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Once upon Time there lived a little girl named snow white.she lived
with her aunt and uncle because her parents were dead.
Once day she heard her uncle and aunt talking about leaving snow
white in the castle because they both wanted to go America and they didn’t
heve enough money to take Snow white.
Snow white didn’t want her uncle and aunt to do this so he decided it
would be best if she ran away.The next morning she ran away from home
when her aunt and uncle were having breakfast.she ran away into the woods
She was very tired and hungry.
Then she saw alittle cottage,she knocked but no one answered so she
went inside and fell a sleep.
Meanwhile,the seven dwarfts were coming home from work.they
went insude,there they found snow white sleeping.then snow white woke
up,she saw the drawft said.”what is your name?” snow white said: “my name
is snow white”
The dwarts said,”if you wish,you may live here near us”.Snow white
said,”oh how could I thank you.”Then Snow white told the dwarfs yhe
whole story and snow white and the seven dwarfs lived happily efer after.

Although mr big was a poor man,he was very fond of fish which were
quite expensive at that time.He,however had saved a sufficient amount of
money for about for about three months to buy fish.Then,he went the market
to buy two kilogram of fish.
He bought them home.when he arrived home,he said to his wife,’My
dear,I just bought two kilogram of fish.i will invite our friends to have
dinner here.They also like fish very much.You see,they often invited us to
eat and we haven’t done so.So,cook the fish and I’m inviting them”
At about 7 o’clock in the evening mr big went home with his friends.They
went to the dining table right away.But mr big was very surprised to see no
fish there.
“who has eaten up the fish?” Mr.big asked his wife.
“who else? It’s your greedy cat,”answered his wife.
Mr big was so embarrassed.there was no fish as he had promise his
friends before.At last,they had dinner with simple soup only.
After his friends went home,Mr big caught his cat.then he went to a small
shop nearby.there he weighed two kilograms only.He said to his wife.”The
first were two kilogram.You said that they were eaten upby the cat”
“that right,”his wife said quickly.
“I just weighed the weighs two kilogram only.You said that the two
kilograms of fish was inside its belly.So where is my cat?” Mr big asked his
wife angrily.


Along time ago,the wolf and the stork were friends.One day,the wolf
asked the stork to come to his house to eat.
When the stork arrived at the wolf house,the wolf put two bowls of
soup on the table.the wolf ate his bowl of soup so quickly.When he
finished,he asked the stork”did you like my soup?”
But the stork was angry because he couldn’t eat the soup.his beak was too
long.when the stork went home,he was still hungry.The wolf laugh and
Then the stork had an idea.He asked the wolf to come to dinner.He
filled two tall pitches with good soup.They began to eat.When the strok
finished eating,he asked the wolf if he wanted more to eat.
But the wolf was angry.his mouth was so big that he couldn’t get it
into the pitcher.the wolf went home hungry,and stork have never been
friends ever since
Once upn time,a hawk fell in love a hen.The hawk flew down from
the sky and asked the hen,”will you marry me?”
The hen loved the brave,strong hawks and wishes to marry him.But she
said,” I can not fly as high as you can.If you give me time,I may learn to fly
as high as you can.If you give me time ,I may learn to fly as high as
you.Then we can fly hawk together.The hawk agreed.Before he went
away,he gave the hen a ring.”This is to show that you have promised to
marry me,’said the hawk.
It so happened that the hen had already promised to marry a
rooster.So, when the rooster saw the ring,he became very angry”Throw that
ring away at once!” shouted the rooster.Then the hen was so frightened at
the rooster anger that she threw away the ring immediately.
When the hawk came a few months later,the hen told him the
truth.The hawk was so furious that he cursed the hen,”why didn’t you tell
me earlier?Now you will always be scratching the earth,and I will always be
flying above to catch your children”,said the hawk.

Long ago, in a peaceful side of this country, there lived a boy, named
Raka, and agirl, named Nimas. Raka and Nimas had been good friend since
their childhood. However, there was something that led them to be apart.
Nimas and her parents had to move to another town. But they belived some
day the would meet again. Nimas said that she would be waiting for that
moment. Than, there was Raka, left alone. What apoor boy ! Since that
moment Raka and Nimas lost contact.
Many yeara passed. Like what Nimas said, finally they meet again
after few years apart. But, they had changed. Nimas had grown to be a pretty
young women, while Raka a handsome young man. Soon, they fell in love
with each other. Raka always came to Nimas ‘s house. Nimas’ s parents
welcomed him well because he was good young man.
But the happy moment didn’t last long. One day, Nimas’s parents
heard a bad news about raka. Some body had said to them that Raka’ s father
was a bad person.
Since that moment, Nimas’s parent disliked him. They were worried
that Raka would be just like his father. They warned Raka to stop seeing
Nimas. Nimas had to break up with Raka.The young lovers felt that is was
unfair. Nimas’s parents could not judge Raka that he was bad guy just
because of his father. Raka said that he was not his father. But, they never
gave up. They kept on trying to see each other, and of course, to ensure
Nimas’s parents that Raka wasn’t like what they thought.
One day, something terribly bad almost happened to Nimas. They day
was already dark. Nimas walked alone one her way home. On the way,
three, men stopped her and tried to do bad things to her. Nimas screamed,
but nobody heard her cry for help. Fortunately, Raka came to help her. He
straightly fought those men. He won and Nimas was safe.
After that, Raka took Nimas to her house. Infront to her parents Nimas
told what just happened to her and how bravely Raka had saved her. Nimas’
parents felt grateful and felt sorry for what they had done to Raka.

One day young wandered got lost in the wood.Suddenly he saw light
from an old hut.He knocked at the door and old woman opened it.She was
crying.She said that the devil had stolen her magic candle.The candle could
grant anything she asked.The wandered asked her where the devil lived .’in
castle not far from here ‘ said the old woman.The wandered went to the
castle.There he found the devil,but he was old and weak.Therefore when the
wandered grabbed the magic candle from the devil table and ran away,he
couldn’t chase him.
But the wandered was not kind man.he didn’t return the candle to the
old woman,but kept it for himself.he lit candle and made a wish ,” I want to
go far away from here”.Suddenly the gennies appeared and took him to a
beautiful palace.There was a party in the palace.The wandered wanted to
make some money.So he lit the candle again and wishes for some
jewelry.He sold them to guests and was soon making a lot of money.The
princes came to buy the jewelery,but there was nothing left.The wandered
fell in love with her and asked her top marry him.The kinds Princess said
yes,and they got married the next day.In his happiness,the wandered told the
princess about his adventure and the magic candle….that the princess got
very angry,At night she lit the candle and….that the wandered
the morning the wandered woke and found himself back in his ugly house….
One day,Simon took his daughter Penny and her friend Lisa to a forest
near their village to gather firewood.They went to a apart of the forest where
there were many trees.It was quite dark because the sunlight could not shine
through the tall tres.
They found it extremely difficult to make their way through the thick
undergrowth,Simon and Penny walked a head,with Lisa a little way behind
Suddenly the girl stopped,she found that she could not move her right
foot at all.She turned round,thinking that her foot up to the ankle was in the
mouth of a six meter phyton!
Lisa trembled in fear and shouted to her companions for help.She tried
to strunggle free,but the python pulled her down to then started to
coil itself round the screaming girl.
Meanwhile,Simon and Penny had hear lisa’s screams and they rushed
to her rescue. Simon slashed at the phyton’s tail with the axe, where upon
the snake released lisa and turned to attack him. He continued to slash at its
tailuntil it was almost severed. Finally, tge snake could not bear the pain any
longer and glided away.
Simon straight away carried Lisa to a hospital. Where she recovered
quickly. Later, a group of villagers set out to search for a python. They
found it hiding in a big hole and killed it immediately.

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