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Groanings to deep to be uttered

Ezekiel 32:30;31
Spiritual warfre has become intense
as the enemy unleashes his
onslaughts on the earth and
especially the elect of the Lord the
Church. Gods eyes goes to and ro
the earth to look for a man or a
woman who will stand in the gap as
an intercessor.
There is a judgement that is coming
the wrath of God being poured out
because of the sins and iniquities of
men. Yet the Lord in hIs
graciousness is longing for an
intercessor to stand in the gap to
pray that these will be avoided.
Abraham stood in the gap for Lot
and the sinful cities . Standding the

gap or interceding on behalf of

others is a covenant priviledge of
every beleiver. You can change the
destinies of individuals,
communities, cities nd nations.
Intercession is a very integral part of
the churchof Jesus Christ. John
Wesley wrote in his journals that it
seems that God would not do
anthing until you ask him.
Intercession or standing in the gap is
an art where you stand on behalf of
others in prayer. Standing in
intercession is a lost art in the body
of Christ. As beleivers we must
enter into intercession and begin win
battles-personal and corporate and
advance the kingdom of God. But
before we get into intercession, there
a preequisites that must be fulfilled
so that we become effective in our
intercession. The purpose of

intercession is to get prayer results.

Jesus our intercessor
Hebrews 7:25
Hebrews 5:7
The ministry of Jesus at the right
hand of the Father is of paramount
importance to us as the Body of
Christ. After He completed His
redemptive work through the cross,
He sat at the right hand of the
Father. Now He stand to intercede
for us before the Father as our Great
Intercessor. And He is able to save
to the uttermost those who come to
God through Him. He able to save
us completely because of His
intercession for us in the Body of

The Holy Spirit helps in our

Romans 8:26
One of the primary work of the Holy
Spirit in the endtiem church is to
help us in PRAYER for we know
not what to pray as we ought to. He
is able to make intercession for us in
groanings that cannot be uttered.
When the Holy Spirit takes a
believer into a place of graoning, it
has a powerful effect on the what
you are praying whether for others
or for yourself.
Holy Spirit helpeth
The word helpeth comes for the
The word sun gives us an idea of a

relationship and cooperation with

someone or if you can say it this
way- the team of you and the Holy
Spirit together to get the job done.
Th e word anti denotes the thought
of a person aggressively or even
violently coming against something.
Whereas the word Lambano gives
the the impression to take hold of
something with someone else,
gripping it together or exerting a
combined weight against it to move
it out of the way.
What a Help we have from our
heavenly Comforter. The holy Spirit
takes hold together with you
working together to get the
weaknesses in our lives our of the
way by taking hold of together with
us and exerting the combined weight
against it aggressively and violently
and move it of the the way.

The holy Spirit bears

responsiblility for our weakness and
in cooperation with us gets rid of
totally it out of our lives. He is one
with us in hte task of removing
every obstacle when you are not
able to get the job done.

The creation is groaning for the
manifestation of the sons of God.
Why? Because it was subjected to
the bondage of corruption because
of the fall of man. Weakness,
character flaws, sickness and diease,
poverty and lack, the inability to
produce the miracles that is needed
at the moment . We ourselves groan
within our selves forthe redemption
the body. Weaknesses in what ever
from it may come and present itself
it is due the adaminc fall.

But now we have the Holy Spirit to

help us in prayer. Ther ea re many
areas of weakness : carnality,
sickeness and diease, lack and
poverty, inbility to produce the
miracles for some who need it.
Anything that does not prouce
resluts is a weakness due the fall .
The Holy Spirit in connection with
you makes intercession ofr you. He
falls on behalf of you and stand onn
you behalf. You may find yourself
oftern in a place of difficulty or in
cavern or a pit. Not knowing what
to do or even how to pray. He
comes on the scene with to rescue
you out of the weakness and
infirmity you may be facing. He
prays for you with powerful groanng
which cannot uttered intereceding
through you fro yourself and
standing in hte gapfor somelse. But

how does he do in cooperation with


First Step in Intercession

Before anybody can get into
intercession, they will need to get
themselves into a place where God
can use them. The is a certain level
or degree of sanctification or putting
to death the works of the flesh taht
must take place if you want to enter
into true intercession.
Please remember that Satan is
watching anybody that would enter
his kingdom and plunder it. He will
try his best to get you out of prayer,
or get you into place of non

effectiveness if there are areas in life

that are not cleased or purged. He
will try to get the old things of the
flesh or an
Y weight and sin taht aeasily beset
to get you side tracked and
So what is the solution fo this
problem? Getting yourself into a
place of being edified or build up
spirit by praying in unknown
tongues is the key get you sanctified
and cleansed from the works of the
flesh and also the areas of the soul
that will hinder. Of course the
course Word of GOd plays a major
role in this matter of renewing the
mind, but praying in tongues too
plays a vital role in getting you mind
Edifying yourself

1 Cor 14:4; Jude 20 An intense

application of this scriptures the life
of the spirit of praying in tongues for
extended hours will edify and build
yourself up in the inner man. When
your inner manis built up in faith
and in the spriit the flesh is put to
death and purged, cleansed, santified
before you stand and intercede and
stand in the gap or otehrs , the
community, cities and nations.
Satan keeps believers in the state of
carnality. Many in the church are
always quarelling and fighting with
one another and are in attitude of
apathy and turmoil. Christians who
are in this state will be of no the
match for the devil and his gang.
The flesh has to be put to death if
are to conqueor and be victorious in
Praying in tongues for long extended

hours will edify and bring you to a

position of intercessory groaning .
Intercessory groaning is domethng
tha tyou will not be able to
Deep Intercessory Groanings
As you continue to pray in Tongues,
the Holy Spirit will edify you in the
inner man man and begin to charge
you up spiritually. This praying in
tongues to charge you up like a
battery will take sometime as you
continue persistently to dig deep into
the well within you.
Hour by hour, day by day and mnth
by month as you begin to pray and
not fall out off prayer the Holy Spirit
removes the carnal ways and puts
the flesh to death. He now brings
His thinking and life and builds it
into you as you persistently
corporate with Him. He sanctifies

and purifies you . Now you are in

the position to be used by the Holy
Spirit in intercessory groanings and
The Holy Spirit brings into you
intercessory groanings to deep to be
uttered into your spirit man. Your
spirit whihc is united with the Holy
Spirit now groans together with the
Comforter within .
Galatians 4:9 Paul travails or labor
in birth till Christ is formed within
the Galatians Christians . This is the
travail or the intercessory groanings
which the Comforter the Holy Spirit
groanings in paul to birth Christ in
At your own will you start the
process of edification that puts to
death the carnal ways and as you
persistently continue on praying, He

moves you into the position of

travailing in the spirit and groaning
to deep to be uttered .
Now being edified and bult up , you
have put yourswlf in a position
where The Holy Spriirt can use you
as vessel for intercesion. Now He
puts taht intercession for someone
else or a community , city or even a
nation as you begin to maure in the
Lord as an intercessor. This come to
you at His will as He chooses.
I had this wonderful experience int he Lord in
Manado, Sulewasi Indonesia. I just want to
record it. Before this trip to Manado I have been
spending a considerabe no of hours in praying in
the spirit . When I arrrived in Manado a spirit of
prayer and intercession took hold of me and I
entered into groanings . After 2 days of no sleep
and continous prayer especially in tongues I felt
the burden for prayer lifted and I began to
worship and praise the Lord. Knowing in my
heart weve got the
victory ...........................................................
After ministering over a radio station and a
Pastors meeting , We drove to Bitung for a

Healing Crusade schedule for 2 days. It was a

long drive there of 4 hours. By that time being
a littletired and weary I had got a flu and when
we reached at the church i was having a very
high fever. The Worship started and i sat at the
front seat with my interpreter.
In my mind I was a little concerned on how I
going to handle the situation. I set my mind
and heart on the Lord and refused to be
distracted. After worship the pastor handed the
mike to me and I started to minister in
prophecy and and the presense of the Lord
came upon the place. After teaching on the
subject of healing in the redemption and faith ,
I called out those who deaf in one or both their
ears. A few came forward.
As I laid hands on the them and rebuked the
spirit of infirmity and they were very instantly
healed. The was a surge of faith and
excitement in the hall. I called out more
conditions and began to pray and there were
more healings .
Sudddenly the Holy Spirit began to fall on
people in a powerful way. I would move to a
group of people and walk through the aisles
.The Holy Spirit would fall on them. The
whole place was ablaze with the Power of
God. We began to see visions and revelations
began to flow. There was vision of fire in the

place. People began to cry out to God

spontaneously all across the hall. The worship
team started to sing together as I was
ministering. I watched the Pastor. He was
taken over the Holy Spirit. The spiriit of God
began to come upon him. I prophecied over
him . The Word of Knowledge began to
operate. Later the pastor testified it was
accurate to the minute.
People were falling all over the place as i
touched them on the foreheads. The power of
God would hit them and some collapsed and
started to shake under the power of God. We
were oblivious of the time . We were in the
What I didnt know all this while was that I never
felt weak or was conscious of the fever I had in
the beginning. I felt like I for that one hour or so
possessed by the Holy Spirit. People talk about
being possessed by demons. In this case the Holy
Spirit took possession for that moment as he
willed . In my own strength It could have been a
disaster. It was the Holy spirit taking of weak
bodies and minds and began to move
supernaturally. I was fearless. I was bold . I
followed every impression and leading or the
inward witness of the spirit. I was marvellous.
The congregation was revived and touched
pastor later said this is what he was waiting for .
The Move of the Spirit. What was my part in

this. Very simply hours in intercession in tongues

, keep listening to the inward witness and walk
by faith and not by what you felt. At the end of
the service the Lord showed me in a picture what
was to happen tomorrow night
The Second night of Healing crusade . The
church hall was packed with people. After a
short while of Praise and Singing the Pastor
handed the service to me . Just before I got up
on the stage the power of God was already
strong that someone at the back of the church
hall was thrown on the floor . Later after the
service I found out that it was a man with
epilepsy problem and the demon was
As soon I got on stage I led the people in
worship and the Prophetic word began to flow.
The Tangible presence of God began to move
all across the room. I walked towards the choir
of about 15 singers who were already under
the power of the Spirit and they were crying
out to God.
. It happened exactly according to what he
showed me
Contd. The spirit of prophecy came upon me and
the congreation and I began to prophesy. Started
to minister the word as the spirit led. I called the
people the people to the altar for prayer and
worship. Through visions and revelations I saw
JESUS moving across the altar area from the left
and as I began to say that the power of God fell
on the congregation and people began to wail

and cry out to God in prayer and intercessory

graonings. This went probably about 30 minutes
or so. One of the brothers who visiting the place
told later after service that he felt a warm hand
touch him. He felt the amazing presence of God.
Prayed for more people for healing and passed
on the meeting to the Pastor.
(A great waves of Glory swept across Manado
10 years ago. Affecting every dimension of
human life of the largely Christian population in
Manado. Another wave of God's glory in due to
sweep across the Indonesia