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Stop Lower Back Pain Naturally and Effectively

Millions of Americans deal with excruciating
back pain every day. If you are one of them,
you have probably tried over-the-counter
and prescription pain relievers, perhaps
along with chiropractic adjustments,
physical therapy, or steroid injections, or
maybe you have even considered risky back
surgery in an attempt to get rid of the pain.
Dealing with lower back pain is extremely
challenging and often frustrating. In this
Terry Talks Nutrition, were going to look at
the nutrients that can reduce inflammation,
rebuild cushioning cartilage, and give you
lasting relief from low back pain.

cushioning disks rupture or move out of

place due to lower back injury or strain, pain
sometimes extreme is the result.
Of course, most of us experience lower back
pain at some point in our lives. It becomes
most common between the ages of 30 and 50,
in part because we lose some of our bone
strength and muscle flexibility as we get older.
Other risk factors for lower back pain include
obesity, weight gain due to pregnancy,
smoking, poor overall or working posture,
stress, arthritis, disc disease, and simply not
lifting heavy objects properly.
Unfortunately, whatever the cause, the
resulting scar tissue from torn or injured
muscles or discs is never quite as strong or
mobile as the original. And that can set up
more back injuries to follow.
While back pain can occur for a variety
reasons, it is also very common. In fact, back
pain is the most common neurological
ailment in America, second only to headache.

The Lower Back Complex and

Easily Damaged

When we think of the back, we normally

think of the spine the centerpiece of the
entire structure. But of course, theres much
more to it than that. The back comprises all
of the other muscles, ribs, nerve endings,
cartilage and blood vessels that work in
unison to carry us through the day.
The spine itself is a stack of 30 vertebrae
round bones with a central opening for the
spinal cord the nerves that extend from the
base of the skull. What we think of as the
lower back is made up of five vertebrae
(technically known as L1 through L5).
Between the vertebrae are discs made of
cushioning cartilage that keep us flexible
and absorb shocks. The ligaments and
tendons along the spinal column attach
muscles to the spine and hold the vertebrae
in their proper positions. When these

We certainly spend a lot of money trying

to make lower back pain go away about
$50 billion each year, according to the
National Institute of Neurological Disorders
and Stroke (NINDS), a division of the
National Institutes of Health. And no wonder
it is the leading cause of missed work
and job-related disability.
The problem with conventional treatments
for lower back pain (outside of the obvious
complications of surgery for severe cases)
is that over-the-counter and prescription
pain medications can severely damage your
stomach lining, liver, and heart.
Fortunately, there are effective, natural
ingredients that stop pain and inflammatory
damage, and help rebuild the cushioning
cartilage of your spine. They are time-tested
and clinically-validated, and I think that once
you try this combination, your lower back
pain will be a thing of the past.
Devils Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens)
from South Africa, has powerful antiinflammatory benefits for relieving back pain.

If you are one of the millions of Americans

who suffer from back pain due to injury or
chronic conditions, you know how difficult
and risky getting relief can be.
Fortunately, there are powerful
botanical extracts that relieve pain and
stop damaging inflammation and help
rebuild the cartilage that helps cushion
your spine. This combination of Devils
Claw, Boswellia, and White Willow Bark
extracts provide you with a targeted
approach and no side effects.
These ingredients I recommend:
Stop pain and inflammation
Rebuild cartilage
Strengthen lower back structure
Are safe and clinically tested
Are perfect for long or short-term use
Proprietary Complex

450 mg

Containing White Willow (Salix spp.) Bark

Extract standardized to contain 30% salicin,
Boswellia (Boswellia serrata) Gum Resin
Extract, standardized to contain >70% Total
Organic and Boswellic Acids with AKBA
>10%, with less than 5% beta-boswellic
acids, Devils Claw (Harpagophytum
procumbens) Root Extract standardized to
contain 20% harpagosides

The dried roots of the Devils Claw have

been used to treat pain for centuries in
South Africa. In recent times, holistic
physicians recognize the plants ability to

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Stop Lower Back Pain Naturally and Effectively

In fact, Devils Claw has been shown to

inhibit inflammatory enzymes, and aside
from stopping pain and strengthening your
lower back, can help stop the deterioration
of the joints seen in those with rheumatoid
and osteoarthritis. In one study, Devils Claw
relieved the pain of osteoarthritis by 35% by
the end of the 8-week trial.
Other research shows that Devils Claw is
equal in pain-relieving ability to rofecoxib,
better known to pain sufferers as Vioxx, a
prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
drug (NSAID) that has since been pulled
from the market because of its side effects.
However, not all Devils Claw extracts are
equally prepared. Many of them are only
standardized at 2% harpagosides, the plants
key compound. However, there is a
specialized extract standardized to 20%
harpagosides, with documented advantages,
and its the one I recommend.
First, it reduces inflammation by inhibiting
cyclooxygenase-2, (better known as COX2) by 31%! This is a huge breakthrough. By
reducing inflammation and this enzyme

% inhibition compared to control

Figure 1: Inhibition of Cyclo Oxygenase 2 (COX-2)

versus control by 31%




Special Devils Claw Extract

specifically Devils Claw actually provides

a much more targeted approach to
inflammation compared to many over-thecounter and prescription pain medicines.
Part of the reason those medications are so
tough on the digestive system is that while
they reduce COX-2, they dont spare COX-1
enzyme activity. Thats bad, because COX-1
helps protect the lining of the stomach.

Devils Claw has also been clinically shown to

increase hyaluronic acid synthesis in
chondrocytes the cells that produce and
maintain the natural cushioning cartilage
between your vertebrae. This makes it perfect
for anyone with back pain, because it
improves lubrication between the joints (and
by extension, the vertebrae) by up to 41%!

Fluorescence intensity (% of control)

relieve the pain and stiffness of lower back

pain. It is highly regarded in Europe, and
very popular there as a natural prescription

Figure 2: Increase of hyaluronic acid

versus control by +41%











Special Devils Claw Extract:

Low Dose Intermediate High Dose

Boswellia (Boswellia serrata) is one of

natures most powerful anti-inflammatory
medicines. It is a specific inhibitor of 5-LOX,
an enzyme that activates inflammationinducing leukotrienes. The most active and
beneficial of the boswellic acids in the
extract is known as AKBA (Acetyl-11-ketoB-boswellic acids).
However, not all boswellia extracts are
equally beneficial. For example, in
unstandardized boswellia products, the
AKBA levels can be very low sometimes as
little as 1%. To make sure you get the best,
look for boswellia standardized to at least
10% AKBA.
Also, one of the boswellic acids, called
beta boswellic acid, is actually PROinflammatory clearly the last thing you
want when dealing with low back pain.
Find an extract that filters out beta-boswellic
acid to less than 5% of the extract.

medicine for low back pain. Researchers

have found that white willow is equal to
rofecoxib, (Vioxx) much like Devils Claw.
Additionally, a review found that white
willow bark was one of the most effective
natural anti-inflammatories, along with
Devils Claw.
White willow is often recommended by
practitioners on its own merits, much like
the other ingredients in this combination.
However, I believe that its synergistic
strength, combined with boswellia and
devils claw, is better for lower back pain
and inflammation relief. Look for a white
willow bark extract standardized for at least
30% salicin.

You CAN Stop Back Pain, and

Feel Good Again!

Back pain is extremely difficult to live with.

It can color everything you do, keeping you
from enjoying walks, working in the garden,
and even from getting a good nights sleep.
The combination of Devils Claw, boswellia,
and white willow bark extracts I recommend
will stop the pain, and help build the strength
of your back to prevent future injuries. Best
of all, these powerful botanicals are an
effective option without the risks of overthe-counter and prescription medications.
If you want to feel good again, and enjoy
being active, this is the formula youve been
looking for.

When in doubt, always consult your physician or

healthcare practitioner. This article is intended to
provide you with information to maintain your health.

Remember, inflammation doesnt just cause

pain it also destroys tissue over time
including the cartilage discs in your spinal
column. So stopping inflammation gives your
body a chance to heal, too.
White willow (Salix spp.) bark extract has
been long recognized as a comforting herbal

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