Rise of Hitler

Wilhelm Kaiser II was abdicated.

The Weimar Republic, a new government, took over. This government was led by President Friedrich Ebert and Germany was now a Republic. They signed the Treaty of Versailles and thus was very unpopular with the people. The Weimar Republic had many problems. It was difficult to make decisions as there were so many parties in the Reichstag (Parliament). As they were abhorred as they signed the Treaty of Versailles by the Germans, there many outbreaks of trouble which the government had to deal with.

In year 1923…
What? The French army is going to invade us? I am very livid ! I don’t want to work anymore!

Germany could not pay the reparations! France must invade and occupy the German industrial heartland – the Ruhr.

This resulted in worsening of Germany's economy and there being a hyperinflation. The Germans suffered badly as the German currency – the Mark, became worthless.

The USA shall come to the help of Germany. With generous aid, Germany will be bound to recover from the economic downturn and Germans will have relatively prosperous lives

In year 1929…
However, that was only from year 1924 to 1929. In year 1929, the USA was badly affected by the World Depression and cannot extend aid to Germany. This caused Germany to be badly affected once again.

Not forgetting Hitler….

I was born in Austria and lived in Germany from year 1912 onwards. In 1919 I joined the German Workers’ Party and became the leader. I subsequently altered its name into – yes- the Nazis! Ha! Ha!

I was known as a charismatic speaker and under my leadership, the Nazis had gained many members. However, in 1923, I tried to overthrow the asinine Weimar Government but was incarcerated. What the hell!

In prison, I wrote Mein Kampf which contains many of my ideas: 1. Germans were the Master Race, and other races are inferior to Germans. 2.Germany has the right to conquer lands to create living spaces for Germans. 3.I need to create a Greater Germany, where all German people in Europe would come under NAZI RULE!

Here is what several groups think about Hitler…

We, the military advocates Hitler’s perceptions. We resented the end of the war and the small army Germany was allowed after it, as decreed by the Treaty of Versailles.

We, the middle class people, suffered financially after the war. I believe that Hitler would start a huge programme of jobs.

Food prices are low. Maybe Hitler would help me to increase my wages.

I am unemployed and suffering from the World Depression. I saw hope in Hitler, a strong leader he is.

Just like Hitler.,we disliked Jews!

In the 1920s,

The Nazis are not very eminent and did not have many seats in the Reichstag..

When the Weimar Government could not solve the problems brought about the World Depression and unemployment increased, support for the Nazis increased.

And in the November 1932 elections, the Nazis won the most number of seats.

Well, Hitler, it’s time for you to form a new government. You are now appointed as the Chancellor of Germany in January 1933.

Hitler decided to call for another election in March 1933 to make the Nazis stronger in the Reichstag.

Opposition meetings are banned.

A fire broke out in the Reichstag building and Hitler used the communists as the scapegoats for causing the fire.

The Nazis used dirty tricks to win the election. Some of them are as follows:

Nazis used the SA to terrorize opponents.

Hitler used emergency decrees to pass measures against the opposition. Communists were arrested so that people wouldn’t vote for them..

The Nazis had won 288 seats but still had no majority in the Reichstag.

This Enabling Acts allowed him to govern for your years without parliament and made all other parties illegal.

So Hitler declared the communist party illegal. This gave him support in the Reichstag to bring in an Enabling Act which was passed with threats and bargaining in March 1933.

Hitler was almost in full control.

There’s still work to do. The SA, under Ernest Rohm, was seen as a BIG threat to Hitler.

So Hitler sent his own men to arrest and kill Rohm and other leaders of the SA.

This is called the Night of the Long Knives.

Other political enemies were also arrested and shot.

President Hindenburg died in August 1934.

Hitler also made himself the Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

Now Hitler exploited this. He did not call for new Presidential Elections. He COMBINED the posts of Chancellor and President.

He was now the Fuhrer of Germany.

Ha! Ha! I am now at the zenith of my life!

But that’s not all… what happened to the Jews? What happened to the children in Germany? What made Hitler angry in the Berlin Olympics? Stay tune for the NEXT ISSUE!

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