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I briefing about Multimedia coursework early to you so that you can think and do your homework
regarding what you want to do video or web site , research about software to making video / web
site , and study with internet , YouTube & TV concerned to make video / web site interesting and get
some ideas from that before start topic 5 : multimedia development.

You have 4 questions, select one only. Course work is individually.

***Actually question number 4 you can choose because one of the requirements of the question,
you can interview the cartoonist or cartoonists fans that you select. So, question 4 you can do if


STPM 2017

Part 3: Students Manual for Information and Communications Technology

(ICT) Coursework


The Students Manual consists of questions for ICT Courseworkof Assignment A:

MultimediaDevelopment, Assignment B: Programming and Assignment C: Information Systems


Assignment A: Multimedia Development (90marks)

Multimedia production skills are evaluated in six different stages from inception to completion. These
stages are reflected and evaluated as Task A1, Task A2, Task A3, Task A4, Task A5 and Task A6.
Total duration of time estimated to complete Task A1 to Task A6 is 9 weeks. Duration to complete
each task is suggested as in the following table:



1 week


1 week


2 weeks


2 weeks


2 weeks


1 week


The deadline to submit the report of the above tasks will be decided by the teacher. All tasks must
adhere to the submission date assigned by the teachers. Late submission of any reports will result in
deduction of marks.
Student needs to choose one of the following topics for the multimedia development project:

A video montage on My School

Your school will be receiving a group of international delegations as part of their tours in
Malaysia. As the president of your school Computer Club, you are required to design,
develop and deliver a three-minute video montage representing the following aspects:
(a) Identify the target audiences for the video montage.
(b) Include an overview of your school.
(c) Include at least three important achievements consisting of curriculum and cocurriculum activities.
(d) Include a short interview video with one of your school administrators
commenting on the visions and directions of your school.

STPM 2017 - 958/4



STPM 2017

An interactive multimedia content on Healthy Malaysian Environment

Many initiatives have been introduced to educate Malaysian citizens on having a better life
through living in a healthy environment. As one of the local non-governmental organisation
(NGO) leader, you are required to design, develop and deliver an interactive multimedia
content on the importance of healthy environment in your area. The content shall consider
the following aspects:
(a) Select two ways of practicing healthy environment.
(b) Suggest three ways to instill awareness among the locals with considerations of
attitudes, preventive measures and benefits to the environment.
(c) Include a short interview video with the locals focusing on the importance of having
healthy environment.

A video montage on Malaysian Craftsman

Malaysia is known for its richness of local craft products which attract many visitors. As a
promoter of a tourism agency, you are required to design, develop and deliver a three to
five minutes of video montage comprising of the following aspects:
(a) Introduce one local craftsman available in your location.
(b) Highlight the unique features of the craftworks that are able to represent identity
of the craftsman.
(c) Include the making of video clips of the selected
craftsworks. (d) Include a short interview video with the

An interactive multimedia content on The Malaysian Cartoonist

Malaysia has produced many cartoonists that made our country proud. Many initiatives
have been established through exhibitions, talks and presentations to portray their artworks
for public viewing. As a curator of a gallery, you are required to design, develop and
deliveran interactive multimedia content with the following aspects:
(a) Introduce one Malaysian cartoonist.
(b) Identify and explain five to seven artworks of the selected cartoonist.
(c) Include a short interview video with the selected cartoonist or cartoonist fans on

STPM 2017 - 958/4