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Better Value Stream Mapping Software

Value stream maps are usually drawn using standardized symbolsor that is what most people
believe. If we know that our process is dysfunctional and will have to change dramatically, there is
no point mapping in detail and costing in detail lots of individual steps that we are going to eliminate
or change completely. Therefore, to catch an exception you shall use the same mechanisms used to
catch Lua errors, as illustrated in the example below. Answer the questions with honest, quantifiable
evaluations and you will be on your way to improving the productivity of your value stream mapping
The third example is a Big Data IT shop with more than 900 people in development and
deployment, and hundreds more in operations. Once the template opens, you have the option of
using one of the existing value stream maps as a starting point to save time or you can create one
from scratch. Depending upon the process chosen, this may involve mapping the process at
suppliers, customers or other parts of the organisation. For surfacing these issues other tools are
much more widely and effectively used.
Stakeholder Value Mapping (SVM), a technique adapted from the field of Enterprise Management, is
presented to address this need.(cont.) Whereas SVM has already been developed for use at the
enterprise level, this thesis aims to extend the applicability of SVM to the micro level. In fact, the
actual name of the tool at Toyota is material and information flow analysis - not value stream
mapping. One possible explanation for this observation is that lean is built upon a value system that
is not always shared by the organizations trying to implement the philosophy. Timeline below the
value stream, used to calculate the percentage of the time in value add.
This guidance however biases companies with major quality, downtime, or factor productivity
problems to deemphasize them since those items are not surfaced well using the method and
questions outlined in value stream mapping. Map helped us visualize and structure our conversation
about the Value Proposition of our Web App for consultancy clients (who apply the #bmgen concept
to help their own clients innovate their business models). Leaders trying to bring lean into their
organizations will find SVM a promising tool for determining where to initially focus their attention.
Lucidchart works with important productivity tools like Google Apps, Confluence, and JIRA to stay
up to speed with your busy schedule. Before we'd make improvements to one process as per the
most pressing issue of the day, but this would cause bottlenecks in other processesnot really
improving ultimate customer value. NB: In this example the MAU would normally be broken down in
to smaller processes.
Further, many of the critical requirements for the development value streams, including not just
functionality but also system and enterprise architecture, are driven directly by the operational
value streams. Waste in knowledge work occurs in the handoffs between team members; by
collectively identifying and visualizing these handoffs, teams have more control over how work flows
through the value stream. Its primary value streams are a website, which is made available to the
public for free, and courseware it sells to monetize the business. Most value stream maps follow the
production process from supplier to customer.
We use Value Mapping to send different representations of an object to different business units by
defining Mapping rules. However, particularly in the context of the large IT shop, understanding
both types of value streams is critical, as the development value stream feeds the operational

value stream, as is illustrated in Figure 2. By using familiar Microsoft platforms, your team can
focus on value stream improvement from day one.
Construct a future-state Value Stream Map of what the process will look like and how it will perform
after the problems are solved and improvements are made. In addition, value streams lend
themselves to systematic analysis and improvement by value stream mapping, which is used to
identify and address delays and non-value-added activities, thereby helping to accomplish the
shortest sustainable lead time. Within are lot of numbers that tell a valuable story in itself ans just as
importantly among other processes of the value stream. A more responsive value stream also
reduces risk and provides more flexibility to react in adverse situations.
He assists those companies, executives, managers, leaders and technical teams who appreciate the
business value of effective knowledge work, and want to evolve into healthier and more modern
organizational and cultural models, including Agile and Lean. Karen and Mike have put Value
Stream Mapping in its proper perspective as a methodology for getting high-performing teams to
see waste, share a future state vision, and build meaningful actions that are carried out with passion
and purpose. You can rename the default template in the same way as other elements in the
Value flows through various applications and services and across many parts of the distributed
organization, to many internal and external Customers of many different types. Even if it is in a
messy state of transition, your vsm template provides reassuringly correct answers to questions
about formulas, math, symbols, techniques, or terminology that would otherwise distract your
leaders from their primary responsibility of leading.
With Lucidchart's value stream mapping shape library, you can create nearly any workflow. Our
Social Value Mapping Tool has been developed tool to combine data from our business systems with
publicly available data to create a contextual picture or map, of the impacts we have. Or you find a
value stream map that addresses just a small part of the flow - totally missing the point. You can
check for it in the model's Mixer > Templates > Value Mapping folder in the explorer. For your
initial efforts in creating a connected value stream, these should be your primary objectives.
They joined forces to construct this technique as a direct result of a gap identified by Womack and
Jones - that organisations needed guidance on mapping the entire value stream for products,
families or services. A supplier usually will mark the beginning of a process and will be found to the
left of the value stream, while a customer is often found as the last step, to the far right of the value
stream map. Operations, which return type is void, does not return an additional value before the
output value of the out and inout parameters. The ARTs contain all the people and other assets
needed to enhance the flow of value.
Customer Value Mapping helped them realize they were really selling to small markets with
divergent value propositions. On the other hand, both strings and numbers can be marshaled into
enum values if they match the name or the numeric value of an enumeration. Karen and Mike clearly
explains the value of mapping the process of any type of business. This default behavior of Value
Mapping Functoid can be changed with the help of other functoid and scripting. It is also a great
way to establish a common language amongst those with an interest in understanding the value
Instead the emphasis is on physical, social and logistical preparation around mapping a value
stream. A process has to be mapped by the people who operate it, together with some expert input
to assist with the mapping and to challenge why things are done the way they are done. VSM is

different to process mapping, process mapping is about understanding a process at a detailed level.
Group contribution, analysis and mapping the flow in a transparent way helps identify where
efficiency is lost. A quick google search for Value Stream Map will show you a lot of
manufacturing maps.
With proper implementation, value stream mapping fosters a culture of continuous improvement
that has been proven effective in IT, engineering, financial, HR, legal, and marketing services. Here
are a few of the higher-level objectives that are typical characteristics of a lean value stream. This
further complicates the value stream map but can also be ripe for opportunity due to the complexity
and number of variables to improve. Although nothing appears to have happened, an empty valuemapping template was indeed created for the selected object's parent model. Many organizations
forget to consider these opportunity costs for using value stream mapping.
These problems highlighted above could all be tackled one by one; but what we really need is a
vision of where we want to end up so that we can focus our efforts on achieving an agreed Ideal
State. The team guided by the expert should create an ideal state value stream map which should
envision the absolute best the process could be, this should then be agreed by senior management
as the ultimate goal of your value stream mapping exercise.
The first step is the creation of a current-state map a system view of the value stream that
documents present conditions and uncovers waste. In some cases, using value stream mapping
would be like using a top fuel dragster - the fastest and most expensive car in the quarter-mile race,
the best-of-the-best in technology, drivers, and pit crews - to take you to the mailbox at the end of
your driveway. It's a quick and easy way to create accurate, powerful value stream maps in just
Unlike drag racing, where direct costs can be measured, value stream mapping involves the risk of
opportunity costs that are difficult to quantify. That has value to me. At the top of any value chain
should be the visible user need that you are trying to serve and below this are the increasingly
invisible (to the user) components that are necessary to serve those needs. There are many
companies that have value stream maps on the wall that have no valid data.
In a build-to-the-standard form, Shigeo Shingo 10 suggests that the value-adding steps be drawn
across the centre of the map and the non-value-adding steps be represented in vertical lines at right
angles to the value stream. In addition, value stream mapping can also provide leadership with a
clearer picture of how work is moving through the system. In a value stream map it is rarely used, as
the info is usually contained in the info box, if needed at all. This customer can be both external or
internal, but is the end point of the value stream you look at. Usually there is only one customer
shown, but you may have more than one.
We still are not experts at value stream mapping, but we have experienced a nice boost to our
continuous improvement efforts. Value Stream Mapping is an outstanding guide for practitioners
engaged in the challenging work of improving the horizontal flow of value across organizations.
Sometimes these boxes are also shaded if they are shared with other value streams.
A value stream is a long-lived series of steps used to deliver value, from concept or customer
order to delivery of a tangible result for the Customer. The following value stream mapping shapes
include the basic process, supplier, control, shipment, push, information and data table shapes. Once
you have created a value-mapping template, you can use the Value Map property editor to add, edit,
and delete rules.

Just like a road map helps you find your way through unknown territory, a value stream map guides
you through an unfamiliar process. Here in this document I have presented only the documents
related to one scenario i.e. sender service A to receiver service B. we could maintain similar
mapping rules w.r.t the service C as receiver and use them in the mapping while service A
communicates with service C. While a lot of value stream mapping focuses on raw materials and
products, electronic exchanges should also be examined because they can be the root of delays and
Often my colleagues and I have different opinions, eventually coming to the conclusion that both are
possible. In any case, pretty much any value stream drawn needs to be understood only by the
team that is working with the improvement. Thus, the activities become easily separated into the
value stream, which is the focus of one type of attention, and the 'waste' steps, another type.
In this case, the ride management ART would apply value stream mapping 3 to identify the steps
and flow through the system, and they might describe a flow such as that illustrated in Figure 8. An
example that might apply to you is receiving a new story in your product backlog that isn't quite
fleshed out. Then, all references to objects (e.g. proxies) of interface Hello provides operations
_get_count() and _set_count(value), which are used to get and change the value of the attribute
count, respectively. When you set all associations, click Save button - in this case the mapping will
be saved and applied to the products.
Whether you identify a feature that fails to add value for the customer or an unnecessary movement
slowing production, if your suggestions increase efficiency and improve product flow, you'll boost
profitability. Come along on a toast odyssey that mimics the more typical conditions employees
encounter when they attempt to value stream. In this newer area, symbols used are fewer and easy
to understand - fortunately. In that case there is only one value stream, as development and
operations are the same. Suppliers are similar to customers, except that they are the input into your
value stream.
Value stream mapping is the missing link in business management and, properly executed, has the
power to address many business woes. In SAFe, organizing around value is accomplished by first
understanding the value streams, and then organizing SAFe Agile Release Trains (ARTs) to realize
them. A Value Stream is the series of events that take a product or service from its beginning
through to the customer, and the value stream map is a diagrammatic representation of that series
of events showing the main physical features.
As a result, it's quite possible that no one really understands the complete series of events necessary
to continually develop and enhance the systems that help deliver the value. Add Software
Development and you will come up with some example drawings that are more applicable to your
needs. The first part of mapping is to improve situational awareness i.e. it's useful to have some in
the first place. The example below, shows an alternative implementation for a servant with interface
Hello. SAFETY stock is inventory purposely placed into the value stream to protect against customer
You can select a rule in the Value Map property editor by clicking its name in the Template column
(for example, Rule 1) or by placing the cursor in either text box in the corresponding row. Mark is
co-founder of Innosight and author of the excellent business model book Seizing the Whitespace In
our conversation we chatted about the fact that the JOBS concept is tested and proven, but that
there is no visual template for it like for the Business Model Canvas. Click simple commands and
SmartDraw builds your value stream map for you, automatically. This sevenmap typology is
based on the different wastes inherent in value streams.

By applying the analytical thinking style of the quality movement to the realm of marketing and
sales, Customer Value Mapping establishes a common language for understanding what customers
valueand why. You can amplify the impact of your manufacturing improvement activities by using
kaizen, a structured rapid-improvement method that follows a standard approach and uses standard
tools. In the hypothetical example below, the Summary Table shows that the Total Value-Added Time
is on 2.7% of the Total Lead Time. Then ask a set of key questions and draw the future state map of
how value should flow.
Once you see the overall flow through the plant, you can change the level of magnification; zooming
in to map every individual step within a process category, or zooming out to encompass the value
stream external to your plant. For better performance, sequences of octets are mapped to a string
containing the character value corresponding to each octet of the sequence.
For those organizations that have the wall-decorating, unused value stream maps gathering dust,
this book will help put the value-add back in value stream mapping. For this, in SAP Exchange
Infrastructure, an Issuing Agency and an Identification Scheme define the representation of an
object. There are many good articles and websites on how to build a value stream map; that's not
what I want to do today. In any case, the value stream map can be a great help with some problems
but a burden if they are done without proper purpose.
Start with our free value stream mapping software, which includes every VSM shape from Kanban to
Kaizen burst. Identify the proper problem-solving tools and methods for each project (for instance,
rapid-improvement events, just-do-it interventions, structured innovation, Six Sigma, Lean). Using
standard terminology for Lean Manufacturing, a value stream mapping of the product flow was
developed. The flow of value is triggered by some important event, perhaps a Customer purchase
order or new Feature request.
Now, map a non-flattened Catalog message into the flattened FlattenedCatalog message using Value
Mapping (Flattening) and Logical functoids. You can automatically create a template that contains
the offsets of the current transformation values between two objects or you can create an empty
value-mapping template and then add rules manually. You will find all symbols you can imagine for
office and production value stream mapping.
As you can see, most of the value-add time (the time spent on activities that add value to the
process), or VA, was relatively short. The reason why little is done is because practitioners don't
realize that the value stream map is primarily a method for communicating current and potentially
improved process performance, and don't understand the steps involved in creating a clear and
simple representation of the value stream.
Additionally, you can specify how many Process symbols you want, and include a Data Table and
Timeline below each Process. To access the QI Macros Value Stream Mapping Template and
Symbols, click on the QI Macros Menu, then Lean Tools and then Value Stream Mapping. The ride
management system is considered a separate value stream, since it operates under a separate
divisional budget, and that group sells variants of that system to other industrial applications as
well. After several training sessions and just doing it, we began adding value stream mapping to our
way of doing things. When you instantiate an action, the value-mapping rules of the first active
template are copied locally onto the clip.
Together with Alan Smith, #bmgen designer and co-founder of my software business, we mapped
out the Customer Segments and Value Propositions for our upcoming Web App. The technique used
in the workbook simply measures the overall manufacturing lead-time versus production value add

time. Since the material and information flow is represented in symbols, we need different symbols
to show the flow. Any team can enjoy the improved productivity and collaboration that mapping your
process can provide.
Which is usually scheduled at the end of the first day of your (usually 3-day) value stream mapping
event. Finance is always a key stakeholder but this exercise at this point usually does not included
them...unless the process involves mapping a finance process (such as closing, payable process, or
setting a budget). The philosophy, which emphasizes continuous improvement, has been adopted by
many other industries outside manufacturing including healthcare and software development.
Another example of this model is a much larger company that shipped more than 100 high-tech
products; they employed about 600 people in development.
Obviously, maps evolve over time and there's quite a bit to learn about mapping especially in the
strategic play area - I've been doing this for over a decade so it has become second nature to me.
Read more about how the Kaizen Institute has helped customers use Value Stream Mapping to
identify muda in their Current State and design a Future State that focuses on Adding Value for the
customer. Lucidchart's cloud-based software works beautifully on any device, including iPads and
tablets. You can use a learning to see value stream map to establish which strategic processes
require reviewing, and in what order.
If you want a good book on value stream mapping then Learning to See' by Mike Rother and John
Shook is an excellent guide to producing current and future state maps. Theoretically, the perfect
state of a value stream or flowchart is to have 100% of the steps adding value. Value mapping
produced sales tools that enabled salespeople to feel they had the right to talk with senior-level
management. The following image shows how the Value Proposition is expected to relieve pain. This
map depicts an efficient, lean value stream that's more flexible and responsive to customer
Understanding the actual flow of value in an enterprise is a challenge that can only be addressed in
the specific business context. A template is created by matching objects in the hierarchies according
to their positions in their subtrees with their corresponding transformation offsets. Moreover, the
company found that reasoning the flow of value in each value stream gave them the insights they
needed for accurate delivery. Use this to map the source element to target value and maintain the
table with entries by clicking the function to consider key values as source and value as target.
It is not just process mapping, but an attempt to understand the whole flow of the process with a
view to understanding how the process parameters can be changed to achieve the type of
improvement we are interested in. Value stream mapping is integral to process improvement. They
consider themselves a single value stream but organize development around six ARTs, as shown in
Figure 7. Our VSM software offers advanced features you can use to tackle the most difficult value
stream mapping projects. As this example demonstrates, lean loses its effectiveness when its values
are incompatible with those prevailing in an organization.
A Value Stream Map is made up of a three distinct looking parts: a process map, a corresponding
timeline and information flow. With keyboard shortcuts, interactive elements and intuitive design
options, Lucidchart cuts down on the time required to develop a comprehensive value stream map.
To do that, you refer to the name of a previously defined value map in the Show value field. The
hierarchy of value revealed by the customer value map can help identify who salespeople should be
talking to and what they should be looking for. Recall, this above example couple be an example of
value stream mapping of the CURRENT STATE.

Map and they describe how it helps adding more detail to the Value Proposition that targets the
Customer Segment outlined above. First, the analyst must understand where in the organization that
value is created, because that is where the people, processes, and systems are. If you are not
already working in a lean environment, you can argue powerfully for adoption of lean practices by
presenting a value stream map demonstrating waste.
In order to understand an environment we therefore need to somehow capture this aspect of change
and combine it with our value chain. See Renaming Scene Elements in the Explorer Interface and
Tools You'll find it in the model's Mixer > Templates > Value Mapping folder. The value stream map
can also be used in DfSS/DfX and DMAIC projects and is one of the key tools in supply chain
management. This brief background gives SAFe its primary impetus in organizing development
Portfolios around flows of value called Value Streams. If you have yet to use value stream maps on
your lean journey, don't just dismiss them as an optional step.
One significant market is the amusement parks industry (see the Baja Adventure Ride Example ).
They have fewer than 200 people on staff, but they are reliant on a Supplier for the track system.
Information on other mapping tools, and indeed other Lean tools, can be found in many books such
as The New Lean Toolbox' by John Bicheno. So, this is exactly what you need to do. Take your
value chain and map it with an evolution axis. Value Stream Mapping is more detailed than a
Process Map since it is supported with numerical analysis.
If you however want to use your value streams in other applications we provide an export function to
a wide range of file formats like svg, wmf, pdf or various image formats. Value Stream mapping is a
pencil and paper tool that helps you to see and understand the flow of material and information as a
product makes its way through value stream. Value Stream Maps are usually drawn using a set of
standard symbols, some of which can be seen here. The goal is to optimize the most valuable
operation to get the most out of the entire Value Stream.
With discover here we can analyze the current state of a series of activities that a product or service
takes from its conception to end-user application and determine the desired future state. The tools
themselves are drawn from a range of existing functional ghettos such as logistics, operations
management and engineering. XI during runtime will pick the specific mapping value in the target
value based on the source value obtained in the payload. This sample VSM flowchart shows the
value stream in a manufacturing, production control and shipping processes.
Furthermore, these methods return the value returned by the IDL operation followed by the output
values of each out and inout parameters. In addition, improvement in one area of a value stream
does not always result in process improvement of the whole. Is that value stream mapping gathers
and displays a broader range of information than a typical process map. Simpler, more productive
tools that are easier to learn might be available to make describing the current process faster and
more effective.
In that article I was introduced to a new concept - Value Stream Mapping This post won't do that
topic enough justice but should get your mind moving in the right direction. If you are going to
invest in a powerful tool such as value stream mapping and you want a positive return on your
investment, then new process measures are required. How does Value Stream Mapping by Karen
Martin & Mike Osterling joins the ranks of the best books on mapping and transforming value
streams (material and information flow processes across the enterprise).
Organizing around value delivers substantial benefits to the organization, including faster learning,
shorter time to market, higher quality, higher productivity, and solutions that are better fit for the

intended purpose. So different representations of the object need to be available in the SAP XI and
SAP XI during the runtime has to pick up the exact mapping based on the business services
participating in the communication. Value stream mapping is good for describing what you are
actually going to do to affect those numbers.
That is when the source value in the payload comes as M' for Gender element; it picks Male',
where as if it is F' it picks Female' to form the target message. Taking a value stream
perspective means working on the big picture, not just individual processes, and improving the
whole, not just optimizing the parts. Divided into two half-hour training segments, Part 1 of the
lesson examines the current condition (or state) as we follow the toast-making process to understand
the material and information flows. They provide a template for marketing departments to use in
helping sales people do their jobs.
The most powerful insights are uncovered when real customers assist marketing and sales managers
in mapping value in their organizations. This helped us look at optimizing the whole value stream
instead of improving our sections, usually at the expense of the whole. Don't get me wrong: Value
stream mapping can be a crucial tool to document processes and eliminate waste. The way that I
normally do this is to start by aggregating maps, an example of which is given in figure 5. We were
faced with another change in our thinking and took a step back to learn about value stream maps.
A series of questions, such as those in Table 1, can help discover the value streams.
The third part of mapping is to decide to do something, the strategic play, how we're going to do it,
how we're going to organise it. The last bit - evaluate - is usually to create those evaluation artefacts
(SWOTs, BMC) that others seem to sometimes require in order to bring them along. This
crossfunctional approach means that the choice of tools to be used can be made from outside of
traditional departmental boundaries, affording researchers and companies the opportunity to use
the most appropriate tools rather than merely those that are wellknown in their function.
And if your organization already uses value stream mapping, this book will help you improve your
transformation efforts. In their short and readable Value Stream Mapping book Martin and
Osterling have laid out the authentic way to map value streams. A methodology for mapping
stakeholder values around a specific lean project at Raytheon's Integrated Air Defense Center is
So, if the stories of these two firms and the questions below resonate, you will be interested in the
two-day workshop we've developed in which you will be able to learn, un-learn or re-learn about the
fundamentals of value stream mapping. According to Isao Kato what we call value stream mapping
origins can be traced back to Allen Morgenstern who is considered the Father of Process Analysis
and Work Simplification.
The reason I've selected this example is because whilst it explains the process of mapping, anything
of commercial value has long since left it and been exploited or discarded. Some of the opportunities
found from value stream mapping can be addressed through a Kaizen Event or Blitz. Purpose of this
exercise is how to reduce non value added activities which most of the time is much greater than
value added activities. Just draw a value stream map and it will show you all your problems to work
on is a popular refrain that I hear quoted in companies attempting lean. Finally, there is
another significant benefit to identifying the value streams and organizing release trains around
In addition to product-focused material included in most product launches, customer value maps and
the selling tools that can be produced from them provide the critical linkages sales people need to

become effective in the field more quickly. There are probably low value but quick wins (low hanging
fruit) that can easily be solved for some immediate return. Hence, feel free to adjust, skip, or modify
the above symbols to fit your need.
BMGI's Value Stream Mapping and Opportunity Assessment course enables you to cut through the
complexity of any process to definitively and comprehensively identify the true problems that are
hindering better performance. Value Stream Mapping by Karen Martin & Mike Osterling is the
missing piece that will help me go from how-to-map to how-to-be-more-successful in helping with the
continuous improvement efforts in my organization. If there is no value stream map and an
associated tracking center, then the company is not pursuing true Lean manufacturing. Therefore
combining them into one value stream, framework and courseware, didn't seem helpful.
Much of Lean thinking in knowledge work starts with applying value stream mapping to any work
where there are repeatable processes. Whether you are a novice, experienced improvement
practitioner, or senior leader, Value Stream Mapping will help you design and operate your business
more effectively. From the Value Stream Map Shapes stencil, drag shapes onto the page to
represent your processes, information, and materials.
From the map, we have already identified the user need (the visible elements at the top of the
map), we know the components involved in creating those needs (the value chain), we've got some
idea of the context and how evolved the components are and we've challenged the map by
identifying any bias we might have in the treatment of components. It is the long-lived nature of a
value stream that triggers different thinking in the Lean organization.
They had diligently been applying Lean tools - and had adopted some good processes and early
successes with daily team meetings, structured problem solving and team working methods. Share
your value stream map in a variety of common graphics formats such as PDF, SVG, or export it to
any Office application in one click. Value Stream Mapping is about understanding a Value Stream
at a high level to uncover opportunities for improvement. In the larger IT shop, for example, value
may move across multiple departments and organizations and across many deployed systems.
Rather than turning this article into a mini-toolkit guide, we shall focus on value stream mapping in
more detail.
It helps in seeing and understanding the flow of materials and information in the process, and value
created during this flow. At this point I'll move onto getting stuff done (JFDI), often using Kanban as
a scheduling tool and using the map as a guide. So in Monitoring Latest data the mapping is put
to use to display 'Up' (with the raw value in parentheses).