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Los Baos, Laguna, Republic of the Philippines


Experience | Three years + seven months

Junior Specialist + Consultant Data Management | CURE Project
International Rice Research Institute at Los Baos, Laguna, PH
24 Nov 2015 03 May 2016
Provided technical advice on data management, graphical/statistical analyses as well as
support to researchers and partners in production and preparation of Knowledge
Management (KM) products for the Consortium for Unfavorable Rice Environments (CURE).
Performed data gathering, systems analysis and maintenance on CURE and its related projects
databases, websites. Includes collating, compiling, validating, encoding, checking the quality,
integrity and consistency of, and archiving data.
Generated documents such as data sheets and printouts for reports on activities and outputs
of CURE and related projects.
Junior Specialist Bioinformatics + Associate Bioinformatics Support | C4 Rice Proj.
International Rice Research Institute at Los Baos, Laguna, PH
01 Jun 2013 23 Nov 2015 ( Two years, five months, 23 days )
26 Sep 2012 31 May 2013 ( Eight months )
Wrote custom scripts/programs in Perl scripting language to process custom Bioinformatics
pipelines. ( Ex. Mapping back Sorghum bicolor 2.1 genes to in-house assembled genome of a
related variety, utilizing PostgreSQL database for precise sorting )
Provided technical help to higher level researchers in conducting Bioinformatics analyses in
the C4 Rice Project. Acknowledged as such in Two forward genetic screens for vein density G.
Rizal et. al (2015) as published in The Plant Journal
Created and administered Linux-based servers and/or virtual machines.
Set up a Drupal-based web portal hosted using Amazon Web Services aimed to make
available for easy access pertinent data regarding bioinformatics analyses, nucleic and protein
sequences as well as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and Insertion-deletions

University of the Philippines Los Baos
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Non-degree student - Biology

Graduated 28 Apr 2012

First Semester AY 2014-2015

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Technical Skills

Perl 5, PHP 5, R (statistical tool), C, C++, Python,

JavaScript (vanilla + jQuery), , Java, C#, Ruby


Operating Systems


Oracle 8
Ubuntu Linux ( Client & Server, 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS)
CentOS Linux ( Server, v5.7 )
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Amazon Web ( EC2servers, S3-storage ), DigitalOcean
Microsoft Office Suite 2003-2010
Basic Statistics
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Git version control system
TortoiseSVN - Subversion source control system
Microsoft Web Expression 3
Microsoft Expression Blend

Mark-up Languages
Content Management
Server admin +
command-line essentials


xML 1.0, HTML 4.01, xHTML 4.01, HTML5,

CSS 2.1 & 3.0, JSON
CodeIgniter Framework for PHP
Drupal 6, 7, 8
Apache Web Server ( configuration + .htaccess )
Linux shell tools & scripting ( vim, nano, shell/terminal
commands; Firewall configuration e.g. fail2ban,
iptables )
Filipino (Tagalog), English, a bit of Korean & Chinese
Amazon Web Services ( EC2, S3 ), DigitalOcean

Education (continued)

Non-degree student | First Semester, AY 2014-2015

University of the Philippines Los Baos

Took up an Introductory subject to Biology (BIO1) to have a fully immersive experience

leading to more understanding and appreciation of jobs demands.

Secondary School | 2nd 4th Year

President Diosdado Macapagal Memorial National High School

Bulaklakan, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro
First Honors

Secondary School | 1st Year

Sacred Heart Academy

Maligaya, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro

Elementary School | Grade 4 - 6

Gloria Central School

Maligaya, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro

First Honors

Elementary School | Grade 1 - 4

Novaliches Elementary School

Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila


Commission on Higher Education, Republic of the Philippines

Full Merit Scholarship

| Inclusive Years: 2008-2012

Related coursework
Basic Statistics

Object-oriented Programming

Web Programming

Design & Implementation of Languages

File Systems and Databases

Machine Level Programming & Logic Circuits

Introduction to Software Engineering

Numerical and Symbolic Computation

Principles of Accounting

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence

Data Communications & Networking

General Economics

Automata & Language Theory

Training + Seminar + Conference


07-08 May 2016

DrupalCon Manila

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise | Eton Centris, Quezon City

Drupal developers, enthusiasts and even beginners/novices came together for a two-day event to mainly
share and learn about the all-new, greatly improved version of this content management system (CMS),
Drupal 8. Lively talks for beginners up to advanced ones like securing your Drupal installation and
subjecting it to stringent cybersecurity practices were attractions in the conference.

05 May 2016

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit - Manila

Makati Shangri-La Hotel | Makati City
The renowned cloud computing pioneer and service provider, AWS briefed its target clientele of mainly
developers/programmers and executives on their current and new services that offer very excellent value
for money. Current customers who attested to their patronization of AWS which enabled them to be
more competitive include a virtual currency start-up, one of the biggest telecommunications company in
the country as well as the biggest fast food chain here.

22 Apr 2016

FOSS4GPH Workshops: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Melchor Hall, College of Engineering, University of the Philippines | Diliman, Quezon City
The organization OSGeo Philippines (OSGeo-PH), the University of Philippines Department of Geodetic
Engineering (UPD-GE), FOSSLab and OpenStreetMap-Philippines (OSM-PH) organized a series of
workshops and technical presentations showcasing free and open source for geospatial (FOSS4G) as part
of the PhilGEOS 2016 Conference. Participants were oriented and taught on the use of different FOSS4G
technologies and its application on Philippine government projects such as Project NOAH. See more at

29-31 Mar 2016

RDM101: Introduction to Research Data Management

PBGB Conf Room 1 , International Rice Research Institute | Los Baos, Laguna
The training covers research data planning; data collection, authentication and analysis; data storage,
backup and security; and data archival and sharing. Institute-recommended file management tools and
software were discussed. The full utilization of common Microsoft Office software for faster and more
efficient processing of research data was taught.

13 Jun 2015

Coderetreat Philippines

GlobeLabs, Globe Corporate Center | Valero St., Makati City

Enthusiasts of good programming practices and working with colleagues with regard to professional
coding/development were revisited and re-inculcated to the participants using various exercises.

15 Nov 2014

2014 UX Philippines Design Conference

Henry Sy Building, De La Salle University | Taft Avenue, Manila City

A day of inspiration, education and skills development for user experience (shorthand UX)
practitioners aims to inspire designers, developers, enthusiasts to learn more about improving
the human experience while adding business value. This conference is for anyone who wants to
learn what UX is and how it can make a difference in companys products and services.
A conference where it was imparted that human experience is essential if not core of business, greatly
shaping how our customers would accept or reject our services or products. Attendees were to attend
one of two workshops relating to the conferences objectives. One was facilitated by Ms. Whitney Hess, a
User Experience and Life Coach, where she outlined how to build a career on UX.

13-14 Sep 2013

Rootcon 7: The Philippines' Premier Hackers' Conference and InfoSec Gathering

Cebu Parklane Hotel | Cebu City, Cebu

With the organizers proudly labeling it as the "annual premier hacker conference" in the country, this
event is a very good venue for people looking to take a peek in having a career in the lucrative and
adrenaline rush-inducing Information Security section of the Computer Science/Information Technology
industry. For seven years in a row, ROOTCON has been the go-to event for local and international talents
to present their research with peers in the security industry (, 2013). People with different
backgrounds, from students, business process outsourcing agents up to white (and creepily) black-hat
proven computer hackers, come to acquaint themselves regarding Cybersecurity in this increasingly
electronically-connected generation. Discussions were large in scope, from so technical ones like lowlevel coding for testing the penetrability of hardened networks, disassembling complex software to
uncover malicious software, tackling the rise of mobile devices as an area of concern and opportunity, to
in-depth legal opinion and Social Sciences-inclined analysis.

12 Sep 2013

McAfee Executive Breakfast Roundtable

Cebu Parklane Hotel | Cebu City, Cebu

An event that is primarily intended for decision makers of the enterprise on the topics of Cybersecurity,
such as Chief Information Officers. This breakfast discussion sponsored by McAfee (a leading software
security solutions company), aims to update and inculcate the importance of paying great attention to
the security infrastructure of an enterprise by carefully describing in detail how infamous security attacks
from a decade back plus a few years were: how were they made, executed, spread, evolved and how the
software manufacturers as well as the enterprise responded. Better security practices and investments in
new technology, both hardware and software (of which the sponsor and its mother company, are
engaged in its sale/manufacture) are implied to be prudent, inevitable result and revolution as a reaction
to the ever-changing modus operandi of hackers and the like.

31 Aug 01 Sep 2013


International Rice Research Institute | Los Baos, Laguna

BIGAS2HACK is a two-day developer event and hackathon hosted by the International Rice Research
Institute (IRRI) and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and powered by SMART Developer Network
(SMART DevNet), the developer community for Smart's technology platform. Joined a team from the
Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRICE) who was a contender for the category wherein the aim was
to design a web-based user interface for the Institutes Oryza2000 program.

30-31 May 2013

Introduction to Bioinformatics Training Workshop

IT Learning Center, International Rice Research Institute | Los Baos, Laguna

Officiated by the Te Tzu Chang-Genetic Resources Center team, it is a basic training in bioinformatics.
Topics discussed included instruction and hands-on sessions on how to use various web applications and
standalone tools for various kinds of analyses, ex: Galaxy and NCBI databases. Aside, it was also tackled
what is the best algorithm or tools to use for depending on the circumstances, with respect to hardware
and software resources, size or magnitude of data to process, among others.


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