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Welcome to Teaching you English through two-minute lessons.

In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are at a hotel.
Making a room reservation
(Holding a phone)
Mark : Hello is that The Resident?
Jenny : Yes it is. How can I help you sir?
Mark : I want to book a room for the 19th.
Jenny : Sure. What sort of room do you want?
Mark : A single room please. For 3 days.
Jenny : Alright. The rent for the room is $60 a day.
Mark : Okay. No problems.
Jenny : I will make the booking sir. Someone will call you up from the hotel later and
confirm it.
Mark : Alright. Thank you.
Check in
Mark : Hi. I have a reservation for tonight.
Jenny : May I have your name please?
Mark : Its Mark nelson.
Jenny : Okay Mr. Nelson according to our records a room for two guests was booked under
your name.
Mark : No hold on. There must be some mistake I have booked room for one person only.
Jenny : Okay, let me check again. Here we are. Your booking is for the 19th right?
Mark : Yes, exactly.
Jenny : I am sorry, there must have been some confusion. Luckily we have a single room
available. You can use the room 309.
Mark : Thank you.
Check in 2nd Example
Jenny : Welcome to The Resident hotel. How can I help you?
Mark : I have a booking here. For a single room.
Jenny : Sure. May I have your name?
Mark : Its Mark, Mark Nelson.
Jenny : Yes. We have your room ready Mr. Nelson. Its on the 3rd floor. The porter will
guide you.
Mark : Thank you. My luggage is in the taxi outside.
Jenny : I will ask the bell-boy to get it.
Mark : Thanks.
Checking out
Mark : Hi! I want to check out. Can you please get my bill. I will be at the reception in
about 15 minutes.
Jenny : Sure. I will have it ready for you when you arrive.
Mark : Thanks. I appreciate it.
Jenny : I hope your stay here was comfortable sir.
Mark : Yes, it was fine. Thank you.
Jenny : Welcome. If you have any feedback you can let me know.
Mark : Well, my dinner arrived a bit late, but everything else was okay.
Jenny : I am sorry to hear that sir. I will make sure that doesnt happen again.
Mark : No problems. I liked this hotel.

Requesting Housekeeping Assistance

Mark : Hi. I am going out and I will be back in the evening. Can you please ask the
housekeeping to clean my room?
Tom : Sure sir. You will have to leave your keys at the reception.
Mark : Okay. Thats not a problem.
Tom : The housekeeping department will have your room cleaned and the bedding changed.
Mark : Thank you.
Tom : You are welcome sir.
Reservation : To reserve something means to withhold it, that is you reserve a seat in a
restaurant, you reserve a seat in theatre, etc.
Booking : Booking generally means an act of reserving accommodations, travels or buying
tickets in advance. The booking for the holiday trip to malaysia has already been done.
Housekeeping : It is the management of the household affairs.
Cleanliness : Cleanliness means that there is no dirt, no dust, no stains and no bad smells.
For example : When we went to the hotel, the housekeeping was responsible for the
cleanliness of our room.
Check-in : The check-in process at a hotel means to announce ones arrival.
Check-out : The checkout process in a hotel is the time or place to leave the hotel.
Luggage : Luggage means the belongings of a traveller. The number of bags, suitcases,
laptop bags and so on that a person carries while going out is his baggage.
Feedback : Feedback is the information about the reactions, a persons performance of a
task etc used as a basis for improvement.
Bellboy : A bellboy is a person in a hotel who usually looks after the guests and helps them
with their luggage and other things during the time of check-in and check-out.
In this lesson you will learn how to book a hotel by calling in advance.
Reserving a room
Rouf: Hello, is this the Parkland Residency?
Hans: Yes, I am Hans. How may I help you?
Rouf: I'd like to book a room for tomorrow.
Hans: For how many people?
Rouf: Just me.
Hans: Okay Sir. What's your complete name, please?
Rouf: Rouf Hughes. What is the total cost?
Hans: That would be $120 per night.
Rouf: No problem. Book the room for one night, please.
Hans: Sure, may I know your cell phone number?
Rouf: Yes, it's 345 344.
Hans: Thank you. How would you like to pay?
Rouf: I can pay through credit card.
Hans: Okay. I will call you back in about 10 minutes to confirm your booking.
Rouf: Thank you very much.
Enquiring About Availability.
Rouf: Parkland Residency, this is Rouf. How may I help you?
Windy: Hi, I'm Windy Dakota. I was wondering if I can get a good suite for the 12th of
this month?
Rouf: Sorry Miss Dakota, we have no vacant suites for that day.
Windy: Alright, then what about the 24th?
Rouf: Please give me a moment.
Windy: Sure.

Rouf: Yes, suites are available for that day, would you like to book one?
Windy: I'll have to call you back, thank you.
Rouf: No problem.
Finding out About Rates.
Hans: Hello, this is Hans Schefield. What are your rates per day for a room?
Selene: Mr. Schefield, we have rooms ranging from $100 to $500 per day.
Hans: What's the price for family suite with 2 beds?
Selene: Deluxe family suites start from $450. May I know for how many people you would
need the suite?
Hans: We are four. Two adults and two kids.
Selene: Great. It would be $500 for the best suite.
Hans: Ah! That's expensive. Let me know if there's a good room facing the sea.
Selene: One second... Yes, we have a fine sea-view suite for you. It is $350.
Hans: Now that sounds nice!
Selene: Will you be booking it, Mr. Schefield?
Hans: Yes, please.
Finding out How to Pay.
Selene: Front desk, Hotel La Belle. How may help you?
Windy: Yes, I called you an hour earlier. I'm Windy Dakota.
Selene: Yes, Miss Dakota. Would you like to book a room now?
Windy: Yes. But what are my payment options?
Selene: We accept all types of credit cards. There is also a special rebate of 5% on
American Express cards.
Windy: That's fine, but the problem is I don't have a card! I only have a Visa checking
Selene: Okay...No problem.
Windy: Can I use my checking account?
Selene: Yes, certainly. You can use the debit card connected to your checking account.
Windy: Thank you!
Selene: You are welcome, Miss Dakota.
Residency : The fact of living in a place.
Booking : An act of reserving accommodations.
Reserving : To reserve something means to be kept for the use of a particular person and
not given to anyone else.
Cost : Cost is the amount that has to be paid or spend to buy or obtain something.
Credit Card : A credit card is a plastic card issued by a bank, business, etc for the
purchase of goods on credit.
Confirm : Something that is confirmed means it is assured that it is true or certain.
Enquire : To enquire means to seek information by questioning.
Availability : Something that is available is present and ready for use at hand when
Wondering : Wonder means to have the desire or be curious to know something.
Suite : A suite is a set of rooms designated for one persons or familys use or for a
particular purpose.
Vacant : When we say that a room is vacant, we mean to say that it is unoccupied or
Rate : Rate means to assign a standard or value to something according to a particular

Ranging : If the cost of something ranges, then it means it varies or extends between
specified limits.
Expensive : Something that is expensive costs a lot of money.
Payment Options : Payment option means the different methods of making a payment.
Debit Card : A debit card is a card issued by a bank allowing the holder to transfer money
electronically to another bank account when making a purchase./p>
Rebate : Rebate is a partial refund to someone who has paid too much tax, rent or a
Checking Account : Checking account is an account at the bank against which checks can
be drawn by the account depositor.
In this lesson you will learn how to ask for things that you want at a hotel.
Asking for a Wake-up Call.
Josh: Hi, this is room number 365.
Becky: Yes, Sir. How can I help you?
Josh: I have an important meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning. Could I have a wakeup call at 5:30?
Becky: Certainly. Youll get your wake-up call at 5:30 in the morning. Anything else I can
help you with?
Josh: Id like to get some coffee at a quarter to 6.
Becky: Alright. Is that all?
Josh: Yeah. Thatll be all for now.
Scheduling a Taxi.
Lucas: Can you call a taxi for me tomorrow morning?
Brooke: We surely can. Where do you want to go?
Lucas: I have a meeting at 7 at Boulevard Cafe. I hope its nearby.
Brooke: Yes. Its a 15-minute drive from the hotel.
Lucas: Then I guess 6:30 would be fine. Book the taxi for 6:30 in the morning, please.
Brooke: Alright. The booking will be made then.
Lucas: Thank you. And please make sure the taxi arrives by 6:30, so theres no delay.
Brooke: Dont worry, well take care of that.
Getting Your Laundry Done.
Josh: Hello. Could you please send someone to pick up my laundry?
Lucas: Sure. Do you want me to send the laundry staff right now or later?
Josh: Well, Im leaving for sightseeing in half an hour. So, it would be better if you send
someone before that.
Lucas: Sure, Sir.
Josh: Good. When can I expect to get these clothes back? Were leaving the day after
Lucas: It usually takes a day but you can ask the laundry staff for a better estimate.
Josh: Alright. Thank you.
Asking for the Room to Be Cleaned.
Becky: Front desk. How can I help you?
Brooke: Hi, Im in room 563. Would you mind sending someone to clean the room?
Becky: Sure. Would you like to get it cleaned now or at a specific time?
Brooke: Actually, we are leaving in 10 minutes. Itd be better to send someone after that.
Becky: Alright. Is there anything else I may help you with?
Brooke: No, thatll be all. Thank you.

In this lesson we will learn phrases you can use to order room service in English.
Ordering Food.
Albert: Hello! Im calling from room no. 324. Id like to order dinner in my room.
Samantha: Sure. Whatd you like to have?
Albert: Please send 1 vegetarian platter, 2 servings of crispy garlic noodles and 1 serving
of mushroom gravy.
Samantha: Alright. Is there anything youd like to drink?
Albert: Do you serve wine in the room?
Samantha: Im afraid not. Alcoholic drinks are served only at the hotel bar.
Albert: Not a problem. Just send the food, please. How long would that be ?
Samantha: Max 30 minutes.
Albert: Thatll be fine. Thank you.
Asking for Laundry Service.
Gerard: Hi! Can you send someone to pick up the laundry from my room? Its number 346.
Jerry: Sure. Is there anyone in the room?
Gerard: Yes. My wifes there. Could you send someone right now? We are leaving in 15
Jerry: Alright. Ill ask the housekeeping staff to pick it up immediately.
Gerard: Thank you so much.
Ordering from Housekeeping.
Terrance: Id like to get two fresh towels, please.
Jerry: Sure. Do you need anything else, Sir?
Terrance: No. Thats all for now.
Jerry: I am sending someone right away.
Terrance : Thank you.
Ordering Breakfast.
Samantha: Room service. How may I help you?
Albert: Good morning. This is room 234. Can I have some breakfast?
Samantha: Of course. Do you want the English breakfast with coffee?
Albert: Nah! I just want some fruits and a glass of carrot juice.
Samantha: Okay.
Albert: Yup. How long will it take?
Samantha: Be there in 10 minutes.
Albert: Great! Thank you.
In this lesson we will learn how to talk about changing hotel rooms.
I Want Another Room
Kate: Good morning, Terry. Id like to change to another room.
Terry: Is there a problem?
Kate: The room would be all right if it werent so noisy.
Terry: Its the traffic on the street below. Closing the windows would reduce the noise.
Kate: Thered be no fresh air if I closed the windows. And the air conditioner doesnt
work. Is there a room facing the sea?
Terry: Let me check... Yes, I can put you in room 605. Theres a wonderful view and its
very quiet.
Kate: Thank you, Terry.
Terry: Youre welcome!
Talking to the Manager
Kate: Excuse me, Mr. Ford. The air conditioner in my room doesnt work.

Ford: Ill send someone to take care of it right away.

Kate: This may take too long. Id like to change rooms, please.
Ford: All right. Let me see what we have available.
Kate: Well, Id like to stay in a room facing the sea.
Ford: I got it. The rooms facing the sea are $25 more than those facing the road.
Kate: Thats fine. Please get me one facing the sea.
Talking About the Room Change
Ford: Terry, will you please take Ms. Kates luggage from room 601 to 605?
Terry: Thats Ms. Kates luggage, right?
Ford: Yes. She wants a room facing the sea.
Terry: She complained about the traffic noise on the street below.
Ford: And the air conditioner isnt working in 601. After you take Ms. Kates luggage,
please call maintenance and see when they can be here.
Terry: Well, thats why shes complaining. Without the air conditioner, she keeps her
windows open and all the noise from the streets bothers her. Ill take her baggage and
then call Joe from maintenance.
Thanking the Manager
Ford: Good Morning Ms. Kate.
Kate: Good Morning Mr. Ford.
Ford: Hows the new room working out for you?
Kate: Its much better. Now I can leave the windows open when I want. I appreciate the
Ford: My Pleasure, Ms. Kate.
Kate: By the way, Mr. Ford, Ive been meaning to askmy friend Lillian is arriving next
week. Would you have a room available next to mine?
Ford: Im not sure. Let me check. Yes, here we are. The guest in room 603 will be checking
out on Saturday. Will that be ok?
Kate: That will be perfect. She arrives on Monday. Id like to book that room for her.
Ford: Ill do that right away. Ill just need her last name and a credit card number.
Kate: No problem. Her last name is Stevens, and Ill use my card!
Problem : Problem is a thing that is difficult to achieve or accomplish.
Noisy : Something that is noisy makes a lot of loud or unpleasant noise.
Reduce : To become smaller or less in size or amount.
Air Conditioner : An air conditioner is a system that keeps the air cool and dry.
Manager : Manager is a person who is responsible for the controlling or administering all
or part of a company.
Change : Change is the act or instance of making or becoming different.
Luggage : Personal belongings packed in a suitcase for travelling, is your luggage.
Complained : Complain means to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something or
Street : A street is a public road in a city or town, typically with buildings on one or both
Traffic : Traffic is the movement of vehicles on a public highway.
Maintenance : Maintenance is the process of preserving or maintaining someone or
Appreciate : To appreciate means to recognise the full worth of something or someone.
Pleasure : It is a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.
Credit Card : A credit card is a plastic card issued by a bank, business, etc for the
purchase of goods and services on credit.

You cant stay in a hotel forever, right? The process of leaving the hotel is called
checking out of the hotel. To check out of a hotel, you need to pay your bill, pack
your luggage and sometimes get help bringing your luggage.
In this lesson we will learn to converse with the hotel staff while checking out of the
Getting Your Luggage Picked.
(I recommend Sanpan for all the receptionist jobs)
Stephanie : Were checking out. Could you send someone to pick our luggage?
Receptionist : Yes, Ma'am! How many pieces of luggage do you have?
Stephanie : Only two, but theyre large and heavy suitcases. Oh...and yesThere are some
shopping bags too.
Receptionist : Ill send the bellboy over.
Stephanie : Okay. Thank you.
Receptionist : Youre welcome.
Paying the Bill.
(Use phones)
Tracy : Good morning. Room 256. Check-out, please.
Receptionist : Are you Miss Tracy?
Tracy : Yes, thats right.
Receptionist : Have you consumed anything from the mini-bar?
Tracy : Yeah A couple of beers and a bottle of water.
Receptionist : Alright, so adding that to your total, it comes to $579.
Tracy : Okay. I also wanna order some coffee from the room-service.
Receptionist : No problems, Ill get that sent to your room.
Tracy : Great! Please include that in the bill.
Receptionist : Sure! Your new total is $585.
Tracy : Great, please send me the bill.
Wrong Billing.
(Use phones)
Receptionist : ABC Hotel. How can I help you?
Tom : Hi thereI was just going through my bill and I found a charge for laundry.
Reception : Okay?
Tom : Well, I didnt get any laundry service during my stay. I dont understand why Ive
been charged for that.
Reception : Is that so? Im awfully sorry, Sir. Let me get this checked Ill send you a
revised bill.
Tom : Please do so Its very irritating being charged for something you didnt buy.
Reception : I truly apologize, Sir. This was a mistake. Ill get it removed right away.
Tom : Alright, thanks for the help.
Asking For a Taxi.
Front Desk : Good morning. What can I do for you today?
Tom : Good morning, buddy! Im checking out later today, and I want a taxi to the airport.
Front Desk : Alright. What time do you need it for, Sir?
Tom : Say about 10.30. My flight is at 12.30.
Front Desk : Okay What kind of taxi do you want?
Tom : Nothing special, mate. Just the regular stuff.
Front Desk : No problems. Ill have a taxi waiting for you at 10.30.
Tom : Great! Thank you.

Leaving The Hotel.

Bellboy : Your taxi is waiting and the luggage is already in the car.
Tom : Great job! Thank you for the excellent service during our stay.
Bellboy : Thank you. It was a pleasure serving you.
Tom : Well, heres a little tip for you.
Bellboy : Thank you, Sir.
Tom : Alright, goodbye then.
Bellboy : Goodbye. Wish you a enjoyable trip.
Tom : Thanks, buddy!
Bellboy - The bellboy is the baggage boy who carries your luggage to the room from the
hotel lobby.
Check-out - Check out is the process of paying your bills and leaving the hotel after your
Room service - Room service is ordering something brought to your room. Things like
coffee, food, drinks, etc.
Charge - Charge in this context refers to the amount of money you have to pay for
something you ordered during your stay.
Tip - When you pay somebody a little extra apart from the billed amount, its called a tip.
You give people a tip when you are happy with their service.
In this lesson you will learn how to speak in English to a travel agent.
Booking a Ticket.
Mike: Hello, I need to schedule my trip to Paris for next week?
Henrita: When would you like to travel?
Mike: I have to reach Paris by the 24th.
Henrita: Is this a round trip? Will you need a return ticket, too?
Mike: Yes. Check that for 31st in the evening.
Henrita: Yes, theres a nonstop flight to Paris from Kennedy airport on 24th at 6AM. On
31st you may board flight 309 which is also nonstop at 4:30PM.
Mike: Okay, fine. I think that can work for me.
Henrita: Would you like to book the tickets then?
Mike: Whats the cost?
Henrita: Itll be $2750.
Mike: Do you accept cards?
Henrita: Yes, we do.
Booking a Hotel.
Mike: Id like to book a hotel in Paris, please.
Henrita: Sure, we can help you find a great place.
Mike: Well, I need a budget hotel thats near the marketplaces.
Henrita: Certainly, just give me a sec...Okay, heres one. Its the Belladonna on Locke
Mike: What are the rates for 1 person?
Henrita: It costs $150 per night. The room is big and has one queen size bed.
Mike: Okay, book that for 3 nights then, from 24th to 26th of this month.
Henrita: Certainly Sir, is there anything else I could help you with?
Mike: Thatd all for now, thank you!

Enquiring for a Lower Fare.

Jack: How may I help you?
Emma: I need to book three tickets in economy class for Tokyo on the 28th of May.
Jack: Okay...Yes, heres a flight on ANA from San Francisco to Tokyo. Would you like the
return tickets, too?
Emma: No, just one way. How much is the fare?
Jack: It would be $5570 for the three tickets.
Emma: Are there any other cheaper flights?
Jack: This is the cheapest for that day. However, if you book for the 1st of June, youll
have to pay only $4800 for three tickets on JAL.
Emma: I see. Let me talk to my husband and call you back.
Cancelling a Booking.
Emma: Hello, I need to cancel my flight to Tokyo.
Jack: Okay. Do you know the date and the reservation number?
Emma: I booked it yesterday. Itll be under Emma Brown, number Z21455.
Jack: Alright, heres it. Its flight 1200 to Tokyo on June 2nd, right? Seat numbers 88A
and 88B...
Emma: Yeah, yeah. Thats the one.
Jack: Would you like to cancel both of them?
Emma: Yes.
Jack: You will get back only 85% of the fare.
Emma: I understand.
Jack: Alright. Would you like to schedule another flight?
Emma: No, but I will be back to you soon.
Jack: Thank you Mrs. Watson, let me cancel your ticket.
Checking in

Good morning, how can I help you?
I have a reservation under the last name Dogato.
Okay. One moment Mr. Dogato. Yes, a single room for two nights.
Yes thats right.
Could I have you ID, please? And your signature on the register is also needed, Mr
Of course. Can I borrow this pen?
Sure. Here you are. I understand youre aware of $125 towards the advance
Yes, I am. Can I pay through credit card?
Yes, you can.

Keeping your things in a safe box

Hello, sir. How may I help you?
Hello. Id like to know if there is a safe locker for the guests.
Yes, sir. Weve got a safe deposit box here.
I like to put some stuff in it.
Alright. We can only accept small objects. Youll need to put your belongings in a
security envelope.
No probs. Theyre just some important documents.
Okay. Let me get you an envelope.

Room service 1
Excuse me, is the wifi working here?
Yes, but wifi access is extra.
How much does it cost?
Youll need to pay $5 per day.
Okay. Ill pay that.
The wifi password is net20.
Thanks a lot.
Room service 2
Excuse me, I need a hair dryer.
Yes. Whats your room number?
Ill send one immediately. Do you need anything else?
Ill need a couple of pillows and blanket.
No problem at all.
Thank you.
Checking out of the hotel
Good afternoon. How may I help you?
Can you check me out, please?
Sure. Whats your room number and name, please?
My room is 305, and the name is Smith.
Wait a moment, please. Here is your bill. Please check it to see if the amount is
The total cost is 330. What whats the extra 20 dollars for?
Thats for international phone call you made in the room.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Of course you can. May I have your passport, please?
Here you are.
Here is your receipt. Thank you, have a nice day.
Thank you, you too. Bye