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Reborn of Nature | Explore Spring to Fall Fashion

For 2016
With the inseparable relation between nature and humans, nature has been
the unfailing inspiration spot to fashion and arts world. From spring to fall
fashion collection in 2016, designers glorified the nature through their
superlative craftsmanship. In spring, we embrace the dreamy and softness
from nature. Afterwards we then defuse to mysterious and glamorous
ambiance of fall time.
Looking into the entire spring fashion trend, Ralph Russo must be the nature
patron saint for spring. Named 'ethereal garden' as their 2016 S/S couture
show, designers decoded the most romantic and divine definition of spring.
Models are brimmed in floral design from head to toe.

Ralph & Russo | Ethereal Garden | Spring 2016 Couture

Designers, Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, took inspirations from Chinese
calligraphy. They reinterpreted this precious style and fused into cutwork and
silk of petals.
A set of nice clothing wont be counted as perfection without echoing
accessories. In Ralph Russos show, the tree branches from Eden pump and
golden feathers from Alina clutch pulled the look together firmly with nature.
The collective outcome is refreshing, dazzling yet in a way without
overloaded pretense.

Ralph & Russo | Eden Pump

Ralph & Russo | Alina Clutch

Other brands had also blended nature-touched design into accessories
pieces. The Spring 2016 Couture from Zuhair Murad created this metal
leaves headband. It enhances the goddess aura to overall Elizabethan

Zuhair Murad | Spring 2016 Couture

Jewelry designer Annelotte Vos from Netherlands initiated her collection,

Luminous, from fragments of nature. Without mixing any complex
components, the silvery simple outlook offers the most minimal and modern

Annelotte Vos | Devon Earrings | Cara Earrings

Stepping into the path of fall, nature continues to bloom in fashion world while
transforming into a seductive and cryptic approach. Alexander McQueens
fall 2016 show seems to rouse the dark sprite in the wood. Designer, Sarah
Burton described her collection as state of sleepwalking, which reality and
dreams emerged. Flower pattern, butterflies and other myth-related creatures
became the content of dreams. Each of these clothing appeared like night of
starry sky.

Alexander McQueen | Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear

The inspirations of Harem Royals jewelry also brought similar insights from
dangerous yet beautiful creatures. Their design style is highly linked to
transformation within natural creatures. They believed the objects of each
jewelry piece would be given a new life. Their works are bridging luxurious
and cutting edge expressions.

Harem Royal | Firefly Regal Necklace | Black Porcupine Quills and

Green Butterfly Kanzashi Long Dangle Earrings
The clutch design from Kamilah Willacy even takes the nature component to
next level. Regardless using nature on her visual design, unconventional
materials like woods and marbles have blended in at the same time. Her
architectural background embedded remarkably in these clutch designs.

Kamilah Willacy | Arte Clutch | Despar Peacock Clutch

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