This amazing little HHO/Oxy-Hydrogen water torch is capable of producing a 5,075 F flame! It has a built in control valve to adjust flame size. Torch attaches directly to any HHO cell and has a 1/4 ID NPT brass fitting attachment. Couplers are readily available from Lowes or home depot if your HHO cell uses a different size hose. The unit is hand built from red brass alloy, alloy 101 copper and aircraft grade aluminum. each unit may have small unique variances due to the fact that they are hand made. Pure hydrogen-oxygen flames burn in the ultraviolet color range and are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Special compounds that are readily available can be added to the bubbler water to produce colored flames. RED GREEN BLUE PINK and ORANGE. Formulas are provided with purchase or the torch. Can be used as a jewelers torch, glass work , as a small welding torch for any metal , a cutting torch to make your own Stainless electrodes. Great for people with 4X4's for on the trail repairs ! It also work well for welding/brazing aluminum as it does not produce a lot of oxidation on the weld seam. You must use your torch with a High output slightly pressurized system. We recommend our 21 plate Dry cell systems and a PWM (pulse width modulator) to control gas outputs. We recommend that you run this torch at a minimum of 1 LPM … with 1.5-2 LPM being optimum. The OXY HYDROGEN flame is nearly invisible unless other elements are added to the flame. Adding compounds to your secondary bubbler will carry these compounds along with a small amount of water vapor to your flame and impart corresponding colors. Boric Acid which is readily available at any pharmacy can be added to the bubbler water to create a green flame. Cost is usually less than 1 dollar per bottle. Any Sodium based compound will create an orange or yellow flame. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or even sodium chloride (table salt) … we frequently use a weak mixture of sodium hydroxide as our electrolyte and this can also be added to your secondary bubbler.

Potassium compounds impart a pink – purple flame. Potassium hydroxide can be used for this as well as potassium chlorate or perchlorate. Strontium nitrate creates a deep red flame. This can be obtained by opening a common road flare and mixing the powder in water or alcohol. The sulfur and other compounds are not water soluble and the solution can be strained through a coffee filter to obtain a saturated strontium nitrate liquid. If Alcohol is used the Strontium nitrate will crystallize and look like sugar crystals and can easily be separated and dried to be diluted in your bubbler water at a later time. Road flares are commonly sold in the automotive dept at walmart in packs of 3 for $5. Alcohol – either isopropyl or denatured alcohol added to the bubbler water will create a nice Blue flame. Adding alcohol to the bubbler water for all these compounds helps carry them in a vapor to the flame tip. It is highly recommended that you use a flashback suppressor inline with your torch. We have purposely created flashbacks with this device and it will survive multiple flash back explosions of HHO. But your bubbler or generator may not survive and create a dangerous situation. The most common cause of a flashback with this torch is using it with an HHO generator that will not output enough gas. A few PSI is needed to sustain a flame and keep if from propagating back into the bubbler. You should always run your torch at a high enough PSI so that the flame is a short distance from the tip of the torch. Under Normal operating condition the torch tip should be cool enough to touch during operation. If your system is not capable of producing enough PSI for this you can only run your torch on short intervals. Overheating your torch tip can permanently damage it as there are rubber o ring gaskets in the valve. Below is a photo of a torch attached to a simple secondary bubbler with and inch of water/boric acid/alcohol mixture in the bottom. The HHO is bubbled through this mixture by the input tube and carried to the torch via the output tube. If you would like one of these bubblers we can supply them to you for $25 plus S&H . please contact us at march-labs@hotmail.com