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Energy &

Structural Fabric
Insta-Grid TM is the only
Solar-Microwave Fabric (SMF)
which is printed various
combinations of solar cells,
microwave patch antennas,
and analog control devices.
The fabric harvests its own
solar power, and can provide
power to other devices. Need
power where your going? Roll
out a SMF rug and you have
“Insta-Grid”. SMF can also
use collected power for
distance power transmission.
Precise transmission uses
technology involving robust,
structural circuits. TM
Power-Star TM

Space Power-Star Satellites
The collection of solar energy in space could
potentially be an order-of-magnitude more
effective than ground-based technology because
in space, solar insolation is continuous and not
attenuated by the atmosphere. A solar power
system consists of a space segment that collects
solar energy, converts the energy into radiation
(typically in a wavelength band to which the
atmosphere is mostly transparent), then
transmits the radiation to a ground facility that
converts the radiation into electrical power.
"Power Star is the breakthrough solution for the
space segment. Take mass- produced SMF, and
form it into balloon satellites, as in the Echo
satellites (see below). Compactly folded for
launch, it is automatically inflated on-orbit to
provide enough power for a first-revenue
system. Dozens
of launches
structures with many moving parts requiring
robotic in-space construction are all unnecessary.
One launch = one system."
Energy from Space Power
We evolve four main product lines to achieve
success for the US and the world: (1) Mass
production of Insta-Grid for everyone's energy
needs. (2) Creation of ultra hard Protecta-Grid to
save and improve the U. S. grid, (3) Stationing
the first Power-Star satellites, and (4) expansion
of the space system to ~ 400 Satellites for
transmission to ground and numerous in-space
applications. America's households, businesses,
national defense, and NASA's most ambitious
explorations will be stupendously enriched by
these revolutionary energy & RF systems.




Harvesting the Sun’s Energy in Space



“Id put my money on the sun
and solar energy. What a
source of power! I hope we
don’t have to wait until oil &
coal run out before we tackle
- Thomas Edison 1931
< Insta-Grid Fabric cross section

Power & Communications
Would you like real freedom and independence
from the energy and communications grid
system? Originally developed for space
applications, the revolutionary Insta-Grid,
with its patented Solar-Microwave fabric now
comes down to Earth for you. Insta-grid rugs
spread on the ground or on platforms gives
you the freedom you want.
Uses Only Limited by your Imagination
We draw attention to near-term applications
that are enabled by Insta-Grid and perhaps
not anticipated before the invention of
patented Insta-Grid.
Self-Powered Tents
Insta-Grid can be embodied in rugged, flexible
and waterproof fabrics. On the other hand a
flexible Insta-Grid tent is both a shelter and
the power source and can be simply folded and
unfolded & no plugging in.


Powered Clothing
Insta-Grid fabric with solar cells can be
manufactured using wearable fabric. This means
that a person’s coat can be used to recharge
electronic devices such as smart phones,
watches, etc.
Clothing with Tactile Messaging or Touch
This is point-to-point communication clothing with
the object of promoting the confidentiality of
personal communications. This could be used to
energize devices that provide tactile stimulation
through the recipient’s clothing as a way of
announcing a call. Our pressure/touch sending
"touch" fabric can transmit this audioenhancing tactile communication over long
distances. "Beam Me!" could go viral…
Expanding Possibilities

Self –Powered Cell phone Towers
Almost all cell towers rely on external power and
are disabled in a blackout. Insta-Grid (with our
flexible battery storage) provides a cheap,
independent power source. Insta-Grid can be
wrapped around the framework of the cell tower
to prevent power interruption
Advanced Habitation Technology
By “habitation technology” we refer to an
integrated, portable system of systems that
enables a small group of people to generate most
or nearly all of their consumables. Insta-Grid can
provide a substantial component of such systems.
capabilities can be provided inexpensively to
people wishing to live more independently.
Bimini Tops and Convertible Tops
Insta-Grid bimini tops solar powered convertible
tops are both convenient and save battery life
and improve mileage. Even Electric Car Covers
or roofs.

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Our Energy from Space Satellite(s) the
PowerStarTM design will answer the World’s
Climate Change & Energy concern for

Sheets of Insta-Grid with both solar cells and
transparent microwave antennas with retrodirective array capability works directly from
the surfaces of buildings, making each office
building or home a fortified energy factory.

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