SPIRITS IN THE TWILIGHT A wistful spirit in the air Floated between the moon and the land below

In sear h of a human life form That would !i"e his lifeless soul some !low Time had no purpose# or an end E$ ept to float in onstant sear h A %uest of his empt& heart For a lo"e# on who's shoulder he ma& per h (elow a !irl wal)ed aimlessl& After her lo"e died and left her with out hope She had lost the are and will to li"e And her life too) a down hill slope *ne$pe tedl& the spirit meant her In a field# under the moonli!ht# one ni!ht The !irl was !oin! to brin! her life to an end When her heart turned from hea"& to li!ht

The aimless spirit had landed on her shoulder And turned her old heart warm The spirit in turn suddenl& found a purpose For some reason both souls did not feel out of the norm G+, answered a %uestion that ni!ht E"er&thin! has a purpose on earth Two empt& souls found a reason To belie"e and ha"e a re-birth Author. Timoth& (/ Tha&er 0123425030

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