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Boundless Management



Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to aggrandise supply chain management?

Boundless helps your supply chain management through process convalescent by enhancing
communication, refining information, which aids in decision-making and efficient transaction
processing. More methods are listed as follows for you to attain effective business.

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The ways to enhance management of supply chain are:

1. Communicating with customer and vendors electronically can help with standardising, ordering,
receiving and invoicing processes thereby eliminating manual errors. The electronic formats can be
interchanged between habitus and vendors after their sign-off.
2. Vendor -managed inventories (VMI) is the need of the hour. In vendor-managed inventories, all
incubus of the customer's stock level lies with the vendor. For a businesses, such offering is a
differentiator between various vendors. VMI further aids in maintaining customer relationships.
3. In an effort to guesstimate vendor performance, enterprises need to capture data and need to
have some performance metrics. Some of the metrics include lead times, over and short shipments,
quality issues, in- time delivery, invoice, order accuracy etc.
4. Boundless offers content updation of portals and for supply chain management to be effective,
vendor and customer portals need to be updated as they provide good information. Such portals can
provide information on orders open, shipment dates etc. Request for action can be taken care of.
Self-services such as order placement and payment transactions too can be facilitated through them.
They also provide with delivery dates which further aids in providing production schedules.
5. Pay on receipts systems should be there too which takes information from purchase orders
Stay tuned to this space for more on supply chain management as we will continue to provide you
with such useful techniques. Boundless offers effective management offerings. And for more on
supply chain management, call us at +91-11-66797769 or e-mail at or visit
us at

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