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Elections will be held for the following posts (in alphabetical order):

1. Accounts Secretary
2. Canteen Secretary
3. Computer Room Secretary
4. Cultural Secretary
5. Games & Sports Secretary
6. Maintenance Secretary
7. Mess Secretary
8. President & Convener, HEC
9. Reading Room and Circulation Library Secretary
10. Garden Secretary
1. A resident of Hall-8 who is registered student of IIT Kanpur meets the CPI requirements
(CPI ≥ 6.0 for UG and CPI≥7.0 for PG) and is not in academic probation, academic
warning or disciplinary probation is eligible to contest the elections.
2. Student applying for any post should have been staying in Hall-8 for at least one
immediate semester as a student. Furthermore, he/she should sign an undertaking form
stating that he/she will not be absent on a leave of 2(two) months maximum, unless a
special permission is granted by the Warden-in-Charge by the recommendation of
his/her Hall Executive Committee.
3. Only the students, who are expected to pass out not before December, 2015 are eligible to

Saurabh Srivastava (Room No. then the interpretation of the election officers in consultation with wardens will be final. 12. F 202/Hall-8).O . which is kept at the mess counter.T.apply. 6. 4. Ph:8004346495 8. In all such cases arising from situations not listed in any notice or Hall-8 draft constitution. Election Rules Follows P. Nominations should be formally handed over to any one of the election officers given below: Mr. In case of any dispute regarding election. If any rule in the constitution or in any notices regarding elections can be interpreted in more than one way. Nominations should be neatly typed or hand written on an A4 sheet in the format enclosed with the notification. the decision of the election officers in consultation with wardens will be binding to all residents of Hall-8. All the nominees will be governed by the rules and regulations in the constitution and notices put up by the election officers. All the rules and regulations in the draft constitution regarding elections will be applicable on all nominees and residents as per the interpretation of the election officers. 5. 7. 9. F-109/Hall-8). Along with the nomination form photocopies of latest CPI sheet and I-card of the contestant and photocopy of I-card of Supporter and Seconder has to be attached. 11. complaints have to be submitted in writing to warden-in-charge and the decision of the wardens will be final. Arunava Sengupta (Room No. Nominations can also be dropped in the BOX. Ph:9454772289 Mr. 10.

Counting shall be done in successive rounds. Each resident can cast at most one first preference vote and all the decreasing order of preferences for each post. The representative of each candidate (only supporter or seconder) shall be allowed as his nominee at the time of counting of votes. i. Candidates shall be elected from the eligible general body members (definition of general body member as specified in article 1. Identification of invalid votes is part of the counting process and the criterion for judging invalid votes shall be put up on the day of the elections. A candidate may request the election officer for recounting of the votes in writing within a day of polling. 4. Sealing of ballot boxes. The re-counting. At most two recounts may be held per post. The nominee can only observe the counting process and must not interfere in the counting process. if there are n candidates.2015 ELECTION RULES Election procedure and Declaration of Results: 1. 2. However all other complaints related to polling or counting by the nominee(s)/candidate(s) must be given in writing to the warden(s) within a day of polling. The candidates himself. he may approach the election officer(s)/Warden(s) to report the same.e.HALL OF RESIDENCE-VIII HALL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE BYE ELECTION . Any decision taken in this regard by the warden(s) shall be binding on all candidate(s)/student(s). the election officer in consultation with warden(s) may order re-counting. Every resident student of Hall-8 has a right to vote. if any shall also be done the presence of the warden. a nominee observes some minor lapse of procedure.. during counting. as explained in clause 8 below 8. (i. 7.1 of constitution of Hall 8) on the basis of one single transferable preferential voting system. The results of the elections will be declared on the basis of the SPTV. 3. If.) Single Transferables Preferential Voting System. votes shall be required to give n-1 preferences. first preference votes only shall be counted and the candidate with the least first . Depending on the merit of the case. In the first round. however will not be allowed to be present at the time of counting. 5. Polling and Counting shall be held in the presence of at least one Warden.e. 6.

secures 50 percent of the total valid votes cast. the decision of election officers in consultation with wardens will be binding to all residents of Hall-8. This procedure shall be repeated until all but one candidate. In the next (and successive) round(s). 11. If the difference (as per the last count) between the number of votes polled by the requesting candidate and the number of votes polled by the winning candidate is less than or equal to 3% of the total number of votes polled (excluding the votes which were rejected as invalid). . All unused ballot papers shall be destroyed after polling is over in presence of the warden(s).preference votes shall be declared unsuccessful. Used ballot papers shall be preserved for period of one week from the date of polling. 10. who shall be declared successful. second preference votes (or highest preference votes) of the unsuccessful candidates shall be added to the first preference count of continuing candidates and again the candidates with the lowest tally shall be declared unsuccessful. 9. In all such cases arising from the situations not listed in any notice or Hall-8 draft constitution. then it shall be binding on the election officer to order a recounting.

the voter must bring his/her I-card. The voter must put his/her name. 2. even those whose posts are uncontested. the election officer shall strike off the voter’s name from the voting list. The envelop must contain the voters choice of candidate for each post as applicable as well as self-attested Xerox copy of his/her I-card. SOP Box: 1.00 PM. The SOP Box will be moderated by one of the election officers. After receiving the envelope. 4. 2. roll number and room number on top of the envelope. 30th September. All questions put up to a candidate will be subject to the approval of the moderator. 3. 3. The moderator can censor questions he/she deems impertinent to the discussion at hand and may also limit the time for a speaker. P. All participants are expected to maintain decorum and dignity during SOP Box. Proxy will start from 8. The proxy votes shall be handed over to any election officer in a sealed envelope by the voter (preferable signed in the flap by the voter). 5. The election officer shall open the sealed envelopes at the time of counting in presence of the warden(s). should be present at the SOP Box. CAMPAIGNING RULES FOLLOWS. 2015 (wednesday).Proxy Voting: 1. 4.T. All the candidates. During handing over the sealed envelope to either of the election officer.O .

13. Door to door campaigning is allowed at all times except between 12 Midnight and 7AM. Unopposed candidates are not allowed to campaign. 10. The campaigning begins at 27th september. but they can accompany with any of the candidates where they will be counted as one of the four people in the group. 2015 (Wednesday) at 7:30 PM in Hall-8 foyer.HALL OF RESIDENCE-VIII HALL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ELECTION . No campaigning in any form is allowed after the campaigning period. If more than two candidates are campaigning together. 8. All candidates will be required to submit their manifestos to any of the 2 election officers. No sticking of poster or pamphlet or any material. 3. 9. Distribution of limited election officer signed printed/ hand written slips are permitted for campaign. 2. 6. All candidates will be allowed to display two A4 size posters on the notice board allotted for such posters. 12. 11. All the posters should be strictly in English only. The campaigning will continue till 7:00PM on 30th September. for campaigning or otherwise is allowed on any of the hostel walls. All candidates are allowed to take only four people other than him on door to door campaigning. latest by 5:00PM on 27th September. SOP Box will be held on 30th september. The campaigning through sending emails to a group of people is not allowed. 4.2015 CAMPAIGNING RULES Campaigning Rules for Hall Elections: 1. 5. 2015 (Sunday) which will be displayed on the notice boards. 2015 (Wednesday). 7. 2015 (Sunday). Note: Violation of any code of conduct may lead to cancellation of candidature . then their group should not have more than 10 people including the candidates.