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(An ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 14001 : 2004 & OHSAS 18001 : 2007 Certified Company)

General Buildings

Monarch's Construction Chemicals

Solutions for General Buildings
to prolong life of buildings
beyond design life
Monarch's extensive proven solutions to Building Industry whether it is new-build defects, age
related deterioration or everything in between and from ready-mix and precast concrete to dam
and underground construction, used in the most challenging requirements and aggressive
environments, we work closely with architects, structural engineers, contractors and owners to
achieve excellence.

Range Of Products

Foundation Grouting & Anchors

Pressure Injection Grouting

Surface Protective Coatings

Heat Reflective Coatings

Traffic Safety Pavement Markings

Floor Screeds & Toppings

Construction Admixtures

Passive Fire Protection Coatings

Joint Sealants

Repair, Rehabilitation & Strengthening Surface Treatments

Product Range
Latex / Acrylic Modified waterproofing system
Crystallization based waterproofing system
Epoxy Based Food grade waterproofing system
Silane/siloxane based hydrophobic impregnant

Water Repellent Coating

Polyurethane based waterproofing system
Bituminous based waterproofing system

Pressure Injection Grouting

Product Range
Pressure Injection of low viscosity, fast setting grout
material to stop active water leakages permanently
Cementitious, Polyurethane foam sealant, Epoxy

resinous grouts
Improve & Strengthen the isolated concrete structural

pores & voids

Restores strength of cracked concrete especially at joints

Heat Reflective Coatings

Product Range
Roofs / Terraces Heat Reflective Coatings
Exterior Walls Heat Reflective Coatings
Paint additive for all types of house paints

for heat insulation

SRI Value 108
Reduction of temperature upto 20oC at peak


Floor Screeds & Toppings

Product Range
Epoxy / Polyurethane based mortars for floor patch
repairs/floor screeds
Cementitious based mortars for floor patch repairs/

self leveling floor screeds

Epoxy / Polyurethane Roller Coatings
High Performance Self Leveling Floor Toppings
Water Vapour Imperable Floor Toppings
Oil & Moisture Compatible Floor Toppings

Passive Fire Protection Coatings

Product Range
Fire Retardant Intumescent Coatings for Metal Protection
Fire Retardant Intumescent Coatings for Cable Protection
Fire Retardant Intumescent Coatings for Wood Protection
Fire Resistive/Retardant Paints for Concrete Structure
Epoxy Fire Resistant coatings offshore and onshore environments
Fire Resistant Mortar for Compartmentation against

Mechanical / Electrical Penetration

Repair, Rehabilitation & Strengthening

Product Range
Polymer / Epoxy Modified Concrete Mortar for Patch
work and Rehabilitation
Epoxy modified Concrete mortar for Rehabilitation
Strengthening of Beams & Columns with Carbon /

Glass Fibre Reinforcement

Micro concreting of deteriorated concrete structures

Foundation Grouting & Anchors

Product Range
Non Shrink Epoxy /Expansive Cementitious Grouts
Pressure Injection Grouting against active leakages
Low Exotherm, free flowing high strength epoxy

foundation grouts
Anchoring of bolts and bars

Surface Protective Coatings

Product Range
Epoxy based Protective Coatings
Aliphatic Polyurethane based Protective Coatings
Polyester based Protective coatings
Aliphatic Acrylate / Acrylic based Protective Coatings
Zinc/ MIO/ Rust Convertor/ Surface Tolerant Coatings

Traffic Safety Pavement Markings

Product Range
Perfect Pavement Marking Coating that improves the traffic
safety by enhancing the visibility of drivers and pedestrians
Compatible to bitumen and asphalt (cement) surfaces
Fast drying, excellent reflectivity, longevity, skid

resistance and easy execution

Available in white, yellow, black, red, blue, green etc
Safety Signage Markings

Construction Admixtures
Product Range
Plasticizers & Super Plasticizers
Retarding & Accelerating Plasticizers
Intergral Waterproofing Admixtures
Expansive Grout Admixtures
Air Entertaining Admixtures
Viscosity Modifying Admixtures
Polycarboxylate based Super Plasticizers

Joint Sealants
Product Range
Sealants for Construction Joints / Expansion Joints
/ Movement Joints
Polysulphide Sealants/Acrylic Sealants/Polyurethane

Sealants/Silicone Sealants

Surface Treatments
Product Range
Metallic & Non Metallic Floor Hardeners
Concrete Sealer, Densifier and Polishing.
Hydrophobic & Super Hydrophobic Coatings
Slip and Fall Accident Resistance Coatings
Industrial Heavy Duty Cleaners

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