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Holy Queen




2014 Ocotber 25 - No
vember 9
A prayerful pigrimage through the Holy lands of the Bible.
Everyday HolyMass, Rosary Prayer, service of the word of God,
prayers for blessings and anointment etc, giving you an experience of
spiritual awakening.

All are welcome

Led by

Tom Zacharia and Catherine Mariam.

Join this pilgrimage and obtain blessings...

Organized by Riya Travels, Eranakulam
No amount will be demanded more than as required by the travel agency.
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Holy Queen


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The Imitation
of Mary
Mary is filled with delight and is constantly
gladdened by the song of the Angels; but she rejoices when
human beings serve her, because this gives greater glory
to God and brings salvation to many. She is moved by the
tears of the poor, shares the sufferings of the afflicted,
helps the tempted in their hour of danger, and hears the
prayers of the devout.
Those who turn to her with confidence and
humility and invoke her sweet and glorious name will
not go away empty handed.
She has many allies, and the choirs of Angels obey
her; thus she can send all these to help the abandoned.
She orders demons not to dare tempt those who have
sought her aid and placed themselves under her protection.
Evil spirits go in terror of the Queen of heaven
and flee as if they were fleeing fire, as soon as they hear
her holy name. They are afraid of the holy and dreaded
name of Mary, whereas this name is supremely loved and
everywhere invoked by Christians.
The demons do not dare to appear or exercise their
deadly powers wherever the name of Mary most holy
shines forth; they need only to hear this name and they
are hurled violently to the ground, as though a lightning
bolt from heaven had descended on them. And the more
frequently her name is invoked with fervent love, the more
quickly do they flee and the farther off they go.

Holy Queen


Holy Queen
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Desire not for Rewards

Joshy Pandari

Here is the Man

Thressiama A.D.
Nothing is impossible...
Baby Jose
Saint of the Month

He is a liar and the father of lies

Devasia A.D.


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WOMAN of the
City of the Sun,
Clothed with the Sun
Many are the events reported from various parts of the world where
Holy Mary appeared and revealed herself. In all such places, churches have
been built in honour of holy Mother and they subsequently have become
pilgrimage centers.
Never have I heard of any instance reported from anywhere in the
world wherein the God of heaven descends upon this earth, takes over a
land and declares it as the land of holy Mary. Yet, what happened at
Surianalli was exactly that. Our Lord taking over a plot and declaring it
as the land of Mary, ordering the construction of a grotto there for Mother
Mary, and declaring it as the land of blessing - that was what exactly happened at Surianalli. Today, Maryland at Surianalli is the land of blessing
and anointment for many.
On the 15th of May 2007, some of us had an occassion to reach
Surianalli. It was to take part in the funeral of the mother of a brother of
Holy Queen


our ministry that we reached his house at Adimaly in Idukki district of Kerala. After the
services there we proceeded to my fathers house at Surianalli 60 kms away. It was to visit
and console my father bereaved at the death of my mother. Before return we were praying,
when, all at once Mother Mary came over. Mother asked, Are you returning after this
much a prayer? The enemy is trying to destroy your land. Unless you raise strong prayers,
great ruin will befall this land.
There was a special reason for Mothers warning. In those days, at nearby Munnar
and surrounding places, the buildings of many innocent people had been destroyed by
officials of the govt. of Kerala. Under the pretext of encroachment eviction land deeds
were cancelled. We were witnessing govt officials acting like dictators to devastate the
I had resided at Munnar for a few years fefore 2000. It was then a totally underdeveloped area, without even a standard hotel for the tourists who arrive to enjoy the landscape. All shops were under the ownership of tamil merchants, including private lands.
Some of them were purchased by the native people who built hotels and resorts there. The
development that followed was unprecedented. Many People from cities like Eranakulam
purchased land and built buildings in and around Munnar.
All these were labelled as encroachments by the then Cheif Minister Achuthanandan,
and he despatched his officers to Munnar with unreined powers under the pretext of enforcing eviction. What followed was their totalitarianism. Many land deeds were labelled
as fake and cancelled. Beautiful buildings were pulled down and the land appeared like a
burial place with bush and bits.
The destruction at Munnar then extended to nearby Chinnakkanal. Officials sent
notice for pulling down a resort. I have contacts with Surianalli since 1970, and this resort
was in a registered land even before that. If that was pulled down it would mean havoc to
many similar buildings. Court judjments were against them. Lands were being seized,
labelling their deeds as fake. It was at this juncture that we reached Surianalli and prayed.
In that prayer we had offered these incidents; it was then that Mother Mary came and
We decided to call together all the counsellors of the ministry, and then started a 3
day prayer session at Devikulam on June 1, 2007, at an ordinary resort. Earlier it was a
retreat centre and Spirit in Jesus had conducted several retreats there. It was evening and
we were about 20 people praying together. Mother Mary came over again and asked us,
Where are the remaining ones? As per Mothers direction we called together the remaining counsellors over phone for prayer. On that day Mother asked, Can you say 1000
Rosaries and offer? I agreed. The ministry decided to pray rosary continuously and offer

Holy Queen


the 1000 Rosaries. That prayer subsequently grew into the present Rosary
By the second day, the remaining counsellors also reached. The
prayer on that day was in the church
at Surianalli. The vicar co-operated
in this common issue, offered the
Holy Mass and public adoration.
The 3rd days prayer was at my
fathers house and nearby places. After those prayers, not even a single
building could be destroyed by the
officials. We prayed for the courts
also. And their attittude changed.
Earlier the courts allowed no stays, but
now all stay petitions were being allowed.
The three day prayer session
was just a beginning Two more times we came together to pray. The third one deserves
special mention. On 22nd of October 2008, 33 people of the ministry came together for
prayers under the leadership of a priest. Our stay and prayers were in a building at
Surianalli, owned by my brother. The 3rd days prayer was at my fathers house. Spirit in
Jesus had no land or house of its own. My father therefor, had told me that he intended to
give some land for the ministry. After prayers till noon time, we proceeded with my father
to the hills to receive the land to be shown by him. We were standing at the road near to the
plot that he intended to give. There was drizzling. The priest was carrying the body of
Christ in a ciborium. We started praising the Lord, and lo, Jesus and Mother Mary came
Everything thenceforth turned out to be heavenly. The Lord spoke through a person who had the heavenly experience of seeing and speaking directly to Jesus, Mary, the
angels and saints. The Lord enquired my father all about the land - its extent, price and the
like. Father furnished all the details and said that he intended to give the land, about 3
acres, free but Jesus put a price for the land - Rs. 3 crores. Jesus said that heaven was taking
over the land. Thus the land became the Lords. Jesus also told on that day that the land
would be known as Maryland, (meaning Marys land). In return for my father donating
the land to the Lord, he was blessed more than double, and still continues to be blessed.
Holy Queen


After the Lord taking over the land,

He asked me to dig a pit at a spot pointed
out by Himself. Taking a stick I dug a small
pit. The Lord then directed four brothers of
the ministry to bring 2 stones. They searched
the whole land and brought 2 stones. The
Lord told me to erect and fix those stones in
the pit. I did so, erecting one beside the other.
Today those stones are kept there on the
same spot in a glass casket.
And then, Mother Mary appeared.
It was drizzling then. Years back when
Bombay Marian Centre was started, the
Lord had revealed that Holy Mary, the
woman clothed with the sun, would descend
at the Sun City (Surianalli) with the brilliance of the Sun. Now it was with the brilliance of the Sun that Mother Mary appeared at Suncity (Surianalli).
Since the erection of the 2 stones,
many people have been visiting that place.
All who prayed standing there were blessed.
Healing for the sick, deliverance from debts,
children for the childless, removal of marriage hindrances, blessings in business, new
houses, new vehicles and the like needs and
wants of life were fulfilled. It is on
wednesdays that most people arrive.
After some days the Lord directed to
build a grotto at the place where the stones
were erected. When the Lord detailed the
shape and size and majesty of the grotto, I
was awestruck. As he directed, a grotto was
construced there within one year.

Portent in the Sun

While the construction work of the
grotto was going on, the day arrived for con-

Holy Queen


creting the roof. A few of us had reached

there. About 30 people including brothers
of the ministry and labourers, took their
positions on the ladders from bottom to top,
so that the concrete mix would reach the top
changing hands. About 20 of us from various districts were standing on the ground.
We started rosary prayer and they started
concreting work. It was all-of-a-sudden that
the grand vision appeared in the sky. The
sun was shining brilliantly above our heads
and yet we had no difficulty looking at the
sun direct. A brilliant round glow around
the sun, and a rainbow around the glow, and
a glow of light within the round rainbow.
Rainbow appears with its two ends fixed on
earth, but the rainbow here was round the
sun. Quite away from the sun another rainbow also appeared, around the sun.
That magnificiant sight remained in
the sky until the 153 beads Rosary was finished, about 2 hours. As we were looking,
Holy Virgin Mary appeared. She told us,
This is a sign from heaven for you. The
sign was for you to believe that God the
Father is with you. Be not afraid, proceed
ahead with courage. Heaven will be with
you. Mother said so because in those days
many in the ministry were suffering and sad
because of the intimidations and disciplinary steps taken against some of them by
church authorities. Mother further said,
Whatever you pray during this concreting
work, heaven will do it for you. So you
spread this good news world wide. Those
present there immediately called their near
and dear ones over their mobiles. On later
days we could here the testimonies of many

who thus received blessings.

On 8th December 2012, on the feast
of Immaculate Conception, the grotto was
blessed. About 2000 brethren of the ministry reached Surianalli. First anniversary was
celebrated on 8th December 2013. Among
the 80 odd brethren from Mumbai, there was
one young man coming for the first time.
He was an addict to drinks and drugs and
smoke, and had attempted suicide, jumping
from a bridge to the sea. Fishermen saved
him and returned him home. They approached Spirit in Jesus centre at Mumbai,
seeking help. They brought him to Maryland. He obtained miraculous deliverance
and healing.
Let me record another testimony
also, that of a native tamil woman. One day
her sheep were not seen. In spite of searching the whole land, the sheep and its two
kids could not be found. Sad and lost she
came to the grotto, kindled candles and
prayed. When she reached home, she found
her sheep and kids standing in the courtyard.
There are other hundreds of testimonies but
I do not write them here. Maryland is the
land decided by God to bless this world
through Mother Mary.
Close to Maryland there is a mountain. Climbing to its top is a heavenly
expereince. Because of the mighty presence
of the Lord at its top I had named it holy
mountain, but the Lord called it Lords
Mountain. It was while at its top that the
young man from Mumbai received the deliverance. The Lord said that the land would
be known as the City of the Sun (Isa 19:18).
Holy Queen


On all wednesdays from 12th March 2014 to 7th May, services were held at Maryland. Of them, 7 wednesdays were declared by the Lord as days of blessing. May 7 was the
7th wednesday. The intention of that day was the glorification of Holy Mary. After the
commencement of the 7 wednesday services, Jesus had said that the grotto has a special
name and so to pray to get it disclosed. Sign boards bearing Mothers grotto had been
prepared beforehand. On the 7th wednesday the Lord said that this grotto is of The woman
clothed with the sun, mentioned in Revelation chapter 12: A great portent appeared in
heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a
crown of twelve stars (Rev 12:1). Presently we are at work to remove the statue of our
Lady of Lourdes already placed at the grotto and install the statue of the woman clothed
with the sun. I pray that the holy land of the woman clothed with the sun at Surianalli, the
City of the Sun, may become the source of blessing for the whole world. The Lord had
earlier warned us not to make public anything about the grotto till he allows. That was
why these matters were not published. But during the Rosary rally held on the feast day of
8th December 2013, Jesus told us, Let the world know that there is a grotto of Mother
Mary in this land.
What I have given hitherto is a truthful detailing of facts. Spirit in Jesus is a great
plan of God. Though the world scorn us, we have a Lord with us who loves us, who has
chosen and deputed us, who has placed great trust and hope in us, for which, with a grateful heart, I praise and glorify God the Father. Amen.
Tom Zacharia, Cheif Editor.

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Holy Queen


My Own Holy Spirit

Tom Zacharia
On the day I called, you answered me, You increased my strength of soul (Ps

The third factor that leads to anointment of the Holy Spirit is the power of the
Holy Spirit. Before His ascension, Jesus said to his disciples, But you will receive power
when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in
all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth(Acts 1:8). What is the power that
one receives at the advent of the Holy Spirit? The Psamist says: You increased my
strength of soul (Ps 138:3). Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and
realized that they were uneducated and ordinary men, they were amazed and recognized them as companions of Jesus(Acts 4:13). The word testifies that Peter and John
became couragous. Those who were cowards and were remaining indoors for fear of
the Jews, became strong when they received courage.
The strength that Holy Spirit gives one is courage. The Psalmist also says the
same - that the Lord increased the strength of my soul. When the high priests of the
Jewish council warned Peter and John not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus,
what they replied was, Whether it is right in Gods sight to listen to you rather than to
Holy Queen



God, you must judge; for we cannot keep

from speaking about what we have seen and
heard.(Acts 4:19,20).
It was the high priests who warned
the apostles. They were the ones who had
crucified Jesus. The same rulers were now
threatening the apostles. Both Peter and
John knew that the rulers had authority to
get them killed just as they had killed Jesus.
But they were not afraid of death or other
punishments, because the Holy Spirit had
made them strong. Hence they did not deny
Jesus; neither did they give up their call and
After that, when they returned to
their friends and reported what the rulers
had said, they raised their voices together
and prayed to God. When they had prayed,
the place in which they were gathered together was shaken; and they were all filled
with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of
God with boldness (Acts 4:31).
The Lord said to Joshua only to be
strong and very courageous (Joshua 1:7,9).
The word makes it clear that what one receives through the Holy Spirit is courage.
People are often slaves of fear. Fear separates man from God. A coward cannot trust
or beleive in God. Fear is the strength of
the devil. The root cause of fear is sin. When
Adam sinned he became afraid of God. It
was not fear of God but a fear that arises
from the sense of guilt. Where there is sin,
there is fear. Till he commited sin Adam had
loved God and was filled with love of God.
When he commited sin the soul not only
lost its relationship with God but it also
came under the power and reign of the devil.
Cause of fear is the absence of the love of


Holy Queen


God. Lack of love of God makes one slave

of fear. Where there is love of God, there is
no fear. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do
with punishment, and whoever fears has not
reached perfection in love (1 Jn 4:18).
Perfect love is Gods love. When one
is filled with love of God, fear departs. Sin
causes fear. Fear makes one mentally
imbalanced. There are many on this earth
who take incurable medicines for a life-time
and remain like mentally retarded. No medicine of this earth can cure a mental disease
caused by fear. They take tablets like sleeping pills and continue to pull on. But the
word of God is capable of curing an illness
caused by fear. If one plucks out sin and allows the Holy Spirit to reside in his heart,
fear will depart and the illness will be cured.
Gods love has been poured into our hearts
through the Holy Spirit that has been given
to us (Rom 5:5).
The way for delivarance from fear is
to become filled with Holy Spirit. For receiving the Holy Spirit one must receive the
word, one must be purified. Love of God
the Father is cure for all diseases. For God
did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but
rather a spirit of power and of love and of
self-discipline(2 Tim 1:7).
The courage that Holy Spirit gives
one makes him strong. Servants of the Lord
should be courageous. When we become
filled with love of God through the Holy
Spirit and become free from fear, we become strong. Courage is most essential for
being a witness to the Lord. Otherwise, the
words from the world that launch like flaming arrows of the evil one (Eph 6:16) will

upset the mind and make one disheartened.

To encounter such arrows one needs strong
faith in God. The word exhorts to wear faith
as the shield (Eph 6:16). Those who lack
strong faith in their hearts will get shatterd.
But if you wear faith as a shield, it will destroy the sharp arrows of the evil one.
Courage of mind can be obtained
through several phases : (1) Hear the word
and be washed with the word, (2) Find out
ones sins and pluck them out and get deliverance, (3) Get cleansed with the blood of
Jesus, (4) Pray for the Holy Spirit and get
filled with Holy Spirit. Only through such
a process can one become strong in spirit.
One who performs service for the Lord
should fix his feet on stable rock, that is , he

should be firmly convinced about the word

that he believes in. Do not ever grieve the
Holy Spirit that dwells in you.
Bear the sufferings that befall you in
your daily life. There are sufferings that God
allows for ones deep sanctifiction. Discern
them and receive them. Sufferings double
ones purification. Whoever does not carry
the cross and follow me cannot be my disciple (Lk 14:27).
When one puts into practice these
basics he will start to become infilled with
the Holy Spirit. This infilling will gradually
lead one to the state of the Spirit overflowing from him. True anointment is such an
overflow of the power of the Holy Spirit.
(will contiue)


I rejoice at your word like one who finds great spoil.(Ps 119:162)
My name is Prince Joseph, now working as nurse at Melbourne, Australia. It
was in August 2003 that I first attended a Spirit in Jesus retreat. In the next month I went
to Mysore to study nursing. The retreat imparted in me strong convictions in various
matters like devotion to Mother Mary, meaning of the Holy Mass, life of holiness, power
of the Rosary etc. Through the retreat the Lord helped me to withstand with
selfconfidence unfavourable situations in life.
In 2009 I reached Australia on study visa. But when the studies were over some
legal reforms came in the way of employment for nurses from abroad. To become
qualified after reaching Australia became very difficult. Some of the classmates returned
home. It seemed as if I too would have to return after spending lakhs for studies. At this
juncture, my father, mother and elder brother at home held a 3 day fasting and rosary
prayers, and requested for prayers at Marian koodaram. In addition they attended a
Spirit in Jesus retreat at Kumily and decided to donate a best quality keyboard to the
ministry for the service of the Lord. God was faithful in his promise and acted as per Jn
14:14 If in my name you ask me for anything I will do it. All unfavourable situations
were changed immediatly and registration was obtained within hours. Without much
delay I got employed, and am now working at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia.
I offer praise and thanks to my heavenly Father who protected me under his
wings until the storm of destruction passed by.
Prince Joseph, Melbourne, Australia.
Holy Queen



Desire not for Rewards

Joshy Pandari
About twenty years back, at a time when I was president of the St. Vincent de
Paul Society of our parish. Some young men were with us and with Gods grace we
could do many works of charity. God also allowed me to see through the diverse life
situations of many people. We could provide treatments for the sick, houses for the
homeless, arrangements for self-employment for youg people and acts like that. Some
of the beneficiaries held us in great affection, some others viewed the services as
their rights, which had caused some minor difficulties.
Let me share here an instance which had touched the pain cords deeply. We
came to know about a couple in their old age, sick and helpless, and we started
helping them. They had no children, and relatives were not helpful. They considered


Holy Queen


us as their own children and we gave the

considerations due to parents. We became
their regular visitors and we loved them a
lot. Life of despair changed into a life of
happiness and hope. That grandpa was an
exserviceman whose looks of seriousness
gradually gave way to softer modes due to
our presence. Grandma had great deposits
of goodness in her heart. The food we made
at my home during feasts like Christmas and
Easter would be shared with them; we
would eat food only after their share is taken
to their house about 1.5 kms away. My
parents too loved them.
As days passed by, Grandmas health
deteriorated due to cancer. For taking her
to hospital and for staying at her bedside
during operations and treatments, only
myself and other members of the society
were with her. None of her relatives turned
up. We were helping them even beyond the
limits of the bylaws of the society. A few days
passed and grandma passed away. We
consoled grandpa and made all
arrangements for the funeral. Since we
thought it our duty we informed the
relatives. Some of them turned up during
the funeral. They put up a show of great love
towards grandpa. They offered to conduct
the funeral and to pay the expenses, but we
declined their offer since they had never
bothered even to turn up in the past. We
asked grandpa what was his opinion. By that
time the relatives had succeeded in bringing
him to their side. It must have been with an
eye on grandpas property, though little.
Grandpa thought they would love and look
after him. To our great dismay grandpa told
us, this is our family matter, what have you
to do with it?. Hearing it, those present

there blamed grandpa for forgetting so easily

our help. Painfully shocking was his reply,
You too must have taken from the fund
collected for helping us, and we have not
rightly received what was due to us.
Reaching home deeply grieved and
offended, I put an end to my activities with
the society.
Without much delay I went abroad
on employment. Even there my grief
continued. Returning home after two years,
I came to know that the grandpa was at some
distant retreat center and was not coming
home. One day, quite unexpectedly I
happened to meet him at a certain place in
a state of needing help. I took him home
and did for him what was required. He
asked me pardon for misunderstanding and
grieving me, and prayed, blessing me and
my family.
Each one of us have done many good
things in life. It is quite unlikely that we
received the love and praise that we expected
from the beneficiaries. It is our usual
complaint why so-and-so acted like that to
me even after helping him so much. I too
have grumbled on unexpected experiences
from others. Our mind desires for praise and
recognition. The reason is our selfishness.
We often do good longing for rewards.
When we give a wedding gift we wish a
similar one in return. I wish that the one
who has been blessed through my prayers
be grateful to me. I insist that the poor
beneficiary of my bounty should praise me.
In fact we desire for rewards even from our
partner in life and family members.
Jesus tells us, And if you lend to
those from whom you expect to receive,
Holy Queen



story of a king who once asked his minister to

make an account of his wealth. Accounts
disclosed enough wealth for the welfare of
eight generations. The story tells that the king
became worried about his 9th generation. It is
a reflection of todays man.

what credit is that to you? Even sinners

lend to sinners, to get back the same
amount. But love your enemies, and do
good, and lend, expecting nothing in
return, and your reward will be great, and
you will be sons of the Most High, for he
is kind to the ungrateful and the evil. Be
merciful, even as your Father is merciful
(Lk 6:34-36). God blessed us and
showered his mercy upon us, not
expecting any rewards from us. By giving
his own life for us, Jesus showed us the
model for doing good without expecting
rewards. For we are his workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand, that we
should walk in them (Ephe 2:10). Not
that I should receive but that I should give
- that was what Jesus taught. Goodness
has become irrelevant in a world filled
with selfishness. No matter how much is
received, ones desire to acquire more is
not quenched, making one more and
more self-centered and selfish. There is the


Holy Queen


He said also to the man who had

invited him, When you give a dinner or a
banquet, do not invite your friends or your
brothers or your relatives or rich neighbours,
lest they also invite you in return and you be
repaid. But when you give a feast, invite the
poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you
will be blessed, because they cannot repay you.
For you will be repaid at the resurrection of
the just (Lk 14:12-14). When we love and help
my brother, it should not be expecting rewards.
It is God who should reward us. If we desire
or receive rewards, we may not be fortunate to
receive the rewards God has prepared for us.
Rewards from God may not be as we intended,
what we intended or at the time we intended.
But one thing is certain - all good acts will be
rewarded, from God alone. Whoever is
generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and
he will repay him for his deed (Pro19:17).
How much more invaluable is the everlasting
gift of heaven than any perishable reward from
this world! Jesus tells us, And whoever gives
one of these little ones even a cup of cold water
because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he
will by no means lose his reward (Mt 10:42).
Doing good shall not be considered as
something of superior value. It should be
forgotten, without keeping it in mind. The
word tells us that even the left hand should not
know what the right hand does. Remembering
good things done means we desire for rewards.
When it is not received we may slip into hatred
and loss of love. We know the life stories of

Mother Theresa, Fr. Damien etc who

passed away doing good for many a people,
inspired by the life of Jesus. None of them
did these good for worldly rewards or fame.
When we do good longing for praise of this
world, nothing remains to be received from
God. It turns out to be a fruitless act. The
act done and the money spent loose value
before God and become barren. The graces
of mercy and sympathy in us also become
fruitless. What good is it, my brothers, if
someone says he has faith but does not have
works? Can that faith save him? (Jam
Havent we seen those who say, I
did good but it produced harm for me; no
more doing good! The reason behind is the
culture of commerce and loss-or-profit
ideas in us. That is an evil. Whoever
oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but
he who is generous to the needy honours
him (Prov 14:31). Doing good is ones
duty, not generosity. But if anyone has the
world's goods and sees his brother in need,
yet closes his heart against him, how does
God's love abide in him? Little children, let
us not love in word or talk but in deed and
in truth(1 Jn 3:17-18). When praised or
recognised, my attitude must only be that I
have only done my duty. On the contrary,
If I take pride of it, it brings forth shoots
of pride and selfishness, creating obstacles
for the blessings due to me. Whoever has
a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares
his bread with the poor(Pro 22:9).
In Mathew 25:31-46 we read about
the rewards to be pronounced in the last
judgement. The word tells that food given
to the hungry, drink given to the thirsty and
care given to the sick were all done to God

Then the King will say to those on his right,

Come, you who are blessed by my Father,
inherit the kingdom prepared for you from
the foundation of the world (Mt 25:34). Let
every act of goodness become deposits for
acquiring eternal life. They are to do good,
to be rich in good works, to be generous and
ready to share, thus storing up treasure for
themselves as a good foundation for the
future, so that they may take hold of that
which is truly life (1 Thimo 6:18-19).
Those who received our help may
forget us, but we shall not forget those who
helped us. We shall first be thankful to God,
since He has been always helping us. Often,
His help would be through other persons and
therefore we shall be grateful to such persons
also. Do to others as you would have them
do to you(Lk 6:31). Arent there many who
have crossed through our life, helping us
spiritually and materially? We are obliged to
remember them and love them gratefully. If
they are forgotten for some temporary gains,
it remains in life as a debt.
May Mother Mary who was full of
goodness, who was co-redeemer along with
her son, help us to do good always. We must
do everything with Mary, that is to say, in all our
actions we must look upon Mary, although a
simple human being, as the perfect model of
every virtue and perfection, fashioned by the
Holy Spirit for us to imitate, as far as our limited
capacity allows. In every action then we should
consider how Mary performed it or how she
would perform it if she were in our place. For
this reason, we must examine and meditate on
the great virtues she practised during her life

(True Devotion to Mary, para.260). May the

power of the Holy Spirit that was full in Mary
help us for this. Amen.
Holy Queen



My name is Mercy DSouza, residing at Mumbai. I could participate in the Miracles
in Rosary service conducted by Spirit in Jesus at Goa on 31-5-2014. I have been
suffering from swelling on the legs and pain in the uterus for rather a long time. During
the healing prayer by Tom brother both the ailments were cured. I praise and thank
I am Brijitha, from Goa. I participated in the Miracles in Rosary service at
Goa on 31-5-2014. For two years I was suffering from spondiletis. I was unable to
move my hands up and down or to turn my neck. During the healig prayer, Tom
brother prayed for me on the stage and I was completely cured. I could move my
hands and neck freely. Thank you Jesus.
Balpina Pereira from Goa: During the Miracles in Rosary service at Goa on
31-5-2014, Tom brother prayed for me. I had pain on the neck, on the eyes and all
over the body. Brother prayed that every pain should go, and they did go. Heaviness
of heart also was healed. Praise you, thank you Jesus.
I am Maria, from Vasai, Mumbai. I participated in the Miracles in Rosary at
Vasai, Mumbai on 2014 June 15. I had lost the grace to pray and I was suffering from
tension and other problems. When Tom brother talked about the love of the Father in
heaven, I felt recovered from all burdens and tensions. I could experience the Fathers
love like a vibration within me. I praise and adore you Father.
I am Kanchan Mary from Mumbai. When Tom brother prayed for the infilling
of the Holy Spirit (at Mumabi on 15-6-2014) I felt like live electric waves passing
through me. I am blessed with Fathers love. O Father, I love you.
Carol, Mumbai. I attended the Miracles in Rosary at Mumbai on 15-6-2014.
The talk by Tom brother on Fathers love so touched me. I had an emptiness in heart
for want of fathers love from childhood. Now Abba Father filled that emptiness
with His love and I could really experience that love and call Him Abba Father. Great
is His name!


Holy Queen


Maria Pinto, Mumbai : When Tom brother prayed for Abba Fathers love, during
the programe on 15-6-2014, rays of light came and filled me and I felt so good. Thank
you Father in heaven.
Stephy, Malad : I participated in the Miracles in Rosary on 15-6-2014. I could
experience the love of my heavenly Father with its warmth and goodness. I felt myself
to be very precious and valuable. Even though my parents love was there, I felt the
complete love now, making me feel very good.
I am Monica from Vasai. For three years I was afflicted with migraine. Every
morning severe pain and I was always late in attending the office. I participated in
several services of Spirit in Jesus through which the severity of the pain lessened. During
Miracles in Rosary at Vasai on 15-6-2014, I was completely cured. Even the very thought
of the pain frightens me, it was so severe. Praise you Jesus.
Xavier, Malad. Tom brothers tallk on Fathers love was so touching. When praying
Our Father, I see a broad white hand extending to me, which I see as a symbol of my
heavenly Fathers love. I love you, Father in heaven.
Mary, Borivally: I attended the Miracles in Rosary at Vasai on 15-6-2014. It was for the
first time that I was hearing about Fathers love. Beforehand, I used to pray to Jesus and
Mary only, and to Holy Spirit after coming to Spirit in Jesus. During the talk I realized
that I was ignoring my Father and that my Father was really grieving for the love of His
children. I promised that hereafter I will return the love of the Father. I love you, Father
Dolia, Vasai : God arranged for me to participate in the Miracles in Rosary at Vasai on
15-06-2014. The talk by Tom brother on Abba Fathers love so deeply touched me,
especially as it was based on Jeremiah 3:19. I said, How I would set you among my
sons, and give you a pleasant land, a heritage most beautiful of all nations. And I
thought you would call me, My Father, and would not turn from following me. When
Tom brother laid his hands on me I really experienced that love of the Father. I was
attending kitchen duty and hence could not attend the talks. I had a bad injury on my
thigh due to which I could not sit. That injury was cured on that day. I had the grace of
healing but myself was suffering from thyroid, B.P. etc. One month back, Tom brother
had told me to pray for ancestors and I was praying. During the service day, I took in all
sorts of food served there and I had no complaints. Praise you Jesus, Love you Father.
Holy Queen



Here is the Man

Thresiamma A D

Those were the days when Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States.
One of his detractors stood up in parliament to disgrace Lincoln on his low social
backgrounds and the extreme penury of his childhood. He began like this. Mr. Lincoln,
do not feel proud when some people praise you. I shall remind you of your past spent in
abject poverty and penury. Was not your father a cobbler? The shoes that he made are still
on my feet. After hurling abuses on the president he reclined on his seat. The members of
parliament were aghast and were waiting for Lincolns reply. They expected him to pay
back in the same coin. But Lincoln was unperturbed. Lincoln greeted his adversary and
said. My dear friend, it is a long time since my father died. But I am proud of one thing.
I am proud that my father was such an expert one at his work that the shoes that he made


Holy Queen


are still usable and in good condition and

are on your feet even today. It testifies to the
fact that he was an expert cobbler. I am
proud to be born as the son of such an expert
worker. If ever your shoes are worn out and
need repairs entrust it to me. I shall mend
them. I know cobbling as much as I know
the art of statecraft.
Dear friends, the reason why I
detailed this incident from Abraham
Lincolns life is to elucidate how a Christian
responds when he passes through difficult
and harrowing situations. The capability to
respond is God-given. Your responses
without God lead to fissures and wounds
only. Our deeds have great importance in
our life; but our responses are more
important from another perspective - that
of others. I remember one particular person
- an apparently calm person - who was
insulted by another man. He did not
respond at all. He seemed to be quite
composed. But when the other one had left,
he said like this. I have to have a pint of
liquor. Thereafter I will pay him back. He
was quiet only because he was timid and
scared. It is only persons who are genuinely
humble at heart who can withstand
unwarranted abuses and diatribes and still
retain their calm.
Jesus says, Blessed are the meek, for
they shall inherit the earth(Mat 5:5). I
remember an incident which occurred in a
prayer fraternity a few years ago. The
recommended certain corrections in their
prayer and functioning. The youngsters that
they were, they took it in good spirit and in
total submission before the Lord, and

prayed over their weaknesses and

inadequacies. They prayed for the bountiful
intervention of the Lord so that their graces
and charisms might be channeled in the
desired direction. But the leader of the group
could not digest this sane advice. He was
praying like this. O My God! I have done
all these things with great suffering. But it
pains me what I have heared. People who
are really humble and meek at heart and have
self control alone can keep their cool in
harrowing circumstances. Accept whatever
befalls you, and in times of humiliation be
patient. For gold is tested in the fire, and
those found acceptable, in the furnace of
humiliation (Sir 2:4-5). It is pleasurable
dealing with gentle and peace loving people.
We feel a natural affinity for them. But
hardhearted people and our enemies are
difficult to deal with. It is only the virtuous
who can take insults and humiliation with
calm. If you have no tranquility or peace of
mind, you definitely will transmit your
disquiet and unease to others. You will
become a burden to others.
If you are in total submission to the
Lord and lay all your trust in Him, neither
scorn nor disgrace nor stifles nor rejections
nor disregard will ever destroy your peace
of mind. These cannot weaken you. Jesus
Christ our Lord submitted himself fully at
the feet of God the Father and His will so
that we are redeemed from the clutches of
sin and death. He was blameless. Yet he was
condemned with the guilty and was crucified
with robbers and criminals. He was tried in
the court of Pontius Pilate. Pilate could find
no crime in Him. Then Pilate took Jesus
and flogged him. And the soldiers twisted
together a crown of thorns and put it on his
Holy Queen



head and arrayed him in a purple robe. They

came up to him, saying, Hail, King of the
Jews! and struck him with their hands (Jn
19:1-3). Despite these sufferings Jesus was
calm. Pilate though a gentile could not but
say This is the man (Jn 19:5). Jesus was
presenting Himself as the role model to be
emulated in hardships, turmoil and
harrowing situations. Jesus sets an example
for self control and inner calmness.
We are frightened of many things.
These fears deter us from experiencing
calmness of heart. We abhor the prospect
of being slightened before people. We are
concerned about our repute. We fear for our
wealth and income. Again we are frightened
that our power and prestige may be
jeopardized. All these fears take away the
calmness and tranquility of our inner self.

Praise from men does not count for much.

Good words told and all the glory received
from men may be lost in a moment. They
can say the opposite the next moment. Such
desire for praise and glory from men are
deceitful and has to be shredded. Scorns,
spites, rebukes, and evil doings may be your
portion from men. Take everything in their
stride. Be thankful to God for both good and
evil. Then you will be able to experience
peace and tranquility in your heart. If you
do not have self control, you will be at
loggerheads with yourself and others and
disquiet and outbursts will be your portion.
It may be a period of comparative calm and
peace in your life. Then suddenly, when you
are least prepared, problems may arise from
nowhere. But the Word of God says, but
my righteous one shall live by faith, and if
he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in

An American Evangelist
My name is Gabriel A. Okafor . I am an Evangelist by calling. Somehow, I
stumbled into some of your revival videos on youtube. And I must confess, that I love
what God is using you to do in INDIA and the world at-large. I would love for you to
come over to this part of the world to impart and bless us with this great unction that
is upon your life and ministry. THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER, IS THAT THE
need this type of tangible conspicuous manifestation of the power of the HOLY
SPIRIT . In my opinion, Many of the Churches here have gone lukewarm and needs
to be revived again.
I will be much elated, if my email is given a considerable thought; and our
hope of receiving the same fire over here in the nearest future is realized. Sir, How do
we work closely as a team, in order to bring Revival to this land?
Your immediate response to this letter shall be highly appreciated. Yours in
his vine yard,
Evangelist Gabriel A. Okafor, New Birth World Outreach Center


Holy Queen


him (Heb 10:38). It is only people who are

really humble and are gentle and have self
control who can retain their calm in adverse
and disquieting situations. Gentleness is a
heroic virtue. These are all received from
the Holy Spirit. It is only through your
sanctification that the fruits, gifts, and the
graces of the Holy Spirit are given to you.
To be born again in Spirit is
absolutely necessary for total sanctification.
One who is born again in Spirit distances
himself from the nature of the flesh and
becomes spiritual. St Peter says, since you
have been born again, not of perishable seed
but of imperishable, through the living and
abiding word of God (1 Pet 1:23). Jesus is
word of God become flesh. He took the
form of man but did not have the tendencies
of the flesh. Human nature deters man from
enduring sufferings and humiliations
without reproach. Pilate is awestruck by
Jesus who is nonchalant before the torments,
humiliations, and imminent crucifixion
and hence he proclaims Here is the man.
It is ones love for Jesus that gives a
Christian the strength to remain calm in
sufferings, stifles and humiliations. In the
beginning of this article we met Abraham
Lincoln. The secret behind the sterling
personal qualities of Lincoln was his love
for the brethren and his empathy and
humility which are rooted in his love for
Lord Jesus Christ. When he was taunted he
could respond calmly because of this. Jesus
has to be formed in every Christian in such
a way that those who have not experienced
Jesus should be able to experience Him
through every Christian. On the eve of the
Pentecost, Holy spirit descended upon the
primitive Christian community. They were

illiterate fishermen and simple ignorant folk

till the advent of the Holy Spirit. But when
the Holy Spirit came upon them they were
filled with power and wisdom and spoke in
languages hitherto unknown to them. Let us
pray for the Holy Spirit to come down upon
us and infill us with the same power and
anointment. Let us pray that new languages
of love emanate from us. Let us pray for the
infilling of the Spirit which will help us retain
our calm in midst of both good and bad
tidings and glorify God our Lord. Let us seek
the intercession of the Holy Virgin Mary who
trained the disciples for the advent of the
Holy Spirit.
Holy Queen



Nothing is impossible
with God

Baby Jose

It has to be your trust in the Lord that He can make things, deemed impossible,
happen as perfect reality.
We might have longed and prayed for faith, as steady as rock. Did we ever attain
it? How can we discern the same?
We believe in God. We believe in Jesus Christ sent by God the Lord. We have the
belief that we are redeemed by free salvation through the merits of Jesus Christ. We also
believe in the Holy Spirit sent by the Father. We believe that nothing is impossible with
God Almighty who is Triune God (Father, Son and the Holy Spirit).
But do you believe that something which never has happened previously can happen
today? You have to believe that nothing is impossible with God and that what never has
occurred till now can be caused to happen in your life today.


Holy Queen


It is said in Luke 1:34-37 And Mary

said to the angel, How will this be, since I
am a virgin? And the angel answered her,
The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and
the power of the Most High will
overshadow you; therefore the child to be
born will be called holy, the Son of God. And
behold, your relative Elizabeth in her old
age has also conceived a son, and this is the
sixth month with her who was called barren.
For nothing will be impossible with God.
Something which never had happened in
this planet happened in the life of Mary. A
woman-a virgin- conceives without conjugal
relation with man and God becomes man
taking the human form. Elizabeth who was
barren and of advanced age conceives.
Mary believes that there is nothing
impossible with God. This faith of Mary
becomes a boon for all generations. And
blessed is she who believed that there would
be a fulfilment of what was spoken to her
from the Lord (Lk 1:45).
We can invoke so many reasons to
doubt if things prayed for will be granted.
Such a thing may not have happened earlier.

It may be impossible according to physical

sciences. Many might have prayed earlier
and received no positive answer for such
prayers. We may doubt Will my prayer be
heard by God?. These are, I should say,
questions asked by disbelievers.
But if you want to believe, you have
to do nothing else but simply believe. You
do not have to teach God our Lord how to
work and when. He knows best how to
perform His acts even if they are miracles,
and when. You have to do one thing only.
You have to believe that nothing is
impossible with God and wait patiently for
His time.
In my life there was a period of
chaos when I was grief stricken. I began
praying for deliverance from this slavery. But
the problem persisted and became murkier
and complex. My thoughts and intellect
poured in more reasons to disbelieve.
Disbelief like cancer cells began to multiply
and my trust in God was about to be
shattered. But I forced myself to believe that
nothing is impossible with God.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise!
Give thanks to him; bless his name! (Ps 100:4)
My name is Thankachi Daniel, residing at Anand in Gujarat. I was suffering
from spondeletis on my left shoulder and was unable to move the hand up or down.
My husband and myself together used to watch the Spirit in Jesus services on Surya
T.V. on all monday mornings. When we were thus watching the programme on 28-42014, Tom brother told those who had body pains to place their hands on their head
and pray with him. I then prayed as told, trusting in Mother Mary. Within two days I
was without any problem. I thank Mother Mary sincerely, and also for the prayer
received through Tom brother.
Thankachi Daniel, Anand, Gujarat.
Holy Queen



I prayed and prayed for years in

anguish. I trusted in Mother Mary to
intercede on my behalf. I prayed for help
from St Antony the worker of miracles,
Blessed Euphrasia, Archangel Raphael, St
Alphonsa and other saints. I sought the
prayer help of my saintly brothers of the
The Spirit of the Lord was all the
time teaching me how to pray. The Holy
Spirit taught me how to be with the Lord in
strength, in weakness, in victory, in failure,
in power, and in submission.
The Holy Spirit in the meantime
taught me how to be not of this world even
while being in this world. Affinity to this
world makes me an enemy of the Lord. The
Lord therefore was melting me to sanctify
me. All my strength was now gone. I could
not stand the intensity and heat of the
problem vexing me. But nothing is
impossible with God I said to myself. I
prayed fervently for steadfastness in faith. I
prayed that I may not stray away from the

holy community of Spirit in Jesus. I

wanted to be in the Spirit in Jesus fraternity
and do service to the kingdom of God. I
began to assert with authority that I wanted
to be rid of this bondage.
One day the Holy Spirit gave me an
opportunity to be in prayers at my own
home with members of the Spirit in Jesus
community .When we were praying
fervently, the hand of the Lord came upon
this vexatious problem in a flash. The
problem, till then a glacier, began to melt.
The bondage was now broken. The
Almighty One began performing great
things and miracles for me. He raised me
with His own hands for the ministry for
which He had selected me. He will sit as a
refiner and purifier of silver, and he will
purify the sons of Levi and refine them like
gold and silver, and they will bring offerings
in righteousness to the Lord (Mala 3:3).

Festival of Booths
Place : White Star Auditorium, Thrissur
(Near Sakthan Bus Stand)

Festival of Booths, celebrated by Spirit in Jesus

every year as ordained by the Lord, will be held this year
at Thrissur, Kerala. All Spirit in Jesus children are
cordially invited to participate and receive blessings.
Ph: 0487 3205630, 2971444


Holy Queen


Saint of the
M o n t h

St. Monica

Holy Queen



He is a liar and
the father of lies
Devassia Thodupuzha

The most essential thing required for organising a strike of work

is to have work. Those without work
cannot organise a strike of work. The
most essential thing required for telling a lie is that the liar should know
the truth. Only one who knows the
truth can tell the lie against that truth
and deceive. Jesus speaks about Satan
thus, He does not stand in the truth,
because there is no truth in him. When
he lies, he speaks according to his own
nature, for he is a liar and the father of
lies (Jn 8:44,45). When Jesus says that
there is no truth in satan and that he is
a liar and the father of lies, the fact that
we have to understand is that he (satan)
knows the truth. Only because he
knows the truth he is capable of telling
and doing the untruths (lies). In Paradise, he knew the truth that if Adam
and Eve eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they would die.
Knowing this truth he said to Eve,
You will not die; for God knows that
when you eat of it your eyes will be
opened, and you will be like God,
knowing good and evil (Gen 3:4,5).


Holy Queen


Because he knew the truth, he could tell its

opposite lie and deceive. He is liar and father of lies because there is no truth in his
very nature (Jn 8:44). This telling of lies he
has continued to this day throughout the
In the beginning was the word, and
the word was with God; and the word was
God... in him was life, and the life was the
light of all people... and the word became
flesh and lived among us, and we have seen
his glory, the glory as of a fathers only son,
full of grace and truth (Jn 1:1,4,5,14). The
word from the very beginning was God, was
life, was light, was grace and truth. Satan
(the anti-word) was from the very beginning murderer, thief, darkness, cruelty and
untruth (Jn 8:44;10:10). It was because he
knew the truth that he could be the liar, the
anti-word. His clandestine attempts to
destroy the word that was truth started not
just when the word became flesh in Marys
womb. As the rain and the snow come down
from heaven and water the earth, making
it bring forth and sprout, giving seed and
bread, so did God sent out his word from
his mouth to accomplish that which he purposed (Isa 55:10,11). There has ever been
satans obscure attempts to destroy this
word sent from the mouth of God. This was
through spreading lies and deceit that appear to bear similarity to truth throughout
the world. The word was with God from
the very beginning - the word from Genesis
to Revelation; and God sent His word to
earth at His purpose. This word was revealed to man as oral word, written word
and as flesh. That does not mean that this
word was formulated at the time it was recorded or orally transmitted. It was the truth

with God from the very beginning. Since

satan also knew these word of truth, he formulated the anti-truths (lies) against them,
anti-truths that appear to be similar to truth
- and sowed them throughout the world;
through civilizations, religions, legends and
characters. Lies can be told only when truth
is known. What is said without knowing the
truth is ignorance. What Jesus said about
satan was not that he is ignorant but that he
is liar.
Through all the ancient cililizations,
by influencing human intelligence, he formulated the untruths against the truth in the
word of God - untruths (lies) that appear to
bear similarity to truth. He sowed these untruths in many of the ancient civilizations
of Babylon, Sumeria, Mesopotamia,
Assyria, Greece etc, in their legends, legend
characters, literature and customs. Result?
When the woman saw that the tree was
good for food, and that it was a delight to
the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired
to make one wise, she took of its fruit and
ate(Gen 3:6). A new learning grew up
among the intelligentsia to the effect that
some of the word and events in the bible
were formulated under the influence of the
legends of these ancient civilizations, seeing
that they were delight to the eyes and able
to make one wise.
The fact was that satan who first knew
the truth in the word of God, was formulating contrary and deceitful untruths in these
civilizations; not the other way. These
peoples and civilizations had nobody like the
patriarchs or prophets of Israel who were
called by God and led by His Spirit. Hence
the influence of satan over these civilizations
were stronger and unobstructed. What was
Holy Queen



sowed in one generation sprouted and

brought forth fruits in succeeding generations. Delightful and desirable philosophies and theological thoughts developed
among them. He is liar and father of lies.
Was this influence only on ancient
cilivizations? What about it in the modern
age? The fruit of the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil is delightful and desirable
even in these days. The growth in the various fields of science, art, culture, politics,
literature, information etc was awesome;
and so were some of the delightful and
desirable fruits they produced. The Evolution theory, the Big-bang theory (theory


Holy Queen


that says that the universe was formed

through a big explosion), and various psychological theories are examples.
In paradise, God had endowed the
first parents with the wisdom required for
discerning good and evil. They were instructed what to do and what not to do. Satan presented this wisdom before them as a
hindrance for becoming like God. His deceit was so cunning and he continues to
employ it successfully. The word of God is
presented as a product of cultures, literary
work, equivalent to books of other religions
among the intelligentsia. Word of God is
spirit and life (Jn 6:63), and spirit and life

must flow from word of God; but instead

what are supplied are good, delightful and
desirable fruits. (In Nov 2009, a Bible talk
by a reputed Bible scholar was seen broadcast in a christian T.V. channel. It was a talk
on St Lukes Gospel. Matters were presented
to the effect that the Gospel was St. Lukes
response to the spiritual, social and economic problems prevalent in the non-jewish
community of which he was a member; that
it is Luke the revolutionary who actually
talks through the Gospel, using the historical figure of Jesus as a cover.)
What is the aim of satan? And this
is eternal life, that they may know you, the
only true God,and Jesus Christ whom you
have sent(Jn 17:3). His aim is to separate
man from the only true God and from the
only true saviour and thus cause the loss of
eternal life. In the place of the only true God
and the only true saviour, many gods and
many saviours were presented through world
civilizations - under the influence of the liar
and father of lies. Supermen and godmen
with superhuman powers were introduced
as saviors in ancient civilizations as well as
Spiderman, Mandrake, Harry Porter etc are
also such examples, characters which impress that one can do good without God).
Jesus said, All who came before me are
thieves and bandits(Jn 10:8). The thief
comes only to steal and kill and destroy(Jn
10:8). And the thief did steal, kill and destroy millions of souls through the civilizations and disguised saviours that came before Jesus Christ, and continues it to this day.
That was why God commanded, Take
care, lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land to which you go, lest it

become a snare in your midst... For you

shall worship no other god, for the Lord,
whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God, lest
you make a covenant with the inhabitants
of the land, and when they whore after their
gods and sacrifice to their gods and you are
invited, you eat of his sacrifice, (Exo
What is the remedy? Satans cunning
deceits against the first man till the last man
were formulated in his head, in his crooked
intelligence. Destroying that head is the only
remedy. It is also said in the word of God
who would destroy that head. I will put
enmity between you and the woman, and
between your offspring and hers; she will
strike your head, and you will strike his
heel (Gen 3:15). More than anyone else
satan knows that the one to destroy his head
is the woman - it was God himself who said
it to him. That will be the greatest truth that
the liar ever wants to remain undiscovered to avoid the destruction of his dead. It is a
life-or-death issue for him. And he has
spread this blanket of ignorance about the
woman over a sizable portion of mankind many ignore her, many others maintain her
as a mere intercessor (without glorifying the
power and anointment given to her by God).
Spirit in Jesus glorifies the anointments of
both the one who destroys the works (1 Jn
3:8) of the serpent, and of the one who destroys the head of the serpent. That is the
basic reason for satans cruel attacks against
Spirit in Jesus.
Blessed are you, O woman full of grace,
who destroys the head of the serpent!
Blessed also is the fruit of your womb!
(Lk: 42,43)
Holy Queen



Jesus is the great treasure,

Pope teaches
Vatican City: Pope Francis stressed the
priceless value of encountering Jesus, noting
that Jesus parables speak of those who are
willing to trade everything for the Kingdom
of God. He who knows Jesus, who
encounters him personally, remains
fascinated and attracted by so much
kindness, so much truth, so much beauty,
and everything in great humility and
simplicity, the Pope said. Look for Jesus,
meet Jesus: this is the great treasure! the
Pope exhorted.The Pope reflected on the
two parables in the Sunday Mass reading
from the Gospel of Matthew: the parable
of the treasure discovered buried in a field
and the parable of the pearl of great price.
He said these parables show that the
discovery of the Kingdom of God can come
suddenly, as when the farmer discovers
unexpected treasure in a field and sells
everything to buy it. The Kingdom of God
can also come after a long search, like the
case of the merchant who sought a precious
Pope Francis stressed the primary
lesson of both parables: the farmer and the
merchant give up everything else to buy
what they have found. They do not need
to reason, to think, to reflect: they realize
immediately the incomparable value of
what they have found, and are willing to lose
everything to have it. So it is with the


Holy Queen


Kingdom of God, the Pope explained. He

who finds it has no doubts. He feels that this
is what he was searching for, what he was
looking for, and what responds to his most
authentic aspirations. The Pope reflected
on how many saints were converted because
they were so affected by Jesus. He noted that
St. Francis of Assisi was a lukewarm
Christian but when he encountered Jesus in
a decisive moment, he found the Kingdom
of God and then all his dreams of earthly
glory vanished. The Gospel makes you
recognize the true Jesus, it makes you
recognize that Jesus is alive. It speaks to your
heart and changes your life.
When someone is born again, he
explained, you have found something that
makes sense, that gives flavor, that gives light
to all, even to hardships, even to suffering,
even to death. The Pope repeated his
previous encouragements to read the
Gospels and asked everyone to carry a small
book of the Gospels in their pocket or purse
Everything makes sense when there, in the
Gospel, you can find this treasure, which
Jesus called the kingdom of God, that God
who reigns in your life, in our lives, Pope
Francis said. To read the Gospel is to find
Jesus and to have this Christian joy, which
is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Dear brothers
and sisters, the joy of having found the
treasure of the Kingdom of God shines, you
see, he continued. The Christian cannot
conceal his faith, because it shines through

in every word, every gesture, even in the

most simple, everyday: it shines, the love
that God has given us through Jesus.

Sister Euphrasia (1877-1952), who

led a pious life of total devotion, hailed from
Kattoor near Thrissur in central Kerala.

Dates set for canonization of

two Kerala saints

Sr. Alphonsa of Bharananganam in

Kottayam became Indias first home-grown
saint when she was canonized on October
12, 2008.

Thiruvananthapuram: The canonization

of Blessed Chavara Kuriakose and Blessed
Euphrasia of Kerala will take place on
November 23. The date for conferring them
sainthood was set by the consistory of
cardinals held in the Vatican church sources
said. The historic event of Catholic
community in India comes six years after
Sr Alphonsa became the first woman saint
of the country. Celebrating the occasion,
prayers were held in churches in Kottayam
and Thrissur, respectively the base of the two
beatified persons.
The Vatican had in April this year
approved the acts attributed due to
intercession of Fr Chavara and Sr Euphrasia
before completing long-drawn procedures to
be followed under the church rule before
conferring sainthood. Both of them
belonged to Kerala-based Syro Malabar
Church, from which Sister Alphonsa also
hailed, and were beatified during the tenure
of Pope John Paul II.
Chavara (1805-1871), bor n in
Kainakari near Alappuzha, was a social
reformer and educator of Keralas Catholic
community. He founded the congregation
called Carmalites Mary Immaculate (CMI),
which runs several educational and charity
institutions. He was beatified in 1986.

Vatican gives legal approval

to exorcist group
VATICAN CITY: Exorcists now have a
legal weapon at their disposal.
The Vatican has formally recognized
the International Association of Exorcists,
a group of 250 priests in 30 countries who
liberate the faithful from demons.
The Vatican newspaper LOsservatore
Romano reported that the Vaticans
Congregation for Clergy had approved the
organizations statutes and recognized the
group under canon law.
More than his predecessors, Pope
Francis speaks frequently about the devil,
and last year was seen placing his hands on
the head of a man purportedly possessed by
four demons in what exorcists said was a
prayer of liberation from Satan.
The head of the association, the Rev.
Francesco Bamonte, said the Vatican
approval was cause for joy. Exorcism is a
form of charity that benefits those who
suffer, he told LOsservatore.
Holy Queen



and 30,000
devotees of the Mother.
from 2014 July 1 to December 31

For all Gospel Preachers

For the conversion of all people
That signs and wonders and healings are performed
For anointment of the Holy Spirit
For the 30,000 Marian devotees and their needs.
Building no. 11 /211-2, Ollur P.O., Thrissur - 680 306, Kerala, India.

Ph: 0487 3208630, 2971444



Holy Queen



at the Shrine of The woman clothed with the Sun

at Maryland,
City of the Sun (Surianalli), Kerala

2014 August 15: 10 am - 6 pm

Blessing services will be held
Rosary prayer, proclamation of the word of God, healing
services, prayers for deliverance from sin-curse-diabolic
forces, prayer for anointment of the Holy Spirit, prayers for
financial blessings, for good education, good job and various
other spheres of life.
Come into this holyland
prepared by Heaven for Holy Virgin Mary
and get blessed.


Services led by

Tom Zacharia, Catherine Mariam & team

Bus route to Maryland: Thrissur --> Adimaly --> Chinnakanal --> Surianalli --> Maryland
Holy Queen



Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you,

for the glory of God. (Rom 15:7)


Holy Queen