Issue 9

Friday 14th May 2010

Next issue: 21/05/10

Newspaper visits Newspaper
On Wednesday this week, the editor of our local newspaper, the ‘Gazette and Herald’, visited Woodleigh to see our daily life here and all the activities that we do. To start with, Mrs Darly had an interview with the recently formed Historical Society, which she found very interesting. She also heard a marching practice by the school band in the reading room. During break, Mrs Darly was shown all the fantastic things at Woodleigh by two year eights, Cameron Castleton and Charlie Goodlass. Overall, Mrs Darly seemed to really enjoy her whole visit to Woodleigh. She was amazed by the wide variety of everything - sport, music and academic work. The School Council needs Suggestions for a whole school trip. This can be anywhere nearby that can be reached and returned from in a day. Good ones so far have been Flamingo Land & White-water valley. please put any other suggestions in the box in the front hall

Frogs a lot!
Now the pool is full people can once again enjoy freezing in the pool. The first day the pool was opened, there was a tremendous amount of frogcatching, with frogs being caught left, right and centre. There were an estimated ten frogs in the actual pool, with many more in the filters. Most of the frogs are now living happily in the beck, after an exhausting attempt to escape hands grabbing them. Nearly all of the people involved with the chases of the frogs said ‘It was really fun’.

The School Council needs you to bring in unwanted plants and put them in the front porch. Because we are revamping the school garden. This cannot be done without the help of you and your plants, without them, it will just be mounds of compost.

By Peggy Ullyott, Year 6

1 2

Aries, 21 March - 20 April : One of the creators of the Woodleigh Weekly will apologise for last weeks Horoscope. Taurus, 21 April - 21 May : Beavers will kill a fiery Angel. Gemini, 22 May - 21 June : Kumquats will yoke an Ox and sow a corn field. Cancer, 22 June - 23 July : Juniper bushes will play the bagpipes outside your window. Leo, 24 July - 23 August : A Samurai Leopard will slice up your Wardrobe. Virgo, 24 August - 23 September : Several meteors will blow up your brand new car. Libra, 24 September - 23 October : A bowl of growling petunias will bite your gorilla in half. Scorpio, 24 October - 22 November : A banjo playing whale will land in your snail tank. Sagittarius, 23 November - 21 December : Vindictive monkeys will hang around your house. Capricorn, 22 December - 20 January : A pavlova from Venus will grab your mp3 player and dance to ‘Ghost Busters’ Aquarius, 21 January - 19 February : 29 Venomous squids will really smell in your bedroom. Pisces, 20 February - 20 March : A rabid Armadillo will buy a packet of mentoes in a slightly dodgy shop.







2. 3. 5. 7. 8. A snail without it's shell. An animal with a shell, it lives at the beach A bird which is a lady, it's actually an insect. A 60s pop group, but with a different spelling. An insect which lives in a mound, and is very small.

1. 2. 4. 6. A insect, often associated with it's speed (or lack of it). A small animal with a stinger full of poison and claws. A very simple, three letter word. Birds do it. They live in a hive. they are often associated with honey.

TIP: This weeks crossword is based on insects

Woodleigh is all Teched up!
BY PATRICK LITTEN, YEAR 8 With the growing increase of the websites such as facebook, flickr and twitter, Woodleigh has tagged on and we have our own pages on these sites. To join the school extranet ( which most parents and some pupils are on, you fill in the form, and a message will be sent to the office and you will be added. With our Flickr page, search Woodleigh School over flickr and there you can see all of our photos. For the facebook you only need to search Old Woodleigh, and add it as a friend. Below is one of the pictures off Flickr.

This item is thought to have been made by an Italian Prisoner of war, if anyone can shed any light on what it is, can you tell us? There is another picture below.

Year 1 and 2 making a house!
BY FREDDIE BRADLEY Year 1 and 2 have been doing a project on houses.

Cheesy fun for Year 7
On Wednesday the 12th of May, Year 7 had a cheese tasting extravaganza! During one of the year groups’ lessons of French, they decided to test some of the many types of French cheese, this was met with tremendous gusto by year 7 and they heartily enjoyed the cheese tasting!

U11 Cricket
Wednesday, 5th of May
BY ZAC WOOLLEY, YEAR 6 Last Wednesday, the Under 11 cricket team travelled to Ripon for a 10-a-side pairs cricket match. When we arrived and their coach told us that we were only playing 10 overs each, we were very disappointed, seeing as though we had travelled to get there from Woodleigh. We were still determined, so we started the match. Harry Fenton and Jonty Megginson opened the batting and didn’t get out! The second pair to go in were Robert Bradley and Charlie Proctor. Robert and Charlie got a good run rate. Whilst they were in both teams were in tears of laughter, because as the bowler was about to bowl, a fielder ran across the wicket, with the ball narrowly missing him. The rest of the overs went pretty well for us and when we came to field, George Crawford bowled two tremendous balls and got a pair of wickets. Once the fielding was over, both sides agreed to have another innings, after these innings. Woodleigh had won the match.

U9 Cricket
Tuesday, 11th of May
BY GEORGE BREESE, YEAR 4 On Tuesday the Under 9 Cricket team played Lyndhurst in a quick cricket match. Owen, the team captain, won the toss and decided to bat first. First into bat were Ed and Fred Bradley. Ed was first on strike and got going well, soon hitting a convincing four. Next in were Ben Hudson and Guy Scothern. Ben was great at hitting the ball over the boundary while Guy was just tapping it up the pitch. Guy was out a few times, but not many. But for every time Guy was out Ben would make up by slogging the ball over the boundary for six. Charlie Proctor and Harvey Stone were on next. Harvey played very well and did one of his best shots. Like Guy, Harvey was out a few times but it wasn’t too bad. Last to on the bat were Owen Cowton and George Breese and they both played well. We finished on a sound score of 273. Then it was our turn to field. The fielding was very good, like in practice. Wickets were taken by Fred, Ben and Owen and while Lyndhurst had a couple of good batsmen, they ended up with a score of 261. We had won by twelve runs!
By Patrick Litten, Charles Saunders and Cameron Castleton. With the help of Fred Austin. Photos by Mr. Tolkien. Special thanks to everybody else who was involved.

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