1. MALCOLM BEGm. ADA, daughter of Malduin, 3rd Earl of Levenax d. before 1260 The origins of the Drummonds is traditionally traced to a Hungarian nobleman named Maurice who accompanied Edgar Atheling and his two sisters to Scotland in 1068 when they fled from William the Conqueror. The ship they were taking was piloted by Maurice, but was wrecked on the coast of Fife by a storm. They were received by Malcolm Canmore and Maurice the Hungarian was given the land of Drymen or Drummond in Stirlingshire and was appointed seneschal or steward of Lennox. Malcolm Beg (the little) was supposedly the fifth generation from the Hungarian. Malcolm was steward on the estate of Maldower, Earl of Lennox.(1) He was a witness to several charters of the Earl from 1225 to 1250.(2) In 1234 he and his brother Rotheric Beg of Carrick gave evidence as to the ownership of the lands of Monachkennaran.(3)

Drummond Castle Issue 2I. MALCOLM II. John- m. Elena ______, alive Oct. 1304 Ref: (1) Liber de Calchou- I, 181 (2) "The Lennox"- Sir Wm. Fraser, II, 4 (3) Reg. de Passelet- 167-8 "The Scots Peerage"- Vol.VII, pp.28-9


2I. MALCOLM (MALCOLM 1) Malcolm was a juror on an inquest before Walter Stewart, Earl of Menteith on 15 May 1271.(1) Issue I. Gilbert- m. Matilda, d. Dupplin 12 Aug. 1332. Gilbert lived in Balquapple, Perthshire.  3II. MALCOLM- m. daughter of Sir Patrick GRAHAM of Kincardine Ref: (1) Red Book of Menteith- II, 218 3I. MALCOLM (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2) m. daughter of Sir Patrick GRAHAM of Kincardine Sir Malcolm was a follower of Bruce and was taken prisoner at Durham and again by Sir John Segrave in 1301. Upon hearing this good news King Edward on 25 Aug. 1301 went to the shrine of St. Mungo in the cathedral of Glasgow.(1) After his capture Edward gave some of Malcolm's land to Sir John Clinton.(2) King Robert, after the battle of Bannockburn, gave Sir Malcolm land in Perthshire. In the Parliament held by Bruce in 1315 at Ayr, Malcolm sat as one of the great barons of the kingdom. Issue 4I. MALCOLM- d.c.1346  II. GilbertRef: (1) Cal. Doc. Scot.- II, 177, No.985, 1099, 1158, 1326, 1610; IV, 448 (2) Dugdale's Baronage- I, 530 "The Scottish Nation"- William Anderson, A. Fullarton & Co., Edinburgh, 1880 "The Scots Peerage"- Vol. VII, pp.29-31 4I. MALCOLM (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3) d.c.1346 Malcolm witnessed several charters to Malcolm, Earl of Lennox and Murdoch, Earl of Menteith between 1310 and 1332.(1) Between 1315 and 1321 he resigned the lands of Auchindonan, Dumbartonshire to Malcolm Fleming.(2) He had a charter from David II about 1346 to Tilliecravan and Dronan, Perth. Issue 5I. JOHN- m. MARY De MONTEFEX, d.c.1360  II. Maurice- m. Mariota Erskine, alive in 1368  III. Margaret- m. David II Ref:


(1) Red Book of Menteith- 30,39,43,46,81,227 (2) Reg. Mag. Sig.- fol. Vol. 16 "The Scottish Nation"- William Anderson, A. Fullarton & Co., Edinburgh, 1880 "The Scots Peerage"- Vol. VII, pp.31-4 5I. JOHN (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4) m. MARY De MONTEFEX d.c.1360 By his marriage to Mary he obtained the lands of Auchterarder, Kincardine in Monteith, Cargill and Stobhall in Perthshire by charter from David II. John received a grant about 1357 of the office of bailiary of the Abthanery of Duli. There was a blood feud between the Drummonds and the Menteiths for ten years and three of the Menteiths had been killed. At the insistance of King David the Drummonds and Menteiths agreed to dismiss all rancour against each other but John was required to give up the lands of Roseneath as a compensation to the Menteiths. The agreement was signed on the banks of the Forth 17 May 1360.(1) Issue     I. Malcolm- m Lady Isabel Douglas (m.2. Alexander Stewart), d. before 27 May 1403 6II. JOHN- m. ELIZABETH SINCLAIR, d. 1428 III. ?WilliamIV. Dougal- Bishop of Dunblane c.1398 7V. ANABELLA- m. 1357 JOHN, Earl of CARRICK (ROBERT III), d. 1401

Ref: (1) Red Book of Menteith- I, 109-13; II, 239; "The Priory of Inchmahome"- MGregor Stirling, 121-36; Reg. Mag. Sig.- Fol. Vol. 113, No.3 "The Scottish Nation"- William Anderson, A. Fullarton & Co., Edinburgh, 1880 "The Scots Peerage"- Vol. VII, pp.34-7 6II. JOHN (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4, JOHN 5) m. ELIZABETH SINCLAIR d. 1428 Sir John succeeded his brother Malcolm before 1403. He held the office of Justiciary of Scotland in 1391 and had a safe-conduct into England to meet his nephew King James I at Durham 13 Dec. 1423.(1) John made a grant of the lands of Ochtertyre to Sir John Forrester of Corstorshire which was confermed by the Duke of Albany 13 Mar. 1407/8 and by James I 10 July 1424.(2) John received the Bailiary of the Abthanery of Duli from the King. Issue 8I. WALTER- d. 1455


 II. John- John left Scotland about 1418 and settled on the island of Madeira and was known as John Escortio.  III. Robert IV. Elizabeth- m. Kinnaird of Kinnaird Ref: (1) Cal. of Docs.- IV, 942 (2) Reg. Mag. Sig."The Scottish Nation"- William Anderson, A. Fullarton & Co., Edinburgh, 1880 "The Scots Peerage"- Vol. VII, p. 39 8I. WALTER (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4, JOHN 5, JOHN 6) d. 1455 Sir Walter was knighted by King James II. He lived at Cargill and Stobhall.

Stobhall Castle Issue 9I. MALCOLM- m. MARION MURRAY, d. 1470  II. John- Dean of Dunblane  III. Walter- of Ledcrieff Ref: "The Scottish Nation"- William Anderson, A. Fullarton & Co., Edinburgh, 1880 "The Scots Peerage"- Vol. VII, pp. 39-40 9I. MALCOLM (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4, JOHN 5, JOHN 6, WALTER 7) m. MARION MURRAY of Tullibardine d. 1470 Sir Malcolm owned many lands in Dumbarton, Perth and Stirling counties and lived at Cargill and Strobhall.


Issue 10I. JOHN- b.c.1438, m. Lady ELIZABETH LINDSAY, d. 1519  II. Walter- Rector of St. Andrews, Chancellor of Dunkeld, Dean of Dunblane, Clerk Register of Scotland  III. James- of Coldoch  IV. Thomas- m. ______ Scott of Monzie, Thomas lived in Drmmondernoch  V. AndrewRef: "The Scottish Nation"- William Anderson, A. Fullarton & Co., Edinburgh, 1880 "The Scots Peerage"- Vol. VII, p.40 10I. JOHN (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4, JOHN 5, JOHN 6, WALTER 7, MALCOLM 8) b.c.1438 m. Lady ELIZABETH LINDSAY d. 1519 bur. church of Innerpeffray Sir John was involved in most of the public transactions in the reigns of James III & IV. He sat in Parliament 6 May 1471. On 20 Mar. 1473/4 he had a grant of the offices of Steward, Coroner and Forester of the earldom of Strathearn on the resignation of Maurice Drummond.(1) On 4 Feb. 1576 he gave an annualrent of forty marks to the church of Innerpeffray for the souls of the King and Queen, himself, his wife and son, their daughter Margaret and for the support of four chaplainries.(2)

Innerpeffray Chapel- c.1508 On 3 Feb. 1482/3 he and his wife had a charter to Auchterarder, Perthshire and Argeth and Smithston, Forfarshire and on 8 Aug. 1485 he purchased from Alexander Bruce of Kendrick the lands of Classingallis in Strathearn.(3)


In 1483 he was one of the ambassadors to England and was granted safe conduct 29 Nov. 1483 and again on 6 Aug. 1484 to arrange the marriage of James, Prince of Scotland and Anne de la Pole, neice of Richard III and daughter of the Duke of Suffolk.(4) He was a commissioner for settling border disputes being nominated by the treaty of Nottingham 22 Sept. 1484 and subsequently had four safe-conducts into England. He was made a peer by the title of Lord Drummond 29 Jan. 1487/8 and soon after he joined the party against King James III and sat in the Parliament of James IV 6 Oct. 1488.(5) In 1489 he defeated the Earl of Lennox at the battle of Tillymoss and on 11 Oct. 1490 he attacked the camp of the Earl's forces and those of Lord Lyle at Gartalunane near Aberfoyle and defeated them.(6) On 25 July 1493 he had a grant from the King of the lands of Dalchonzie in Strathearn and on 31 Jan. 1495/6 to the lordship of Drummond in Menteith.(7) He was a privy councillor to James IV, Justiciary of Scotland and Constable of Stirling castle. He had many grants of land from the King who highly appreciated the service he had rendered him.

Stirling Castle In his paper "Counsel and Advice" he states: "In all our doings discretion is to be observed, otherwise nothing can be done aright." On one occasion he seems to have forgotten this rule since he was a strong supporter of the very unpopular marriage between his grandson Archibald, Earl of Angus and Queen Margaret which was solemnized by his nephew the Dean of Dunblane in the Church of Kinsale 6 Aug. 1514. John was imprissoned in Blackness castle on the charge of advising that Henry VIII should be made Protector of Scotland and have the care of the young King.(8) On 16 July 1515 he was again ordered to Blackness by the Regent, Duke of Albany because he "waffed his slief at ane harralde and gave him upon the breist with his hand" when he was bringing a message to the Queen Dowager from the Lord of Albany's party. John was not only imprisoned but his estates were forfeited. The Queen and the Estates of Parliament stated on his behalf that the Herald had behaved with insolence and John was released from prison and restored to his estates 22 Nov. 1516.(9)



Blackness Castle Issue 11I. MARGARET- mistress of JAMES IV, poisoned 1502  II. Malcolm- d.s.p.  12III. WILLIAM- m.1. ISOBEL CAMPBELL, (d. before 1493), 2. Marjory/Mariota Forrester (m.2. before 1507/8 Sir James Sandilands of Calder), d. between July 1503 and July 1504  13IV. ELIZABETH- m.1. Sir David Fleming, 2. before Mar. 1487/9 GEORGE DOUGLAS  14V. JOHN- m.1. ? daughter of James Drummond of Coldoch, 2. ? Elizabeth Douglas of Lochleven  VI. David- executed at Stirling Oct. 1490  VII. Beatrix- mistress of James Hamilton, Earl of Arran  15VIII. EUPHEMIA- m. before 5 May 1496 JOHN FLEMING, poisoned 1502  IX. Sybilla- poisoned 1502  X. Annabella- m. William, Earl of Montrose Ref: (1) Reg. Mag. Sig. (2) Ibid (3) Ibid- 10 Aug. 1485 (4) Cal. of Docs.- IV, 1501-2, 1505 (5) Acta Parl. Scot.- II, 181 (6) Buchanan- Rec. Scotic. Hist.- book XIII, c.5 (7) Reg. Mag. Sig. (8) Letters and Papers, etc.- Henry VIII, II, No.704, 779, 1830 (9) Acta Parl. Scot.- II, 284, 393 "The Scots Peerage"- Vol.VII, pp.40-5 12III WILLIAM (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4, JOHN 5, JOHN 6, WALTER 7, MALCOLM 8, JOHN 9)


m.1. ISOBEL CAMPBELL (d. before 1493) 2. Marjory/Mariota Forrester (m.2. before 1507/8 Sir James Sandilands of Calder) d. between July 1503 & July 1504 William witnessed a charter by Gilbert Scot of Monzie 16 Aug. 1488 (1) He and his wife Marjory had a charter to the lands of Colecht in Menteith 14 June 1493 and again to the same lands along with his wife Mariota Forrester 27 March 1502/3.(2) In 1490 William, master of Drummond was informed that the Murrays were levying taxes on his lands in Monzie. Upon being attacked by Sir William along with Duncan Campbell of Dunstaffnage the Murrays took refuge in the church, but while William and his allies were retreating one of the Dunstaffnage men was shot and killed. The Highlanders returned and set fire to the building killing 19 of the Murrays. William's brother David was captured and sent to Stirling, was tried, convicted and executed. His mother vainly begged for his life on her knees and his sister Margaret, the King's mistress, also pleaded on his behalf unsuccessfully.(3) Issue- first child by Isobel, last three by Marjory     16I. WALTER- m. Feb. 1513/4 ELIZABETH GRAHAM, d. 1518, bur. Innerpeffrey II. Andrew- m. ? Janet Campbell of Glenorquhy III. John- m. Isabella ______ IV. Henry?- m. Janet Crichton of Riccarton

Ref: (1) Reg. Mag. Sig.- 26 Jan. 1488/9 (2) Reg. Mag. Sig. (3) Scottish Historical Review- I, 218-9; Scot. Text Soc., Pitscottie- I, 237; Treasurer's Accounts- I, 170; Exch. Rolls- X, LI "The Scottish Peerage"- Vol.VII, pp.42-4 16I. WALTER (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4, JOHN 5, JOHN 6, WALTER 7, MALCOLM 8, JOHN 9, WILLIAM 10) m. Feb. 1513/4 ELIZABETH GRAHAM d. 1518 bur. Innerpeffrey Issue 17I. DAVID- m.1. Margaret Stewart, 2. before 7 Dec. 1543 LILIAS RUTHVEN (living 20 Oct. 1582), d. 1571 Ref: "The Scottish Peerage"- VII, 43 17I. DAVID (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4, JOHN 5, JOHN 6, WALTER 7, MALCOLM 8, JOHN 9, WILLIAM 10, WALTER 11)


m.1. Margaret Stewart 2. before 7 Dec. 1543 LILIAS RUTHVEN (living 20 Oct. 1582) d. 1571 David became second Lord Drummond 17 Feb. 1520 after his great-grandfather's death. John Drummond of Innerpeffray was his tutor during his minority although it has been said that he was a ward of the King who entrusted him to the care of Robert Barton the Comptroller.(1) He and his wife Margaret had a charter to Cargill and other lands in Perth and Forfar 5 March 1535/6.(2) On 25 Oct. 1542 the barony of Drymen and Drummond were created. David's name frequently appears in the great seal register from 1537 to 1571. David took part in one of the Earl of Angus' expeditions to England in 1545.(3) David joined the association in behalf of Queen Mary at Hamilton 8 May 1568. Issue- first child by Margaret, last seven by Lilias  I. Sybilla- m. Sir Gilbert Ogilvy of Ogilvy  II. Jean- m. 1559 John, 3rd Earl of Montrose  18III. ANNE- m.c.1580 JOHN ERSKINE (d. before 1592)  IV. Lilias- m. David, Master of Crawford  V. Catherine- m. before 20 Dec. 1576 John Murray, Earl of Tulliebardine  VI. Mary- m. Sir Archibald Stirling of Keir (d. before 1589)  VII. Patrick- m.1. Elizabeth Lindsay of Edzell (d. May 1585), 2. Agnes Drummond of Innerpeffrey (m.1. Hugh Campbell of Loudoun, 2. Hugh, Earl of Eglinton, d. 21 Jan. 1589/0), d. 1602  VIII. James- made Lord Maderty 31 Jan. 1609 Ref: (1) Exch. Rolls- XIV, 512 (2) Reg. Mag. Sig. (3) "Noble Families"- Drummond "The Scots Peerage"- Vol.VII, pp.45-7 14V. JOHN (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4, JOHN 5, JOHN 6, WALTER 7, MALCOLM 8, JOHN 9) m.1. ? daughter of James Drummond of Coldoch 2. ? Elizabeth Douglas of Lochleven Sir John received the lands of Innerpeffry from his father. Issue 19I. JOHN- m. MARGARET STEWART (m.1. John, Lord Gordon)  II. Henry-



"The Scots Peerage"- Vol.VII, p.44 19I. JOHN (MALCOLM 1, MALCOLM 2, MALCOLM 3, MALCOLM 4, JOHN 5, JOHN 6, WALTER 7, MALCOLM 8, JOHN 9, JOHN 10) m. MARGARET STEWART (m.1. John, Lord Gordon) Margaret was the natural daughter of James IV and was legitimized by letters patent under the Great Seal 1 Feb. 1558/9. Issue     20I. MARGARET- m. ROBERT ELPHINSTONE II. Agnes- m.1. Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun, 2. Patrick Drummond III. _____ IV. _____ V. _____

Ref: "The Scots Peerage"- Vol.VII, p.44