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Promotional Mix :

The Promotional mix is one of the 4 ps of the marketing mix. It consists of public
relations, advertising, sales promotion and personal selling.


It is the first national detergent brand on TV different formats of communication.

To communicate the price value equation, It conducted the campaign with legendary
Lalitaji with the catch line Sasti cheez or achchi cheez me farak hota hai, bhai saab.
It made effective advertising with some catchy lines like
In 1990s Daag Dhoondte reh jaaoge.
In 1996 Jaise bhi daag ho daag ache hain.
In 1999 kuchkhana kuch girana surfexcel hai na.
In 2000 Save two buckets of water
In 2003 Jayega nahin jayega.
In 2005 Agar daag lagne se kuch acha hota hai toh Daag Acche hai.

Sales Promotion:

Sales force in Surf excel is divided into 3 types

General ( includes kiryana, medical and general stores), Local modern trade ( includes
super stores like D-mart) and International modern trade ( includes large stores like
It introduced a new Six Packer, which contained 6 sachets for a week usage at a price of
10/- to target the price conscious and sachet consumers.
It distributed table mats to offices as a promotion.

Contests and competitions:

It conducted Worlds largest Hand- Painting competition.

Surf excel conducted a smart choice contest the winner gets whirlpool washing
In 2003 it conducted surf paint fun and in 2004 surf color your future.
It also conducts Lend a Hand and Full fill a Wish campaign and through this event over
300 wishes were fulfilled.

Media strategies:

Various categories of communication systems like broadcasting, print media, etc.., are
Billboards and posters are used
In the Print media such as newspapers, magazines, direct mails are used.
In the broadcasting media television and radio are used.
The frequency of ads is higher during the time slots 1.00pm to 3.00pm and 9.00pm to
11.00pm to get a strong impact on the target population.
Word of mouth publicity for surf excel like Daag acche hain.

Non Traditional:

Various initiatives like

Surf excel and you It is to suggest mothers to encourage active learning in their
Mothers pride- in this mother can share their pride and special moments with their
Social media marketing through Facebook- Santa clauscarnival etc..,
Sponsored the show Little Masters and Tied up with a movie Chillar Party
Surf excel children festival has been on this journey since 7 years across major cities like
Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad India. The media association is with TOI and Anand Bazaar
Patrika for this event.
Tv off Live on launched to encourage children to spend less time on artificial Gaming
life and come to real life.