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Sana-di-ge - Seafood Restaurant in Bangalore

Sana-di-ge is one of the finest Seafood Restaurant in Bangalore serving wide var
ieties of Coastal Cuisine. Sana-di-ge Seafood Restaurant is synonymous with seaf
ood lovers in Bangalore. Sana-di-ge is for those coastal cuisine lovers who will
not compromise on the authentic taste and seafood quality.
The menu is a seafood lovers dream with serving an eclectic blend of coastal cui
sine of India - Goan seafood, Maharashtrian delicacies, marvelous food from Kera
la and Mangalorean seafood cooked to perfection. It is this exotic mix that work
s best for our seafood restaurant. Sana-di-ge is an absolute essential and a mus
t-try for lovers of Seafood in Bangalore.
The light and airy restaurant boasts a traditional fish counter where you can se
lect the catch of the day - your favorite fish or crustacean and have it cooked
there and then to your liking on order. At Sana-di-ge seafood restaurant, we sto
ck a superb selection of fish and seafood sourced from the coastal towns of Indi
a to serve the best for our guests.
Kokum Kadi
(Mangalore's homemade, chilled, spicy Kokum fruit drink)
Ambyache Pani
(Malwan's famous chilled Mango nectar, flavoured with Saffron and spices)
Masala Moru
(Kerala's all-time favourite, chilled, spicy Buttermilk, with fresh Coriander le
Cardamom Lime Juice
(Lime Juice with Cardamom flavor)
Mangalorean Gobi Fry
(Cauliflower fried in typical home-style Mangalorean masala,
And tossed with Yogurt, Green Chilly and Curry leaves)
Raw Banana / Potato Fry
(Spice tempered, fried raw Banana / Potato)
Masala Bharela Papad (Stuffed Papad)
(Crisp Papads stuffed with mixed Vegetables and Herbs)
Kaju Kothimbir Vade
(Gram flour mixed with Cashewnuts, spices and Coriander leaves,
steamed and deep fried)
Mix Veg Ball Masala Dry
Corn Pakoda
(Tender Corn, mixed with Herbs, spices and Besan flour, and made into
crunchy fritters)
Kurkure Kebab
(Crispy fried vegetable dumplings, served with a Chef's choice of dip)
Non Vegetarian
Bharli Machchi
(Fresh Pomfret, stuffed with Green Herbs masala, and pan fried)
Shrimp Sukka Karwari
(Fresh Shrimps marinated, a special Karwari masala,
and lightly tossed with Onions and fresh pepper corns)
Theekha Yetti Fry
(Prawns, strongly marinated with fiery red Malwani masala and deep fried)
King Fish Cafreal
(Seer Fish Darns Marinated in an aromatic mixture of
Goan spices and Vinegar, and pan fried)
Raashi Pomfret
(Fresh Pomfret stuffed with baby Shrimps,
with Vindaloo masala, shallow fried)
Stuffed Jenji (2 pcs)
(Succulent shredded Crab meat, tossed with fiery Goan spices,
stuffed back into the Shell, and baked)
Yetti Meat Balls
(Minced meat sautéed with Onion & Tomatoes, tempered with
Goan masala, rolled with bread Croutons and fried)
Jenji Stuffed Capsicum
(Succulent Crab meat, cooked over a fierce heat, and stuffed
into Capsicum)
Yetti Butter Pepper Garlic
(King Prawns, seared to perfection, with clarified Butter, Pepper and Garlic)
Marvai Sukka
(Clams tossed along with dry Coconut masala)
(Rawa Fry / Masala Fry / Uppumunchi / Tawa Fry)
(Rawa Fry / Masala Fry / Tawa Fry)
(Rawa Fry / Masala Fry / Tawa Fry)
Silver Fish
(Rawa Fry)
(Rawa Fry / Masala Fry / Tawa Fry)
Yetti (Prawns)
(Rawa Fry / Masala Fry / Tawa Fry / Chilli Fry /
Butter Garlic Pepper)
Jenji (Crab)
(Masala Fry / Butter Garlic Pepper)
Meen Roast
(Fielt of Fish, marinated with Ginger and Lemon, cooked on the
griddle, served with Coconut flavoured sauce, tempered with
fresh Curry leaves and Mustard)
Meen Polichathu
(King Fish wrapped in Banana leaf, with a spicy
Kerala masala and shallow fried)
Jenji Pepper Fry
(Fresh Sea Crabs, cooked in spicy pepper masala, pan roasted till dry)
Kori Ghee Roast
(Chicken, marinated with freshly ground spices and roasted in Ghee)
Kori Sukka
(Country Chicken, tossed along with dry Coconut masala)
Kori Cafreal
(Half Baby Chicken, cooked in a green masala of Coriander,
Mint and Green Chilly (Goan Style)
Kerala Roast Kori
(Chicken, roasted till dry in spicy Kerala masala, with
fried Coconut dices)
Lamb Sukka
(Succulent Morsels of tender Lamb, cooked to perfection with
dry roasted Coconut masala)
Lamb Chilli Fry
(Tender Lamb Morsels, cooked with Goan Spices in
Chilly and Onion mixture)
Mix Veg Platter
(A combination of Kajukothambari Vade, Corn Paneer Tikka,
Mangalorean Gobi fry, Paneer Calangute, stuffed Mushroom)
Mini Seafood Platter
(Anjal masala Fry, Prawns Tawa fry, Squid Chilly, Clams Sukka)
Yetti Platter
(Prawns pepper fry, Prawns Tawa fry, Prawns masala fry,
Prawns rawa fry, Prawns Butter Pepper Garlic)
Sea Jenji Basket
(Stuffed Crab, Crab masala fry, Crab Chilly)
Combination Seafood Platter
(A combination of Pomfret Masala fry, King Fish Tawa fry,
Kane Rawa fry, Silver Fish fry, Mackerel Uppumunchi
Squid chilly, Clams sukka, Prawns Butter Pepper Garlic)
Anjal / Kane
(Masala / Gassi)
Jenji (Crab)
(Masala / Gassi)
Yetti (Prawns)
(Pullimunchi / Masala / Gassi)
Surmai Ambat
(Our famous style of boneless cubes of King Fish,
cooked in tangy and spicy gravy from Maharastra)
Karavali Jenji Curry (Sanadige Special)
(Fresh Sea Crab, cooked in delicious, spicy gravy)
Alleppy Meen Curry
(Fresh sear fish, simmered in moderately spiced
Gravy and raw Mango)
Jhinga Caldin
(Fresh Prawns, cooked delicately in spiced yellow Coconut
Curry with Ginger, Green Chilly, Garlic and Tamarind)
Yetti Hinga Kodi
(Prawns, cooked with Coconut gravy, blended with
Spices and asafetida)
Malabar Fish Curry
(Pomfret curry, medium spicy)
Kori Jeera Mire
(Tender pieces of Chicken west-coast style in Onion gravy,
flavoured with Cumin seed and Black pepper)
Kori Stew
(Succulent pieces of Chicken, cooked in Coconut milk and spices)
Kori Sana Di Ge
(Sanadige House Specialty, succulent boneless cubes of
Chicken, cooked in mildly flavoured might gravy)
Kori Kundapuri / Pullimunchi
Nati Kori Curry
(Country Chicken, cooked in typical Mangalorean Style)
Nadan Kozhi Curry
(Chicken, cooked in Kerala Style)
Lamb Stew
(Succulent Lamb Morsels, cooked in Coconut milk and spices)
Kerala Lamb Curry
(Lamb Morsels, seared in Kerala spices and then
smoothened in coconut milk, cooked in tangy and spicy
gravy from Maharastra)
Drumstick and Baby Onion Theyial
(Baby Onions and Drumstick, stewed in fresh roasted
tangy gravy)
Malabar Green Peas Curry
(Green peas, cooked in Coconut milk and Kerala spices)
Gola kadi
(Deep fried Chick Pea dumplings, cooked in mild tangy Curd
and Gram flour curry, tempered with Curry leaves
and Mustard seeds)
Bhindi Sole
(Hand-picked garden fresh Okra, cooked in a thick masala
Of Onions, Tomatoes, Kokum and topped with
Freshly grated Coconut)
Vegetable Stews
(An assortment of fresh Vegetables, cooked in
Coconut milk and spices, best eaten with Appams)
Basale Kadala Curry
(A must eat Sana-Di-Ge special)
(A malignance of vegetables and lentils, cooked home style)
(Marinated spiced meat or vegetable cooked with
Basmati rice and whole spices on slow fire)
Chicken Biryani
Mutton Biryani
Alleppy Fish Biryani
Calicut Prawns Biryani
Vegetable Biryani
Yetti Peri Peri
(Goan Prawns delicacy, served with Rice)
Yetti Tequila
(Prawns, cooked in Butter Garlic sauce, flamed with
Tequila & served with Rice)
SANA-DI-GE LUNCH THALI (served during weekdays)
Fish Thali
(Chefâ s choice of Fish rawa fry, Fish fry, Fish curry, 2 pcs
of Sanna, Vegetable, Pachady Chutney, Papad, Pickle,
Buttermilk, Rasam, served with Rice and Dessert)
Kori Thali
(Chicken Sukka, Chicked Pepper Fry, Chicken Curry, 2 pcs of Sanna,
Vegetable, Pachady Chutney, Papad, Pickle,
Buttermilk, Rasam, served with Rice and Dessert)
Vegetable Thali
(Chefâ s choice of four vegetables, Chapatti, Kosambari salad, Buttermilk,
Served with Rice and Dessert)
Sanna (3 nos)
Neer Dosa (4 nos)
Moode (1pc)
Pundi (4 nos)
Mangalorean Appam (2 nos)
Rice Roti
Chapatti (3 pcs)
Kerala Appam (2 nos)
Kerala Paratha (2 nos)
Sana Di Ge Basket
Boiled Rice
Steamed Rice
Basmati Rice
Curd Rice
Jumbo Crab / Jumbo Prawns / Lobster
Fish Tikka
Pomfret Tandoori
Jumbo Crab per gram
Jumbo Pomfret per gram
Lobster per gram
Jumbo Prawns 3 pc
Raagi / Rice Manni
Kashi Halwa
Ada Pradhaman
Gulab Jamun
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad with Ice Cream
Brownie with Ice Cream
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