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“The Church with a Warm Heart”
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Methodist Men
meets every second
Sunday at 7:30 am
with the men of
Central UMC. This
month’s meeting is at
Central on June 12th.
Come join us for a
program, fellowship
and a full breakfast!

June 2013

Bidding Lianne a Fond Farewell;
Welcoming Eric Douglas & Family!
We have been so lucky to
have Lianne Turner as our
pastor for the last four years.
We will miss her very much,
but wish her well in her new
appointment to Little River
United Methodist Church in
the town of Little River
Academy near Temple, where
her son Nathan and daughterin-law live.
Be sure to attend worship
services this weekend to
celebrate her last Sunday in
the pulpit with us!
After worship, we will have a
farewell lunch with fried fish, French fries and hushpuppies.
If you would like to bring any personal gifts, cards or
remembrances, please do so on this day.

Prayer Blanket
ministry will not
meet through the

This will be a bittersweet day, but we want to show our love
to her so please make plans to be here for her send-off. We
hope to give her a party so great, she will never be able to
forget us!
Later this month, the Rev. Eric Douglas will move to Mineral
Wells to begin his new appointment to our church. He and his
family are moving here from Waxahachie, where he has been
serving as associate pastor at FUMC.
He will be joined by wife, Brittney, and daughters, Kalea, 6,
and Anastasia, 5.
Rev. Douglas is from Belton and attended Texas Wesleyan
University in Fort Worth before completing his Master’s of
Divinity at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky.
At Waxahachie, he leads the contemporary worship service,
helps with youth ministries, and has developed small group
ministries and a congregational vision.

Rev. Eric Douglas

We hope you will join us this summer as we welcome him
and his family to our community and church.

Several youth and adults are headed to
Pulaski Heights UMC in Little Rock for
their CTCYM Mission trip June 12-18.
They will join groups from Aubrey-Cross
Way UMC, Lorena UMC and Waxahachie
UMC. Our incoming pastor, Eric Douglas,
will also be on this trip with the
Waxahachie group.
You can still sponsor a youth for $15 a
day. The sponsorship board is getting full,
but we still need a few sponsors.
You may also send encouraging notes to
the youth during mission trip.
Youth Attending: Lake Blackmer, Pond
Blackmer, Allee Elder, Mia Elder, Zach
Elder, Brailey Garcia, Taylor Gary, Kaylee
Gregory, Alana Holly, Brady Huseman,
Carson Huseman, Kenzi Huseman, Erin
McGuire, Jacob Nesmith, Felix Veloz,
Brandon Williams, and Kylie Williams.
Adults Attending: Shauna Bradshaw,
Amanda Daniell, Sharon Garcia, Vicki
Gregory, Kelli Huseman, Troy Huseman,
Sean McGuire, Yari McKay, Jamie Novak,
Stacey Tuck, Jeff Williams and Jolene

Because hunger does not take the
weekend off

God is good. All the time. This has
been proven over and over during this
school year. We have provided over
10,000 bags of food to at risk students at a
cost of over $37,000!
If you had told me that at the beginning
of school, I might have thought it would
be an impossible task. But just when we
needed it most, funding always came
through and generous people always
stepped up to help.
The loyalty and the hard work of the
Wednesday night work crew have truly
been amazing. I want to say a very sincere
thank you to Greta Lister and Lynn Harris
who have worked several days each week
to help keep food stocked and ready to
pack. It simply would have not been
possible without their dedication.
We will continue to provide food during
the four weeks of summer school. It is my
hope that next year, we will also be able to
provide food during the summer break.
Please continue to pray for this mission
and the children we serve.
With Gratitude, Judy Jackson

Sing a New (or Old) Song!
Choir practice is
This month, we'd like to add some
Wednesdays from 7- 8:30 pm.
"favorite oldies" to our worship service. If
Director Don Owens says we
you have a favorite hymn that we've not
could use a few more voices!
sung in a long time, please let Lianne or
Don know. Send an email, write it down,
Handbell Choir practices
or call and tell one of us some rousing
director Adam Hull Mondays
hymn that makes you want to sing the way
Wesley admonished us Methodists to sing! @ 7:10 pm after Bible Study and
lasts until about 8 pm.

Ways to Serve
Communion Servers and Greeters
needed at 10:30 Worship Service
On the first Sunday of each month at FUMC,
we serve communion. Four communion
servers are needed on each of these Sundays.
If you would like to help serve communion,
please contact Kay Brown at 940-682-6506 or
We also need FUMC members who would
serve as Greeters before the 10:30 worship
service on Sundays. The goal is to provide a
Congratulations to Erin McGuire
Greeter at each of the three outside doors
who is this year's Rodeo Queen.
from 10:15-10:30 each Sunday to meet guests
Congratulations to Kenzi Huseman
and members as they arrive for worship and
who was elected to the MWHS Elite
give directions, if needed.
Ram Society.
Please consider these opportunities to serve
We are very proud of all our
and contact Kay Brown at the above phone
graduating seniors, and will be
number or by email if you can help in either or
praying for them as they embark on
new journeys.
Hoping to hear from many of you so that a
Kylie Williams will attend Texas
schedule can be made for the next few months
A&M to study nursing; Zach Elder will
attend Texas A&M to study
Engineering; Alana Holly will attend
Mineral Wells Center of Life
Angelo State to study Psychology;
Kenzi Huseman will attend Angelo
MWCOL plays an important role in
State to study Pre-Dental; Erin
providing programs and services to those
McGuire will attend Tarleton to study
impacted by poverty in our county.
Marine Biology.
Owners of the organization’s current
Former youth Jerry Lovell graduated
building has offered to sell it to them for
with his Bachelor of Science in
Technology Management from Texas
Director Cindy Maness asks us to imagine if
450 people gave $1,000, that would be $85
per month.
Altar Flowers
If you are inclined to give to this worthy
organization, please pledge your support at
Notice the lovely altar flowers Dwain They are making a
Eaton at Cole's Flowers blesses us with difference in helping the poor in our
each Sunday morning? Let us know if
community better their lives.
you would like to share the flowers with They also welcome volunteer service to
someone who needs a little beauty in
support the variety of programs they offer.
their life and deliver them after

June 7 - Don Owens
June 9 - Jacqueline Boyd
June 16 - Michael Lovell
June17 - Brailey Garcia
June 18 - Ellen Berg
June 20 - Ashley Crawford, Pat Sweet
June 23 - Ken Johnson
June 25 - Chad Calcote
June 27 - Brayden Garcia, Gary Lovell
June 29 - Billy Ellis
July 2 - Donald Brown
July 6 - Vicki Tuggle
July 7 - Leon Stone
If you know of any members missing
from this list, please let us know.

Mix & Mingle
Join us between
Sunday School and
Worship for snacks,
juice and coffee! If
you see someone you
don't recognize, take
a minute to welcome

Facebook Page:
Our Vision: “Our passion is to be followers of Jesus Christ who are welcoming,
worshiping, growing and going.”
WELCOMING – We invite people to come as they are and to find their unique place in
the church. We are working hard to never draw lines of "insiders/outsiders," "saints/
sinners," "us/them." We believe that Christ greets people with open arms, knows their
names and loves them for who they are – and we strive to be like Christ!
WORSHIPING – We feel strongly that we were created to praise God! So worship is at
the heart of all that we do. Worship feeds our souls, but it also reminds us that the heart
of any church is to bring glory to the Holy One. We do what we do in awe and love of our
Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.
GROWING – We believe that God loves us as we are, but, in love, God will help us
grow into "more." We want to always be seeking, asking, going deeper and
understanding more. Learning is an important component of a person's life journey,
and we want to be a learning place!
GOING – We believe that Jesus came for the sake of everyone, and so the church must
never become focused on itself. Our task is to take the kingdom of heaven into the world
so that all may know the saving grace and wondrous love of God, becoming themselves
disciples who welcome, worship, grow and go!