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Gulf House Consultants

- Improving organizational performance through people

Human Resource (HR) Consultancy Services

Gulf House is one of Oman's leading management
consulting companies, one which combines
technological expertise. Over years, we have been
providing advisory and consultancy services to
organizations on improving business viability,
identifying opportunities and studying market
trends and feasibilities.
Volatile global economy and dynamic market
conditions have compelled HR functions to reduce
costs, maximize operational efficiency, and focus on
strategic Human Resources initiatives.
Organizations today outsource HR services as one
of the levers in achieving these business objectives.
However, to ensure that organizations benefit
optimally from outsourcing their HR function, Gulf
House comes as an able partner to provide
innovative and multi process HR services with
capabilities. Backed by process and technology
knowledge and expertise across industries, and in
the HR domain, we, at Gulf House, offer complete
Human Resources Consultancy Services which
enables organizations focus on their core business
and enhance their HR function.

Strategic HR Management
We provide a wide range of HR consulting
solutions to suit the business needs of
organizations. We help organizations in design,
development and implementation of HR practices.
We help organizations
development of :




Effective Policies & HR Systems and Policy

Manuals, etc.
Performance Management Systems (PMS)
Employee Assessment & Appraisal Systems
Competency Based Salary Structure
job Evaluation, Role Definition & Development
of KRAs/KPAs
Benchmarking of HR Strategies & Practices
Conducting Employee Satisfaction Survey

Our Values:
Integrity: we always deal with clients and employees in a fair and ethical manner
Pursuit of Excellence: We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our clients
Accountability: We take responsibility for individual and collective actions
Collaboration: We work together to achieve collective and individual goals


Gulf House - Economic & Management Consultants

6th Floor, "BAIT MASKAN" Building, Suite No. 72, CBD Area, Ruwi,
P.O. Box 217, Postal Code: 115, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Tel.: +968 2478 7914 | Fax: +968 2478 7941 | GSM: +968 9117 0897

Recruitment & Selection

Gulf House offers services to manage selection and
recruitment processes, including designing terms of
reference, writing and publishing vacancy
announcements, performing pre-employment
screening, interviewing applicants and negotiating
contract terms.
Recruitment and Selection Services include:
Identify skill, competency and culture
Designing job descriptions
Compose and advertising job vacancy in printed
and online media
Attract talented applicants through multiple
channels - traditional, online and social media
Access to Gulf House pool of qualified
Candidate assessment
Reference checks
Negotiating contract terms

Training and Development

When operating in this highly competitive world,
we appreciate the need to harness the skills of
organizational staff. We help organizations to
develop and train their most important asset:
their people.
We help organizations:
Assess employee development needs
Develop specific skills of individual employees
through individual or group training
Measure results and reinforce learning

We can provide industry or department specific

training as well as compliancerelated programs.
We also provide training programs related to
management skills like Time Management,
Conflict Management, Goal Setting, Team Building
and Communication Skills.

Employee Life-Cycle Management

Employee lifecycle management is a complex
function which begins at the very primary stage of
identifying potential candidates and evaluating
their suitability. After selecting the right resources
and bringing them on board, HR needs to properly
induct them into the organizational framework.
Once employees settle in, it is the HR functions
chief responsibility to create relevant training
programs to promote their professional growth
and development, and enable them to fit into the
organizational framework. The overall lifecycle of
an employee ends at the time of separation,
where the employee either quits the organization
of his or her own accord, or retires after a
stipulated number of years of service.
Our Employee Lifecycle Management (ELM)
solution provides an alternative to the traditional
business model. The solutions extend to every
process of the employee lifecycle within your
Our solution incorporates the following processes
Design and Implementation of suitable HR and
Payroll policies
Organization and HR Master Data design and
Appointment and Induction
Payroll Administration
Performance and Talent Management
Training and Development
Reward and Retain
Terminate and Retire

We add value to the engagements with our industry domain expertise, business
transformation platforms, process transformation and delivery excellence