On May 3rd. of this year University of Virginia Womens Lacrosse had a loss And it asn!t to another team "t as a loss of a higher cost #eardley Love a $layer on the team Lost her life that fatef%l day And all of the University!s $o$%lation as sadden

&hat #eardley $ast'a ay &his $ast ee(end they had a game "n the )*AA $lays off!s And it as the omens mission &o in for #eardley at all cost &he game as very close Right do n to the very end +%t all the $layers s%mmoned their co%rage And on the game to hel$ them mend ,%iet heroism e see in life #eardley in death- .ecame a nota.le $ersonage +%t her memory ill live forever And she ill al ays .e- $art of the %niversity!s heritage A%thor/ &imothy +. &hayer 0121324010

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