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CODIGO: 200028583


An increasing number of environmental managers want to include ecological

considerations in their management strategies, and they have therefore asked the
following question to ecologists and system ecologists:
how can we measure whether an ecosystem is ecologically sound and how can we
express that health?
The doctor of medicine attempts to express the health of a patient by the use of
indicators such as blood pressure, body temperature. The environmental manager
also searches for ecological indicators that can assess ecosystem health Since an
ecosystem is a very complex system, it is not surprising that it is not an easy task
to find good ecological indicators to give appropriate information on ecosystem
health. Nonetheless, many general and system ecologists are working on the
In nature, physicochemical and thermodynamic processes are self-regulating. That
is, they tend to find a balance to make the changes the environment external to the
system agents, introduced in living and inanimate systems.
A self-regulating these processes are referred to as homeostatic processes. In
living organisms homeostasis is a property that is its ability to maintain a stable
internal condition offsetting changes in their environment through regulated
exchanges matter and energy with the outside.
Thanks to the first and second thermodynamic law, through energy balances this
sense, evaluates the theoretical possibility of obtaining the maximum benefit from a
homeostatic process bringing the system to its ground state, corresponding to the
conditions of the environment.

Exergy Expresses the quality of a direct energy source and Also quantifies the
useful work done by a Un certain amount of energy employed in any process
where there is Given energy intake and expenditure. Also Exergy is defined as a
measure of the actual potential of a system to do work.
"The Exergy is about the maximum potential of a system to perform a process."
It is noteworthy that the evaluation of the destroyed Exergy is made with reference
to the conditions of the Earth's atmosphere as an energy standard reference level.
It is suggested to analyze the illustrations in this regard are presented in the same
However, studies based on the content and allows analysis Exergy destruction and
predict outcomes and impacts, primarily to establish the level of energy waste that
enters the homeostatic process.
Reservoir is defined as a region in space in which energy transfer processes
between its borders and around present. There high temperature reservoirs, where
energy is emitted from those low temperature and receiving or absorb energy. The
former are known as sources and sinks seconds.
An important consideration with respect to the reservoirs is to assume that their
properties remain constant over time. We say that perform steady state processes.
In this sense, the sun is an ideal source (hot reservoir) and its cooling time slots
covering many millions of years and with respect to our system and measurement
parameters, in a couple of centuries does not reflect substantial changes. It would
not be the same consideration for a cup of hot coffee that within twenty minutes will
be cold, ie, in equilibrium with the temperature of the environment surrounding the
cup system.