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Dear United Way Partner Agency Directors,

As key partners with the United Way, I want

to let you know of some concepts we are exploring related to

the Community Human Service Partnership (CHSP). My personal commitment is that I believe in keeping
our internal family informed and involved in United Way work, which is why I am reaching out to you.
The issue involves the CHSP process between the City, County and United Way. We remain steadfast in our
commitment to that partnership and at the same time are exploring some adjustments to the process at
the request of the United Way Board. While we are still early in the discussions, which will be shared in
depth with all agencies once they are formulated, we have a few principles that are guiding the work. They



Ensuring, always, that our priority remains on striving to better support our partner agencies and
remain accountable to those who invest in the United Way.
Considering a multi-year funding cycle for partner agencies that helps provide greater stability and
We are exploring having United Way's limited staffing dedicated to CHSP, focus solely on UWBB
partner agencies (we currently have 38 UWBB partner agencies and support 51 programs, while
CHSP funds 62 agencies and 98 programs.)
Maintaining the one application process for the UWBB, Leon County and City of Tallahassee.
Exploring a separate allocation process for United Way funding that would maintain the
involvement of volunteers and site visits, but potentially conduct visits over the course of a year
rather than in a condensed time frame. Additional assistance with financial information, metrics
and outcomes could be developed in partnership with agencies to help ensure your outcomes and
stories of success can be told and shared throughout the community. The UWBB would have the
responsibility of the final review of allocations for United Way funding, with all information shared
with the city and county partners to assist in their processes.

I am sure some people will ask: "Why even look at any modifications to the process?" For me, it is all about
support of our agencies, telling your story and helping ensure your long term success. We need to be in a
position where we are providing the ongoing support so that none of our agencies face a financial or
program issue that threatens their survival. We see an opportunity to develop even stronger relationships
and assistance with each partner agency.

At the end of the day, the focus remains the same - helping people in need in our community in the best
way possible while also being accountable and transparent to those who donate to the United Way to
support our partner agencies. Our commitment to the partnership between UWBB, Leon County and the
City of Tallahassee remains strong and we believe exploring mprovements to the process can enhance our
continued forward direction.
My commitment to you is that as these concepts become more defined they will be shared with you, and
your input and involvement will be a key before any formal recommendations are brought to our board and
partners. Dialogue is healthy and we always expect to seek a positive path for any changes that make sense
in better serving our community. We welcome the perspectives of any and all who want to constructively
contribute to our considerations as we continue to seek ways to improve what we do in helping so many
neighbors in need.

Katrina Rolle
President / CEO
United Way of the Big Bend