SM Edsa -- Manila, PH -- 5/14/09 Interviewers: Tony Toni, Sam Y.G.

, and Slick Rick [crowd is cheering] David: Hello [crowd continues cheering] David: Wow Tony: It's crazy, huh? David: It's...kinda nuts. Tony: Welcome to Manila, David! Well, this is the SkyDome, what we call the SkyDome. [crowd continues cheering] Sam [motioning to sign in the audience]: We got "Kiss Me David," [motioning to his right] we got the David, David Cook fan club all the way over here. Tony: The Cookistas! [crowd continues cheering] Sam: We got some shirts. Tony: We got the Rock Pinas. David: I love 'em. Tony: How do you find Manila so far? David: Uh, so far it''s been amazing. I've... [crowd continues cheering. Tony laughs] David: ...I've uh...I, I've been on, I've been on tour, uh, back in the United States, and this is...far and away the best reception I think I've ever gotten. So thank you very much. [crowd cheers] Rick: And of course, uh... [motions out in to the audience] all of the ladies would like to know: how do you find the Filipino women? [crowd cheers]

Sam [laughing]: Because David... Tony and Sam: ...You can't deny the Pinoy. [David laughs as crowd cheers] David: Uh...the, the ladies in The Philippines are um... [pauses, then gives a thumbs-up] [crowd cheers] David: Very nice, very nice. Tony: I like that. What is it? [Tony and Sam do a thumbs-up] Tony: Yeaaaaah man. [David laughs] Tony: What can we expect on Saturday? On the sixteenth? David: Aw man, I, I, I really hope everybody comes out on Saturday... [crowd cheers] David: watch me and uh...and Mr. Archuleta. Tony: Who's got their tickets? David: Who's got 'em? [crowd cheers. David puts a fist in the air] David: Oh, you guys uh...I, I, I know for me, I'm very, very excited. Uh, the, the reception that, that myself and Archuleta have gotten out here is ama-- absolutely unreal. I hope that you guys come out Saturday to the Mall of Asia open concert grounds, and uh, come watch us make some noise and...I gotta say,, we have uh, the Barkada treat tickets. So if you buy five silver tickets, you get one free. And if you buy Rick bronze tickets, you get one free. And you guys can get those at the TicketNet counter at the SM department store. So you guys go get your tickets, come out, have a good time with us. We'll make a ton of noise and have a lotta fun. OK? [crowd cheers] Tony: Well to all the people you have any last messages for the Filipino fans?

David: Uh...I hope you guys are ready to make some noise on Saturday. I really do. [crowd cheers] Sam: Now David, we also had a question earlier on [points to Cookistas] from uh, your fans over there. They wanted to know, what is the significance of your eagle rock tattoo? [David laughs] Tony: Yeah what uh, what does that mean? David: Uh...a little inside joke between me and my guitar player. He has the same tattoo. So... Sam: Alright [David hoists his arm in the air so everyone can see the tattoo] Rick: There we go. There you go. Tony: I love it, I love it. Sam: What's with the guns? [crowd cheers] Tony [pointing in to the audience]: They want you to take off your shirt. Rick: Oh my goodness. [David laughs] David: I love it. Rick: Now, now a lot of people are wondering, you know, after this tour, would you be willing to come back for another tour? Because [motions out to the audience] they love you so much. [crowd cheers] David: Yeah. Absolutely. You guys wanna-- you guys want me to come back? [crowd cheers] Tony: Better yet-David: Wait wait. Wait wait wait wait wait wait. [looks out in to the audience] There are some people that didn't cheer. Do you guys to come back? [crowd cheers as David points to various parts of the audience[

David: Then I will come back. Sam: David, so far, how many days have you been in Manila? [David puts his ear closer to Sam so he can hear the question] Sam: How many days have you been in Manila? David: Uh, this is uh...this is day three. Sam: Day three. Have you learned any Filipino or Tagalog words so far? David: Uh...I have learned something that I am going to get to say a whole lot I think, the next few days. And that is "salamat." [crowd cheers] David: Thank you guys very, very much. Sam: Awesome, awesome. Tony: Alright. Are we good? [crowd cheers] Tony: We're good. [points to his left] You got some fans over there that wanna say hi to you. David [waving]: Hi [crowd cheers] David: Thank you guys very much. Have a good day. We'll see ya' Saturday, OK? [crowd cheers] Sam: Ladies and gentlemen, David Cook! [crowd cheers as David picks up a white shirt off the stage] Rick: Some-- some fans... [David reads the shirt and laughs] Rick: There you go. [David holds up the shirt. The front says DC] Rick: What does it say? [crowd cheers]

Rick [going to his right] Oh wait. What do we got? We got, we got more shirts, uh... David: Wow Rick [returning with a red shirt he hands to David]: We have more shirts flying around. [David opens the shirt, looks and looks at it as he shows it to the crowd. It says "The Cookistas Slept Here."] Rick: Alright [crowd laughs, then cheers] [David and the DJs hold up the shirts and pose for pictures] Rick: It's all yours. Uh, some gifts from your fans. Thank you. [David throws the shirts over his shoulder and shakes hands with the DJs] Rick: Thank you. Thank you, thank you. [David walks off stage] END OF INTERVIEW

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