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some Jyotish remedies in Telugu












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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Vastu Tips
A small lamp placed in the center of your hallway or flower vase are many good source to
welcoming energy to your home. If your hallway has limited space consider using
hangings/fixtures/decorative mirrors/artworks hung on the wall, rather projecting out from walk
area. This way we can avoid overcrowding of the corridor/hallway
Place a convex mirror on the outer wall of entrance facing outwards for protection from
negative energy.
A mirror facing the main door is one of the major hindrances to home and is strictly prohibited.
The reason is, that mirror facing the main door pushes away all the good energy which is about
to enter the house.
Buddha facing the front door is considered to keep the negative energies out of home. Buddha has
power to nullify the negative impacts at the house.

Those who wish to place Ganesha picture at the main entrance door should always place them
back to back to ward-off poverty (Daridrataa).
Water denotes wealth and so water element should flow inwards as it depicts that wealth also




flow towards you. Bowl filled with water, flowers or lemon kept facing the main door is
considered auspicious. Make sure to change the water regularly.
Salt is considered a symbol of purification. It is also a popular mineral used to cleanse and
purify homes filled with negative energy. Sea salt is commonly used to get rid of negative
energy and to allow balanced flow of energy inside the home. Bowl filled with sea salt to be
placed in home
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Lord Shiva in dreams

Seeing Shivling in dream

The message is to meditate daily. This dream comes from past life worship and desires to see
Lord Shiva. Shiva can be seen very clearly in meditation. Dreaming about Shivlinga means
victory, troubles and problems being eradicated, the gain in money and wealth. The dream of the
Shiv Lingam is a sign of completion or of coming wholeness in your experience of yourself. It
not only represents the power of life in us as it forms our body and person, but it is at its base
also the female power of creation.

Seeing Shiv Parvati together in the dream

If you see Shiva and Parvati together it means that new opportunities are at your doorsteps.
Soon you will get to hear news avenues of profit, travel, gaining food and food grains, wealth
and abundance. Seeing Shiva and Parvati together is a good omen.

Seeing Shiva dancing in the dream

Shiva tandava is considered as a sign of aggression and passion. But if you see Shiva dancing in
your dreams then it means that your problem will be resolved soon. It also reflects the that you
will achieve wealth but after some struggle.

Dreaming about Shiva temple

If you dream about Shiva temple, it represents that you will be blessed with two sons. Temples
in a dream also could mean recovering from an illness. If one is suffering from a migraine
headache sees his temples turn into iron in a dream, it means that he will find a cure for his




illness. Ones temples in a dream also may be interpreted as money.

Dreaming about Shiva's Trishul

Shiva's Trident signifies that Shiva is above all 3 states-wak ing, dreaming and sleeping,
yet he upholds all 3 states. If you dream about Trishul, it has some connection with past,
present and future or the agony of birth, life, and death. What relieves you from all the
problems and suffering is the Trishul. So it's a good omen.

Dreaming about Shiva's moon

The crescent moon on Shiva symbolizes wisdom. If you dream of a moon, it means that
you have to tak e some important decisions in life. This dream may have the connection
with your education sector.

Lord Shivas Third Eye

The third eye is associated with alertness and awareness. Dreaming about it means the
indication of some important changes in life. Dreaming about Shiva's Damru- Damru
symbolizes the Universe which is always expanding and collapsing. The darmru is also a
symbol of sound. Dreaming about it means a positive flow of energy in your personal and
profession life.

Dreaming about river Ganga flowing from Lord

Shivas head
Ganga means knowledge; knowledge that purifies your soul. The head is always the symbol of
knowledge. The heart is the symbol of love. If you see Ganga flowing from Lord Shiva's dream
it means to love, knowledge and prosperity.

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Sunday, 3 January 2016




Remedy for constant troubles

The practice is done if one is facing constant obstacles in ones life due
to problems in job, business, academics or there is a prediction given by
soothsayers of an impending danger. The practice finds its mention in
Durva Tantra ( a tantric work on the worship of Lord Ganesha). Lord
Ganesha the first to be worshiped is easy to appease and he is the
remover of obstacles. As the scriptures says , he can be appeased by
simple offering of Durva grass which can be easily found.
All that is needed is 11 durva grass ,10 durva grass to be tied with the
11th one. Sit in a meditative position facing east or northeast in either
padmasana ,sidhasana or normal sitting posture. Keep the durva in the
left hand palm and cover it with the right hand one and place your
enclosed palms near to the mooladhar chakra and chant 108 times the
basic mantra of Sri Ganesha (Om gam ganapathaye namah).
After the above thing is done, One can keep the durva with oneself for
7days or one can also feed the durva along with jaggery to a cow. If the
cow avoids eating the durva, it means one must experience the fruits of
the impending karma. the relief comes from the worship of Cow with
the above ritual to be done on Thursday.
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Saturday, 3 October 2015

The lucky charms


It is commonly sold by the name of lucky bamboo, but if it should be named

properly, should be called a friendship bamboo. Gi ing it to someone brings a
good luck charm for the receiver. As per Feng Shui, if you put the friendship
bamboo plant in eastern part of your room, it will increase your energy.

The three sides of a triangle represent life cycle of birth, maturity, and death;
thus, making it an inuen al structure. Triangles are found in Egypt mostly in
form of pyramids and they are found on the back of U.S. dollar as well.





Horseshoes are an eec ve good luck charms, as they draw the power and
strength of a horse. As per a legend of 10th century, a saint trapped a devil in a
horseshoe; hence, pu ng a horseshoe above the doorstep protects the house
from evil spirits.
Evil Eye

Evil eye has been featured from Middle east countries, as an evil helps to ward
o the eects of an evil eye that occurs due to malicious glance by other
people. Evil amulet bounces back the evil glance on the person.

Ladybugs are a good luck charm that bring prosperity in life. It is considered
more good, if the ladybug lands up on your hands. It is also said that if a woman
is newly married and a ladybug lands up on her hand; the spots on the back of
ladybug will decide the number of children the lady would have.

Lucky penny and Chinese coins are known as good luck charms in many
countries. Its believed that the coin will bring good luck only if you pick it with
its face on upper side. Also, keeping a coin on around neck or keeping it le
pocket brings good luck. Lot of people keep a coin in new coat, wallet, or pants
considering it as a good luck charm.

If someone possess a dragon, its power and strength are transferred to the
owner. It is known to be good luck charm for those who are seeking a success
in career or business, as it transfers the leadership skills and improves the
posi on in the concerned work

Pigs are a symbol of prosperity and wealth in Europe and few Asian countries.
As per Chinese mythology, pig represents honesty and zeal. This is the reason
behind that Pigs are the ones used to hold money and this made the piggy bank
culture more prevalent.
Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha has many statues, but the one that shows the laughing Buddha
is known as the lucky charm. If someone gi s the laughing Buddha to the
person, it brings good luck for the receiver. As per Feng Shui, if the idol is placed
in western part of home; it brings good luck.