes and performance will be communicated to
individual project team members as appropriate.

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 26


A project close out report will be prepared by the project manager. The report
will include all relevant project outcomes and the results of the project review.
All relevant project documentation and records will be archived and/or handed
over to the owner.

1. Chapters on Organization Management by Koontz Odoneal; McGraw
Hill Publications

Harmeet Singh (Regd. No. --------) PAGE 27