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A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Listening

English 7

Students will able to:
a. Note details in a dialogue listened to.
b. Draw some musical instruments
c. Appreciate the talents of other people


Subject Matter
a. Text: Musical Instruments
b. Reference: Dobson, Julia M., 1994 (1980), Dialogs For Everyday Use, USIA, Washington, p.37.
c. Materials: BB, visual aids, and tape-recorder
d. Level: Grade 7


Procedures / Learning Activities

A. Preparation
1. Greeting
A pleasant day to you class!
Hows your weekend/weekdays?
2. Prayer
Can we all stand for a prayer, may I ask ______ to lead us the opening prayer.
3. Checking Attendance
B. Pre-listening
1. Motivation
(Teacher shows real musical instrument and pictures.)
*Now class who can tell me what instrument is this?
*Do you know how to play this?
*Does any here know how to play an instrument?
*From these given pictures, what do you think is our lesson today?
2. Vocabulary presentation: to be pretty good at something; to have talent; to sound nice; to sing;
violin; flute (using context clues)
C. While-listening
1. Setting of standard for listening
*Class, what are you going to do when you are about to listen?
2. First listening and focus question: SS listen and answer the following question:
Is Ariel good at playing a musical instrument or at singing?
3. Second listening: SS listen and make a list of all the musical instrument mentioned in the

Musical instruments
(Sound of piano playing)
Ariel: Listen! Somebody's playing the piano.
Marjorie: Yeah, it sounds nice, isnt it? I wish I could play a musical instrument.
Ariel: Don't you play the violin?
Marjorie: No, but my sister does. Actually, she's pretty good at it.
Ariel: I took flute lessons for a couple of years, but I never learned to play very well. I guess I don't have any
musical talent.
Marjorie: Oh, that's not true. You sing very well. I can't even do that!

D. Post-listening
A. Comprehension
1. What did Ariel and Marjorie hear an instrument?
2. Who wished that he could play a musical instrument?
3. Whose sister plays a violin?
4. How many years did Ariel take a flute lesson?
B. Cooperative Learning
Activity Group. Each group are given an activity card.
Draw 5 musical instruments you like to play.
C. Application
How do you show appreciation of talent of your classmate?
D. Evaluation
Directions: Identify the instrument sounds according to the sound you listen.

Make a musical instrument.
1) Get ideas for your instrument
a. Books at the public libraries
b. The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions
2) Use recycled materials. Bring them to school in a shopping bag with your name on it. Here are
some suggestions for materials:
heavy cardboard tubes, wooden boxes, metal tubes, plastic tubes, scrap wood, metal scraps, old guitar
strings, old pot covers, flower pots, plastic cups, fishing wire, rice, beans
3) Make your instrument in art class. Use Elmers glue, nails or tape to hold it together.
4) Play your instrument. Can you improve the sound? Can you make a resonator so it is louder?
5) Decorate your instrument in art class. Use paint, glitter or other items.
6) Name your instrument.
7) Write a paragraph about how you made the instrument and how it produces sound. Be sure to use
these words: pitch, volume, resonance, tone quality.
8) Demonstrate your instrument to your class and explain how it was made and how it produces