Continuation of the Twilight Saga- Old Sun: 15 ~Sorry! This chapter isn't as funny as others.

Didn't really know what to put in to make it funny, but as Jasmine would say, "Oh well!" Enjoy! ~
15. Party Time......or Not .:WHERE WE LEFT OFF:. "Well? What are you waiting for? OPEN IT!" Alice persuaded. I cautiously pulled at the ribbon, and I tied it around my hair, like a headband. I was trying to provoke Alice, and it worked, as she cried, "C'mon!" I laughed, but took the lid off the box. What I saw inside shocked the hell out of me. I gasped. Inside the box was the dress. The one I had seen at Nordstrom! The silk-satin texture stood out with the deep purple shade. The strapless wonder even had a design of silver flowers and embroidery embedded into the cloth. The waist was cinched, and the rest of the dress was loosely flowing. Amazing!

(JASMINE'S DRESS, THE MODEL IS NOT JASMINE; ONLY THE DRESS IS HERS) "! Alice, thank you!" I yelped and jumped up and down, hugging the hell out of her poor puny figure. "Okay, okay! It's for tomorrow. Today, I mean, when dawn finally breaks through." "And why do I have to wait for dawn to break through?" I questioned. "It's a surprise..." She mysteriously told me. Alice walked off inside, leaving me along. I shook my head free of all previous thoughts and followed her. She went into my walk-in closet. I mean, our walk-in closet. It is enormous. See, it's about double Jasper's bedroom (which isn't all that big) and is located in the middle of both mine and Alice's rooms, for easy access. You see, the closet was originally a bedroom, but we had it made into a closet to store Alice's excessive amounts of clothing. It's a super-long and

wide hall-type thing. It could even be a boutique (for people whose sizes are X-tra Small, Small, and Medium, and whose jean sizes are 0 to 2) with the help of some stylish throw pillows. It's a peach colored room, with mirrors lining the walls. At the end (on Alice's side), there are two changing rooms across from each other. Okay, sorry about the description there. Well, Alice coaxed me to try on the dress. I headed into the changing room and peeled off my longsleeved ruffle dress and tights. I gently glided into the purple dress, and looked into the mirrors once I was outside. I. Looked. Amazingly beautiful. Alice smiled behind me and left the room. Knowing her, I knew she was going to come back with something to accompany the dress. I was half right. Alice returned with her M·A·C makeup kit. "Alice?" I doubtfully said. "Don't worry; just experimenting!" Alice smiled and blew her short bangs off her face. She grabbed a large brush and dabbed at the rosy-pink blush pan. She brushed the soft bristles across my cheeks and nose, to give that glowing 'human' look. She adorned my black hair with a comb that had a violet—the flower—stuck on it. Alice twisted my hair back into a long ponytail, with my bangs against my forehead. She attempted to curl the hair that was coming out of my ponytail, but it just became a bit wavy. After Alice was happy, I realized it was almost 7 A.M. Alice had been 'beautifying' me for the past 6 hours?!?! Wow. For the next 10 hours, I lazed around the best I could without crumpling myself. No one let me go downstairs, though, and I was more than happy. I didn't give it a second thought. At around 6:30 P.M., I began to smell something sweet and luscious—Bella's blood. I was used to it. Bella came upstairs and sat next to me and handed me a small box. I peered inside and it showed some silver earrings. "Thanks." "No problem. I got them in Nordstrom while you were looking away." With that, Edward took Bella away and they went downstairs. Suddenly, I could smell more and more scents. Revolting, mouthwatering, fragrant, disgusting, cologne-ish, etc. I strapped on my silver high-heels (ugh... but if it makes Alice happy, then fine) and glimpsed around my doorframe. Curious, I walked downstairs. It was a repeat of the cafeteria scene yesterday, except with a tad bit more people. "SURPRISE!!!" Everybody in our enormous living room yelled. I was shocked. Smililing, I thanked everyone and they returned to

dancing/eating/talking/something. I took this time to look my crowd over. Shane, Matthew, Lindsay, and my family were all in the front, standing near the end of the staircase. Bella was all cleaned up and was wearing an elegant dress, while Alice was beaming in a black and white party thing. Rosalie had gone overboard (as usual). She was wearing stilettos and a beautiful pink dress, with some jewelery and a bit of eye makeup. How many times have I used the word, 'beautiful' today? Oh well, people actually are looking pretty beautiful. Esme was stunning in a gold strapless ballgown, and I wondered: "Why is everyone so fudging dressed up?" All of the men of my family (Carlisle, Emmett, Edward, & Jasper) were wearing suits with different colored ties. Shane was sporting a grayish black suit with a navy blue tie that really brought out the sparkle in his eyes (WHAT THE HELL! I did not just say that!). Matt was wearing an entirely black suit: black tie, black coat, black slacks, black shirt, and black shoes. Who burst his bubble today? Lindsay was looking especially...odd, as she was trying to color coordinate with Shane. She was wearing a strapless blue dress that came just above her knees. I guess she was pretty admirable (since all of the guys were buzzing around her like bees around honey), but Shane paid no attention to her whatsoever. Matthew 'buzzed' around her for a bit, but he walked off with Shane to go get some punch and chips/salsa. I continued to look everyone over. There was a table in the side with all these gifts piled high, and curly streamers hung from the walls and ceiling (I'm puzzled as to how my family got them up there...?), along with a big banner reading, "HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, JASMINE!" Wow. A surprise party just for me. This was way different than the crap that I had been dealing with in Spain..... "I like your party! Happy birthday!" Random people came up to me and wished me on my special day. Most of the people at the party were juniors or seniors, fellow classmates of mine and my siblings. A paticularly young child was cowering over in the back. I walked up to him. He seemed to be about twelve years old? "Uh, sweetie? What's your name?" I asked the kid, trying to be pleasant. He turned around. "I'm....Tony*." He replied, nibbling into a red velvet cupcake. "Cute name. I'm sorry, I meant, are you sure you're not lost?" I tried again, trying to find out more about this kid. "Is this the Cullen's estate?" He questioned. I nodded. "A senior—her name is Alice—invited me here. I'm a junior in high school, by the way.

Nice to meet you." Memories came flooding back to me. "Ohhh. You're the kid in my Calculus class, right? Impressive." The kid had to be pretty brilliant to be in the same class as an 18-year old...vampire. I suddenly felt like an underachiever. Like I could travel with the Math League to Forks Community College every morning and participate in a math class there. Oh well... "Yes. Well, I better be going. Bye!" He hurried away. Shane was coming towards me, and pulled Tony by the collar and back to where I was standing. Alice joined me. "So, I see you've met our new friend?" She said. "Hello once again, Alice." Tony greeted my sister. Shane stood next to Tony. "Dude, that's awesome. How you're in Calculus and only like twelve years old. I'm only in Algebra II!" Shane exclaimed. Alice shot me a worried look. She smiled wearily and backed away, and she went over to Jasper. "Shane, you're living in the past..." I reminded. "I could tutor you if you wanted." Tony randomly offered. "Really, for me?" Shane's eyes got big and happy-like. "Sure, for five dollars an hour." Tony smiled evily, as if he knew something that we didn't. Shane and Tony said 'bye' to me, and walked away, discussing plans. Why was everyone ditching me all of a sudden? These small intervals gave me some time to think. The scent of blood wafted through my nostrils. Mmmmmm. When was the last time I'd had a drink of human? Oh...yeah. Back in Michigan. Dammit! I needed real blood. None of that animal crud the Cullens had me drinking... "Time for cake!" Alice clapped her hands and in came Jasper and Emmett, carrying between them what was probably the biggest cake I'd seen. It was white (cream cheese frosting) and the base was red velvet. The color of blood! Where could I find some real blood? Just then, another fragrant smell —was that the perfume I had seen at CVS yesterday when Alice and I were buying nail polish?— floated into my nose. Lindsay? "Happy birthday, Jasmine!" She hugged me. And a real, sincere hug. She backed away quickly. "Woah, you're cold. Anyways, I'm having a party! Please come, like right now?" "Uh, I don't know if you noticed, but I'm kind of having a party right now." I explained. Was this girl seriously that dumb? "No, I didn't notice." Lindsay watched my monotonous face for a

second before continuing. "Of course I know! But I arranged this just for you. There's going to be tons of guys there." "Look around, there's tons of guys here as well." I gestured to Edward. I instantly regretted my mistake. "That uptight, nerdy loser? He used to be hot and everything, but ever since he's gotten that lifeless brunette as his girlfriend, it seems like there's a pencil stuck up his a$$." "Lindsay. Shut the hell up! That's my brother you're talking about." I seriously wanted to get this girl out of the house. "Sorry! But don't be so b!—" Lindsay stopped when she saw Esme approaching. "So—such a best friend about it, Jasmine! Unicorns and fairies and pink!" She threw words out to make Esme believe that we weren't cussing. Esme knew better. "Going somewhere, girls?" "Uh, if it's alright with you, Mrs. Cullen, ca—may I take Jasmine to my house for a par—I mean, slumber party?" Lindsay asked. I was about to say no, but Lindsay gave me a warning look. Esme glanced at both of us and a kind of understanding passed through me and her. She nodded. "But leave just before the party ends...Leave the clean up to us!" She winked as she waved. I grabbed some sweatpants and a t-shirt from upstairs. Alice continued some more "birthday-ish" celebrations, and I left the party at 10. "We'll open gifts later." Alice and I hugged and I was off in Lindsay's car. Until Matthew and Shane came as well. No one had told me those idiots were coming, too. I started to get out of the car. "No..." Lindsay motioned me back inside. I reluctantly sat back, and Lindsay started the car. "It's time for a real party!" Matt yelled, fist-pumping in the air, or rather, the behind of my chair. "Whhooottt!" Lindsay shouted. She swerved the car, dodging a VONS truck. "I'm not s-so s-sure about this..." Shane stuttered. "I am!" Matthew and Lindsay seemed to agree. I kept my mouth shut. This was an all-girls sleepover/slumber party...right? So why were Shane and Matthew coming along? I started to doubt Lindsay's inentions, but it was too late. She turned the car, and we found ourselves in front of "ARBOR CREST APARTMENT HOMES." "Do you live alone?" I asked Lindsay, amazed. "As if. I live with my aunt, but she's like never at home since she's a bartender and stuff in Port Angeles, and so I guess you could say that I live

alone even though I don't really." Lindsay replied. I managed to ignore her long run-on sentence, and ponder over what she had told me. I guess her parents had passed away, so that was why she lived with her aunt (?)... We all smushed into the dirty elevator, and pressed the button to FLOOR 2. On the second floor, Lindsay turned right, and we had reached the correct room. She knocked twice, and was let in by some shirtless guy wearing plaid shorts. "Where are we...?" Matt unstably asked. "Woah. Is this... a party?" Shane innocently said. "YES. Of course it is. You didn't think it was some wimpy slumber party, did you?" Lindsay replied, annoyed. The shirtless guy came up to her and led her to the 'kitchen.' It was extremely small, the entire apartment. It was basically just 2 rooms with one big room in between, a bathroom, and a kitchen. "So now what?" I questioned Shane and Matt. "I donno. I thought we were just gonna play some board games or watch a movie or something." Shane said. "I have to admit, though. Lindsay's pretty bad-a$$." Matt kept a straight face while saying this. Some girl wearing a hot pink skirt and tank top came up to Shane. She was holding a beer bottle, and looked positively drunk. "Wannsome?" Her eyes fluttered. "No thanks." I headed deeper into the party, Matthew and Shane at my heels. There was so much underage drinking and bad things going on, I was ashamed to call Forks my home. I was tempted to pull drinks/smokes out of people's hands, and I did. I grabbed at some loser's drinks, and some random person's smokes. "LINDSAY!!!" I yelled. I went to the stereo, and turned off the song, "Say Aah," by Trey Songz feat. Fabolous. Freaking perverted song...It was still catchy, though... Well, everyone turned and stared at me. "STOP THE PARTY!" Lindsay came out from behind. "What the hell, Jasmine?" "JUST STOP. GO HOME, OR YOUR PARENTS WILL BE INFORMED." I felt like such a nerd. I had been asked to join the 'Mathlete" team, so it wasn't time before I would be joining the Nerd table at lunch. Everyone snickered, except for Shane. "Seriously, you guys. Does it make you feel good that you go out and party and do something you don't want to do just because you're drunk? Just go home, have a good night's sleep, and think about how you trashed up Lindsay's house and were a bad person. If you stay at it like this, God will

dislike you and you'll never go to Heaven... Just saying." "But.. I'm an Atheist." Someone said. "And I'm a Buddhist." "And I'm ASIAN." "What does that even matter? And.. aren't Asians supposed to be smart? Obviously you're not Asian." Matthew retorted. "Stereotypes are NOT true. I was in PRE-ALGEBRA in 6th grade. I'm smart, for crying out loud!" "Whatever. J-Just don't ever continue this. It's not very.. SMART of you." Shane said. Everybody seemed ashamed then. I guess a lot of them had been through this? In the end, Lindsay had to clean up the entire mess. Shane and Matthew walked home together, and I just ran as fast as I could. Thirty seconds later, and I was at home, safe and sound—as safe and sound as a vampire can be, anyways.

*TONY'S CHARACTER (created by a classmate of mine of the same name)IS BEING USED IN THIS CHAPTER. BE AWARE THAT THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE CHARACTER CONTEST. REMEMBER, THE DEADLINE IS THE 3rd OF JUNE. THANKS, AND I DON'T MIND FEEDBACK! *** My friend Annie and I just looked over Chapter 15, and we both realized that it's extremely long. Have fun reading, though! <3

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