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indeed. try to Google Search for “free ads posting”. Twitter or any social networking sites/groups.com/ (most recommend as simple step involve) Facebook.com/ ** https://www. etc *If you do not know where to start.html Pages 2 / 14 . Yahoo.com/ ** https://ads. Samples of Free Posting Website:Example ** http://asiaparttime.recruiter.**manual guideline to get start** Guidelines Manual to get start Step 1 : Post Job Advertisement You can start posting job advertisement at http://asiaparttime.com/free-job-posting. “free job posting sites” etc.

com/.Free” button & start posting job advertisement.**manual guideline to get start** Click on “Post Jobs . Pages 3 / 14 . Please refer herewith sample screenshot from http://asiaparttime.

* Able to work follow instructions/guideline Requirements: * Aged 16 years and above * Open for those want to earn extra money.) * No prior experience necessary Interested please email to xxxxx@gmail.com to apply. Malay or English as long as in your ability to handle/reply. No matter which language. (3) Any time (set your own time schedule).**manual guideline to get start** You can refer to Samples Job Advertisement as below (copy & paste) OR you can create by your own as long as there is a way to attract people to write in or PM you. You only need to: (1) Advertise & process customer data that is sent via email. Chinese. cyber cafe. * Can work according to the instructions / guidelines * Full Time or Part Time is available Interested. email. please email to xxxxx@gmail. * Part time/Full time available * Post Advertisement & Process Email * Must Know How To Use Word/Excel & Access to Internet. colleges. and others. offices. Sample 1 ~~ RM 300-800 Per Week : Home Based Data Entry Typists ~~ Sample 2 EARN EXTRA INCOME OPPORTUNITY FROM HOME Genuine Work-From-Home Employment Opportunity To Earn Extra Income. Pages 4 / 14 . (2) Working from home. eg: housewife. Internet.com to apply. etc * Basic knowledge of computer (typing. etc. students.

colleges. and others.com. 兼职贴广告 赚取额外收入 RM300-RM800 每星期 工作时间自由 只需要用电话或电脑 欢迎学生.RM700 per weeks (based on your efforts) Work anytime/anywhere You only need to: - Use smartphone/computer/laptop (1) Advertise & process customer data that is sent via email.com to apply or leave your email in comment. offices. etc.退休人士 有兴趣 pm 我 xxxxx@gmail. Part time Post Advertise only Sample 4 Genuine Work From Home Employment Opportunity To Earn Extra Income. Interested please email to xxxx@gmail. cyber cafe.com Requirements: * Aged 16 years and above * Basic knowledge of computer (typing. (3) Any time (set your own time schedule). Pages 5 / 14 .家庭主妇. email. thx. Internet. Earn up to RM200 .) * No prior experience necessary *Can work according to the instruction / guidelines * Full Time or Part Time is available Interested. housewife and retirement (2) Working from home.**manual guideline to get start** Sample 3 Earn RM300-RM800 per WEEK. Welcome student. please email to hweichian@gmail.

Pages 6 / 14 . you can look through the posting advertisement & get some ideas on how to create your own advertisement.**manual guideline to get start** You can also click on “Data Entry” under Categories Section. Then.

all you need to do is submit your work after it is completed. which show you STEP-BY-STEP instructions that walk you through each step on posting advertisements so that you can start Earn Money Immediately. XXXXXXXX (Your Name) Pages 7 / 14 . You will be paid as long as you complete the job posting. This is legitimate way to earn extra money from home. this is an ideal part time job for every individual. You are able to work anywhere around the world and clock as long as you are connected to the Internet. Therefore. You will be paid weekly by way of bank transfer into a local bank account of your choice. Some are able to get 30 data weekly. There is also no deadline for the work. The fee imposes provide you with the Training Materials Supplies.RM 800 and this is a number that is very lucrative. The more you process. the average income within a week is RM 300 . no experience is necessary. Therefore. only serious & hardworking people are encouraged to join. Payment You will receive a payment of RM 25 for every successful advertising data that is processed. You will be able to earn this fee back very quickly once you get started. the more income you get. You do not need to write anything on your own. please let us know if you are keen to proceed as soon as possible. Therefore. Normally. There is one-time “Non-Refundable” fee of RM 50 to begin. Your Job Responsibilities are mainly posting the job vacancy advertisement on certain websites. there will be a lot of people write in/PM/email you to get for more details. Please read the job details carefully and let us know what your decision is. You don’t need to tell us what your working time is. if each week you successfully process 15 data from advertising. Training Materials Supplies “ No Monthly/Yearly Fees! Make Money 7 Days A Week! “. you will receive a fee of 15 x RM 25 = RM 375 per week. it is as simple as that. Thank you for your interested in applying for the position. Best Regards.  1st Email reply (For Those Who Responds To Your Job Advertisements) Hi. Just reply their email as what you have received previously. You are free to process as much data as possible because there is NO LIMIT imposed. it is all depends on your own ability. For example. Your Working Time and Location is completely flexible. you just need to type in exactly what is given to you on certain websites.**manual guideline to get start** Step 2 : Processing email / member data After posting the job advertisement.

Or write down Your Name on Bank In Slip if you cash deposit. Normally after your payment. The cost of this fee is intended to cover the cost of the Training Materials Supplies which will be sent directly to your email once the payment confirm.**manual guideline to get start**  2nd Email reply (For Those Who Interested To Proceed or Make Payment) Hi. kindly send us your Full Name. Current Address & H/P Number together with an attachment/screenshot/picture of your proof of payment in any of the following forms:- a) Bank In Slip b) ATM Transfer Slip c) Online Transfer Receipt/Acknowledgement Email your proof of payment together with your details to xxxxx@xxxxx. All you to do is “Copy and Paste” and nothing you advertise/send will ever be inappropriate.com with the subject heading “Proof of Payment & Details”. No spamming involved! Then. which will be transfer to your personal choice of account. After making the payment. you will need to send us your Weekly Report in order to get your payment on every Tuesday. Online Payment (Direct / Interbank Fund Transfer from other banks)  Public Bank Account No : 3985733426 (prefer)  Maybank Account No : 557223105051  A/C Holder’s name : Steven Lee Lai Tien **Please put Your Name in the payment details for easier checking purpose as some person are not using their own A/C for the transaction. Cash / Cheque Deposit (Through Counter/ATM) 2. Best Regards. you will be supplied with all of the information in order for you to get started Immediately. Payment Methods:1. Thank you.00. XXXXXXXX (Your Name) Pages 8 / 14 . As informed previously. we charge a one-time “NonRefundable” fee of RM 50.

Everything is performed online. Which really is no different then uniform fees or special training certificates other jobs require. there must be for training materials supplies and personal online coaching a onetime fee of RM50. “ Why need to pay RM50 ?? “ -> Because you can not report into an office and be shown how to work this job. ^_^ Pages 9 / 14 . we are only looking for serious and trustworthy candidates who will be able to performed the task assigned. 3. So.**manual guideline to get start** Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) For those who are asking :1. training and payment. “ Why the registration fee is bank in to a personal A/C ?? ” ->This is personal in charge for Account Department 2 “ Where is your office/location ?? ” ->As this is an online based job that requires people to post advertisements and get paid via bank transfer. You can wear anything you wish including pajamas and you are not tied down to your house. The benefit of this job is your training materials supplies will never run out nor will you have to take refresher classes to keep them valid and updated. you see the small fee for training supplies pays for itself in freedom and in real money straight to your personal account. recruiting. As such. If there is any upgrade or change in how our program works as a member you will be given all future training and supplies free. there is no requirement of physical office. Another benefit of this job is you never have to drive to work and spend money on gas or bus fare. We only have an online system to facilitate the job.

com (for any enquiry or questions) Our HR Department is always there ready to help you to solve your problem if any.**manual guideline to get start** After you received the proof of payment & details. Please email to :- * hr. Please take note that all the one-time “Non-Refundable” fee must be bank into Steven Lee Lai Tien’s Maybank / Public Bank Account in order to get your Weekly Payment on every Tuesday. Pages 10 / 14 . Otherwise it will be remain the same.com (for sending weekly report) * faq. you can send out 3 documents (Manual to Get Started ECOBEST88.ecobest88@gmail. This subject to change IF ONLY there is an announcement/notification from HR ECOBEST88 send through your email in the future.ecobest88@gmail. SAMPLE-Bank proof & details & SAMPLE-Weekly Report) ONCE you check that they are banked into the CORRECT bank account no.

04. Our highest record is 8 data in 1 day (8 x RM25 = RM200) by a housewife who work full time. will get payment on 14.04.com latest by Monday 12pm.04.15 (Monday) –12. ** please make sure fill in your FULL NAME & BANK ACCOUNT NO. Get Paid Pages 11 / 14 .15 (Sunday).**manual guideline to get start** Step 3 : Prepare Weekly Report & Receive Payment Every Tuesday Normally you are able to get at least 1 data if you post advertisements everyday. Example : Weekly Report 06. 1 successful data = Those make payment of RM 50 Please submit Weekly Report (Monday-Sunday) & Bank Proof & Details on Sunday/Latest Monday by 12pm in order to get the payment on time EVERY TUESDAY. Late Report may cause of late payment.15 (Tuesday) ** must submit & email to hr.ecobest88@gmail. on the report correctly to avoid any problem transaction payment in the future.

**manual guideline to get start** Sample of Weekly Report Pages 12 / 14 .

**manual guideline to get start** Sample of Summary Data Sample of “Payment Proof” ** This Summary Data is only for your record Please Make Sure submit your Weekly Report on time every week. Please email to hr. Pages 13 / 14 .com if you don’t get any of the above mentioned documents after payment.ecobest88@gmail.

. But you will have to work for that for sure.” EARN Pages 14 / 14 .**manual guideline to get start** Take Action NOW.. :-) “This will not make you rich but you will surely make a great income. But rather a legitimate way to earn extra money from home. You will be amazed that with some dedication and hard work what kind of results you can achieve. Ecobest88 an income opportunity you can take advantage of and make good money from the comfort of your own home. Money will not fall from sky. Together We Earn Money For A Better Life !!! This is NOT a get rich quick opportunity..