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Simplifying Trade Processed for Kenyas Competitiveness

HOTEL: MAY 27, 2016
The Principal Secretary, National Treasury, Dr. Kamau Thugge
The Principal Secretary, Ministry of Industrialization and Trade,
Dr. Chris Kiptoo
Distinguished Directors of KenTrade Board
Chief Executive Officers of various institutions
Ag. CEO, KenTrade
Representative from IFC
Distinguished Guests
Esteemed stakeholders
Ladies and Gentlemen
A very warm welcome to you all this evening.
On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of the Kenya Trade Network
Agency and indeed on my own behalf I welcome you to the official Launch of
the 2015/2016 2019/2020 Strategic Plan for the Kenya Trade Network

We are indeed delighted to have all of you here today and I wish to take this
opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to our Principal Secretaries
Dr. Kamau Thugge and Dr. Chris Kiptoo for gracing this occasion.
KenTrade as most of you are aware is a facilitator of one of the major flagship
projects under the Economic Pillar of the Kenya Vision 2030 which is
implementation of the National Electronic Single Window System (Kenya
TradeNet). Further, in line with the Mombasa Port Community Charter
(MPCC), KenTrade has a major role to play in addressing the challenges that
act as barriers to trade facilitation.
It is with this in mind that we set out to develop our second Strategic Plan
since we were established. This plan provides the road map towards our
Vision of being among the global leaders in e-commerce and trade facilitation. We
prepared the plan building on our experience during the previous plan period
and taking account of the dynamic operating environment and the challenges it
poses to the Agency so as to provide strategies and mechanisms that respond
adequately to the challenges and expected changes.
This Strategic Plan expresses the future aspirations of all the stakeholders of
the Agency. It is a framework through which we shall apply our resources and
strengths to exploit the available opportunities and confront any threats that
may face us towards achieving our mission. In this regard, we have adopted a
mission statement that is perfectly in line with our core mandate, which is,
facilitating trade by simplifying and harmonizing business processes through effective
management of the TradeNet System and provision of related services for Kenya's
global competitiveness.

As we all know, Strategic Planning provides the framework that facilitates

efficient and sustainable utilization of resources in the delivery of the core
business of an organization. The Plan helps organizations position themselves
strategically in their operational environment by aligning effectively to the
changes taking place in that environment. In this regard, we have in this plan
identified key strategic themes that require intervention during the planning
period. The strategic themes formed the basis for the setting of strategic
objectives for the agency for the next five years. The strategic themes that we
will focus on during this plan period are:
1. Legal and Regulatory Framework;
2. Management of the Single Window System;
3. Enhanced Customer Service;
4. Business Development and Marketing; and
5. Institutional capacity development and sustainability.
To address these strategic themes, we have developed the following strategic

To have appropriate legal and corporate governance frameworks in

place by year 2020.


To maintain at least 99.982% availability of the Kenya TradeNet System.


To facilitate reduction of cargo clearance time from 4.5 days to an

average of one day and reduction of cost of doing business across
borders by at least 10% by 2020.


To increase quality and timeliness of service delivery to stakeholders by

increasing customer satisfaction level by 3% annually from the current
baseline of 74%.


To raise internally generated funds to finance at least 20% of the

Agencys operating budget by year 2020.


To increase operational efficiency in service delivery.

vii. To ensure optimum productivity and enhanced service delivery by

continuously developing the human capital of the Agency
To achieve these objectives, appropriate strategies and actions for each
strategy were identified. In addition, the implementing actors, the time frame,
the expected outcome and output indicators were determined. These have
been documented in an implementation plan presented in chapter five of the
strategic plan that we are launching today.
Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
As we embark on the implementation of this plan we are aware that its
successful implementation will require a combined effort of the various
stakeholders. However, the primary responsibility of implementing this plan
lies with the board, management and employees of KenTrade. In this
connection, the Board is committed to ensuring successful implementation of
this Strategic Plan and will continuously provide an enabling environment to
facilitate the management and staff realize their full potential. Additionally, the
board together with the management will endeavour to build and sustain
linkages and collaborations with all our stakeholders to enhance synergy among
players in trade facilitation in pursuit of the realization of the Kenya Vision
Finally Distinguished Guests Ladies and Gentlemen, I take this opportunity to
sincerely thank the entire team that was involved in the preparation of this

Strategic Plan, including my Board of Directors, Management and all staff for
their commitment during the process. I am optimistic that we have what it
takes to achieve the objectives set out in this strategic plan.
As I conclude my remarks, I once again wish to express our sincere
appreciation to our two Principal Secretaries who are with us today, all our
Stakeholders including Private sector, Partner Government Agencies and
Development Partners joining us this evening to witness the launch of our
second Strategic Plan.
With these remarks it is now my pleasure to invite the Principal Secretary of
the Ministry of Industrialization and Trade to make his remarks.
I thank you all for your attention.

Gen.Joseph Kibwana (Ret) CBS, EGH