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Dear Admissions Officer

My name is Julin Rodrguez Hurtado. I am writing this letter to explain my purpose in applying to
the Strathfield College. My career objective is to work as specialist at an Organization where i can
develop my academic skills. To achieve this goal, I plan to attend a college in Australia to earn an
Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management.
I earned my high school degree in college ANTONIO NARIO in Colombia. I am currently a student
of industrial engineering at the POLITECNICO GRANCOLOMBIANO University. My university
studies are developed in a virtual way, therefore I have the time and space to study in another
I lived in Australia for two years and I studied English at the imagine education in gold coast . I had
many opportunities to develop my English skills and explore my interest in foreign cultures by
actively participating in classes and activities organized through by college.
I started working as a project manager in an engineering company that stimulated my interest in this
area. I'd like to carry out further studies leading to a professional degree in a cost-effective manner
and that emphasize the specific subject of study. I want to improve my English skills in order to be
admitted to an Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management program in Australia and
experience Australian culture again. For this reason my interest of study English for academic
purposes and I make for the IELTS preparation.
We actually have a family business which we are looking to expand in the future and get into new
markets in different cities, for this reason I am looking to expand my knowledge in this field and at
the same time to be able to apply my knowledge while studying in an International environment.
Therefore I consider Sydney to be the perfect place to do so as it is a young, very modern and
vibrant city with very good experience and quality in this area of expertise. I have been investigating
about the course content as well as the different resources available to students and the support
provided during the course of the program. Also the leading reputation of the collage for
Engagement with industry and the professions will be a great advantage to my career prospects.
Ive been chosen this course because it is the most cost effective way of gaining the knowledge I
need to achieve my objectives. This is a unique opportunity for taking a further step in my career, as
I always strive for learning and reaching for new challenges.
Likewise I would like to study in Australia as I consider it a great country for many reasons; some of
them are its cultural diversity, and the reputation for high quality education.
In conclusion, this degree will provide the tools necessary to reach as well as getting the knowledge
to overcome and get a step ahead the industry challenges of the future.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours Sincerely,

--------------------------------------------------Julin Rodriguez Hurtado

Passport Number: 1016016202