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be alive to see his son come to his senses. This father put his own life on the line
for this son. He gave his son his security. The son left his father with limited supplies, but the father put the son’s needs above his needs and gave him a chance to
prove himself.
Ps 106:14-15
But lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert.
And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul


Everyone has an opinion of what makes a good father. The best example
of a good father given to us in the Scriptures is the father of the prodigal son.
Most messages or about the son and not the father. I think that is because we can
relate to the son so much easier.

Good fathers often have prodigal children. Each one of us has a choice
as to doing that which is right and wise or that which is wrong and destructive. A
good parent will teach a child to do right and then when they have come of age,
they give them space to prove who they are. The father of the prodigal understood that.

The father did not have to give the son his inheritance until after his
death. The father could have preached him a sermon at this time and showed him
how out-of-line he was, but the father knew the son did not have his ears opened
and he would not have listened at this time in his life. By giving the son what he
asked for, the father knew experience would teach him and the father would still
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This is my father, Bro. William Krueger.
He was my pastor until my marriage. I am sure we
were poor when I was young, but I never knew it. My
father was the picture of security and I never feared
for anything. I never feared that my father would
do evil. I was grown before I realized he was not perfect. When I wanted to shop for a dress I took daddy
with me. He would say, “Which one do you want?”
Mother would say, “How much does it cost?” He
loved taking care of his family. He gave us godly love
and I will forever be grateful. Gloria Brewster


The son proved he was not wise. The son was impatient to receive his
rights. He fled from his upbringing. He was unwise with his money and not prepared for hard times. His zeal for life left him in want and he joined the world instead of running home. In the world he CAME TO HIMSELF! When God opened
his eyes he saw just how good of a father he had, He saw himself as a sinner and
as unworthy of his father or his father’s goods. He learned far more than he would
have from a sermon, and his father, in wisdom, knew it would take that to wake
him up.

The father did not enjoy turning loose of his son, but he was more concerned that his son COME TO HIMSELF than exercise his rights on his son.

Let me ask you, father, “What kind of father would your child find if they
returned home?” Would you deal with your child in anger? Would you be thinking
of self and be unwilling to forgive your hurt? Would you place them under judgment and refuse to show mercy? Not this father! This father rejoiced that his son
had COME TO HIMSELF! That was the goal of the father in the first place. The
father saw it as victory. Every child longs to have that kind of a father when they

The secret is they must COME TO THEMSELVES before there can be
sweet restoration. The stories in the verses above the prodigal son are about a lost
sheep and a lost coin. In both cases the shepherd and the woman searched for the
lost. This father did not leave his home to search for this son. Why? There is a
difference between losing your bearing and ending up lost from the herd or just
choosing to go away. The sheep had a fleshly need. He had lost his way. The
prodigal had chosen to go another way, which was a spiritual work. He had pulled
his heart away and the father knew it would take a work of God to bring him back.
We don’t chase people in their sins. We wait upon God to do his work and we remain home, going on with our lives and watching for their return. We never give
up but believe God will do the work.



The father lived as though his son was dead but waited for him to be resurrected and live again. When he saw that son coming toward home, he knew that
the son’s heart had returned. The father was ready to forgive and give mercy to his
son. The father paid for the party out of what he had left, after the son had taken
his part and spent it. The father knew he could not pay him back and still he gave
the best.

As soon as he had one son restored, he had another problem with his other
son. Each son had their own needs. The scripture says the father gave THEM their
inheritance. Both had opportunity to leave. The brother felt like no one gave a
party for him and he had done that which was right. He had not been mistreated;
he just had not felt honored for his actions. He had a need. The father in treated
his son, he didn’t condemn him. I think when he in treated his son he told him how
much he appreciated his life. He took time to explain to his son why he did what
he did. The Bible does not tell us how his son responded after he and his father
talked, but I can’t help but believe that the father’s wisdom and love worked on
both sons lives. We all need grace and mercy!

This man was not out to prove what a good father he was. He was out
to produce two sons who would be taught and instructed in righteousness so they
could live their lives profitable as he had lived his. A father can’t teach his children
what he has not practiced. This father was a great example to his sons.

Oh, to have such a loving father as this man. If you do not have this kind
of a fleshly father, at least you can have God the Father who will never fail you. He4
is full of mercy. If you are not this kind of father, you can COME TO YOURSELF
just like the son did. You may find your children to be just as merciful as the father

I did not have a father like this. My father left my mother with four children and me on the way. He returned home for a moment when I was three or four
years old. I asked him for a nickel to get ice cream from the ice cream truck and he
pushed me off the porch. That was my only memory growing up. I was not taught
by man to be a father, but God the father teaches me how to love my children. I
thank God for making me a father and giving me the opportunity to raise children
for His Kingdom. As the song says, “O to Be Like Him.”
----Jerry Brewster


(Taken from the book “Parson to Parson”,
written in 1964 by Pastor Adolph Bedsole.)

How is it that the mighty forces of God have come to such a sorry state?
It did not happen overnight. It came about because of the malfunction of God’s
servants at critical areas of power and influence.
1. Some of our leaders lost their way. Those who are charged with the responsibility of training preachers in the Bible schools, colleges, and seminaries are, by
virtue of their position among preachers, in positions to help make or break the
very life line of Christian teachings. (There are two pages of quotes from professors
who deny the deity of Christ. We are just including the headings because of length.)

2. Church visions became distorted. Many churches have satisfied their evangelistic responsibility and mission conscience by meetin’ - prayin’ - cryin’ ! People
go to church, pay their tithes, say their prayers, cry their tears, give to missions and
cannot see lost boys and girls playing on the streets about their city.

Much of the church has come to depend on the government to supply the
needs of widows, orphans, the poor, the blind, the sick. Many Christians side-step
suffering humanity on their way to church with a big offering for the needy across
the seas. On their way home from church, they pass by on the other side of a man
who has fallen among sinners. They feel justified in this evasion of the unsaved
and backslidden because they have done their good deeds for God for the day by
going to church.

No wonder the people in some communities have decided that the
churches are closed corporations and that the church really does not want to serve
needy humanity. No wonder some have decided that churches may be giving to
be seen of men while they neglect the lost and needy in their own neighborhoods!
No wonder some of the non-Christians wonder how a church can have such deep
love for the unseen people in Africa and so little love for the people of their own
city. The world still wonders how the churches can make the appeal of missions in
other lands more appealing than missions in their own communities.

3. The parade of human gods deceived our world in its quest for the intimate fellowship with God.


4. Incidentals buried the preachers. “This one thing I do...,” said Paul. What
preacher today dares do this one thing? Preachers are expected to be Jacks-of-all
trades and be masters in the pulpit. The churches have bogged us down in multitudinous tasks which the members should be doing. Many preachers have earned
the Doctor of Incidentals degree but they never will be recognized for it. Some
have suggested a ministerial rebellion against the performance of incidental things
which take us away from our main field of service.

Our world blames us for the religious state of affairs and it is true that
tremendous share of the guilt lies at our door but incidentals have sometimes made
us toy soldiers instead of conquering generals.

If it is not already too late, the preacher may still do something to change
the tide. If men are to change the tide, it will have to be God’s preachers who will
do it. Others have tried and failed - educators, statesmen, scientists, philosophers,
industrialists and others.


The brazen truth is that the hope of America and the entire world is in the
hands of preachers. Men can not honestly accuse them of failure because there
is an accumulation of evidence that they have not yet really tried to change our
world. Have they been drifting with the tide while giving forth the expected ministerial protest?

What are we “the land of” today? We are such a confused nation. President Obama said we were a nation of many gods. If we are, we have just recently
become a nation of many gods. This country was formed and dedicated to the God
of Creation. One God!!! Our God will not serve with other gods. All other gods
are just little gods and our God is God of all. There is not one man above our God.
Our God is a jealous God. We who have believed and have received His grace are
His bride and He requires us to be faithful to Him and Him only.

The preacher has neither the wisdom nor the power to bring the needed
change. That wisdom and power rests only in God but God is ready to use that
wisdom and power to change the world if and when His chosen vessels of special
service are ready to become channels for Him.
1. Preachers must rid themselves of self. How many completely unselfish preachers have you ever known? Brethren, the ministry is dripping with selfishness and
pastors have been too stubborn to confess it. No one knows better than the preacher what self centeredness can do to spiritual power. It throws a blockade against
us around the powers of heaven; it raises a barricade against us in the hearts of
men and we find ourselves in no-man’s-land between God and humanity. The
preacher’s religious world will continue to deteriorate until preachers begin to rid
themselves of self.

It is hard to believe this was written in the 60’s. I have not read the complete book but believe it would be worth a preacher’s time to search for this book.
If you have any kind of a prayer life you should be sure you pray for your pastor
on regular basis. He has a position that can make a difference to our day.


Our country is acting as if there is no God. We have attempted to remove
the Ten Commandments so there would be no penalty for being a thief, or killing
our neighbor, or committing adultery with our neighbors mate. We want to do as
we please and still look good. It doesn’t work that way!
Mic 6:8
He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee,
but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

I stand amazed at Christian brothers and sisters as we prepare to elect our
next president of this United States of American. Our forefathers would turn over
in their graves if they could hear the language and the life styles of those running
for the presidency. Is there not a man in American that can turn hearts back to
God and justice? I will be the first to acknowledge we have had some good men
running the race this time, but no one is stopping the ungodliness that is running




Gloria Brewster


that is running rampant in our country. The demorcats offer us a person who
should be before the judge for her actions. The republicans offer us a person who
is a moral disaster. Sure, there is good in both of them, as there is in most people,
but when will we hold people to a high standard of living in order to lead our country? They will lead us the way they live, and as a Christian I reject that way of
living. I strive to live by faith and walk in the ways of Christ, and if I cannot have
a Christian president, at least let him be morally good!!!

We need to bend the knee and turn from OUR wicked ways and cry out to
our God to send us a deliverer as He did in the book of Judges. What we are doing
at this point will not bring us back to God. It might make some material changes
that we would like, but it won’t bring us back in God’s good grace.

In my youth, my country encouraged me to be good and to seek God.
What happened? My school opened with prayer, a song, a scripture and the pledge
to the American flag. Children today are not being taught about the God of America because a few people choose not to believe there is a God. We have always
allowed each person the freedom to believe what they want to believe, but we did
not allow them to change what the founders believed.

I love my country, but I don’t like what has happened to my countrymen.
In the 50’s, the government took over feeding and clothing the poor. We now have
more poor and homeless than ever. The church indulged themselves with the money they once spent on the poor and the church has lost its warmth. Our families
began living outside the home instead of living at home and our homes have fallen
apart. Now our government is being run by those who have never tasted the good
heart our country had many years ago. This year we will either resurrect America
or bury her! Wake Up America and return to the God of your fathers.



I have been watching the crowds that have been demonstrating outside
the political meetings and wondering who their parents were. I saw a young man
jump on top of a police car and stomp it to pieces. It wasn’t anger, he was just
having fun being destructive. There is a web-site where you can go and punch
this guy’s face over and over to get your frustrations out. They have got to be
kidding if they think for one minute that acting out anger will make you feel better. What are we teaching our children. Better yet, what are we NOT teaching
our children.

My favorite mother in the Bible is David’s mother and it doesn’t even
give her name. David’s mother produced some wonderful children. She had
seven sons and two daughters. Not only did David kill the giant but David’s
brother’s son and his sister Zeruiah’s son also killed Goliath’s brothers. David’s
sister, Zeruiah is mentioned 26 times in the Bible. His sister Abigail and her son
are also mentioned several times. Both Zeruiah’s and Abigail’s sons were mighty
men who served along side of David. They played a great part in the kingdom.
David’s brothers also were warriors. I count at least 14 people that were influenced by David’s mother and they were all mighty people. Yet, we don’t know
her name. We must also not forget that Ruth was David’s great grandmother!

If you are wondering how I know that his mother played an important
part in their making I will tell you that I found it in Scripture. For years I read
my Bible and David’s mother never stood out to me. One day as I was reading
Psalms 131 I realized what had made David so great. Every mother should read
and study this Psalm. Everything we mothers need to know in order to raise good
solid children is in these verses.


Ps 131
Lord, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me.
Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned
of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child.
Let Israel hope in the Lord from henceforth and for ever.

David gives the secret to his success in these verses and he credits his
mother with having taught him these things. Weaning is not just from the breast,
there is also a weaning of the soul, which is the most important part of raising a

His heart was not haughty. He didn’t think to highly of himself.
Why is it important to teach this? Because God destroys the haughty.

His eyes were not lofty. Not only to think more highly of self but
not to act more highly in action.

He does not exercise himself in great matters. Acting
insolent and proud of self in matters that was not his business.

He behaved and quieted himself. He had self-control and he
knew how to stop and be silent (let someone else talk).

David acted as a child that is weaned of his mother. He had a weaned
soul and because of this he would make a great king to the people. David declares
his mother to be an handmaid of the Lord.

Ps 86:16
O turn unto me, and have mercy upon me; give thy strength unto
thy servant, and save the son of thine handmaid.

Are you being an handmaiden of the Lord? Did you wean your children
to know how to behave themselves? Young mother, take hold of your opportunity today and tomorrow you will be blessed.



Praise God for his wonderful love to His children. It is amazing how
God provides for his children. I could not explain how God has sustained us this
last year and a half, but He has. He laid it on the hearts of three families to support
us monthly and that has supplied the basic needs. It means a lot to us to know it
was of God and not us. When people share their lives with you never take it for
granted. There are plenty other things they could do with their money yet they
share with others. We have asked the Lord to reward them double for their love to

Tid Bit’s needs have also been met by the goodness of God’s people. Since
we have changed printers, the Lord has provided everything we have needed, plus
we now can add to our mailing list each month.

NOTICE: You do not have to give to this paper to receive it. We love
sending it to you and if you never can give we are still blessed to bring our lives
into your home. I received a call this month from a person who was going to ask to
be removed because they could not give, yet they told me how much they enjoyed
reading the paper. I begged them not to remove their name. We love sending it
to all. I have not given to everything that has blessed my life and I don’t expect
others to be any different. Many of you didn’t ask to be put on our list and yet you
allow us to send it. Thank you and please never feel obligated unless God speaks
to you.

Some of our supporters have been fighting serious sickness and we would
ask that you pray for the supporters of this ministry. Again we have had several
funerals this last two months. Many are hurting and we should pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

There are many sweet stories we could share about the people connected
to this paper. It is neat to see God at work. One group of supporters is a group of
men who meet for Bible Study every Saturday morning. They empty their pockets
and send it to Tid Bits once a month. It’s not a large offering but it is a treasured
offering. It encourages us.

If you have questions that you need answers for, we would love to have a
chance at answering those questions. Write to the address beside this article and
share your needs and lives with us.

Have a great Father’s day and fourth of July celebration.



Well it’s amazing how God honors His children. Last month a friend wrote
and said she wanted to honor Mrs. Bobbie Mayhew. She felt like you shouldn’t
wait until someone dies to tell them what they mean to you. So, we honored her
last month. About four people asked me if she had died. They were not use to
seeing honor given to the living.

Last night Tid Bits was given another gift in honor of Mrs. Bobbie
Mayhew. Everyone seems to be remembering her sweet spirit.

Mrs. Bobbie has been gone from our church for several years but her
memory is still very present. Mrs. Bobbie was the kind of member that was
there every service. She was my visitation partner for many years. After
visiting together for a couple years we learned that we had gone to the same
church when we were young and that our parents knew each other. Yes,
Mrs. Bobbie we still think of you and love you very much!

After a pastor’s wife took
her overworked husband
to the family physician, the
physician took the wife aside
and whispered: “I don’t
like the way your husband
“I don’t either,” she replied,
“but he’s always been a
good father to the children.”

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