China has always been a 'secular' system using Confucius as the main spiritual leader like a tidal force

, the effects can be felt through successive generations

Honor and Dishonor affect the children and ancestors

Ancestors Ancestor Worship - Most important Sac is representative of Chaos (Wonton), but physically similar to a lymph-node PanGu grew between the light and dark and eventually died, creating the universe from his body. Light rose, Dark Sank and each day the distance between the two objects grew larger and larger A Sac grew, pulsated and eventually burst Family in 3 parts Contemporaries Descendants Want worship, ritual and notice from descendants in MALE line

Sac Theory
Many were human and deified

Dead have personalities

Chinese Popular Religion
Bureaucrats and aristocracy (those made from the clay) Everyone Else (the grains of sand) Human world divided into two halves Kneeling down on the banks of the yellow river and making people out of the yellow earth, got frustrated and 'whipped sand into heaps' and animated all of them

Gods Matsu - Brings fish and protects against Typhoon Male or Female (orig. Female) who can go into a trance and either cross into other world or channel other spirits

"Translated" by rising up to heaven in the presence of thousands of people

Worshipped in Taiwan/Fujian areas

didn't have enough in the one to the north (northern star) and the heavens slipped (where Beijing is, thus Beijing is Heaven on Earth)

Creation Myths
Woman Gua Repaired the pillars of heaven by using the Five Elements Fatty - Hong Kong

Children appeared to her in a dream Group seance - going to heavenly flower garden and learned to see future prevented son from having children Brothers son was to take over his worship when he died, didn't Shaman retrieved remains, put them into an urn, found a place to put the urn and then spoke with the spirit to reach an accord


A combination of the elements plus yin/yang create objects Creative and Destructive Cycle Lunar Year due to agrarian base Each Zodiac occurs once every 12 years and rotates through the five elements making a 60 year cycle. Divided according to the year Five Elements Govern Time Chinese Zodiacs also play a role Yin: Dark, Feminine, Negative Yang: Light, Masculine, Positive Yin/Yang
Complimentary Forces

Uncle who did not marry, have children etc

Universe is Binary

Each person developed a significant aspect of Chinese Culture

Fu Xi - Marries sister starting family

Be all and End All of Chinese Culture

Shen Nong (Lit. Divine farmer) starts agriculture Yellow Emperor (Huang Diyi) First Imperial Ruler Over 2000 years old

Great Men and Women Created society

Great Men Theory Gao Yao The Judge Quan Xu the Bureaucrat

Evolved a complex legal system

Created the idea of forms in triplicate

Yao - Yielded his thrown to the best successor, not the son Cultural Heroes Yu - Conquered the great flood by draining china

Xun - Model of filial piety Not to be confused with Huang Di YI

First Emperor

China.mmap - 9/20/2007 -

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