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Lead the Change. Lets Build Africa.

Cities Program
Accra 2016

Citizens Initiative
p: 571-359-8806
Lead the Change. Lets Build Africa.

Washington, D.C, USA

A Message from our Founders!

Future Leaders of Africa!
We are Kelvin Wiredu and Akwasi Asante, founders of Citizens Initiative. On behalf of the entire Citizens Initiative
team, welcome to the Cities Program 2016! We are excited to have you join us in the campaign to empower
youth as the next generation of changemakers in Africa.
You the youth, are the most educated population group on our continent, yet you as a group have been
historically underutilized. Activity levels are significantly low among the youth in Ghanaian communities when
compared to other communities across the globe.
We saw a need for youth in our nation to be more active, knowledgeable, and skilled participants in addressing
issues within your communities. With this need came forth the vision of the Citizens Initiative to transform 10,000
youth into active citizens by 2025!
As a student participant, we hope that your diverse educational, professional, and personal goals will contribute
to our core values of:

Youth Ingenuity
National Identity
Community Service
Sustained Dialogue
Women Empowerment
Global Cultural Exchange

We have developed 4-weeks of engaging content and activities that will enhance your growth in service,
leadership, proposal writing, project design, and a number of tools vital for community development.
We look forward to seeing and interacting with all of you during our service week and the Young Citizens, Great
Minds conference. We wish you all the very best of memorable experiences!
Lead the Change, Lets Build Africa

Kelvin Wiredu

Akwasi Asante

Founder & Executive Director

Founder & Executive Vice-President

Cities Program Facilitators

Ms. Amma Akuamoah
Amma Akuamoah is a Ghanaian born and raised native in the UK with an academic
background on Electronics and Software Engineering. With a passion for all things Ghana,
she is emerging as a voice demanding change for the nation through social media
platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Periscope. She has a wide range of interests
ranging from Literature, Music, Current Affairs, Social Commentary and Football. She lives
by the adage you are on this earth to be the solution to someone else's problem - Dr.
Mike Murdock.

Ms. Shiela Otwe

Sheila Otwe received her BA in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Virginia
in May 2016. Her academic interests include transnationalism, social systems, identity
formation, cultural analysis, globalization and development. Sheila enjoys snapchatting
(@abbasheila), listening to her Spotify discover weekly playlist, and DIY crafting. One of
her favorite quotes is, "There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise- WEB

Mr. Henry Sarpong

Henry Sarpong was born and raised in Ghana (Kumasi), where he completed his Senior
Secondary School education. He moved to the United States in 2010 and is a recent
graduate from the University of Virginia with a Bachelors Degree in Biology. Henry wants
to further his education in health and pursue and doctorate degree in Medicine. He
enjoys volunteering, playing table tennis, soccer, video games and being a source of
encouragement to his peers.

Program Contact Information


Phone (Ghana): 020303257

Twitter: @theciafrica

Citizens Initiative Confidential

Cities Program
Powered by Citizens Initiative

The objective of Cities Program is to work with university students in a series of workshops to explore conceptual
and practical frameworks of citizenship, acquire skills in project design and proposal writing, and develop project
proposals to support their communitys development.

Why Cities Program is Important:

Cities Program considers youth as changemakers of Africa. Youth are the most educated population segment,
yet they are historically underutilized. Participants will develop skills in leadership, proposal writing, project design,
and a number of tools vital for community development.

Location & Duration:

Cities Program is a 4-week program will take place yearly in numerous cities across Africa, generally between the
ending of May to June. The timeline for the program will vary from year to year.

The program is free for all selected applicants. Student participants will receive free lunches and awards of
achievement for their participation. Students will, however, be responsible for their own housing
accommodations and commute to the program site.

Application Timeline:
The application for the Cities Workshops will open annually in February. Interested applicants will apply through
the application portal on the Citizens Initiative website, The application process will annually
close in April, and selected students will be notified in May.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria:

To be eligible for Cities Program, an applicant must:

Be currently enrolled in a university

Be in good academic standing
Not have previously participated in a past Cities Program

Other factors that are considered in the selection process include:

If you demonstrate an interest in issues affecting your community

If you are actively involved in organizations or have unique volunteering experiences
If you submit compelling responses to short essay questions

Program Structure:
During the 4 weeks, students can expect to be involved in:

Phase 1: Exploring Framework of Civic Engagement & Citizenship

o Investigate practical and conceptual frameworks of civic engagement
o Practice civic skills: open dialogue, researching, decision-making, etc.
o Engage in exercises: debating, case studies, issue mapping, etc.

Phase 2: Learning Problem-Solving, Proposal Writing, Project Design & Management

o Engage in proposal writing, project design, and project management workshops
o Develop problem statements, implementation plans, budgets, etc.
o Collaborate in teams of 2-3 to develop and finalize project proposal idea

Citizens Initiative Confidential

Phase 3: Develop Group Project Proposals

o Guest speaker presentations
o Collaborate in selected teams to develop proposals to address community need
o Connect students to organization for potential funding to support proposals

Phase 4: Organize the Young Citizens, Great Minds Conference

o Organize a speaking conference
o Engage in community service activities, excursion trips, and sports activities
o Participate in media campaigns, closing program reflections, and reception

Program Management:
Cities Program will be facilitated by 2-3 university students from the United States who have been trained by the
Citizens Initiative to successfully implement the program.

Partners & Stakeholders:

Cities Program works closely with universities in Africa to establish a pipeline for student interest and program
participation. We collaborate with community leaders and relevant organizations who share common interests
in youth empowerment and community development.

Upon completion of Cities Program, student participants will be inducted as Ambassadors of Citizens Initiative
Inc. They will also become members of the Citizens Initiative Africa Network (CI Network), a web platform where
summaries of student participant proposals will be displayed, and students will be able to collaborate and
network with other youth, as well as expert advisors from our Global Advisory Group (GAG). The CIA Network will
also provide a Foundation Directory as a tool to help students discover and connect with funding sources and
organizations for their projects.
Past student participants of Cities Program will have the opportunity to serve as facilitators and guest speakers
for future workshops.

Transition from Cities Workshops to Cities Projects:

Concluding Cities Program, the Citizens Initiative will support a selection of outstanding student proposals with
funding for project implementation. This implementation of selected proposals will initiate Cities Projects
phase. More information about Cities Projects will be provided near the end of the 4-week workshop.

Funding of Projects:
Cities Projects aim to support a selection of student project proposals for implementation each year. The number
of funded projects will vary each year depending on the amount raised by the Citizens Initiative through
fundraising and donor initiatives.

Location & Timeline of Project Implementation:

The location of Cities Projects will vary across Africa, and depend on the community need that students address
in their proposals. Proposals that are selected for Cities Projects will commence implementation 3-months after
the conclusion of Cities Workshops. Projects may take place within community institutions, such as
neighborhoods, schools, churches, work sites, voluntary agencies, or other organizations.

Project Management & Governance:

Each project will be supervised by the local Citizens Initiatives project management team. The Citizens Initiative
team will track the timeline of projects from initiation to successful completion, and provide additional guidance
and support for projects as needed.

Citizens Initiative Confidential

Citizens Initiative Network (CI Network):

Student participants will be given access to the Citizens Initiative Network after they complete the workshop
program. As members of the Citizens Initiative Network (CI Network), project facilitators will be able to interact
with project experts from our Global Advisory Group (GAG) for additional guidance, knowledge, and advice to
help students achieve the best outcome and highest societal impact for their projects.
Student proposals that are not funded by Cities Projects will be displayed on the CIA Network platform, where
students will be able to collaborate and network with other youth, and have access to experts from our Global
Advisory Group to help improve their proposals. The CIA Network will also provide a directory as a tool to help
students discover and connect with funding sources and organizations for their projects. This tool will also provide
a directory for finding volunteering opportunities.

Citizens Initiative Confidential

Young Citizens, Great Minds (YCGM) Conference

Powered by Citizens Initiative

Young Citizens, Great Minds (YCGM) is an annual speaking and networking conference which connects
young changemakers to community leaders and relevant stakeholders to highlight civic values and
community project outcomes, and discuss solutions to current societal issues.

Why YCGM Conference is Important:

The YCGM conference is vital for community awareness and dialogue concerning impactful research,
projects, or activities that seek to address pressing societal issues across Africa. We aim to make knowledge
accessible and spark conversation. The conference will inspire, motivate, and encourage attendees to
engage with great ideas, and each other.

Location & Timeline:

The YCGM conference will be held every year immediately following the completion of Cities Workshops.
The venue for the event will be located in the same city as Cities Program.

Program Management & Governance:

The YCGM conference will be organized by the Citizens Initiative team in the United State and Africa.
Facilitators of Cities Program will also work with student participants to showcase student projects and
contributions to their communities.

Program Structure:
During the conference, attendees can expect to be engaged in interactive presentations and group
sessions lead by students, organizations, community leaders, and other stakeholders for thoughtprovoking conversations and collaborative activities.

Citizens Initiative Confidential