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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Goat breaks
free, goes on
run in

Panama firm
name of Red
Cross to hide

Associated Press


say a goat apparently needed a
caffeine fix when it wandered
into a Starbucks in Northern
Rohnert Park police Sgt. Rick
Bates says dispatchers received
several calls Sunday morning
about a goat named Milly wandering around a strip mall on
the citys eastern edge.
Bates says employees who
were opening the Starbucks
tried to give Milly a banana, but
she walked past them and began
chewing on a box.
Bates took Milly into custody
and brought her to the animal
shelter but not before snapping photos of her sniffing
around the Starbucks and posting them on the police departments Facebook page.
He says word spread to Millys owner, and she has made it
Is That Second Cup of Coffee
Really Good for You?
She didnt travel far; her
owner Alan Ergenbright says
the 11-year-old pet goat lives
just two doors down.
When we heard, we thought
she was a little crazy, Ergenbright told the Santa Rosa
Press Democrat (http://bit.
ly/1S08I9V). Shes a really
happy and sweet goat. Shes
also pretty curious.
Rohnert Park is about 50
miles north of San Francisco.

By Raphael Satter
Associated Press

AP Photo/Amel Emric

A migrant man throws a can of the tear gas back toward Macedonian police during a protest at the
northern Greek border point of Idomeni, Greece, Sunday, April 10, 2016.

Migrants confront Macedonian border police

By Costas Kantouris and Nick Dumitrache
Associated Press

IDOMENI, Greece Migrants

waged running battles with Macedonian
police Sunday after they were stopped from
scaling the border fence with Greece near
the border town of Idomeni, and aid agencies reported that hundreds of stranded travelers were injured.
Macedonian police used tear gas, stun
grenades, plastic bullets and a water cannon to repel the migrants, many of whom
responded by throwing rocks over the fence
at police. Greek police observed from their
side of the frontier but did not intervene.
More than 50,000 refugees and migrants
have been stranded in Greece after Balkan
countries closed their borders to the massive flow of refugees pouring into Europe.

By Lisa Lerer and Emily Swanson

Associated Press

other election year, more than
half the country holding an unfavorable impression of a candidate for president would be
cause for alarm.
This is not a normal year.
Fifty-five percent of Americans say they have a negative
opinion of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the
latest AP-GfK poll. But thats
not nearly as bad as how they
view the leading candidate for
the Republican nomination,
Donald Trump. His unfavorable


Achilleas Tzemos, deputy field coordinator of Doctors Without Borders, told the AP
that the injured included about 200 experiencing breathing problems from the gas,
100 others with cuts, bruises and impact
injuries from nonlethal plastic bullets. He
said six of the most seriously injured were
Macedonian police said 23 members of
the countrys security forces were injured,
including 14 police officers and nine soldiers. Five of the police officers sustained
serious injuries.
The clashes began soon after an estimated 500 people gathered at the fence. Many
said they were responding to Arabic language fliers.
See Migrants, Page 4

See Panama, Page 2

Clinton maybe likable

enough next to Trump

Hilary Clinton

Around 11,000 remain camped out at the

border with Macedonia, ignoring instructions from the government to move to organized shelters as they hold out hope to reach
Western Europe.
Clashes continued in the afternoon as
migrant groups twice tried to overwhelm
Macedonian border security. The increasing use of tear gas reached families in their
nearby tents in Idomenis makeshift camp.
Many camp dwellers, chiefly women and
children, fled into farm fields to escape the
painful gas.
Observers held out hope that evening
rainfall, which began about seven hours
into the clashes, would dampen hostilities.
The aid agency Doctors Without Borders
estimated that their medical volunteers on
site treated about 300 people for various

PARIS The law firm at the

center of the Panama offshore
accounts scandal routinely
usurped the name of the Red
Cross and other charities to help
obscure the origin of millions of
dollars in questionable funds,
two newspapers involved in the
investigation reported Sunday.
Theres no suggestion that
the charitable groups had any
idea their name was being used
in this way. International Committee of the Red Cross spokeswoman Claire Kaplun told The
Associated Press on Sunday
that the revelation was a total
surprise and something we find
extremely shocking.
Frances Le Monde and Switzerlands Le Matin Dimanche
said Mossack Fonseca created dummy foundations with
high-minded names such as
the Faith Foundation to hold
shares in around 500 offshore
companies. The foundations
beneficiary was routinely listed
as the Red Cross, a designation which served the dual purposes of hiding the firms real
beneficiaries and of draping
them in an NGO aura, the papers wrote.

Steve Miller, after induction, slams Rock Hall of Fame

Donald Trump
rating stands at an unprecedented 69 percent.
The negative feelings for
both are a harbinger of a general
election contest thats shaping
up to be less about voters supporting the candidate of their
choice, and more about their
picking the one they dislike the
I dont really feel like either
one is that trustworthy, said
Devin Sternadre, 26, a student
from northeastern Ohio. Most
of the elections that have happened in the past Ive felt
strongly about a candidate, and
I just dont this time.
See Clinton, Page 2


Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Inductee Steve Miller performs at the 31st Annual Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame Induction Ceremony.

By John Carucci
Associated Press

Steve Miller had just performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame ceremony, but he wasnt finished.
In fact, he was just getting started. The new inductee ripped the
rock hall in a backstage interview, calling the evening a lazy
night with a bunch of fat cats that was tantamount to a bad reality
show only he used a stronger epithet than bad.
I dont know why I was nominated for this because I said this
for 30 years, the 72-year-old musician said in the interview. I
dont get along with the people running it. When I found out about
it, I felt like I was in a (expletive) reality TV show.

Learn how to make

one of Rock and Roll
sushis famous rolls

Of the evening as a whole, Miller said: It wasnt very overwhelming. It was a lazy kind of night with a bunch of fat cats at the
dinner table. Its not a real pleasant experience to tell you the truth.
Asked why, he said: The reason ... is because they make it difficult for the artists. I think its time for the people running this to turn
it over to new people because it doesnt need to be this difficult.
You dont need to insult every artist that comes along. He added:
People in the crews are nice, but people that are running it at the
top have no concept of how to run a concert or how to run an award
ceremony or how to take care of artists.
The rock hall issued a statement Saturday in response to Millers
comments. Rock and roll can ignite many opinions, it said. Its
what makes it so great. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was honored to induct Steve Miller last night.
In the interview, Miller explained that he only appeared at the
ceremony for the sake of his fans. My fans take it seriously, he
said. I really didnt want to show up.
Entering the rock hall along with Miller at the ceremony at Brooklyns Barclays Center was the rap group N.W.A., along with 1970sera rock acts Cheap Trick, Chicago and Deep Purple. N.W.A.,
which opted not to perform at the ceremony, was inducted by one
of musics hottest artists, Kendrick Lamar, who said the group had
proved to every kid in the ghetto that you could be successful and
still have your voice while doing it.
Miller and his band, who are preparing for a summer tour, played
the crowd-pleasing hits Fly Like an Eagle, Rock n Me Baby
and The Joker to an audience of fellow musicians and industry
professionals sitting at tables, and ticket-buying members of the
public in the surrounding stands.
If you listened to the radio, you listened to Steve Miller, said
the Black Keys Dan Auerbach, who inducted Miller with his bandmate Patrick Carney.
Backstage, Miller even questioned the purpose of the rock hall.
You tell me what the hell is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and
what does it do besides talk about itself and sell postcards? he said.
HBO will air highlights of the show on April 30.

SpaceX delivers worlds 1st inflatable room for astronauts

By Marcia Dunn
AP Aerospace Writer


made good on a high-priority delivery:
the worlds first inflatable room for astronauts.
A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship arrived
at the International Space Station on
Sunday, two days after launching from
Cape Canaveral. Station astronauts used
a robot arm to capture the Dragon, orbiting 250 miles above Earth.
The Dragon holds 7,000 pounds of
freight, including the soft-sided compartment built by Bigelow Aerospace.
The pioneering pod packed tightly
for launch should swell to the size
of a small bedroom once filled with air
next month.
It will be attached to the space station
this Saturday, but wont be inflated until
the end of May. The technology could
change the way astronauts live in space:
NASA envisions inflatable habitats in a
couple decades at Mars, while Bigelow
Aerospace aims to launch a pair of inflatable space stations in just four years
for commercial lease.
For now, the Bigelow Expandable

Activity Module BEAM for short

will remain mostly off-limits to the sixman station crew. NASA wants to see
how the experimental chamber functions, so the hatch will stay sealed except when astronauts enter a few times a
year to collect measurements and swap
out sensors.
This is SpaceXs first delivery for
NASA in a year. A launch accident last
June put shipments on hold.
SpaceX flight controllers at company
headquarters in Hawthorne, California,
applauded when the hefty station arm
plucked Dragon from orbit. A few hours
later, the capsule was bolted securely
into place.
It looks like we caught a Dragon,
announced British astronaut Timothy
Peake, who made the grab. There are
smiles all around here, NASAs Mission
Control replied. Nice job capturing
that Dragon.
SpaceX is still reveling in the success
of Fridays booster landing at sea.
For the first time, a leftover booster
came to a solid vertical touchdown on a
floating platform. SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk wants to reuse boosters
to save money, a process that he says

will open access to space for more people in more places, like Mars. His ambition is to establish a city on Mars.
NASA also has Mars in its sights and
looks to send astronauts there in the
2030s. In order to focus on that objective, the space agency has hired U.S.
companies like SpaceX to deliver cargo
and, as early as next year, astronauts to
the space station. U.S. astronauts currently have to hitch rides on Russian
In a sign of these new commercial
space times, a Dragon capsule is sharing the station for the first time with Orbital ATKs supply ship named Cygnus,
already parked there two weeks. This is
also the first time in five years that the
compound has six docking ports occupied: Dragon, Cygnus, two Russian
Progress freighters and two Russian
Soyuz crew capsules.
The Dragon will remain at the station for a month before returning to
Earth with science samples, many of
them from one-year spaceman Scott
Kelly. He ended his historic mission last
month. Cygnus will stick around a little


In this frame taken from video from NASA TV, the SpaceX
Dragon cargo ship approaches the International Space Station, Sunday April 10, 2016.

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Democratic strategists say

Trumps deep unpopularity has
alleviated some of their concern
over views of Clinton. While
55 percent of Americans have a
somewhat or very unfavorable impression of the former
secretary of state, thats about
the same number as those who
have a very unfavorable opinion of Trump.
Clintons rating is also slightly
better than Republican candidate
Ted Cruz: Fifty-nine percent say
they have an unfavorable view
of the Texas senator. Clintons
Democratic primary rival, Bernie Sanders, is at just 39 percent
unfavorable, but he trails far
behind Clinton in the delegate
battle for the Democratic nomination.
Asked if she needed to improve her public image, Clinton
told reporters Friday that she has
worked to win over voters in the
past, as when she ran for Senate
in New York.
Just remember, when I was

secretary of state my approval

rating was the highest of any
public official. Now whats the
difference? Whenever Im doing a job, people approve of my
job. When I seek the job, when I
compete for the job, then theres
a big rush by, you know, Republicans and interests who dont
agree with my values and my vision for the country, to just pile
on, Clinton said. Ive been
there, I know that, Im not worried about it.
As the campaign moves toward the general election, Democrats argue, the dynamic will
shift from being a referendum on
Clintons character to a choice
between her and a Republican
opponent. If that Republican is
Trump, Democrats see an opportunity to unify their own
party behind Clinton and make
inroads with independents and
Nearly half of all registered
voters say they would at least
consider voting for Clinton, far

more than say they are open to

voting for Trump. Sixty-three
percent say they definitely
wouldnt vote for Trump in a
general election.
Even in more historically conservative Southern states, where
Trump swept the GOP primaries,
voters are somewhat more likely
to say they would at least consider Clinton. Half say they are
open to her candidacy, and 39
percent to his.
Voters are more likely to have
a positive opinion of Clintons
primary rival, Bernie Sanders,
with only 38 percent saying they
would definitely not vote for the
Vermont senator.
Clinton is not held in very high
regard among the general public.
Most Americans view her as not
particularly compassionate, honest or likable. They have mixed
feelings on her civility, decisiveness and competence.
Half of all Americans say
Clinton is not at all honest,
with another 18 percent saying

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Mossack Fonseca didnt immediately return an email seeking comment, but a leaked
email cited by the publications appeared to
lay out the firms reasoning.
Given that banks and financial institutions are today asked to obtain information
about economic beneficiaries, it has become
difficult for us not to divulge the identity of
those of the Faith Foundations, the email
said, according to the papers. Thats why
weve implemented this structure designating the International Red Cross. Its easier
that way.
Another email cited by the papers suggests Mossack Fonseca deliberately kept the
Red Cross in the dark about the maneuver.
According to Panama law, the beneficiaries of a foundation can be used without
knowing it, the email said, according to
the papers. That means the International
Red Cross doesnt know about this arrangement.
Kaplun, the Red Cross spokeswoman,
said that using the groups name or logo
without its permission is barred by international law and could put the groups staff
in jeopardy.
We work in conflict zones. We work
without weapons. Our protection is our
name, our emblem, the faith that people
have in our reputation, she said in a telephone interview.
Lets say this money was linked to a warring party in a conflict. Imagine what consequences that could have.
The newspapers examination of the Faith
Foundation turned up a host of questionable

Both said that the Faith Foundation was
a relay in the money trail leading back to
former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner
and his wife, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who succeeded him in 2007. The foundation also played a role in a complex London real estate transaction involving Emirati
leader Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan,
the papers said, adding that another Panama-based foundation played a similar role
in obscuring the finances of Elena Baturina,
the wife of Moscows ex-mayor and repeatedly listed as Russias wealthiest woman.
Meanwhile, the offshore scandal made for
awkward exchanges at a meeting between
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and his
Algerian counterpart, Abdelmalek Sellal.
Coverage of the meeting has been overshadowed by a partial French media boycott
which kicked in after Algerian authorities
refused to issue visas for journalists from
Le Monde and Canal+. The former had used
the Panama files to explore the finances of
several high-profile Algerians, one of whom
was pictured embracing Algerian President
Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
Valls had previously condemned the visa
Quizzed during a joint news conference
Sunday, Sellal complained that Le Monde
had dared to attack the honor and prestige of the presidency.

shes slightly honest. That number mirrors views on Trump,

with more than seven in ten saying the word honest describes
him only slightly or not at all
More than half say Clinton
is not especially compassionate, and six in 10 say shes
only slightly or not at all likable. Eighty percent do not find
Trump compassionate and threequarters do not see him as likable.
Just 17 percent of Democratic
voters say they wouldnt vote for
Clinton in the general election,
about the same share as wouldnt
back Sanders should he win the
nomination. Thirty-one percent
of Republicans say the same
about Trump.
Clinton remains the candidate
viewed by the most Americans
as able to win a general election, with 82 percent saying she
could capture the White House.
Just 6 in 10 say that of Sanders
or Trump.