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Construction of infrastructure facilities in an area have led to changes in local socioeconomy. This development also indirectly change the economic landscape of the local
community in line with the change. This phenomenon has led to the emergence of large
companies monopolizing trade and business activities in a settlement that closes the business
activities of local small scale businesses such as grocery stores. These developments do not
directly bring a variety of effects, either positive or negative.

Among the advantages of opening a supermarket in the local area will indirectly
provide employment opportunities to the local population, especially on a full-time jobs or
part-time. This is because, supermarkets usually requires many employees to help expedite
business operations. Furthermore, the construction of settlements supermarket will make the
community will continue to bring up due to focus in business. For example the construction
of supermarkets CKS area Menggatal helped local communities around the area to get jobs.

In addition, the advantages of opening supermarkets are also indirectly facilitate the
residents get their daily supplies that are much cheaper than the grocery store and complete a
small scale, which are often out of stock. This scenario would indirectly help the local people,
especially those who lack the vehicle to move away to areas of major cities. According
Mazlan Mohamad (1996) explained that, the development of a suburban supermarket region
will indirectly lead to ease the movement of the rural population that is difficult to move to
urban areas.

However, the development of the rural supermarket was shut down local businesses,
especially grocery stores are not able to compete with the supermarket management
operations that want to reap the maximum benefits. Indirectly, every local small traders had
to deal with a loss such that capital gains earned round. This phenomenon if left unchecked
could lead to a negative impact on local businesses. For example, retail businesses around the

Malay community Menggatal Sabah had to be closed due to the absence of a user who visited
the area after the opening of the supermarket CKS.

In addition, the opening of the supermarket area of the local community were invited
presence of foreign residents who moved to the area so much that lead to social problems
such as vandalism and theft. Indirectly, social security aspects of the local community began
to erode due to mixing with people outside the community. If the situation is allowed to
continue, the life of the local community will be in a situation of insecurity so had lost in
their own area.

In conclusion, the opening area of the local community supermarket positive impact
and negative. Therefore, proactive steps by all parties collectively need to be improved so
that social problems can be solved together.

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Sport motivated violence is among the most popular sports since time immemorial.
The sport consists of a type of martial arts had gained attention of local communities since
the 1990s again. The inclusion of this sport to the Malaysian media started to get resistance
from the general public since late as seen lead to various negative than positive impact. There
are several factors driving this resistance level sports broadcasting media in recent years.

Among the factors that encourage local people not to allow broadcasting and sports
competitions in Malaysia due to the form of the sport that is more inclined towards violence.
This is because, like the kind of extreme sport of boxing, wrestling and so often display a
battle between opponents so much that lead to physical injury. This situation often attract
little kids who feel the sport seems like their cartoons. Indirectly, these little children that
violence level action brings home the extent of physical harm to themselves.

Furthermore, the form of extreme sports clothes that show the body physique athletes
is contrary to the norms of clothing styles of local communities that are rich in their manners
and politeness. According Smith, Ralph A. (2006) explained that, sports wrestling type often
display clothes form the shape of the body makes it difficult for athletes to wear their
opponents draw for the knockdown. This situation also applies to female wrestling athletes
who also highlight the shape of their bodies. Indirectly, if the sport continues to be displayed
on small children, it will bring negative impact on the growth of children who will start
highlighting clothes tight type thus contrary to the norms of the local society. This situation, if
allowed to continue will lead to social problems such as rape following the application form
that resembles their bodies.

In addition, this extreme sports athletes also show or the audience using abusive
languages that are contrary to the norms of the local community with a rich courtesy. This can
be seen in the sport of boxing and wrestling athletes often reveal using abusive language to
influence the opponent to lose sanity to attack opponents blindly. Furthermore,

psychologically, athletes who use abusive language to provoke the opponent will be easier
due to the failure of the victory of their opponents emotions so much that strategy games are
not followed completely. For example in the game when athletes WWE "The Rock" often
displaying offensive language and body language so much so that his opponents lose focus in
the strategy game that brought victory to The Rock. This phenomenon will show small
children as the entertainment but in fact the use of abusive language is contrary to the
lifestyle of the local people were very courteous.

Blocking sports broadcasts in the form of violent local media also caused by the
release plan does not bring a profitable return to broadcasting companies. According to
Reiner,B. & Smith R.A. (1992) states that, in the form of violent sports such as boxing and
wrestling is absolutely not bring a profitable return on the company's production compared to
sports like football in high demand among the local population. Furthermore, wrestling with
violence indirectly make plans that are not particularly popular among families with small
children. This situation is due to avoid the process of self-replication in their children.
Indirectly, if this situation continues it will lead to the production company will suffer a loss
thus does not bring profit to the company's production.

In conclusion, in the form of violent sports should be blocked early stages so as not to
bring an adverse effect on the character formation of our young generation nowadays.
Continuous monitoring by the responsible and parents collectively is wise to avoid the
elements that are not well spread in our local community. For that reason, a malignant form
of this plan must get clearance from the responsible party before airing so as not to lead to the
collapse of the character of our society.

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Language is a tool used by people to communicate since time immemorial . In the

face of globalization, the ability to control and communicate in various languages is an
advantage to someone. Thus, residential schools (SBP), for example, provide an opportunity
for students to learn five international languages, namely, French, German, Japanese, Chinese
and Arabic through the international language learning. However , mastery of the language of
communication , particularly English language world as a whole is the main essence of which
must be mastered by every individual to facilitate life anywhere. Without the ability and
proficiency in the international language, it is difficult for people to communicate, especially
with individuals of different races. Therefore, there are advantages and disadvantages
obtained a master in one language only.

Pros first master one language is an international language, especially easier to

connect or communicate with others. This is because a person will be more confident to face
with anyone. For example, to master the English language, one can tell the sights and
specialties available in our country to tourists who come to our country. Benefit from this,
travelers will feel more appreciated even more interested to visit our country. Someone will
also better understand the psychological, as well as native speakers of a particular individual.
Conversely, without mastered the language difficult to help someone even if they have the
intention to help. The impact of that, the tourists will think negatively and think we are likely
to be unfriendly and arrogant. Clearly, with our easy to master the international language to
communicate more effectively to exchange ideas and information with each other.

In addition, the master one particular English language will open the space and
opportunity to the people to get jobs. This is because the skilled workers who speak the
language of communication is considered the world has many advantages and benefits of
being able to converse with the various parties. For example, in Malaysia someone who can
speak English have the characteristics of workers who are favored and preferred employers
for which there is a pluralistic society in our country. In addition, by mastering the English
language allow a person, dabbled in translation or interpreter in the judiciary and also the

tourism sector. Completed translations is said to have a bright future because of high demand.
Similarly, in the field of tourism which urgently needs the services of foreign tourists who
can master a foreign language. Indeed, the mastery of multiple languages and communication
skills to become a major employer criteria and considerations in choosing the quality of

However, the disadvantage of not mastering various languages makes a person

difficult to obtain knowledge. This is because the knowledge that there is in the world is
written in multiple languages, especially Arabic, Latin and Malay language ever be the
world's major languages round the 15th century with a range of knowledge a person will be
respected, highly regarded and is not considered like a frog under a coconut shell. For
example, to increase knowledge in the field of Islam a person must master the Arabic
language which is the language of the holy book the Koran. Meanwhile, for the students to
make them easier to reference either through books or the Internet. Proficiency in English, for
example, often become obstacles to indigenous students in institutions of higher learning to
produce scientific studies and material quality. Strictly speaking, have good English language
skills either listen, speak, read or write is necessary, in line with the Malaysian government's
efforts to develop human capital in the country.

Next, the disadvantage of not mastering various languages makes it difficult to

continue their studies to a higher level, both in public institutions or private. Based Siow
Heng Loke. (2005) explained that, there are several international universities use their native
language in the country take the discourse on learning medium such as medical universities in
Russia. This is because almost all institutions of higher learning in Russian using Russian
language as the language of instruction in the teaching and learning because of its power as a
communication language of their community. This is reinforced when one wants to study in
developed countries such as Japan and France, which use their own mother tongue as the
main medium. Simile, to study in the country of the rising sun, Japan should follow the
student to master the Japanese language Course in advance as a package to elect to study
there. Evident that multilingualism gives facility to everyone to pursue their studies at a
higher level while easy to understand the culture and lifestyle of a society that was found.

In conclusion, the Ministry of Education to introduce the subject of additional

languages in schools should be commended for the empowerment of human capital that will
be born. Therefore, all parties, especially the parents not only have to accept it positively
even provide support without feeling inherent duality. All individuals, especially students
should seize the opportunity provided by the government for multilingual skills will provide
added value thus providing the community able to be on par to compete globally. Thus've to
ask themselves, do we want to be individuals who only understand the native language or is
able to master various languages, which certainly gives us a competitive edge in the future.

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Free education will give qualified individuals the opportunity to raise their living
standards as well as the next generation and also narrow the income gap. If the obstacle is not
economic assistance, the fate of low-income groups will not change. They will remain in the
same cocoon, and the income gap will continue to widen with severely. The provision for free
education is one approach to transforming the economic landscape of the country to a
developed country. For that reason, there is some fairness factor is given free education from
primary to university in Malaysia.

Among the factors determining free education in Malaysia as to provide

opportunities for all Malaysians enjoy learning so as to alter the economic landscape of their
family. This is because, the real positive value of a society which is educated it difficult to
measure in quantitative terms alone. In the context of Malaysia as a developing country,
higher education is key in shaping recipe minded community, highly skilled workforce and
the value of human capital and the competitive state of the output. Undoubtedly higher
education funding by government requires sacrifice in terms of money, but if we fail in this
investment, the future of the country will die. Mohd Nasir Ibrahim dan Prof Madya Iberahim
Hassan. (2003) explained that, have outlined the benefits of such individual holds a healthy
body better and better cognitive development among their children. Political stability,
economic prosperity, decline in crime rates and the cost of such costs among other benefits
jail is donated by individuals to public education.

In addition, the next factor is also due to the development of the country that is now
stuck in the middle of developed countries and underdeveloped status due to international
measurement index of the number of output productivity of skilled people, and educational
opportunities is one of the main factors causing this situation. Arguments Robert Reich,
explains that, in order to attract capital investment and foreign contracts, a country that has
two options; whether to offer foreign investors a competitive economy through lower prices
by imposing taxes and low wages, economic or offering for working capital and high quality
infrastructure investment yield higher government. This phenomenon is not in line ahead of

Malaysia, when wage growth is only comparable with productivity growth until the late
1990s. Since 1996 however, we are stuck in the "middle-income trap", where the majority of
the contents of houses Malaysia-middle income high income class defined by the World
Bank. But also, Malaysia experienced a real wage growth (real) is negative on average over
the past 10 years when the growth of wages in the negative if it were not for inflation. How
would spur Malaysia towards a high-income country where 77 per cent of Malaysia's
workforce holds only SPM or lower? The majority of Malaysian workers classified as
unskilled, which will not allow them to get a higher salary.

In addition, a study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) to label Malaysia

as an economy based on efficiency, putting Malaysia on the back of economies based on
innovation. We are only able to improve the system and process existing, but behind in terms
of innovation, which allows the country to achieve a far more lucrative income. Malaysia
should move towards innovation-led economy. We no longer offer highly competitive labour
or land and factories were cheap again as before. The strength of the researchers in Malaysia
for each 1 million population is 365 people compared to 5,416 people in Japan and 4,231 in
South Korea. How much talent that can emerge as a great power researchers from Malaysia
but unfortunately cannot be tapped because of less opportunity to pursue higher education?

Individuals who are highly educated on average worth RM182,000, which is 2.2 times
more than the individual SPM with only RM82,000. However, the rate of entry into
Malaysian higher education system is only 36.5 percent. This number is not only far behind
compared to the average of the countries "very high human development", namely 75
percent, but also behind countries "high human development", which is 50 per cent. For
comparison, the rate of enrolment in another country is; United States 86 per cent, 84 per cent
of New Zealand, Korea 100 percent, British 99 percent, Thailand 45 percent, Turkey 38.4

This causes the majority of workers in Malaysia was only able to meet the needs of
low-skilled labour sector. How Malaysia is able to drive all the people towards high-income
countries equally? Expenditure in mega projects that are shortcuts in an effort to boost the

income of Malaysians before this is not a sustainable solution and long term. Provision of
higher education free of charge to all people is the only business to drive Malaysia towards a
high-income country in a holistic manner.

Education is the most important fundamental in ensuring a country's sovereignty.

There have been no maladministration or mistakes in education policy that can be tolerated,
either in terms of implementation, monitoring or even shopping. A quality education system
with good governance will be decisive direction for Malaysia. If either the system, then let
the country. Only by providing educational opportunities for all, Brazil is capable of moving
towards a high-income country that is both inclusive and for all.

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According to the fourth edition of the council dictionary, the word "Temporary Work"
means the work done in addition to normal work or other regular work. Part time work is one
of the main ideas of the local community at present, especially the students who had just
finished learning. Activities of part-time work is indeed bringing its own advantages.
However, this activity has led to its own disadvantages.

Among the advantages of this part-time job for a student is to add more income they
especially their pocket money. According Mahayuddin Hj Yahya (2000) explained that, rising
cost of living in Malaysia in recent years has led to people trying to improve their revenue
side, especially in finding work. This phenomenon is also faced by the students who are
mostly their main task is to study and focus their attention on the academic aspect, while
working part-time at leisure to increase the pocket money or looking for work experience.

In addition, if seen from a positive angle, working part-time can train students to
become independent. The desire to work comes from themselves. According Robert Reich.
(2005) notes that, for some students, they do not want to burden their parents with the
problems experienced by them. Therefore they take their own initiative to work part-time to
reduce the financial burden on their parents.

Working part-time for those who hold student status is indeed a big challenge. Both in
terms of time or energy. Constraints of time for a student is indeed a challenge. They need to
complete the tasks that have been assigned by the lecturers as well as revising lecture notes
given to prepare for final exams and in the meantime they have to work part-time to cover
their living costs.


Furthermore, the study also extremely tiring. Living far from their families need to do
everything alone. Starting from the equipment themselves, eating, drinking and everything
should be done independently.

However, everything that we do indeed have their own pros and cons and we need
wisdom in finding a solution.

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Written assessment (Each essay must contain approximately 500 words).



Due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarkets namely, SpeedMart, NSK,
Econsave, Hero, KK and others in our country, many small local businesses are unable to
compete. Some people think that the closure of local business will bring about the death of
local communities. What do you say?


Sports involving violence, such as boxing and martial arts should be banned from television
as well as from sporting competitions. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this


The development of tourism has contributed to making English the most prominent
language in the world. Some of us think this will lead to English becoming the only
language to be spoken globally. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having
one language in the world?


Education should be accessible to people of all economic backgrounds. All levels of

education, from primary school to tertiary education, should be free. Based on the
above statement, do you think it is applicable in Malaysia? Justify your answer.


In this era, many children, especially SPM leavers and college/university student are
encouraged by their parents to get a part time job in their free time. In your opinion,
what are the advantages and disadvantages to children doing so?