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M. At-Al
The thirty-two Tarot cards Vudu are paramount symbols of universal world
Eons, the world of the Spirits, Gods and Loas. To reach this world,
Students must leave the conventional wisdom and vision and walk the trail
Initiation. Through practice and development of the teachings of the above courses,
Advanced students could participate in the experience called consciousness
cosmic, which is generally attributed to the sphere of Saturn, which in
symbologies lies hidden beyond the seven traditional planets, and represents the
gateway to consciousness and higher initiation.
When the initiate it has experience of this cosmic consciousness, or unit
consciousness, has reached the level where you can communicate with the gods and Loas,
contemplate direct its operations, and receive their messages. This is the area that
Magic brings creativity and true spiritual knowledge. In our system,
gateways to these metaphysical realities are the thirty-two Tarot cards
Vudu, which also represented the operations and magical experiences, alchemical and
initiation the student must update itself to consolidate
The invisible forces are contacted by the magical element of consecration to
the inner worlds, which should take place in "Le Sacre du Peristyle", or
Holy Temple. The act of consecration (le sacre) aims at merging the
lower (lunar) and higher consciousness (solar) into the universal consciousness of the stars
There are three basic types of agents in the magical communication, each range
ascending value and usefulness: First we have the signs, which are the basic elements of
communication and whose main function translation
values; then symbols, through which it communicates a meaning
broader and deeper than the mere meaning of equivalence that transmits the sign; and
Finally the instrument, which is not only a representation of the invisible world, as
it is the symbol, but also makes your content is revealed in consciousness
producing a result, in this case gnostic experience. This is what you should
Tarot Vudu make if it is to function as a gateway to the Loa and as
instrument Noetic penetration. Thus the world of magical symbolism
moves from level to level signs simple instruments, to ensure
communicate the world of meaning identified with its essence. This is the goal of
Tarot Vudu, which works like a magic bridge that covers the space between
the apparent (visible) and the real (invisible), and is the driveway to aspects
higher consciousness through initiation ideas it contains. The Tarot
Vudu is an "instrument", which aims to make the invisible manifest in
The Tarot of Padern, is an extension of the Four Crosses Esoteric Voodoo,
approached from the viewpoint of the initiation. As we know, the Four Crosses
They are formed by four Marassas, or conjuciones Loas. These four Marassas
form the Peristile, or internal and external magical space magician himself. Externally
Peristile is constructed by plotting the Veves of Loas
corresponding, around Poteau-Mitan in hounfor, placing in Legbha
center. Peristile internally follows the same external symbolic delineation, but his
Content is the reality of the internal states of consciousness that these symbols
refer. The magician must update itself this structure through meditation and
contemplation, until it becomes its own subtle nature. In this way one

Tarot objectives of Padern is to convert the initiate in the Holy Temple and
Loa Legbha metaphysical, that is, become himself Le Sacre du Peristyle.
For these reasons, the Tarot of Padern is also called Tarot of the Holy See
Four Crosses, and letters should be taken as gateways to the 16
secret spaces that make up what might be called Legbha topology, and
It is in these secret spaces where Legbha and Luage have their meeting.
Each of these spaces are assigned astrosficas and gnostic correspondences
of different order. Astrosficas say to distinguish the concepts and beliefs
ordinary astrology, because we must remember that for us signs
zodiac are themselves very subjective realities, magical regularities,
likely located in the consciousness space by ancient metaphysical
Chaldean, and only have a very limited objective, if that is any reality
away from the mind, for indeed the basis of any astrological system
entirely mental and therefore magical. Thus the world concepts
hidden is such that each state of being purely abstract should have implications
astrological, alchemical, mystical and initiatory, as the magical reality is based
on our mind set, the magical mind, which is the essence of being.
In the discussion that follows we will outline some of the qualities features
each of these sets of twins are the Four Crosses and are principles
metaphysical manifestation on every level of being and existence. These four
worlds in four phases spatiotemporal projection, are the expression of the wisdom of the Fa and
contain the full range of magical and initiatory experience
required for full enlightenment and fulfillment in Legbha Gnosis.
Las Cruces Four Esoteric Voodoo are connected with the four patriarchates of
the Ecclesia Gnostic Spiritualis by this organization and is the Light of the Logos
field reaches the reality of each of us.
Nothing outside of Legbha and Legbha is all there. Now science is to see
operation of this wonderful world of Voodoo in the unified consciousness of the adept, and
Art is the process of interpretation to the adept submits his life from his gnosis.
The Tarot Voodoo is an expression of Noetic. Noesis, in its most abstract sense is
refers to the absolute level of thought and consciousness, contemplation and vision, and
manifests the reality of the Supreme Being, for which reason, Noesis is the fundamental act
Divine communication between the mind and the mind of the magician. Now the magician is able
see things as he sees the Legbha own, because the noetic revelation is only the
contemplation by the Wizard of Law (Loas) in Legbha, that contain
message of the reality as it is internally, lets us know (gnosis) the
universe in its sameness. Finally, Noesis is the act of lowering the
contents of the ideal world of Legbha to the world of ordinary reality through
various acts of magic and artistic expression.
The noetic, through contemplation, becomes known as it is, ie
terms of cosmic dimensions of his being, which is both the goal of evolution
human, as object individual contemplation. These cosmic dimensions
They are forms of consciousness be possessed by higher beings in their present perfection and
it will become normal patterns of human consciousness in the future even
distant. The noetic is able to think beyond the limits of time to enter
gradually in this ideal elements of the future, so that this
you will transform into the ideal itself. Such a person is capable of perceiving the world
directly in the realm of the Absolute and from there I manifest through bodies
divine to the physical reality.
While the Tarot of Racine is largely outlined the path of the magician
zothyriano and his efforts to build a channel for communication and communion with

the Divine, in this series of Tarot Padern energies are expressed and laws
manifested in the consciousness of the magician and come from the transcendental worlds
and ideals of the same magician, this is the inner worlds of cosmic consciousness and
divine. This is the Noesis, Gnosis of Transcendence with which the magician must
complement their real work and objective Zothyria world. This world will
permeable to the energies of Tarot Padern and contemplate the wonderful wizard
synthesis involves the attachment of the real with the ideal.
Thus, while the research zothyriana promotes development from
world as it is presented in appearance to the world as it is
internally, which continues in a sense the model of empirical science,
nosis performs a reverse process, and moves from the ideal world to Legbha
Wizard consciousness, making it part of the inner reality of all things
terms of vision and revelation. Thus, the magical and mystical revelations are
noetic, where the ideal self is known in itself and from itself. This is the ground of inspiration and
contemplation where noesis is at the same time
knowledge and being. Noesis is also the answer to Zothyria and in this sense means
full lighting started along the path of evolution, where starting from the
psychosomatic actually present, the individual moves towards creating bodies
divine as a means to approach the Absolute.
To the extent that these goals are met, the ideal models found
Legbha in the world descend on the area of psychosomatic started,
resulting integration that results in what is called The Alchemy
Philosopher's Stone, in conducting Depth Psychology of the Unconscious, or
Yes demonstration, and the Gnosis Vudu, Ghuedhe Nibbho. It refers to the crystallization
of divine energy in the initiate.
The Tarot of Padern refers to the initiations in the inner worlds of the Fa,
where the Four Crosses represent four types of energy or worlds which the magician must
explore and assimilate to complete the knowledge of himself and of the whole universe,
because there is nothing outside the Fa.
These four types of energy, or basic worlds that manifest and develop it
Throughout the series of Tarot they are:
1. Death: Mysteries of Death and Life. Vision of life-death-life cycle.
Transformation. Initiation. Vision of eternal life. This world is ruled by the Loas
Matre Grand Bois D'Ilet (receptive principle) and Gudh Nibbo, King and Guardian of the
Dead (active ingredient). The Transcendent experience Malkuth of Jewish mysticism.
The Northern Cross. Earth element.
2. Strength: The destructive / constructive power of creation. Destruction of the useless and
deciduous to make way for new forms of consciousness. The Force of Love directed by
the will. This world is ruled by Loas Ogou Fer God and the Hidden Battle
Erzulie Goddess of Love and Beauty. The Transcendent experience of Yesod. The Cross
Or This. Water Element.
3. The World of the Gods: The Wisdom of the Gods is revealed in the form of
Knowledge. Contemplation. Sacramental union with Life and Nature. The
Nature is the Body of God. This world is ruled by Simbi Loas, the
Serpent Wisdom, Mercury, the beloved Son of Legbha, and Agwe, King of the
Treasures of the Waters of the Unconscious. The Transcendent experience of Tiphareth. The
Southern Cross. Air Element.
4. Consciousness-Legbha: Union with God as the source of all wisdom, light and love
all beings. This is the world of the Loas Damballah Hwedo (Lord of the
Luminaries of Heaven. Beginning and end of all consciousness. Hadit) and Ayida Hwedo (The
Starry space. The Great Mother of all creation. Nuit). The experience
Transcendent of Kether. La Cruz del Este. Fire Element.

These energies manifest themselves in consciousness transcendent Wizard of

so that each Tarot card of Padern with the corresponding Tarot
Racine, form the basic and essential for the initiation and evolution syzygy
spiritual. Only when these two streams meet in the temple of the heart, we can speak with certainty
that initiation has occurred, regardless
the level or degree of such initiation.
In working with the Tarot of Padern the initiate must complete their training and work
magical, alchemical and initiatory, as expressed in Liber Berachath and get to know
the inner reality that concerns each of the sixteen levels of Fa.
(The Initiate of the Northern Cross)
"He who rises to the Spirit prepares the way for his brothers
find their names "
Liber Berachat I, 4
"The priest with the help of his mind and Erzulie, prepares Mysteries
Vara or Member Solar, for the Eternally Living out again to light
Day. "
Liber Berachat I, 5
The Northern Cross corresponds to the element earth and how each of the four crosses
Esoteric Vudu contains four levels of projection; in this case: Earth Earth
Water Earth Air Fire Earth and Earth.
During the study and practice with the four Tarot Padern corresponding to each
Cruz (Originally, Server, and Priest Hierophant), will your partner references
Loas, because through them we get initiation, and they must receive
messages and experiences that we need to advance our knowledge of
inner truth.
La Cruz del Norte is the stellar synthesis of Loas Mait Grand Bois d'Ilet (Moon
Scorpio) and Gudh Nibbh (Saturn in Capricorn). The first Twin Night.
It is said that Maitre Grand Bois d'Ilet living under the Sargasso Sea, in the Temples
Sunken Atlantis sunk. The symbolic language that presents the
It indicates teachings more than purely literal, and thus, Grand Bois
d'Ilet lives in an area of our psyche that is similar to the sunken Atlantis. The
Students must dive into the deep depths of his own psyche, to finally reach
Contact this Loa at that level itself is ultimate receiver of all
Grand Bois d'Ilet is a master, he knows all human experience and from this
conocimineto can guide those who approach him properly. It represents Asiah
of Asiah, and it is the deepest power of all manifestation, which is
under the denser layers of matter. It is the counterpart of Starfire, its
more opposite aspect.
Throbs beneath the Earth Maitre Grand Bois d'Ilet and pounding sound is hoarse,
tapping from the inside out, to the surface of the earth, into the water to
the cover.
Maitre Grand Bois is a wise old man, blind, and when you do dance in full
dark matter, but knowing why each of their movements. Even
bellows being mute their sound in earthquakes that occur under
ocean depths. He is the father of the other Loa of the Earth and has a twin brother there in the
heights of heaven Dambhalah.
It's dumb and blind, but remaining silent, it is not deaf, receiving all vibrations
the cosmos in his ears. He knows that in waters ranging over the land on which
inhabits a lilting music descends from the upper regions is received

Mait Grand Bois d'Ilet can give us a level of expertise that is essential for
our evolution in gnosis, based on the unity of all things and the laws
Ghuedhe Nibbho is the voice of the dead, it is revealed through a medium and
guardian of the world of the departed. It is death and infinite space-time
where silence and stillness are contained. Covered by the shadows of eternity,
their eyes are all the secrets of the universe. It is dark and terrible mask, is a
body moving. Her voice conveys the dead from another dimension.
Ghuedhe Nibbh is the magical god of death and sexuality, and in many ways
It is similar to Shiva. He is the Master of Initiation and the destroyer of all illusion. Reaches
represent the body of the resurrected in the Spirit Hierophant, and thus the state
Perfect matter (body).
Osiris was called "The Black" and its mysteries of death and resurrection are related
with magical and transcendental aspects that are expressed in the Gnosis of LegbhaGhuedhe.
Ghuedhe Nibbho applies primarily to the body and is the paradigm of a family Loas
which it is closely related to the body, Family Ghuedhe. The body is the
Eros vehicle and therefore Nibbh Ghuedhe is the god of eroticism and sexuality. The
body is also the tomb remains locked and apparently dead spark
divine that dwells in every human being. The body is the body not when the individual
dies, but throughout his life and word zombie can be applied to all who
They wander through life as aimlessly, asleep, with a minimum of lucidity
consciousness. The initiation intends wake from that dream, that resurrect
In Voodoo religious rituals and in the inner experience of esoteric voodoo, the
Family members usually appear Ghuedhe decorated with symbols
death, hats, drinks and cigars or cigarettes, performing in many cases
gestures that Western culture would call obscene.
The Initiate of the Northern Cross is one who having heard the Voice of Ghuedhe Nibbho and
she danced the dance of Grand Bois D'Ilet, he prepares to dedicate his life to the service of the Loa.
This is the level of consciousness where we become one with the All in the most
deep within us and we realize that there is nothing beyond oneself. This
Being in the dark, in the realm of silence and death it is the first level in the development
initiation, because without knowing the deeper layer of reality, we can no avail
try to reach the higher aspects of Gnosticism, as it always would try
contemplate the Mystery through the distorting glass of ego. Therefore death
is the fundamental initiatory experience, because it allows a direct approach to reality, an approach
that does not allow the error. Also, the constant presence of the
Death is what gives us the humility to walk the path of initiation and
higher inflation risks without lighting.
Thus, the initiation of the Northern Cross is an initiation death, in which the
adept must assume itself the death of his ego and personality for the sake of
lift your consciousness into the spiritual world, because only then will know their
own eternal reality and will find its divine aspect expressed within their own
individuality through its name, a word that express such sublime
divinity. Only those who have come to die and be born again as Loas or
Eternal Beings, can help their brothers on the path to find their own
divine realities.
The Initiate de la Cruz North must understand that their view of reality has been
deformed for a long time, and what the general is not apparent to them
It is more than a face of reality. You must understand to what extent the ideas that has
made during his life about what the universe is, what's what, and what

He is himself, they are completely wrong. You must realize that knowledge
it is not based on the reality of spirit is not so, because neither the learning nor the
Superstition can threaten the gnosis. You should think that light can Logos
give new meaning to their experience and thus bring about a change in its
thinking, feeling and acting. By having direct knowledge of the inner world
Pure light, which is its very essence and ultimate reality, can see phenomena
surrounding as something devoid of that light is nothing but death, blindness and
ignorance. You must die to this vision and this world to be reborn in vision
true and in the life of the spirit.
The death is related to the earth and night. Initiation is related
symbolically with death because it means the end of a state of consciousness and
the birth of a different and superior. It symbolizes the profound changes experienced by the
Man due to the initiation.
Since ancient times within the soil (caves, caverns, subterranean rooms) have
It has been the site of initiation. It is deep in the ground where this occurs. Not this
only it indicates that certain types of earth energies could favor the initiation, but
the psychological place where it occurs is in the bosom of the earth. This same
symbolic representation is found in the tomb as a place of initiation. This
tomb is also our body, when seen from this perspective.
At initiation is necessary to die because this way we stop fearing death,
know the vast domain that contains. It is the fear of death that makes us
cling to ego-oriented and full of fears life. It is the fear of losing things I
that makes us cling to the vision of the ego, and what we fear most is losing life,
it is impossible to permanently exceed the limits of the ego without
produces the initiatory experience of death.
The whole existence participates death. Man enough to look around, to
you realize that everything is subject to the transforming agent that call is of
death. There is no life without death and death without life, just as there is no
coin with one side.
In life everything is subject to constant change, no situation is enduring,
but all things are subject to continuous change that law to death, to
make way for new forms of expression and assembly. This is the real food
of consciousness. Consciousness expands and expands its limits through
confrontation of opposites, and death, as opposed to life, provides the
consciousness a genuine example of this type of confrontation. This confrontation
Light archetypal necessary arises to take the initiate the new situation and
detach from the old.
All initiation requires die to be reborn in a situation other more evolved and
the initiate is subjected to the continuum of initiation where they are burned all
those elements and aspects that are hampering the consciousness
expand and participate in the immanent unity in the universe, because the initiate must
understand that there is nothing outside itself. Either way, the initiate must
understand that only remain those elements or facets that are useful or
They vibrate in harmony with the requirements of the spiritual path he has chosen.
Only what is pure will remain unusable and will be burned by fires
initiation. Thus, through initiatory death, man becomes aware of
a new perspective on life and himself, for death holds all
Mysteries of Life.
The initiate must prepare for death, and assume a name implies a form
magic to do so. When the initiate gives name to that ideal it is representing
"Becoming" himself, when he outlines and plans with your mind and your imagination,
displays and confronts him as a model of itself and applies its willingness to assume the

inherent aspects of that ideal being is causing a process of death for a

part of his own ego, the same which in turn prevents the Eternal Light shine and
manifest in your consciousness.
The name is an adept individual incarnational way that the essence is to
substance. The name itself holds all the power that an insider can develop itself
same. The supreme name of an Adept can only be known by him and not
to be communicated to anyone else. It is through this divine name and secret that
You can create your own magic teurgia. It is the name by which he will be called
the Divine Presence.
Only those whose names shine in the Crown of Damballah live forever. The
Search our own holy name is the search for that part of Legbha
which lies hidden within ourselves, that divine spark that has its own
particularly vibrational frequency, his own musical tone within the "symphony" of the Logos
that is our particular plot of Eternal Light. As the initiate
participate in their own name will be aware of eternal life. There will be born twice
and will be heir to the kingdom of the Great Father Damballah, where his name will shine like the
stars in the sky.
So initiatory death is the beginning of eternal life, because even in life as
as it is governed in nature, matter it is eternally alive by the
cycles of life-death-life. The initiatory rebirth is an expansion of consciousness
through which the initiate becomes one with the All, without this experience, life has no conscious
continuity must die to be reborn again.
The initiate, to get this kind of initiation, must go to the Mysteries of the Rod,
that is, the "Solar Member" because it is through which the "Forever Living" or
Divine spark exiled in matter, can go to the Light of Day, that is, to consciousness
and dwell there forever.
The rod is the symbol of the magical action that started running with his will, his
wisdom and power. The rod is a symbol of the serpent within, Kundalini, which lies
at the bottom of our subtle body and it is closely related to the
sexual activity and the phallus or clitoris of the physical body. It is related to the Fire
Interior or internal Sun that governs the reproductive functions.
Erzulie and the magician's mind are the tools needed for this awakening
consciousness. Erzulie is the beautiful sensual woman with red eyes voodoo pantheon. Use your
charms to excite and attract the gods and men, which assimilates with the
sexuality itself. It is represented by the mambo or "Priestess" when it joins the
Houngan or "Priest." Both represent Erzulie and Ogou Fer united in embrace
Erzulie, the Goddess of Love and Lust Lady, inflame the human heart with
fires of passion and sexual ardor turns into the body of his worshipers. When
Erzulie the talks started, it always refers to fire that attracts passionate loving you
to his magical partner, and that Love is directed by the will, which relates the Book
Law of the Thelemites.
When the Holy Spirit into the body of the initiate through their dedication to
Erzulie, you are receiving the "Light" of Legbha and prepare a throne for the Living
definitively install in your life. Then it is a Nibbh, which has been reborn in the
spirit and your body is Stone.
"Death is the beginning of life, not the end of life. To live you
He has died countless times in eternity. "
"The death is the rebirth of consciousness, which must penetrate
lower worlds, before you can get an awareness of what has
happened in this life-time. "

"Death is an expansion of self to become one with all existence,

and a contraction of I, for one understands that there can be nothing
outside oneself. "
"Death is the knowledge of every time and place, because all beings
They should experience the eternal cycle of birth and death. All existence participates
death. "
(Servant of the Northern Cross)
"Therefore I tell you the grace of Erzulie will open the way to Knowledge
divine and give you the strength to never be a slave of pain and torment,
as they once were. Ecstasy makes all things are equal. "
"Erzulie, dressed in sun and moon holds within it a treasure that will help you
prepare the way that will get you from the curse of pain and illness and will
ringing in your mind the powerful voice of the living, the Lord of the Double Wand, which
rules the kingdom on Earth. "
"And his voice will guide your way with wisdom and justice."
"Erzulie, tight to your hips will get to understand the truth and this
way practice mercy and justice, with the presence of the I Am, whose
seat is in the four corners of space, with a hand from abarcndolos
the beginning of time. "
"Your eyes will be provided in your union's promise to the Divine One. So
You can forget old fears many tears you produced in the past. Bebe
Erzulie keeps the dew beneath him. "
"And your voice will be the voice of the I Am, which makes the law, the Creator of man and the
time. You will be coated with wings that extend to infinity and be
crowned with His presence. "
"And so you resurrect and rule on earth you live. Because the joy of Erzulie
It will be poured on you like Grace Garland, making it grow in strength to
the divine knowledge manifest in you. "
Liber Berachat II, 1-7
What distinguishes Originally Server, is that after the experience of initiation, or
Contact with the profound reality of the Loas, death and his own being,
started now dedicated to the service of the Loa and the Great Work, accepts a level
higher commitment and your task is to emerge from the shadows of ignorance and
selfishness that used to dominate, while deepening the experience
Service and dedication are the key features for Server Cross
North. Liturgical service through meditation and work with Loa this level,
He is offering himself as a sacrifice. Thus the world of death cover with
wings of eternity life started and will always feel protected and safe from
embites the world and current chaos, because behind the death is the Light
we long for eternal life and true.
Server of the Northern Cross represents the initiate who offers initiatory death, knowing that is the
only way to access the world of Spirit. It has
perceived that death is the beginning of life, and sees the expansion of its
consciousness inevitably passes through it.
Death is nothing but transformation or change from one form to another, release
compressed energy thanks to the release of the vital cohesive force. So the
death, both initiation and carnal, frees us from our natural limitations and the
door release out of prison terrestrial nature.
Death is the symbol of the destruction of the perishable in existence. Indicates what
It disappears in the inevitable evolution of things, so it relates

primarily with the physical and earth. But the initiatory life not only represents
this natural aspect of physical existential life, it also represents the
same initiation, in which everything old, ballast, dies to give rise to a new
vision achieved through this initiation experience. Those who really are initiated
die for your old worldview and life, to be born to another
evolved and integrated. There is no progress without initiatory death.
During the course of life, no event is more important, or is stronger
internalization than death. In death, whether it is an initiation or physical death,
It produces a release. That is, the man is released from those facets or aspects
that they kept themselves within the limited and difficult field of activity and possibility
magic that he had risen. This is a transformation because the gap
left by these aspects they will be filled by others who have their origin in the world
spiritual and transcendent. But man alone has little power
transformation on itself. It is true that man has a superior intellect to
rest of creation, but it is so far from its origin, that along with his intellect
reasoning powers are insufficient to penetrate the layer of ignorance with which
It has covered over time.
Death, however, the man faces the urgent need to analyze and see
things that used to be important, even if they could be based on
ethical and moral codes, lost all its importance and validity when death
It covers with its dark wings.
Death is the World of Transformation. Here, in the World of Death, in the
Kingdom of Great Gudh Nibbh, the reality is different. It is a reality fraught
eternity that leads to a huge and unknown inner world, but where the
initiate knows which is closer to God.
The initiation process involved a death and a rebirth. In this process, the
Server performs the Northern Cross training on the continued practice of
death, extending the analysis to all things, concepts and feelings
until now they presided over his life. You should see these things again and again through the eyes
Death (Ghuedhe Nibbho) which produce a disassembly of the organization
He had unwittingly given all his experience and his relationship with all things.
This is a job of service and dedication.
Death means that life will no longer be oriented or directed by mere impulse and
desires of the ego or small self, we perceive that entity distinct and separate from the rest, as with
autonomy, but on the contrary is that pipe dream, or
complex, who will die. It will cease to occupy the whole space with its egoicidad, or
sense of self, that this space is free and can manifest truth.
It is a true death, because here the individual loses his plans, strategies and
previous references.
During this stage the Server, you must apply all possible diligence to confrontation
with the problems arising from this new vision, which will be in
new and unfamiliar situations where it may be established infighting
between the old ego-oriented model and the new model, say, holistic. Work
Server is meditate on all these things, and turn again and again to the state of
initiation, or death, to receive the knowledge and wisdom to enable him to escape
traps and holds the view unenlightened and unsanctified the universe.
An exercise in change of perspective through the death of observing life,
the loved and not loved ones, and in short all things, from the perspective of
one dead, one who already left for the realm beyond and from that world
Eternal is back and back here for a short lapse over time, in the
world he was known before he died, and see what experiences and feelings
They appear and move us from this new position. Surely who perform

this simple practice regularly find that your life is full of good
qualities, while all the bad qualities of the past, based on the
ignorance, fear, and selfishness, fade. You can see how a new
It develops love towards all things and beings, who want to help shape
genuine, so they can leave prison ordinary vision, and they can participate
also in the light of the Saints.
Thus we understand the null value of material things, we lose
ego-oriented feelings of possessiveness, jealousy, anger, or other, and understand that
hold on to things, to life ultimately is a mistake because the real life
It can only be known when he died. The attitude and motivation to Serv-dor
be for the good and happiness of all beings, nature, the universe. Most
we can achieve happiness is participation in the life of the Spirit through the
service to Loas.
The death also has another aspect through sexual ecstasy. Many initiates
say that orgasm is a "little death" and death a "great orgasm." It is in
This ecstasy of joy when I started to receive the glory of Erzulie, you can access
World of Divine Light and get a direct revelation. This force is that, as
that if death happened, releases the initiate of karmic and biological ties that
They imprison in physical nature. The notion of separation disappears, everything stops
being an opposite or different to anything else, and the unit is reset to the
Erzulie is the means by which sanctifying grace is manifested in the initiate, and has
the power it needs to pass the Abyss. Using ecstasy or joy of Erzulie,
Priest can change their world view and free from the law of karma,
because she is a carrier of the Solar and Lunar Essences and keeps inside the treasure
alchemical transmutation that allows the Priest Hierophant.
By alchemical transmutation of gold and silver, Erzulie gives the priest the
The substance of living forever, Divine Self. The Solar and Lunar currents are
united in the body in lovemaking and intertwine to form a whirlpool. they're like
two snakes, one gold and one silver, entwined around the Vara made
the spine and brain. When two "poles" bind, ie when two
people perform magic lovemaking, the "Lord of the Double Wand" and stands
Participants bodies shine full of light, and the amount by ground forces
axis of the rod toward the spiritual worlds and the higher forces to descend
lower planes. At the moment of orgasm, the ends meet and higher and
below are one. At that time the divine cosmic vibration bursts and fills
complete the wizard and resonates in his mind as an inner voice, the voice of their God
Procedure. This is the Voice of the Lord of the Double Wand of Power, the Son of the Twins
Legbha-Guedh, His Son Luage. And this voice which will guide your steps along the path
to your destination, led by higher powers of his will, that will protect you in
all times in the vicissitudes of life. And your life will always be governed by the Light
By divine will and wise just knowledge.
Erzulie, in the supreme act of transcendent union, produces a state of insight
where consciousness is open to another reality. That is when the initiate can
see the Truth that has to balance its existence in the form of revelation and change
consciousness will make you act differently since then to be attached to your
Inner voice, it may act in a balanced way in your life, because this divine consciousness
It is the same as living in the center of the four directions of space, Legbha.
The vision of this divine consciousness Legbha join the vision and make you started
see the future of full and directly. This bright vision makes the magician can
leave behind the kind of consciousness that had locked within the limitation of the
material nature. Then receives power rain brings down lovemaking

about him. And it is about to receive such magical powers itself. The arrangement
receptive to spiritual energies is that you will join them and be the point
bonding between the higher and lower.
And the Inner Voice is a voice and never talk rather than Legbha own mouth,
because it is already a born, one who died to the old nature and reborn as
Hierophant of Legbha. The queen among the Hierophants of IFA, which never again
They can transgress the laws of God. So they have the power to rise by
planes and dimensions to infinity. Why are kings and priests, because they are
crowned with the presence of Legbha. And so Legbha transmits oracularmente
all his knowledge, to perform the Great Work to create a perfect vehicle
which to inhabit the archetypal world of pure light. This is the White City (IFA)
will be his kingdom forever.
"Death is the wisest of the gods, because through it are given all
the powers of transformation, since death is the greatest of
transformations. "
"Death to the human species opens the doors of liberty, because in death
the wise man is freed from the limitations imposed upon him by his own
choice. "
"Death is the door to the gods, because man does not belong to the Earth
its nature, but only by his ignorance has come to this place
captivity. "
"Death is the power to be seen as the true image of the destination, plus
knowing yourself as an image of the destination, more perfectly than
one might think that is possible. "
(Priest of the Northern Cross)
"I am the Lord Almighty, the first, and the kingdom of light and darkness.
Descend into my wrap diamond and visited and lived in the land. Prepare my
worshiper, who held me drunk with death, blowing on it the spirits to
start living again. "
Liber Berachat III.3
"The light is radiated and manages and protects all manifestation with wisdom and justice,
making it grow while reigning Time. "
Liber Berachat III, 4
"The wisdom and justice are what make man to reign over time,
when he is wearing the Crown of Glory, the Cloak of Fire, the Sword in his hand and Wings
on their feet. "
Liber Berachat III.5
"Justice illuminates his head and says with a veiled whisper you need to
the construction of the garment with which lowers the Spirit upon him.
Because then he is Lord of his Kingdom and can pronounce the words
to be able to correct targets. "
Liber Berachat III, 6
"Our God is the One and knowledge makes men strong, giving
know the Truth. This is the basis of knowledge of I am present at the
man handling garland woven by Erzulie force from the center
head. "
Liber III Berachat 7
"The I Am dwell in your thinking and from which he will oversee perform
correct understanding of reality. The invocation will lower their power and this
It is resulting in the release manifest. "

Liber III Berachat 8

"The Living, dwelling on his head, ready to build the garment with
Help Sun and Erzulie. The mind of the initiate is flooded with light and thus can
know the mysteries and treasures of Being. "
Liber Berachat III, 9
"In this way the Light of Being grows in intensity and makes you see God in the center
the Void. "
Liber Berachat III 12
The Priest of the Northern Cross is one who makes the initiatory death an Office
Priest is one who has taken a vow of union with the divine. One who even
it remaining in the world, is no longer the world, but of his God. From this moment,
the individual has opened a direct channel of communication with the spirit world and
It is authorized to perform the liturgy of communion with God. It is this union
love between God and man, which governs the life of this holy priest and love
which it will infuse all creation, nature and all beings. The Priest, by
nature, lives in God's grace. Thus the path of initiatory death
gradually transforms life path in the spirit. Those who reach this state
realization and participation always have to hand her divine companion, reality
Divine which ever is forming more of themselves. Higher states
participation involve the annihilation of the ego in the Absolute. This death is a delight.
Death in their esoteric sense we have said that means the profound change
man suffers the effect of initiation. The profane, the old man must die for
reborn to life that gives superior initiation. "If your state dies
imperfection, will ban all initiatory progress, "says Oswald Wirth.
The higher state of consciousness and freedom is, say, another level of vibration
statements regarding the ordinary people in general. It would say that this
Consciousness is superior to ordinary waking consciousness, as it is the latter that of
dream. Thus, the ordinary consciousness is a consciousness "asleep" about
Priest consciousness, which is attached to, and participate in, the all-consciousness of
Legbha. The greatest degree of development of this initiation is done, however, in the
Bishops (Hierophant), which in this respect is the evolution of the priesthood to his
state of perfection.
The Priest of the Northern Cross is one who enters into the experience of death and
It contemplates the existence from this timeless perspective. Now has before it a
long path of consolidation and development, and will be many tests that need to
face, but at all times will be available to the refuge of death where
World powers lose their power, and from this perspective will gain wisdom and
justice, love and compassion for all beings who are suffering hardship
an unenlightened existence. Your goal will be of service to the human community
and nature, as in the experience of death has understood that subject and object
They are the same reality and that all separate consciousness is an illusion to reality
one of consciousness. To help mankind and nature, in their development towards
light, will do nothing but work of the Spirit on Earth, and the gift will be received
knowledge (gnosis) of what you are doing.
The priest access to the worlds of non-action, where the leading role of the ego
It is annulled, dissolved, thus obtaining a fresher and spiritual vision of reality.
In these worlds is where it provides the necessary light to move forward in its
trail, a realm where I'm Voice resonates in his head and tells laws
eternal, why he should govern his life.
The Priest of the Northern Cross Death sees the release of his perfect spirit
the vicissitudes of life imprisonment and suffering in their physical existence, where

It is subject to a world of errors and desires that have poured over it so many layers
ignorance that prevents the light of wisdom shine in man's consciousness. Death is the door to the
world of the gods and this is the gate of the Priest
Cruz del Norte crosses your life, to participate consciously wonderful
transcendent fullness of freedom and peace of mind and that I am the light shine
in the consciousness of the initiate forever.
Death contemplate how manifests itself in every moment of life,
revitalizing our spirit in captivity of physical life. Contemplate with
joy, how will continuously Golden Scythe mowing the edges and ridges
our ego to form it a diamond field where wisdom
Eternal I am fully manifest in peace and harmony.
Also contemplate the illusion of apparent life, because from the reality of the
death, this world is perceived as suspended, or reflected in the Light of the Spirit, which
It is the only true reality that exists. Those who enter this Path are
true initiates of all times, that through his love and dedication to others
we got the key message of unity. This pure dedication to the Divine Light and
We love our reflection we find there all beings and creatures, trees and
stones, space and stars, phenomena of nature and life in general, protect us
of the dangers lurking on the Path. This is good to remember the warning
Jung about the dangers of projection, inflation and mana personality, lurking in the
path of individuation.
The Crown of Glory to Berachat referred Liber started symbolizes participation in
the divine nature. It is what unites what is above, the spiritual world, so
underneath, their human nature. Those adepts and saints are considered
of divine origin or in contact with the divine, are represented with crowns on their
heads. In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the top of which is the junction
with the Absolute, Ain, called Crown, Kether. Also, in the Gnostic texts
we read that the Holy Spirit descends upon the initiate as Crown
The initiate becomes intoxicated with the delights of sexual death with the help of Erzulie, and
this causes the descent of the Spirit, so that the recipient can resurrect and live
forever. But for this to be made, the initiate must build a body before
diamond where he can live the Divine Self. Because this death has the key
eternal wisdom and makes the light of divine consciousness brighten their existence,
directing its manifestation in the limits of space-time. This is the way
the limitation will becoming eternal, from the finite to the infinite.
Here death is seen as change, such as initiation, ie the transformation
occurs when the consciousness of the initiate no longer limited by the constraints of
material life. That's when the worshiper no longer direct their prayers out
and meet the Eternal Truth, knowing that in the depths of your being is present
Mighty I AM governing the entire cosmos. It is this knowledge that makes what
before looked higher, and away in infinite heights, is made internal and intimate, in a
true union of the spiritual and the material.
That's when the Spirit blows to encourage started giving eternal life,
initiatory death because the initiate acquires Life and Light, the same life and the same
light that illuminates and energizes the entire cosmos. This knowledge makes it possible to extend
the consciousness in space and in time to make the here and now. At each point
a change, an apparent death occurs, consciousness is present, so
that said continuum of consciousness removes the appearance of death and
the consciousness of diversity become Consciousness One.
Mantle referred to Liber Berachat symbolizes separate individuality of the world,
generality. Here also it symbolizes the passage from the old man status

again. Suhrawardi says the "Awif almalarif", "assume the mantle is the tangible sign
man enters the path of truth, the symbol of entry into the mystical way, the
sign that leaves his selfishness and put in the hands of the spiritual master ", ie,
Self or Inner Self. In Liber Berachat Mantle it is of Fire, that is, spiritual and
He divine in nature. Fire is a purifying and regenerating.
Manto complements the Sword of Fire, because both have a connection point, and
the sword is forged in the fire. So the Sword represents the generating action
directed by the will. It is the purifying fire will handled by the initiate to
your own transformation.
With wings on his feet, the initiate can fly and soar from the earth to the regions
spiritual sky. In this way, you can walk through the worlds and subtle planes
astral and spiritual with ease.
The man who gets to have the consciousness of the One, overcomes time and space, and
front is crowned with glory light that gives you that knowledge. Then
his subtle vehicles become different because the power is in them. It never is
a consciousness that needs to move to make, because now all-consciousness.
And started building a light field around them to penetrate it flows
This force field can only be done with the sun, that is, with the energies
spiritual emanating from our innermost center, where he dwells the divine spark
buried in our individuality, and Erzulie, ie, with sexual energy
produced in our lower centers when excited by desire.
Then the initiate knows the words properly represent any
reality, and through these words of power it evokes the spirituality that radiates each
reality. External and internal vibrations of everything are one for him,
because it can perceive at a time.
This is the vision of light in vacuum, the last vision that the initiate can access,
because then it will have on their conscience the maximum light that can be obtained. Single
after this experience you can get absolute peace and tranquility,
Nirvana and Samadhi Buddhist yogis.
Only the knowledge of death as indispensable part of eternal life, makes us
free and allows our spirit is revealed.
"We see in death the keys of eternal wisdom, we understand this
truth eternal kingdom without possibility of error that all men call
Death. "
"Let us enter into our awareness of time and place of death, so
way through an endless meditation are aware of their
vast domain. "
"We Ascend in the powers of our imagination to the realms of non-action,
where Death is the Master, because in it we will find the peace and
absolute peace, knowledge and absence of desire ".
"Let's meet death in the moments of life, because every second is a
Progress towards this wonderful freedom and to the liberation of the spirit of the
cares and chores of existence ".
(Hierophant of the Northern Cross)
"He will give you the Sword and the Wand you will reign in this kingdom, and you release the
death. "
Liber Berachat IV, 3
"For He is the Supreme I Am, which is also the Creator and King of the Cosmos."
Liber Berachat IV, 4

"He who is the First, One and Eternal, who lives in you and talk about you."
Liber IV Berachat 5
The Hierophant of the Northern Cross is the Loa Guedh Nibbh and represents the state
Perfect material. It refers to the physical body of the Hierophant Therefore, as the body
Universe, once illuminated by the light of the Spirit. The main idea is to "God in the
Land "because the Hierophant of the Northern Cross incorporated in their vehicles all
knowledge and gnosis of the universe. This Gnosis becomes flesh and blood in the body
Hierophant, which is the magic body Guedh Nibbh.
Only when we perceive our ability to consciously expansion to the
infinity in space-time, is when we become ourselves Loa
Guedh Nibbh, that gives us the power of the Sword (the power of the mind) and the
Vara (power of will), which together liberate us from the tyranny of death.
The sword a symbol of death and sacrifice, but also of the decision
psychic. Paul Doel says the sword is the symbol of strength of mind lucid
who dares to cut the problem, the vain and false blindness contradictory assessments
and ambivalent.
The rod is the symbol of the phallus, the fiery creative energy in humans, but
also of authority and power, which really relates to the will exerted
man. Therefore it is related to magic, especially for show
main vehicle that directs the action of the magician.
These tools are rooted in the Absolute, and therefore Liber Berachath says, "He will
give ", as the Vara becomes a symbol of Will inherent in the process itself
cosmic development. In this way the Magic Wand always vibrate in harmony with
Universal wisdom, for unifies our purpose in action, or will, with the
purpose or cosmic Will. "He will give you" means you understand the nature
archetypal of these tools and in this way have an absolute way.
The Hierophant of the Northern Cross seen through the eyes of Guedh Nibbh. It has been
Located in the center of the universe and includes a universe without possibility of error, a
universe itself is one thing, a continuum of magical creation, contemplating
and a unit of meaning in the world and all creation.
Only when we remain motionless silence in the center of our
existence and become one with the All, and learn through that consciousness
Cosmic everything that is contained in that whole, only then can we become
Guedh Nibbh and be both King and Creator of the universe.
The secrets of life and death have been revealed in a continuum of eternal life,
magician still the same one the disclosure, because wisdom has Nibbh Guedh
which reveals that world consciousness of the magician. Now, all things in the universe
make up a unit of meaning in his consciousness, because now the magician is
Guedh Nibbh. Everything happens around him, even his own life, while the
magician remains motionless in the center, covering the whole universe in its expansion
unlimited lifetime happening through, in his cosmic consciousness again and because such
It is the consciousness of Guedh Nibbh.
Although we see our own nature born, grow old and die, we can
stay with the One, the Eternal, who always lives inside and outside of us. Single
then we will see each of the knowledge and nature together with the
others, and we are aware of all the secrets of the universe, and our eyes will be
Eye of the Eternal watching this universe and all universes exist and can
exist. It is in the divine vision where we acknowledge our eternal nature, because
we are one with the essence of the universe.
Death is the projection of the eternity of our limited consciousness, the Shadow
of the Eternal, to which our conscience can not but be overwhelmed.
Only consciousness can encompass Guedh Nibbh eternity, because he is the King

Time and Space. Contemplmosle at the continuing deterioration of all things,

including our own body, because that's his song, his masterpiece.
We discover her true symphony of the universe because it sounds brilliantly
the voice of the living.
Thus, in the Hierophant of the Northern Cross, the crystallization occurs the
divine spiritual energy in the body of the Priest. This has been achieved by
a constant deepening of the experience of death, which has led to
result rebirth or resurrection on the "other side" or whole world. Now
It truly is when man has achieved the ideal of his own archetype,
when developed and updated their potential.
It is the divine breath, or Spirit, who resurrects the corpse giving life
eternal, beyond all pairs of opposites. This is life in the spirit which should
and encourage the Hierophant is the feature that gives your body - Ghuedh. This is the
Philosopher's Stone of the alchemists who have been in his own body the lab.
"Beware the blackness of death and meditate on the infinite expansion of space
time, because I'm Guedhe Nibbho.
"Behold the silence and immobility of existence and know that experience, that
in me are all things contained, because I'm Guedhe Nibbho ".
"Look at you yourselves as aging and withering in the vitality of the
youth and beauty, to be covered with the shadows of the eternal, because I'm
Guedhe Nibbho ".
"Look, no more, on your imperfect science and arts, and understand that in my
eyes are all the secrets of the universe of universes, because I'm Guedhe
Nibbho ".
(Originally Cruz del Oeste)
"The work of the magician turns it into a wonderful continuous melody, through
which the One Life manifests itself becoming an instrument
musical whose vibration is transparent, because he now knows the secret of God
Supreme. "
Berachat Liber V, 1
Tarot Card Padern "The Initiate de la Cruz of the West", corresponds to the level
Earth Water. La Cruz del Oeste is the stellar synthesis of Ogou Fer and Erzulie Loas.
So we have moved from series to series Earth Water, because for
come to realize the ideal of Earth, the perfect realization in our incarnation
today, we must go the full Fa.
When the initiate faces death as a means of initiation and has some
level of achievement in this experience, is put in place a mechanism that will
impels to know and put in its proper place all the elements of their own
Actually, both internal and external. This is the development of the supreme mandala, which
It contains the entire universe, because it is the mandala represents the entire initiated and
of all things. Really here begins the process of magic. In our system
Magic nothing should be wasted and therefore we observe and address
properly our full spectrum of experience to become a
True lit, to embody the paradigm of accomplishment.
From the perspective of the mysteries of human fulfillment, the Tarot
Padern is the expression of Fa as a vehicle for initiating and wisdom, and each of
its 16 levels corresponds a particular archetypal, magical and initiatory situation. In
For the four Tarot Series Water, experience and initiation is concerned
the world of feelings, emotions and the desire and the will and courage
fight hidden.

As we progress in our development we can experience initiatory

contemplative states where the revelation of divine wisdom enlighten us. Although
this only lasts a moment, will serve for a certain reality of
spiritual destiny that awaits us. Let this be more or less light, now
find that all the elements of ordinary life and the inner life,
bid to find a place to settle harmoniously, in an attempt to
find a definitive realization.
This process can generate great internal battles, since the elements
have made our own life from birth, will not disappear so
drastic, but we achieved a place of consciousness and starting from which we can
observe differently and work with them to the goal of complete
performing integration and higher.
The ground level in any of the four series, represents the highest level of
concretization, its applied nature, its usefulness. In this case, it refers to the
concretization of energy and their quest for what is subject to the vehicle
mood. This is the land of desire and passion. When the desire is wrong
aspected produces full accession, which promotes among other defects
greed, jealousy, possessiveness, or inappropriate sexuality. When
aspected correctly, as in The Initiate of the Cross of the West, the individual is given
He realized that all his life and has moved around the desire, primary shape
through instincts, and then, under cover of the ego, to ideals
power, pleasure, or safety. However, it also realizes that the
ultimate nature of desire is never bad, because its primary intention is to life
and happiness, including deeper spiritual realization.
The more we see our own energy of desire, which we understand is
his ideal, and we realize how the world looks and concepts
legacy of what we might call culture, make an incomplete application and
Wish diverted from actual destination, which is in harmony with its purity
fundamental. Dissatisfaction is not a benchmark of disease, but of necessity
Total health or realization.
In the West Cross the initiate must learn to relate to reality,
developing integration levels that allow control over the world of
appearances, through the control and proper channeling of feeling and desire,
indicating rather a full exploitation of the energies involved a
suppression or inhibition thereof. Our approach to existence and life
Tantric generally and in our Esoteric Voodoo, the Mudra leading to ecstasy
love is symbolized by the union of Ogou Fer and Erzulie. These are the energies
magic by which the initiate can free themselves from the tyranny of desire misguided and
ignorance and blindness of the ego. The elixir that produces the transformation of man into
God is a mix of these two powers, which made the soma of supreme joy and
ultimate freedom.
This Tarot represents the magician dared to do their work for promotion to the
higher planes of consciousness. In its work, the magician becomes an instrument of
the gods, who use it to produce a harmony that prepares you for the sight
To become this "instrument", the magician must transform his worldview and
leave the attachments that generates the animal nature in him to the world of the flesh.
Greed for life, in the sense of the eternal pursuit of personal satisfaction
Pets levels, muddies the ability to become transparent to the world
spiritual. The boldness and courage to do this, is the magical quality of
Ogou Fer, which empowers the initiate with the necessary strength so you can reach your
ideal for penetrating the unknown and to maintain proper attitude to

phenomena of existence.
Must tune the desire nature with the goal of our realization.
We see how the satisfaction of any of our ordinary desires, possession of objects, never leads to the
place of joy really crave. In
Here, the transmutation of vulgar desire is both joyous spiritual experience
the goal of Tantra as the Esoteric Voodoo.
It is precisely this that makes tuning the initiate, as an instrument of the
divine, realize that all the knowledge possessed by the existence of, through
doctrines and sciences of men, not real knowledge, which can make
different from the others and they will turn away from them to join the chain
Teachers, because this true knowledge makes you stop seeing existence as
They make common men, because he will have already entered the realm of the gods.
La Cruz del Oeste, is governed by Ogou Fer, who as God of War and God of
the Divine Will has the courage and bravery his most powerful weapons. These weapons
they are themselves the weapons with which the initiate faces the conquest of knowledge,
genuine knowledge, not shared by scholars, scientific knowledge, and "other
Knowledge sects "but real knowledge, knowledge that does not need
consensus to reveal with absolute firmness and beauty.
Osar is one of the classic tight slogans, precisely going back to know.
This means that knowledge is useless without the courage to carry it out,
to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.
For years studying the various esoteric doctrines and built in his mind
set of concepts and rules that respond to a superior and initiatory nature. But
if not put into practice every day these concepts and standards, if not longer dragged
involuntarily currents impel him to act and to come from his
lower nature, his work is zero and his work is in any case in scholarship
Ogou Fer is the Loa that governs the boldness and daring of wanting started
enter unavailable firsthand kingdoms for mankind. The realm of the soul and
the spirit realm are there to be conquered by the initiate. Go to conquer
these kingdoms supposed venture along unknown paths where only the initiated
will be held for valor and courage, and soon realizes that the knowledge
what is sought is false because there is a direct knowledge;
learned through vague indications.
This boldness that comes from the will of Ogou Fer is that the full force
initiated needs to venture into the labyrinth of the universe and reach the realm of
Loas. This is the strength of the will of the magician. In mythology it can be seen as the
Gods only relate to those who challenge them, because only they have the
will become gods.
When an initiate stop giving importance to the doctrines studied and learned
his thirst for knowledge and begins to move the center of exposing the truth inward
of itself, it is when it becomes a real initiated and comes face to face
with the spiritual world. Only then you come to know that what men think
dogmas of truth are nothing but distorted ways for communication
Imperfect as they saw others that truth.
No spiritual progress is possible without the recognition of one's mistakes, without the
depth analysis of our true motivation. Only when we are
truly alone in this regard is that we can be pure enough
as for the miracle of divine participation can be performed on an
permanent in us. The need to review is the one shows us
in this Tarot card of Padern. Also only if we are brave and able to fight
our magic weapon against ignorance, against the tyranny of desire and ego, is

we can achieve peace which requires all true fulfillment. We must overcome
in the battle of the higher against the lower, Miguel against Ialdabaoth, Light
against ignorance and blindness, of love against individualism and egoorientada life.
Thus, many methods of magic and spiritual discipline, fall within
category of this letter, because only the persistence and courage of Ogou Fer gets
man beat the gods themselves and demons to have the realization of One
Unthinkable. It is the relentless force Ogou Fer which penetrates and pierces the earth to
reach the treasures from its depths. Is the bravery of Ogou Fer which allows us
stand firm in the midst of the tempest and storm, hurricanes and tornadoes
rising from the sea of the unconscious.
Will Ogou Fer is also the strength of his love for Erzulie start
movement in his quest to express in his meeting with her performance
a fervent embrace of pure ecstasy.
Erzulie cease to be for us the vehicle in an uncontrolled desire for people
and things, and we will see that the only treasure that we seek is truly the Light
Spirit, which she generously gives us when our desire to vehiculizamos
through His grace. Thus, the desire will become wisdom because full
wisdom and infinite joy is what gives the Holy Spirit.
"Knowledge is the result of the courage, the boldness that comes to ascend
the highest of pure consciousness "levels.
"The gods will inspire only those who want to challenge even the
gods themselves, to become like God. "
"Courage direct the wise man to become even wiser and will also
direct you to know that most of what he has in his heart is false and that the
knowledge that he so appreciated is wrong. "
"The courage to put a man apart from the others, so that all
brave men are situated apart from all others and themselves. When
this has been achieved perfectly, become the Loa ".
(Server Cross West)
"In your Kingdom Be the Lord says pointing the Path. This is the key to
the Holy One will make the terrible triumph over daemones and you obtain peace
golden. "
Liber Berachat VI, 3
This letter refers to the essence of water, the primary vehicle of biological life, and
of mental pathway. This is the additional pole of the other, which manifests as
the sun, light and heat. When both poles are in certain cooperative relationship, give
results in life. In terms of initiation, the spiritual life occurs in the same
form, that is, when the flow of solar and lunar life work cooperatively
to produce the magical and mystical fruit, the conscious manifestation of God in the
Still, the enlightened man who has fully realized the potential of their
archetype itself.
It seems that man's mission on earth should differ from that of animals, plants and
stones. The differentiating factor is consciousness, intellect and ability to
the reason that man has. But the abuse of this power
He differentiating has been shown, as in the consumer and mechanized society
competitiveness, that this quality can become negative and destructive if not
is the proper background on which to exercise it. This fund is the very light
profound consciousness where all secrets are revealed and life appears naked,
in its innermost reality. Thus, the study and knowledge must be
oriented towards achieving deep states of gnosis, because only from

This perspective can live the life we really corresponds to the order
cosmic and cosmological.
He started by studying and understanding the universe in which he lives, it becomes
in Lord of the cosmos, King of the Kingdom. For it must strive to study the
arts and sciences, philosophies and religions, which will provide the necessary wisdom to
able to handle the primordial energies that underlie the subject of his universe.
You must give effect to their knowledge and act through its magic on those energies
The best way to control and properly address the dark energies, sometimes
negative, it is through observation. The initiate must develop a state of
consciousness alert, awake, enabling it to observe all that goes on inside,
both in itself and in relation to objects and external forces. To do this,
meditate on the contents of the world of desire, passion, lust and feeling,
because beneath all the layers of darkness and adherence find the Great Love
encouraging every desire, every feeling, passion and lust, and that balances Deep Peace
perfectly every movement and gives real security.
Only he who is able to dive in the waters of consciousness and above all sink into the depths of the
unconscious, and return back to the surface safely,
you can feel capable of handling the world which must become King.
The ocean is the symbol of those layers of consciousness that hide under their
blue and bright surface, dark mysteries that man can hardly know.
In the silence of these deep waters it is where the lone diver must be a
magician, you learn to come face to face with the primordial energies
cosmos. In these waters it is where the magician must learn to deal with the dark
daemons of his own existence, to know its dark nature and then handle
with magic and integrate it into the world of light art.
This is how you can master the unconscious energies daemnicas inhabiting
deep ocean caves and chasms of existence. There you take those energies and
will make them rise to the surface to be integrated in the bright world to which
They belong in origin. Only then peace will shine the golden dawn of a new
day, the morning of Eternity.
The initiate has to prepare himself before embarking on the adventure of surfing
magic waters. Then the initiate knows where lies the source
Real knowledge and what are the tools to access it. For the
So imbued started the Will of Ogou Fer learn the art of navigating
unconscious waters of his own nature, because therein lies the key to
knowledge, stored deep within himself.
It must be prepared to face the dangers that lurk in the dark world
Unknown to him, that in this way Ogou Fer lead him to victory, to the
daemnicas conquer the forces trying to take it to drift, but that in itself
They carry the same desire to be accepted by consciousness and take the place by
origin belong. This is the only possibility for them to be rescued from
Shadow world and participate in the world of consciousness.
This action is only a matter of harmony, and inner harmony and mental balance
what affects the initiate, as it reached to know what you did not know before, is
say, you know how you can beat the dark energies of the universe and know
which is the energy that will take you to the world of the Loas, because Will is Ogou Fer
the instrument of Victoria. There is no power in the universe can overcome
Will Ogou Fer. Will Ogou Fer is the Will of Legbha in action.
The initiate must address the legacy of esoteric science and find in them their
true meaning, are treated as accurate charts that map
hidden aspects of your own individuality. You should become familiar with these aspects,

hidden in his unconscious, they keep him separated from his inner reality. You reach
know the true essence that these unconscious aspects carry with them, the
will annex the kingdom under his rule and will support you in your sail
World of Light. Be possessed by Ogou Fer, it is impregnated with his power, guarantees
a victorious journey.
Thus we see that what stood as an obstacle to Victoria
It is not really such an obstacle, but the functional aspect and feature --the operativo-- of
"Those who fulfill the mission" not to let anyone step whose claims are not a true reflection of the
will of Ogou Fer, which directs and channels all his energy and all his
Erzulie love to reach.
Server Cruz del Oeste is especially dedicated to the service of the Loas
Ogou Fer and Erzulie. So in this Tarot the initiate must investigate and work
Liber Berachat deeply about and conduct liturgies and devotion to
these Loas. Through the work of introspection, analysis and meditation, you can learn the
hidden reality of this world we call Western Cross and understand that
When water and fire are united magically, not only not destroy each
another, but a powerful new energy emerges from the depths, at the same
while descending from the highest heavens and abstract to express the Light
Diamond will be the future body of the Adept.
The Magic Love Ogou Fer and Erzulie means, among other things, that the pleasure
I pursued through desire and its objects, it has been redefined and longed joy
achieved in the only place where his existence is possible, the land of pure spirit,
Castle where the Holy Grail is kept. Thus, the desire for pleasure becomes pure joy
gnosis, the current knowledge-wisdom that redeems us from the darkness
of matter and the body as a prison. Thus, the joy and ecstasy of love
realization becomes the fundamental quality of participation at all, because
desire, although this is not appreciated in ordinary life, only aims only
take the last joy of full unity with the divine. All acts of the Will
magic and spiritually directed are aimed at realization of the presence of the
Divine Wisdom, whose vehicle is Erzulie, which itself is Light, Joy and Glory.
"Man must be prepared to navigate the endless waters of adventure
magic, before entering the realm of primary Voodoo ".
"Man must be prepared to dig deep into the water and
world's oceans before it can reach any certainty in matter of law
esoteric ".
"Man must be prepared to follow the rise and settlement
solar disk before you can dare to approach him enough to
receive the fires of initiation. "
"Man must be prepared to search through the wisdom of all
arts and sciences, philosophies and religions before it can find the key more
the primary internal Voodoo ".
(Priest of the Cross of the West)
"Once you Wisdom dressed in armor protection, you will stop
a coward and you drive them upward, to catch fire Ogou Fer. This jump
King will make magic. "
Liber Berachat VII, 2, 3
Priest West Cross represents the perfect start receiving
Alchemist in his laboratory of love. Here the initiate is the lover who lives only for her
loved and reflects the higher aspiration manifested in prayer. All vehicle
mood is directed toward the divine, this allows the miracle of the

Transfiguration occurs. God's love for all creatures and beings is their
real currency and its situation is to be ready for processing. This has been
achieved by harmonizing within itself the energies of Ogou Fer and Erzulie, by
Alchemy of the Holy Spirit. To make sense of "Love Will run"
will and love, love and desire are mixed to set up a unit of experience
and gnosis.
The armor is mentioned in Liber Berachat symbolizes spiritual protection and defense.
According Cirlot armor isolated from the surrounding world aggressor. The armor is not only
defense but also transfiguration of the body.
The armor is a gift of wisdom, and indeed is itself, which means
the current knowledge-wisdom that comes to settle in the Priest of the
West Cruz is your best teacher and stronger protection. This is the answer to
try performing the initiate to be pure and to reach the light that can illuminate
the whole universe.
This Tarot represents the audacity to launch wizard to find the fire of the gods,
that is to help in their search for Reality. It is the fire Ogou Fer, the
God's Will, that higher power that can free us from the chaos in which
sail, and leave us in the room facing the spiritual world, where we find the
Guiding light to reach our goal. The priest of Ogou Fer is the real field
battle between Ogou Fer and the dark forces that keep man captive low
their domains, based on fear, hatred, or anything else domain that does not
it fits. The initiate must offer sacrifices for the strength of Ogou Fer, towards
her free from the bondage that keeps you anchored in the world where you want to go.
When the force of the God of Courage floods our being, the shadows that inhabit
dark corners of our consciousness are subject to our Will,
Will Ogou Fer, because in the universe there is nothing that can resist the
Power and momentum of this Loa. We will look to address these shadowy entities
daemnicas, and freedom from fear, will remain under our control against fire
our eyes.
Invokes Force Ogou Fer!
Meet the Will of God Internal!
Follow it and be free forever!
Possession of the priest by force of Ogou Fer enables him to access
worlds of Light and spiritual bliss. This sublime power that causes the
It is particularly devastating started and captivating when offered the soul
to release it from the chains that have imprisoned in matter, under the
impediments created after centuries of existence. Then the soul is illuminated
--principio victorious Light of Knowledge and ascends genuino-- planes of
existence up to the region of the full Light of the Spirit which only occurs
joy. This is the strength and victory that Ogou Fer grants its priests.
In a sense the angry deities of Tibetan Buddhism have a similar function and
grant powers and equivalent protection.
The magic leap is a feat that sorcerers and shamans have always warriors
executed. It is a symbolic act that evokes the ascent from the land to the
heavens, from the mundane to the transcendental consciousness consciousness. This magical leap,
Berachat Liber says, will the initiate "King", that is, you will be able to be
intermediary between heaven and earth. The King is here analogous to Melki-Tzedeq
(Melchizedek) king has in his hands the temporal and spiritual. His
equivalent in ancient Egypt was the Pharaoh, son of and analogous to the gods. This is so
because the King is at its most abstract and general sense, the universal man
archetypal. So the king has in his head the "Crown" or granting of power
spiritual which makes it different from other ordinary mortals.

While Ogou Fer in this letter represents the push towards the higher, Erzulie
It represents the current gnosis (knowledge-wisdom) that the initiate receives as
mystical and joyful spirit in the life of participation, what definitely links
with divinity.
The real courage and bravery that separates men from beasts is that attitude
why we get separate objects of desire and cultivate this energy in your
spiritual form, which is the highest. This transformation is Tantric and alchemical, and
It produces an enormous impact on the psyche of the initiate. Cultivate the pure aspect of desire
It is away from the objects of sense and experience their joy in eighth
higher. So in this letter hidden war is paying off and started to
through the magical arts get the thread of communication with its pure nature and
In the true nature of all human beings, it is called King / Queen.
Here they are lost gender connotations and refers to the ruling power
divine nature, now updated in the psycho-spiritual individual economy.
"Worship the value that will free men from the bondage of hatred and fear,
because this is the fire of Ogou-FER ".
"Let us worship leaders who are high and held in the magical ecstasy
Lord of Courage, because this is the fire of Ogou-FER ".
"Worship the manifestation of the battle between the forces of freedom of the spirit
and chaos of captivity, because this is the fire of Ogou-FER ".
"Worship the courage that seeks to elevate the soul of the human species to the most
highlights and worship the courage of the lower soul of the human species, which is
rejoice this elevation of consciousness, because this is the fire of Ogou-FER ".
(Hierophant of the Cruz del Oeste)
"In the beginning, the Divine knowledge, had to be numbered, divided and
mixed with the rational mind. "
Berachat Liber VIII, 4
"The weaving with the power of Light the names and numbers of the understanding, and makes
for each of them a law. "
Liber VIII Berachat 5
"The strength of the aeons is Love, blooming in the sons of humanity."
Berachat Liber VIII 9
"The purpose of heavenly things is that we can achieve the quintessential
the quintessence. Passivity is a barrier for possession of
knowledge. "
Liber VIII Berachat 10
"The separation there is the root of evil. The four elements are symbols
conceal the most sacred. The softness and sweetness are the foundation of Love. "
Liber VIII Berachat 11
The Hierophant of the Cruz del Oeste is the Seal of Love between Ogou Fer and Erzulie and
refers to the successful transformation of the gross elements of our constitution
in pure elements. In the ecstasy and joy of this embrace is all education, as
Here the initiate can participate directly in the Joy of Divine Love and current
Knowledge-Wisdom that allow you to see and experience the world as a whole.
Divine Knowledge is the source and root of human knowledge, and without him nothing could
He is known by man. But since the advent of the latter, this knowledge
It had to be mixed with the rational mind and fractionated to its slow and natural
assimilation. So the rational mind, ignorant of all Knowledge
Divine, fell into the error of believing that I knew was all knowledge. this is to

through the will or fire Ogou Fer, as the initiate takes away this error
past and begins to develop a new kind of knowledge.
Saint-Martin said that "the numbers are the visible envelopes of beings," ie,
expressing the vital, spatial and temporal laws beings and their relationships with
Divine Principle. This equates beings and numbers, so the Divine Knowledge or
expression of God Consciousness, it can be said that is manifested by the numbers and
it ensures in the Kabbalah and other branches of the Eternal Gnosis. Like all
numbers derived from the unit, derived beings of the Divine Principle.
If the word is the explanation of every essence, the secret number is the result of sound and the sign
that represents it. In Voodoo Kabbalistic system there are 16 numbers, each of
they are linked to an archetype, or god Loa.
The numbers are strong ideas and rationally express the Divine Principle, the One
manifesting increasingly complicated form in the material world. In languages
could sacred names and numbers can be reduced, by which
significant real root of the word is expressed.
Ifa or Fa, is a perfect representation of the universe from this perspective, since
sixteen spirits represent the full qualities of the Mystery of Numbers.
But this abstract reality of Ifa inhabits the pure levels of the mind,
a mind that is not dualistic and dialectic, but unitive and intuitive, a mind that
known directly because it is the essence and ultimate reality of everything.
It is precisely the superior and transcendent aspect of the mind that, with the power of
spiritual light, weaves again the subdivisions of knowledge to align with the
underlying reality behind them. When some of these pieces of knowledge
resist their reintegration into the All-knowledge, they will be devoured by the spider
Igneous Divine Will Ogou Fer.
The separation produces the ego through the rational mind between one thing and another,
Everything inside is the real root of evil. Because really, no matter
essentially separation, and the many manifestations of the Four Elements, hidden
One Reality, which must be discovered by the fire of the will and the sweetness and
I love softness.
So we must throw ourselves upwards towards heaven, because there is power and light
that makes us possible to reach the essence of essences. But for this
we need the boldness that gives us the will of Ogou Fer. So the Hierophant of the
West Cruz is the magical instrument through which it manifests and fulfills the
Will Ogou Fer. In this state the magician becomes a crucible itself.
At last the magician has achieved the level of purity and responsibility necessary to
address the deeper stages of implementation with guaranteed success. Furthermore continue
the Work without having achieved this full purification, would be at least unproductive, and
possibly negative. Now he has received, as Hierophant of the Cross
West Grace of Erzulie, and always have the memory of this experience,
that as the divine nectar scent, you will get rid of the craving for pleasure
in any non-pure and transcendental levels.
The Wizard is now imbued with the power of Ogou Fer and from there looks like all that
man has built on this world is doomed to be destroyed. Structures
and political and social models carry within themselves the seeds of destruction.
Single endure the works and actions that have passed through the purifying fire
Ogou Fer.
With this sword of God must destroy everything that human error has emerged,
but should not be a work of hate, because the children of the Light, followers of Logos
divine, Legbha, manifested from above by aeons, print your Love
this work and know and love that emanated He called Erzulie.
The victorious sword Ogou Fer makes it possible to live life the initiate a targeted

to the spirit, having left without content life and the world he knew before. Of
thus, it can only persist what has been done with the aim of Ogou Fer with
Love help Erzulie.
Fear ye who you hide in the corners of the universe and the asaltis
human heart with your poisonous rakes, because the fire of my
sword will show the horror of destruction. He knows that nothing will remain except as
it has been built with the strength of my Will.
Fear you, brigands of innocent souls, I trampling your filthy heads
until no trace of your miserable existence, and your graves incinerated
the fire of my anger, that man will lift the tabernacle of the Most High.
"Burn all the mistakes of the past with the fires of my angry will that
all-consuming, because I am ogou-FER ".
"Do not let the shadows of the past remain on the face of the earth,
because I labrar a million times on the basis of death
destroy and then create it again, because I'm ogou-FER ".
"Do not let history remember the names of those who have given the mistake,
causing fear and suffering of my people, I will cause such history
destruction, because I'm ogou-FER ".
"Everything that man has built to be destroyed, and all that man
has written should be burned, and everything that man has raised must be pulled
and I cut with my sword, because only when I possess the human species,
they build and write and stand up and do what, for once, they
order, because I'm ogou-FER ".
(Originally from Southern Cross)
"Those who know the great mystery of the inner splendor, have the
I AM divine strength in his hand, because they are in the presence of the Supreme
Creator who rules over the elements. Be yourself that I AM, and detach yourself from
the mask you wear, so that the pure essence can manifest in you. In
drive you will find happiness and you desterrars falsehood and injustice. "
Liber IX Berachat 1
"But only one who is capable of creating magic camera
head, which is to abide the Ever-Living, Gloria reign filled in
starry sky. "
Liber IX Berachat 5
"Oh you! Blessed Snake, you prepare your death on the New Purple Moon."
Berachat Liber IX, 6
"The divine knowledge makes you strong and frees the cell you occupy in the tower
your personal demonstration. Gird the sword of fire and rise to Glory
Divine. "
Liber IX Berachat 8
Now we enter the next level of the Fa, which is the world of Air, the world's
mind, intellect and spirit as "intelligence" that communicates and makes known the
truth of things.
The Initiate of the Southern Cross is one who having been purified by fires
Ogou Fer and received the primordial gnosis stream emanating from Sofia-Erzulie,
He begins to see the forces of nature, to the events of life and
complete universe in its true and pure nature. Now he is beginning to realize
that all things occur in your mind and also begins to have a vision
appropriate to the nature of the universe and of all phenomena. This new
perspective that unfolds before the initiate brings a sacramental meaning to their relationship with

nature and the universe. This sacramental aspect of existence

It extends to all realms, until his own psyche-mind becomes sacramental,
this is becomes imbued with the genius of the sacred. The world of appearances
will change and lose their values so long he had joined the ignorance
and blind vision. This is the beginning of enlightenment, and here the necessary space is created
for proper future relationship with the events of life and to the
deepening in the later stages of the Path.
In the Southern Cross regents they are symbiotic and Agwe Loas. Agwe represents waters
mind, as it is mental substance, also called astral by occultists.
Simbi is life in its purity churning in the waters, is the leitmotif of all
experience in mind, is the active consciousness at all levels, the communicator
secret things, so it is represented as a water snake, which slides
quietly reaching full breadth of the medium. Simbi is the God who grants
sacramental vision of all of nature and nature's voice when the gods speak through it.
Thus, this is a Tarot represents the manifestation of wisdom through
multiple forms of existence, because they are all manifestations of God.
We must seek the wisdom within ourselves first, to raise
divine consciousness within us.
The Four Elements in the esoteric symbolism are a materialization of the
imagination and serve to group a series of images into a quaternity of
Everything. Thus, the complexity and diversity of macro and microcosmic manifestation
It is ordered by harmonic combinations in four groups, addresses or
aspects. Reigns over them I AM Divine Consciousness, which is the center of
universe, both macro and microcosmic version.
Once the inner vision is opened, the initiate can see the world differently,
because the veil of ego tears and took off his mask, which does not let us see the
world as it is.
The mask is the ego personality, ie, that part of the psyche that
developed for use in our interactions with others. Is our face
External conscious and socially responsible. Identification with this mask produces
often psychological disorders and especially adopting a false identity. The
Mask function is to be a mediator between the external world and the ego, so
It is essential to our relationship with the world. It is the container of the individual and
exerts a protective function of the inner self or himself.
On the other hand, the ego is a psychic aggregate, or, using the language school
Jung, complex, ultimate subject of all the individual's experience is created, and an actor
independent of its activity. It's that feeling completely rooted in the psyche
to be something concrete, what I usually call in all our actions, which says
thinking, believing this or that, which feels, which makes, etc. However, their
claim to have a final reality, a final identity is false. This I is
basically ignorant, and what he thinks about himself and about things is wrong. In
human psychic economy, this self is the supreme God Demiurge is believed,
because in their ignorance and blindness he did not see all; God is believed, for
It seemed to have at their disposal the potential to create and do whatever I wanted. In its
blindness, he looked, saw nothing superior to him and said, I am God. In the case of atheists
ego believes that if he dies all die with him, and in the case of religious believers,
he will go to heaven.
However, the nature of this ego, or self, is not at all something of its own,
but the result of a configuration of elements in its fourfold expansion, and
resulting from an interactive process of relationship between all beings and things, want
this mean that is not stable, permanent and always equal to himself.
The question would then be: if the ego is false, that is, is not the absolute reality

who thinks he is, where he has inherited this notion of totality and absoluteness both
It seeks to assert? This security itself, it is the ego of overwhelming aspect of the
total reality of the universe, whatever that is, the ego does not go and take it as their own. Without
doubt this is due to ignorance and lack of ability to see the true inner nature of things. Among
students of esotericism, the
Error exists when the individual thinks he / she is the one who will reach the
lighting and this reinforces the mistake of believing permanent or total. So in the
Simbi world-Agwe the initiate crosses the world of the mind to know itself
same as deeply as possible and after establishing the sacred marriage with the
nature in its pure appearance, this is the divine energy in its original form, is
It has to live the enlightened life of those who have crossed the Abyss, of those who have
Fire crossed the bridge, which is Simbi, it is the inner life of the followers.
To make this possible, and we can develop the right vision of reality is
It requires some work to do on our own physical-chemical structure, and
these works are alchemical nature.
The black snake that lives in the dark caverns below our
microcosm, is the same snake that moves man generation after generation,
Through its genetic inheritance and sexual reproduction. This snake must be
sacrificed on the altar of Erzulie, to ascend to the higher regions and
Snake becomes divine wisdom which must reside in the Diamantina House,
Adept in the pineal. So we will be liberated from the oppression of our individuality
karmic, and we can bind the flaming sword of Ogou Fer, to ascend to the kingdom
the gods.
This snake Tarot wisdom, sought by the initiate in his magical work is
Simbi, the Loa Haitians living in streams. This wisdom is like a snake
of water, because it slips silently mastery of their destiny. Also
you may find that divine wisdom in the silence of the flowers and trees,
flying insects on the leaves of plants in a garden, in the clouds of heaven
and the flight of birds, and the rhythm of the seasons, because Loas talk to
man in the language of nature.
Simbi is the Mercury of the Voodoo Loas, while intermediary between heaven and earth,
and psychopomp of consciousness between unconscious and lower levels to earth
higher or conscious and heavenly. Here Simbi looks Gudh, ie
the mystery of the transformation of death, for the transition to participation
Simbi vision in life, requires a major shift in consciousness, and death
The Initiate of the Southern Cross is thus to initiate that contact
Simbi with activity. Simbi contact equivalent to perceive through
the physical senses, the way in which the divine is present, shows and talks.
The Southern Cross is the world Simbi, the invisible bridge between the physical world and the
spiritual, or between ordinary vision and clear vision world. It is also the kingdom of
Agwe, which represents the world where Simbi manifests, or put another way, the
Simbi substance molded and modulated in its manifestation. This substance is mental.
Simbi is the energy that connects the initiate with the Loas. Simbi is the voice of the
Loas. Loa is that, serving as divine messenger, expressed the desire manifestation
and the will of the Loas, and at the same time is the key to decrypt the message.
It is the symbiotic ation which enables Legbha Will manifested through
the Loa, accessible to the consciousness of the initiate. Without the action of the initiate no Simbi
You could access the world of Loas, or the presence of Legbha, or Snake
Creation come to join, or to become, the Serpent of Wisdom. In other
words, if there Simbi the split between the physical world and the spiritual world becomes
insurmountable, and it is for this reason that Simbi is established as the capable Bridge

unite these two worlds.

When the initiate contact Simbi his consciousness transcends boundaries
physical existence and access to, full of life and magic world pure possibility.
Simbi illuminated with his presence the "Great Mystery of Interior Splendor" and activates that
capacity started to see the underlying reality in things and events in the world
physical and participate in this essential reality. Participate in the essential reality is involved
Legbha unit is to be in his presence. (See Liber Berachat IX, 1).
Simbi grace only obtained by the purity of heart and started his firm
resolution in carrying out the Great Work. It is the Serpent of Wisdom, as
logoic emanation of Legbha, which is to join the Black Snake creation,
which amounted preparing his sacrifice on the altar of Erzulie.
Simbi only by the initiated can join the gods, learn their wisdom and be
like them.
"Listen and learn the wisdom of the serpent, as it slips through the
waters of silence, because it is the master of destiny. "
"Hear the call of the gods and spirits in the breath of flowers, because the
large speak through the silence of the gardens and in the language of the trees. "
"Hear the voices of the Loa in the movements of insects on leaves
old, and temples hidden under rocks trees, because that's where the
Time has placed his wealth of mysteries. "
"Behold the visions of the gods in the movement of clouds in the sky,
the flight of birds and the rhythm of the seasons, because to speak Loa
human species in the language of nature. "
(Servant of the Southern Cross)
"Get the last breath of the living, the comforter, and be a real Right,
because there are three Slopos and this is the third, which will give the Understanding. "
Liber Berachat X 1
"Come down to the fallen, for it is your partner and maybe I can be your
disciple. You must try to understand the mysteries, but be careful not
pull you down. "
Liber Berachat X 2
"If this happens you will be chained and cursed and Your wrath shall burn the Ave, your
ally, as if it were dry straw. "
Liber Berachat X, 3
The server of the Southern Cross is distinguished by dedicating his life to the service
the Loas and have a sacramental relationship with nature. The answer he receives
this attitude and dedication is the purification of the mind and the beginning of the vision
successful. The issues of daily life can keep pushing and ego can
I continue seeing the anguish undergone by their quest for security reasons or
satisfaction, but the compulsive nature of this pressure will slowly losing and
the initiate will increasingly realizing that "everything happens within himself."
Slowly, through meditation and observation will go there checking what the mind
who writes the values we give to things and situations, and that is the same
mind where everything takes its apparent reality. This knowledge will
allow to discover the immense space of the cosmic mind, which is the true
nature of his own mind. It will also allow you to create an internal, clean environment
void, where the sacred images appear to provide value and meaning to your life and
his work. The Gods will be closer to him and he will be closer to the Gods,
Nature is a source of inspiration and an oracle, who will speak softly on the
now needed.

The opening to this vision and this new state of consciousness, attract Ineffable Light
started out life as iron filings are drawn to a magnet, you see
pour over it the redemptive, purifying water, the water of life that makes all
things grow toward perfection. This new view of the universe purified
He devoted all his life and all his efforts, since once known the pleasures of the
true enlightenment will not be more compulsively attracted by the pleasures of this
world. Thus, while service waiver, waiver of obtuse form
that before saw things and related to them. The blow Intelligence
Meet enlighten your mind and find God in all things, and because it will
found in the same breath that makes him know.
The breath, breath, breath, or spirit, is the symbolic representation of the life principle. In
the Hebrew scriptures appears in its primary aspect as the Spirit or
Breath of God floating on the cosmic waters. It is Ruh Allah of Muslims,
Hamsa analogous to the Vedas, the swan incubating the cosmic egg. This vision of the Divine
Breath as the origin of the universe, actually represents the vital energy
it moves through the entire evolution until the creation of man. The tradition
Celts also speaks of three blows that the Druid Mog Ruith used in his magic
to defend themselves against their enemies.
Simbi is the third wind that man receives in his life. The first is the souffle
Earth, of material and animal life; the spirit of transcendental ID; the second is the
Water blow, the astral world, the soul or ID; the third is the puff of air, the
world of the mind, the Ego, which is what gives us the understanding of things. There is not
Fourth Breath, because blowing on the fourth level or archetypal world or transcendental Ego,
It is the Fire.
The presence of Simbi, the god of air, the Breath of Legbha Living, appears not
started only within but also around in the outside world, both
things as human beings who need the help of the Masters
Wisdom so they can understand the mystery of the One in all.
The initiate knows when your energy Simbi floods. That started flooding the
Simbi energy means "connected" with the inner meaning of something or
some event in nature, resulting in a "message" in his consciousness, because
Simbi speaks precisely in that language in nature. Therefore, in the
Voodoo, Simbi is related to the whisper of the fountains and streams, with the aroma
flowers and the murmur of the trees, the multiform trip clouds and flight
birds and butterflies, and a host of things in nature.
Simbi provides the initiate a heightened consciousness, through which it provides
sublime and invisible manifested nature, inducing a state of vision
magic of reality. This means that the initiated see beyond the merely
material, which is what most people see. Then become aware of that
the power of that vision, granted by Simbi, you can read in the Book of Gods and learn
his wisdom. Then you saw the bridge, the invisible bridge that joins his
innermost reality. Then you've seen and where he manifested his Loas
wisdom. Then she meets Simbi.
But in our search for the true reality in the world around us, not
we get caught up in the feelings that bring us our senses, because
chains that bind us to the appearance of the world will occur, and these chains us
They crawl into the world of non-self, thus lose the Wings of the Spirit,
Comforter of the Christian Gnosis, Simbi-Legbha the Voodoo. This will fade
again and again he is initiated damn and curse, because you will lose the gift more
precious which can be obtained in life.
This danger, even lurking, will be avoided to the extent that the understanding of the
true nature of things manifesting in the mind go through the exercise of

service to the Loa, the persistence in the purification of mind regarding

beliefs and values hitherto assumed, and to live a sacramental life
relationship to everything around us. This does not mean that we should spend our lives
praying, or maintaining weight timorous attitude or overloaded, but quite the
Instead, the reality of Simbi give us a happy life, and a free behavior,
healthy and spontaneous. We can fly with birds and butterflies, feel the purity and freshness of the
springs as our own nature and the sun and the moon
will happen in the pristine nature of our mind space. Thus wings
the bird will not burn, and the Holy Spirit will keep us always united with
our divine source.
Birds in general are a symbolic representation of the human soul because they are
intermediaries between Earth beings (the body) and heaven (spirit). All
spiritual traditions have used the wings of birds associated with imaginary beings
having a functionality of uniting heaven and earth with the spiritual and the corporeal.
Angels, fairies, etc. They have all wings. Birds are always as messengers or
auxiliary of the gods. That is why, at the Ave of birds, the Divine Spirit
descends upon the initiate when he is ready, it is sometimes symbolized by a
For breath and other Ave. This is the reason that Christians symbolize the Spirit
Santo by a dove, for receiving the Holy Spirit or Comforter is a reunion
with the divine Breath who was flying over the cosmic primordial waters.
"Can you hear me, son of the earth when I talk? Because I speak very softly,
So as not to wake the elves of the woods. Can you hear the
Simbi voice? "
"I see the son of the earth, when you step to the flight of butterflies and the
central bank reptilantes fish, you can not recognize the presence of
Simbi? "
"You know my proximity to you, son of earth, in the freshness of the breeze or in a
softness of morning dew, you can not understand the feelings of Simbi? "
"When you sleep on your bed made of woven reeds and fibers, feel my
body intertwined with yours, do not recognize the presence of the night
Simbi darkness? "
(Priest of the Southern Cross)
"Cursed be those who do not want to know or understand the mysteries of Erzulie."
Liber XI Berachat 1
Along the Path of Initiation, which is preparing for the priesthood of the Cross
South, or that it already, you should remember that your greatest enemy is your own ego. Without
But we must remember that it is not possible to uproot the ego abruptly, but
rather his strength is fading slowly through the initiation process.
The rituals of death not want the ego die at that moment, but
the mind set needed for the seed through teachings and events
Go futures producing this solution. However, in rituals
death and other practices, if it is possible to access a numinous experience
where ego has been temporarily excluded.
We must again remember that the cause of the existence of the ego is ignorance. The
ego, in its last claim it is that blind god who constantly creates the world, and
Gnostics called Ialdabaoth. No matter how interesting it may sound ego
face the practical affairs of life, or even if we find it as a factor
necessary in the overall development of the psyche, which is not the subject of this course, the
It is that in any case, its nature is ignorance. The ego is like and

It acts as acts, submitting with an iron hand, just because of the ignorance that prevents us
see the inner nature of things and makes us believe firmly in the appearance of
same. The ego constantly solidifies our perception of the world and makes
nature appear in each of its elements. The vision of the ego is
opposite to the vision of sorcerers, of Saints, of realized beings.
The ego knows no level of existence above it, and in many cases
considers nature as something that has only served to give birth to the fruit, he
same, therefore it is what has real value. His vision is egocentric or
homocentric. On the other hand, lack of real nature, drives him desperately
feel solid and it needs to solidify everything around him. Thus estimated,
that power, property, or the pleasures you provide what you need to feel
full and happy. In pursuit of these achievements runs and stirred constantly, leading to
forth in endless circles of dissatisfaction.
When our mind is illuminated by the possibility of eradicating Simbi opens
Complete all this ignorance and all actions, perceptions, feelings and
impure thoughts derivatives thereof. This is the dawning of the Priest
Southern Cross, which sees nature as a sacrament, because look no ego.
However, in the process of dissolution of the ego, should not go too fast,
because the risk of flooding improperly unconscious awareness run
causing chaos and madness. The process is slow and leads to a maturation
spiritual, which it must be obtained by applying to the magical heart and practice
spiritual, especially the alchemical practice and meditation. The ego does not kill the ego
(Except in cases of suicide), it is wisdom who melts like a
butter ball on the fire in question.
Just as the person or mask grows into the appearance of the priest
liturgical worship and acts, the ego grows into a psychic aggregate
purified plays the role of intermediary between heaven and earth, and comes to reflect
the archetype of the true nature of man made, that is the Self, or I
I am, Limitless Light condensed in a unit of Knowledge-Wisdom. When the
individual has reached the top of the performance, and it can not be said to have
an ego, because he exists as a whole. However it will still be displayed to the world
through a mask, that will be your server role, and will continue to serve prism
Limitless Light to manifest as the rainbow of promise for humanity,
this will be your unique ego, played by the Priest of the Southern Cross.
You see Simbi slide down the rainbow?
See how it is impossible to distinguish who Simbi
where one color ends and another begins?
Admit it! and He will guide you to your destination happy.
The priest of the Southern Cross represents the initiate service devoted to Simbi, and
announces the presence of Simbi, the nascent divinity in man, the double
born, the reborn after destroying the tyranny of the ego.
Simbi is recognized by his priest and incorruptible bastion of innocence,
Purity of Heart, Knowledge and Gozo. Simbi is the joy of the world and their
priest is the instrument where these potentials are made live.
Simbi is in other traditions Solar Child-God, son of the Sun and Moon. The twice
born, the true "magic child" born of the nature of their priest.
Hence the need to understand and use the mysteries of love indicated to that
new kind of consciousness we call the Child-God (Simbi), you can be born. This child-god
He is the son of the soul (anima), the Self is born in consciousness to replace
Ego old battleship. It is the result of "conjuntio opositorum" between the conscious and
the unconscious. It is the representation of spiritual metamorphosis started. He is the god
born inside the initiate to open the way to the eternal. Simbi-child is the Eros

Greek, which gives birth to love in our hearts. It is an internal Sun

rising from the dark horizon of our animal materiality, to ascend to the
When the initiate has been reborn and Simbi chairs its heart, the worldview is
beautiful nature shines with a special light to our eyes.
The bathing as a playful child in the cascade of the waters of consciousness
initiated, and in doing so the flood of golden light. His laughter among the trees and vegetation
makes the field in spring bloom and animals play with the vital and
joy. Even the snakes shed their old skin and dark, they used to
dwell in the deep caves of the earth in winter, to show the child-god their
more glittering green and gold flakes.
Priest Simbi has as its sacred office development of this god-child,
but dwells within himself, he can see it reflected on the outside, in the
nature. This makes initiated for a new vision of nature, because
Now he is able to perceive the immanent in all things and commune with
them. This is Grace Simbi, which is of things and events with light
gold and white of joy and purity. Everything is sacred now is everywhere in Simbi
Nature impregnating with his presence. Old Black Snake Creation
face to face with its twin, the Serpent of Wisdom, always new,
joyful and the recognition and binding of both generates a burst of light and joy that
lights and flooded with joy the adept.
Simbi sits in the heart. That is the meeting place with his priest and from
there projects upwards revealing the mysteries of the world and the wisdom of the
Loas. Purify our hearts, our hearts do something appetizing
for Simbi, worth Simbi, He will take us and guided by the stars and luminaries
Let's drink the cup of Erzulie, Simbi for the child born in our hearts!
"Come and see this child of nature, this god-child playing in a
cascade of golden light, that we will find Simbi ".
"Take offerings of perfumes and fruits, bring flowers and sing, so that we
allows to know the beautiful god-child known as symbiotic. "
"Give her the love of your hearts delight your solar body and
joyous cry of a soul and a free spirit, because that Simbi find. "
"Pray to the trees of the forests and the wisest of snakes to
our presence known, because we worship our Simbi ".
L'Hierophante DE LA CROIX DU SUD
(Hierophant of the Southern Cross)
"The Cup is the recipient of the strength of the eagle, the primary Breath of the Living, and
it dove displayed in your shield emerges and the seal of your
kingdom. "
Liber Berachat XII, 4
"The roar of thunder you will descend to the Crown, and discover the Great
Name living within the earth, destroying the rock that holds. "
Liber XII Berachat 5
"For this reason you will grow in strength and be climbing the mountainside, from
where the Supreme governing your kingdom, and erigirs at its peak one Throne where you dwell
the Eternal. "
Liber Berachat XII, 6
"There at the top must listen carefully murmur ripples of
Admirable voice of God. Rejoice, because that is the place where the Queen

Sacred. "
Liber XII Berachat 8
The Hierophants of the Four Crosses always represent a state of mastery
to the component in question. Here is a master of the mind, and this
It supposed to be fully developed unity of consciousness, and thus the
inside and the outside before it manifests as it truly is, as a
unit. Another way of saying this is that the outside disappears and everything becomes internal.
To achieve this state is necessary to abandon the dualist perspective of mind,
in its continuous argument, in its continuous dialectic.
Now the mind is magical universe can participate at a higher level, you can
contemplate directly the actions of the Loas and become identified with the Light
Ineffable. This enlightened perspective produce subtle changes in the structure of the adept,
such that the entire transformation process can be carried out in
terms of stability, continuity and application.
This mind, now sacred, is the place of manifestation of the theophanies and will become
so imbued with the Holy Spirit, which the adept can enter into a permanent state
mystical participation with the sacred. This does not mean that the individual remains
"Hanging" of the sacred and unable to function in the practical affairs of life,
but anytime you can direct your gaze to his own mind
immediately discover the true nature of things and the presence of the
Eternal Light.
Thus, the Hierophant of the Southern Cross is the state of consciousness of the adept, when it is in
perfect union with common-Simbi. Everything he
perceives that white is imbued with energy and gold is an emanation of the
Pure Light and Gozo Sublime.
Lust Divine Serpent Creation has been fused with the exultant joy of
Snake pure light, thus becoming in a state of eternal cosmic consciousness.
The split between the material world and the spiritual world has vanished
in full consciousness of the initiate. The beauty and sacredness of nature
They have become one thing where the essence of Legbha-Child, Simbi, and shines
permeates everything and is internally united and started sacramentally yet.
In Buddhism this state is related to the view of emptiness and the state of
Clear Light of the mind, where things are "just like that". Thus, the initiate is released
ties of the apparent and illusory multiplicity and experience the bliss of the
communion with the Light.
Also in this magical development level, the initiate must be able to practice
lycanthropic mimetic and magic, which can become anything and
know from within the own thing. You can also extend your consciousness in such
so you get to incorporate everything in its path. These are
magical procedures that depart from its unified consciousness and demonstrate equality
of existence and being.
This is also an in Tarot referred to Sacramento that has begun
taking, once he made the miracle of the Mass. In it, within Erzulie Cup,
the power of sex has been a subtle ethereal and fluid where the Spirit itself arises
Divine, and when consumed, result in the birth of Simbi in the heart of
started. This is because in the Blessed Cup underlies the Simbi own, waiting
be consumed by your chosen.
As variations on the main theme, in some Holy Scriptures we read:
"A man and a woman can practice together art that leads to longevity.
This is a secret method that should only be transmitted to the followers and allows
the men and women activated the essence of your life at the same time. The vital fluid
It spread like clouds throughout the body, their spiritual essences

both harmonize and rejuvenate. The elixir formed in the bodies of the couple must
be fed for 100 days; then it will truly transcendental. This
practice, if prolonged, confers liberation "of the Taoist Secret Teachings .-Master Teng, Tang Dynasty (618-907).
"Everyone absorbs nectar other" .-- Cin-p'ing-Mei.
"For the union of the two bodies (male and female), and the design of their fluids,
one can attain enlightenment of the Buddhas ".-- Guhyasamajatantra.
"The lotus flower, female sexual organ, is an ocean full of glory, where
Lighting may appear. When attached to the rod (lingam), the mixture is
compared with the elixir. From their union a pure knowledge that explains the nature of all things
"Kalachakra Tantra .-- rises.
To successfully perform the Mass of the Holy Spirit, a celestial lightning, accompanied by
a terrible thunder, the skies start of the divine crowns there waiting to be
earned by men, and the deposit on the head of the initiate. Then that
roar of thunder will become a Holy Name, spiritual vibration
frees our own Divine Essence of dark material chains in which it is
The Crown represents the state of higher consciousness attained by an initiate,
when your crown chakra opens. It symbolizes the spiritual light that radiates from the part
top of the initiate has completed its work. In terms of Jungian psychology,
getting "wear a crown" would mean that it has completed its process
individuation and it has been fully integrated with the Self and his psychic fullness. This is
Liber Berachat symbolizes the discovery of his own Grand Name or vibration
God as manifested in their own embodied individuality. The Crown is therefore
the symbol of perfection and transcendence. Unites man what
It is above it (the spirit) with what is below the top of his head,
that is, his soul and his body.
In the Gnostic Mass, when performed in a sexual version with the real presence of the
two participants: priest and priestess, the creative act symbolized as the Breath
primary of the Living Spirit is effected by both an act of sacred union of
In the sexual creative act of the human couple, the Breath or vital spirit is put into
action to bring about a new life. In sexual Gnostic Mass, this spirit is
used as the giver of life to the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Here the spirit or breath
vital, is represented as the wrath of the Eagle. This is because associations
symbolic that the eagle itself has assimilated. The nature of the eagle represents by
heavenly spirit aside, height and sunlight, spiritual counterpart
snake, dark and powerful telluric force there under the earth. In this sense
spiritual height, the eagle represents the direct view of the sun, the vision of the Spirit
part of the initiate, in divine contemplation of Damballah. But the eagle
It represents the sexual force, essentially because of their association with the zodiacal sign
Sexual Gnostic Mass operation here identified as the divine Paloma comes in its
aspect of the Holy Spirit or Comforter of the righteous. The dove is also a symbol
the "Eros sublimated" sublimation and spiritualization of sexual force represented
by the serpent. The Wings of the Dove symbolizes participation in the divine nature
Venusian animal power.
The Sacrament of the Child-God, makes the mage gets the strength to
ascend to the top of the mountain symbolically represents the spiritual region
archetypal, where dwells the Eternal Divinity. There, where some white and place
golden heavenly city, the magician will erect a spiritual throne from which you can govern their
own magical universe for all eternity.

The top of the mountain is the symbol of the end of human development and mental function of the
superconscious, which is the state of consciousness that leads man
to the top of his spiritual development. The mountaintop is analogous to the summit of
skull, where the illuminated received his crown and so it is the point
union between heaven and earth.
This is the mystery of heaven of all religions, which is said to go
Blessed they have done their mission in life. This is the light to which
direct the eyes of those who pray on earth.
"See how my golden skin shining in the rain falling on the thick forests
and old trees, because of all the things I'm your Simbi ".
"Look at my black hair and see my black eyes among the exotic flowers
secret gardens, because the beauty of nature is nothing unless you can
see your Simbi ".
"My soul is a flight to the whisper of the buzzing of bees and the rolls
drums of wild children of the hills and forests, this is the music from your
Simbi ".
"It takes my body and consumes the sacrament of nature, for me is the
Garden perfection everlasting flowers, and birds, insects and jewelry calls, and
all kinds of snakes, because mortal lust has become divine will
Simbi in possession. "
(The Initiate de la Cruz del Este)
"The divine mercy gives us knowledge and makes us sons crowned,
giving us the ability to leave injustice and evil in which prior
we were prisoners. "
Liber XIII Berachat 1
"After the alchemical baptism the higher power can not be subjected to
small, and be buried by the walking time but only be nourished by the
Spirit. "
Liber XIII Berachat 2
"When the Holy One and Almighty reigns in the temple, Erzulie fluids fall
on the Adept as fiery darts of fire, it must take its
hands ".
Liber Berachat XIII, 6
In developing the Tarot of Padern, we have reached the world of Fire, which for
us is the Spirit world, the world of God, or Absolute, a world that
religions symbolically placed in Heaven, in Paradise, or Pure Lands.
This being true, we must add that the divine dimension of existence is in
everywhere at once and it's a state of mind and consciousness, its purest and
original, but that is only updated by the lighting.
In different ways, religions put the possibility to access the spiritual world
once there has been physical death of the individual. However the teachings more
Internal say it is possible to achieve this experience and remain there for
our current life. The Gnostic Initiation Trail leads us in this direction, but
it is true that for humans to get rid of partial view
ego, which prevents the performance and reach the fullness, you must undergo an initiatory death.
Know and experience the mysteries of death is a change of perspective,
transformation since the dynamics of the initiatory death brings experience
the Ineffable Light, in which we learn that behind all the horrors is the
Merciful face. This death is not only the experience to be gained in
a certain ceremony, meditation, or by taking a magic medicine, but

once taken this first experience, you must cultivate an absence of ego and
continuity of life in the Light of the Gnosis. It is a change of reference before
It worked from a place, and now is operated from another, which is supposed to be like a
Magico zombie, dead to the things of the world and live in the inner light that shines
everything. This is the experience and knowledge to the teacher tries to bring gnosis
his disciples. Once established in this reality have available the source
same teachings.
This new perspective is equivalent to the resurrection. Now we have to look
to either side to see the inner reality of things, because things as they are, have become completely
holy and full of meaning, all reflected
in the face of God, the Absolute, of the eternally merciful.
The Merciful God is the ultimate reality that exists behind creation, but for
to contemplate his compassionate face is necessary shed layers
ignorance that imprison us. When we let the ignorant vision
We reached the true vision understand that we ourselves are not
separated from the Ineffable Light, we understand that we are one with it. This Light
Diamond Body building, a stabilization of the divine presence, or
original state in life and started bodies. This is the basis and destination of all
spiritual and magical correctly oriented activities.
Thus it is established that there is a spiritual world, we call on
fire and in esoteric voodoo is chaired by Damballah, which is also the world
Internal the true Church of Christ, which is Gnostic and Spiritual. It is also the
Encompassing realm of God, eternally good and merciful, that the Sufis
They are known by Allah, the beloved, and some Buddhist branches called Samantabhadra.
Damballah and Ayida Hwedo, whose symbols are snakes, are the rulers of the Loas
Cruz del Este. This is the primary partner and represents the entire internal universe and
external. Both are one Being that unites the two polarities, as Shiva-Shakti, or
Nuit-Hadit. The universe, with all its kingdoms, is like a large snake that turns on
an invisible center, this invisible center is everywhere and permeates by
complete in its entirety. This center is hidden while it is visible.
La Cruz del Este is the world Damballah, the true Sun of Suns, and Ayida
Hwedo, his inseparable consort or feminine. From their union universes arise and
the laws that govern them. This is the original and inexhaustible source of all light, love and
Under the symbolism of this couple Loas, an essential unity of reality is expressed
in the Universe. The Great One is the Serpent of Creation and the Snake
Wisdom. It is Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, because these are three aspects of the Absolute,
even when it manifested as Lord of Magic, which can give the gnosis and
therefore any final liberation and happiness, is always Shiva, the god of magic,
Beastmaster, that iconography is often represented with snakes.
This God is also the God of death, that the Vudu know from Ghuedhe
Nibbo because initiation into the original tradition opens the door to eternal life
show the Mystery of Death. His magical power has been encouraged by all
divine forms emanating power of Shai particle.
The magical power of the Serpent, Damballah, is what has always encouraged the
deeper levels of the Mysteries, from Atlantis, through Egypt, India,
Greece and Rome. It is present in the esoteric movements and Christian Gnostics,
and Rosicrucianism, Templarism, schools and churches Ofitas, also in the
Bon sects in Tantrism, in Thelema, etc. However there are differences in the
Magic level or range of vitality and purity with which it works in this current
different schools. In the esoteric Vudu, as in other Gnostic systems, this
current retains its purity and operating power, expressed in a language of

experiences that is completely universal, which is the reason for their teachers and initiated
advanced not find difficulty participating in the Mysteries of others
truly esoteric and Gnostic systems, for wherever it is present this
Original tradition, easily recognized and where it will not know that there
true gnosis.
This Serpent God, the Absolute, and its mysteries are death and rebirth,
sexuality and joy, in the most sublime light and perfect wisdom. It is God who gives the
definitive knowledge so that man stop chaining their status and scope
freedom, because its current is what leads man to become a god,
giving magic siddhis through sexual mastery and mastery of the head.
This mastery is achieved by Tantric and alchemical methods outlined in Liber
Berachat and other writings O.T.O.A. He is also the Merciful God that is
behind all things and creating holding in your hands, because it is reality
true that behind all appearances.
In this way, the Tarot represents the state of the initiate who has reached the view
spiritual and it has earned the divine knowledge, whereby they can
out of the narrowness in which prisoners are those who are deprived of the
Light. It is this knowledge that makes us see God's mercy, as applied to
the mechanics of the cosmos in a harmonious and loving way, not in the way
to the uninitiated sees it, sometimes just considering the terrible, unjust and malicious look
your ignorance provides.
Thus, this letter represents the second pillar of Invisible Bridge linking the physical world
the spiritual world. Therefore it is the gateway to the spirit world pure and eternal.
In this world of unlimited horizons, vision, also unlimited, it becomes
genuine wisdom. An all-encompassing wisdom and provides, to initiate that
You have dared to cross the bridge, that pristine vision that pervades everything, showing
before his eyes the intimate reality underlying all things. The world of
appearances, always limited and limiting, it fades before the Vision-Wisdom
started. This wisdom, vision decanted your vision without limits, is known in the
Tibetan Buddhism as the jewel that grants all wishes.
This real insight is connected to the power of the Holy Spirit, because it is the
Baptism of Fire Spirit who gives us the "gift of the eyes" and we
"Communicates" the presence of the Absolute and incorporation in the chain of Initiates
They know and love God. Using the symbolism of fire is made herein to refer to
"Transforming agent" par excellence, also symbol of the Spirit and Presence
divine. In the Christian Gospels symbolic reference to this baptism when
it is said that the Apostles received the Holy Spirit on their heads as
"Tongues of fire."
After performing the alchemical Work, the Adept and can never again be imprisoned
the meanness of vision that knows no divine light. The passage of time
He stops to him and remains happy in the quiet of the arms of the Divine Spirit. In this
Alchemical work, the heavenly fire provided by Erzulie fluids floods your body,
soul and spirit, and gives you the ability to reign in his own magical universe.
Those who receive the Divine Gnosis or knowledge, are crowned as Sons of God in verse of Liber
Berachat. This means that receive the crown
transcendence, perfection and participation in the celestial sphere. The shape
circular crown alludes to infinity, to that quality of consciousness that is beyond the
limits of space and time. It means that the divine archetypal forces have been
captured and are now used consciously by the initiate.
This crown of the Sons of God also refers to alchemical receiving Baptism
initiated when you access the divine Gnosis. Once you received this baptism of fire, and
is not limited to the finite consciousness and experience becomes something that is

out of the circles of the time.

For the initiated that connects this state of consciousness, no longer have value the
dualistic concepts subject to life, that is, his mind, or his consciousness are not governed by
those values and concepts of the everyday world, subject to the relationship between subject and
object. In this world there is no such division. The Initiate de la Cruz del Este typifies
Adept state of consciousness experienced by the Uniting Consciousness through
which the follower itself is inextricably linked to his own contemplation of the
reality. This results in a state of compassion adept or compassionate love that
pervades his vision and experience.
This is the gateway to the world of Gozo Sublime Creator and Eternal fire,
whose experience leaves an indelible mark on the consciousness of the adept, with the love and
compassion for all beings and all creation and the necessary link broth
crop for the vision of unity underlying all the universe outbreak
... illuminating the initiate consciousness.
"In the fullness of my life, it is contained all wisdom, which lies coiled
as an eternal serpent in the depths of the infinite ".
"In my view unlimited content is all knowledge, which rests
as the most precious jewel in the gilded palaces of kings magicians
old. "
"In the back of my compassion is all true understanding, which
It is on an altar of perfect jade in the temples of the invisible. "
"The brilliance of my creation, all joy and happiness known, because everything
As is honored or enjoyed by mankind must first emanate from my rainbow ".
"I am the Cosmic Serpent without beginning or end, and who will find you
found many times before, the Serpent of Genesis and the God of Wisdom. "
"The most powerful among the largest and the largest among the powerful, because
behold, my arm sustains all life and existence. "
"Come all, my children, and worship the Lord, and Only Cosmic Father, from Who
universes universes arise and know that I am your Father. "
"Pray the Father and enter into his heart, because he hears and sees all things, and
It is part of every story. "
"In pure eternity of His sun and transcendental essence, you can not change,
although it is always the pure essence of existence, because He is the sovereign right
Cosmos, called of all nations, races, worlds and universes for
single name:
(The Servant of the Cruz del Este)
"Listen carefully to the Divine Voice that opens your mind in a vacuum. Gird
the flaming sword and rises, then pulls down sloping Dragon
on you with their wings spread. "
Liber Berachat XIV 1
"For that it is the true voice of God. But this must first drink
Drink under the Red Moon. "
Liber Berachat XIV, 2
"In addition, this magic will rise above the abysmal, toward the ideal palace
There are over your mind, where you will remain among the glorious stars ".
Liber Berachat XIV, 6
"The vision of the Face of the Absolute is unforgettable, because it remains and makes us
live forever, and it is not a face of severity for the alchemist magician, but
compassion. "

Liber XIV Berachat 7

This Tarot continues to speak of the divine Serpent of Wisdom, whose voice the Adept
heard in his mind. This snake, Damballah, sometimes described in the mythologies
Eastern and alchemical wisdom as Winged Dragon, hovering over the Adept, and
this sword of his will, ascends to the heavens and grabs his boldness to this
Fiery serpent and which Prometheus brings to the lower regions continue
developing the role of the divine plan has given him.
But none of this is possible for those who do not dare to perform the Great Work
alchemical and they are unable to drink Cup Erzuelie under the "Red Moon." Is this
work that helps the magician to recover the vision of the divine, to regain its place among the
stars in the sky.
When the initiate is possessed by this state of consciousness, you have the possibility of
watch Damballah creation arises from eternity without beginning, under the
Light aspects of color and sound, giving the universe for all elements
existence, for it to develop and to return to Him through Gozo. For all that,
This card represents the world and the creative process Damballah.
So goes the initiate in the world of Damballah, a world that is non-dual by
nature. This means that it is the same started to "feel", so to speak
Somehow, the continuum of divine creation. This is experience from the depths
of itself, imbuing your whole being with the overwhelming force of Compassion,
because that is the creative aspect of Damballah. A non-exclusive open compassion,
for all creation. This compassion, which involves a state of blissful consciousness,
a synthesis of universal love and understanding of the fundamental reality of all
things and that in turn generates and is generated by lighting, is the true gift of
Damballah is the archetypal Father-Mother Creator and Sustainer of all existence. It lies at the root
of the elements, which are Himself as food for
physical and spiritual life. Its activity is manifested in aspects nutrients
generators of life that cause the interaction of the four elements, both on the
land, producing physical life, and in the hearts of men, producing
flowering of the spirit.
Vudu in the literature, Damballah comes in many forms, which can help
to recognize its nature; including what we see as a dynamic aspect and creator
constant in the universe, as "animator". It is the provider of the sun's path and
all the luminaries of heaven. This movement is characterized by the passage of all
physical phenomena, from birth to death. Every form is subject to
destruction, and every phenomenon is a union in the chain of progression of things
Existing therefore pass any step of forming the destruction
It can be seen as part of an inherent and eternal cosmic movement. This is the
holding movement and creation is the divine energy of Damballah, which in the
world of phenomena produced by physical movement of objects in space and
time, and which manifests itself as the constant movement of all
things. Damballah encourages winds, ensures the alternation of day and night, and compel the
cyclical movement of the heavenly bodies, and therefore expresses a living quality in
all dynamic movement of the cosmos, in all things that are flexible, sinuous, in
everything extends and wraps in everything that wriggles. It is also energy
It provides abundance, either as children, crops, rain, etc. In this manner
Damballah is the Great Serpent, the beginning and end of all manifestation. It is given as root
refers to the power of the serpent, in winding movement and its transformation capacity.
Together with his wife, Ayida Wedo, they form the pair of sacred serpents of Voodoo.
Damballah is a connection between men and their ancestors, because his
back and of Ayida, it is said in the Vudu, which are brought all the ancestors, whose

Names have been lost in the seas of time, which speaks of unity and
Real actuality of all things in the presence of Damballah, a Presence where
time is abolished. Damballah also comes with fire in his eyes,
stating that is force and fire, pure active power. The snake breath
fire, or dragon, also representing the kundalini up through the central channel.
As also the whole sky lights represents the diversity of suns, as
diversity realized beings who share the same sky each being a sun.
Wedo damballah also appears as the Rainbow Serpent Winged bridge between
heaven and earth, an avenue that only the Great Invisible can go.
In the Vudu revelation descends under the double form of snakes Damballah
And Aida Wedo Wedo, representing the primordial Ancestor, first of all
living. It is the way in which The One and Glorious God manifests in the area
human. The divine voice that refers Liber Berachat means the manifestation of this
Divine presence in the initiate. Empty referred to in the verse is the state of mind
necessary for mystical ecstasy that makes possible the manifestation of the divine voice, or
The sword of fire that encircles the initiated once heard the divine voice, is a symbol of
It used the magical will to overcome the adverse forces that are submitted. The
sword and the purifying fire are two aspects of willpower that the wizard needs to overcome his
own dark aspects that projected out you
threatening. Thus the initiate must stay awake and alert and practice
It must be constant until its natural state is this Divine Presence. The sword
Fire is also a symbol of the Logos and the sun. It is a symbol of pure knowledge,
wisdom and liberation of desires and brilliance they can not withstand more than
initiates who are qualified for it. The winged dragon is the symbol of
heavenly fire and therefore who with the power of the sword (will) appeased power
divine and identified with it, he is able to handle it and bring it to him from heaven.
"All life has come to me from the beginning when there was no principle, only
Cosmic Fire Damballah ".
"In my eyes the light that falls on golden flames through springs eternal
Space worlds and spaces between the constellations. "
"In my heart the action that moves the wheel of existence arises kingdoms, and
moving it will return someday to the bosom of the most paternal of the gods,
Damballah ".
"I love all the flowers, all the animals and all men, who
continually lead you to be with me in the end times, because
These children belong to Damballah. "
(Priest of the Cruz del Este)
"Here is my Light because I raise you to my house Secret, and I will give the name
Holy Comforter, that of the Double Wand. I make a simple old
tests if you kiss in ecstasy Dew Erzulie, which is full of stars. His
color is midnight. This means you must unravel the mysteries
I love in My Name. This is the Law. "
Liber XV Berachat 1
"Behold, the Divine Spirit, manifested through Loas have
marking a path through the continuity of the Ages and aeons of time. It is
Sacrifice that produces unspeakable joy and pleasure and leads to the Void. "
Berachat Liber XV, 2
"The cyclical circular motion of life is divided into portions by
embodied consciousness, producing weather on your tour of these portions,

which they are to be united in one when we reach spiritual essence. This
It is the dismemberment of Osiris-Legbha and meeting their pieces for
resurrection. This is the sacrifice of Osiris-Legbha. "
Berachat Liber XV, 3
"The wise eat quickly but gently, the cluster of fifty languages,
and then it rises powerful and crushes and break time. "
Berachat Liber XV, 4
"Do not wait, remove the thorns that are in front of you and separated from Me will arise Mi
Presence from within the archetypal root of understanding. "
Berachat Liber XV 5
As in the other three previous Cruces Tarot series of Padern, the level of
Priest involves the initiate who, having recognized the energies that manifest
on a plane of existence, and having experienced and recognized states
consciousness related to the level, the decision to conduct the search and
practice to the only goal of reaching the state of consciousness related
level within an increasingly clear and stable.
This is therefore a real commitment which takes to get started
make itself the wisdom distilled from that level of consciousness. Equivalent
the bodhisattva toward Buddhahood.
The Priest of the Cross This assumes the path of Love and Universal Compassion
as the only valid to enter and remain in the Light of the Father instruments
Damballah, which is the Source of Love and compassion for all beings. That's him
path chosen by the initiate to access the Unification. The trail itself is something
distilled from the experience of the initiated when you access the vision of the kingdom of
Damballah: "Behold the Divine Spirit (manifested through Loas) have marked a path through the
continuity of the ages and aeons of
time. It is the sacrifice that brings joy and pleasure and unspeakable leading to
vacuum. (Berachat Liber XV, 2)
The Priest of the Cross This exemplifies the state of consciousness of the initiate who is
unreserved dedication to the path of compassion and light, as we have seen are the
elements of Enlightenment and the bliss. The initiate understands how Damballah
It is in all that is, embracing all existence alike, and provided with
his presence, according as the gifts for life and the permanent possibility of
This is a tarot showing us the light Damballah, manifested as spiritual Sun,
the Sun of suns. This Light is what elevates us to the divine world, which gives us a
Sacred name with which reign in the archetypal world.
Saint-Martin said that the Light of the True Sun should be seen without refraction, ie,
without deforming intermediary, direct intuition; this is precisely the nature of the
initiatory lighting.
Just as the sun shines, warms the earth, and feeds to be born and live all
beings, just as the Spiritual Sun radiates its Divine Light for the benefit of
seekers. The Spiritual Sun is the goal of the initiatory path and corresponds with the
many religions call God. But the Spiritual Sun is no God
external, or invented by man, but is its own original and pure state, its
own divine and eternal nature, that will be present in the Enlightenment.
In Buddhist teachings of Dzogchen there is a similarity when it is said that the
Presence status (Rigpa) is like the sun (spiritual) shining in the clear sky
(Full) when there are no clouds (obscuration, ignorance).
The Sun illuminates the Earth is somewhere between infinite points in the sky, which is
continuun move in the cosmic movement. There is an all-embracing reality a
general law, which is stellar and is manifested in the movement of celestial bodies,

in the multiplicity of its lights crossing the sky. In the Esoteric Voodoo
Dambhalah is this Star Snake, continuum of galaxies covering the sky.
It is also a motion that produces continuun lifetime and their cycles
declining birth growth and death. Dambhalah, the Great Ancestor, is the Whole
seen as a continuum of existence, like a wave, this is the stellar dragon, also
fire Dragon. --The Taoists speak of following the Tao sense of going and coming.
The Tao is the absolute mystery that moves all things and does them well, as they are,
It is the deep behind the appearance and appearance sense, as well as its
The sun is a point of realization of this energy in the vastness of the sky, and
also a turning point between planetary life and universal life, which is given
human existence. In the Vudu appears in this function as Legbha, a God
synthesizer and intermediary. Legbha is the Christ of Voodoo, and the Four Crosses are your
expression, the entire teaching of Fa, in which the ancient mysteries of the
Solar and Stellar initiation are shown.
In our teaching we say that this original tradition was already present in the
Atlantis and from there was manifested in one way or another as the core of the
great initiation systems inside and outside the religions. Initiation
Solar / star is the reality that lies behind the teachings of religions
general. This initiatory tradition is the magic power that leads to inidividuo to the
true knowledge or gnosis. Vudu contains the esoteric mysteries
solar and stellar initiation, where Dambhalah in its serpentine movement, makes the
animal matter, not started, return to Sun through initiation.
Milo Rigaud tells us that contrary to general opinion, among the peoples of the
the mysteries of Voodoo originated Judea and Ethiopia should be included, because their
cults argue that originate in the sun. Among the Jews, the sun is represented
by a snake on a pole or stick-the snake is called Da (vine); between the
Ethiopian snake is represented by a Leon --David-- the solar house
Judah (a title preserved by the Emperor of Ethiopia). In the same snake Vudu
call Da, and the same leon, Legbha preside at the head of the cult.
The Spiritual Sun is the Divine Presence and Light is the Light of Illumination. Light to
Liber Berachat refers symbolizes this spiritual light emanating directly from
divinity. Chevalier says in this regard, that the primary light is identified with the
Divine Word, which expresses somehow "spiritual sun radiation which is the
true heart of the world. "
The Path to Damballah has been marked by the gods (Loas) from the beginning
of time, so that the search engine to find it in the very life of nature.
For just the sacrifice of Love magically directed by the Will of the initiate,
to quickly go down that path to spiritual essence.
Which from the outset was divided by the mind of the human Ego, when the
walking experience fragmented the drive in perceiving the world, with the help
providing this divine light, it merges into a new unit that will be never left
in essence.
But none of this is easily done without the help of Erzulie, which materialized
in consecrated by the magician priestess, it produces the sacred hiding Rocio
Berachat symbolically in Liber XV, 4, under the name of "cluster of fifty
languages ", ie, the flames fifty Adamah (red earth / blood)
they created man.
For Boehme the divine light on the initiated after purification by fire as
desire, love and revelation.
El Rocio is the expression of heavenly blessing and is nothing but Grace
Sanctifying in Christianity. Angelus Silesius compares the divine beaded with dew

redeeming blood of Christ. Light and dew closely associated in all

traditions, because the dew appears just before sunrise and announces light
the day that is coming.
The fifty languages and flames, refer to Logos expression. Is fifty
cabalistic number of the word Adamah, red clay earth in Genesis was erected Adam (human blood
alive). In the Kabbalistic Tree of speaking
Chesed fifty doors.
"Love him, men of the earth, you who work the land, because it sends the
rain, and trees, and bless him in all your thoughts, because he is the
Sun, he is Damballah ".
"Love him, seamen, you who must prepare the network and must
tie your sails to the winds, you who ought to follow the sun, moon and
the Stars, because he is all these lights, it is Damballah. "
"Love him rulers of men, gold and marble palaces, you kings
men, ye fathers of nations, come to him, which is your king,
your father and judge, because he is Damballah ".
"Love him, masters of wisdom, prodigious great philosophers and magicians,
because his will is the highest worlds and mind embraces all
cosmic existence in love and fellowship, otherwise it would not be as it is, Damballah ".
L'Hierophante DE LA CROIX DE L'EST
(Hierophant of the Cruz del Este)
"Fly like the real bird and come here where the essential light source creates and space
and time. "
Berachat Liber XVI, 3
"You are like the royal palm, with your roots stuck deep in the ground and
head bobbing above him. looking skyward. Do not double, let
fresh sap ascend your trunk up and grows more and more to be your
himself a god among gods. So you will rest in the bosom of the Almighty. "
Berachat Liber XVI, 4
"This wonder is the beginning of eternal continuity for you."
Liber XVI Berachat 5
This is the last card of the Tarot of Padern Dambhallah Star and represents, as the
Glorious One, which is the hidden essence of all manifestation and the transcendent reality
that animates it. This extends the universal level Tarot contents of the above letter.
In the esoteric Damballah Voodoo is the Source of Love and Protector of all things,
Father creator of all Loas and all manifested and unmanifested existence.
The state of consciousness of the Cross Hierophant This is hardly expressible,
since at all participating models inherent in life duality
ordinary. The Hierophant of the Cross This represents the state of mind absolutely
enlightened and liberated. When the initiate reaches this stage, I do live in being the
Kabbalistic aphorism: "When Malkuth is in Kether Kether is in Malkuth." The
Dzogchen practitioners call this state of consciousness, "The Natural State" in
which the practitioner participates in the Pure Mind, whose emptiness and luminosity obtained
his latest release, becoming a Buddha.
It is a tarot of the Divine Presence in us, who also represents the flight
human spirit to God. The transcendental vision of Divine Light Essence
created the universe and gives life.
The royal bird is certainly the eagle, symbol above, from the spirit or spiritual principle
superior in man. The eagle is a symbol of the light of day and the sun, being an animal
that moves between the air and the fire (wind and sun).
The eagle is the messenger between God and man, as it symbolizes the prayer that

rises to heaven and divine grace descends upon man. It is the symbol of the
volatile alchemy. It is the animal of Chesed on the Tree of Life, the only animal next
with the vulture that crosses the gap between the three Supreme: Kether, Chokmah and
Binah, the lower Sephiroth. It is the bird of Zeus and shamanism is the queen
heaven. Eagle feathers in the headdress of the American Indians, symbolizes
solar radiation, which was also well between the Aztecs and the Japanese. In Shinto,
the eagle is the messenger of the celestial Kami Sol.
In verse XVI, 3 Liber Berachat, there is a reference to the initiated as the eagle
watching the sun, that is, directly perceiving the divine Light. Angelus Silesius says:
"The eagle looks fearlessly to the sun and you, eternal glow, if your heart is pure."
The eye of the eagle is the "all-seeing eye" divine vision that is present in the
adept when it reaches the ultimate experience of the union of the individual consciousness
with divine consciousness.
Thus, now the initiated adept, never be deceived by the reality
apparent since his inner eye unravels every appearance. The play of light and
shadows of ordinary life disappears before the eyes light of the Hierophant of the Cross
from the east. All lights and started merges with that light omni-present. Nothing
apart from Damballah, and consciousness of the initiate is flooded Gozo, the Gozo sublime
The Adept who takes the experience symbolized by the eagle, palm becomes
real, the sacred tree of African, tree inhabited by the spirit of God, Abasi
Carabalis for the Abaku and for lucumes Yoruba Chango. Or royal palm tree
that unites heaven and earth as the pillar or obelisk of ancient Egyptians.
In this last stage represented by the tarot, the Adept, as the great colossus Adam
Kadmon of the Kabbalah, with his feet in the realms of matter and its head in heaven,
It serves as a bridge between heaven and earth. He who reaches this stage, no longer
It will never be taken more as a slave in the kingdom of darkness of ignorance
be. He will remain with God for all eternity.
Therefore, the Hierophant of the Cross This is the perfect tool Damballah
for His infinite love and protection to all existence becomes conscious and alive
in the hearts of men, where He dwells, and from there to expand
permeating every possibility with his presence for the joy of all beings.
The Adept who has attained the level of knowledge-wisdom of the Tarot, knows that
Damballah protects all beings of creation and that He is the one who produces the
seasons and the changes they occur in nature. Angels,
Loas, the aeons, Daemones, Sizigis, spirits and all beings on all levels, is
closely together in the heart of Damballah and resplendent in his Light, in his
Greatness, in his goodness and in his Essence. Damballah, the Eternal Father, Eternal
Divine wisdom that will grant us the love of all beings, because within it
we are Damballah.
A Buddhist text says that when the initiate reaches the Buddha nature, all other things and beings
reach him.
"I am the cosmic serpent that has no beginning or end, the serpent of Genesis
and the God of Wisdom. The most powerful among the powerful and the largest
the great, because my arm sustains all life and all
existence. "
"Come all, children themselves, and worship to the Eternal Father, Cosmic and Only".
"Let the children come and play worlds at my feet, that all creatures
cling to my arms and my legs, and my feet and my hands, because I
protect all things with my love, because I am damballah ".
"Let the trees of the worlds and the snows of the mountains see my face

lover, because no other stations can cause following the orbit

my blessings, I AM damballah ".
"May the angels of light is closely united to my heart, and the Loa
Santos, the Aeons and Arqueones of glory, that Syzygies and spirits
arise and shine in all its brilliance in my light, my greatness, my goodness and
my Being, because I am damballah ".
The eternal, O Christ, LEGBHA, you who are so kind, SO
BRAVO, so good, so wise, O all ye gods, O thou God
BEYOND THE GODS, come to me because I am all yours, and
MI parental love and worship CONOCEME IN LOVE OF ALL
THINGS BECAUSE I AM damballah ".