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Baldur's Gate & The Tales of the Sword Coast

The Complete Guide

Version 2.62 (8-3-00)

by Dan Simpson (

Email Policy:
If you are going to email me about this game, please put
Baldur's Gate as your email subject as well as the version number
that you are looking at. So your subject line should read "Baldur's
Gate (2.6)" or just "Baldur, 2.6" or some such. Also please realize
that I am not hiding cheats or any other information, i.e.
everything I know about Baldur's Gate is in this guide.

If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add
please email me! I will, of course, give you full credit for
your addition, and be eternally grateful to you. Email addresses
are not posted in the FAQ, unless you specifically state that
you want it to be.
.--------------------========= N O T E S =========-------------------------.
| ��������������� |
| The most recent version of this FAQ can be found at: |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| Huge update this time (2.0), mostly due to the great efforts of the Real |
| FXD, edwardalacey, Patrick and others. I really appreciate their (and |
| everyone else listed in the Credits section) help in removing errors, and |
| adding such great content. Thanks! |
| |
| This is mostly a sequential walkthrough, which means that it will go in |
| the order that I think is a good one (not necessarily the best way to do |
| things, but one that worked well for me). Since a lot of elements in |
| Baldur's Gate can be done at any time, this presents a few problems. So |
| currently I have all the Major Plot points listed as Main Sections, with the |
| smaller areas as Sub-Sections. This works, but I'm not sure that it is the |
| best way to go about this. |
| |
| Credits: |
| |
| - Dave for telling me that I could kill Zhurlong without losing reputation |
| (which caused me to notice that you can kill quite a few NPC's without |
| losing reputation, which is very very odd!) |
| - Orlandu for a great many things |
| - Ultradraco for some specifics on Noober |
| - Alex Malano for pointing out that I had left Xan out of Sounds |
| - Gabriel N. J. Sheets for some info on the Hentold Dagger subquest |
| - Andy Miller for the missing subquest and Durlyle information |
| - Stephen Ashton for the solution to Nadine's subquest |
| - Peter Cheong Choon Wah for a thing on Brielbara and Coran |
| - Jones for information on some wizards and Shar-Teel |
| - NCPFLJohn for some information on Farmer Brun's son |
| - KyleEChu for tips on killing Drizzt and Davaeorn |
| - Starlight for the thing on Nemphre |
| - Preston Lloid for his Names and Name creating strategy (Appendix D) |
| - Mer. Pike for his Yeslick Singing information (see Oddities) |
| - Andrey Moujikov for some Nadine information |
| - Jesse LaCroix for the Ramazith information |
| - Matt Canfield for his Nymph's Hair/Cloak info |
| - D Sanders for his info on reversing charms |
| - Kelvin Groves for sending information on Doomsayer and Item Creation |
| - The Real FXD for some general tips and quests |
| - edwardalacey for lots of stuff |
| - Operador de Sala for the Perdue's Short Sword thing |
| - Patrick for information about NPC Sounds |
| - Douglas D. for a strategy in Durlag's Tower |
| - Dark Angel ( for his alternate way to complete the |
| Lothandar's Geas subquest |
| - Duncan Clay for some Items, Corrections, and Exp Charts |
| - Jon WolF for telling me what a "nereid" is |
| - Terry deBoer for an evil way to solve the Prism subquest |
| - LrdGrifter for telling me that Tempus is neutral |
| - Juha Alm for a new way to kill Drizzt, and some other stuff |
| - CJayC for posting this FAQ |
| - Anyone who emails me with nice things to say, you are appreciated! |
| - Bioware for making such a great little game! |
| |
| This FAQ looks best in Courier New at about 9 points. |
| |
| This Document is Copyright 1999-2000 by Dan Simpson |
| Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast are Copyright 1998-99 by Bioware |
| |
| I am not affiliated with Bioware, Interplay, or anyone who had anything to |
| do with the creation of this game. This FAQ may be posted on any site so |
| long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting |
| it. You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ. |

What's New in 2.62:
- Added some information from Juha Alm (a new way to kill Drizzt, etc.)
- Deleted the "Personal Note" that was just above the Stinger

For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
of the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

i. Introduction
ii. Creating a Character
iii. Items
iv. Spells
v. NPC's
vi. General Strategies


1. Candlekeep
a. The Crossroads
2. Friendly Arm Inn
a. Area North of Friendly Arm Inn
3. Beregost
a. High Hedge
b. Area SW of Beregost
c. Area S-SW of Beregost
d. Area S of Beregost
e. Area N of Nashkel
f. Temple
4. Nashkel
a. Carnival
b. Area W of Nashkel
c. Area N of Gnollish Stronghold
d. Gnollish Stronghold
e. Area SW of Nashkel
f. Area S of Nashkel
5. Nashkel Mines (Exterior)
a. Nashkel Mines (Interior)
b. Area NE of Nashkel Mines
c. Area E of Nashkel Mines
6. Nashkel Revisited
7. Beregost Revisited
a. Area E of Temple
b. Ulcaster (Area S of Temple)
c. Ulcaster Dungeon
d. Area S of Ulcaster
8. On the Trail of Bandits (Area N of Beregost Revisited)
a. Larswood
b. Peldvale
9. Bandit Camp
a. Area E of Larswood
10. Back to Beregost
a. Area W of High Hedge
b. Lighthouse
c. Area S of Lighthouse
11. Cloakwood Forest
a. Cloakwood Forest Two
b. Cloakwood Forest Three
c. Cloakwood Forest Four
12. Cloakwood Mines (Exterior)
a. Cloakwood Mines (Interior)
13. Gullykin
a. Firewine Bridge
b. Firewine Ruins
14. Baldur's Gate Bridge
a. Farm N of Baldur's Gate Bridge
15. Baldur's Gate
a. Baldur's Gate NE Section
b. Baldur's Gate SE Section
c. The Harbor, Baldur's Gate S Section
d. Baldur's Gate SW Section
e. Baldur's Gate Central Section
f. Baldur's Gate W Section
g. Baldur's Gate NW Section
h. Baldur's Gate N Section
i. Sewers Beneath Baldur's Gate
16. Candlekeep Revisited
17. Candlekeep Catacombs
a. Candlekeep Catacombs 2
b. Candlekeep Catacombs 3
18. Baldur's Gate Revisited
19. The Ducal Palace
20. On the Trail of Sarevok
21. The Hidden City

Tales of the Sword Coast

1. Ulgoth's Beard
a. The Ice Dungeon
2. Durlag's Tower (exterior)
a. Durlag's Tower (interior, above ground)
b. Durlag's Tower (interior, underground)
c. Ulgoth's Beard Revisited (Or the Soultaker and Aec'Letec)
3. Werewolves' Island
a. Werewolves' Island North
b. Shipwreck
c. Return to the Village
d. Underground Passage
e. Ulgoth's Beard Finale


A. Monsters & Monster Strategies

B. Miscellaneous Information
C. The Gods of the Realm
D. Guide to Naming Characters
E. Character Sounds
F. Utilities & Editors
G. Non Editor Cheats
H. Online Resources
I. Strange Things
J. The Dark Side of the Sword Coast

Final Words...
Version History

i. Introduction

Strange things are happening in the Sword Coast. The iron has gone bad, every
weapon forged with it is completely worthless. Bandits plague the Coast
stealing everything else that already isn't ruined. And people are muttering
that it is all the work of an outside interest bent on domination. Some say
that it is the Zhentarim, some say that it is the Amnish, although they have
troubles of their own.

Amidst all of this you have grown up in seclusion in the Candlekeep fortress,
a keep of knowledge. You have never known your parents, instead you were
raised by the Sage Gorion. You might have remained in this sheltered life
forever, had not fate played its hand. Because of the growing threat of evil
in the world, Gorion feels compelled to remove you from Candlekeep, and take
you to another hiding place where he will "explain everything".

And so it began...

Baldur's Gate is the latest in a long string of games set in the Forgotten
Realms. The game uses (for the most part) the AD&D rules to set the gameplay.
It also endeavors to create the sense that you are on an AD&D quest yourself,
and not just playing the game, but rather are in the game.

ii. Creating a Character

Creating a Character is the most important thing that you do in the game.
Period. This has an effect on everything else in the game. If you do it
well, you will succeed and easily, if you do it poorly, you will have a much
harder time of it, and possibly even fail.
So let's run down the basics of creating a character:

Gender: This doesn't matter, except as a personal choice.

Race: I usually take a Human here as they are good all around. It should
be noted that there are considerable benefits to taking other races,
such as Elves getting a bonus to Dexterity (a Max of 19) and Dwarves
getting a bonus to Constitution (a Max of 19), but they also have
drawbacks; such as Elves having a Max Constituion of 17 and Dwarves
having a Max Dexterity of 17.

Also if you want to be a Multi-Class character, you should probably

take Half-Elf. Personally, I would avoid Multi-Class characters, as
they take longer to level up, and are usually weaker to start with.

So, I'd take a human.

Class: Here, I'd take Fighter. They level up well, and have good all
around fighting abilities. If you take a Ranger or a Paladin, you
get a couple bonus abilities, but it takes longer to level up, which
just isn't worth it to me. And since you get Special Abilities
anyway (see General Strategies below), you don't really need to be
a Cleric. Imoen is a good thief, and she pretty much starts with
you, so you don't need to be a thief.

So, I'd be a Fighter.

Alignment: Go with Lawful Good. This starts your reputation at 12, and
reputation is a good thing to have in abundance. (it makes
things cheaper)

Alternatively, you could go with an evil party, but keep the

reputation above 6 or the guard will start to attack you
wherever you go.

Abilities: This is the most important part of character creation! You

have to try to get the best stats that you can possibly get,
and the only way to do that is to reroll constantly. How good
of stats you get mostly depends on how patient you are in
rerolling. You can customize your stats, if you want. Simply
decrease the amount in one stat, and use those points to
increase another stat.

If you are a fighter here are the recommended minimum stats to

try for:

STR: 18/51
DEX: 11*
CON: 18
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 18

* DEX can be low because of the Gauntlets of Dexterity, see

General Strategies below.

Make sure not to neglect Charisma! It's more important than

you might think (stores sell things cheaper, and people may
treat you better).

If you aren't a Fighter, then drop STR and improve the stat most
associated with your ability. INT for Mages, WIS for Clerics,

Skills: These are your proficiency points. Think of it as which weapons

your character is skilled in. Based on which class you are, set
two points to that characters likely primary weapon:

Fighter, Paladin -- Large Sword

Thief -- Small Sword
Ranger -- Bow

Then give the other points to either Bow or Missile Weapons.

Note: If you are a Ranger, then you also have to select your
Racial Enemy here. I'd take Spider, as they seem to be
most prolific.

Appearance: Whatever you think looks good.

Name: Whatever you think sounds good. Check out Appendix D. Guide to
Naming Characters if you need some ideas.

iii. Items

Note: Prices are all based on an average reputation, where they neither give
you the "Hero's Discount" or the "Villain's Markup". These prices were
also based on a "Super Charisma", that is, two over 18. To get a Super
Charisma start by having 18, and then wear Algernon's Cloak. And if you
find a Tome of Leadership and Influence (Charisma +1), you can get up to
21 Charisma. The worse your Charisma, the higher these prices will be!

Note: Mage Scrolls are listed in section iv. Spells, wheras Cleric Scrolls are
listed here. (this is because you can Write Magic from a Mage Scroll but
cannot from a Cleric)

Note: Although Inns are open 24 hours a day, most shops close during the night.

Note: Your alignment effects how expensive Raise Dead is going to cost for you,
depending on the temple that you are in. If you are an Evil character in
a Good Temple, it will be quite expensive (10000 gp).

Shops (a * indicates that this item is only found in the Expansion Pack)
There are four types of business (or "shop")

- Store (Buy and Sell)

- Tavern (Drink)
- Inn
- *Inn (Drink and Peasant rooms)
- **Inn (Drink, Peasant and Merchant rooms)
- ***Inn (Drink, Peasant, Merchant and Noble rooms)
- ****Inn (Drink, Peasant, Merchant, Noble and Royal rooms)
- Temple (Healing, Donate, Buy and Sell, Identify)

All temple priests will identify items and so will some store owners.
There are some stores you can steal from. Stolen (fenced) items cannot be

- Candlekeep Inn (AR2616) ****INN + STORE - Winthrop (can steal)

Battle Axe 5gp Quarter Staff 1gp

Throwing Axe (5) 5 Bastard Sword 28
Club 1 Long Sword 16
Flail 16 Short Sword 11
Mace 8 2-Hnd Sword 56
Morningstar 11 Scimitar* 61
Composite Long Bow 112 Bullet (20) 1
Long Bow 84 Heavy Crossbow 56
Short Bow 33 Light Crossbow 39
Dagger 2 Bolt (20) 1
Throwing Dagger (5) 5 Arrows (20) 1
Darts (10) 1 Chain Mail 84
Halberd 11 Splint Mail 89
War Hammer 2 Leather Armor 5
Sling 1 Studded Leather 22
Spear 1 Small Shield 3
Buckler 1 Medium Shield 7
Large Shield 11 Helmet 1

- Temple of Oghma (x 4048 y 547) TEMPLE - Priest of Oghma

Cure Light Wounds 50gp Cure Serious Wounds 100gp
Dispel Magic 200 Slow Poison 150
Remove Curse 500 Raise Dead 2000
Potion of Healing 84gp Antidote 112gp
Elixer of Health 560 Stone to Flesh Scroll 168


- The Friendly Arm (AR2301) ****INN + STORE - Bentley Mirrorshade

Battle Axe 6gp Long Sword 19gp

Throwing Axe (5) 6 Short Sword 12
Club 1 2-Hnd Sword 63
Flail 19 Heavy Crossbow 63
Mace 10 Light Crossbow 44
Morningstar 12 Arrows (20) 1
Composite Long Bow 127 Bolts (20) 1
Long Bow 95 Bullet (20) 1
Short Bow 38 Chain Mail 95
Dagger 2 Splint Mail 101
Dart (10) 1 Leather Armor 6
Halberd 12 Plate Mail 762
War Hammer 2 Small Shield 6
Sling 1 Medium Shield 8
Spear 1 Large Shield + 1 2540
Quarter Staff 1 History/Fateful Coin 2
Bastard Sword 31 History/Unicorn Run 2

- Temple of Wisdom (AR2304) TEMPLE - Gellana Mirrorshare


Cure Light Wounds 50gp Cure Serious Wounds 100gp

Dispel Magic 200 Slow Poison 150
Remove Curse 500 Raise Dead 2000


Potion of Healing 84gp Antidote 112gp

.. of Genius 336 Elixer of Health 280
.. of Mind Focusing 560 Stone to Flesh Scroll 168
.. of Insight 336

- Feldepost's Inn (AR3351) ****INN + STORE

History/Fateful Coin 2gp Bracers AC8 3360gp

Amulet + 1 3360 Bullet + 1 17
Arrow + 2 (2) 40 Chainmail + 1 1792
Battle Axe + 1 1680 Medium Shield + 1 1680
Flail 16 Bastard Sword + 1 2800
Comp. Long Bow + 1 2800 Two Handed Sword 56

- Jovial Juggler (AR3304) ****INN

- Red Sheaf (AR3357) **INN

- Burning Wizard (AR3307) ****INN

- Thunderhammer Smithy (AR3301) STORE - Taerom Fuiruim (will identify)


Battle Axe 5gp Spear 1gp

Throwing Axe (5) 5 Quarter Staff 1
Club 1 Quarter Staff +1 560
Flail 16 Bastard Sword 28
Mace 8 Long Sword 16
Mace +1 1680 Long Sword +1 1600
Morningstar 11 Short Sword 11
Composite Long Bow 112 Short Sword +1 896
Long Bow 84 Heavy Crossbow 56
Short Bow 33 Light Crossbow 39
Short Bow +1 1680 Arrows (20) 1
Dagger 2 Arrows +1 (10) 112
Dagger +1 336 Arrows of Ice (10) 336
Throwing Dagger (10) 11 Arrows of Biting (10) 560
Dart (20) 1 Arrows +2 (10) 201
Dart +1 (10) 89 Bolt (20) 1
Halberd 11 Bolt +1 (10) 112
War Hammer 2 Bullet (20) 1
Sling 1 Bullet +1 (10) 89
Sling +1 112 Light Crossbow/Speed 8960
Dagger of Venom 11200


Chainmail 84gp Medium Shield 7gp

Splint Mail 89 Medium Shield +1 1680
Helmet 1 Large Shield 11
Leather Armor 5 Buckler 1
Leather Armor +1 1120 Full Plate 6720
Studded Leather 22 Shadow Armor 11760
Small Shield 3 Plate Mail 672
Small Shield +1 1120

- High Hedge (AR3202) STORE - Thalantyr (will identify)


Dart +1 (5) 44gp Potion of Perception 392gp

Arrows +1 (5) 56 .. of Regeneration 560
Acid Arrows (5) 280 Potion of Insight 336
Bolt +1 (5) 56 Potion of Strength 392
Bolt of Lightning (5) 168 Potion of Freedom 280
Bolt of Biting (5) 420 .. of Magic Blocking 1680
Bullet +1 (5) 44 .. of Mirrored Eyes 448
Potion of Fire Resist 448 Wand of Sleep 1680
Potion of Healing 84 Wand of Fear 2240
Elixer of Health 280 Horn of Kazgaroth 10080
Potion of Cold Resist 280 Claw of Kazgaroth 11200
Potion of Explosions 504 Robe Good Archmagi 22960
Potion of Infravision 112 Robe Evil Archmagi 22960
Potion of Insulation 190

Protection Scrolls:

Protection from Acid 840gp

Protection from Cold 840
Protection from Electricity 840
Protection from Fire 840
Protection from Magic 2240
Protection from Poison 840
Protection from Undead 840

Spells: The spells can be found in the spells section below.

- Temple of Helm (AR4802) TEMPLE - Nalin


Cure Light Wounds 50gp Cure Serious Wounds 100gp

Dispel Magic 200 Slow Poison 150
Remove Curse 500 Raise Dead* 600-10000


Potion of Healing 84gp Antidote 112gp

Elixer of Health 280 Stone to Flesh 168
* - Raise Dead costs differently depending on the person's alignment

- Nashkel Store (AR4803) STORE (will identify and can steal)

Battle Axe 5gp Long Sword 16gp

Throwing Axe (5) 5 Short Sword 11
Club 1 2-hnd Sword 56
Flail 16 Heavy Crossbow 56
Mace 8 Light Crossbow 39
Morningstar 11 Arrows (20) 1
Composite Long Bow 112 Bolts (20) 1
Long Bow 84 Bullets (20) 1
Short Bow 33 Chainmail 84
Dagger 2 Splint Mail 89
Dart (10) 1 Leather Armor 5
Halberd 11 Plate Mail 672
War Hammer 2 Small Shield 3
Sling 1 Medium Shield 7
Spear 1 Large Shield +1 2240
Quarter Staff 1 History/Fateful Coin 2
Bastard Sword 28

- Belching Dragon Tavern (aka The Northern Light) (AR4809) TAVERN

- Nashkel Inn (AR4801) ***INN

- Merchant Tent (x 2523 y 2837) STORE (will identify)

Necklace of Missiles 2240gp Protection/Acid 840gp

Amulet/Protection +1 3360 Protection/Cold 840
Shield Amulet 560 Protection/Fire 840
Ring of Infravision 840 Protection/Electricity 840
Protection/Petrification 840

- Carnival Shop (x 2827 y 3008) STORE (will identify and can steal)

Battle Axe 5gp War Hammer 2gp

Throwing Axe (5) 5 Spear 1
Club 1 Quarter Staff 1
Flail 16 Bastard Sword 28
Mace 8 Long Sword 16
Morningstar 11 Short Sword 11
Dagger 2

- Carnival Shop (x 3194 y 3282) STORE (will identify and can steal)

Throwing Axe (5) 5gp Heavy Crossbow 56gp

Composite Long Bow 112 Light Crossbow 39
Long Bow 84 Arrows (20) 1
Short Bow 33 Arrows/Piercing (2) 112
Throwing Dagger (5) 5 Bolt (20) 1
Dart (10) 1 Bullet (20) 1
Sling 1

- Carnival Shop (x 3246 y 2618) STORE (will identify and can steal)
Chain Mail 84gp Small Shield 3gp
Splint Mail 89 Medium Shield 7
Leather 5 Large Shield 11
Studded Leather 22


- Song of the Morning Temple (AR3402) TEMPLE - Keldath Ormlyr

- Temple of Yondalla (aka Temple of Helm) (AR4003) TEMPLE - Alvanhendar


Cure Light Wounds 50gp Cure Serious 100

Dispel Magic 200 Slow Poison 150
Remove Curse 500 Raise Dead 600-10000


Potion of Healing 84 Antidote 112

Elixer of Health 280 Stone to Flesh Scroll 168

- Lucky Aello's Discount Store (AR 0800, x 3123 y 1011)
Oil of Speed 168gp (cursed)
Potion of Healing 168
Antidote 56 (cursed)
Potion of Perception 392
Various Cursed Scrolls 1

- Bar (AR 0800, x 3400 y 1700) -- Rest, Drinks

- Elfsong Tavern (AR 0800, x 1800 y 2370) -- Rest, Drinks

- Elfsong Tavern Second Floor -- Buys/Sells, Identifies

Necklace of Missiles 2240gp Protection/Cold 840gp
Amulet/Protection +1 3360 Protection/Electricity 840
Shield Amulet 560 Protection/Fire 840
Ring of Infravision 840 Protection/Petrification 672
Protection/Acid 840

- Silence Shop (AR 0800, x 3360 y 2000) -- Rest, Buys/Sells

Dagger 2gp Cloak of Protection +1 5600gp
Leather Armor 5 Dart +1 (5) 44
Sling 1 Dart of Stunning (5) 560
Bastard Sword 28 Sling +1 112
Long Sword 16 Potion of Master Thief 448
Short Sword 11 Potion of Agility 336
Studded Leather 22 Bullet (20) 1
Studded Leather +1 1680 Bullet +1 (20) 179
Leather Armor +1 1120 Bullet +2 (20) 336

- Sorcerous Sundries (AR 0800, x 1025 y 1950) -- Buys/Sells 77, Identifies

Hide Armor 7gp Antidote 112gp
Battle Axe +1 1680 Potion of Clarity 784
Dart +1 (5) 44 Potion of Cold Resist 280
Dart of Stunning (5) 560 Potion of Defense 784
Dart of Wounding (5) 280 Potion of Explosions 504
Bastard Sword +1 2800 Potion of Firebreath 280
Long Sword +1 1400 Potion of Fortitude 560
Arrows +1 (5) 56 Potion of Genius 336
Arrow of Slaying (1) 2800 Potion of Infravision 112
Acid Arrows (5) 280 Potion of Insulation 190
Arrows of Biting (5) 280 Potion of Magic Blocking 1680
Arrows/Detonation (5) 1680 Potion of Magic Protect 1120
Arrows/Dispelling (5) 1680 Potion of Magic Shield 1400
Arrows of Fire (5) 140 Potion of Master Thief 448
Arrows of Ice (5) 168 Potion of Mind Focusing 560
Arrows of Piercing (5) 280 Potion of Mirrored Eyes 448
Arrows +2 (5) 100 Potion of Perception 392
Bolt +1 (5) 56 Potion of Regeneration 560
Bolt of Lightning (5) 168 Potion of Insight 336
Bolt of Biting (5) 420 Potion of Strength 392
Bolt +2 (5) 84 Potion of Freedom 280
Bullet +1 (5) 44 Potion of Stone Form 560
Bullet +2 (5) 84 Protection from Acid 840
Potion of Fire Resist 448 Protection from Cold 840
.. of Hill Giant Str 336 Protection/Electricity 840
.. of Frost Giant Str 840 Protection from Fire 840
.. of Fire Giant Str 1120 Protection from Magic 2240
.. of Cloud Giant Str 1400 Protection from Poison 840
.. of Storm Giant Str 1680 Protection from Undead 840
Potion of Healing 84 Wand of Fear 2240
Potion of Heroism 896 Wand of Magic Missiles 560
Potion of Invisibility 280 Wand of Paralyzation 2800
.. of Invulnerability 1344 Wand of Fire 9856
.. of Stone Giant Str 560 Wand of Frost 3360
Oil of Fiery Burning 560 Wand of Lightning 4480
Oil of Speed 560 Wand of Sleep 1680
Elixer of Health 280 Wand/Monster Summoning 5600
Potion of Absorb 672 Wand of the Heavens 3360
Potion of Agility 336

- Maltz's Weapon Shop (AR 0800, x 1111 y 2935) -- Buys/Sells, Ident., Steals
Battle Axe 5gp Short Sword 11gp
Throwing Axe (5) 5 Two Handed Sword 56
Club 1 Arrows (20) 1
Flail 16 Bolts (20) 1
Mace 8 Bullets (20) 1
Morningstar 11 Chainmail 84
Dagger 2 Splint Mail 89
Halberd 11 Leather Armor 5
War Hammer 2 Studded Leather Armor 22
Sling 1 Plate Mail 672
Spear 1 Small Shield 3
Quarter Staff 1 Medium Shield 7
Bastard Sword 28 Large Shield +1 2240
Long Sword 16

- Thieves' Guild, Black Lily (only available in Chapter 7!) -- Buys/Sells,

Dagger 3gp Studded Leather +1 2250gp
Dart +1 (5) 60 Leather +1 1500
Dart of Stunning (5) 750 Cloak of Protection +1 7500
Sling 1 Potion of Master Thief 600
Sling +1 150 Potion of Agility 450
Bastard Sword 37 Potion of Heroism 1200
Long Sword 22 Potion of Fire Giant STR 1500
Short Sword 15 .. of Frost Giant (2) 2250
Bullet (20) 1 Oil of Speed 750
Bullet +1 (10) 120 Antidote 150
Bullet +2 (10) 225 Potion of Magic Blocking 2250
Arrows of Dispel (5) 2250 Potion of Magic Protect 1500
Arrows +2 (5) 135 Potion of Magic Shield 1875
Arrows +1 (10) 150 Potion of Healing 112
Arrows of Biting (5) 375 Potion of Power 2550
Leather Armor 7 .. of Cloud Giant STR 1875
Studded Leather 30


- Potion Shop (AR 1300, x 2150 y 415) -- Buys/Sells, Identifies, Steals
Potion of Regeneration 540gp Antidote 112gp
Potion of Insight 336 Potion of Cold Resist 280
Potion of Freedom 280 Oil of Speed 168
Potion of Fire Resist 448 Potion of Defense 784
.. of Hill Giant STR 336 Potion of Healing 168
Potion of Healing 84 Potion of Infravision 112
Potion of Invisibility 280 Potion of Insulation 190
Oil of Fiery Burning 560 Antidote 56
Oil of Speed 560 Potion of Magic Protect 1120
Elixer of Health 280 Potion of Magic Shield 1400
Potion of Absorbtion 672 Potion of Master Thief 448
Potion of Agility 336 Potion of Stone Form 560

- Potion Shop 2 (AR 1300, 825 y 2563) -- Buys/Sells, Identifies, Steals

Potion of Regeneration 540gp Antidote 112gp
Potion of Insight 336 Potion of Cold Resist 280
Potion of Freedom 280 Oil of Speed 168
Potion of Fire Resist 448 Potion of Defense 784
.. of Hill Giant STR 336 Potion of Healing 168
Potion of Healing 84 Potion of Infravision 112
Potion of Invisibility 280 Potion of Insulation 190
Oil of Fiery Burning 560 Antidote 56
Oil of Speed 560 Potion of Magic Protect 1120
Elixer of Health 280 Potion of Magic Shield 1400
Potion of Absorbtion 672 Potion of Master Thief 448
Potion of Agility 336 Potion of Stone Form 560

- Blade and Stars Inn (AR 1300, x 200 y 666) -- Rests, Drinks

- Anonymous Inn (AR 1300, x 1700 y 2300) -- Rests, Drinks


- Low Lantern (AR 1200, x 3420 y 3090) -- Rests, Drinks

- Jopalin's Tavern (AR 1200, x 2675 y 550) -- Rests, Drinks


- Potion Shop (AR 1100, x 3120 y 600) -- Buys/Sells, Identifies, Steals
Potion of Regeneration 540gp Antidote 112gp
Potion of Insight 336 Potion of Cold Resist 280
Potion of Freedom 280 Oil of Speed 168
Potion of Fire Resist 448 Potion of Defense 784
.. of Hill Giant STR 336 Potion of Healing 168
Potion of Healing 84 Potion of Infravision 112
Potion of Invisibility 280 Potion of Insulation 190
Oil of Fiery Burning 560 Antidote 56
Oil of Speed 560 Potion of Magic Protect 1120
Elixer of Health 280 Potion of Magic Shield 1400
Potion of Absorbtion 672 Potion of Master Thief 448
Potion of Agility 336 Potion of Stone Form 560

- Potion Shop 2 (AR 1100, x 2535 y 2317) -- Buys/Sells, Identifies, Steals

Potion of Regeneration 540gp Antidote 112gp
Potion of Insight 336 Potion of Cold Resist 280
Potion of Freedom 280 Oil of Speed 168
Potion of Fire Resist 448 Potion of Defense 784
.. of Hill Giant STR 336 Potion of Healing 168
Potion of Healing 84 Potion of Infravision 112
Potion of Invisibility 280 Potion of Insulation 190
Oil of Fiery Burning 560 Antidote 56
Oil of Speed 560 Potion of Magic Protect 1120
Elixer of Health 280 Potion of Magic Shield 1400
Potion of Absorbtion 672 Potion of Master Thief 448
Potion of Agility 336 Potion of Stone Form 560

- General Store (AR 1100, x y ) -- Buys/Sells, Identifies, Steals

Battle Axe 5gp Short Sword 11gp
Throwing Axe (5) 5 Two Handed Sword 56
Club 1 Arrows (20) 1
Flail 16 Bolts (20) 1
Mace 8 Bullets (20) 1
Morningstar 11 Chainmail 84
Dagger 2 Splint Mail 89
Halberd 11 Leather Armor 5
War Hammer 2 Studded Leather 22
Sling 1 Plate Mail 672
Spear 1 Small Shield 3
Quarter Staff 1 Medium Shield 7
Bastard Sword 28 Large Shield +1 2240
Long Sword 16

- Inn (AR 1100, x 1100 y 2200) -- Rest, Drinks


- Drakon Tavern (AR 0700, x 1560 y 1360) -- Rest, Drinks


- General Store (AR 0300, x 2180 y 2515) -- Buys/Sells, Identifies, Steals
Battle Axe 5gp Short Sword 11gp
Throwing Axe (5) 5 Two Handed Sword 56
Club 1 Arrows (20) 1
Flail 16 Bolts (20) 1
Mace 8 Bullets (20) 1
Morningstar 11 Chainmail 84
Dagger 2 Splint Mail 89
Halberd 11 Leather Armor 5
War Hammer 2 Studded Leather 22
Sling 1 Plate Mail 672
Spear 1 Small Shield 3
Quarter Staff 1 Medium Shield 7
Bastard Sword 28 Large Shield +1 2240
Long Sword 16

- Splurging Surgeon (AR 0300, x 411 y 2885) -- Rest, Drinks

- Blushing Mermaid (AR 0300, x 200 y 1750) -- Rest, Drinks


- High Hall of Wonders (AR 0600, x 3800 y 940) -- Cures, Donates, Buys/Sells

Cure Light Wounds 50gp Cure Serious Wounds 100gp

Dispel Magic 200 Slow Poison 150
Remove Curse 500 Raise Dead 600-10000


Potion of Healing 78 Elixer of Health 262

Oil of Speed 525 Stone to Flesh Scroll 157
Antidote 105


- Helm and Cloak Inn (AR 0100, x 3550 y 2900) -- Rest, Drinks

- Inn (AR 0100, x 3025 y 1670) -- Rest, Drinks


- Temple of Helm (AR 0200, x 1550 y 1090) -- Cure, Donate, Buy/Sell, Ident.


Cure Light Wounds 50gp Cure Serious Wounds 100gp

Dispel Magic 200 Slow Poison 150
Remove Curse 500 Raise Dead 600-10000


Potion of Healing 84 Stone to Flesh Scroll 168

Antidote 112 Elixer of Health 280

- Three Old Kegs (AR 0200, x 3700 y 2370) -- Drinks, Rest

ULGOTH'S BEARD (Tales of the Sword Coast)

- Ulgoth's Beard Inn (x 2360 y 535) -- Buys/Sells, Rest
Battle Axe 7gp Arrows (20) 1gp
Throwing Axe (5) 7 Acid Arrows (10) 710
Club 1 Arrows +2 (10) 255
Flail 21 Bolt (20) 1
Mace 11 Bolt +1 (10) 142
Morningstar 14 Bolt of Lightning (10) 426
Composite Long Bow 142 Bullet (20) 1
Long Bow 106 Bullet +2 (10) 213
Short Bow 42 Chainmail 106
Dagger 2 Splint Mail 113
Dart (10) 1 Hide Armor 9
Dart +1 (10) 113 Leather Armor 7
Dart of Stunning (10) 1420 Plate Mail Armor 852
Halberd 14 Small Shield 4
War Hammer 2 Medium Shield 9
Sling 1 Large Shield +1 2840
Spear 1 Potion of Healing 106
Quarter Staff 1 Antidote 142
Bastard Sword 36 Potion of Mirrored Eyes 568
Long Sword 21 Cloak of Displacement 4970
Short Sword 15 Quarter Staff +3 7810
Two Handed Sword 71 Greagan's Harp 8378
Scimitar 78 Wand of the Heavens 5325
Heavy Crossbow 71 Wand of Frost 6177
Light Crossbow 49 Ring of Invisibility 24850
Greenstone Amulet 4260

DURLAG'S TOWER (Tales of the Sword Coast)

- Erdane (x y )-- Buys/Sells
Hide Armor 7gp Bolt +1 (10) 112gp
Dagger 2 Bolt of Lightning (10) 336
Dart (10) 1 Bullet (20) 1
Dart +1 (10) 89 Bullet +1 (10) 89
Dart of Stunning (10) 1120 Bullet +2 (1) 16
Scimitar 60 Potion of Healing 84
Arrows (20) 1 Potion of Master Thief 448
Acid Arrows (10) 560 Potion of Agility 336
Arrows +1 (10) 112 Potion of Hill Giant 336
Arrows of Fire (10) 280 Antidote 112
Bolt (20) 1 Potion of Perception 392
Wand of Fire 4928

Wands last for 20 uses, and then fizzle away. Although no way exists to
directly check how many charges are left in a wand, you can try to sell it
at a shop. The more the shopkeeper will pay, the more charges you have
left. You can also use the shopkeeper to recharge the wand (I think),
simply sell it to him, and then buy it back.

Jewels, Gems, and Other Valuables
I've listed the selling prices here so that you can prioritize what to keep
and what to toss if your inventory gets too cluttered. Never keep anything
silver, they are far too common and almost worthless.

Gems: selling price

Andar 15gp
Aquamarine 75
Black Opal 150
Bloodstone 25
Chrysoberyl 35
Diamond 500
Emerald 750
Fire Agate 5
Garnet 175
Horn Coral 62
Iol 20
Jaspar 17
King's Tears 2000
Lynx Eye 7
Moonbar 187
Moonstone 25
Pearl 100
Rogue Stone 2500
Shandon 45
Skydrop 20
Sphene 112
Star Diopside 47
Star Sapphire 1000
Sunstone 12
Tchazar 17
Turquoise 2
Water Opal 175
Waterstar 40
Ziose 30
Zircon 45

Agni Mani 20gp
Bloodstone 150
Bluestone 15
Gold 30
Laeral's Tear 3000
Pearl 500
Rainbow Obsidian 25
Silver 5
Studded w/Zios 75
Tiger Cowrie 27

Angel Skin 50gp
Bloodstone 30
Fire Opal 250
Flamedance 62
Gold 20
Greenstone 5
Jade 40
Onyx 25
Ring (plain) 5
Silver 2

Misc Items

Ankheg Shells -- can be made into an armor (AC 1), which costs 4000gp
(Thunderhammer Smithy, Beregost). Or you could sell them for 500gp.

Note: You can only sell shells once! After that you can't even get him
to make you an armor! Sell the shells one at a time (by dropping
the others) to get 500GP each. You can even go back and get some
more but Thunderhammer will stop buying shells and refuse to make
the armor 10 days after he first offered to buy the shells or as
soon as you get him to make the armor. (some info from Duncan Clay)
Tip: There are 9 shells in the Akheg nest, turn up with these and the
armor won't cost you anything.

Wyvern Heads -- give the first to Keldath Ormlyr (priest at temple) for 2000
gp, then sell any others to Thalantyr (mage at high hedge, or elsewhere)
for 500 gp each, and drops down to 200 gp.

Winter Wolf Pelts -- sell these in the shop in Nashkel for 500gp each, no
limit to how many you can sell. You can also sell these to Officer Vai
(at least as long as she is accepting Scalps) After she has gone you can
sell them at Feldpost Inn for 25GP which will drop to 10GP.

iv. Spells

This section tells you where you can buy spells, and for how much. Spells have
all been sorted Alphabetically, so the list you see here won't match the order
that the seller has.

- Thalantyr
Armor 112
Blindness 112
Burning Hands 112
Charm Person 112
Chill Touch 112
Chromatic Orb 112
Color Spray 112
Detect Invisibility 224
Flame Arrow 336
Friends 112
Grease 112
Hold Person 336
Horror 224
Identify 112
Infravision 112
Invisibility 224
Larloch's Minor Drain 112
Luck 224
Magic Missile 112
Mirror Image 224
Protection from Evil 112
Protection from Petrification 112
Resist Fear 224
Shield 112
Shocking Grasp 112
Skull Trap 336
Sleep 112
Strength 224
Vampiric Touch 336

- Sorcerous Sundries
Agannazar's Scorcher 224gp
Armor 112
Blindness 112
Blur 224
Burning Hands 112
Chaos 560
Charm Person 112
Chill Touch 112
Chromatic Orb 112
Clairvoyence 336
Color Spray 112
Confusion 1344
Detect Evil 224
Detect Invisibility 224
Dimension Door 1344
Dire Charm 336
Dispel Magic 336
Fireball 1008
Flame Arrow 336
Friends 112
Ghost Armor 336
Ghoul Touch 224
Grease 112
Greater Malison 448
Haste 1008
Hold Person 336
Horror 224
Identify 112
Infravision 112
Invisibility 224
Knock 224
Know Alignment 224
Larloch's Minor Drain 112
Lightning Bolt 1008
Luck 224
Magic Missile 112
Melf's Acid Arrow 224
Minor Globe/Invulnerability 1344
Mirror Image 224
Monster Summoning I 336
Monster Summoning II 1344
Non-Detection 336
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere 448
Polymorph Self 448
Protection from Evil 112
Protection from Petrification 112
Protection/Normal Missiles 1008
Remove Curse 448
Resist Fear 224
Shield 112
Shocking Grasp 112
Skull Trap 336
Sleep 112
Slow 336
Spirit Armor 448
Stinking Cloud 224
Strength 224
Vampiric Touch 336
Web 224
- Ulgoth's Beard Inn
Defensive Harmony 568
Emotion 568
Greater Malaison 568
Improved Invisibility 1704
Mental Domination 568gp
Protection from Lightning 568
Remove Curse 568

v. NPC's

Unless it is otherwise mentioned, any NPC you say "no" to (or remove later) will
stay put wherever you put them. To see the X,Y coordinate of where you are,
press "L". The top left of any map is (x 0 y 0).

Special Abilities are those abilities that that character intrinsicly has. Some
of them they have before they join you, others they gain later.

Note: If you turn both Khalid and Jaheira down in the FAI, you can't ever get
them to join.

Pairs: (you can't have one without the other)

Khalid -- Jaheira
Xzar -- Montaron
Minsc -- Dynaheir
Eldoth -- Skie
Note: To get one of these in the pair without the other, simply send the other
person into a building (the person you want to get rid of), and then
reform the party to kick them out. This way they can't come up to you
and talk to you.

Here's the party I like:

You -- as a Lawful Good Fighter

Kivan -- give him a Composite Long Bow +1, or the Long Bow of Marksmanship,
and the Bracers of Archery; and you have a really effective sniper.
Minsc -- a very good warrior
Dynaheir -- a good mage, plus if you get her at the right level, she starts
with Fireball. Edwin is a better mage (higher Int, and better
special ability), however, he is Evil which complicates things.
Yeslick -- a good cleric (you could also sub in Branwen or Viconia here)
Safana -- you need a thief, and I like Safana. (you can also sub in Imoen

And here are some interesting party combinations:

Have Minsc, Dynaheir and Edwin in the same party. Since Edwin wants to kill
Dynaheir, Minsc gets all surly and protective.

Viconia and Kivan have a love-hate relationship, and also Viconia is very
dimissive about Xan.

Put Yeslick and Kagain together to see just how different two Dwarves can be.
Yeslick DESPISES Kagain.
Safana and Coran. Coran will flirt shamelessly with Safana, and she will
rebuff his every attempt, quite humorously.

Quayle and Tiax. These two really don't like each other. Plus they're
fairly amusing on their own.

Faldorn and Jaheira don't like each other either. Funny how they are both

Put Eldoth, Skie, and Garrick together for a wild Love Triangle. Heh.

And now the BIG LIST of every NPC complete with a description, and where they
are. This list is sorted by alignment, Good first, then Neutral, and Evil last.

GOOD: S D C I W Ch Race Class Alignment

����� ����������������� ������ ������� �����������
Ajantis 17 13 16 12 13 17 Human Paladin Lawful Good
Ajantis is a simple person, all he wants to do is vanquish evil.
Special Abilities: Lay on Hands, Detect Evil, Protection from Evil
Where he is: Farm N of Friendly Arm Inn (x 1572 y 3139)

Dynaheir 11 13 16 17 15 12 Human Invoker Lawful Good

Dynaheir was kidnapped by the Gnolls, and must be rescued with Minsc in your
party. She is also linked to Minsc and if one leaves, the other does too.
She makes a good mage because she already knows such spells as Fireball.
Dynaheir will disappear if you reject her offer to join.
Special Abilities: Slow Poison
Where she is: Gnollish Stronghold (x 2529 y 1440)

Yeslick 15 12 17 7 16 10 Dwarf Fighter/Cleric Lawful Good

You find Yeslick in the Cloakwood Mines, and all he wants to do is help.
How noble. If you reject him he will leave forever.
Special Abilities: Dispel Magic
Where he is: Cloakwood Mines, Level 2 (x 851 y 1727)

Imoen 9 18 16 17 11 16 Human Thief Neutral Good

Imoen automatically will join you immediately after Gorion's death. Unless
you run away, that is. Sometimes she comes with a Wand of Magic Missiles,
now who did she steal that from?

Khalid 15 16 17 12 10 9 Half-Elf Fighter Neutral Good

See Jaheira below for a description.
Where he is: Friendly Arm Inn, Ground Floor (x 329 y 685)

Minsc 18/93 15 15 8 6 9 Human Ranger Neutral Good

Minsc's life partner Dynaheir was kidnapped by Gnolls, and he wants your
help to get her back! If you don't rescue her in a timely fashion, Minsc
will leave.
Special Abilities: Berserk, Charm Animal
Where he is: Nashkel (x 3387 y 1957)

Alora 8 19 12 14 7 10 Halfling Thief Chaotic Good

You'll find Alora burglarizing the Hall of Wonders at night. Agree to stand
watch for her, then talk to her twice more and she'll offer to join.
Where she is: Baldur's Gate W Section (AR 0600, x 1600 y 2200)

Coran 14 20 12 14 9 16 Half-Elf Fighter/Thief Chaotic Good

Coran wants to go sack some Wyverns in the 4th Cloakwood forest, so do that
immediately or he will leave. After you beat the wyverns, he will stay
Where he is: Cloakwood 1, On a Bridge (x 1515 y 691)

Kivan 18/12 17 14 10 14 8 Elf Ranger Chaotic Good

Kivan wants to hunt some bandits. If you kick him out of the party, he
stays gone for good!
Special Abilities: Charm Animal
Where he is: High Hedge (x 3652 y 1472)

NEUTRAL: S D C I W Ch Race Class Alignment

�������� ����������������� ������ ��������� ��������������
Xan 13 16 7 17 14 16 Elf Enchanter Lawful Neutral
Xan is a depressing person, but he is a capable mage (although he has the
very large flaw of not being able to cast such spells as Magic Missile and
Fireball!) and he has a Moonblade. If you're overly rude to him he'll leave
and never return.
Where he is: Nashkel Mines Interior (Fourth Level, Cave x 793 y 588)

Branwen 13 16 15 9 16 13 Human Cleric True Neutral

To get Branwen in your party all you have to do is to free her from the
Petrification enchantment that was placed on her by the Mage Tranzig. Free
her using a Stone to Flesh spell (you can buy them in Nashkel for 168gp or
from Zeke at the Carnival for 500gp). If you reject her, she will leave
Special Abilities: Spiritual Hammer
Where she is: Nashkel Carnival (x 3253 y 2882)

Faldorn 12 15 11 10 16 15 Human Druid True Neutral

Faldorn wants to free the forest from the evils of the Iron Throne, which
has taken up residence in the Cloakwood Mine.
Special Abilities: Summon Dread Wolf
Where she is: Cloakwood 3, In the Druid Shrine (x 639 y 2885)

Jaheira 15 14 17 10 14 15 Half-Elf Fighter/Druid True Neutral

Jaheira and Khalid were good friends of Gorion, and will go with you every-
where. However, if you say "No" to them the first time they want to join,
you won't be able to get them. Ever.
Where she is: Friendly Arm Inn, Ground Floor (x 329 y 685)

Skie 11 18 15 15 8 13 Human Thief True Neutral

When you first enter the NW Area in Baldur's Gate Eldoth (if he is with you)
will offer to take you up to Skie's father's estate. Go inside the estate
and you will find Skie. She will only join you if Eldoth is with you,
otherwise she thinks that you are thieves come to kill her.
Where she is: NW Section (AR 0100, x 1170 y 1625)

Garrick 14 16 9 13 14 15 Human Bard Chaotic Neutral

Garrick will join you only after you finish the Silke subquest in Beregost.
If you reject Garrick, he will leave, but he'll be back later.
Where he is: Beregost, by the Burning Wizard Inn (x 2564 y 2284)

Quayle 8 15 11 17 10 6 Gnome Cleric/Illusionist Chaotic Neutral

Quayle is an insulting little person, who will join up for no apparant
reason. No matter which direction you say that you are going, he is going
that way too. Can't get him until the Cloakwood mines are clear.
Special Abilities: Invisibility
Where he is: Baldur's Gate Bridge (x 486 y 797)

Safana 13 17 10 16 9 17 Human Thief Chaotic Neutral

Safana wants to find some treasure in the Flesh Golem cave, and afterwords
she will stay with you forever.
Special Abilities: Charm Animal
Where she is: Lighthouse (x 3750 y 2390)

EVIL: S D C I W Ch Race Class Alignment

����� ����������������� ������ �������� �����������
Edwin 9 10 16 18 9 10 Human Conjurer Lawful Evil
Edwin wants your help in hunting down and killing Dynaheir. If you talk to
Edwin with Dynaheir in your party you would think that he would attack, or
at the least wouldn't want to join, but he will. Although he has some bad
things to say about Dynaheir. If you refuse him with Dynaheir in your party
he leaves forever.
Special Abilities: Extra Spells, 1st and 2nd Levels
Where he is: Nashkel (x 2883 y 2959)

Kagain 16 12 20 15 11 8 Dwarf Fighter Lawful Evil

Kagain runs a Mercenary business, and one of his caravans has disappeared.
Help him recover it, and you get to keep what you find. Goodie. Take him
to the Area S of the Friendly Arm Inn and he will get disgusted with looking
for Caravans, but will still stay in your party.
Where he is: Beregost (Shop North of Feldepost Inn) (x 1549 y 2031)

Eldoth 16 12 15 13 10 16 Human Bard Neutral Evil

Eldoth wants to join you so that he can "rescue" his lover Skie from her
father in Baldur's Gate.
Special Ability: Create Poison Arrows
Where he is: Cloakwood 3 (x 3181 y 3492) (in the forest)

Montaron 16 17 15 12 13 9 Halfling Fighter/Thief Neutral Evil

Montaron is the dumb half of Montaron and Xzar, and goes where Xzar goes.
If you reject him, he leaves forever.
Where he is: Crossroads (E of Candlekeep) (x 4515 y 2707)

Viconia 10 19 8 16 15 14 Drow Elf Cleric Neutral Evil

When you first encounter Viconia she asks you to help her with a small
matter of the Flaming Fist trying to kill her. Help her out and she offers
to join. However, if you turn Viconia down when she asks to join, she
vanishes forever. Once she joins your reputation goes down 2.
Special Abilities: 50% Magic Resistance
Where she is: Peldvale (x 447 y 731)

Shar-Teel 18/58 17 9 14 7 11 Human Fighter Chaotic Evil

When you first meet up with Shar-Teel she challenges your "Best Male
Fighter" (this seems to be randomly chosen) to a duel. If you don't have a
Male in your party, you can't get her. If you turn her down, she leaves
Where she is: Area E of Temple (x 273 y 303)

Tiax 9 16 16 10 13 9 Gnome Cleric/Thief Chaotic Evil

Tiax is a very bizarre fellow who believes that he will one day "ascend" to
become the ruler of the Realms. He thinks that that is his "destiny" as
foretold to him by Cyric.
Special Abilities: Summon Ghast
Where he is: Baldur's Gate SW Section (AR 1100, x 1440 y 1610)

Xzar 14 16 10 17 16 10 Human Necromancer Chaotic Evil

Xzar and Montaron will join you on the crossroads right out of Candlekeep,
and they want to go investigate the Nashkel mines (who doesn't). He's also
extraordinarily insane. If you reject him, he leaves forever.
Where he is: Crossroads (E of Candlekeep) (x 4577 y 2693)

vi. General Strategies

Play as Multiplayer, even if Alone:
It is quite beneficial to play every game as a multiplayer (although it does
create a bit of a hassle). It gives you the benefit of being able to create
all 6 players in your party rather than depending on NPC's, and you can also
Export and Import characters in and out at any time. To create a Multiplayer
game just click the Multi Player button. At the next menu click "Connect".
Now you have to set the type of Multi Player (the top button), using Serial is
fairly easy (although it requires that you have some Networking installed...)
Now click "Create Game" (whenever you are playing by yourself in the
Multiplayer always use "Create Game", never use "Join Game"!). Name the
session to whatever you want, and enter in your own name. Finally click "New
Game". Now you can create as many characters as you want. Then once they are
all created, click the little skull icon by each created characters, and then
click the "Done" button. Voila!

Note: Another good effect of playing in the Multiplayer is that you can look
at your inventory while paused!

Charisma is your friend:
So what does Charisma really get you? Well if you have a low charisma you may
not be able to get NPC's to join you, if you pass a quest, the treasure may
not be as good as it normally would be, (or there may be no treasure at all!)
and shops WILL charge you more. So don't skimp out on the charisma.

Low Dexterity, Not So Bad?
If your stats just aren't turning out so good, consider skimping on Dexterity.
Why? There are Gaunlets of Dexterity out there that bring you up to a full
18! Don't skimp out too much since as you still have to fight to get those
gauntlets. You can find the Gauntlets at the entrance to the Gnollish Strong-
hold (see the Nashkel and Gnollish Stronghold sections for more information).
And if you skimp out on a LOT of Dexterity you will want to get down there as
soon as possible! The downside of this strategy is if you find a Book that
increases your Dexterity, it will increase your old Dexterity. So if you had
a 3 before, and an 18 with the Gauntlets, you'll get a 4 base and still have

On the other hand...

Don't skimp out on dexterity since it gives two things: First, a character
with a high dexterity has a lower Armor Class, and Second, a high dexterity
allows a character to actually hit the enemy when he attacks instead of
missing him. Personally, I suggest skimping out instead on strength even
for a fighter. It is often better to hit the enemy often but with less force
than to hit the enemy rarely but doing more damage (especially true when
fighting magic users, you need to hit them just to break their spellcasting so
there is no need to do a lot of damage, just as long as you hit them).

Party Recruitment Strategy (from Duncan Clay)
Straight away I recommend recruiting anyone you bump in to until your
group reaches six members as this keeps your XP low! - Yes, low!!! You
should try and pick up all your party members before you have more than
1000XP (don't kill anything unless absolutely necessary). This allows
you to shape their development (particularly thieves and fighters) but
rules out any NPCs you can't meet until after Cloakwood.

My party is made up of
2 tough fighters for the front lines
2 archers for support
2 thieves - 1 to specialise in traps and locks and 1 for pickpocket
(stealth is done with clothing)
1 cleric for first aid
1 mage to use all those scrolls
1 charismatic person with Algernon's Cloak for group leader

That's 9 people, so how is it done.

Me - Fighter
Khalid - Fighter (no choice since he is the only non-evil fighter you
can give 5 proficiency points to)
Kivan - Stealthy Archer
Branwen - Cleric (because you can get her early)
Safana - Charismatic Thief and Archer (since thieves have high DEX it
makes them good archers)
Imoen - Thief

So where's the Mage? Well there are no NPC Mages, only specialist

This is the clever bit. There are only two NPCs in the whole game that
can Dual-Class, Imoen and Shar-Teel.

( Dual-Class reminder )
( You must be human and not a Paladin or Bard )
( You must have 15 in you first class and 17 in your second class )

Most people say Imoen is rubbish because she has a strength of 9 (not
much good as a stealthy backstabbing assassin).
However her total point of 87 is one of the highest in the game and she
also has an INT of 17 (which I believe was no coincidence by the game
designers - why else would a thief need a high INT?).

With an XP limit of 89,000 (in BG) you must dual-class Imoen by level 6
if she is to become a level 7 Mage/Thief. I dual-classed her at level 5
(10,000XP) as by then she had 3x backstab and 100% pickpocket and her skills
as a Mage/Thief would be available earlier in the game (at a total of
50,000XP). Don't forget to assign proficiency points to different weapons
as a Mage because the Thief ones will become available once she reaches
level 6 (i.e. they are not cumulative so if you give 1 to missile as a
thief and 1 to missile as a mage you will only have 1 for missile as a mage
thief whereas you could have had 1 for bow AND 1 for missile).

Fighting Battles:
Let them come to you. When you first see an enemy, your first instinct may be
to run over to it and slaughter it. Well don't. Let it come to you, and
attack it there. This way if there are 50 more of these creatures, they won't
see you and won't attack. You can then pick off each creature one at a time.
This is especially useful in dungeons where the enemies may be more difficult.
So when you first see an enemy (let's say that it's a Battle Horror), turn off
the AI (it's the left button in the bottom right corner of the screen), and
let him come up to you. You should also have your archers/mages hit the enemy
with everything they can, but don't move any closer to the enemy! The last
thing that you want is to fight TWO Battle Horrors at the same time!

Also realize that some monsters (like Vampiric Wolves) require that you hit
them with Magic Weapons only. You should never use Magic Arrows on a normal
creature; you should save the arrows for enemies that need them, such as
Battle Horrors, Demonknights, etc.

Area spells can take out a lot of enemies without them even knowing that you
are there. Suppose for a moment, that you are walking along, and a Gnoll
comes to attack you. You immediately stop, wait for him to come to you and
kill him. Well, where there is one Gnoll there are probably more, so you
launch a fireball in the direction that the Gnoll came from, and immediately
hear the screams of dying Gnolls. This is a great way to cut enemies down
quickly, but you probably want to save your fireballs for bigger enemies than
the common Gnoll. (fry the Dryads instead!) Another good example is if you
are attacked by an NPC assassin of some sort. If you are out in the wild,
it's likely that there is a party of them, so you launch a Fireball (or a
Cloudkill) and kill them before they even know you exist.

Monsters are constantly respawning
In some areas, monsters will keep respawning even if you kill them all.
Sometimes, you can actually determine that monsters are respawning in the
same general area in a map. Let's use an example: The Gnoll Fortress. Here,
Gnolls keep respawning and always in the same spot; and, when respawned, they
do not move or wander around aimlessly. So, once you have determined an area
where they respawn, get rid of them and leave a character there. Monsters do
not respawn if there is an eye of sight with a character (if a character is in
the area and could immediately see the respawned monster). So, you can leave
a couple of weak characters in those areas while the others handle the

There are some areas where this strategy will not work though. In Werewolf
Island, Werewolves will keep respawning even with an eye of sight with a
character (it is not a good idea to leave a low level mage where 4 Werewolves
will be respawned when you will load a game). Another example is the Firewine
Bridge Ruins. Although the Kobolds Commandos do not respawn when there is
an eye of sight, there are a lot of places where they actually respawn and
because when respawned, they wander around aimlessly so you can't leave a
character behind (unless he's prepared to fight some Kobolds Commandos
every now and then).

Useful spells and tough NPC's
When fighting 2 or more difficult NPC's (assassination attempts come to mind),
use the Charm spell to quickly turn the odds in your favor. If you have two
magic users who can cast charm in the first round of a fight, not only
does the enemy lose two characters, you gain them temporarily (so the odds can
change from 10 enemies vs. 6 of you to 8 enemies and 8 of you). Once they are
charmed, pull back your big bruisers from the front lines and replace them by
the newly acquired members while continually pelting the remaining enemies
with ranged weapons. If any charmed characters survive the encounter, simply
force-attack them to get rid of them. If you have Dire Charm, use that
instead of the regular Charm.

Also, the spell Entangle is pretty useful to stop those annoying fighters
with melee weapons from closing in on your party. Once entangled, they can't
move and you can get rid of them easily and safely with ranged weapons. The
spell Web is also good since a webbed creature can't even attack with a ranged
weapon, but the spell can last for several rounds and could eventually web
some of your own party members from round to round if they get in the affected

Lightning Bolt, however, is a pretty crappy spell. Although it deals a lot of

damage, it will usually hit a wall and come right back at the person who
casted it. I've gotten rid of some enemy mages that way (the mage in
Firewine, Davaeorn and Rieltar come to mind). They casted Lightning Bolt at
my characters, I was hit once, moved out of the way and continued the beating
afterward. The mage was then being hit by his own lightning bolt and by my
characters. At that point, it was a bit tedious for him to not get hit by
something when trying to cast a spell). Unless you are outdoors, don't use or
memorize lightning bolt.

Monsters summoning is a great spell. Although the summoned monsters do not

do a lot of damage, their primary purpose resides in the cannon fodder that
they become. While they keep the enemy busy, you can pick them off one by one
with ranged weapons or spells (saving all your potions, and more potent spells
for later more powerful enemies). When fightings werewolves in Balduran's
Shipwreck or the Aec'Letec are great examples of where to use this spell.

Fireballs and those other major area effect spells should be used only to
weaken the enemy or for luring them to you and thus, do not memorize a lot
of these (memorize others instead). These major area effect spells, when
not cast at the right place, can literally damage your whole party so unless
you know exactly where to cast them, don't use them. Keep them instead for
when an area is completely filled with a group of weaker enemies to get rid of
them quickly and with minimal damage (happens when you quickloads or loads
a lot of times in the same map). The Crypts below Candlekeep is a good
example of this (I once had 40+ skeletons archers pounding my fighter). Two
fireballs got all of them. Fighting them any other way would have caused
unnecessary damage to almost all my party members.

Memorize a lot of Dispel Magic spells. Dispel Magic negates any magic
affecting your party (fear, horror, paralysis, entangle, slow, etc...) while
it can also be used to dispel the enemy magics that they use (haste, minor
globe of invulnerability, protection from normal missiles, etc...). Never
forget that casting dispel magic will negates both magics affecting your party
and the enemy so knowing when to cast what spell when is crucial in an
important battle. Usually, though, it is preferable to dispel everyones
magic's than having one or more of your party members being paralysed,
charmed, running in fear, etc...

Lure the enemy to you (especially NPC's)
This is a good tactic to use in battles with enemy NPC's. Keep your party
away from the future battle ground and move only one of your character near
the enemy's NPCs. When one of them see your character, quickly pull him back
toward your main group then let the poor little dude get it. This way, you
can chunk out some annoying NPCs before you tackle the rest (the group of
mercenaries in the Eldercity and the last battle with Sarevok and friends
come to mind).

Save a Lot:
There are 3 times when you should definately save the game. When you win a
battle, before you go to sleep, and everywhere else. You never know when you
will go to a new area, have your best warrior charmed, and have half your
party killed. So save often. Also don't just save over the same slot over
and over, use at least 10 slots. This is especially necessary in Durlag's
tower. This also means you should probably avoid the Quick Save. Well...
not avoid, just don't use it exclusively.

What I would do is to create an "Archive Save" whenever you enter a new major
area. So when you start Durlag's Tower create a "Durlag's Beginning Save" so
if you screw up, you can start over from the start of the tower.

No matter where you rest, you won't get very many HP from resting. In fact,
for an 8 hour rest, everyone will get exactly 1 HP (unless they have 19 CON).
So before you rest make sure to (after you save it, if you are not in an inn)
heal everyone with spells. You get all magic memorized during the night, you
do not, however, get all your HP's. In fact you only get 1 hp during a normal
rest (you get more in an inn if you spring for the more expensive rooms).

The Guard:
When you rob someone, they might summon the guard. Keep that in mind (you
will want to save the game before you rob someone). Also bear in mind that
the guard is strangely NOT summoned if you kill someone, like in an inn. To
be more precise, the Guard is only summoned if you steal something with
someone in the room who is able to summon the Guard. I'm not saying that you
should kill people so that you can rob their room, it's just that you can
kill SOME people without the Guard caring. How do they know that that person
attacked you?

In any case, if the Guard is summoned they will try to talk to you. If you
can get away without them talking to you, you have gotten off scot free (not
as easy as it sounds). You can't bribe them (at least you can't do it more
than once), so tell them that you'll cleave them limb from limb, then simply
leave the room. Don't attack them! Once you're out of the room you're fine,
you can even come back later and they'll vanish. This way you lose only 1
reputation rather than the 5 or so you get by killing a Flaming Fist.

edwardalacey sent me this:

"Whether you can bribe guards depends on who exactly they are. If you steal
in Beregost or Baldur's Gate the Flaming Fist will arrive, and they cannot
be bribed. In Nashkel or the Carnival you get Amnish soldiers, who can be
bribed with 200 gold. In Candlekeep a watcher will arrive and demand that
you donate all your money to the library, and you are let off if you do

You really want a high reputation. The higher the better. Even if you have
an evil party you want a high reputation. If you have a good or neutral
party, try for a reputation of 20, if you have an evil party, you still want
a reputation of 18 (the highest you can go before all the evil people start
leaving). Because of these various things, I would not recommend having a
mixed alignment party. By mixed I mean good and evil combined. The best part
about a good reputation is that everything is given the "hero discount", up
to 50% off of items in stores!

Stealing without Loss of Reputation:
So you want to steal something from a house without losing reputation. It
is actually quite an easy thing to accomplish. Simply de-equip your weapon,
and whack all the people in the room until they are unconscious (be careful
to not KILL the people, so turn off the AI, or de-equip everyone's weapons).
Now you can steal anything you want. Since they aren't awake to complain
about it, you can't lose reputation.

Cursed Protection scrolls
To give you an idea if the Protection from XXXXXX Scroll that you just found
is cursed, give it to a character with a high Lore Ability (they can normally
identify these scrolls without any magical means) and right click on it.
If the scroll is still not identified at that point (you still do not know
what that scroll does) then it probably is a cursed scroll. Another strategy
is to keep one Identify spell memorized. Simply save before you identify the
scroll, identify it (so you know if it is cursed or not and if it is worth
keeping) then reload.

Cursed Potions

You may already have noticed this, but there are cursed potions in the game,
which all have the same names as normal potions. There are hints in their
descriptions, but they are all clearly recognisable by their colours: cursed
healing potions are dark pink, antidotes are purple, and oils of speed are
multi-coloured (as opposed to blue, green and white respectively). The
antidote in the pile of corpses in Ulcaster is cursed, as are all the potions
Lucky Aello sells except the potion of perception. (from edwardalacey)
Special Abilities:
Your main character will gain new special abilities as you sleep. The first
couple are "Cure Light Wounds" (assuming that you have a good reputation).
They come in the form of strange dreams, which usually occur at the beginning
of new chapters (whether you sleep in an inn or not). You are not guaranteed
to gain an ability just because it's a new chapter and you are sleeping in an
inn, however, it will happen eventually.

So which of the two will your character gain, good or evil? That depends on
your Reputation (not your alignment). If it is 10 or above, you get the good
abilities, if it is less than 10 you get the evil abilities. Reputation is
checked at the time you have the "dream", not at the beginning of the chapter.
(from Kelvin Groves)

Good Abilities: Evil Abilities:

��������������� ���������������
1. Cure Light Wounds 1. Larloch's Minor Drain
2. Cure Light Wounds 2. Larloch's Minor Drain
3. Slow Poison 3. Ghoul Touch
4. Slow Poison 4. Ghoul Touch
5. Draw Upon Holy Might 5. Vampiric Touch
6. Draw Upon Holy Might 6. Vampiric Touch

Baldur's Gate WALKTHROUGH:

A quick note on locations: To find out the location at the mouse cursor press
the "L" key. The top left of the screen is the 0,0.
Some locations that I list are the buildings that
the people/things are in, when I do this I try to
get the location of the door. So to find that
person/thing just go inside!

This is a sequential walkthrough, that is, it goes in the order that I went. I
think that this is a good order, but you don't have to follow it. All the
major places are the numbered sections, and the minor areas are represented by
the little lettered sections. Feel free to do as many or as little of the
lettered sub-sections as you wish.

The Treasures line in each section lists only major treasures, such as magical
items. It does not list all the treasures, like gold or gems, in the areas. I
also don't list things like potions, and I know that I have missed some things
here and there, if you find any, please email me!

Note: All of the subquest rewards were taken with a high (18 or so) Charisma. If
your charisma is lower than this, you may get a significantly lesser

1. Candlekeep

Companions (NPC's): none (although Imoen joins later)

- Buy Equipment in the Inn (you start right by it).

- Talk to Gorion to leave Candlekeep (x 2683 y 1756)

Note: Once you leave Candlekeep, you can't come back.

- Phlydia's Book
A little NE of the Inn, you will find Phlydia. She has lost her book, The
History of Halruaa Go east, you will find a shed with hay and a cow. Check
one of the bales of hay for the book. Return to Phlydia for your reward,
a Lynx Eye Gem and 50 exp.
Phlydia: Candlekeep (x 1601 y 311)
Book: Candlekeep (x 3245 y 289)

- Firebead's Scroll
Inside the Inn is Firebead Elvenhair. He has lent a scroll to a scholar,
Tethtoril, near the Candlekeep central area and wants you to retrieve it.
Do so for a small reward, a Healing Potion, 50 exp and he casts Protection
from Evil on you.
Firebead: Candlekeep, Candlekeep Inn (x 198 y 404)
Tethtoril: Candlekeep (x 3154 y 1304)

- Fuller's Bolts
If you're still in the Inn, buy some bolts, and take them to the barracks.
There you will give your bolts to Fuller who apparantly can't walk up the
street to get some himself. When you talk to Fuller, ask him if he has
any errands for you to run. Talk to him again and give him the bolts for
your reward, a dagger +1 and 50 exp.
Barracks: Candlekeep (x 1570 y 2447)

- Hull's Sword & Medicine

While you are still in the barracks, in the NE corner is a chest. Open the
chest and take the contents (a sword, and a bottle). Now take the sword
to Hull, who is by the main gate. Talk to him, and he'll tell you that he
forgot his sword. Talk to him again to give it to him. You get 20gp and
50 exp for your trouble.
Barracks: Candlekeep (x 1570 y 2447)
Hull: Candlekeep (x 3662 y 2431)

- Nessie's Green Elixer

Now we're going to finish up these subquests by going up to Nessie (the cow,
she's by where you got the book for Phlydia). Talk to Dreppin (if you
didn't talk to him before, you'll have to talk to him 3 times) and he'll
take the potion from you, and you get 50 exp.
Dreppin: Candlekeep (x 3264 y 430)

- Killing Rats
Talk to Reevor by the Storehouse, and he'll pester you to kill the rats in
the storeroom. Go inside and do just that. Come back out and talk to
Reevor again to get your reward, 5gp and 50 exp.
Reevor: Candlekeep (x 4335 y 1454)

Assassination Attempts (it gets its own category...hehe): 2

- Priest's Quarters (x 2961 y 437)
Assassins: Shank -- Dagger, 20 exp
- Bunkhouse (x 2055 y 2668)
Assassins: Carbos -- Dagger, 20 exp
Note: If you kill these assassins before they turn red and attack you, you
get 2 exp. But at least your reputation doesn't decrease!

- Learn to Fight
If you want to learn the battle system of Baldur's Gate in a controlled
atmosphere, simply talk to the Gatewarden at (x 3065 y 3899) to set up a
simulated combat experience. You get no items from it, however, nor do you
get any experience.

Orlandu sent me this:

"You actually do get SOME xp from fighting in the illusionist's place, if
you are fighting monsters he hasn't conjured up yet, up to the hobgoblins.
It is just a tad hard to divide 1 xp to 6 people and get a whole number."

edwardalacey sent me this:

"During the prologue, there is an easy way to get some equipment for free.
Accept the Gatekeeper's offer of training in party combat (you have to
have only one person in your party to be able to do this) and take all the
temporary NPC's equipment (they have, among other things, a Small
Shield +1 and a Wand of the Heavens). Yes, I know the items disappear if
you leave, but if you export your character, start a new game, and then
import him/her again, you get to keep them."

Ed. Note: However, if you DO do this trick, then do NOT go into this
area again! When you are taken out of it, your items will

- Learn to Fight part 2

Another place to learn to fight is to talk to Jondalar (x 4094 y 1331). He
will attack you, you attack back. Erik will sneak up behind you and shoot
you with arrows. Don't worry, they don't damage you. You get nothing from
this either.

- Free Healing Potion

Go to the healer's (x 3566 y 2932) and talk to the Priest of Oghma there,
and tell him that you could use a little healing, and he will give you a
potion of healing.

1a. The Crossroads (2 areas: Area E of Candlekeep, Area S of Friendly Arm Inn)

Note: This is actually 2 areas in one since there isn't all that much to do
here. So, pay attention to where each subquest item is.

Note: I wouldn't bother with Xzar and Montanon here unless you are forming an
all evil party. One thing to do if you don't want to keep them, is to
take them temporarily, steal everything they have of value, and then
leave them. (they only really have a Studded Leather Armor, but Imoen
could use that at this point!)
S D C I W Ch
- Imoen 9 18 16 17 11 16 Human Thief Neutral Good
Imoen automatically will join you immediately after Gorion's death. Unless
you run away, that is. Sometimes she comes with a Wand of Magic Missiles,
now who did she steal that from?

- Xzar 14 16 10 17 16 10 Human Necromancer Chaotic Evil

Xzar and Montaron will join you on the crossroads right out of Candlekeep,
and they want to go investigate the Nashkel mines (who doesn't).
Where he is: Crossroads (E of Candlekeep) (x 4577 y 2693)

- Montaron 16 17 15 12 13 9 Halfling Fighter/Thief Neutral Evil

Montaron is the dumb half of Montaron and Xzar, and goes where Xzar goes.
Where he is: Crossroads (E of Candlekeep) (x 4515 y 2707)

Enemies: Gibberlings, Xvarts, Bandits, Wolves, 1 Ogre (see subquests below)

Treasures: Girdle of Masculinity/Feminity (An Ogre and His Belts)

Girdle of Piercing (An Ogre and His Belts)

- You are now in the area where Gorion was killed, you need to go east, then
north to get to the Friendly Arm Inn.
Note: When you first enter the crossroads area, Elminster will talk to you.

- Chase and the Cliff
Chase apparantly has nothing to live for, and is going to hurl himself off
of a cliff. You can talk him out of it, but it's not readily apparant what
effect this has on the game. (btw, no matter what you say to him, he
doesn't jump.)
Chase: Area E of Candlekeep (x 1458 y 2412)

- An Ogre and His Belts

There is an ogre here who has a belt fetish. Kill him and take the two
belts. The larger looking belt is the Girdle of Masculinity/Feminity
(changes your gender) and the smaller one is the Girdle of Piercing + 3 vs.
piercing. You may want to wait to do this until you have more than 2
people. If you want, you can return the Girdle of Piercing to its owner,
Unshey, in the Friendly Arm Inn (see that section below).
Ogre: Area S of Friendly Arm Inn (x 4787 y 1665)

- Search Gorion's Body (area E of Candlekeep)
You will find some treasure's around where Gorion was killed, including a
letter that has some clue's about your origin. (x 3149 y 1373)

- A downed Caravan (area S of Friendly Arm Inn)

You can check out a destroyed caravan, but there's only 7 gp there to be
had. (x 2348 y 3343)

- Ring of Protection (from edwardalacey)

On the map directly south of the Friendly Arm Inn there is a Ring of
Protection +1, in a hole in a rock.
Rock: Area S of Friendly Arm Inn (x 1006 y 1114)

2. Friendly Arm Inn (AR 2300)

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Jaheira 15 14 17 10 14 15 Half-Elf Fighter/Druid True Neutral
Jaheira and Khalid were good friends of Gorion, and will go with you every-
where. However, if you say "No" to them the first time they want to join,
you won't be able to get them. Ever.
Where she is: Friendly Arm Inn, Ground Floor (x 329 y 685)

- Khalid 15 16 17 12 10 9 Half-Elf Fighter Neutral Good

See Jaheira above for a description.
Where he is: Friendly Arm Inn, Ground Floor (x 329 y 685)

Enemies: Hobgoblins

- Beat the assassin, Tarnesh, to gain entrance to the Inn

- Talk to Khalid and Jaheria and get them to join. They tell you to go to
Nashkel to the south to find out about this tainted ore thing.

- Unshey's Belt
If you want to part with the Girdle of Piercing (which I wouldn't), talk to
Unshey in the Friendly Arm Inn to get a reward: History of Tethyr, 95gp, and
800 exp.
Unshey: Friendly Arm Inn, Second Floor (x 1190 y 753)

- The Noble's Golden Pantaloons

On the third floor of the Friendly Arm Inn you will find a nobleman who
mistakes you for the laundry service of the inn, and he gives you his
Golden Pantaloons for washing. You can't do anything with the pantaloons
so give them back to the Noble for 100 exp. Not bad for not doing a thing.
Noble: Friendly Arm Inn, Third Floor (x 336 y 673)

- Landrin's Spiders
Landrin's house in Beregost has been overrun by spiders, and that is why she
is hiding in the Friendly Arm Inn. She gives you a bunch of antidotes and
promises a reward if you bring back the body of the spider, her husbands
boots, and some wine. Go to Beregost, and into the house by the Jovial
Juggler. Kill the spiders, and take the 3 items and return to Landrin for
your reward: for the boots (300 exp, 120gp), for the Spider Body (200 exp,
100gp), and for the wine (300 exp, 75gp).
Landrin: Friendly Arm Inn, Third Floor (x 796 y 735)
Spiders: Beregost (x 3078 y 3416)

- Joia's Flamedance Ring

Hobgoblins north of the Inn have swiped Joia's flamedance ring. Kill them
to get it back. Joia is in the house just to the west of the outer gate in
the inner grounds. She won't give you anything, but you get 400 exp and
Rep + 1.
Hobgoblins: Friendly Arm Inn (x 2554 y 292)
Joia: Friendly Arm Inn (x 1536 y 2484)

- Ring of Wizardry (from edwardalacey)

When you arrive outside the Friendly Arm Inn, walk along the bottom of the
map, to the east. You find a large tree with a slightly darker patch on the
ground nearby, at x=2555, y=3759. If you move the mouse over it you will
find that it is a container and contains the Ring of Wizardry
(x2 Level 1 spells). This is hard to find but it is there. (And yes, this
is with Tales of the Sword Coast and the latest patch installed!)
Ring: Friendly Arm Inn (x 2555 y 3759)

Assassination Attempts: 1
- Steps to the Entrance (x 3364 y 2252)
Tarnesh -- 120 exp, 58gp and 3 spells

2a. North of the Friendly Arm Inn (2 areas: Farm N of FAI, and the BG Bridge)

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Ajantis 17 13 16 12 13 17 Human Paladin Lawful Good
Ajantis is a simple person, all he wants to do is vanquish evil.
Where he is: Farm N of Friendly Arm Inn (x 1572 y 3139)

Enemies: Bandits, Ankhegs (Ankheg shells can either be sold or made into an
armor, see the Beregost section for more information)

Treasures: Flail +1 (The Fisherman and the Sea Priestess)

Wand of Fire ��|
Chain Mail +1 |
Dagger +1 |-- (Farmer Brun's Son, Cave of the Ankhegs')
Dart of Stunning |
Dart of Wounding __|

- We're here to pick up the NPC Ajantis (if you want a Paladin, that is), and
to do the subquests here. (they have good experience!)

- The Fishermen and the Sea Priestess
Seems that whenever these fishermen get out on their boat, a horrible storm
appears and disrupts their fishing activity. They blame the Priestess of
Umberlee, Tenya, for cursing them unjustly--or so they claim. Agree to help
them, and go north again to the Baldur's Gate Bridge. (unless you want to
fight a lot of Ankhegs, when you go north, stay as far to the west as you
can manage!) Don't actually cross the bridge, but head as far north as you
can manage. Once you have found the Priestess' cottage, save it, and move
the members of your party around her. Talk to her, and say that you have
come to end her "villainous deeds". After a short battle, she should talk
to you (if you killed her, reload!) and tells you that the fishermen are the
real menace here (they are, btw). Go back, talk to the fishermen and demand
the bowl, then kill the fishermen, and take their Flail +1. Give the Bowl
to the Priestess to get your reward: 2500 exp.
Fishermen: Farm N of Friendly Arm Inn (x 700 y 2643)
Priestess: Baldur's Gate Bridge (x 3989 y 720)

- Farmer Brun's Son (or the Cave of the Ankheg's)

Warning! This subquest is a little more difficult since you have to fight
the mighty Ankheg's! So if you don't feel up to it, don't try it!
Just to the East of the Fishermen you will find Farmer Brun. It seems that
his son has gone missing. Agree to help him. Go a little to the west to
what appears to be a giant pit in the ground, and go into it. Go down the
tunnels to the east, when you get the option, you usually want to take the
north path. Eventually you will find a treasure horde, in which you will
find Wand of Fire, Chain Mail +1, Dagger +1, Dart of Stunning, Dart of
Wounding, 2 spells (Dire Charm and Ghost Armor), 3 potions (Cloud Giant
Strength, Antidote, and Magic Protection), 560 gp, and Nathan's corpse. (In
case you are wondering, there is nothing else down here except for more
Ankheg's) Return with the corpse to Farmer Brun's to get your reward:
500 experience points.

NCPFLJohn sent me this:

"After you bring farmer brun his son back from the ankheg pit talk to him
again and chose to give him 100gp because it is weighing you down. He will
graciously accept your money and give you 1000 exp.Pts. And a reputation

Farmer Brun: Farm N of Friendly Arm Inn (x 3492 y 2328)

Ankheg Pit: Farm N of Friendly Arm Inn (x 2137 y 2404)
Nathan's Body: Ankheg Pit (x 2458 y 137)

- Gerde and the Ankheg Fighting
You may find Gerde around. She explains a few things about Ankheg's and
will let you hunt up to 9 of them. Kill every Ankheg that you can find on
the screen and she will give you 75 gp.

- There are some various minor treasures locked in the 3 houses here. Nothing
more than about 32 gp though.

Note: The Baldur's Gate Bridge is important later, and we will come back this
way again.

3. Beregost

Note: When you first enter Beregost, in addition to having to watch a little
movie (which is on Disc 2), you also get some directions from Golin Vend.

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Kagain 16 12 20 15 11 8 Dwarf Fighter Lawful Evil
Kagain runs a Mercenary business, and one of his caravans has disappeared.
Help him recover it, and you get to keep what you find. Goodie. Take him
to the Area S of the Friendly Arm Inn and he will get disgusted with looking
for Caravans, but will still stay in your party.
Where he is: Beregost (Shop North of Feldepost Inn) (x 1549 y 2031)

- Garrick 14 16 9 13 14 15 Human Bard Chaotic Neutral

Garrick will join you only after you finish the Silke subquest (see below).
Where he is: Beregost, by the Burning Wizard Inn (x 2564 y 2284)

Enemies: none

Treasures: Ring of Protection +1 (Mirianne's Letter)

Medium Shield +1 (Bjornin's Half-Ogres)
Staff +1 (Silke)
Algernon's Cloak (Algernon's Cloak)
Ankheg Armor (Ankheg Armor)

- We're just passing through Beregost on our way to Nashkel in the south, but
there are a great many subquests here to do, and I would suggest doing all
that you feel you can. Especially the Ankheg Armor (check in Other below).

- Mirianne's Letter ++++
Just south of Beregost you will find two Ogrillons, and on one of their
bodies is a letter for a Mirianne, who lives in Beregost. Take her the
letter and she will give you a Ring of Protection + 1 and 300 exp.
Mirianne: Beregost (x 4804 y 2086)
Ogrillons: Area S of Beregost (x 3850 y 1460)

- Firebead Elvenhair's Book ++++

You'll find Firebead in Beregost (he was also in Candlekeep while you were
there) and he wants you to pick a book up for him, the History of the
Fateful Coin. You can find it across the street in the Feldepost's Inn (for
2gp). Give him the book and you get 300 exp, the History of the Dead Three,
and a Reputation + 1. (If he doesn't give you the subquest, you can still
complete it, just buy the book and give it to him as if he had)
Firebead: Beregost (x 2044 y 2905)
Feledepost's Inn: Beregost (x 1406 y 2640)

- Marl the Drunk

Marl is in the Feldepost Inn, and he has had his fill of adventurers. He
accosts you in the bar, and you can fight him (650 exp), but you can also
talk him out of fighting. Choose options 1, 1, 3, 3, 1. For your trouble
you get 900 exp. Interestingly enough, if you choose to kill him you do not
get a decrease in reputation. (which leads to this oddity found by
edwardalacey: After calming Marl down, you can kill him to get that
experience as well, with no loss of reputation!)
Marl: Beregost, Feledepost's Inn (x 1406 y 2640)

- Kagain's Quest
Kagain lost a caravan that he was protecting, and a noble's son was
kidnapped by bandits. Agree to help him get the kid back, and he will join
with you.
Kagain: Beregost (x 1516 y 2030)

- Landrin's Spiders Part 2

We first heard of this quest back in the Friendly Arm Inn, and now we can
finally complete it. Go to Landrin's house, it is the one just to the left
of the Jovial Juggler Inn. Inside will be several spiders. Kill them, and
one will leave behind a spider body for you to take. Also take the Worn Out
Boots and the Wine in the chest by the bed. (you don't want to use either,
since we are returning them to Landrin back in the Friendly Arm Inn) Take
the items back to Landrin for your reward: for the boots (300 exp, 120gp),
for the Spider Body (200 exp, 100gp), and for the wine (300 exp, 75gp).
Landrin: Friendly Arm Inn, Third Floor (x 796 y 735)
Spiders: Beregost (x 3078 y 3416)

- Gurke's Cloak
The Dwarf Gurke, whom you can find in the Jovial Juggler Inn, has had his
cloak stolen from him by some Tasloi in the Cloakwood Forest. You will find
it semi-hidden under a tree. Take it and return to Gurke, who doesn't
actually want it anymore to get your reward: 300 exp, and you get to keep
the Cloak of Non-Detection.
Gurke: Beregost (x 3760 y 3627)
Cloak: Cloakwood Forest One (x 4391 y 3472)
- Bjornin's Half-Ogres
The Paladin Bjornin, who is recuperating in the Jovial Juggler Inn, was
beaten by some nasty Half-Ogres south south-west of Beregost. (Go south
twice, then west once) Go there and defeat all the Half-Ogres that you can
find, then return to Bjornin to get your reward: Medium Shield +1, 400 exp,
Reputation +1
Bjornin: Beregost (x 3760 y 3627)
Half-Ogres: Area S-SW of Beregost

If you talk to Garrick, who is in front of the Burning Wizard Inn, he asks
for your help in defending the Lady Silke. Agree to his proposal, and
follow him to Silke. Talk to Silke, if she likes the look of you she will
offer to pay more than what Garrick offered (I got 400 offered). The
"thugs" will show up, but act like Silke had hired them for some purpose,
and now she had double crossed them. Refuse to kill them and instead kill
Silke (900 exp, 400gp, Staff + 1, Potion). Talk to one of the men who
Silke was going to kill to get a Potion of Defense. Lastly, if you want,
you can get Garrick to join your party.

If you do what Silke asks and kill the three men, you get 400 gp, lose
2 reputation points, and can't get Garrick to join you. Then, of course,
you could just kill Silke afterwords...

Garrick: Beregost (x 2498 y 2267)

Silke: Beregost (x 3455 y 2143)

- Zhurlong's Boots
In the Burning Wizard Inn you will find a "pesky" thief named Zhurlong. He
was going about his business (stealing from people like you) and had his
Boots of Stealth stolen by some Hobgoblins. You can find these Hobgoblins
to the south of Beregost. Oh, and did I mention that he swipes gold from
you everytime you talk to him? Return the boots to get your gold back, and
to get a reward: 300 exp, 100gp (plus whatever he stole from you). Or you
could keep the boots, they are Boots of Stealth (stealth +35%). Or you
could give him the boots, then kill him and take the boots back, suffering
no loss in reputation.
Zhurlong: Beregost (x 2649 y 2030)
Hobgoblins: Area S of Beregost (x 1865 y 2449)

- Perdue's Short Sword (from Operador de Sala and edwardalacey)

You can find Perdue in the Red Sheaf Inn. A Gnoll has stolen his short
sword in High Hedge. Be careful when you talk to Perdue, because you can
easily lose this subquest. He tells you abaut a Dog Face and you have to
say to him if the Dog Face is a Gnoll. Give the sword to Perdue for your
reward: 50 gp and 500 exp.

The correct conversation thread is 1,2,1,1.

Perdue: Red Sheaf Inn (Beregost) (x 3273 y 2124)

Gnoll: High Hedge (W of Beregost) (x 3780 y 2818)

Assassination Attempts: 1
- Inside the Red Sheaf Inn (x 3273 y 2124)
Karlat -- 270 exp, Chain Mail, Shield, 38 gp

- Gyllian
In the Feldepost's Inn you may meet a very drunk lady who goes by the name
of Gyllian. She asks you to join her, but then disappears. Is she somehow

- Robbing Houses
There are a great many houses in Beregost that you can rob. I would send in
only your thief, and once inside, immediately save it. Then rob the house.
If any of the chests are locked, try to pick it first, then bash it. If you
get caught, re-load and try again. If you don't get caught, your reputation
can't go down!

- Algernon's Cloak
In the Feldepost's Inn on the second floor you will find a fat man named
Algernon. Pick his pocket to steal his wonderful cloak. (save it before you
do this, as if it fails, he will attack and you lose reputation) So what is
so special about the Cloak? Well it has the obvious effect of +2 Charisma.
But if you use it as an item (click on the backpack icon) you can charm
people/animals/monsters. Cool.
Feledepost's Inn: Beregost (x 1406 y 2640)

- Oogie Wisham's fear of Paladins

On the second floor of the Jovial Juggler you will find Oogie Wisham, who
has a dreadful fear of the Paladin Bjornin. Nothing you say will fix his
irrational fear.

- Ankheg Armor
If you have an Ankheg Shell you can either sell it for 500gp, or you can
turn it into a very nice armor (AC 1) for 4000gp. Talk to Taerom in the
Smithy about it and try to get the armor made (it's the first option in your
dialogue). If you have 4000gp good, but if not, you can always go hunt down
Bassilus for the money. See the 3b. Area SW of Beregost section for the
Bassilus subquest. It will take him about 10 days or so to make the armor.
Smithy: Beregost (x 4615 y 2828)

3a. High Hedge (West of Beregost)

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Kivan 18/12 17 14 10 14 8 Elf Ranger Chaotic Good
Kivan wants to hunt some bandits. If you kick him out of the party, he
stays gone for good!
Where he is: High Hedge (x 3652 y 1472)

Enemies: Skeletons, Gnolls, Gnoll Slashers, Flinds, Ghasts

- We've come to High Hedge for a few reasons, to pick up the Ranger Kivan, who
makes a good addition to a good aligned party, and to enter High Hedge to
talk to the Wizard Thalantyr there. He sells many great and wonderful
things, magical items, and spells! You will have to talk to him twice to
get him to talk to you. Also be wary of his Flesh Golems!

- Perdue's Short Sword
Gnoll: High Hedge (W of Beregost) (x 3780 y 2818)

- At the entrance to High Hedge you will find a burgler named Permidion
Stark. He is planning the Greatest Heist of all time, robbing the High
Hedge. Of course, he gets scared and runs off. It would seem that there
are Flesh Golems inside, and that they are too much for him.

- There is an Aquamarine Gem (value 75gp) in a house at (x 1757 y 1526)

3b. Area SW of Beregost (South of High Hedge)

Companions: none

Enemies: Wolves, Skeletons, Ghasts, Hobgoblins, Hobgoblin Elites

Treasues: War Hammer +2 (The Dark Cleric Bassilus)

- We're here mainly to kill Bassilus and then to take his holy symbol to the
Temple East of Beregost for the 5000gp reward!

- Melicamp the Chicken
In the North East of this area you will find a talking chicken being
attacked by a wolf. Kill the wolf and talk to the chicken. Turns out he
is Melicamp the Mage, and he appears to have polymorphed himself into the
form of a chicken, but now can't reverse it. You can try to dispel it, but
if you fail, then he asks you to take him up to High Hedge where Thalantyr
can reverse it. When you are back in the High Hedge area, find a skeleton
and kill it (they're around), and take its skull. You'll need it. Go
inside and talk to Thalantyr. Once he is done talking, and has told you to
go get a Skull, talk to him again. (I would save it before doing so,
however) Thalantyr will cast "antichickenator" and there is a 50% random
chance that it will work. (which is why we saved it! If it didn't work,
simply reload) Reward: 2000 exp, and a reputation +1
Melicamp: Area SW of Beregost (x 4543 y 407)
Thalantyr: High Hedge (x 2922 y 2619)

- The Dark Cleric Bassilus

As you may know from Beregost, Bassilus has a bounty on his head the size
of 5000gp. Bassilus is located to the south and east of the area, and
getting there you may encounter Footy from Beregost, who was looking at
Bassilus' "spooks". Go near him, and talk to him, he will mistake you for
a long lost parent (depending on your gender, mother or father). In order
say this, 3, 1, 1. He will get angry and lose control of his skeletons and
zombies (they all fall down, dead once more). All you have to do now is to
defeat him! (exp 975) Take at least his Holy Symbol (you will probably also
want that War Hammer +2, leave the Gauntlets where they are--they're cursed)
and go to the Temple East of Beregost. Talk there to Keldath Ormlyr to get
your reward: 5000gp, 1000 exp
Bassilus: Area SW of Beregost (x 4229 y 2797)
Keldath Ormlyr: Temple E of Beregost (x 1233 y 1064)

- Zargal the Hobgoblin
You may encounter Zargal near the center of the Area. He wants all your
money. If you don't give it to him, expect a fight. He gives 650 exp, and
his 2 cronies each give 165, so not bad. Plus they have a Short Sword +2.
Zargal: Area SW of Beregost (x 2886 y 2457)

3c. Area S-SW of Beregost (south of Bassilus' area)

Companions: none

Enemies: Half-Ogres, Skeletons, Gnolls, Hobgoblins, Ogres, Flinds

- We're here to finish the Half-Ogre killing quest that Bjornin requested.

- Bjornin's Half-Ogres (see the Beregost section above)

- Help Drizzt Do'Urden

Somewhere near the center of the map you will find Drizzt being attacked by
some Gnolls. He will ask for your help in defeating the Gnolls. Agree and
attack them. Once the Gnolls are slaughtered, you can talk to Drizzt (of if
you prefer, you could try to pick his pocket, although if he catches you...)
and tell him about how things are in this area. He will tell you to try to
join up with the bandits in order to defeat them.
Drizzt: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 2644 y 2107)

- Kill Drizzt Do'Urden

Alternatively, you could kill Drizzt and take his neato items.

KyleEChu sent me this:

"Here's a tip I use all the time: The Best Way to Kill Drizzt!
The best time to do this is when your reputation is 14. Killing Drizzt
will incur the same penalty as killing an innocent. At 14, you only lose
5 points. Equip your entire party with projectile weapons, and stock up
on ammunition. Have everyone carry as much ammunition as they can. Ask a
sacrificial NPC to join. Garrick or Edwin are good for this purpose. Now
go to the area where Drizzt is (S-SW of Beregost) and position your main
party on the south edge of the small island in the middle of the lake.
The south shore of the lake should just be visible to them. Select your
sacrificial NPC and approach Drizzt. When he tries to talk to you, lure
him to the south shore of the lake so that your main party can see him.
Threaten Drizzt and he will attack, and most likely smash your sacrificial
NPC into pieces. He will not be able to reach the rest of your party.
Select your main party and let him have it! Because you are low-level and
he has a high AC, you need to practically rely on critical hits to damage
him. After you knock off his 96 HP, he finally falls and you can go get
his stuff."

edwardalacey had this to add:

"KyleEChu's method for killing Drizzt is very clever, but here is a piece
of advice which might help if anybody has trouble with it. When I tried
it I found that Drizzt came around the lake and killed me. The solution
turned out to be my "path search nodes" setting. It was 32000, which was
enough for the program to find a path around the lake, but when I turned
it down temporarily to the minimum 2000 using the configuration program he
could not get round and I could kill him."

Ed. Note: You change your "path search nodes" setting in the Baldur.ini
file in the Baldur's Gate directory (which should be something
like C:\program files\black isle\baldur's gate\).

Juha Alm has another way to take out Drizzt:

Killing Drizzt: I know a way to kill Drizzt with no one getting hurt.
First have Drizzt stop walking by clicking on him as you would talk to
him. But don't talk, stop and let 4 of your NPC's walk next to him so he
cant move. Now go stand next to one of them. Remove the NPC from your
party, and because you're standing right next to him/her, he wont walk
towards you, only starts speaking. Now do this to the other 3 NPC's.
After done you'll have Drizzt trapped in the middle of 4 characters, and
he wont attack them because they are not in your party, and they are
civilians. Now just fire with magical arrows or take a long weapon
(spear, staff or halberd) and go stand behind one of your NPC's. You can
hit over him/her, and Drizzt can't hit you back because he can't reach
you with his scimitars. And when you kill him with only 1 or 2
characters in your party, the main character gains all of the 12000 (1
char) or "only" 6000 exp. with 2 characters on party.

- Teyngan the Bandit
Teyngan is a humble bandit, all he wants is your money or your life. Him
and his two bandit cohorts, Jemby and Zekar will fight you if you don't
surrendur all your money. Caution, Jemby is a mage! Defeat them and steal
their treasures.
Teyngan: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 3851 y 1348)

- Chelan & Torlo

Seems the iron shortage has put these poor sods out of work, and they now
fish 24 hours a day.
Chelan: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 2153 y 1179)
Torlo: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 1581 y 1064)

- Abandoned House
House: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 1385, 714)

3d. Area S of Beregost

Companions: none

Enemies: Hobgoblins, Ogrillons, Ghouls

Treasures: Boots of Stealth (Zhurlong's Boots)

- There are 2 subquests here to finish, Zhurlong's Boots and Mirianne's Letter

- Zhurlong's Boots (see the Beregost section above)
- Mirianne's Letter (see the Beregost section above)

- Submerged House
House: Area S of Beregost (x 3159 y 1559)

- Bub Snikt
You may find the Ogre hunter Bub Snikt around, he isn't very helpful,
Bub Snikt: Area S of Beregost (x 1350 y 1781)

- Flaming Fist accosts you as Bandits

A Flaming Fist mercenary will accuse you of banditry near the southern end
of the road. Deny that you are a bandit, and explain that you are hunting
bandits, because you are adventurers.
Flaming Fist: Area S of Beregost (x 3635 y 2911)

- Cave
There is a cave with some healing potions and some gold.
Cave: Area S of Beregost (x 1800 y 2200)

3e. Area N of Nashkel (South of Area S of Beregost)

Companions: none

Enemies: Kobolds, Hobgoblins

- We're only passing through here on the way south to Nashkel.

Subquests: none

- Lord Foreshadow
If you want to talk to a snob, I mean, noble you can talk to Foreshadow. He
is from Waterdeep, and he doesn't care much for the Sword Coast. Snob.
Foreshadow: Area N of Nashkel (x 483 y 3526)

- Hobgoblin Camp
Camp: Area N of Nashkel (x 3288 y 807)

- Portalbendarwinden
The old (and somewhat naked) hermit Portalbendarwinden can be found near the
SE of the Area, complaining about adventurers. He is a rather unpleasant
person, and the only information that you can get out of him is that you
have a shiny aura. Goodie.
Portalbendarwinden: Area N of Nashkel (x 4077 y 2796)

3f. Temple (Area E of Beregost)

Companions: none
Enemies: War Dogs, Wargs, Vampiric Wolves (be careful of these, only magic
weapons can harm them!), Dread Wolves, Brown Bears, Hobgoblins

- Not much to do here, although a lot of things happen in the Temple. (i.e.
you give him Bassilus' holy symbol, and you bring him wyvern heads)

- The Town Drunk
In the NW of the Area you will encounter a very drunk person, who demands
(none too wisely) all your money. He'll even claim that he is a LICH and
that he will smite you with his magic powers. It doesn't matter much how
you end this one.
Drunk: Temple (x 384 y 224)

- Vestibule
There is a Vestibule here with a couple priests inside. Whee.
Vestibule: Temple (x 474 y 864)

- Galileus
The Sage Galileus is observing the Heavens near the center of the Area. You
can talk to him, but it doesn't much matter, all he says is that there are
"interesting things" about to happen.
Galileus: Temple (x 3018 y 1279)

- Ashen
If you haven't talked to enough nobles from Waterdeep, here's another one,
and this one is twice as snooty!
Ashen: Temple (x 913 y 2439)

- Cattack the Hobgoblin

You will find Cattack and his merry band of Hobgoblins near the West Central
part of the Area. Like most talking monsters he just wants all your money.
Don't give it to him and fight him instead. (oh and you can't join his group
so don't bother asking!) Cattack is only worth 120 exp, and has middling
Cattack: Temple (x 3521 y 2556)

4. Nashkel (AR 4800)

Note: When you enter Nashkel for the first time, you get to watch a little
movie (which is on Disc 3). This should also begin Chapter 2. As you
cross the bridge into the town, you will have to talk to the soldier
Bardolan. Tell him that you won't be any trouble, and he'll leave.

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Minsc 18/93 15 15 8 6 9 Human Ranger Neutral Good
Minsc's life partner Dynaheir was kidnapped by Gnolls, and he wants your
help to get her back! If you don't rescue her in a timely fashion, Minsc
will leave. Furthermore if you refuse to rescue Dynaheir, he'll attack you.
Where he is: Nashkel (x 3387 y 1957)

- Edwin 9 10 16 18 9 10 Human Conjurer Lawful Evil

Edwin wants your help in hunting down and killing Dynaheir. If you talk to
Edwin with Dynaheir in your party you would think that he would attack, or
at the least wouldn't want to join, but he will. Although he has some bad
things to say about Dynaheir. If you refuse him with Dynaheir in your party
he leaves forever.
Where he is: Nashkel (x 2883 y 2959)

Enemies: none

- We're here mainly to get information about the troubles that we've been
hearing about. Talk to Berrun Ghastkill near the church, and he will tell
you that there are "demons" in the mines who prevent anything from being
mined there. He asks you to go into the mine and find what is wrong, and
deal with it. After you have cleared this Quest talk to Berrun again to
get your reward: 1000 exp, 900 gp, and a Reputation +1 (for more info see
section 6. Nashkel Revisited)
Berrun: Nashkel (x 2291 y 1298)

- Captain Brage
You will hear from the Priest of Helm of how Brage went insane and ran off.
For more info check out the Area S of Lighthouse sub-section.

- Oublek
Oublek will mistake you for the mercenary called GREYWOLF who was hired to
kill a local bandit named Tonquin. He then offers to give you 200 gp.
Refuse it by saying that you are not GREYWOLF, and you get a reputation +1.
Oublek: Nashkel (x 2813 y 1648)

- Joseph's Greenstone Ring Part 1

In a house you will find the wife of Joseph, if you ask her for any
information on the mines she will tell you to keep a look out for Joseph,
and that his identifying feature is his Greenstone Wedding Ring. (see the
Nashkel Mines section for more information) Return with it, and give the
Ring to her to get your reward: 800 exp.
Joseph's Wife: Nashkel (x 4224 y 2919)
Ring: Nashkel Mines Interior Third Level (x 1596 y 260)

- Minsc and Dynaheir

Near the town barracks you will find Minsc, who will join you if you offer
to help him free his life partner Dynaheir (he leaves if you spend too much
time not doing anything related to that quest). She was captured by Gnolls
and is currently being held in the Gnollish stronghold far to the west.
Minsc: Nashkel (x 3387 y 1957) If you rescue her you also get 800 exp.
Dynaheir: Gnollish Stronghold (x 2529 y 1440)

- Noober
The most annoying person in the entire Realms can be found in Nashkel, and
his name is Noober. If you manage to put up with him long enough, he will
eventually "run out of things to say" and wander off. (after you get a
small reward of 400 exp) Personally I'm not usually that patient, and cast
Polymorph Other on him to let him live the rest of his life as a squirrel.
Such touch choices we have in life. This one is easier to do if you talk to
him instead of making him talk to you.
Noober: Nashkel (x 2400 y 3150)

Assassination Attempts: 1
Inside the Nashkel Inn (x 1372 y 611)
Neira -- 650 exp, Helm of Infravision, Scale, Club, M. Shield

- Daer'Ragh isn't quite dead
Go look in the cemetery for the grave of "Mark D" and you will find that its
occupant isn't quite as dead as he pretends to be. If you keep bothering
the grave, he will summon a host of Phoenix Guards to kill you. When you
kill a Phoenix Guard, they immediately return, but if you kill them again,
they explode in a fireball. Nasty. If you are going to do this, make sure
that everyone in your party has a Protection from Fire on them.
Grave: Nashkel (x 2926 y 1285)

- Volo
You can find Volo in the Belching Dragon Tavern.
Volo: Nashkel (x 2761 y 2374)

- Free Ankheg Armor

Sure you can just make a set of Ankheg Armor, but here's a free set! Check
out the small hole in the west of the field to get it and a pearl.
Hole: Nashkel (x 187 y 2742)

- Winter Wolf Pelts (from Operador de Sala)

In the Nashkell store you can sell the wolf winter shells for 500 gp, the
merchant will ask automatically if you want to sell him the pelts, say yes.
It is a good way to get some money.
Store: Nashkel (x 1693 y 834)

4a. Carnival

Note: I don't think that it is possible to win at gambling here, so don't try

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Branwen 13 16 15 9 16 13 Human Cleric True Neutral
To get Branwen in your party all you have to do is to free her from the
Petrification enchantment that was placed on her by the Mage Tranzig. Free
her using a Stone to Flesh spell (you can buy them in Nashkel for 168gp or
from Zeke at the Carnival for 500gp).
Where she is: Nashkel Carnival (x 3253 y 2882)

Enemies: Kobolds

Treasures: Knave's Robe (Zordral)

- The only real reason to come here is if you need a Cleric, you can pick up
Branwen (see the Branwen subquest below).

- Branwen the Statue Cleric
You will find the Statue of Branwen near the center of the carnival. To
free her from the enchantment you have to use a Stone to Flesh spell. You
can buy a scroll either back in Nashkel (168gp) or from Zeke who is
standing a little to the SW (500gp). Once freed she will gladly join your
Branwen: Carnival (x 3253 y 2882)
Zeke: Carnival (x 3052 y 3103)

- Zordral
It would seem that Zordral is convinced that Bentha is a witch, and is about
to kill her, when you enter the tent. You can't really talk him out of it,
so say options 1, then 1 again. He will get violent and attack you. Kill
him (900 exp, 2 spells, Knaves Robe, 79gp), and then talk to Bentha. If you
ask for a "trinket" she will give you an Antidote, if you ask for
information she tells you that Volo is staying in the Nashkel Inn. And if
you say that the deed was its own reward, she gives you the Antidote anyway.
Zordral: Carnival (x 2271 y 3042)

- Lord Binky, the Buffoon
For some measure of entertainment you can talk to Binky. However, Binky
just wants to make fun of you, so don't expect anything profound from the
Binky: Carnival (x 2003 y 3100)

- Vitiare the Thief

In a tent you will be robbed of 100 gp by Vitiare the Thief. Easiest way to
avoid this is to not go into the tent! Although since it is a thief, you
could steal from him (payback time). But for that, you'll have to kill him.
First, save your game. Equip all of your characters with ranged weapons
then, enter the tent and immediately, pause the game. Now tell one of your
fighters to go speak to him and unpause. If you did this right, Vitiare
won't move and will wait for your fighter to get near to initiate the
conversation. Once he steals 100 gp from you and tries to get away,
force-attack him with all of your party members. You have to be quick and
kill him before he gets to the exit of the tent or he'll be gone forever.
If he gets away, reload and try again. Killing him gives you: 12 xp, a
Dagger, 1 Healing Potion, 1 Potion of Master Thievery, 1 Potion of Agility
and 173 gp. Don't worry, you won't lose any reputation points for killing
Vitiare: Carnival (x 1555 y 2928)

- The Merchants Two Potions

In one of the tents you will find a Merchant who sells "Wonders". But due
to the Iron Shortage, all he can sell are two potions, each for 50gp. One
is a Titan's Might potion which sets your Strength to 25, but takes your
Constitution and Dexterity down to 3. The other makes you smart as
Elminster (Int 25), but takes Strength and Wisdom down to 3. Each potion
lasts about 24 hours. So use caution before using one of these!
Personally, I suggest you sell them for 250 gp each (easy money for low
level characters at the start of the adventure).
Merchant: Carnival (x 1865 y 3518)

- The Great Gazib and The Amazing Oopah

The Great Gazib puts on quite a show each time you speak to him by making
his Ogre friend (Oopah) explode. Of course, on the third time, Oopah is
angry of exploding for puny pink weaklings and wants to smash their faces.
So be ready to fight Oopah the third time you speak to The Great Gazib.
Your reward: 270 xp for killing Oopah.
The Great Gazib and The Amazing Oopah: Carnival (x 1283 y 3202)

4b. Area W of Nashkel

Companions: none

Enemies: Xvarts, Cave Bears, Wolves

Treasures: Bracers AC 8 (Cave Bear Cave)

Flail +1 (Cave Bear Cave)

- This area isn't that significant (unless you hate Xvarts), so we're just
passing through to get to the Gnollish Stronghold and Dynaheir.

Subquests: none

- Xvart Village
You will probably want to attack the Xvart Village here. When you encounter
the leader of the Xvarts, Nexlit, he will summon their protector, a Cave
Bear named Ursa.
Village: Area W of Nashkel (x 3540 y 1978)

- Cave Bear Cave

Just to the north of the Xvart village is a cave that contains one Cave Bear
and 3 treasures: Bracers AC 8, Potion of Fire Resistance, and a Flail +1.
Cave: Area W of Nashkel (x 4256 y 909)

- Borda the travelling salesman

In the western part of this area (go west from the Xvart village) you will
find Borda, who wants to sell you a few things. If you buy something from
him, BEWARE, they will be cursed!

edwardalacey had this to add:

"Borda the cursed item salesman will attack you if threatened. You lose no
reputation for killing him, and you get 900 experience, 74 gold, Web,
Colour Spray, and Short Sword +1. However, he has magic resistance and
casts Mirror Image, so he will hit you with a few Magic Missiles before
you can damage him."

Borda: Area W of Nashkel (x 669 y 1482)

4c. Area N of Gnollish Stronghold

Companions: none

Enemies: Ogre Berserkers, Hobgoblins, Gibberlings, Wild Dogs, Ogrillons, Ogres

Treasures: Long Sword +1 (Neville the Bandit)

Boots of the North (Jared and the Mountain Bear)

- We're just passing through here going to the Gnoll Fortress to the South.
- Neville the Bandit
How you talk to Neville completely changes the outcome. If you ask that his
men come out of hiding, he attacks you. (he is worth about 650 exp and has
a Long Sword +1 too) If you ask for all his gold, he steals some of yours
(but you get 100 exp from that action).
Neville: Area N of Gnollish Stronghold (x 3796 y 852)

- Jared and the Mountain Bear

The nobleman Jared is deathly afraid of a Bear on the other side of the
south bridge here. Go across and kill the bear. Then return to Jared to
get your reward: Boots of the North, 150 exp.
Jared: Area N of Gnollish Stronghold (x 4673 y 3665)
Bear: Area N of Gnollish Stronghold (x 3215 y 3494)

- The Eating Ogre
There is an ogre by a fire who is not interested in fighting, all he seems
to want to do is munch. Talk to him twice to get him to fight you.
Ogre: Area N of Gnollish Stronghold (x 415 y 920)

- Laurel and the Gibberlings (from Operador de Sala)

Laurel wants your help to kill some of these creatures, because they aren't
good. Then a Gibberlings band comes, kill all the Gibberlings you can see
(Laurel will attack them, too). When there are no more creatures talk again
with Laurel for your reward: 250 exp.
Laurel: Area N of Gnollish Stronghold (x 1273 y 1113)

4d. Gnollish Stronghold (AR 5100)

Note: When you first visit the Gnollish Stronghold you get to watch a little
movie (on Disc 3) which reveals where the Gnolls put their prisoners, and
what happens to those prisoners as well. Also note that most the enemies
in the fort are constantly re-spawning, so even when you just kill a group
of gnolls they could almost immediately come back.

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Dynaheir 11 13 16 17 15 12 Human Invoker Lawful Good
Dynaheir was kidnapped by the Gnolls, and must be rescued with Minsc in your
party. She is also linked to Minsc and if one leaves, the other does too.
She makes a good mage because she already knows such spells as Fireball.
Where she is: Gnollish Stronghold (x 2529 y 1440)

Enemies: Gnolls, Half-Ogres, Xvarts, Carrion Crawlers, Gnoll Slashers, Gnoll

Veterans, Gnoll Chieftan

Treasures: Gauntlets of Dexterity (Gnarl, Hairtooth, and the Gauntlets of Dex.)

The Tome of Leadership and Influence (Charisma +1)

- There is only really one reason to come here, and that is Dynaheir. If you
are coming with Minsc you are coming to rescue her, if you are coming with
Edwin you are coming to kill her.

- From the bridge go straight west. (the southern path leads to two Xvart
caves, but there's nothing really down there) Head up the stairs at
(x 1462 y 1326), and then go east to the pit at (x 2472 y 1265). Go down
into the pit to find Dynaheir.

- All you have to do now is to get out alive!

- Gnarl, Hairtooth, and the Gauntlets of Dexterity
Across the bridge are a couple of Half-Ogre guards named Gnarl and Hairtooth
and they want you to pay for the privelege of crossing their bridge. At
first they want 200 gold, but you can haggle down to 100. Or you could just
kill them. Each are worth 175 exp. Plus on one of the bodies you will find
the Gauntlets of Dexterity! (they set someone's dexterity to 18, which will
be a step up for most people, or a step down if you are above 18)
Gnarl: Gnollish Stronghold (x 3814 y 2850)

- The Tome of Leadership and Influence (Charisma +1)
Just west of the bridge is a southern path which leads around the cliffside
to a set of two caves. In the eastern of the two caves are some healing
potions, spells, and the Tome of Leadership and Influence.
Book: Gnollish Stronghold (x 820 y 2375)

4e. Area SW of Nashkel

Companions: none

Enemies: Winter Wolves, Gnolls, Cave Bears, Wolves, Xvarts, Dread Wolves,
Dire Wolves, Flinds, Gnoll Elites

Treasures: Girdle of Bluntness (The Dryad and the Oak)

Halberd +1 (Dire Wolf Cave)

- Nothing but a few subquests to do here. Also you can sell the Winter Wolf
pelts back in Nashkel for 500 gp.

- The Dryad and the Oak
The Dryad of Cloudpeak needs your help to save a "wondrous ancient oak" from
some villainy. Agree to help her, and then go a little to the SW to find
the tree and the two villains, Krumm and Caldo. Talk to the north one,
Caldo, and tell them that they'll have to go through you first. Kill them.
Krumm (the south one) has a Girdle of Bluntness. Talk to the Dryad again to
get your reward: Aura Cleansed (whatever that does), an Antidote, 500 exp,
and a Reputation +1.
Dryad: Area SW of Nashkel (x 3591 y 1894)
2 villains: Area SW of Nashkel (x 3350 y 2065)

- Drienne's Cat
Just to the East of the waterfall you will find the girl Drienne crying
about her lost cat. Seems the cat fell into the waterfall and Drienne can't
find her. Go down and search the waterfall for the cat's body, and then
return it to Drienne. Turns out that this isn't the first time that the cat
has died, and been raised from the dead by her necromancer father! As a
reward you get: 200 exp, Reputation +1, and a Scroll (Protection from
Drienne: Area SW of Nashkel (x 2084 y 2959)
Cat: Area SW of Nashkel (x 1760 y 3318)

- Ingot the Gnoll
Seems the Gnoll Ingot wanted to roast Dynaheir alive, while the rest of the
Gnolls did not, and so he was banished.
Ingot: Area SW of Nashkel (x 553 y 1185)

- Gnoll Territory
The Gnolls in the north of the area will demand 50 gold because you have
trespassed in their territory. You can pay if you want. They have better
than average treasures for Gnolls, but nothing great.
Gnolls: Area SW of Nashkel (x 3184 y 719)

- Dire Wolf Cave

Near the Oak Tree (see the Dryad and the Oak subquest above) is a cave.
Inside you will find a single Dire Wolf and a treasure box. Inside that box
is a Halberd +1, 298gp, and a Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace.
Cave: Area SW of Nashkel (x 3141 y 2600)

4f. Area S of Nashkel

Companions: none

Enemies: Xvarts, Skeletons, Cave Bears

Treasures: Long Sword +1 (Sendai of Amn)

Studded Leather +2 (Sendai of Amn)
Bracers of Archery (Vax and Zal, the Fastest Dart Thrower in West)

- Just one subquests here, and some other odd things (like the Bracers of
Archery, see the Vax and Zal "other" below)

- Albert's Dog Rufie
Albert from Nashkel has lost his dog, and it is up to you to find him.
Agree to help Albert and he will give you a chew toy to "entice" Rufie with.
You will find Rufie a ways to the east (he looks like a red wolf). When you
have found him, he should follow you, now head back to Albert with the dog
(or wolf) in tow. Albert will turn into a demon (or something) and take the
dog with him back to hell, for your trouble you get: 1000 exp.
Albert: Area S of Nashkel (x 1315 y 999)
Rufie: Area S of Nashkel (x 3753 y 751)

- Larry and his two brothers (Darryl and Darryl)
In the SW of the Area you will find 3 creatures, an Xvart, a Kobold, and a
Tasloi. They are named, Larry, Darryl and Darryl. Talk to Larry (the
Kobold) and if you ask why they are there they wander off saying that you
are the "wrong generation". Or you could ask for their autograph, and they
will give it to you! If you don't get this joke, you probably never saw the
Bob Newhart Show.
Larry, Darryl, and Darryl: Area S of Nashkel (x 4213 y 3452)

- Sendai of Amn
Sendai is a prickly sort, and she happens to have a very low opinion of
everyone from the north of Amn. Depending on how you answer her you will
either end up in a fight, or she'll just wander off. She has a lot of good
treasures on her, plus is worth a bit of experience, but CAUTION she has
two companions with bows and Magic Arrows! So if you fight them, quickly
move your fighters up to the Archers to take out their effectiveness.
(Alexander--300 exp, Scale, Hemlet, 29gp, Healing Potion, Long Bow, 30
Arrows +1; Sendai--600 exp, Long Sword +1, Studded Leather +2, Helmet, Small
Shield, 172gp; Delgod--300 exp, Scale, 30 Arrows +1, Long Bow, War Hammer)
Sendai: Area S of Nashkel (x 3103 y 887)

- Vax and Zal (the fastest Dart Thrower in the West)

Once you have encountered these two, you've seen just about everything. Vax
will come up to you and demand all your money, on account that Zal could
throw darts at you really fast. If you don't want to part with your money
you'll have to fight them. (Zal--600 exp, Scale, Bracers of Archery, Darts,
49gp; Vax--400 exp, Scale, 2 Heal Potions, Halberd, 107gp)
Vax and Zal: Area S of Nashkel (x 1270 y 2627)

- Blurry Ledge (edwardalacey)

In the area south of Nashkel (where you get the Bracers of Archery), there
is what looks like a rather blurry ledge. In it is Chromatic Orb and the
hard-to-find Cloudkill.
Ledge: Area S of Nashkel (x 1791 y 413)

5. The Nashkel Mines (Exterior)

Companions: none

Enemies: Wolves, Winter Wolves, Kobolds, War Dogs, Ghasts

Treasures: Long Sword +2 (Prism's Final Masterpiece)

Wand of Frost (Wand of Frost)

- We're here to investigate the strange goings-on in the Mines. To enter the
mines talk to Emerson at (x 978 y 1125). Then talk to one of the Amnish
soldiers guarding the mines to get rid of two of them, and finally you enter
the mine (x 1202 y 665).

- Prism's Final Masterpiece
You will finally find Prism working on his last piece here. He had to steal
some of the materials to make this, and so has the bounty hunter Greywolf
after him. Tell him that you are not associated with Greywolf, and agree to
help defend him so that he can complete his work. Not long after that
Greywolf will show up, and will demand that you hand Prism over to him.
Don't. He'll attack you then, beat him (1400 exp, Studded Leather, Long
Sword +2, 102gp). Prism finished his work, but doesn't live long to enjoy
it. You get: 1000 exp, and Reputation +1. Search his body for 3gp and 2
edwardalacey sent me this:

"After dealing with Greywolf and Prism, you can take Prism's emeralds to
Oublek for a reward of 200 experience and 300 gold. Interestingly, you can
drop one on the ground, claim the reward, pick it up, and claim the reward

Ed. Note: Or you could claim the reward once, and sell the other Emerald
for 750 gp.

Terry deBoer has a different approach to this:

After getting the emeralds from Prism, take them to Oublek and give him
both at once. After that, just kill him and he will not only have the two
on his person, but another two have appeared as well! Selling all four,
plus the 2000+ gold Oublek carries gets you over 5000 gold, more than
enough to bribe your rep back up. It's risky though; it's best to charm
him and lead him away, or the whole town will see your act.

Prism: Nashkel Mines (exterior) (x 637 y 2709)

- Galtok and the Kobolds
Some Kobolds captured Galtok awhile back, but now he's escaped and they're
chasing him.
Galtok: Nashkel Mines (exterior) (x 3101 y 2873)

- Wand of Frost
In the hole of a tree in the top left of the map is a wand of Frost.
Wand: Nashkel Mines (exterior) (x 165 y 180)

5a. The Nashkel Mines (Interior)

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Xan 13 16 7 17 14 16 Elf Enchanter Lawful Neutral
Xan is a depressing person, but he is a capable mage (although he has the
very large flaw of not being able to cast such spells as Magic Missile and
Fireball!) and he has a Moonblade. If you're overly rude to him he'll leave
and never return.
Where he is: Nashkel Mines Interior (Fourth Level, Cave x 793 y 588)

Enemies: Kobolds, Huge Spiders, Kobold Commandos, Ghoul, Skeletons, Gray Oozes

Treasures: Ring of Holiness (Fourth Level)

Short Sword +1 (Fourth Level)

Note for Nashkel Mines: Any monster that'll kill in these mines will not
respawn so don't hesitate to go back to town for
resupplying, healing or resting.

Entry Level: Head south through the passages until you get to the Door to
the next level (x 2106 y 1834). There's only two Kobolds to
kill on this level and they are near the exit to the second
mine level.

Second Level: When you first arrive here, Miner Beldin will run up to you
yelling that the yipping demons (kobolds) are after him.
Shortly they appear and attack (usually killing) him. From the
entrance head NE along the passage until you can't go east
anymore, then head south to the Door to the next Level at
(x 3569 y 2559)

Third Level: This level has a lot of traps, so you must be cautious. Head
south to the Bridge (you'll know it when you see it). Careful
while crossing for the Bridge is trapped! Now head east
through the third passage you find (x 1450 y 2500). There will
be some Kobold Commandos shooting their Arrows of Fire at you
(ouch!). This next room has three traps in it so have a Thief
disarm them. If you can't disarm them, you won't be able to
avoid them. So send whoever has the most hitpoints to go
trigger the traps, then go through the Door to the next Level
(x 3444 y 2338).

Fourth Level: Head northeast and then cross the bridge, and go into the cave.
There will be three rooms in here, a north room, an east room,
and a south room. If you need a mage go into the east room
first and talk to Xan there to get him to join. Then go into
the south room and talk to Mulahey there. It doesn't really
matter what you say as he eventually will call the guards in
either case. Don't believe him when he wants to surrender,
just kill him. Loot his body (you NEED the Holy Symbol to
collect the Bounty, and the Ring of Holiness gives your cleric
+1 spell for every level 1-4). Also be sure to loot the
treasure chest he has there too (2 Healing Potions, 790 gp,
Short Sword +1, lots of spells, etc.). Take the scrolls in the
chest to start Chapter Three.

Getting Out: Now you have a choice, you can either go back out the way you
came in, or you can continue to the Second Exit. To go to the
2nd Exit, go out of the cave, across the bridge, then north.
Follow that path until you reach the exit. Warning! Once you
go out that way, you can't come back in! It exits out into the
Area NE of Nashkel Mines area.

- Kylee's Dagger (Entry Level, Second Level)
A miner will come up to you and ask for you to give a dagger to Kylee, agree
and he'll give you the dagger. Give it to Kylee, who is on the Second Level
to get your reward: 200 exp.
Miner: Entry Level (x 1185 y 1684)
Kylee: Second Level (x 835 y 2110)

- Joseph's Greenstone Ring (Third Level)

Ring: Third Level (x 1596 y 260)

- Huge Spider Lair
Lair: Third Level (x 1310 y 2630)

5b. Area NE of Nashkel Mines

Companions: none

Enemies: War Dogs, Amazons (see the Assassination Attempts), Ghouls, Ogre
Berserkers, Ankhegs, Gnolls, Ogrillons

Treasures: Leather +2 (Assassination Attempts)

Studded Leather +1 (Assassination Attempts)
Chainmail +1 (Tomb 2)
Wand of Monster Summoning (Tomb 2)
Dagger +2 (Hentold and the Stolen Dagger)

- This is the Exit area for the Nashkel Mines. If you want a good fight, head
north and take on the assassination attempt. Also there are some
interesting tombs around here. Otherwise just head west to go back to

- Hentold and the Stolen Dagger
Near the South Center of the area you will find a would-be tomb raider named
Hentold. Seems that he stole a dagger from a tomb and ever since has been
pursued by its previous owner! He gives you the dagger to give back to the
creature that was following him. Go a little to the east to reach the cave,
go inside and the creature will ask for the dagger back, and once it has it,
it will die. You get 900 exp for your trouble. However, you may want to
simply kill the foul creature and get 3000 exp instead. Plus you get to
keep the dagger. Feel free to loot this cave too. Just because the last
person who did so suffered from a terrible curse doesn't mean that you will
Hentold: Area E of Nashkel Mines (x 1328 y 2987)
Crypt: Area E of Nashkel Mines (x 1905 y 2838)

- Narcillicus Harwilliger Neen and the Ooze

Near the SE of the Area you will find the Mage Narcillicus experimenting on
making a more effective Ooze. Ask him for a copy of the spell and he
attacks you. Kill him (1400 exp) and his two Mustard Jellies. Then take
the spells off his body (lightning bolt, web)
Narcillicus: Area E of Nashkel Mines (x 3784 y 2784)

Assassination Attempts: 1
Just North of the Exit Cave (x 2087 y 185)
There are a lot of archers in this group, so get up close to them as quickly
as you can.
Telka -- 600 exp
Maneira -- 600 exp, Leather +2
Zeela -- 900 exp, Studded Leather +1
Lamalha -- 1200 exp, Plate Mail, 2 Potions, Mace, Medium Shield, 94 gp

- Tomb 1
Inside this tomb you can find about 80gp, and a Ghoul.
Tomb: Area E of Nashkel Mines (x 906 y 1728)

- Tomb 2
Inside this tomb are 3 Ghasts, a Chainmail +1, a Wand of Monster Summoning,
a Pearl Necklace, a Potion, and some Magic Arrows.
Tomb: Area E of Nashkel Mines (x 4531 y 2806)

5c. Area E of Nashkel Mines (South of Area NE of Nashkel Mines)

Companions: none

Enemies: Gibberlings, Dire Wolves, Winter Wolves, Dread Wolves, Cave Bears

- Only a few things to do here, pick up Samuel and talk to Hafiz.

- Lena and the body of Samuel
Near the center of the Area you will find the noblewoman Lena and her
injured friend Samuel. She wants you to take the body of Samuel to the
Friendly Arm Inn's Temple of Wisdom where Gellana (the cleric there) can
cure Samuel. Agree to do so. When you talk to Gellana she'll take Samuel
off you, and give you your reward: 500 exp, Reputation +1, and 2 potions.
Samuel: Area E of Nashkel Mines (x 3138 y 2278)
Gellana: Friendly Arm Inn (x 3882 y 2403)

- Hafiz
You will find the Old Dwarf Hafiz near the NW corner of this area. You can
trust him, he won't try to kill you. He'll ask for your name, tell it to
him and he'll reveal that his dreams have been about you. Next he wants to
know your life story, choose the bottom option to tell him your story, and
he will give you a Protection from Magic scroll.
Hafiz: Area E of Nashkel Mines (x 830 y 905)

- Flaming Fist
There is a Flaming Fist soldier in the western part of the Area. He asks
you to identify yourselves, and then says that he is looking for a deserter
named Samuel. He'll give you a measely 50gp if you turn Samuel in. It's
more worth it to take Samuel to Gellana.
Flaming Fist: Area E of Nashkel Mines (x 213 y 2480)

- Ring of Fire Resistance (from Duncan Clay)

In a crack in the cliffs around the middle of the map is a Ring of Fire
Resistance, a Star Sapphire and an Ion Gem.
Ring: Area E of Nashkel Mines (x 1955 y 2372)

6. Nashkel Revisited

Treasures: Boots of Avoidance (Assassination Attempts)

Short Sword +1 (Assassination Attempts)

- We've come back to Nashkel to receive our reward for killing Mulahey and
clearing out the mines. Talk to Berrun to get your reward: 1000 exp,
900 gp, and a Reputation +1. Also make sure to go kill Numbul to get his
wonderful Boots of Avoidance.

Assassination Attempts: 1
Near the Nashkel Inn (x 1224 y 717)
Careful with this one, he casts Fear on you, which makes your people unable to
Nimbul -- 650 exp, Boots of Avoidance, Ring, Short Sword +1, 58 gp

7. Beregost Revisited

Treasures: Ring of Protection +1 (Plot, Third Item -- Tranzig)

Wand of Magic Missiles (Plot, Third Item -- Tranzig)

- When you re-enter Beregost after having cleared the Mines, Elminster will
come up and talk to you again. He reveals that the Bandits are in the North
East. Great.

- Also Chloe, a mere child, will come up and tell you to meet someone in the
Jovial Juggler Inn. Don't worry, it's not another Assassination attempt!
It's just Officer Vai of the Flaming Fist. Go inside the Jovial Juggler,
and Officer Vai will come right up to you. She asks for your help in
hunting down all the bandits, and will pay you a bounty of 50 gp for each
Bandit Scalp that you give her. (you can also sell her books and Winter Wolf
pelts--at full price, no less!)
Jovial Juggler: Beregost (x 3768 y 3626)

- We also have to pay a visit to the Bandits informer in Beregost (assuming

you read the letters that you got from Mulahey), who is in the Feldepost's
Inn. You will find Tranzig on the second floor, in the first room to the
south of the stairs. Go in his room and talk to him. Set your party up
around him before you talk to him. (makes for easy killing later!) Tell him
that you know all about him, and that you aren't afraid of him. He'll
attack. No matter what happens your map will be updated showing the
location of the secret bandit camp. (i.e. he doesn't need to live!) Plus
you get 975 exp, Ring of Protection +1, Wand of Magic Missiles, 91 gp, and
a Scroll.
Feldepost's Inn: Beregost (x 1406 y 2640)
Tranzig: Feldepost's Inn Second Floor (x 196 y 572)

Note: If you sleep in the Inn here, you will have another Dream, and gain
another ability, again Cure Light Wounds (or Larloch's Minor Drain).

7a. Area E of Temple

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Shar-Teel 18/58 17 9 14 7 11 Human Fighter Chaotic Evil
When you first meet up with Shar-Teel she challenges your "Best Male
Fighter" (this seems to be randomly chosen) to a duel. If you don't have a
Male, you can't get her. If you turn her down, she leaves forever.
Where she is: Area E of Temple (x 273 y 303)
Enemies: Gnoll Slashers, Lesser Basilisks, Basilisks (Korax is very useful
against these as he can't be petrified!), Tasloi, Brown Bears, Black

Treasures: Adventurer's Robe (Mutamin's Basilisks)

2 Long Swords +1 ��|
Golden Girdle |__ Kirian the Adventurer
Bracers AC 7 |
Morningstar +1 __|

- This is a good place to pick up some experience via Basilisk Hunting.
Simply go pick up Korax (see Other below) and start hunting! Save a lot,
as well, since the Basilisks can kill instantly.

- Tamah
Tamah was fighting some Gnolls and was turned to stone by some basilisks.
Free her using a Remove Petrification spell/scroll to get your reward of:
300 exp, and a Reputation +1.
Tamah: Area E of Temple (x 1410 y 870)

- Mutamin's Basilisks
You will encounter Mutamin in the North Central part of the Area. He is the
creator and maintainer of these Basilisks (probably to avoid soliciters).
Careful! He has a Greater Basilisk and a Lesser Basilisk by him! He only
wants to turn you to stone forever, no biggie. Kill him and take his things
(1200 exp, Adventurer's Robe, 120 gp, 2 Heal Potions, 2 spells) Also note
that the Greater Basilisk by him gives 7000 exp not 4000.
Mutamin: Area E of Temple (x 2158 y 866)

- Kirian the Adventurer (and friends)

Another band of Adventurer's can be found around here, and they seem a
little unimpressed with you. Depending on how you answer, they either leave
or fight you. There are four of them, one has a bow, two fighters, and a
mage. They aren't an easy fight if you attack them straight on. However,
if you stand aways back and launch fireballs at them, they aren't so tough.
Treasures: (Lindin--600 exp, Plate Mail, Shield, 2 Potions, Long Sword + 1,
76gp; Kirian--900 exp, Golden Girdle, Bracers AC 7, Long Sword +1, 3 spells,
163 gp; Baerin--300 exp, Scale, Long Bow, Magic Arrows, 49 gp; Peter--1200
exp, Chain, 2 potions, Shield, Morningstar +1, 97gp)
Kirian: Area E of Temple (x 3047 y 1932)

- Korax the Ghoul
There is a "friendly" Ghoul here who goes by the name of Korax. Say the
last option to him, and he will be considered "Dire Charmed" (in other words
you can order him around). He is useful in fighting the basilisks since
they can't turn him to stone, therefore the Basilisks can't really hurt him!
The only problem with this is you don't really see what Korax is doing if
you move him off the screen, so you have to send someone with him. Once you
find a Basilisk, hide that person and let Korax handle it. Eventually he
will turn against you, so once you get him try to be quick with your
Basilisk hunting.
Korax: Area E of Temple (x 441 y 1466)

- Giant Rib Cage

It's not entirely clear which animal left this rib cage behind, but I'm just
glad it's not still alive!
Ribs: Area E of Temple (x 3801 y 2736)

Note: If you want you can go to the Halfling city of Gullykin to the south, and
from there to the Firewine bridge, but those areas will be covered later.

7b. Ulcaster (Area S of Temple)

Companions: none

Enemies: Kobold Commandos, Kobolds, Skeletons, Zombies, Ghouls, Hobgoblins,

Hobgoblin Elites, Ghasts

Treasures: Boots of Stealth (The Hobgoblin's Boots of Stealth)

Flail +1 (Icharyd)

- Ulcaster has some interesting ruins to explore, the path to the top of the
cliff on which Ulcaster is located is at (x 3121 y 1974).

- The Entrance to Ulcaster Dungeon can be found at (x 3054 y 675)

- Furret's Gem
In the NW of the Area you will encounter a Halfling named Furret. He has a
bridge... I mean, a Gem that he wants to sell you. A magic gem he claims.
You really don't want to spend 1000 gp on a Turquoise gem do you? It isn't
magic! You can kill Furret with no loss of reputation.
Furret: Ulcaster (x 150 y 950)

- The Wraith of Ulcaster

Near the Entrance to the Dungeon of Ulcaster you will find the Wraith of
Ulcaster. Talk to him a bunch of times until your journal is updated. What
he wants is a book (any book) from the Dungeon. Return with the book to get
your reward: 1000 exp.
Wraith: Ulcaster (x 2809 y 741)

- The Vampiric Sword

If you have both the Ancient Armor from the Firewine Ruins and the Idol of
Kozah, then when you talk to the Ghost of Ulcaster, he will automatically
exchange these two items for the Vampiric Sword. ("The Vampire's Revenge" is
the swords real name, and it isn't that great of a weapon, just something
to do if you haven't done it before)
Wraith: Ulcaster (x 2809 y 741)

- The Hobgoblin's Boots of Stealth
A Hobgoblin near the Center of the Area has some Boots of Stealth on him,
kill him and make them yours.
Hobgoblin: Ulcaster (x 2051 y 2628)

- Icharyd
When I left Ulcaster I was attacked by Icharyd, a Skeletal Warrior. (950
exp, Flail +1) I'm not sure if he's event triggered, or I just didn't see
him until then.
Icharyd: Ulcaster (x 4252 y 1256)

7c. Ulcaster Dungeon

Enemies: Ochre Jelly, Mustard Jelly, Dire Wolves, Huge Spiders, Dread Wolves,
Vampiric Wolves

Treasures: Dagger +1 (Corpse Treasure)

Wand of Fire (Dread Wolves 2 Treasures)

- Wander around until you get all the treasure! There is a passage to the
east from the Dire Wolves room, it's kinda hard to see, but it's at the
south end of the room. Beware the Fireball trap in the room at (x 460
y 1500). Just past the Second Corpse Treasure is yet another Fireball trap.
(x 1240 y 1435) In the room with the Pile of Corpses is another Fireball
trap (x 1344 y 1157). Once you've gotten the book you can leave.

- Mustard Jelly Treasure
Cursed Scroll of Ugliness, Bastard Sword, Scale Armor, Potion of Mirrored
Eyes, Crysoberyl Gem
Location: (x 2186 y 1035)

- Corpse Treasure
Dagger +1, 101 gp, Potion of Genius
Location: (x 1232 y 171)

- Dire Wolves Treasure

Skydrop Gem, Potion of Strength
Location: (x 660 y 360)

- Huge Spider Treasure

85 gp, 2 Heal Potions
Location: (x 860 y 580)

- Another Corpse Treasure

38 gp, Zircon Gem, 2 Arrows of Biting, 3 Arrows of Piercing
Location: (x 1170 y 1392)

- Dread Wolves 2 Treasures

Heal Potion, Potion of Absorption, Wand of Fire
Location: (x 1510 y 1250) and (x 1574 y 1430)

- Pile of Corpses Treasure

2 Heal Potions, Potion of Hill Giant Strength, Oil of Fiery Burning,
Antidote, 10 Arrows of Ice, 10 Acid Arrows, Tome (History of the Darkness)
Location: (x 1418 y 1068)

7d. Area S of Ulcaster
Companions: none

Enemies: Kobolds, Half-Ogres, Ogre Berserkers, Wolves, Dread Wolves, Xvarts,

Hobgoblin Elites, Dire Wolves, Ogres, Ogrillons, Black Bears

Treasures: Two Handed Sword +1 (Arghain)

- Just a few subquests here.

- Hulrik, the Xvarts, and the Cows
The farmer Hulrik is having a dreadful time with the Xvarts lately, they
tend to attack and kill his prize winning cows! Fight off the Xvarts to
get your reward: 350 exp, Reputation +1 (If you fail to save the cow, you
get nothing!)
Hulrik: Area S of Ulcaster (x 2884 y 2982)

- Ioin Gallchobhair
A bandit by the odd name of Ioin wants you to pay the toll for passing this
way, and that toll is your life. Pleasant fellow. I assume that you don't
want to hand over your life, so fight them. (Dribben--150 exp, Scalp, Long
Bow, Minor Treasures; Billy--300 exp, Scalp, Long Bow, Magic Arrows, Minor
Treasures; Ioin--300 exp, Scalp, Minor Treasures)
Ioin: Area S of Ulcaster (x 3126 y 1710)

- Sarhedra's Ogres
Talk to Sarhedra (she's near the East of the Area) and she'll tell you to go
kill Ogres to the south of there. Do just that, return and get your reward:
300 exp.
Sarhedra: Area S of Ulcaster (x 4758 y 1747)

- Arghain
Arghain the Half-Ogre wants your iron and maybe to kill you for fun. Kill
him instead (520 exp, Scalp, Two Handed Sword +1, Minor Treasures), and beat
up on his clan of Half-Ogres.
Arghain: Area S of Ulcaster (x 1154 y 1190)

- Corpse
There is a corpse, who was probably killed by all these Ogres around here,
who has some treasures: Heal Potion, 59 gp, Oil of Speed.
Corpse: Area S of Ulcaster (x 4390 y 2759)

8. On the Trail of Bandits (Area N of Beregost Revisited)

- Go to the downed Caravan (x 4291 y 2528), there will be a bunch of bandits
there. Kill them, and scalp them. Now go east and out of the Area to the
Larswood Forest.

8a. Larswood
Companions: none

Enemies: Gibberlings, Bandits, Black Talon Elites, Wild Dogs, Dire Wolves,
Wolves, Brown Bears,

- We're here looking for bandits, and there are two ways to go about this.
When you find Teven (x 1458 y 2245) you have the option of either joining
(say the most bloodthirsty thing on there), or attacking. If you skipped by
Tranzig you may want to join so that you can find the camp. But if you'd
rather just attack, well go for it! (975 exp, Minor Treasure)

- If you joined up with Teven skip down to section 9. Bandit Camp, if not
continue on through Peldvale, and from there to the Bandit Camp.

- Osmadi's Mistake
In the North East of the Area is a Druid shrine that was being built, but
the builder's were mostly killed by bandits. One of the survivors, Osmadi,
mistakes you for those bandits, and no matter what you say attacks you,
which pretty much forces you to kill him. (1000 exp, 12 gp, Leather Armor)
Afterwords talk to the Druid Corsone to find out exactly what happened here.

Jon WolF has this to add:

Well, yes, you can talk to him to find out what happened. Unless you
press him, he'll lie however. If you press him, he'll finally confess
to having poisoned Osmadi (which expalins why he helps you kill
Osmadi). Of course having confessed to being a murderer, he'll then
want to kill you as well.

This also makes Seniyad's warning (Cloakwood Forest) about the Shadow
Druids much more credible.

Osmadi: Larswood (x 4678 y 674)

- A Tower
Tower: Larswood (x 2048 y 3228)

8b. Peldvale

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Viconia 10 19 8 16 15 14 Drow Elf Cleric Neutral Evil
When you first encounter Viconia she asks you to help her with a small
matter of the Flaming Fist trying to kill her. Help her out and she offers
to join. However, if you turn Viconia down when she asks to join, she
vanishes forever. Once she joins your reputation goes down 2.
Where she is: Peldvale (x 447 y 731)

Enemies: Bandits, Cave Bears, Brown Bears, Black Bears, Black Talon Elites,
War Dogs, Wild Dogs, Huge Spiders, Giant Spiders

Treasures: War Hammer +1 (Raiken)

- We're just passing through heading towards the Bandit Camp to the North.

Subquests: none

- Palin
Palin has some advice for you adventurer's, mainly that it is deadly
business, and best left alone.
Palin: Peldvale (x 3376 y 461)

- Raiken
In the North you will find a bandit named Raiken who wants to rob you, or
kill you. Or both. (650 exp, Chain Mail, M. Shield, War Hammer+1, 31gp)
Raiken: Peldvale (x 3706 y 509)

9. Bandit Camp

Note: When you first approach the Bandit Camp you are treated to a little movie
(on Disc 4) of some Gnolls and a human prisoner.

Companions: none

Enemies: Wild Dogs, Chill Hobgoblins (same as normal Hobgoblins, but can also be
scalped), Bandits, Gnoll Veterans, Flinds, Gnoll Slashers, Zombies,

Treasures: Bow of Marksmanship (Plot, Third Item, Hakt)

Full Plate ��|
Medium Shield +1 |-- Taugosz Khosann
War Hammer +1 __|

- If you joined up with the Bandits, you will have to prove your worth to
Tazok by fighting him. Win and he lets you wander around the camp.

- Eventually we want to get rid of Tazok. He is hiding in the Big Tent

(x 3588 y 900). As you near the tent you will be attacked by its defenses
(which may or may not include Taugosz, see subquests below).

- Inside you will find 4 enemies and that prisoner that you saw in the opening
movie (the one that opened the area anyway), be sure not to kill the
prisoner (so don't shoot off random fireballs). Here's what you get from
each enemy. (by the way, you may want to get that Mage first, he tends to
cast Horror, which causes your party to run around like chickens with their
heads cut off.) Too bad Tazok wasn't here...
Venkt: 900 exp, 3 spells, Robe, 2 potions, 92gp
Raemon: 1200 exp, Scalp, Composite Long Bow, Magic Arrows, 1gp
Hakt: 750 exp, Bow of Marksmanship, Leather Armor, 62gp
Britik: 900 exp, Gold Ring, Jade Ring, Garnet Gem, Halberd

- Now talk to the prisoner here who will explain just a little bit more about
the bandit groups, and also tell you that your next place to search is the
Cloakwood Forest.
- Finally open up that big treasure chest to the left. It is trapped and a
lightning bolt will shoot out. (you may want to send everyone out of the
tent before having your person with the highest HP open it) Take the
scrolls to get to Chapter 4. There is also 2000 gp in here and some spells.

- Taugosz Khosann
Usually hiding out by the big Tent (x 3588 y 900), this nasty fighter has a
large number of neat treasures after you defeat him. Treasures: 2000 exp,
Full Plate, M. Shield+1, War Hammer+1, 105gp.

- Treasures
Regardless of how you got here, you probably want to kill everyone and steal
everything. On the exterior map are a lot of little chests, bags, etc.,
with a lot of minor treasures (30-40 gp, daggers). As you get closer to the
Big Tent (where Tazok is hiding) the treasures get better, Magic Short
Swords, and Shields, more gold, potions, etc. All the chests are invariably
locked, so I hope you have a good thief handy! (or a Knock spell)

- Huts
Inside each of the huts you may find enemies, and some more minor treasures.

- Cave
You can go inside the Cave at (x 2411 y 683). Inside are some Gnolls that
are being punished by Tazok. They started a brawl a few nights ago.

- Treasures in the Big Tent

In addition to the main treasure chest (the one that is trapped) in the Big
Tent, you can also find a potion and about 700 gp in there.

9a. Area E of Larswood (AR 3000)

Note: Beware of Web Traps that may be in the area!

Companions: none

Enemies: Giant Spiders, Wraith Spiders, Ettercaps, Huge Spiders, Tasloi, Sword
Spiders, Phase Spiders,

Treasures: Ring of Energy (Red Wizards)

Robes of various minor types (Red Wizards)

- Just a subquest and some wizards here. Also a good place to get experience
if you like to fight Spiders.

- Fahrington's Scroll
The Sage Fahrington had his Scroll of Wisdom stolen by a naughty Tasloi, who
took off to the east and was killed by Ettercaps. Go east, kill the
Ettercaps and retrieve the Scroll (it is a Scroll of Protection, although
you may find other random scrolls). Take the scroll back to Fahrington to
get your reward: 300 exp, and he lets you keep the Scroll. By the way, the
scroll is cursed.
Fahrington: Area E of Larswood (x 1473 y 1067)
Ettercap: Area E of Larswood (x 3527 y 605)

- The Red Wizards
In the Ruins in the center of the Area are the Red Wizards. They don't like
people, and if you go near them they attack. Your best bet to beating them
without getting hurt at all is to approach them from the north, and when
you see the 3 wizards, stop, and launch a fireball or two at them. Once all
4 wizards are dead, go in and collect the booty:
Denak--1200 exp, Ring of Energy, Robe, 2 Heal Potions, 102gp
Diana--600 exp, Robe, 2 spells, 81gp
Lasla--30 exp, Robe, 2 spells, 81gp
Brendann--300 exp, Robe, 2 spells, 81gp

Note: If you have Edwin in your party, the Wizards won't attack you since
Edwin is a Red Wizard. (from Jones)

Ruins: Area E of Larswood (x 1726 y 1566)

10. Back to Beregost

- We now need to go back to Beregost to pick up our reward from Officer Vai
for having killed off the Bandits. (reputation +1) Of course you have to
sell her your scalps first...

After this we have a choice of doing some more areas around here, or going
straight up to Cloakwood. The walkthrough will go to the Lighthouse, but feel
free to skip straight to Cloakwood. To get to the Lighthouse we have to go to
the Area W of High Hedge first.

10a. Area W of High Hedge (AR 3100)

Companions: none

Enemies: Wolves, Ghasts, Dire Wolves, Ogrillons, Half-Ogres, Ogres, Ogre

Berserkers, Carrion Crawlers, Ghouls, Kobolds, Sirines (be careful of
these, they tend to cast Improved Invisibility and Dire Charm)

Treasures: Helmet of Defense (Shoal the Nereid)

- Just a few subquests to do here.

- Shoal the Nereid
Shoal the Nereid is "lost" and asks for your help to find her way. Agree to
help her and she asks for a kiss to show her affection. Have someone (NOT
your main character!!!) kiss her, and she will blast them into a hundred
pieces. After that, attack her until she talks to you again. She says that
it isn't her intention to kill you. Ask her to restore your companion back
to life, and she will do it. She then explains that she is the prisoner of
an Ogre Mage who holds her _shawl_ and therefore she is a slave to his cruel
will. (you may want to get your companions gear back from the ground) The
Ogre Mage will come to investigate the goings-on here, and you will have to
attack him. Kill Droth (975 exp, Helmet of Defense, 150gp) and then talk to
Shoal to get a reward: 750 exp.
Shoal: Area W of High Hedge (x 2931 y 506)

- Mad Arcand's Crazy Adventures

Arcand the Mad (aka Mad Arcand) will also be standing there waiting for you
to arrive (why don't any of these NPC's seem to ever do anything except wait
for you to talk to them?). Talk to him and he asks you to retrieve an item
from a Pirate Ship that will "make you like me". Sounds great. Who
wouldn't want to be crazy. Head west and a little to the south to find the
wrecked ship. You'll find the treasure at the front of the boat. You will
find a Ring. This is the Ring of Folly. A cursed ring. DO NOT PUT IT ON!
Take it back to Mad Arcand to get your reward: 300 exp, and an Oil of
Fiery Burning.
Mad Arcand: Area W of High Hedge (x 2002 y 1275)
Pirate Ship: Area W of High Hedge (x 859 y 1598)

- The Surgeon
Standing there like a post is the Surgeon, a man clad in black who will
heal your party for no particularly good reason other than the fact that he
can. Sounds great! Ask him the 3rd option and he will give you a potion
before healing you (Potion of Magic Protection).
Surgeon: Area W of High Hedge (x 2884 y 2079)

10b. Lighthouse (AR 3600)

Note: To get to the Lighthouse head west from the Area S of High Hedge.

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Safana 13 17 12 16 9 17 Human Thief Chaotic Neutral
Safana wants to find some treasure in the Flesh Golem cave, and afterwords
she will stay with you forever.
Where she is: Lighthouse (x 3750 y 2390)

Enemies: Sirines, Worgs, Dread Wolves, Hobgoblins, Hobgoblin Elites, Taslois,

Carrion Crawlers, Flesh Golems

Treasures: Darts of Wounding ��|

Cloak of the Wolf |__ Flesh Golem Cave
Wand of Paralyzation |
Manual of Bodily Health __|

- There's a decent (and sensual!) thief here and some really neat treasures
(see the Flesh Golem Cave in Other below).

- Ardrouine's Lost Boy
Ardrouine has lost her son in the Lighthouse, and now can't go up there to
find him because there are Worgs up there. Go north from her to get to the
Lighthouse, there you must kill all the Worgs. You won't find any trace of
the boy. I am guessing that you know what happened to him. Yep, he's
hiding up in the lighthouse itself and won't come down for mere bloody
adventurers! Go back to Ardrouine to get your reward: 500 exp, 60 gp, and
a Reputation +1.
Ardrouine: Lighthouse (x 1414 y 3681)
Lighthouse Ruins: Lighthouse (x 1100 y 2950)

- Pallonia, the Bitterest Seer
Near the center of the Area you will be approached by a seer named Pallonia,
but she doesn't offer you any useful information, merely telling that there
are mighty forces at work in the world.
Pallonia: Lighthouse (x 3425 y 1580)

- Arkushule, the Reluctant Seer

There is another Seer south of Pallonia. This one will start to read your
palm, but just when she gets to something interesting, she stops and wants
her money. Seems she saw something that scared her, and she won't tell you
what. If you demand to know, she will attack you (600 exp, Robe, 1 Spell,
38 gp) or you can just give her the money (she'll refuse to take it).
Arkushule: Lighthouse (x 3498 y 2955)

- Flesh Golem Cave (Manual of Bodily Health--Constitution +1!)

You'll find the Entrance to the Cave in the NW of the Area by the Coast. Oh
and it is guarded by three pesky Sirines (one of which has a name, Sil).
The strategy to beat them can be found below in the Monster & Monster
Strategies section. It takes awhile, but a lot less people die that way.
Go into the cave. There are bunches of Flesh Golems in here. Take a left
until you get to the room with the water in it. There is an island there,
move your mouse over it and you will see that it is filled with treasure.
Treasure: 4 potions, 10 Darts of Wounding, Cloak of the Wolf, Wand of
Paralyzation, Manual of Bodily Health, 312 gp. After that if you have
Safana she'll offer to become a permanent member of the party.
Flesh Golem Cave: Lighthouse (x 427 y 890)

10c. Area S of Lighthouse (AR 4100)

Companions: none

Enemies: Gnolls, Gnoll Slashers, Gnoll Chieftan, Gnoll Elites, Flinds, Gnoll
Veterans, Ghouls, War Dogs, Hobgoblins, Kobold Commandos, Cave Bears,
Tasloi, Diggers, Doomsayer, Huge Spiders, Black Bears

Treasures: Cursed Two Handed Sword of Berserking +3 (The Insane Captain Brage)

- There are some really good subquests to do here, namely taking care of
Captain Brage (from Nashkel) and the Archeological Dig.

- The Archeological Dig for the Evil Idol
In the Center of the Area are some ruins that are being excavated for
profit. Talk to the foreman Charleston Nib, and he will ask for your
protection. Seems a variety of small "accidents" have been plaguing the
camp. Agree to help defend the camp. Then one of the diggers, Gallor,
will come up to you with another proposition, this one quite a bit more
bloody (he wants you to kill everyone here to keep all the loot for
yourselves). If you are an evil person you could do what he asks, otherwise
tell him no. Now talk to Charleston again and they will have found
something inside the ruins. A quick cutscene later and you are inside. The
diggers will go insane due to the god Kozah, and you will have to kill them.
Once they're dead talk to Charleston to get your reward: 1000 exp, and a
Reputation +1. If you would like a challenge, open the tomb and take the
Idol. When you leave the Ruins a Doomsayer will attack you, and they ain't
easy to kill! (4000 exp)

Note: If you want the Vampiric Sword, be sure to keep the Idol, and take
this item as well as the Ancient Armor from the Firewine Ruins to
the Ghost of Ulcaster to exchange these items for the Vampiric

Kelvin Groves sent me this:

I have discovered a flawless way to defeat the Doomsayer without even

taking a hit. To do this you will need to be playing multiplayer and have
someone who can either read a scroll or cast the spell Skull Trap (Mage
Lvl 3 - necromancy). It would also help to have some sort of summoning
scroll or wand or spell - Monster Summoning or Animate Dead, you get the

First, have this spell memorised before talking to anyone. Then talk to
all the people and go inside and do all the storyline bit and kill the
diggers. Do not get the idol. Do not even TOUCH it. Take all of your
party except for one person back outside the cave. Make sure that the
person with Skull Trap is Outside.

Have that person cast the spell down near where the Doomsayer appears -
If you aim for the top of that big christmas tree in the foreground you
can't miss.

Then switch back to the person inside the cave and pick up the idol. The
instant you do this the Doomsayer will appear triggering the Skull Trap
and hopefully not damaging a single one of your characters - keep them
well back from the range of the spell.

Now I know as well as you do that one Skull trap will not kill the
Doomsayer no matter what level you are on. BUT here's the glitch. For
some reason when you switch characters back to the person inside the cave
the Skull trap MULTIPLIES into about a dozen. I do not know why but I
don't really care. If you are really quick you can change characters back
outside straight after you pick up the idol and watch them all explode -

After the rubble fades away there will probably still be a few [traps]
left! If you placed the spell at the top of that tree you can walk single
file around them to the right without setting them off, but it is much
easier to just summon some creatures and send them to set the traps off
for you...

I am fairly sure that this is how it works. It has been a while since I
tried it. If this does not work, try taking the WHOLE party outside
before touching the idol, cast the spell, and send someone back in after
the idol; or you could cast the spell before you even ENTER the cave (but
that might kill the people outside). But the first way should work...

You could also try some sort of variation on this to get it to work in a
single-player game, but multi-player is so much better anyway.

Dig Site: Area S of Lighthouse (x 2900 y 1500)

- The Insane Captain Brage

Just to the south and east of the Ruins you will find Captain Brage. He
walks right up to you and asks you a riddle, the answer is DEATH. Now you
have a choice of what to do with him. Offer to take him to the Temple of
Helm, and you will immediately be there. The Priest offers Brage some
forgiveness and you get a reward: 1000 exp, Reputation +1, Cursed 2 Hnd
Sword of Berserking +3, and 1000 gp.
Brage: Area S of Lighthouse (x 3709 y 1985)

- Bar'uk the Hobgoblin (be quiet!)
Near the western section of this area you will encounter a surly Hobgoblin
by the name of Bar'uk. You'll know that it's him because he demands that
you "be quiet"! If you taunt him, he'll have some Kobold Commandos attack
you. (165 exp, Composite Long Bow, and other minor treasures)
Bar'uk: Area S of Lighthouse (x 980 y 1180)

11. Cloakwood Forest (2200)

Note: To get to the next Cloakwood Forest, you can head North, West or South.

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Coran 14 20 12 14 9 16 Half-Elf Fighter/Thief Chaotic Good
Coran wants to go sack some Wyverns in the 4th Cloakwood forest, so do that
immediately or he will leave. After you beat the wyverns, he will stay
Where he is: Cloakwood Forest, On a Bridge (x 1515 y 691)

Enemies: Tasloi, Dread Wolves, Worgs, Huge Spiders, Wolves

Treasuers: Cloak of Non-Detection (Gurke's Cloak Part Two)

- We're just passing through here to get to the next Cloakwood Forest area.

- Gurke's Cloak Part Two
The Tasloi who stole Gurke's cloak can be found here at the eastern side of
the area. Get the cloak and return it to Gurke in the Jovial Juggler in
Beregost to get your reward: 300 exp, and you get to keep the Cloak of
Tasloi: Cloakwood Forest (x 4391 y 3472)

- The long tale of Aldeth Sashenstar (this is entirely from Andy Miller)
In front of the hunting lodge there, I ran into a fellow named Aldeth
Sashenstar, yelling for help. He told me that some druids had killed his
friends simply because they had been hunting in the area, and asked my
help in protecting him from them. I agreed. Then a group of three druids
walks up; the leader's name is Seniyad. He then asks me to step aside so
that he can take care of Aldeth, claiming that rather than being a simple
hunter, Aldeth had actually killed some druids. Aldeth of course denies

Here there are two choices. If you defend Aldeth, you have to kill the
three druids, getting some nice exp from the kills (Seniyad is worth 4000
exp, as you noted elsewhere in your FAQ), and Aldeth tells you to stop by
the Manycoins Merchant League if you're every in Baldur's Gate, and he'll
help you out. (More on that later.) If you side with the druids, you kill
Aldeth, and the druids warn you about a dangerous group of Shadow Druids
lurking deeper in the Cloakwood Forest. In either case, you get 2000 exp
for the miniquest when it's all done.

I decided to save the game in which I helped Aldeth, for the simple reason
that Seniyad's exp was better than Aldeth's, and so that I could check out
the Manycoins Merchant League in Baldur's Gate. As it later turns out that
the Shadow Druids are allies against Davaeorn, it seems that Seniyad and
his buddies can't be trusted (they warned me against the Shadow Druids,

Anyway, once I got to Baldur's gate, I paid a visit to the Manycoins

Merchant League. Aldeth Sashenstar was standing outside, and he asked for
my help again (boy, this guy sure knows how to attract trouble!). It
seems that his business partners have been acting VERY strange lately
(making very bad business decisions, etc.), and he wanted me to investigate.
I agreed, and went inside. I talked to the head guard in the Merchant
League (whose name escapes me now), told him I was working for Aldeth, and
he asked me to try to find some hard evidence against the other two business
partners (whose names also escape me). In one of the partners' offices (on
the second floor of the building), I found some letters indicating that the
business partners are actually doppelgangers (just like in the Seven Suns!).
I took the letters to the head guard, and immediately a fight broke out as
all the doppelgangers reverted to their natural form. After I slayed all
the doppelgangers on the first and second floor, I talked to Aldeth again to
get my exp/gp award. (There is also a horde of doppelgangers on the third
floor to take care of, if one so desires, and some fairly nice treasures
throughout the building.)
Aldeth: Cloakwood Forest (x 2650 y 2100)

- The Moose Lodge
There is a cabin here that has some treasure inside locked away in a chest.
Loot: Necklace, 2 potions, Arrows, 395gp.
Lodge: Cloakwood Forest (x 2447 y 1709)

11a. Cloakwood Forest Two (AR 2100)

Note: Beware of Web Traps here!

Note: You must head north to go to the next Cloakwood.

Companions: none
Enemies: Huge Spiders, Giant Spiders, Phase Spiders, Sword Spiders, Ettercaps

Treasures: Spider's Bane (Tiber, his brother, the Spiders, etc.)

- Again just passing through, but be sure to get the Spider's Bane (see the
Subquest below).

- Tiber, his Brother, the Spiders, and the Spider's Bane
Just to the north and west of where you enter this area for the first time
(it's really in the south east corner of the area) you will find Tiber. He
tells the tale that his brother is trapped in a spider infested area of the
forest. They had found the sword the Spider's Bane and thought that they
could easily kill all spiders. They were wrong. Agree to help him and
he'll tell you that his brother's name is Chelak. You will find a small
Cave-like thing a ways to the west, go inside to find the Spider Queen,
Centeol. After a brief Villainy speech she sets her spiders to attack you.
There are 2 Sword Spiders, some Giant Spiders, and some Ettercaps, as well
as the Queen herself. (1000 exp) Search by the Queen to find Chelak. There
is also some other good treasure here like: The Spider's Bane, 2 Rings (one
is cursed), and a Wand. Return the body to get an extra 800 exp.
Tiber: Cloakwood Forest Two (x 4650 y 1200)
Cave: Cloakwood Forest Two (x 1830 y 1150)

Other: none

11b. Cloakwood Forest Three (AR 1600)

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Eldoth 16 12 15 13 10 16 Human Bard Neutral Evil
Eldoth wants to join you so that he can "rescue" his lover Skie from her
father in Baldur's Gate.
Where he is: Cloakwood 3 (x 3181 y 3492) (in the forest)

- Faldorn 12 15 11 10 16 15 Human Druid True Neutral

Faldorn wants to free the forest from the evils of the Iron Throne, which
has taken up residence in the Cloakwood Mine.
Where she is: Cloakwood 3, In the Druid Shrine (x 639 y 2885)

Enemies: Dread Wolves, Brown Bears, Wolves, Cave Bears

- Just passing through. There are some good companions here if you need them.
Head East to reach the final Cloakwood Forest.

- Laskal's Potion
After you cross the bridge, you will be approached by a Druid named Laskal,
who claims to have a message for the Iron Throne. He asks if you represent
the Iron Throne. Say that you are the enemies of the Iron Throne and he
gives you an Invulnerability Potion.
Laskal: Cloakwood Forest Three (x 3344 y 2132)

- Druid's Tree Fort
In the western edge of this Area is a giant tree that the Druids have built
into a fort. You can go inside and up the stairs to talk to the Shadow
Druid's Archdruid Amarande. Tell him that you hunt bandits and he'll tell
you about the Bandit Mines to the East. Be advised that if Jaheira is in
your party, he'll attack (since Shadow Druids do not like the druidic group
that Jaheira belongs to). This fort also has some minor treasures that you
can burgle if you feel so inclined.
Fort: Cloakwood Forest Three (x 850 y 2115)

- Izefia despises Peter the North

Near the cave where Peter the North is training Baby Wyverns, you'll be
accosted by a Shadow Druid by the name of Izefia. He'll explain the
situation about Peter the North and wander off. Be advised that if Jaheira
is in your party, he, too, will attack (since Shadow Druids do not like the
druidic group that Jaheira belongs to).
Izefia: Cloakwood Forest Three (x 1986 y 1534)

- Peter the North's Baby Wyverns

In a small cave to the east of the Fort hids a bandit by the name of Peter
the North. He is raising Wyverns for ... well who knows, but it can't be a
good reason. Go in that cave and wipe him out! (240 exp) You'll have to
kill the Baby Wyverns as well, but they aren't so tough. (450 exp each)
Cave: Cloakwood Forest Three (x 2320 y 920)

11c. Cloakwood Forest Four

Note: When you first enter this area you get to watch a movie (on Disc 4) of a
Wyvern flying off with a cow.

Companions: none

Enemies: Hamadryads, Guards, Baby Wyverns, Huge Spiders, Wyverns, Worgs, Wolves

- You can kill the Wyverns here if you need to keep Coran, or you just want
the Experience and the Bounty on their heads. When you are done with that
head East to get to the Mines.

- The Wyvern Cave
We heard about this before with Coran (assuming that you talked to him).
Go inside and kill all the Wyverns inside (hehe!). There is one really big
one in there that seems to have been dead for quite some time. Take the
heads from any Wyverns you kill and take them to the Temple to the East of
Beregost for 2000 gp. (He'll only buy one, the rest can be sold for 500gp)
Once you complete this, Coran will stay with you forever. Assuming you
added him to your party that is. There is also some treasures on a body
near the gigantic dead Wyvern.
Wyvern Cave: Cloakwood Forest Four (x 4063 y 1681)
Treasures: Wyvern Cave (x 399 y 592)

Other: none
12. Cloakwood Mines (Exterior)

Companions: none

Enemies: Wolves, Black Talon Elites, Guards

Treasures: Boots of Speed ��|

Morningstar +1 |-- Assassination Attempts
Plate Mail +1 __|

- We're here to get into the mines. You have to cross the bridge onto the
island in the center of the Area.

- The entrance to the mines is at (x 3215 y 591). Go inside, down the stairs,
into the elevator, and down into the Mines.

Subquests: none

Assassination Attempts: 1
Near the Stables (x 1575 y 1877)
Drasus--1400 exp, Boots of Speed, Morningstar +1, Chainmail, Potion, 56gp
Rezdan--1200 exp, Robe, 32gp
Genthore--1600 exp, Plate Mail +1, Large Shield, 66gp
Kysus--1400 exp, Robe, 66gp

- Lakadaar
There is a Guard named Lakadaar in the northern section of the Area. He
demands to know who you are and what you are doing. You could tell him the
truth and fight him, or you can tell him that you are looking for wyverns,
and that they are poisonous. If you do he will run off. Heh.
Lakadaar: Cloakwood Mines, Exterior (x 1640 y 540)

- Barracks
There are some minor treasures located in the Barracks. There are some
Guards in here. And on the second floor is a Guard who runs away from you.
Barracks: Cloakwood Mines, Exterior (x 1332 y 1776)

- Storehouse
Just to the North and East of the Barracks is the Storehouse. Inside is a
Guard who attacks you. Sorry, nothing else to do in there!
Storehouse: Cloakwood Mines, Exterior (x 1806 y 1566)

12a. Cloakwood Mines (Interior)

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Yeslick 15 12 17 7 16 10 Dwarf Fighter/Cleric Lawful Good
You find Yeslick in the Cloakwood Mines, and all he wants to do is help.
How noble.
Where he is: Cloakwood Mines, Level 2 (x 851 y 1727)

Enemies: Guards, Black Talon Elites, Ghasts, Hobgoblins, Ogre Mage, Mustard

Treasures: Traveller's Robe (Natasha and Fourth Level, Davaeorn)

Adventurer's Robe (Second Level)
Robe of the Evil Archmagi (Fourth Level, Davaeorn)
Bracers AC 8 (Fourth Level, Davaeorn)

Entry Level: Wander up the northern passage to get to (x 1980 y 240) and talk
to the Miner who is standing in front of the Giant Plug. Agree
to help free him, and he'll tell you how to destroy the Mine.
All you have to do is get the Key from the Keeper of the Mine.
You can talk to all the Miner's here, some you can free, some
ask for you to kill them. Go to (x 1450 y 1500) to get to the
next level.

Second Level: Head South East to (x 1387 y 605), and from there South West to
(x 1019 y 1143). Be careful, there are 2 lightning traps here.
Here is a very large group of people for you to kill. The Mage
has an Adventurer's Robe and some Spells. Talk to Rill at
(x 710 y 1634) and give him the 100 gp to free the slaves. You
can also pick up Yeslick on this level. The stairs to the
next level are at (x 385 y 1610).

Third Level: You will enter into a room filled with enemies (immediately
at the start so be ready for some brawling). There are all
sorts of treasures to be found on this level, as well as lots of
enemies (that constantly re-spawn). The northern section has
most of these treasures (in chest and furnitures so be
thorough). There is an Ogre-Mage near (x 2977 y 1921). Once
you are done up there, go southwards. Go to the Forge at
(x 1825 y 2680) and from there go south east. The passage to
the next level is at (x 2712 y 2860).

Fourth Level: Davaeorn is on this level. Be careful to check for traps, as

when they trigger, Battle Horrors (very nasty enemy) appear.
There are 3 traps, the first at (x 1267 y 523). Find them and
disarm them. There is a fourth one just past those, disarm it
as well. Now you should find Davaeorn and kill him (6000 exp,
Traveller's Robe, Robe of the Evil Archmagi, Bracers AC 8, Key,
3 Scrolls, 4 Spells, 109gp) to start Chapter 5. Be sure to get
all the treasure on this level. Go to the Elevator at (x 270
y 1168) to get back to the Entry Level.

KyleEChu sent me this:

"If you attack him immediately, he summons Battle Horrors (not
a fun battle) and starts teleporting around while slinging
powerful spells. Instead of attacking him immediately, do the
following: after your thief disarms the 4 traps, use stealth
mode to scout out where Davaeorn is standing, then stash your
thief in one of the side rooms.

"Have your mage or cleric step forward and cast Dispel Magic
towards Davaeorn to knock out his shield and mirror images. Do
not let him see you do this. Don't save your game at this
point, because he automatically recasts them every time you
load the area. Let your mage now step forward and cast
Stinking Cloud at him. Again, don't let him see you do this!
Wait a few moments for the spell to knock him out. When he
falls unconscious, move up and let him have it with projectile
weapons! He will die quickly, and your party will not have
taken a scratch."

Entry Level: Go back to the River Plug and talk to the Miner there. Tell him
that you talked to Rill and he'll open it up. A short movie
later and you get control back, outside again. Depending on your
actions inside (if you didn't talk to Rill and give him the 100gp
then you get less) you get your reward: 2000 exp, and a
Reputation +2.

You can now enter the City of Baldur's Gate.

Subquests: none

- Armory -- Third Level
There is an armory here with some weapons, armors (like a Small Shield +1).
Armory: Third Level (x 2160 y 500)

- Natasha -- Third Level

The Mage Natasha is hiding in an office on the third level. Kill her (1200
exp, Traveller's Robe, 4 spells).
Natasha: Third Level (x 3100 y 857)

- Stephan -- Fourth Level

The apprentice to Davaeorn can be found on the fourth level in Davaeorn's
Library. Grill him for information. You can kill him if you want. He
doesn't give you that much, though.
Stephan: Fourth Level (x 727 y 1186)

13. Gullykin (AR 4000)

Companions: none

Enemies: Kobolds, Ghasts, Ankhegs (NW corner)

Treasures: Morningstar +1 ��|

Chainmail +2 |�� Assassination Attempts
Long Sword +1 __|

- Just some Kobolds to get rid of.

- Gandolar's Quest
Talk to Gandolar a couple times and he'll ask you to clear out the Firewine
ruins of their kobold menace. He tells you that there is a "secret
entrance" to the ruins in the winery. Once you've disposed of Jenkal and
the Ogre Mage (see Jenkal's Kobolds below) he'll give you a meager reward of
250 gp.
Gandolar: Gullykin (x 720 y 1210)

- Jenkal's Kobolds
In the basement of Jenkal's Home you will find the surliest halfling of all,
Jenkal. He is so surly that he is quite suspicious. Accuse him of
smuggling in Kobolds, and he'll admit to it, and attack you. Also once that
is done you will see a hidden door appear. If you go into the door it will
take you directly into the Firewine Ruins, more specifically to the Ogre
Mage within.
Jenkal: Gullykin (x 200 y 900)

Assassination Attempts: 1
To the SE of the Area (x 3715 y 3575)
Morvin--650 exp, 38 gp, Minor Treasures
Drakar--1200 exp, Morningstar +1, Potion, 34 gp
Molkar--1200 exp, Chainmail +2, Long Sword +1, Potion, 84 gp
Halacan--650 exp, 2 Spells, 38gp

- Ruins Entrance
There is another Secret Entrance to the Ruins (in addition to Jenkal's) in
the Winery.
Winery: Gullykin (x 350 y 315)

13a. Firewine Bridge (AR 4500)

Companions: none

Enemies: Zombies, Skeletons, Kobold Commandos, Wild Dogs

Treasures: Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise (Meilum)

Long Sword +1 (Meilum)

- Beyond picking up the Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise from Meilum, the only
thing to do here is to go into the Ruins (x 4000 y 2000).

- Carsa's Jar, or Karhk the Greatest Ogre Mage
Talking with Mad Carsa doesn't really get you anywhere (she's just to the
north of the bridge). Demand that she give you the Jar, and she'll refuse.
Keep demanding it until she unleashes the Ogre Mage Karhk. He'll come up to
you and talk to you (after killing Carsa of course), and then attack. Kill
him to get 3500 exp, 3 Gems, and 150 gp. (When I killed Karhk a different
time he gave me different -- better -- treasures, a Laeral's Tear Necklace
for example)
Carsa: Firewine Bridge (x 3500 y 930)

- Bentan of Ilmater
Bentan has been wandering around for quite some time suffering for his
faith, that of Ilmater the God of Suffering. He asks that you join him by
casting off all your belongings and wandering the world with him in pure
suffering. I think you know what to do here.
Bentan: Firewine Bridge (x 470 y 415)

- The Poet Poe

You will encounter Poe, a poet, on the Bridge itself. He will sing you a
song, and afterwords you can give him 10 gp.
Poe: Firewine Bridge (x 2810 y 1560)

- Meilum the Best Swordsman in the Sword Coast

In the eastern edge of this area you will encounter a Swordsman by the name
of Meilum. Challenge his pompous self to a duel and beat him up (1200 exp,
Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, Long Sword +1, and 64 gp)
Meilum: Firewine Bridge (x 4865 y 700)

13b. Firewine Ruins (AR 5201)

Note: What makes this dungeon tough isn't the type of enemy you fight, it's how
many of them there are. Not only are there a lot of Kobold Commandos to
start with, but they constantly re-spawn making it hard to get anywhere.

Enemies: Kobold Commandos, Ogre Mage, Kobolds, Ogrillons

- The only real thing to do here is to find the Ogre Mage (x 575 y 250) and
kill him. The easiest way to do this is described in the Gullykin section
under the Jenkal subquest.

- The Ancient Armor
In one of the corridor's you will encounter an undead knight who asks you to
strike him down and take his armor. Do so. Later in the passage you will
encounter a Ghost Knight which asks for the armor. The armor and the ghosts
vanish and you get your reward: 1500 exp.

Note: If you want to pick up the Vampiric Sword, be sure to keep the
Ancient Armor, and take this item as well as the Idol of Kozah to
Ulcaster, there talk to the Ghost of Ulcaster to exchange the two
items to get the Vampiric Sword.

Knight: Firewine Ruins (x 1450 y 360)

Ghost Knight: Firewine Ruins (x 730 y 985)

- Lendarn the Mage
This bugger will attack you without even giving you his Evil Rant. Now
where's the fun in that? For killing him you get 1400 exp, Robe, 4 Spells,
2 Potions, 150 gp.
Lendarn: Firewine Ruins (x 355 y 533)

14. Baldur's Gate Bridge

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Quayle 8 15 11 17 10 6 Gnome Cleric/Illusionist Chaotic Neutral
Quayle is an insulting little person, who will join up for no apparant
reason. No matter which direction you say that you are going, he is going
that way too. Can't get him until the Cloakwood mines are cleared.
Where he is: Baldur's Gate Bridge (x 486 y 797)

- As you cross the Bridge you will be accosted by a Flaming Fist Soldier who
demands that you pay them a tax. Give him the "Nymph's" comment and he'll
make you talk to his commander, Scar. He asks if it was you who has been
causing such a ruckus lately, say that it was. He asks for your help,
agree to give it. He wants you to break into the Seven Suns compound in
the SW corner of the city.

- Head west to enter Baldur's Gate itself. However, if you head north from
the Baldur's Gate side of the Bridge you can get to a new area, the Farm
N of Baldur's Gate Bridge.

- Nester's Dagger
Just slightly to the north of Tenya's home an Ankheg may appear, kill him
and take the dagger on his corpse. We will take this to Quinn in the NW
Section of Baldur's Gate later (check that section for more information).
Ankheg: Baldur's Gate Bridge (x 4070 y 100)

14a. Farm N of Baldur's Gate Bridge (AR 0400)

Companions: none

Enemies: Zombies (lots of them!)

Treasures: Cloak of Protection +1 (Cloak of Protection)

Plot: none

- Wenric and the Zombie Killing
Talk to the Farmer Wenric to the north and he asks for your help to kill all
20 of the zombies wandering about. Do so and return to the farmer to get
your reward: 800 exp, and 150gp.
Farmer: Farm N of Baldur's Gate Bridge (x 615 y 543)

- Cloak of Protection
Search the Farmer's house to get a Cloak of Protection +1, and some other
small treasures.
House: Farm N of Baldur's Gate Bridge (x 593 y 371)

15. Baldur's Gate (AR 0800)

Note: When you first enter Baldur's Gate you are "treated" to a little movie,
which is on Disc 5. After that Elminster will come up to you and tell you
that you can trust Scar of the Flaming Fist, as well as his commander,
Duke Eltan. Navigating Baldur's Gate can be a little tricky due to the
wall in the center of town which prevents you from simply crossing from
one end of the city to the other.
Baldur's Gate is divided into 9 sections, and as such, this section is divided
into 9 sub-sections, one for each of the city sections. (plus another one for
the sewers)

Companions: none

Enemies: none

- There are a lot of things in Baldur's Gate worth doing, subquests and
very good treasures.

- Brevlik's Telescope
In the Elfsong tavern is a wheezy gnome named Brevlik who wants you to
steal a trinket from the Hall of Wonders, a telescope. Agree to help him
out, and try to increase your fee as well. Now all you have to do is to
break into the Hall of Wonders. You'll find the Hall of Wonders in the W
Section of the city. Break into it at night (you'll probably find Alora
there, see the Baldur's Gate W Section below for more information, if you
have Alora in your party you'll be able to steal things here without them
noticing), and steal the Telescope. Return it to Brevlik to get your
reward: 5500 exp, 500 gp, and a Lightning Wand.
Brevlik: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800, x 1800 y 2370)
Telescope: W Section (AR 0600, x 1600 y 2200)

- Arkion's Corpse
A Necromancer who lives in the southern part of this area wants you to find
him a body from the Sewers and bring it to him. You can find a corpse
in the sewers that are under the SW Section of the city. There are 2 more
corpses in the W Seweres. You only need one corpse, however. Take it to
Arkion to get your reward: 250 gp, and 1800 exp.
Arkion: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800, x 1600 y 3200)
Corpse: SW Sewers (AR 0224, x 2520 y 2360)
Corpses: W Sewers (AR 0225, x 3700 y 2860)

- The love triangle of Ordulinian, Nemphre and Arkion

This subquest should be tackled only once you completed the Arkion's Corpse
subquest (see above) and Nemphre subquest (see Baldur's Gate SE Section).
Although he may not ask you to, give him Arkion's Bloostone Amulet and
Nemphre's Onyx Ring to get 3500 exp. He's in The Sorcerous Sundries.
Ordulinian: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800 x 1025 y 1950)
Arkion: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800, x 1600 y 3200)
Nemphre: SE Section (AR 1300, x 1750 y 240)

- Niklos and the Bandits

In the center of the Area you will find a bandit named Niklos. He says that
his boss wants to talk to you, and gives you 50gp just to talk to him. He
tells you to go into the building to the north of him, and if asked for a
password to reply "fafhrd", there to meet with the boss. Go inside the
building, give the guard your password, and go further in. All the way to
the back is a man named Alatos, the Boss. Talk to him. Be careful what you
say, as they might attack you. What he wants you to do is to steal some
items from Oberon's House in order to prevent the construction of "Sky
Ships". You get 10 days to complete this quest. Once agreed to, you have
free run of the Guild. For more information go down to the section titled
Baldur's Gate Central Section and look under the subquest marked "Oberan's
Estate." Once you have the items return them to the Thieves' Guild. Now
you give him the items and you get a reward of 4000 exp, however, the client
thinks that you were too "messy" in your operation and wants to terminate
you, but if you did the Narlen Subquest below, Narlen will come in and kill
the client instead, and you are thereafter a full member of the Thieves'
Niklos: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800, x 1550 y 1790)
Boss: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800, x 1450 y 1250)
Oberan's House: Central Section (AR 0700, x 3400 y 100)

- Narlen Darkwalk's Thievery Test

In the Thieves' Guild you will encounter Narlen Darkwalk who wants to test
your thievery abilities. Agree to it, and he'll ask for a THIEF (and only
a thief) to meet him by the Splurging Surgeon Inn. Go there. (It's a
little tricky to get to where we need to be. Go west to the Central Section
and then North to the North Section, and finally go East to the NE Section)
Talk to Narlen again, and you'll be automatically taken to where you need to
be. Eventually a Flaming Fist will come up to you and ask what you're
doing. Yell out a warning to your "mates", and flee back to the Thieves'
Guild. (Don't fight the Fist!) You will get 100 gp for the first job, and
another job will be given out. This time we're stealing a Rogue Stone from
Gantolandan. This time he wants to meet up at the Blade and Stars Inn,
which is in the SE Section of the city. Meet up with Narlen there, and then
follow him to Gantolandan's house. Go inside and steal the stone (for more
information on this go down to the SE Section below and look under the
Gantolandan in "Other"), and then return to the Guild again. Talk to Narlen
for the last time to get 3 Pearls. (the Rogue Stone, if you had sold it,
is worth 2500 gp, while 3 Pearls are worth 300... methinks someone here took
more than their fair share!)
Narlen: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800, x 1450 y 1250)
Splurging Surgeon Inn: NE Section (AR 0300, x 500 y 2970)
Blade and Stars Inn: SE Section (AR 1300, x 200 y 666)

- Four Mages
On the second floor of the Sorcerous Sundries are a quartet of mages who are
practicing spells. They are very put out if you go near them, and will
attack you.
Oulam--1200 exp, Robe, minor treasures
Wheber Ott--1500 exp, Robe, minor treasures
William Garst--1500 exp, Robe, minor treasures
Niemain--2000 exp, Cursed Ring of Clumsiness, Wand of Fire, 280 gp

Note: If you have Xzar in your party, the Mages here won't attack you
since Xzar is a member of their order.

Sorcerous Sundries: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800, x 1025 y 1950)

- Husam the Bandit

Inside the Bandit's hideaway (see Niklos and the bandits above) you can talk
to Husam. He has a bit of information on the Iron Throne, like who the
leaders are, and what their plans are.
Husam: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800, x 1450 y 1250)

15a. Baldur's Gate NE Section (AR 0300)
Note: When you first come into this area from the first BG Section, you will
confronted by two goons from the Iron Throne, Marek and Lothandar. They
tell you to stay out of Throne business and leave. Also this area is
divided in half by the inner wall.

Companions: none

Enemies: none

Treasures: Cloak of Balduran (Quenash and the Cloak of Balduran)

Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (Larze the Would Be Ogre Assassin)

- Just some subquests to do.

- Brielbara and Yago's Book of Curses
A mage of minor power here has a task for you. Her daughter was cursed by
the mage Yago, and in order to remove the curse, you need to retreive his
book of Curses. You can find Yago in the Low Light Tavern (it's really a
boat) at the Harbor. Go in and take him out (he is on the third level).
Once that is done return with the book to the Splurging Surgeon Inn and
give it to Brielbara to get your reward: 200gp, 1000 exp, and a Reputation

I got this from Peter Cheong Choon Wah:

Apparently Coran was Brielbara's lover and her daughter's true father. If
you approach Brielbara with Coran in your party, she would badger him about
this turn of events; Coran would be forced to do something about Yago and he
would ask if you/the party would aid him. (I can not confirm, but if you
refuse in this case, Coran *might* leave the party to settle the issue

When you help Coran to settle the matter and return to Brielbara, after she
rewards you, she would have one last tiff with Coran, asking if he's ready
to be a responsible father. Coran would be uncertain and she would depart,
leaving him with your party.
Brielbara: NE Section (AR 0300, x 715 y 2250)
Low Lantern: Harbor (AR 1200, x 3420 y 3090)
Splurging Surgeon: NE Section (AR 0300, x 411 y 2885)

- Larze the Would Be Ogre Assassin

In the Blushing Mermaid Tavern you find yet another assassination attempt,
this time from a none-too-bright Ogre named Larze. If you want you can talk
him out of attacking you (900 exp). Or you could attack him, which I think
may be the better course of action.
Larze--2000 exp, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill, 1 Spell, Minor Treasures
Blushing Mermaid: NE Section (AR 0300, x 200 y 1750)

- Quenash & the Cloak of Balduran
Quenash in the Undercellars somehow got a hold of the Cloak of Balduran.
Find her and steal it from her to get a really really good cloak (that 25%
Magic Resistence will come in handy!). To get into the Undercellars go
through the back door in the Blushing Mermaid.
Quenash: Undercellars (x 1300 y 1315)
- Kill the Mustard Jellies
After talking three times to a drunk named Lusselyn, he will bet you 100gp
that you cannot kill the mustard jelly upstairs. Upon completion of the
quest, you will discover that Lusselyn has only 60gp remaining, having spent
the rest on "Boozsh an' schtuff".
(from Arashikage The Magnificent, Illusionist Without Peer)
Lusselyn: Splurging Surgeon, NE Section (AR 0300, x 411 y 2885)

15b. Baldur's Gate SE Section (AR 1300)

Companions: none

Enemies: none

Treasures: Light Crossbow +1 (Taxek and Michael, Bandits)

Long Sword +1 (Gantolandan's Rogue Stone)

- Just some subquests to do here.

- Nemphre
To get Nemphre to even talk to you, you must talk to her with any male in
your party. (There goes that all female party!) She wants you to get an
amulet back from her former flame, Arkion. You'll find Arkion back in the
first Baldur's Gate section in the southern part of that area. Go into his
house, don't bother talking to him, and steal the Bloodstone Amulet. Take
it back to Nemphre to get called a fool (but a sweet fool!), and receive a
small reward: 1000 exp, and the spell Vampiric Touch.
Nemphre: SE Section (AR 1300, x 1750 y 240)
Arkion: Baldur's Gate (AR 0800, x 1600 y 3200)

Alternatively... Starlight sent me this:

"I went and retrieved nemphres amulet and took offence at being called a
fool, albeit a sweet fool. So after saving the game I tried to charm
her so I could rob her, this did not work, so still feeling verbally
abused I set all five of my party on to her. I have a heroic reputation
(20) after her death which was quick, in Another life maybe she will hold
her tongue, no flaming fist arrived so I ransacked the place and found:

Cloak of Protection +1
War Hammer
Minor Gem
18 Gold Pieces
And on her
Robe of Electrical resistance
Bloodstone Amulet
Onyx Ring
And a Dagger

I reckon just short of 3000 gp not a bad earner wouldn't you say.

- G'Axir the Seer

In the Blade and Stars Inn you will meet a seer named G'Axir who wishes
to tell your fortune, but requires a Sphene Gem to do such a task. Find one
and bring it back to him (if you'd rather just cheat it, it's MISC37) and
he'll give you your fortune and a reward of 1000 exp.
G'Axir: SE Section (AR 1300, x 200 y 666)

- Nadarin's Basilisk
Someone decided to ship a basilisk somewhere, and somehow it escaped and is
wreaking havoc at the harbor. Talk to Nadarin in the warehouse to get the
quest, then head over to the harbors. You will find the Basilisk in a
warehouse, once inside you will be warned that it is in there. Kill it
(it has a Sphene Gem if you need one for G'Axir) and then return to Nadarin.
Your Reward: 1300 exp, and 1800 gp.
Nadarin: SE Section (AR 1300, x 800 y 1930)
Basilisk: Harbor (AR 1200, x 3264 y 1146)

- Taxek and Michael, Bandits
Taxek and his buddy Michael are from the Thieves' Guild have decided to rob
a house in this area. You have several options on how to handle this, but
the best is to say that it isn't your house, but that you aren't going to
let them leave. They will attack you, kill them and steal their treasures.
Taxek--975 exp, Light Crossbow +1, Magic Bolts, 2 Gems, 75gp
Michael--300 exp, Magic Arrows, 2 Gems, Long Bow, 54 gp
Bandits: SE Section (AR 1300, x 1733 y 1075)

- Gantolandan's Rogue Stone (or the Stray Cat Thief)

On the second story of a house in this area you will encounter a sleeping
man named Gantolandan. Near his bed is a trapped chest with a Rogue Stone
inside (very valuable! 2500gp!), but as you steal it, Gantolandan will wake
up and ask "Who's there?" You could impersonate a cat and say "Meow". Take
the Rogue Stone, and he'll say "I don't own a cat". Claim to be a stray and
he'll go back to bed. It's fairly safe to leave. Or you could just kill
him to get 1200 exp, Long Sword +1, 64gp. This is the second of Narlen's
tests if you care about the Thieves' Guild.
Gantolandan: SE Section (AR 1300, x 785 y 1190)

- Nikolai
You can talk to a local "tour guide" called Nikolai here.
Nikolai: SE Section (AR 1300, x 1000 y 210)

15c. The Harbor, Baldur's Gate S Section (AR 1200)

Note: You may encounter Entillis Fulsom here, a friend of Elminster. He urges
you to curry the favor of Scar and Duke Eltan to protect yourself from
the Iron Throne.

Companions: none

Enemies: none

Treasures: Gauntlets of Ogre Power ��|

Long Sword +1 |__ Desreta, Vay-ya and the Void
Dagger +1 |
Wand of Fire __|
Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (Noralee's Gauntlets)
Ring of Free Action ��|
Halberd +2 |
Bracers AC 7 |__ The Iron Throne
Mace +1 |
Wand of the Heavens |
War Hammer +1 __|

- There are some subquests to do here, as well as the Gauntlets of Weapon

- The Iron Throne Tower

You can find the Iron Throne's Headquarters in this area to the North West.
Go inside. When you first enter you get to see a little movie (Disc 5).

1st floor: A fat merchant will come up to you and say that there is
madness inside. Well we knew that. There is a lone guard at
(x 731 y 493). You can tell him that you are seeking
employment or can beat him up. Your choice.

Basement: You'll find a lone guard here and some treasures at (x 147
y 328) and (x 182 y 218). There is an exit that leads to the
sewers here at (x 678 y 526).

2nd floor: Here you'll encounter another guard named Dra'tan. Either
tell him that you're delivering a message to Sarevok, and that
you'll pass his comments on or fight him (if so, he'll summons
two other guards to help him out). There is some guards on
this level (they all have minor treasures).

3rd floor: Another guard will accost you here. Again pass yourself off
as new recruits who don't yet have their uniforms. Also on
the third level, Nortuary will come up and talk to you. He
wants to know where the Iron Throne higher ups are. Tell him
that they are upstairs. An Emissary from the Grand Dukes
named Tar will initiate a conversation with you. Do not kill
her or you'll lose reputation.

4th floor: Do not kill anyone on this floor or you'll lose a lot of
reputation points. You can impersonate the Emisary Tar when
talking to Destus Gurn to get some free information. There
are some scrolls at (x 1136 y 508) and (x 877 y 412).

5th floor: A really big fight will ensue from your entrance on this floor
with several tough Iron Throne leaders. I'd recommend using a
Fireball or three, and/or a Cloudkill. You can also use Dire
Charm on some of them to get some free added firepower.
Beyond that, good luck. Don't forget to search everywhere for
letters, treasures, etc... You'll also discover what happened
to Emissary Tar here. I didn't keep track of which treasures
belong to which person, but here's a list of treasures you'll
get: Ring of Free Action, Wand of Lightning, Halberd +2,
Bracers AC 7, 7 Spells, Mace +1, Wand of the Heavens, War
Hammer +1.

And here's the Experience you get from it:

Zhalimar Cloudwulfe--3000 exp
Gardush--1800 exp
Alai--1800 exp
Naaman--2000 exp
Diyab--1600 exp
Aasim--1800 exp

Once that's done find Thaldorn and threaten him until he tells you where the
other leaders of the Iron Throne are. (Candlekeep) And also gives you
information on all their dirty deeds, which he claims Reiltar has. Kill him
if you want to get 975 exp, a Short Sword +1, and a Studded Leather +1.
Iron Throne: Harbor (AR 1200, x 400 y 600)

- Ghorak the Diseased
In a house near the south of the area you will find a diseased man who
cannot be cured by conventional (and by that I mean magical) means. There
is, however, a way to cure him. Simply go to the Three Old Kegs Inn, there
you will find a Skull behind a painting on the second floor. Take the Skull
to Agnasia at the Lady's Hall. She'll tell you a little story about the
Skull's previous owner, and give you 1000 exp, and a Reputation +1. You can
if you want, go talk to Ghorak again to see him cured, but you get nothing
Ghorak: Harbor (AR 1200, x 4230 y 1925)
Skull: N Section (AR 0200, x 3700 y 2370)
Agnasia: W Section (AR 0600, x 1300 y 1000)

- Nadarin's Basilisk Part 2 (see the above sub section)

- Noralee's Gauntlets
In a warehouse to the south of the Basilisk warehouse you will find a female
archer by the name of Noralee who has lost some Gauntlets. She asks you to
pick up the Gauntlets before someone else does. Go pick up the gauntlets,
and return them to her (they are Gauntlets of Weapon Skill) to get your
reward: 1000 exp, 2 Potions, and a Reputation +1. Or you could just keep
them. (THAC0 +1) Once you give them to her, she leaves, so decide if you
want them before that!
Noralee: Harbor (AR 1200, x 3550 y 1520)
Gauntlets: Harbor (AR 1200, x 730 y 2700)

- Cordyr's Sirines
Cordyr has been having some trouble with Sirines far to the south. If the
party has a low or medium reputation, he'll ask them to get rid of them.
Kill them to get a reward: a Haste Scroll. The Sirines he wants dead are
in the Lighthouse Map (AR 3600) and you may have already killed them (one of
them is named Sil). See Flesh Golem Cave in Lighthouse Map (AR 3600) for
more information.
Sil and 2 sirines: Lighthouse (AR 3600, x 383 y 1209)
Cordyr: Harbor (AR 1200, x 3060 y 875)

- Desreta, Vay-ya and the Void
A wench in the Low Lantern (a brothel if you must know) by the name of
Desreta will come up to you on the second level, and blabber on about being
"one with the void" and how life is meaningless. Long story short, you
have to fight her as well as her mage companion Vay-ya.
Desreta--1200 exp, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Long Sword +1, 172 gp
Vay-ya--2000 exp, Wand of Fire, Dagger +1, 2 Spells, 2 Gems, 94 gp
Low Lantern: Harbor (AR 1200, x 3420 y 3090)

- Yago
Yago is on the third level of the Low Lantern, you can kill him if you want.
You get 1400 exp, a Knave's Robe, and Yago's Book of Curses. You can search
the chest near his bed for some good spells (like Fireball if you don't
already have it) and some gold. Yago's Book of Curses is important in a
subquest in the NE Section (Brielbara and Yago's Book of Curses).
Low Lantern: Harbor (AR 1200, x 3420 y 3090)

- Larriaz the Sirine

Larriaz was abducted by a fisherman, and has now exacted her revenge by
killing his entire family. Kill her and you get 30 exp. Whee. You can
then search the house for some more minor treasures.
Larriaz: Harbor (AR 1200, x 3970 y 1660)

- Child's body from Umberlee's temple

You can wander into Umberlee's temple and talk to the Bitch Queen's
Priestess here (that's what Umberlee is known as). Ask to talk to Tenya
(she's the girl you helped retrieve that BOWL awhile back) and she will
appear and give you a corpse. This is to complete the subquest in the
W Section of the city titled "Varci Roaringhorn and the High Price..."
Temple: Harbor (AR 1200, x 870 y 2340)

- Ogre Mages
In one of the buildings here you will find 4 Ogre Mages (this could have
been listed as an Assassination attempt, except none of them have names) who
want to kill you. The fifth one is invisible and will become visible once
he initiates a conversation with your party.
Building: Harbor (AR 1200, x 1140 y 1215)

15d. Baldur's Gate SW Section (AR 1100)

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Tiax 9 16 16 10 13 9 Gnome Cleric/Thief Chaotic Evil
Tiax is a very bizarre fellow who believes that he will one day "ascend" to
become the ruler of the Realms. He thinks that that is his "destiny" as
foretold to him by Cyric.
Special Abilities: Summon Ghast
Where he is: Baldur's Gate SW Section (AR 1100, x 1440 y 1610)

Enemies: Dopplegangers, Green Slimes

Treasures: Spear +1 (Seven Suns)

Wand of Magic Missiles (Seven Suns)
Medium Shield +1 (Duke Eltan's Office)
Splint Mail +1 (Duke Eltan's Office)

- Go talk to Scar again in the Flaming Fist HQ, and he'll ask for you to
investigate the Seven Suns. This is done in two parts, freeing Jhasso, and
killing the Dopplegangers, so be sure to get both rewards. See The Seven
Suns below for more info.

- The Sewers
Scar wants you to check the sewers of the city for a beast of some sort.
Go to the eastern end of the city, and down into the sewers. Then go to
(AR 0226, x 1335 y 1590) and kill the Ogre Mage (Bastard Sword +1) and his
Carrion Crawler buddies. Take all the items from the Ogre Mages body, but
don't sell them. Go back to Scar and tell him what the Ogre Mage was doing
down there, and then give the Ring to Scar for your reward: 3000 exp, and
3000 gp.

- Finally to finish Chapter 5 and leave Baldur's Gate talk to Scar again until
he wants to talk to you about the Iron Throne. Go outside and talk to him,
and agree to meet with Duke Eltan. Tell the Duke what you know (if you went
into the Iron Throne's HQ tell him about Reiltar) and he'll transport you
to Candlekeep to get information from the Throne. If you haven't done the
Iron Throne yet, you'll have to before you can leave! Also if you haven't
done the Iron Throne yet, you can wander around Duke Eltan's office, and
swipe his items. On Duke himself you'll find the History of the Nether
Scrolls, and in another room you'll find a Medium Shield +1 and a Splint
Mail +1.

- The Seven Suns
When we first entered Baldur's Gate we were asked by Scar to investigate the
Seven Suns merchant guild. Now we have the opportunity to do just that.
Enter the building, and a merchant will talk to you. Go downstairs (the
stairs down are in the SW end of the room) to find a Doppleganger and the
head of the guild, Jhasso. Talk to him and say that you are there to
rescue him. He'll say that the guild was taken over by Dopplegangers. You
can search the basement for a Spear +1, a Wand of Magic Missiles, and other
minor treasures. Go back upstairs and talk to any merchant over and over
until they crack and turn into Dopplegangers. Kill all the ones here, then
go upstairs and kill the two up there. Once that is done go over to the
Flaming Fist HQ, go inside and talk to Scar to get your reward: 9000 gp,
4000 exp, and a Reputation +2. He'll also give you another job which is
covered below.
Seven Suns: SW Section (AR 1100, x 3480 y 1240)
Scar: SW Section (AR 1100, x 1500 y 1300)

- Fergus' Angel Skin Ring

If you have an Angel Skin Ring handy (and you should by now), go to the
Flaming Fist HQ and talk to Fergus (he's just down the hall past Scar). He
wants a ring for his special someone. Talk to him again to give him the
ring, and get your reward: 800 exp, and a Reputation +1.
Fergus: SW Section (AR 1100, x 1500 y 1300)

- Green Slime Tavern
There is a tavern that has been invaded by green slimes. Go inside and kill
the slimes. However, whatever you do, several people will be killed (even
if you kill all the slimes really quickly!).
Tavern: SW Section (AR 1100, x 2470 y 725)

- Thieves Looting a House

There are four members of the Shadow Thieves' Guild (Dirk, Sath, Meakin and
Wiven) looting a house. They all have minor treasures.
Thieves: SW Section (AR 1100, x 2250 y 1770).

- Sunin the Mage

When you break into Sunin's house (in the southern part of this area) he
of course assumes that you are thieves, and will attack you.
Sunin--2000 exp, Robe, Ring of Wizardry, 2 Spells, 102 gp
Joular--1200 exp, Long Sword +1, 64gp
Maka--1300 exp, Plate Mail, Magic Arrows, 39gp
Sunin: SW Section (AR 1100, x 1700 y 2500)

- Phandalyn
As you enter a tavern in the SW part of this area, a paladin by the name of
Phandalyn will approach you. If you have any Evil party members, he will
attack. However, he is still considered Non-Threatening (i.e. his circle is
still blue) so if you attack and kill him, you still get the appropriate
loss in reputation. Sucks.
Phandalyn: SW Section (AR 1100, x 1100 y 2200)

15e. Baldur's Gate Central Section (AR 0700)

Companions: none

Enemies: none

Treasures: Necklace of Magic Missiles (Halruuan Skyship)

Eagle Bow (Lothandar's Geas)
Dagger +2 (Lothandar's Geas)

- Just some subquests to accomplish. If you have a Thief be sure to pick up
the Eagle Bow (Lothandar's Geas).

- Ragefast's Nymph
You will encounter a Lady Hannah here who complains about Ragefast the Mage
who has enslaved a Nymph in the Western part of the city. Check the Section
titled Baldur's Gate W Section for information on completing this subquest.
Hannah: Central Section (AR 0700, x 330 y 870)
Ragefast: W Section (AR 0600, x 2875 y 475)

- The Statues of Felonius Gist

Do not free any of these statues until you talk to Degrodel in the NW
Section! Inside of Felonius' town house you will find a series of statues.
Free the one in the North West corner and demand to know where the Helm of
Balduran is (you get a small reward of 500 exp for freeing him). He will
give you a scroll that gives you a bit of a clue about it, saying that it is
in an Inn. You can free the others, but you don't get anything more.
Town House: Central Section (AR 0700, x 1750 y 1000)

- Lothandar's Geas
When you wander around the Tents in this area you will be confronted by
Lothandar (again if you talked to him in the NE Section) who tells you that
you have been poisoned in your sleep. If you help him remove a Geas from
himself, he'll help you get rid of the poison. Sounds good enough. He
takes you to see a Diviner, ask the Diviner how to help Lothandar and he
directs you to the Temple of Umberlee. Go to the temple and ask to see the
High Priestess (you'll have to bribe them). Talk to her and ask for help
to remove the Geas and she'll ask for you to get a Book from the Temple of
Tymora. Wander over to the West section of the city and into the Lady's
House (the Temple of Tymora), there ask the priest there for the book, and
say that you'll die if you don't get it. He decides that that is a worthy
enough cause, and gives you the Book of Wisdom.
Now go back to the Temple of Umberlee and give the Priestess the book (say
that you don't trust her to get the Scroll of Remove Geas before handing her
the book). Now go to the Blade and Stars Inn to find Lothandar to give him
the Scroll. He will give you his HALF of the antidote (as well as 1500 exp)
and tell you to get the second half from Marek in the Blushing Mermaid Inn.
You'll find Marek on the Second Level of that Inn, and he will fight you
instead of just giving it to you. You get 10000 experience for curing the
Marek--650 exp, Eagle Bow, Dagger +2, 3 Potions, 200 gp
Lothandar: Central Section (AR 0700, x 2650 y 1120)
Diviner: Central Section (AR 0700, x 2500 y 800)
Temple of Umberlee: Harbor (AR 1200, x 872 y 2340)
Temple of Tymora: W Section (AR 0600, x 1300 y 1350)
Blade and Stars Inn: SE Section (AR 1300, x 220 y 670)
Blushing Mermaid Inn: NE Section (AR 0300, x 200 y 1725)

Dark Angel ( had an alternate way to complete

Lothandar's Geas:

In the section 15.e (Baldur's Gate Central Section) who wrote how to
complete the subquests Lothandar's Geas. You described how to acquire to
book of wisdom to the high priestress of The Bitch Quenn. I thought
that letting her have this valuable tome (which raises wisdom by 1 p
oint) was somehow deceiving. So after telling her that I did not trust
her and receiving the scroll, I told her that I did not had the book.
Because of that she decide to attack me. After killing her and all of
her priestress (the normal priestress only attack after you kill the
high priestress, and doesn't cast spells), nothing happened. No
reputation losses, no becoming a fallen palladin (I'm a paladin with a
reputation of 20), nothing. So I decided to keep that game. The best
part of it was that killing the high priestress gave me 6000 exp points,
and if you haven't done the "Varci Roaringhorn and the High Price of
Umberlee" subquest, well there a body of a young child on her (which was
a strange thing for my game because I had already done it).

- Nadine's Son
Nadine's Son has wandered off again to one of Baldur's Gate's many taverns.
She wants you to give him a good luck talisman, an Amulet +1. You'll find
Euric (her son) in the SE Section. He says that the Amulet looks funny,
but he isn't coming home. For your trouble you get 1100 exp. (thanks to
Stephen Ashton for the solution to this one) Go back to Nadine and talk to
her to get a Necklace of Missiles and a Reputation + 1 (thanks to Andrey
Moujikov for that).
Nadine: Central Section (AR 0700, x 4150 y 880)
Son: SE Section (AR 1300, x 1655 y 2314)

- Oberan's Estate
In a house in the northern part of this area are several components which
are required to create a Halruuan Skyship, a Gem, a Statue and a Book. Go
inside the house, you can claim to be a servant (if you aren't "well armed"
at the time!), but it isn't necessary. Go up to the third floor, and kill
the three guards there. Then search the desk to find the three things.
Whatever you do, don't attack the servant! Even if he turns red!
Delorna--1400 exp, Necklace of Magic Missiles, Traveller's Robe
House: Central Section (AR 0700, x 3400 y 100)

- The Rabid Chicken Invasion
One of the shops here was overtaken by Rabid Chickens. Go inside and kill
the chickens for the amazing Experience of 1 each.
Store: Central Section (AR 0700, x 660 y 500)

- Dabron Sashenstar
He is the cousin of Aldeth Sashenstar and will only appear if you've killed
Aldeth in the first Cloakwood Forest. As you might have guessed, he doesn't
like you so be prepared for a fight. He has a magical heavy crossbow on him
and some other treasures.
Dabron Sashenstar: Central Section (AR 0700, x 786 y 1683)

15f. Baldur's Gate W Section (AR 0600)

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Alora 8 19 12 14 7 10 Halfling Thief Chaotic Good
You'll find Alora burglarizing the Hall of Wonders at night. Agree to stand
watch for her, then talk to her twice more and she'll offer to join.
Where she is: W Section (AR 0600, x 1600 y 2200)

Enemies: none

Treasures: Large Shield +1 +4 vs. Missiles (Varci Roaringhorn and the...)

Nymph Hair (Ragefast's Nymph)

- Just some subquests.

- Varci Roaringhorn and the High Price of Umberlee
Just north of the Lady's House you will encounter a runt named Varci who
needs your help with something. Agree to help and he'll take you into a
house. Go into the house and a priest of Tymora will explain that a child
and Varci wandered into the Umberlee temple with mischief on their minds,
and for that one of them was killed. He wants you to go to the Temple and
retrieve the body so that he can revive him. Go to the Harbor, and into the
temple. Ask to talk to Tenya (the girl you retrieved the Elemental Bowl
for) and she'll give you the body. Return with the body, and give it to
the priest. He will walk a little ways away, talk to him again and he'll
revive his son. They argue a bit, and leave. Talk to Varci to get your
reward: 5000 exp, 2000 gp, Large Shield +1 +4 vs. Missiles.
Varci: W Section (AR 0600, x 1040 y 825)
House: W Section (AR 0600, x 875 y 666)
Temple of Umberlee: Harbor (AR 1200, x 870 y 2340)

- Ragefast's Nymph
Ragefast the great Mage has taken a Nymph captive and it's your job to free
her. Go into his house in the northern part of this area, and talk to him.
Be firm that she must be free, but don't threaten him. You can talk him
into letting her go, and if you do you get a reward: 2000 exp, and Nymph

What does one do with Nymph's hair? Matt Canfield sent me this:

I discovered that if you talk to Halbazzer Drin in the Sorcerious

Sundries, he offers to purchase the Nymph Hair from you for 500 gp. If
you decline and say it is too precious and you will not part with it he
offers to weave a Nymph Cloak for you for an extra 100 gp, which is a
total of 600 gp. Agree to this and he gives you the Nymph Cloak, he
already has one made. This cloak is identical to Algernon's Cloak and
gives you a Charisma +2 bonus.

Ragefast: W Section (AR 0600, x 2875 y 475)

- Fenten's Ankhegs
Fenten, the Dwarf, wants to buy Ankheg Shells from you. He will buy every
shell you have for 250 gp, and there's no limit to how many times you can do
this. So to maximize your profits, place all but one shell on the ground,
and then talk to him. (To get to Fenten go north from the SW Section)
Fenten: W Section (AR 0600, x 3400 y 3200)

- Brathlen's Tour of the Hall of Wonders

Talk to Brathlen just inside the Hall of Wonders to get a tour of the place.
He'll walk to a place, and stop. There you talk to him again to learn more
about whatever it is that you are looking at.
Brathlen: W Section (AR 0600, x 1600 y 2200)

- The Lousy Bard

In the Temple of Gond (aka the High Hall of Wonders) you will find a bard
who wants to buy stories off of you. But when you tell one to him, he isn't
satisfied and leaves.
Bard: W Section (AR 0600, x 3800 y 940)

15g. Baldur's Gate NW Section (AR 0100)

Companions: S D C I W Ch
- Skie 11 18 15 15 8 13 Human Thief True Neutral
When you first enter the NW Area in Baldur's Gate Eldoth (if he is with you)
will offer to take you up to Skie's father's estate. Go inside the estate
and you will find Skie. She will only join you if Eldoth is with you,
otherwise she thinks that you are thieves come to kill her.
Where she is: NW Section (AR 0100, x 1170 y 1625)

Enemies: Battle Horrors, Doom Guards, Invisible Stalkers, Helmed Horrors

Treasures: Helm of Balduran (Degrodel and the Helm of Balduran)

Battle Axe +2 ��|
Bracers AC 7 |�� The Maulers and the Gorpel Hind
Long Sword +1 __|

- Definately pick up the Helm of Balduran (you don't really need to do the
whole Degrodel subquest, just go into the Helm and Cloak Inn and get it).

- Degrodel and the Helm of Balduran
In Degrodel's House in the southern part of this area you will have to fight
a lot of really tough monsters. Battle Horrors, Invisible Stalkers, and
Doom Guards. Once past those, talk to Degrodel and he'll offer you a job,
take the job and he'll explain that 6 people were turned to stone by
Ragefast, and then sold to an art dealer. One of those people had the Helm
of Balduran on him, and Degrodel wants you to retrieve it. To accomplish
this he gives you 6 scrolls of Stone to Flesh. Go to the Central Section,
and into the house of Felonius Gist. You'll see the statues in the north
end of the room. Free the statue in the corner and demand the Helm of
Balduran from him. He'll say that he doesn't have it, press further and
he will give you a Scroll with a clue on it. In case you haven't guessed it
we're going to the Helm and Cloak Inn in the NW Section. Go inside, and
then go up the stairs in the back of the inn. Find the painting in this
room and search it to find the Helm. Careful 'tis trapped! If you give it
to Degrodel he'll give you 5000 gp, but then have 3 monsters attack you and
leave with the Helm. It's much more worth it to keep the Helm. What I did
was I gave him the Helm, then killed him and took the Helm back.
Degrodel: NW Section (AR 0100, x 2100 y 3000)
Statues: Central Section (AR 0700, x 1750 y 1000)
Helm and Cloak: NW Section (AR 0100, x 3550 y 2900)

- Quinn and Nester's Dagger

Enter Quinn's house and he'll bug you to go check the Baldur's Gate Bridge
area for signs of Nester who was attacked by an Ankheg. Go there, and to
the north of Tenya's cottage you will find an Ankheg, kill it and take the
dagger from its body. Take the dagger back to Quinn for your reward: 950
exp, a Shandon Gem, and a Reputation +1.
Quinn: NW Section (AR 0100, x 3676 y 2225)
Ankheg: Baldur's Gate Bridge (x 4070 y 100)

- The Twin's Boogeyman

There is a "Boogeyman" peeping on a pair of twins near the center of this
area. Talk to one of the girls, and she'll say that they're being peeped
upon. Then a mage named Gervasse will enter and tell you that a Druid
called Voltine is to blame for this. Seems she is polymorphing into
something unpleasant. Well Voltine will appear in the room, go talk to her,
and she says that Gervasse is to blame. Interesting. Go kill Gervasse
(900 exp, Robe, 72gp) and then report to Voltine. She'll give you a
Wand of Polymorph for your trouble. Go talk to one of the twins to get a
Scroll (protection from evil) and 1000 exp.
Twins: NW Section (AR 0100, x 2770 y 2270)

- Wanted: Algernon's Cloak

A Dwarf named Pheirkas has need of Algernon's Cloak, so long as you don't
kill Algernon. Go to the Feldepost's Inn and filch it off of him (if you
haven't already), and bring it back for a reward: 300 exp, and 200 gp.
Pheirkas: NW Section (AR 0100, x y )
Feldepost's Inn: Beregost (x 1406 y 2640)

- The Maulers and the Gorpel Hind
In the Helm and Cloak Inn you will find four Adventurer's from the Gorpel
Hind at the bar. Talk to the second from bottom person and tell him your
adventures from the Cloakwood forest and Mines. Now go back to the entrance
of the Inn and you will be accosted by Gretek and the Maulers. You aren't
going to take that are you? A big fight breaks out, and the Gorpel Hind
will help you fight off the Maulers--although they aren't all that helpful!
If you really want their help, lead the Maulers up towards the bar.
Gretek--1200 exp, Battle Axe +2, Plate Mail, 86gp
Caturak--750 exp, Composite Long Bow, Arrows, 25gp
Wilf--800 exp, Minor Treasures
Nader--750 exp, Magic Arrows, Minor Treasures
Arlin--850 exp, Adventurer's Robe, Gem, 38 gp
Pargus--900 exp, Bracers AC 7, Long Sword +1, Gem, 48 gp
Helm and Cloak: NW Section (AR 0100, x 3550 y 2900)

15h. Baldur's Gate N Section (AR 0200)

Companions: none

Enemies: Mustard Jellies, Ghasts, Hobgoblin Elites, Kobold Commandos,

Treasures: Cloak of Protection +1 (Petrine's Cat Angel)

Helm of Glory (Jardak's House)
Long Sword +1 (Jardak's House)
Amulet of Metaspell Influence (Ramazith)
Ring of Protection +2 (Ramazith)
Tome of Clear Thought, INT +1 (Ramazith's Tower)

- Lots of good items to pick up here.

- Petrine's Cat Angel
Petrine has run away, and the only thing she misses from her old way of life
is her cat angel. Go into the house that she's standing by (do not listen
to Bheren when he says he wants you to kill the cat! You can pick his
pocket to get a Cloak of Protection +1 as well), go upstairs. Search the
drawer to find an Angel Skin Ring. Take this to Petrine. For your trouble
you get 500 exp.
Petrine: N Section (AR 0200, x 660 y 2775)

- Rinnie's Book
Rinnie wants you to pick up a Book for her so that she can have a more
reliable source of information than mere hearsay. If you have a History of
Unicorn Run, give it to her. (it's BOOK55 if you just want to cheat it)
Your reward: 900 exp, and a Protection from Poison Scroll. You can find
the book in Ramazith's tower if you want.
Rinnie: N Section (AR 0200, x 1200 y 2800)

- Ramazith and Ragefast's Nymph

Just in front of the Giant Pagoda tower you will be propositioned (not THAT
way!) by a Mage to fetch him a Nymph (ok, maybe it IS that way!) from
another Mage, Ragefast. Go to the W Section of the City and into Ragefast's
home. Talk to Ragefast, and he isn't about to hand the Nymph over, so
you'll have to kill him (2000 exp, Amulet +1, Knave's Robe, Wand of
Paralyzation), and take her yourself. (or you could free her yourself and
get 2000 exp and Nymph's Hair) Take her back to Ramazith. Now here's what
I would do here. Give her to Ramazith, then kill him and free her.
Ramazith--400 exp, Amulet of Metaspell Influence, Ring of Protection +2.
If you had freed the Nymph before this, just kill Ramazith and take his
nice treasures.

Jesse LaCroix sent me this:

For some reason, when I returned the nypmh to Ramazith, he rewarded me

with nothing. No treasure or XP. After you retrieve the Nymph for him,
instead of killing him immedietely for 400 (four hundred) XP, lounge
around in his entry room for a bit, and he will become angry and demand
that you leave.

If you try to talk to him first, you won't get the desired response, so
let him talk to you. Say something to piss him off, and he will fling
a lightning bolt (I let him hit my lead character wearing boots of
grounding and the Helmet of Defense which offers 20% Elec resistance.)
and teleport to the top of the tower and say something to the effect of
"find me in the top of the tower if you dare." Each level sports a
small troop of monsters. The first one is the toughest (nasty Mustard
Jellies) and the rest are relatively mediocre... Ghasts, Archer
Hobgoblins, and Elite Kobolds. Finally at the top is Ramazith. Easily
dispatched, killing him THIS way gives you 4000 (four thousand) XP.

The Nymph can then be rescured for the normal 2000 xp and lock of hair
before or after you go to the top of the tower. Killing all the
monsters on the way up also provides a moderate bit of treasure and some
good XP, and I even found an Angel Skin Ring on one of the Ghasts so I
don't have to go and buy one for that Flaming Fist guy.

Ramazith: N Section (AR 0200, x 3620 y 1585)

Ragefast: W Section (AR 0600, x 2875 y 475)

- The Noblewoman and Cyrdemac

On the third floor of the Three Kegs Inn you will find a Noblewoman who
wants you to find and kill a Cyrdemac in an Elfsong Tavern. He has been
spreading "rumors" about her. She offers you 2000 gp as an incentive.
Noblewoman: N Section (AR 0200, x 3700 y 2370)
Cyrdemac: Baldur's Gate (AR , x y )

- Jardak's House
When you enter Jardak's house his butler (Drelik) will assume that you are
Thieves (which you probably are) and will attack you (1200 exp, Short
Sword +1). Go upstairs and you'll find Jardak himself, and he'll attack you
as well. (3600 exp, Helm of Glory, Long Sword +1, etc.)
Jardak: N Section (AR 0200, x 2450 y 1230)

- Ramazith's Tower
Climb Ramazith's Tower and you will encounter different enemies on each
level. On the first level Mustard Jellies, second Ghasts, third Hobgoblin
Elites, fourth Kobold Commandos. On the top level you find a library.
There are bunches of History Books here, 4 Spells, a Tome of Clear Thought
(which raises your stats by INT +1), a Wand of Paralyzation, 400gp, and
a Potion.
Tower: N Section (AR 0200, x 3600 y 1400)

15i. Sewers Beneath Baldur's Gate (AR 0224, AR 0225, and AR 0226)

Companions: none

Enemies: Phase Spiders, Ghasts, Kobold Commandos, Mustard Jellies, Carrion

Treasures: Bastard Sword +1 (See The Sewers, Baldur's Gate SW Section)

- We're here to finish the subquest that Scar gave us (The Sewers, Baldur's
Gate SW Section).

- Once in Chapter 7, you can use the sewers to get from one point in the city
to another in order to avoid the Flaming Fist Soldiers that will be
patrolling for you. Personnally, I think it is easier to simply run away
from the Flaming Fist Soldiers that'll see you and not use the sewers at
all. The enemies keeps respawning here so you could waste a lot of
valuable ammunition on them.

AR 0224:

- You'll find Schlumpsha The Sewer King here. He and his goons have standard
treasures. You can also choose to fighting them or not (depending on how
you answer with them).
Schlumpsha The Sewer King and friends: Sewers (AR 0224, x 2236 y 2063)

- Exit to Undercellar
Exit to Undercellar: Sewers (AR 0224, x 152 y 808)

- Exit to basement of the Iron Throne Tower

Exit to basement of the Iron Throne Tower: Sewers (AR 0224, x 66 y 417)

- All other exits either lead out to the streets or to Sewers AR 0225.

AR 0225:

- You'll find the arrogant Kobold Commando named Ratchild here. Ratchild has
killed some people so do the same to him. Be advised that once attacked,
he'll summons his clan (some Kobolds Commandos) to assist him. They'll all
appear in the adjacent tunnels so if your party is in the middle of the
room (near Ratchild), they will get pelted from every side. The recommended
tactic is to send your best (and most padded) fighter to initiate the
conversation while the rest of your party hangs back in one of the tunnels.
When the fight begins, almost all of the summoned Kobold Commandos will
attack your fighter (since they won't have a line of sight with the rest of
your party. Take out Ratchild quickly since although he's just a Kobold
Commando, he can cast spells. They all have standard Kobold Commandos
Ratchild: Sewers (AR 0225, x 2304 y 2090)

- Exit to Undercellar
Exit to Undercellar: Sewers (AR 0225, x 2182 y 3243)

- All other exits lead out to the streets, to Sewers AR 0224 (exits on the
left hand side of the map) or to Sewers AR 0226 (exits on the right hand
side of the map).

AR 0226:

- You'll find an Ogre Mage here (see subquest The Sewers, Baldur's Gate SW
Section) with some Carrion Crawlers around him (his pets).
Ogre Mage: Sewers (AR 0226, x 1354 y 1587)
- There are 4 places (corpses) to search for some treasures.
Corpses with treasures: Sewers (AR 0226, x 836 y 1440 and x 694 y 1414
and x 527 y 1382 and x 397 y 1370)

- Exit to Undercellar
Exit to Undercellar: Sewers (AR 0226, x 131 y 1356)

- All other exits either lead out to the streets or to Sewers AR 0225.

16. Candlekeep Revisited (AR 2626)

Companions: none

Enemies: Dopplegangers, Greater Dopplegangers

Treasures: Ring of Protection +2 (Koveras)

- We're here to search for the leaders of the Iron Throne.

- Make your way to the Central Keep (I would go to the Inn first, and sleep
until you gain your new special ability first) and go inside. You get to
watch a little movie (which is quite inconveniently placed on Disc 2) and
then you're inside. Almost immediately Karan your old tutor will come up
and talk to you. You can trust him. He has some things to say about this
new person Koveras, who apparantly knows the prophecies of Alaundo by heart.

- On the second level you will encounter Koveras who wants to give you a Ring
of Protection +2, it doesn't matter if you take it in the end, although it
will change what happens slightly. Also on the second level is Chanter
who will tell you about the Catacombs under Candlekeep.

- On the Third level you can find the Leaders of the Iron Throne, and if you
didn't take the Ring, Koveras told you to kill them.

- On the Fourth Level you will find Shistal, and although he looks like a Monk
he is really a Greater Doppleganger. Keep on harassing him until he gives
up the charade.

- On the Fifth Level we can find Gorion's Old Room (x 665 y 1000) and a letter
that explains once and for all who you are. You are the "spawn of bhaal"
one of the "Dead Three" (if you bothered to read that book). As such you
are special, and therefore everyone (most especially Sarevok) wants to use
you for their own purposes.

- On the Sixth Level you will be arrested for killing the leaders of the Iron
Throne whether you did it or not. (so you may as well do it before coming
up to this level, hey if you're going to do the time anyway... may as well
do the crime!) Let him arrest you and take you to their prison. Ulraunt
will visit you, but has nothing nice to say. Then Tethtoril will appear,
ask him about Koveras and he'll say that Koveras is Sarevok backwards. Take
him up on his offer of teleportation to get to the Candlekeep Catacombs.

Subquests: none
- The Priest of Oghma
If you want a taste of things to come, go into the priest's house (it's
where we were attacked back in the Prologue) and bother the priest a lot
about what he is doing to the cat (he says he is studying it, but I suspect
that he was going to eat it), he will turn into a Doppleganger and attack
Priest's House: Candlekeep (x 2970 y 425)

- Parda
You can find Parda in the Bunkhouse, but he isn't a Doppleganger. He tells
you that he feels something foul afoot, and although we already knew that,
it shows that not everyone is a complete fool missing the evil right under
their noses.
Bunkhouse: Candlekeep (x 2870 y 2650)

- Cadderly
An old friend of Gorion is near the entrance to the central library. You
can reminisce about old times if you want.
Cadderly: Candlekeep (x 3100 y 2070)

17. Candlekeep Catacombs (AR 2615)

Enemies: Dopplegangers, Phase Spiders, Ghasts

Treasures: Ring of Fire Resistance

Tome of Understanding WIS +1
Cloak of Protection +2
Manual of Gainful Exercise STR +1
War Hammer +1
Wand of Fire

- You'll appear in a small room, search the bookshelves for spells, then leave
the room to enter the Catacombs proper. All treasures in the Catacombs are
going to be placed in Other, so you may want to go through those before
you leave the Catacombs. Oh and there are lots of traps, so be careful.

- Go down the hall to (x 3400 y 1250) where you will be attacked by the
Phlydia Doppleganger. The NW and SW passages lead to various treasures, the
way out is to the NE.

Subquests: none

- Treasures
Ring of Fire Resistence, Tome of Understanding WIS +1 -- (x 3140 y 2121)
Potions, Bloodstone Amulet, Protection Scroll -- (x 2480 y 1900)
Cloak of Protection +2, Manual of Gainful Exercise STR +1 -- (x 360 y 875)
War Hammer +1, Wand of Fire, Gems, Potions -- (x 900 y 500)

17a. Candlekeep Catacombs 2 (AR 2619)

Enemies: Dopplegangers, Skeletons, Greater Dopplegangers

- Almost immediately you will be attacked by the Dreppin Doppleganger. You
may also encounter the Dwarf Arkanis here, he won't turn into a Doppleganger
and attack you, so you can trust him.

- Wander up to the NW into the passage and you'll find Elminster and Gorion.
Now I bet you're thinking that they are Dopplegangers. Well you are right.
If you follow them down the passage, they'll all turn into Dopplegangers and
attack you.

- Continue down and out the passage.

Subquests: none

- Reevor
You can kill the Reevor Doppleganger here if you want.
Reevor: Catacombs 2 (x 4450 y 1075)

- Parda
The Parda Doppleganger can also be fought here.
Parda: Catacombs 2 (x 3900 y 766)

- Fuller
Asking you to lick his boots, you can find the Fuller Doppleganger here too.
Fuller: Catacombs 2 (x 3480 y 375)

- Karan
Yep, your tutor was a Doppleganger too.
Karan: Catacombs 2 (x 1960 y 1450)

- Hull
Hull bemoans the fact that you fed his elixer to a cow.
Hull: Catacombs 2 (x 2475 y 1825)

- Jondalar
This bugger seems to have built himself a torture chamber.
Jondalar: Catacombs 2 (x 3000 y 2150)

17b. Candlekeep Catacombs 3 (AR 5506)

Enemies: Sword Spiders, Phase Spiders, Wraith Spiders, Greater Basilisks,

Treasures: Throwing Axe +2 (Prat)

- Wander a little to the south to find a band of Sarevok's goonies, who will
attack you. Be sure to get the letter from Prat's corpse, as it explains
all of Sarevok's evil schemes. Convenient.
Prat--1400 exp, Throwing Axe +2, 5 Spells, 170gp
Bor--650 exp, Magic Darts, Minor Treasures
Sakul--1600 exp, 6 Spells, 130 gp
Tam--1300 exp, Magic Arrows, 1 Spell, Minor Treasures

- Head in a general southerly direction until you get to the Basilisks lair
(x 1000 y 2000), and then go down the south passage which goes west.

- Talk to Diarmid and impersonate Prat. Pump him for as much information as
you can get about the Iron Throne's scurvy schemes. Exit the Cave and
Chapter 7 should start.

Subquests: none

Other: none

18. Baldur's Gate Revisited

Note: Remember to rest in an Inn to get your Special Ability for this chapter.
Also try to avoid the Flaming Fist as they don't like you anymore. And
after all you did for them.

Note: If you get arrested by the Fist, talk to Neb to get yourself released.
The answer to his sequence thing is 33.

Note: If you get caught by flaming fist but you have Shar-Teel in your group,
then Angelo will release you (why? It seems that Shar-Teel is the daughter
of Angelo!) (from Jones)

Enemies: Flaming Fist

Treasures: Short Sword of Backstabbing +3 (Slythe)

Dagger +2 Longtooth (Krystin)
Sling +2 (Krystin)

- Go to the Harbor at Baldur's Gate and a peasant will talk to you, mentioning
that Sarevok is about to become the Grand Duke. Goodie.

- Enter the Iron Throne compound, and you'll find Dhanial trying to flee.
Talk to her and pump her for information on Sarevok's plans. A little
further in you'll find Pang who has a little more info on Sarevok. Go
upstairs to find yet another dispirited Iron Throne goon, Gregor. He may
attack you if you answer him wrong (650 exp, Short Sword +1, 150 gp). Also
Tralithan can be found on this level, and yes he has more information on
Sarevok. Go upstairs again and talk to Kalessia, who is from the main
branch of the Iron Throne. Go upstairs again and talk to Wirthing here.

- Go up to the last level and talk to Cythandria, and you'll have to fight her
and two Ogres. Make sure to get the Diary of Sarevok off her body. She
also has two letters on her from the assassins of the Grand Dukes.
Cynthandria--2000 exp, 144gp

- Go to the N Section of the City and a Flaming Fist named Sorrel will talk
to you telling you that Angelo is taking over the Flaming Fist, and that
Duke Eltan has taken sick. Find a Flaming Fist and get yourself arrested
(it's faster this way). You'll be confronted by Angelo in the Flaming Fist
HQ, and he will reveal that he is under the employ of Sarevok, although that
hardly seems to matter now. He may kill one of your party. You will be
stuffed into a jail cell. Talk to Neb a few times until he offers to get
you out of jail, the answer to his sequence is 33.

- Go back into the Fist HQ, and go up the stairs (you can fight the battle on
the main floor if you want, or can't get past it). Talk to Kent here, who
says that the healer working on Eltan isn't all that he seems. Go into the
next room and talk to the healer, and accuse him of ... whatever. He'll
turn into a Greater Doppleganger and attack you. Talk to Eltan and he'll
ask to be taken to the Harbormaster's House to recover, and he'll also give
you a letter and a charge, to find the Assassins Slythe and Kristin before
they can kill the last two Dukes.

- Take Eltan to the Harbormaster (x 2650 y 1835) and you'll get 2500 exp.

- Go back to the Iron Throne building, go inside, and go down into the
basement. (The stairs down are in the SE corner of the main floor)
Dispatch the guard, and search for the door to the sewers. Now go out the
exit at (AR 0224, x 100 y 800) to get to the Undercellars. Walk down into
the place a bit until you bump into the two assassins. They'll talk amongst
themselves for a bit then attack you. Kill them and take the scrolls from
off of Slythe, one of them is an Invitation to Sarevok's Coronation.
Slythe--5000 exp, Short Sword of Backstabbing +3, Minor Treasures
Krystin--3000 exp, 7 Spells, Magic Bullets, Dagger +2 Longtooth, Sling +2

Another way into the Undercellar is to go through the back door in the
Blushing Mermaid. (If you missed the Cloak of Balduran the first time
through the city, make sure to pick it up now, see NE Section above for
more details.)

- Go to the N Section of the city, and to the Ducal Palace (you can't miss
it). Talk to the guard there and show him the invitation. Go inside.

19. Ducal Palace (AR 0108)

Note: When you first enter the palace you get to watch a little movie (Disc 5).

- Once inside they ask for your invitations again.

- Go forward just a bit into the next room to watch the Coronation Ceremony.
Things go well until Sarevok notices you, and then all the nobles turn back
into Dopplegangers and attack you and the other two Dukes there. Kill
the Dopplegangers (don't let the Dukes get killed now!), and then show the
Duke your evidence against Sarevok. Sarevok gets mad and decides to attack.

- Beat Sarevok up until he teleports away. Belt will then Divine where he
went and teleport you to the Thieves' Guild.

20. On the Trail of Sarevok
Enemies: Green Slimes, Ochre Jellies, Mustard Jellies, Grey Ooze, Doom Guards,
Skeleton Warriors, Invisible Stalkers,

- You'll appear in the Thieves' Guild and they seem a bit put out by all the
people teleporting into their location. Ask where Sarevok went and they'll
point you down the stairs at (x 1050 y 500). He also mentions that you
can buy supplies here if you need.

- You'll find a wounded thief down here who can give you some information on
what you're facing, the Thieves' Maze.

- The Thieves' Maze is surprisingly straightforward with little challenge

(besides the monsters and traps anyway). Make your way through the maze
and eventually you will end out at (x 550 y 1180) to talk to one of
Sarevok's allies whom Sarevok has discarded. Talk to him then go out the

21. The Hidden City (AR 0123)

Note: When you first enter the Hidden City you will be treated to a movie (Disc
5 still).

Enemies: Skeletons, Skeleton Warriors, Ghouls, Ghasts, Zombies, Battle Horrors

- Walk to the west a little bit until you are confronted by Rahvin of the Iron
Throne. Say what you will, he'll attack you anyway.
Gorf--2000 exp, 2 Spells, Minor Treasures
Haseo--1500 exp, Ring of Protection +1, Long Sword +1, 64gp
Rahvin--1800 exp, Ring of Protection +1, Magic Arrows, 1 Spell
Carston--2400 exp, Magic Arrows, Minor Treasures
Wudei--1200 exp, Studded Leather +1, 14gp
Shaldrissa--1200 exp, Robe, etc.

- When you're ready go to the Big Building that is the only non-ruined
structure here (x 1688 y 1327) and go inside.

- Here you have to fight a really big (and final) battle. You needn't kill
the supporting goons if you don't want, you only have to get rid of Sarevok.
Once that is done then you have won the game!
Angelo--9800 exp, Long Bow +1, Magic Arrows, Wand of Lightning
Tazok--4000 exp, Minor Treasures
Semaj--3000 exp, Robe, 2 Spells, 85 gp

Congratulations on passing Baldur's Gate!

Tales of the Sword Coast WALKTHROUGH:

1. Ulgoth's Beard (AR 1000)

Note: When you first arrive at Ulgoth's Beard a little text blurb appears in
your window.

Companions: none

Enemies: none... yet

- Ulgoth's Beard is a good starting point for any adventure into the other
areas in the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion. Come here before tackling
Durlag's Tower, for example.

- Hurgan's Soultaker
Inside the Ulgoth's Beard Inn is a Dwarf who has a bit of a mission for you.
He tells you the sad tale of the end of Durlag Trollkiller, and asks that
you retrieve an item from the Tower of Durlag, a dagger called the Soultaker
(which belonged to his grandda). Agree to help him. You'll find the
Soultaker deep within Durlag's Tower.
Hurgan: Ulgoth's Beard (x 2360 y 535)

- Shandalar's Quest
The Mage Shandalar asks that you perform a little retrieval operation for
him. Agree to it (if you don't want to be teleported there right now, ask
for some time to prepare) and he will teleport you to a bizarre ice place.
He wants you to pick up his cloak which is located somewhere in this
dungeon. But beware, there are a great many surly mages in here, who have
apparantly been trapped here for years. And they aren't too happy that you
have a way out! Check out the Ice Dungeon sub section below for more
information on it. Give him the cloak to get your reward: 500 exp.
Shandalar: Ulgoth's Beard (x 1712 y 644)
Cloak: Ice Dungeon (x 711 y 259)

- Mendas' Quest
Some time ago the Merchant's League in Baldur's Gate found a shipwreck
believed to be that of Balduran himself. Mendas would very much like to get
his hands on Balduran's Logbook, but to do so he needs you to get the Charts
from the Merchant's League's Counting House in Baldur's Gate. Agree to help
him. You'll find the Counting House in the North East Section (AR 0300).
Unlock it and go inside. If you want to get through this non-violently,
tell the Guard that you are here to clear your debt, and that you have Tea
and Spices from Kara-Tur. Go upstairs and talk to the captain. Ask him if
there is anything that you can do for him, and he'll ask for the hardest
liquor from Te'Tranion at the Blushing Mermaid. Get it for him to get the
Charts, or just steal them. Return to Mendas and give him the charts. He
will give you 2000 gp, and tell you to meet him at his boat. Go north and
west up to the docks and talk to Mendas again, get on the ship and go. You
will shipwreck on Werewolves island. (see that section below)
Mendas: Ulgoth's Beard (x 850 y 1250)
Charts: Baldur's Gate, North East Section (x 2350 y 3100)

- Therella's Son Dalton

Therella has a son who took to the life of adventuring and went to Durlag's
Tower, and never returned. His mother, Therella, asks that you find him and
if possible return him. After you've rescued Dalton, go back to Therella
to get your reward: 300gp. She'll also tell you that Dalton is out
adventuring again. Idiot.
Therella: Ulgoth's Beard (x 1555 y 416)
Dalton: Durlag's Tower, Underground, Level Six (x 1160 y 470)

- Ike's Tours
If you would like a tour of Durlag's Tower (which is completely unnecessary,
you can go there on your own at any time) you can talk to Ike who will set
up a tour for you. It costs 60gp, and you have to get to the tower on your
Ike: Ulgoth's Beard (x 2181 y 632)

- Galken's Runestone
Inside the Ulgoth's Beard Inn, near the Innkeeper you will find a commoner
named Galken who will give you a Runestone if you pay his bar tab (900 gp).
Agree to do so to get the Runestone. He warns you that someone may be
after that Rune (which he just may have stolen). The Rune is important for
Durlag's Tower.
Galken: Ulgoth's Beard (x 2360 y 535)

- Delsvirftanyon's Liquidation Sale

Delsvirftanyon is selling off everything he has and for the low low price of
only 500 measely gp you can have his entire inventory! You mostly get some
crap, but you do get one Dwarven Runestone (the other Rune he has is a
Delsvirftanyon: Ulgoth's Beard (x 1573 y 1186)

- Fenrus
If you need more information on Durlag's Tower, you can come by the Docks
and talk to Fenrus.
Fenrus: Ulgoth's Beard (x 615 y 1322)

- Dushai
If you want more information on Balduran's Last Voyage, you can go talk to
Dushai near the entrance to Ulgoth's Beard. You will have to bribe her to
get her to talk, though. She will only talk to you AFTER you have already
talked to Mendas.
Dushai: Ulgoth's Beard (x 2443 y 811)

1a. The Ice Dungeon (AR 1008, 1009)

Note: Beware of traps here! There are lots of Fireball traps, and Lightning

Companions: none

Enemies: Polar Bears, Winter Wolves, Mountain Bears

Treasures: Knave's Robe ��|

Wand of Fear |-- Group One
Traveller's Robe __|
Wand of Paralyzation (Group Three)

- We're here to pick up Shandalar's Cloak since we can't leave until we
accomplish that. To get the cloak you have to go all the way through the
passages, fight off Dezkiel, and take the Cloak. (x 711 y 259)

- Go up the stairs to get outside then wait to be teleported back to Ulgoth's


Enemy Wizards:
- Group One (x 1840 y 1250)
Andris--6000 exp, Knaves Robe, 2 Spells, Journal, 109gp
Beyn--1800 exp, Wand of Fear, 66gp
Marcellus--2000 exp, Travellers Robe, 1 Spell, 81gp

- Group Two (x 891 y 591)

Tellan--3000 exp, Darts, 78gp

- Group Three (x 1312 y 672)

Cuchol--1800 exp, Wand of Paralyzation, 66gp

- Group Four (x 1055 y 1114)

Garan--2000 exp, 4 Spells, 66gp
Lots of Ankhegs here as well.

- Final Group (x 711 y 259)

Dezkiel--1800 exp, Shandalar's Cloak, Scroll, 66gp

- Winter Wolves
Each Winter Wolf that you kill here is worth 500 gp back in Nashkel, if you
need some quick money.

2. Durlag's Tower (exterior) (AR 0500)

Note: When you first approach Durlag's Tower you get to watch a little movie
about it (on Disc 6).

Companions: none

Enemies: Battle Horrors, Skeletons, Basilisks, Greater Basilisks, Doppelgangers,

Greater Doppelgangers

- We need to get inside the tower (x 2700 y 2200).

- Ike Part 2
If you hired Ike back in Ulgoth's Beard, you'll find him just past the first
gate on the way into the tower. Talk to him, and then follow him. Talk to
him again on the Drawbridge and then he'll go inside. Again, follow him.
Ike: Durlag's Tower, Exterior (x 1950 y 3090)

- Get on the Wall
You can get up onto the Wall and fight some more Battle Horrors, and some
Skeletons, if you feel so inclined.
Entrance: Durlag's Tower, Exterior (x 1500 y 1050)

- Get on Another Wall

You can get up the other wall by going up a large staircase to fight, yes
more Battle Horrors and more Skeletons.
Stairs: Durlag's Tower, Exterior (x 4100 y 1950)

2a. Durlag's Tower (interior, above ground) (AR 0502)

Note: Beware of traps while in the Tower! It's safe to assume that every chest
that you'll come across will be trapped, and that most passageways are
as well. Use your thief's Detect Trap skill wisely! Also I suggest that
you don't just use the Quick Save while in Durlag's Tower, have several
backup saves ready just in case...

Companions: none

Enemies: Ghasts

Treasures: Staff Spear +2 ��|

Leather Armor +? |-- Nymph's Hair
Short Sword +? __|
Robe of Electrical Resistance ��|
Cloak of Protection +1 |
Darts of Wounding |
Darts of Stunning |-- Treasures (in Other below)
Halberd +1 |
20 Acid Arrows |
Scimitar +2 __|

Entry Level (AR 0502): Not much to do here. Ike is at (x 565 y 649) if you
hired him. Be advised that there is a trap at (x 473 y 356). There
are two separate sets of stairs here. The central stairs goes up
and down, and the other set of stairs only goes up. Go up either

Note: If you hired Ike, talk to him several times until you get
a conversation option. Buy the token from him (doesn't
matter how much you pay, you'll get it back), and a Demon
will appear and start shooting Fireballs.

So it would be wise to talk to Ike with only ONE of your

party, have the others hide. Then try to dodge the
fireballs. Oh, and you can't kill the demon yet, so don't
bother trying.

Second Level (AR 0503): There are some minor treasures here, as well as some
Ghasts and lots of traps. Again there is more than one way to go
up, pick one and go up the stairs. The chest in the south room is
trapped. Also note that there is a way to the balcony outside at
(x 1010 y 770). If you want to go out there, be careful as there
are a lot of Basilisks out there (1 Lesser Basilisk and 3 Greater
Basilisks but they give good EXP, and there are some good items on
the top balcony (see Other below) so...).

Third Level (AR 0504): Here you can talk to Riggilo (see the Nymph's Hair
subquest below), a fellow adventurer, if a bit of a jerk. You can
also take the Southern Passage here to find a Ghost (see Ghost down
in the Other section). Also don't forget to pick up the Tome of
Understanding (x 1350 y 125) before going up to the next level. Be
advised that this Tome is trapped by a Dire Charm Spell so send only
one character to get the book and after, dispel the Dire Charm Spell
(unless not charmed). There are also two trap on this level which
are at (x 479 y 786) and (x 1314 y 698).

Fourth Level (AR 0505): There are some good treasures here, as well as
Kirinhale the Nymph (see Nymph's Hair in subquests, as well as
Treasures in Other). There is a trap at (x 1218 y 487).

- Nymph's Hair -- Levels 3 and 4
In the tower on level 3 you will come across a jerk named Riggilo. Don't
kill him. On level 4, you'll find a Nymph named Kirinhale at (x 239 y 357),
agree to help her out, and she gives you a lock of Nymph Hair. Go back to
Riggilo and give him the hair. If he doesn't trust you, tell him that you
don't want a "Dagger in my back", and he'll trade you a Potion of Storm
Giant Strength for it. Finally go back to the Nymph and get your reward:
4000 exp. Also Riggilo is now trapped in the tower for eternity. It's
win-win! If you want, go back and talk to Riggilo again, and he will get
upset and attack you. Kill him for 1400 more exp, and some minor treasures.

A bizarre bug hit me here, each time I went to Level 4, it was like I had
never been there before. In other words, I could complete this subquest as
many times as I liked!! See the Strange Things section for more info on
this and other bugs. If you instead killed Kirinhale you get 3000 exp, a
Staff Spear +2, and a Lock of Hair.
Riggilo: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 3 (AR 0504, x 1350 y 600)
Kirinhale: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 4 (AR 0505, x 220 y 360)

- Free money -- Entrance Level
4 gp: Entrance Level (AR 0502, x 285 y 557)
2 gp: Entrance Level (AR 0502, x 845 y 847)

- Treasures on top balcony

Here you can find 104 gp, 20 acid arrows and a Scimitar +2. Be careful
though, it is trapped (fireball).
Treasures: Top of Tower (AR 0500, x 2305 y 570)

- Free Black Opal -- Level 2, Above Ground

Black Opal: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 2 (AR 0503, x 624 y 99)

- Free money -- Level 2, Above Ground

7 gp: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 2 (AR 0503, x 163 y 170)
6 gp: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 2 (AR 0503, x 775 y 135)

- Ghost -- Level 3, Above Ground

In the southern passage on level three you will find a ghost who mistakes
you for Durlag. Say what you will to him, for no matter what you say, he
will attack you. Also note that the Chest by the ghost is trapped.
Ghost: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 3 (AR 0504, x 413 y 846)
- A free Healing Potion -- Level 3, Above Ground
Healing Potion: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 3
(AR 0504, x 947 y 125)

- Free money -- Level 3, Above Ground

17 gp: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 3 (AR 0504, x 222 y 283)
63 gp: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 3 (AR 0504, x 592 y 796)

- Treasures -- Level 4
Robe of Electrical Resistance and Cloak of Protection +1 at
(AR 0505, x 550 y 750), Darts of Wounding and Darts of Stunning at
(AR 0505, x 1217 y 487) and Halberd +1 at (AR 0505, x 400 y 100)
Treasures: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 4

- Free Moonstone Gem

Moonstone Gem: Durlag's Tower, Above Ground, Level 4
(AR 0505, x 674 y 111)

2b. Durlag's Tower (interior, UnderGround) (AR 0511, 0512, 0513)

Note: To get underground, go back to the level where we entered the tower, and
take the stairs that go down in the center of the chamber. Beware of
traps while down here! It's safe to assume that every chest that you
open is trapped, and that most passageways are trapped as well. Use your
thief's Detect Trap skill wisely! Also I suggest that you don't just use
the Quick Save while in Durlag's Tower, have several backup saves ready
just in case...

Companions: none

Enemies: Ghasts, Ghouls, Greater Dopplegangers, Skeletal Warriors, Mustard

Jellies, Skeletons, Flesh Golems, Zombies, 4 Dwarven Doom Guard,
Greater Ghouls, 3 Ashirukurus, Crypt Crawlers, Helmed Horrors,

Treasures: Ring of Protection +1 (Entry Level Treasures)

Leather Armor +1 (Entry Level Treasures)
Two Handed Sword +1 (Second Level Treasures)
Small Shield +1 (Second Level, Second Riddle)
Plate Mail +3 (Second Level Treasures)
Kiel's Helmet (Third Level, Throne Room)
Kiel's Morningstar, CURSED (Third Level Treasures)
Kiel's Buckler +1 Dex (Third Level Treasures)
Kala's Axe (Fourth Level, Hedge Maze)
Two Handed Sword +3 (Fourth Level, Chess Board)
Long Sword +1 Flametongue (Fifth Level)
Staff of Striking (Fifth Level)
Cloak of the Shield (Fifth Level, by Clair De'Laine)
Mace +2 ��|
Leather Armor +3 |__ Fifth Level Treasures
Large Shield +2 |
Sling +3 __|
Large Shield +1 (Sixth Level on the Demonknight himself)
Level 1 Underground (AR 0501): Talk to Bayard here (x 637 y 520) to find out
about the rest of Durlag's Tower. If you came in search of Dalton
(see Ulgoth's Beard above), then you can also ask him about that.
When done, he'll vanish forever. You can pick up some treasures
here. There are some traps here: (x 297 y 427) and (x 599 y 591)
and 3 near (x 1174 y 393). There is a secret door at (x 473 y 158).
When done, go through the secret passage at (x 470 y 160).

Level 2 Underground (AR 0511): There is a fireball trap just past the door
here. Lots of treasures here (magic arrows, money and others) and
too numerous to give coordinates of each of them so be thorough. Go
South and West until you reach the 4 Dwarf Warders near
(x 2010 y 1150). Talk to each of them. They all have a little
riddle for you to solve, and they aren't all that difficult, if you
know what you are doing. There are also quite a large number of
trapped chests with various assortments of goodies here (like Magic
Arrows, and Spells and such). There is also a lot of hidden doors
on this Level so keep your Thief's Detect Trap Skill on at all

The Four Dwarven Warders Puzzle:

As you complete each puzzle (you'll know when you do),
you can go back to the Warder, and talk to the one that asked
the riddle you've just finished. He'll then disappear and
you'll get 2000 exp (you'll get 2000 exp for each riddle you

Drop down to the library (x 250 y 1500), and read all of the
books. After that is done, you will hear a click. Go into the
room across the hall to see Durlag's Pride (Sword) at
(x 1004 y 1417) being raised in Glory (or something like that).

Wander over to the treasury, fight off its Skeletal Guardians

(x 1660 y 2100) and search the piles for a Big Blue Gem (called
a Glittering Beljuril Gemstone) and an Oddly Shaped Key. There
are some other treasures here, like a Small Shield +1. Now go
south west into the bed chamber, and open up the chest at
(x 1409 y 2260), which had been locked. Open the thing up and
take the Switch for an Engine and whatever treasures that you

Now go into the little closet (x 930 y 2200), and pick up the
Grapes, and any other treasures you want (Note: don't forget
that other chest in the bedchamber! see Second Level Treasures
below for what's inside).

Go up a little ways into a room with a giant machine

(x 2095 y 1525), and go up the ramp on its side, and on the
wall use your new switch. Now go up into the next room, and
use the Giant Wine Press (x 2869 y 1450) to make and fill a
bottle of Magic Wine (don't drink it).

Run up to well... another library (x 3400 y 850) and fight

your way through the Greater Dopplegangers. On one of the
shelves you will find a Mallet Head.

Go back to the 4 Dwarf Warders, and in a barrel just

to the south west of them (x 1530 y 1235) you will find
the Mallet Handle. Go up to the forge room (x 1628 y 222)
and use the Anvil there to repair the Mallet. Now head
south and west to get to the Gong Room (x 403 y 1096).
Click on the Gong.

Go back and talk to the Dwarves, they will attack you,

and you must kill them. Search their bodies to get a
Rune Stone to go to the next level.

Use the Elevator thing to go to Level 3.

Level 3 Underground (AR 0512): This level is my least favorite of the whole
Tower. Ugh. Lots of treasures here (magic arrows, money and
others) and too numerous to give coordinates of each of them so
be thorough. There is also a lot of hidden doors on this Level
so keep your Thief's Detect Trap Skill on at all times. Go
Southwest into the room with all the weird Gargoyle Statues, and
two of them are Clickable. By all means, click them (x 952
y 1287) and (x 1075 y 1404).

Now go back to the center, and from there go south and east into
the bedroom, and take the Runes at (x 1675 y 1300),
(x 1820 y 1080) and (x 1925 y 1170). This causes Durlag to
appear, he mutters some craziness, then turns into a Greater
Doppleganger that you must destroy.

Now go back out, and back to the Center. Now the North West
door is open. Go up that way and whack the Sparring Dummies.
When you do, Durlag appears again, and makes even less sense
this time. Again he turns into a Greater Doppleganger.

Return to the Center again, and this time we can go North-East

and into the Throne Room. Go up and take the Helmet by the
Throne (x 2100 y 540), and again Durlag will appear. This time,
however, he explodes into three seperate Greater Dopplegangers,
and this battle is quite fun. Ugh.

Douglas D. sent me this:

"A little note on dealing with the throne-room dopplegangers

in Durlag's Tower that has worked for me. My main character
had the boots of speed at this point in the game (or use a
haste spell from one of the scrolls in the SE room). I had
him (a paladin) run up and grab the helm and race back to the
entrance, keeping the rest of the party in the entrance room
to that level. Everytime I ran back with the helm, the door
to the throne room would close after Durlag gives his crazy
speech. After that, the dopplegangers would cast their
cloudkill/stinking cloud spells and soften themselves up.

"After the spells disapated, I attacked the appropriate dummy

in the NW room, opened the door back up, and took out the
dopplegangers without too much trouble."

Go into the North West passage (you can go into the South East
one as well, but I like the NW one). Be very careful of traps
as there are about 8 or so in here. There is also a potion on
the ground, don't drink it. Once you go into the next room, you
will have to start fighting various members of Durlag's family
which are really Greater doppelgangers in disguise, Islanne,
Kiel, Fuernabol, and Durlag. They aren't as tough as you might

In this room get the Teleportation Rune from a pot (x 865 y 700)
once you have it, weird runes will appear on the ground. Click
on them to teleport to the other side of the room.

Go into the next room (x 392 y 1047) and disarm all the traps.
Every one of the treasures on the walls is trapped with
lightning and each contains a Potion of Healing. Go South-East
through the door and into the little room here. Search the
giant Statue (x 725 y 1165) to get the Exit Rune for this level
then quickly exit this room since the statue will soon after
start launching a couple of Cloudkill Spells.

Now go through the passage to the South West, of course you have
learned to check for traps, as there are fireball traps down
here as well as some Ghasts. Go down to the room with the
Stairs, but don't go down these stairs since they are trapped
(x 1034 y 1868). If you do take them, not only will you stay on
this level but a Stinking Cloud Spell will be launched at the
middle of the stairs (where your party is) and some Skeleton
Warriors will appear (pretty tough fight). If you want go into
the next room and search for treasures, it is covered down in
Other. To kill the 4 Dwarven Doom Guards there, entangle them
all with the spell of the same name (although it is almost
certain that you'll need more than 2 Entangle Spells to entangle
them all). After that, start launching Fireballs or Magic
Missiles at them (preferably with a wand) since they can endure
a couple of these to kill them. Be advise that if you decide to
search the chest at the feet of the bed, they'll attack you
(that is why we kill them before doing this since they are
guarding it). You can also explore the rest of the level (the
other path) if you wish. There is a secret door to the South
that opens with the Rune stone containing the real stairs that
lead out of this level. Go south and down these stairs
(x 1044 y 2279).

Level 4 Underground (AR 0513): The first thing you'll notice when you open
the door is that Fireballs are being constantly fired in this
room. There are some treasures in this room (Magic Darts,
Potions, etc...) at (x 3094 y 1243) and (x 3176 y 1135) and
(x 3227 y 2039) and (x 3272 y 1253). To get them, you'll have
to cast Haste or equip one of your characters with Boots of
Speed (so that he can get away from the constantly shooting
Fireballs and not get fried). You'll need multiple passes to
get all the treasures from all 4 locations. Once you got what
you wanted, head into the North-West room.

In there, a skeleton will talk to you explaining what you'll

need to do to be able to get out of this room (See Level 4
Underground 5 Statues and 3 Greater Wyverns in the Other Section
below). In the bottom left of this room is the exit.

Follow the tunnel but do not enter in any cavern. Instead, get
to a room with a couple of statues. Click on each of them to
know what is to do. At this point, you can either go into the 4
caverns and kill the "Special" Monster or explore the rest of
the level. If you do, do not explore the room full of Skeletons
Archers since there is a lot of them, the room is full of
Stinking Cloud Trap and there is no treasures in there (besides
the magic arrows of the Skeletons that are killed). The garden
room at the East of the map contains Kala's Axe (careful, it's
trapped) and also 3 Ashirukurus (Invisible Sirines). Once
you're done exploring, head back to the room with the Statues.

There are now Four Tunnels each to the southwest, for simplicity
let's number them, the bottom-most being 1 the topmost being 4.
Enter each tunnel and kill every Special Monsters that are
inside. Once you kill the fourth special Monster, you'll be
automatically teleported out to a giant chess board.

Tunnel 1: There are 2 Phoenix Guards in here. If you've never

fought these before, when you kill them, they explode
into a Fireball. Kill them with ranged weapons.

Tunnel 2: In this room you will find an Air Aspect (it looks an
awful lot like a Baby Wyvern but much faster) and 3
Invisible Stalkers.

Tunnel 3: Here you will find a Fission Slime. You must kill it
with Fire. Any other method, and the Slime will
divide and you'll have 2 to kill.

Tunnel 4: In this room are 4 winter wolves, and a Polar Bear

named Kaldran The Bear (if you want to gather their
pelts, don't do this room last, do tunnel 3 last).

You are now on a giant chess board. There are some vague rules
to follow here, but I wouldn't worry too much about them.
Launch your most powerful magics (such as oh... Fireball) to
take out the pawns, then lay into the more powerful enemies with
your fighters and archers. Be sure to check the treasures when
you win to get the Two Handed Sword +3 on the King.

Go through the north east door to get to the fifth level.

Level 5 Underground (AR 0514): Walk a little south and east to talk to
Durlag, but this time he doesn't turn into anything and doesn't
try to kill you. He instead merely offers some advice. How

Continue past him down the passage. You will notice a secret
door on the right (x 3293 y 1393), go into it and into a very
large green area. There are lots of secret passages here, and
be quick when walking on the green puddles, as they are acidic
and hurt you. There are lots of little treasures along the way
in the small puddles that are connected to the walls and in the
packs of mushrooms growing on the floor. Make your way to
(x 674 y 3152) and kill Grael there. Search the mushrooms by
the wall to get the Compass Rune. Now go up to (x 4000 y 2680)
and through this secret passage. In the chest at
(x 4281 y 2200) you will find the Long Sword +1 Flametongue
and a Staff of Striking, two very good weapons. Go around the
passage to the North and West to (x 3785 y 1862). There is a
LOT of gems here. Click on the throne (x 3805 y 1851) to be
teleported to a strange room with statues. Talk to the North
East statue, the answer is the Third option. You can also talk
to the other statues in this room if you wish (they give you
the clues to be able to answer the riddle of the North East

You will be back at the beginning of the level near Durlag's

Ghost. Go back down the passage, but instead of going down the
secret passage, continue forward. You will find the Ghost of
Islanne near (x 3866 y 749), and turn her offer down for now
(unless you want to leave Durlag's Tower and have to come all
the way back). Open the door to the South West (the northwest
door leads to some Helmed Horrors), and go through it. You are
now in a large chamber. Avoid the Runes on the ground as they
will shoot spells at you. However, using the Bone Wardstone on
the machine at (x 2109 y 749) will de-activate the runes (if
you've found it). Be sure to pick up the treasures (see Level
5 Underground Treasures in the Other Section). When you are
ready, click on the stretched leather (looks like a bed) at
(x 2500 y 700). Again talk to the topmost statue, this time it
is the first answer. You can also talk to the other statues in
this room if you wish (they give you the clues to be able to
answer the riddle of the topmost statue).

Again you are back at the start of the level. Now go through
the door which is just to the South West of Durlag's Ghost. Go
down the passage to a large room filled with Spiders and
Ettercaps. From there go to the statue at (x 1860 y 830), and
click on it. He asks you who the eldest son of Durlag is, the
answer is Kiel. If he asks you who was Durlag's younger son,
then the answer is Fuernebol. He then asks by what nickname was
Durlag known, the answer is Trollkiller. He then asks by what
name was Bolher known (father of Durlag), the answer is
Thunderaxe. You will be teleported to another room with some
statues, and again you talk to the top one. Tell him the third
answer. You can also talk to the other statues in this room if
you wish (they give you the clues to be able to answer the
riddle of the topmost statue).

And for the last time you are teleported back. Talk to Durlag's
Ghost, and tell him that you will fight the Evil. He will then
walk up the passageway, follow him. He opens up the South-East
passage by Islanne, go through that and open the door. Here you
meet up with Clair De'Laine who was with Dalton's party, who
are all now dead except for her, the Demonknight having killed
them all. She will tell you a way to beat the Demon easily,
having to do with a special mirror, if you listen. There is a
treasure chest here (trapped, as usual) with a Cloak of the
Shield in it. When you're ready, go down the stairs.

Level 6 Underground (AR 0506): In the center of the room is the Demonknight.
Kill him to get 15000 exp, a Large Shield +1, and the Soultaker.
Here, you have two options: killing the Demonknight the old
fashion way or attacking the mirror that he's standing by.
Attacking the mirror will cause the summoning of some creatures
that will attack everyone in the room (including the Demon
Knight). If the summoned creatures kill him (which happens
100% of the time unless you kill them first)), you will not get
the 15000 exp and you will have to dispose of them (although
they are easier to kill individually than the Demonknight is for
a low level party). Once beaten, talk to Dalton (x 1160 y 470),
and he'll run off.

The easiest way out is to take Islanne up on her teleportation offer. Then
you want to return to Ulgoth's Beard to return the Soultaker to Hurgan and
talk with Dalton's mother (Therella) to get your reward (see Ulgoth Beard
Section above).

Subquests: none

- Entry Level Treasures
Ring of Protection +1 and Star Saphire Gem and 560 gp at
(AR 0501, x 1150 y 415) and Leather Armor +1 at (AR 0501, x 815 y 370)

- Free Sunstone Gem and Turquiose Gem

Sunstone and Turquiose Gem: Durlag's Tower, Level 1, Underground
(AR 0501, x 199 y 414)

- Free money
97 gp: Durlag's Tower, Level 1, Underground (AR 0501, x 736 y 337)

- Level 2 Underground Treasures

Two Handed Sword +1 and Helmet and Tchazar Gem (Skeletal Warrior) at
(x 500 y 1775), Plate Mail +3 and Spells and Potions and Arrows at
(x 1050 y 2290), Cloudkill Spell and Bolts and Books at (x 3480 y 1220)

- Level 3 Underground Treasures

Adventurer's Robe and 4 Spells and Darts and 331gp at (x 1710 y 1155),
Kiel's Morningstar (CURSED) and Kiel's Buckler +1 Dex and 432gp at
(x 1390 y 2112)

- Level 4 Underground 5 Statues and 3 Greater Wyverns

At (x 2365 y 632) you will encounter a Skeleton who tells you some odd
things, and that you can get your own little Hero Army by touching the
statues there. Do so, and you will get 5 Dire Charmed "Heroes", although
since some of them are monsters, it's not very heroic. You can use them to
fight off the Greater Wyverns in here (use them as cannon fodder while the
real firepower comes from all of your characters equipped with ranged
weapons. And like all Dire Charmed creatures, they will eventually turn on
you (so once all 3 Greater Wyverns are dead, kill the "Heroes". One of
these "Heroes" has a Full Plate.

- Level 5 Underground Treasures

Mace +2 and Leather Armor +3 and 200gp and 2 gems (TRAPPED) at
(x 3000 y 700), Large Shield +2 and Sling +3 and 5000gp and 3 gems (TRAPPED)
at (x 2650 y 550)

2c. Ulgoth's Beard Revisited (Or the Soultaker and The Aec'Letec)
Treasures: War Hammer +1, +4 vs. Giants (Hurgan's Reward)

- When you first re-arrive in Ulgoth's Beard you will be confronted by a Cult
Leader, who steals your Soultaker. Plus you will then be attacked by a
bunch of raving lunatic cultists Archers and Warriors who look
like Flaming Fist.

- Go to the Inn and talk to Hurgan about the Soultaker. He'll inform you
that the Cult worships a demon, and some other stuff about his granda and
Durgan. The gist of it is that you have to find the cultists since the
Soultaker contains the Demon.

- Wander up to (x 1275 y 655) and talk to the Cult Guard there. You cannot
bribe him so don't bother trying. Just hack your way through him. He will,
of course, summon more guards to help out. Go inside the Building that he
was guarding.

- In here you will find a Cult Wizard, two Cult Assasins, and a Cult Archer.
They'll talk to you, and I chose to fight the pants off of them. He also
tells you that you are too late, and that the Demon will already be free
by the time you get there. Go down the stairs (save first!).

- Again a cultist will talk to you telling you that you are too late. Kill
the woman magic user first then the cultists (if you kill Aec'Letec while
any of them are still alive, he will regenerate completely from their form
which means that you would have to fight him again!). When he dies you get
16000 exp.

- Finally go back and talk to Hurgan and ask for your reward to get his War
Hammer +1, +4 vs. Giants.

3. Werewolves Island (AR 2000)

Note: To get to the Werewolves' Island you talk to Mendas back in Ulgoth's

Companions: none

Enemies: Brown Bears

- Talk to Solianna (x 4440 y 3375) and pump her for information about the
island. She'll tell you that they arrived here the same way you did, boat
crashing, and that there are "beasties" about. Based on the name of the
Island, I'm sure you can guess what those might be. She also mentions that
they may still have a ship around somewhere. Which you may want, unless
you plan on staying here.

- Wander up into the village. Don't worry, you can't miss it. If you try to
talk to anyone, they'll tell you to talk to Kaishas, the Headwoman.

- You will find the Headwoman (Kaishas) a little to the north (x 3268 y 1250).
Go inside and talk to her. Mention Mendas as hired you, and she'll perk up
a bit. Try to get information on the shipwreck. She says that they are
building a new ship, but they need you to get rid of the Werewolves so that
they can finish the ship. You can't get any money for this, but you can get
off the island.

- When you want to leave the village, go out the hole in the wall at
(x 2500 y 670), and from there north to the next area.

- Maralee's Son
Maralee's Son was kidnapped by the Werewolves. Agree to find him and bring
him back if he is alive. His name is Peladan. You'll find Peladan on the
Fourth Level of the Shipwreck. Return him to Maralee to get your reward:
4000 exp.
Maralee: Werewolves' Island Village (x 3623 y 1471)
Peladan: Shipwreck, Level Four (on Karoug)

- Durlyle's (or Delainy's) Cloak

Talk to Durlyle and he'll tell you that during a storm, an important symbol
of the people's past was taken from them, a cloak. He asks you to retrieve
it. You will find the Holy Cloak in Dradeel's hut, but you can't really
take it until you return Dradeel's spell book to him. You don't get
anything when you return it to Durlyle, except some stories. (On a side
note "Durlyle's" identity depends on your main character's sex, if you
are female then Durlyle is a male, if you are a male then Durlyle becomes
Delainy a female)
Durlyle: Werewolves' Island Village (x 2525 y 1234)
Cloak: Werewolve's North (x 4200 y 1600)

- Minor Treasures
You can find some treasures in the large building at (x 2000 y 3300).
There are some healing potions, pearls, etc.

- Lahl
Lahl's Wife was killed by Werewolves, and he asks you to avenge him. By
which he means for you to kill every Werewolf that you can.
Lahl: Werewolves' Island Village (x 2638 y 1016)

- Belladonna Flowers
You can pick yourself some of the Belladonna flowers at (x 1694 y 200) or
(x 963 y 213). Durlyle (or Delainy) will ask for them later (once you bring
back the cloak).

- Farthing's Dolly
You'll meet a little girl who had her little dolly stolen by a werewolf.
Being a protector of the innocents and hero, you agree to bring her back
her dolly. You'll find her dolly on Palin (a Werewolf in disguise who'll
lead you into a trap) on the next map.
Farthing: Werewolves' Island Village (x 2127 y 2244)
Palin: Werewolves' Island North (AR 1500, x 1635 y 3240)

- Evalt, the Witch and Evan

Here you'll meet Evalt who'll explain to you that is brother, Evan, was
captured by a Witch and asks you to bring him back to the village. In fact,
the Witch is a Sirine Queen who wanted to mate with him but discovered that
he was not a man (you'll read why below) and killed him. Now, we can't
accept that can we? Find her, kill her then bring the body of Evan back
to Evalt.
Evalt: Werewolves' Island Village (x 2230 y 2683)
Sirine Queen: Werewolves' Island North (AR 1500, x 200 y 1216)

- Jorin
Need information on him.
Jorin: Werewolves' Island Village (x 2447 y 1941)

3a. Werewolves' Island North (AR 1500)

Companions: none

Enemies: Wolfweres (can only be damaged by magic weapons), Dread Wolves, Cave
Bears, Dire Wolves, Black Bears, Brown Bears, Wolves

- Go north and up to a building at (x 4185 y 1607), go inside and talk to the
Mage Dradeel inside. He was part of the original party with Balduran, and
witnessed the birth of the monsters. He has a lot to say. Agree to help
him. For your help, he will give you the Wolfsbane Amulet, and tell you to
fetch his Spellbook from the shipwreck.

- The entrance to the Shipwreck is at (x 3652 y 1057)

Treasures: Wolfsbane Amulet (Dradeel)

Staff Mace (Dradeel's Treasures)

- Palin
You will encounter a man named Palin in the southern part of this area. He
tells you that a small group of people are being attacked by monsters to the
east. Go with him, and you will be attacked by Wolfweres. Turns out Palin
is one of them. He is also carrying Farthing's dolly (see Other Section in
Werewolves Island above).
Palin: Werewolves' Island North (x 1635 y 3240)

- Kryla and Jondal

A woman named Kryla will approach you near the center of the area, and ask
for your help in getting vengeance for the death of her son Jondal. And,
you guessed it, she's a wolfwere too.
Kryla: Werewolves' Island North (x 3630 y 2050)

- Meym
Another Wolfwere (in human disguise) can be found here.
Meym: Werewolves' Island North (x 767 y 2361).

- Dradeel's Treasures
Once Dradeel has his spellbook and has teleported away, you can loot his
little room. You can get: Holy Cloak, Staff Mace, 210gp, Plant, and
Dradeel's Cook Book.

- Sirine Queen and 4 Sirines

The Sirine Queen can be found here (see Other Section in Werewolves Island
above). She'll also summon 4 Sirines near the water to help her out (if you
decide to fight her). I suggest you lure her inland so you can fight only
her then go pick her summoned friends afterward (near the water).
Sirine Queen: Werewolves' Island North (x 200 y 1216).

3b. Shipwreck (AR 1501, 1502, 1503, 1504)

Note: Here, it's safe to assume that every chest, barrels and other searchables
are trapped (also some floor traps) so use your Thief wisely. Also, I
suggest that you clean out the first level of the ship on enemies, search
it, cast any appropriate magic to help your party in a dangerous battle
then head directly to the fourth level. You can easily get there without
sustaining any damage since all the stairs are close together. Once the
Fourth level has been sanitized, go down and do the same for each level.

Companions: none

Enemies: Dire Wolves, Dread Wolves, Wargs, Vampiric Wolves, Wolfweres,

Treasures: Werebane, Silver Dagger +1 (Level 2 Treasures)

Cloak of Protection +1 (Head Werewolf)
Shield Amulet (Head Werewolf)
Sword of Balduran (Balduran's Office)

- You will be in the bottom of the ship. There will be a lot of monsters
down here. Go up the ladder.

- More monsters here, as well as some treasures (see Level 2 Treasures below).
Go up the next ladder.

- There's one trapped box here with some minor treasures in it. Go up the

- On this level is the Head Werewolf. Talk to him and then later kill him.
You also have to fight off a lot of monsters here. You can pick up
Dradeel's Spellbook at (x 450 y 270), but be careful of traps. Check the
body of the Head Werewolf for a Cloak of Protection +1, a Shield Amulet and
the body of Karoug to find Peladan (see Other Section in Werewolves Island

- Go into Balduran's Office, be careful of the traps, and take the three
things in his desk: Sword of Balduran, Log Book of Balduran, and the
Butterknife of Balduran (AR 1504, x 581 y 201). You can find Dradeel's
Spellbook at (AR 1504, x 436 y 266).

- Return to Dradeel and give him the spell book and he teleports away. You
get 5000 exp.

- Maralee's Son
You will find Peladan on the body of Karoug (see Other Section in Werewolves
Island above).

- Level 1 Treasures
Wand of Magic Missiles, 320gp, 10 Magic Darts +1
Treasures: Level 1 Shipwreck (AR 1501, x 689 y 289)

- Level 2 Treasures
Werebane, 423gp (TRAPPED!) at (AR 1502, x 685 y 182)
Wand of Lightning, Oil of Speed (TRAPPED!) at (AR 1502, x 288 y 372)
Cursed Bracers of Binding at (AR 1502, x 271 y 521)

- Level 3 Treasures
2 Antidotes, 1 Potion of Absorption, 1 Medium Shield (TRAPPED) at
(AR 1503, x 657 y 165) and 5 Acid Arrows, 1 Potion of Cloud Giant Strength,
3 Healing Potions (TRAPPED) at (AR 1503, x 233 y 467) and 10 Arrows +2,
10 Bolts +2 at (AR 1503, x 349 y 494)

- Level 4 Treasures
Dradeel's Speelbook (TRAPPED) at (AR 1504, x 436 y 266) and Sword of
Balduran, Log Book of Balduran, and the Butterknife of Balduran (TRAPPED)
at (AR 1504, x 581 y 201).

3c. Return to the Village

Note: Be advise that once everyone in the town have transformed back to
werewolves, they will respawn quite quickly so finish your exploration of
the village and subquests before speaking to Kaishas Gan (unless you like
to kill monsters that can only be damaged by magic weapons).

Enemies: Werewolves

- Be sure to talk with Durlyle, and Maralee and all others to resolve the
appropriate subquests (do not talk to Kaishas Gan until all the wanted
subquests are concluded). Once you give the Cloak to Durlyle, speak to him
again and he will ask you to fetch him some Flowers (see the Other in
section 3 above on where to find some), and then he likes you.

- Go talk to Kaishas again, and she'll tell you all about the village and its
people, the truth this time. Turns out that they are Lycanthropes as well,
but the reverse of the Wolfweres, they are Werewolves (the difference is
that Wolfweres start out as wolves and turn human, while Werewolves start as
human and turn into wolves). I suggest you don't take her up on her offer
to "belong", she will then steal your Sea Charts, and her companion will
turn into a Werewolf and attack you as she sneaks out.

- Go back outside and EVERYONE in the town is now a Werewolf!

- Go to (x 2700 y 1350) to find Durlyle who offers to get you out of the
village through some secret underground passages. Follow him to the hut at
(x 1650 y 1520) where Dradeel will give you more information. Turns out
that these people are the ones that killed the crew in the first place. He
also mentions that there are "Dark Ones" on the ship that you must find.
Talk to Durlyle again.

- Now go into the Hut, and down into the secret passage.

3d. Underground Passage (AR 2012)

Enemies: Werewolves, Loup Garou (these can only be hit by VERY magical weapons,
such as the Long Sword +1, Flametongue, and Balduran's Sword)

- The only thing to do here is to head East to the exit (x 3025 y 360). And
you can pick up some potions if you want. And fight Werewolves.

- You exit onto a hidden beach on the North End of the Island, walk over to
the ship and talk to Kaishas. In any event she'll turn into a Loup Garou,
a slightly tougher Werewolf. Kill her and take your charts back. Click on
the sail to return to the Mainland.

- Potions
Potion of Storm Giant Strength, 2 Healing Potions -- (x 1336 y 808)
Potion of Cold Resistance -- (x 1817 y 594)
Potion of Defense -- (x 2555 y 555)
Oil of Speed -- (x 2362 y 243)

3e. Ulgoth's Beard Finale

Treasures: Chainmail +3 (Baresh)

- Well we made it back in one piece. You will be met on the docks by Baresh,
who demands to know what has happened. Tell him what you will. Go to
Mendas (who we now know is Chief Selaad Gan). He demands answers, you may
as well tell him the truth, and be prepared for a fight. Baresh and him
both become Loup Garou and attack you. Search Baresh's old body for a
Chainmail +3. Also search his house to find 980gp.

Note: Once all the Tales of the Sword Coast quests are done, you get a little
message (similar to the End of Chapter messages) telling you that you are
done with it.


A. Monsters & Monster Strategies

In the treasure category, the amount of gp can also be replaced by a jewel or a

potion (or pretty much anything of some value).

Normal Monsters:
Name: EXP: Treasure:
Air Aspect 4000 --
Ankheg 975 Ankheg Shell
Ashirukuru 2000 --
Baby Wyvern 450 --
Bandit 65 Scalp, Long Sword, L. Armor, S. Bow, 1-20gp
Battle Horror 4000 20gp
Black Bear 175 --
Black Talon Elite 240 Scale Armor, Long Sword, Magic Arrows, 20gp
Brown Bear 420 --
Cave Bear 650 --
Digger 7 Spear
Dire Wolf 125 --
Diseased Gibberling 35 --
Doom Guard 2000 --
Doomsayer 4000 --
Doppleganger 420 varies
Dread Wolf 650 --
Druid 120 Quarter Staff
Dwarven Doom Guard 2000 --
Ettercap 650 5gp
Fission Slime 3000 --
Flaming Fist 250 Plate Mail, Helmet, S. Shield, L. Sword
F. Fist Enforcer 300 same as FF, w/ Magic Arrows
FF Enforcer/Wizard 650 --
F. Fist Scout 300 varies
Flind 120 2-Hnd Sword, 18-30gp
Ghast 650 15gp
Giant Spider 450 --
Gibberling 35 1-11gp
Gnoll 35 Halberd, 2-10gp
Gnoll Slasher 65 same as gnoll
Gnoll Veteran 65 same as gnoll
Gray Ooze 275 --
Greater Basilisk 4000 varies
Gr. Doppleganger 4000 varies
Greater Ghoul 1000 varies
Guard 120 Scale Armor, M. Shield, L. Sword
Hamadryad 650 Dagger
Hobgoblin 35 Leather Armor, Helmet, L. Sword, 5-20gp
Hobgoblin Elite 95 same as Hobgoblin
Invisible Stalker 3000 45gp
Kobold 7 Short Sword, Short Bow, 2-15gp
Kobold Commando 35 Arrows*, 20gp
Lesser Basilisk 1400 --
Mountain Bear 900 --
Mustard Jelly 2000 --
Ochre Jelly 270 --
Ogre Berserker 650 varies
Ogre Mage 650 varies
Ogrillon 175 varies
Phase Spider 1400 --
Phoenix Guard 100 --
Polar Bear 900 --
Sirine 2000 Pearl, etc.
Skeleton Warrior 4000 Spell, 2 Hnd Sword + 1, Helmet
Sword Spider 2000 --
Tasloi 35 Spear, 1-5gp
War Dog 65 --
Werewolf 420 --
Wild Dog 35 --
Winter Wolf 975 Pelt
Wolf 65 --
Wolfwere 1400 --
Wraith Spider 1400 --
Wyvern 1400 Wyvern Head
Xvart 15 Short Sword, 2-15gp
Zombie 65 --

Monsters with Names:
Name: EXP: Treasure:

Alexander 300 Scale, 29gp, Heal Potion, Bow, 30 Arrows +1

Ardenor Crush 900 Studded Leather Armor, Helm, L. Sword, 104g
Arkushule 600 Robe, 1 Spell, 38 gp
Arlin 850 Adventurer's Robe, Gem, 38 gp
Bassilus 975 Holy Symbol, War Hammer +2, Cursed Bracers
Bor 650 Magic Darts, Minor Treasures
Brage 1400 Cursed 2 Hnd Sword, Body, Potion, 80gp
Britik 900 Gold Ring, Jade Ring, Garnet Gem, Halberd
Carston 2400 Magic Arrows, Minor Treasures
Caturak 750 Composite Long Bow, Arrows, 25gp
Centeol 1000 --
Daer'Ragh 10 58gp
Davaeorn 6000 Bracers AC6, 2 Robes, 4 Spells, 106gp
Delgod 300 Scale, 30 Arrows +1, Long Bow, War Hammer
Denak 1200 Ring of Energy, Robe, 2 Heal Potions, 102gp
Desreta 1200 Gauntlets/Ogre Power, Long Sword +1, 172 gp
Drasus 1400 Boots of Speed, Chain, Morning Star+1, 56gp
Drelik 1200 Short Sword +1, 1 Spell
Drizzt 12000 2 Scimitars, Chain Mail + 4,
Droth 975 Helm of Defense, 150gp
Gantolandan 1200 Long Sword +1, 56gp
Gellana Mirrorshade 2000 Studded Leather, 2 Potions, club
Geltik 165 minor treasures
Genthore 1600 Plate Mail+1, L. Shield, Throwing Ax, 56gp
Gerde 420 Chain Mail, Spear, 45gp
Gorf 2000 2 Spells, Minor Treasures
Gretek 1200 Battle Axe +2, Plate Mail, 86gp
Greywolf 1400 Studded Leather, Long Sword +2, 102gp
Hakt 750 Bow of Marksmanship, Leather Armor, 62gp
Hareishan 1200 Adv. Robe, 2 spells, Potion, Staff, 310gp
Haseo 1500 Ring of Protection +1, Long Sword +1, 64gp
Icharyd 950 Helm, L. Shield, 80gp, Flail + 1
Jamie 65 --
Jardak 3600 Helm of Glory, Long Sword +1, etc.
Jemby 350 Robe*, 3 spells, Scalp, 23gp
Joular 1200 Long Sword +1, 64gp
Karhk 3500 3 Gems, 150 gp
Karlat 270 Chain Mail, Shield, 38gp
Kelmath Ormlyr 5000 Mace, 2 potions, 102gp
Krystin 3000 7 Spells, Dagger +2 Longtooth, Sling +2
Kysus 1400 Robe, Dagger, 66gp
Larze 2000 Gauntlets of Weapon Skill, 1 Spell, etc.
Lamalha 1200 Plate Mail, 2 Potions, Mace, Shield, 94 gp
Lendarn 1400 Robe*, 4 spells, 2 potions, 180 gp
Maka 1300 Plate Mail, Magic Arrows, 39gp
Malkax 165 Composite Long Bow, 12gp
Maneira 600 Leather +2
Marek 650 Eagle Bow, Dagger +2, 3 Potions, 200 gp
Meilum 1200 Gauntlets/Weapon Expertise, Long Sword +1
Michael 300 Magic Arrows, 2 Gems, Long Bow, 54 gp
Marl 650 25gp, Andar Gem, Leather Armor
Mulahey 650 Holy Symbol, Boots/Grounding, Ring/Holy
Nader 750 Magic Arrows, Minor Treasures
Narcillicus 1400 Knaves Robe, 3 spells, Dagger, 38gp
Natasha 1200 Robe, 4 spells, Dagger
Neira 650 Helm of Infravision, Scale, M. Shield
Niemain 2000 Cursed Ring/Clumsiness, Wand of Fire, 280gp
Neville 650 Long Sword +1, Dispel Magic, Scalp, 65gp
Nimbul 650 Boots/Avoidance, Ring, Short Sword +1, 58gp
Osmadi 1000 Leather Armor, Staff, 12gp
Oulam 1200 Robe, minor treasures
Pargus 900 Bracers AC 7, Long Sword +1, Gem, 48 gp
Prat 1400 Throwing Axe +2, 5 Spells, 170gp
Raemon 1200 Scalp, Composite Long Bow, Magic Arrows
Rahvin 1800 Ring of Protection +1, Magic Arrows, etc.
Ramazith 400 Amulet of Metaspell Influence, Ring +2
Raiken 650 Chain Mail, M. Shield, War Hammer +1, 31gp
Rezdan 1200 Robe, Staff, 32gp
Sakul 1600 6 Spells, 130 gp
Sendai 600 L. Sword +1, S. Leather +2, S. Shield, 172g
Seniyad 4000 Leather Armor, Staff, Ring*
Shaldrissa 1200 Robe, etc.
Shoal 500 Pearl
Silke 900 Potion of Invulnerability, Staff + 1, 400gp
Slythe 5000 Short Sword of Backstabbing +3, etc.
Sunin 2000 Robe, Ring of Wizardry, 2 Spells, 102 gp
Tam 1300 Magic Arrows, 1 Spell, Minor Treasures
Tarnesh 120 3 spells, 58 gp
Taugosz Khosann 2000 Full Plate, M. Shield+1, War Hammer+1, 105g
Taxek 975 Light Crossbow +1, Magic Bolts, 2 Gems, 75g
Telka 600 --
Tenya 650 Bracers*, Flail
Teven (bandit) 975 Scale Mail, Long Sword, M. Shield, 45gp
Teyngan 500 Scale, Mace, Scalp, Healing Potion, 93 gp
Thalantyr 3000 Adventurer's Robe, 2 potions
Tranzig 975 Wand, Ring, Staff, Letter, 91gp
Unshey 420 History Book, Staff, 82gp
Vax 400 Scale, 2 Heal Potions, Halberd, 107gp
Vay-ya 2000 Wand of Fire, Dagger +1, 2 Spells, 2 Gems
Venkt 900 3 spells, Robe, 2 potions, 92gp
Wheber Ott 1500 Robe, minor treasures
Wilf 800 Minor Treasures
William Garst 1500 Robe, minor treasures
Wudei 1200 Studded Leather +1, 14gp
Zal 600 Scale, Bracers of Archery, Darts, 49gp
Zargal 650 Short Sword +2, 2 spells, 34gp, Scale Armor
Zeela 900 Studded Leather +1
Zekar 65 1 spell, scalp, Composite Long Bow, 5gp
Zordral 900 Knave's Robe, Staff, 79gp, 2 spells
Tales of the Sword Coast Named Monsters:

Name: EXP: Treasure:

Aec'Letec 16000 --
Andris 6000 Robe*, 2 Spells, Scroll, 109gp
Avarice 2500 Short Sword + 1, Leather Armor
Beyn 1800 Wand*, 66gp
Cuchol 1800 1 Spell, 66gp
Dezkiel 1800 Shandalar's Cloak, Scroll, 66gp
Fear 2200 --
Garan 2000 4 Spells, 66gp
Ghost 3750 --
Kirinhale 3000 Staff Spear +2, Hair
Love 3000 Rune, Bastard Sword, Wine
Marcellus 2000 Robe*, 1 Spell, 81gp
Pride 2500 Plate Mail, Large Shield
Riggilo 1400 Leather Armor*, Short Sword*, 170gp
Tellan 3000 Darts*, 78gp

Monster Fighting Strategies:

"Dryad" Fighting:
A dryad (or any other female monster type, such as the Siren) has some nasty
magical attacks, namely Charm Person, which if used on the right person in
your party, screws you over. Nothing worse than having to fight your own
best fighter. So if you lose too many people to her, then go back to your
last save, then send only your best fighter to where the dryad is. If your
fighter is charmed, no big deal (enemies won't attack charmed party members,
so you won't get killed). Once she is out of the worst magical attacks,
send in the cavalry. If one of your people is Dire Charmed anyway, cast a
quick Hold Person on them to keep them from fighting you.

One other thing to try is to send a good archer (Bracers of Archery always
help) to kill her quickly.

Or if your people do get charmed, you can just cast Dire Charm on them
again to reverse it. (thanks to D Sanders for that)

"Basilisk" Fighting:
Basilisks are nasty creatures, they turn you to stone. If they turn your
main character to stone, that is considered Death, and therefore the end of
your game. So if you have a Protection from Petrification spell/scroll you
may want to use that. Also if you get Korax (Area E of Temple) to join you
(temporarily), he is immune to Petrification. (although the Basilisks could
still kill him, and he will turn against you eventually!)

Doomsayer Fighting
So there's only one Doomsayer (Area S of Lighthouse), but he's a tough one.
Cast lots of magic missiles at him since they always hit and do a bit of
damage. Keep your best fighters between him and your party, and try
hitting him with magic arrows as well. If one of your people gets injured
by about 3/4 of their total HP, pull them back. Don't try to tackle him
before level 6 or so.
B. Miscellaneous Information

Baldur's Gate follows most every AD&D rule in the Player's Handbook. That
doesn't mean that they are all documented in the manual, however. And this
section is a good a place as any to stick all the missing information from the
Rules. (all information here is taken directly from the AD&D Player's Handbook,
which may not entirely reflect how the rules work in Baldur's Gate!)

Mega Constitution and Regeneration:

If your Constitution gets above 19 you get an automatic regeneration. Here's

a little table on it:

Constitution: Regeneration Rate:

������������� ������������������
20 1 per 6 turns
21 1 / 5
22 1 / 4
23 1 / 3
24 1 / 2
25 1 / 1

We are assuming that the "turn" works out to be about 6 seconds. (although it
should be noted that Baldur's Gate defines a "turn" as 60 seconds, obviously
we are referring to a different thing--a "round" is 6 seconds in Baldur's Gate
and that seems about right)

Racial Ability Adjustments:

Race Adjustment
���� ����������
Dwarf +1 Constitution, -1 Dexterity, -2 Charisma
Elf +1 Dexterity, -1 Constitution
Gnome +1 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom
Halfling +1 Dexterity, -1 Strength, -1 Wisdom

Weapon Proficiency:

Group Initial #Levels until another

����� ������� ���������������������
Warrior 4 3
Wizard 1 6
Priest 2 4
Rogue 2 4

Therefore every 3 levels your fighters/paladins/rangers will gain a new

Weapon Proficiency Point!
THAC0 Level Progression Chart:
Group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
----- --------------------------------------------------------------
Warrior 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 7
Wizard 20 20 20 19 19 19 18 18 18 17 17 17 16 16 16 15
Priest 20 20 20 18 18 18 16 16 16 14 14 14 12 12 12 10
Rogue 20 20 19 19 18 18 17 17 16 16 15 15 14 14 13 13

Paladin Spell Progression:

Level Casting Priest Spell Level

Level 1 2 3 4
----- ------- ---------------------
9 1 1 - - -
10 2 2 - - -
11 3 2 1 - -
12 4 2 2 - -
13 5 2 2 1 -
14 6 3 2 1 -
15 7 3 2 1 1
16 8 3 3 2 1
17 9 3 3 3 1
18 9 3 3 3 1
19 9 3 3 3 2
20 9 3 3 3 3

Ranger Spell Progression:

Level Casting Priest Spell Level

Level 1 2 3
----- ------- ----------------
8 1 1 - -
9 2 2 - -
10 3 2 1 -
11 4 2 2 -
12 5 2 2 1
13 6 3 2 1
14 7 3 2 2
15 8 3 3 2
16 9 3 3 3

The following charts come from Duncan Clay:

Advanced Experience Charts:

Fighter (Warrior) - Hit Dice D10 (1 per level)

Level | XP |THAC| W | Lor

1 | 0 | 20 | 4 | 1
2 | 2,000 | 19 | | 2
3 | 4,000 | 18 | 1 | 3
4 | 8,000 | 17 | | 4
5 | 16,000 | 16 | | 5
6 | 32,000 | 15 | 1 | 6
7 | 64,000 | 14 | | 7
8 | 125,000 | 13 | | 8
9 | 250,000 | 12 | 1 | 9

W Weapon proficiency points (max 2 per weapon at level 1 then max 5)

Paladin (Warrior) - Hit Dice D10 (1 per level) *

Level | XP |THAC| W | Lor |Priest Spl| LH | DE | PE | TU

1 | 0 | 20 | 4 | 1 | | 2 | 5 | 1 |
2 | 2,250 | 19 | | 2 | | 4 | 6 | 2 |
3 | 4,500 | 18 | 1 | 3 | | 6 | 7 | 3 | 1
4 | 9,000 | 17 | | 4 | | 8 | 8 | 4 | 2
5 | 18,000 | 16 | | 5 | | 10 | 9 | 5 | 3
6 | 36,000 | 15 | 1 | 6 | | 12 | 10 | 6 | 4
7 | 75,000 | 14 | | 7 | | 14 | 11 | 7 | 5
8 | 150,000 | 13 | | 8 | | 16 | 12 | 8 | 6
9 | 300,000 | 12 | 1 | 9 | 1 | 18 | | |

W Weapon proficiency points (max 2 per weapon)

LH Lay Hands hit points healed
DE Detect Evil special ability spells
PE Protect from Evil special ability spells
TU Turn Undead level

* Cannot dual class

Ranger (Warrior) - Hit Dice D10 (1 per level)

Level | XP |THAC| W | Lor |Priest Spl| Ste | C

1 | 0 | 20 | 4 | 1 | | 35% | 1
2 | 2,250 | 19 | | 2 | | 40% | 1
3 | 4,500 | 18 | 1 | 3 | | 47% | 2
4 | 9,000 | 17 | | 4 | | 53% | 2
5 | 18,000 | 16 | | 5 | | 60% | 3
6 | 36,000 | 15 | 1 | 6 | | 67% | 3
7 | 75,000 | 14 | | 7 | | 75% | 4
8 | 150,000 | 13 | | 8 | 1 | 82% | 4
9 | 300,000 | 12 | 1 | 9 | 2 | |

W Weapon proficiency points (max 2 per weapon)

Ste Stealth (Dex 18)
C Charm Animal special ability spells

Thief (Rogue) - Hit Dice D6 (1 per level)

Level | XP |THAC| W | Lor | Ab | BS
1 | 0 | 20 | 2 | 3 | 30 | x2
2 | 1,250 | 20 | | 6 | 20 | x2
3 | 2,500 | 19 | | 9 | 20 | x2
4 | 5,000 | 19 | 1 | 12 | 20 | x2
5 | 10,000 | 18 | | 15 | 20 | x3
6 | 20,000 | 18 | | 18 | 20 | x3
7 | 40,000 | 17 | | 21 | 20 | x3
8 | 70,000 | 17 | 1 | 24 | 20 | x3
9 | 110,000 | 16 | | 27 | 20 | x4
10 | 160,000 | 16 | | 30 | 20 | x4
11 | 220,000 | 15 | | 33 | 20 |

W Weapon proficiency points (max 1 per weapon)

Ab Ability points for Stealth, Pick Pockets, Pick Locks, Find/Remove
Traps (Max 100 + Base Ability + Racial/Dexterity Modifiers)
BS Back Stab damage multiplier (quarter staff, dagger, short sword
and long sword only)

Bard (Rogue) - Hit Dice D6 (1 per level) *

Level | XP |THAC| W | Lor |Mage Spell| PP

1 | 0 | 20 | 2 | 10 | | 40%
2 | 1,250 | 20 | | 20 | 1 | 45%
3 | 2,500 | 19 | | 30 | 2 | 50%
4 | 5,000 | 19 | 1 | 40 | 2 1 | 55%
5 | 10,000 | 18 | | 50 | 3 1 | 60%
6 | 20,000 | 18 | | 60 | 3 2 | 65%
7 | 40,000 | 17 | | 70 | 3 2 1 | 70%
8 | 70,000 | 17 | 1 | 80 | 3 3 1 | 75%
9 | 110,000 | 16 | | 90 | 3 3 2 | 80%
10 | 160,000 | 16 | | 100 | 3 3 2 1 | 85%
11 | 220,000 | 15 | | 110 | |

W Weapon proficiency points (max 1 per weapon)

PP Pick Pockets (Before Racial/Dexterity Modifiers)

* Cannot dual class

Cleric (Priest) - Hit Dice D8 (1 per level)

Level | XP |THAC| W | Lor |Priest Spl| TU

1 | 0 | 20 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 1
2 | 1,500 | 20 | | 2 | 2 | 2
3 | 3,000 | 20 | | 3 | 2 1 | 3
4 | 6,000 | 18 | 1 | 4 | 3 2 | 4
5 | 13,000 | 18 | | 5 | 3 3 1 | 5
6 | 27,500 | 18 | | 6 | 3 3 2 | 6
7 | 55,000 | 16 | | 7 | 3 3 2 1 | 7
8 | 110,000 | 16 | 1 | 8 | 3 3 3 2 | 8
9 | 225,000 | 16 | | 9 | 4 4 3 2 1| 9
W Weapon proficiency points (max 1 per weapon)
TU Turn Undead level

Druid (Priest) - Hit Dice D8 (1 per level)

Level | XP |THAC| W | Lor |Priest Spl| SB | SW | SL

1 | 0 | 20 | 2 | 1 | 1 | | |
2 | 2,000 | 20 | | 2 | 2 | | |
3 | 4,000 | 20 | | 3 | 2 1 | | |
4 | 7,500 | 18 | 1 | 4 | 3 2 | | |
5 | 12,500 | 18 | | 5 | 3 3 1 | | |
6 | 20,000 | 18 | | 6 | 3 3 2 | | |
7 | 35,000 | 16 | | 7 | 3 3 2 1 | 1 | 1 | 1
8 | 60,000 | 16 | 1 | 8 | 3 3 3 2 | 1 | 1 | 1
9 | 90,000 | 16 | | 9 | 4 4 3 2 1| 1 | 1 | 1
10 | 125,000 | 14 | | 10 | 4 4 3 3 2| 1 | 1 | 1
11 | 200,000 | 14 | | 11 | | | |

W Weapon proficiency points (max 1 per weapon)

SB Shapeshift Brown Bear special ability spells
SW Shapeshift Brown Bear special ability spells
SL Shapeshift Black Bear special ability spells

Mage (Wizard) - Hit Dice D4 (1 per level)

Level | XP |THAC| W | Lor |Mage Spell

1 | 0 | 20 | 1 | 3 | 1
2 | 2,500 | 20 | | 6 | 2
3 | 5,000 | 20 | | 9 | 2 1
4 | 10,000 | 19 | | 12 | 3 2
5 | 20,000 | 19 | | 15 | 4 2 1
6 | 40,000 | 19 | 1 | 18 | 4 2 2
7 | 60,000 | 18 | | 21 | 4 3 2 1
8 | 90,000 | 18 | | 24 | 4 3 3 2
9 | 135,000 | 18 | | 27 | 4 3 3 2 1
10 | 250,000 | 17 | | 30 |

W Weapon proficiency points (max 1 per weapon)

Specialist Mage (Wizard) - Hit Dice D4 (1 per level)

Level | XP |THAC| W | Lor |Mage Spell

1 | 0 | 20 | 1 | 3 | 2
2 | 2,500 | 20 | | 6 | 3
3 | 5,000 | 20 | | 9 | 3 2
4 | 10,000 | 19 | | 12 | 4 3
5 | 20,000 | 19 | | 15 | 5 3 2
6 | 40,000 | 19 | 1 | 18 | 5 3 3
7 | 60,000 | 18 | | 21 | 5 4 3 2
8 | 90,000 | 18 | | 24 | 5 4 4 3
9 | 135,000 | 18 | | 27 | 5 4 4 3 2
10 | 250,000 | 17 | | 30 |
W Weapon proficiency points (max 1 per weapon)

C. The Gods of the Realm

I've tried to compile a list of every god mentioned in the game. Naturally, I
probably missed one or two, so if I did, please email me about it. There is
some neat information on the gods and their troubles on page 67 of the Baldur's
Gate Manual. And lots of information comes from Orlandu. Others come from

Auril -- mentioned by Branwen, Goddess of Winter, mentioned by Branwen and

the boots of cold are hers as well. Auril believes that everything
should be turned to ice.
Bane, Bhall, and Myrkul -- the "dead three" gods, but are currently not in
"power" (it's a long story)
Baravar -- worshipped by Quayle
Clangeddin -- a god mentioned by Yeslick.
Cyric -- evil god worshipped by Bassilus to raise the dead, also Mulahey has
a Cyric Holy Symbol on him. Makes Cyric seem a little suspicious,
doesn't it? Cyric took the power from the "dead three" and now does
everything they did.
Deneir -- one of gods who protects Tethtoril (see his decription in the manual)
Garl Glittergold -- worshipped in the Temple of Wisdom at the Friendly Arm Inn
Gond -- god of artifice and invention. The Hall of Wonders in Baldur's Gate
is run by Gondish priests.
Helm -- a good god, worshipped by Ajantix. There's a Helm temple in
Nashkel. He is the God of Guardians, and he guards the Outer Realms.
Ilmater -- God of Suffering who enchanted the Large Shield +4 vs. Missiles. I
may not have spelt his name correctly.
Jergal -- former god of the dead, gave his power to Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul
(History of the Dead Three), and now is the Scribe of the Dead
Kozah -- ancient god of various chaotic happenings (like earthquakes), there
is an ancient temple being unearthed of his far to the SW of
Beregost, but beware the curse!
Lord Ao -- the Overpower. Not a god as per se, since he is infinitely more
powerful than they are (he can destroy them at will)
Lathander -- Worshipped in the Song of the Morning temple
Lloth -- Spider Goddess of the Drow, dislikes Drizzt and Viconia. There is
another Drow god mentioned in one of the "History of the Drow"
books, Ghaunadaur.
Malar -- Mentioned by Osmadi, also known as the Beastlord. He is an evil god
that doesn't much like the Druid faiths.
Mystra -- goddess of magic
Oak Father -- I think this is a God of Nature, worshipped by Faldorn.
Oghma -- there is a temple to Oghma is Candlekeep as he is the God of
Selune -- a Goddess mentioned by Dradeel
Shar -- Goddess of the Night, worshipped by the renegade drow Viconia
Sune -- good god, the Holy Ring is a Sune artifact, she is the Goddess of
Love and Beauty.
Talos -- made the Boots of Grounding, and is possibly a God of Storms
Tempus -- Branwen is a cleric of this Neutral God, the God of Battles
Tymora -- She's the Goddess of Luck (good luck that is, Besheba is the Goddess
of Bad Luck)
Umberlee -- goddess of the Sea, aka the "Bitch Queen", you run into her
priestess at the Baldur's Gate Bridge. (btw, Umberlee is of an Evil
Valkur -- another god mentioned by Branwen, he is the god of sailors

D. Guide to Naming Characters

I have heard that some people have trouble coming up with creative names for
their characters. So here is a little guide to coming up with interesting names
that seem to fit into the game (i.e. names that aren't "brad" or "mike" or

Method 1:
Take an exisiting last name, and make it a first name.
Ex: Corbin, Martens, Miller.
Obviously this doesn't work with all last names, and it also tends to skew
mostly male.

Method 2:
You can also make interesting names by taking an existing name, such as Kate,
and flipping some letters around to make a new name, Kaet.

Method 3:
Somewhat similar to method 2, this one merely involves adding useless vowels.
Try adding an 'a' before an 'e' or an 'i' after an 'e'. Take the name Patrick
for example. It will become Paetrick.

Method 4:
Another fun thing to try is to simply add a new "flourish" to an existing
name. For example we start with "Nate" and add the "flourish" "ylia" to make
the new name "Natylia".

Method 5:
Start with another word, say the number "Seven". Replace the vowels with new
vowels to make "Sivan". Now if you want to make it feminine add an "y" (or
something similar) to the end to make "Sivany". Or try this, start with the
word "talent". Replace the first 't' with a "th" and then replace the 'e'
with an 'a'. You now have "Thalant", which is a good name, but needs a little
flourish of "yr" to finish it "Thalantyr".

Here's a list of names that I have used in various RPG games. This list will be
a little small for now, but as I get more of them, I'll add them. If you have
any name that you want to send in, please feel free! (

Female: Male:
������� �����
Kaet Salamoss Telen
Sivany Syllas
Jiany Poetayn
Saenra Mytahl
Kystra Ralasannvyr
Lydra Ylv Tor
Tyllaenii Ex'ald Moor
Bealla Forthyss Aallax Morkallai
Cyrra Lyth Cyr Daan
Sho'erna Moerth Kintos the Dim (my current favorite)
Mistriana Corvuus
Karyana Khaar the Bloody

The following names are from Bane:

Lyria Taaryn (Taryn)

Kestyn Yulosa
Maya Astyk
Galian Bane

The following names, and strategy, were sent to me by Preston Lloid:

Female: Male:
������� �����
Jephinia Justice Edcam Sielfir
Misha Kintyre Purl Sielfir
Latista Dymnir Paxus Silatis
Kyndria Valmund Bastius Mnotarior
Shaloa Fighro Rhymnir Kaleef
Syff Kintous Kelt Incurrigate
Geila Mist Solas Imnikurr
Tarrento Gymnica

I also found that nearly all the months make fine female first names (e.g.
October, November etc.). Furthermore I personally think that there's nothing
wrong with giving your character a first name and some kind of call name
instead of an actual surname (or family name). For instance, if you've made a
female priest with the allignment "lawful good" you might call her "Misha the
Divine", instead of Misha Kintyre. Or if you create an evil male mage, you
could call him "Tarrento the Dreadful".

E. Character Sounds

Here you will find a typed out version of a great many sounds in the game.
Check out the sndlist.txt file in the Sounds directory if you want to change one
of the PC Sounds. Any of the NPC sounds that has a ????????? in it means that
I listened to the sounds by using the biffstripper utility, but I'm not quite
sure where they fit into the context of the game.

The "Repeated Selected" sounds are accessed when you click on a character about
9 times in a row.

This comes from Patrick:

I thought I'd help fill in some of the blanks regarding NPC quotes, and
how they relate to one another, which you might want to include in any
possible updates of your astounding FAQ.

First off, there are NPCs who will try to kill each other eventually, as I
found out when I first played and took Xzar/Montaron and Khalid/Jaheira into
the Nashkel mines, and some of their quotes are reserved for such an occasion.
At a seemingly random point, the text window popped up and the dialogue
Jaheira: "Do you claim to fight evil... (etc.)"
Xzar: "Why must you goad us..."
Jaheira: "I know nothing of gold..."
Xzar: "I begin to see your true nature..."

Likewise, Khalid and Montaron have some lines which suggest a similar
exchange (sound files 30 and 31 for each). At this point, Montaron and Xzar
(the Zhentarim) and Khalid and Jaheira (the Harpers), squared off and began
fighting, ignoring my commands and leaving my character with nothing to do
but pick a side and join in. (This is indeed at least partly random... not
caring for the deaths of two NPCs, I loaded a previous savegame, finished the
mines, then disbanded the Zhentish pair without incident.)

Odds are that when a character makes a direct statement to another, there is a
reply (Some of Montaron's jibes are in response to Xzar's babblings, and
Khalid and Jaheira share some tender moments). I haven't gotten far in the
game yet, but here are some possible relationships which suggest themselves:

Eldoth and Alora: Alora always tries to cheer up Eldoth, and he in turn
actually finds himself softening up when she's around.
Xan and Ajantis: As you've noticed, Xan rejects Ajantis' strict views,
and Ajantis does not respond kindly to his paradigms being
Eldoth just seems to piss off everybody...

Also, if it helps straighten things out, I noticed (using the playsound

ingame cheat) that the number of the file for each character is connected
with its function in the game, as follows:

1 - Introduction
In battle:
2 - Battlecry
3 - Morale Break
Comments on party's reputation and actions:
4 - Happy
5 - Unhappy
6 - Angry
7 - Breaking Point
Comments on personal status:
8 - Made Leader
9 - Tired
10 - Bored
11 - Wounded
Comments on environment:
12 - Forest
13 - City
14 - Dungeon
15 - Daytime
16 - Nighttime
Comments toward player:
17-19 - Selected
20-22 - Commanded
23-26 - Annoyed
Comments toward NPCs:
27-37 - Various Banterings
Comments on death:
38 - Generic Death
39 - Specific Death

Of course, Imoen throws this whole scheme off track, but it seems like
everybody else sticks by it. (again, this was from Patrick)

PC Sounds:

Default Male:

Battle Cry: "Onward!"

Becoming Leader: "I feel this is my rightful place."
Tired: "I will require rest soon."
Bored: "I should be more productive with my time."
Badly Wounded: "I am not well at all."
Selected 1: "Hmm?"
Selected 2: "Yes?"
Selected 3: "I stand ready."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "It will be done."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Not a problem."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "With ease."
Being Hit: "Oof."
Dying: "Hwaugh... oohg."

Male 1:

Battle Cry: "Death to you all!"

Becoming Leader: "As it should be."
Tired: "I must rest my eyes a while."
Bored: "Ah, such a waste of time this is!"
Badly Wounded: "I, I am surely close to death..."
Selected 1: "What?"
Selected 2: "Make it quick!"
Selected 3: "Yes?"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "A waste of my talents!"
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Of course."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "No sooner said than done."
Being Hit: "Ungh."
Dying: "Ungh...uh..."

Male 2:

Battle Cry: "Your life ends here!"

Becoming Leader: "I alone belong here."
Tired: "I am so very... weary."
Bored: "I grow tired of wasting time."
Badly Wounded: "I am certain to die without...immediate aid."
Selected 1: "What would you have me do?"
Selected 2: "Your wish?"
Selected 3: "Hurry up!"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "If you insist."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Very well."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Alright alright!"
Being Hit: "Ooof."
Dying: "Hwaigh...oof."

Male 3:
Battle Cry: "Heh, time for a bit of a rough and tumble."
Becoming Leader: "Ha ha! I'll lead 'em well!"
Tired: "I'll need to be resting soon."
Bored: "I should get moving before the whole day is a
Badly Wounded: "Uh... perhaps I'm a bit more hurt, than I
Selected 1: "Yes?"
Selected 2: "What now I wonder?"
Selected 3: "Where to now?"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Of course, heh heh."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Done and done."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "A simple task!"
Being Hit: "Eaah."
Dying: "Whooauh... uh..."

Default Female:

Battle Cry: "To battle!"

Becoming Leader: "This is where I should be."
Tired: "I grow weary."
Bored: "I should not just stand about."
Badly Wounded: "I must have aid."
Selected 1: "I am here."
Selected 2: "Your concern?"
Selected 3: "Yes?"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Indeed."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "It is done."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Certainly."
Being Hit: "Augh!"
Dying: "Auwaa..."

Female 1:

Battle Cry: "All will die!"

Becoming Leader: "None other than me should be in this place."
Tired: "I should rest on my feet if we do not rest
Bored: "I find this inactivity extremely frustrating."
Badly Wounded: "I reall must get further treatment for my
Selected 1: "What?"
Selected 2: "Yes?"
Selected 3: "Hmm?"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Simpler done than said."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Certainly."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Surely."
Being Hit: "Ooah."
Dying: "Aaah... ehh."

Female 2:

Battle Cry: "You're life shall be mine!"

Becoming Leader: "I deserve to be leader!"
Tired: "Ooh... we should rest now, I need sleep."
Bored: "This is so utterly boring."
Badly Wounded: "I... I am wounded."
Selected 1: "What?"
Selected 2: "Yes?"
Selected 3: "What is it?"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Fine."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Such menial tasks."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "A simple matter."
Being Hit: "Oooah."
Dying: "Nyaugh...ehh..."

Female 3:

Battle Cry: "Death will come swiftly for you."

Becoming Leader: "There are none more capable for this position."
Tired: "Blah... I grow tired, we should rest soon."
Bored: "Must we stand about, I have much to do."
Badly Wounded: "I must get proper treatment for my injuries."
Selected 1: "And now what?"
Selected 2: "What must I do?"
Selected 3: "Hmm?"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "A simple task."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Consider it done."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "No trouble at all."
Being Hit: "Err!"
Dying: "Ohhh ahh..."

NPC Sounds:

First Speech: "Halt! Be you friend, or foe?"
Fleeing: "What cowardice is this? Return to where you are
Battle Cry: "For the Glory of Helm!"
In forest: "This forest has a sense of... evil about it."
In City: "This city has a sense of... evil about it."
Underground: "This dungeon has a sense of... evil about it."
Happy: "We follow the righteous path, the path of Helm."
Unhappy: "This course we take is beyond all tenants of
Unhappy: "I will not stand by while this party descends
into depravity."
Leaving: "Your evil ways end here! Draw steel and we will
settle this dispute once and for all!"
Becoming Leader: "I take honor with this responsibilty you have
Tired: "Uhh... I grow weary."
Bored: "We have much evil to fight, we have no time for
Badly Wounded: "Ahh... I am in need of aid."
Selected 1: "My honor is my life."
Selected 2: "Helm, give me strength!"
Selected 3: "By Helm!"
Repeated Selected 1: "We must always strive to be role models to the
Repeated Selected 2: "Duty to one's cause outweighs all."
Repeated Selected 3: "Evil will always fail against courage and
Repeated Selected 4: "Evil must be purged without mercy."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "With Helm's blessing."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Yeah!"
Action Acknowledgement 3: "As you will."
To ???????????: "Your actions fly in the face of everything Helm
holds sacred!"
To ???????????: "There is naught but good and evil. I suspect
you are of the latter."
To ???????????: "Evil must be purged wherever it is found...
even among companions!"
To ???????????: "The stench of evil clings to you in the most...
VILE manner!"
To ???????????: "I can bear no more! Raise your weapon and
defend yourself!"
To ???????????: "I may yet still be a Squire, but I possess more
integrity than you could ever hope for!"
Reply to ???????: "You will watch your MOUTH around the fairer
Reply to ???????: "I thank you for your compliment."
To ??????????: "You are a most beautiful lady, Miss."
To Kivan: "You're a man of honor, I respect your
Reply to ????????: "I think it would be wise for you to improve your
conduct while in this party!"
On any Death: "We can only be content that our companion has
fallen... pursuing a just cause."
On ????????'s Death: "It is unfortunate that our companion died before
he could recant his ways."

First Speech: "Blast and bother! These locks have always given
me trouble. Trouble they are!"
Fleeing: "Aah! Somebody hide me!"
Battle Cry: "Careful everyone, play nice!"
Happy: "Isn't this great? All of us, doing nice things,
being happy. It's great!"
Unhappy: "Hey, I think everyone would be happier if we
were a little nicer."
Unhappy: "Please be nicer, you don't want me to pick up
any bad habits, do you?"
Leaving: "I don't think you're the type of people I should
be hanging around with. Goodbye!"
Tired: "*yawn* I'm sleepy. Can we nap a moment?"
Bored: "So, when are we gonna do something? I'm raring
to GO."
At night: "Pretty spoo-ooky night, but still great for
In Forest: "What a great forest! I've never seen trees like
these before."
In City: "I like the bustle of the city! So many
interesting people!"
Underground: "Oooh ooh... this is pretty scary isn't it? I
mean, I'd be scared without the rest of you."
During the Day: "What a great day for adventuring, in fact,
every day is a great day for adventuring."
On any Death: "I've had friends die before, and it's still
Badly Wounded: "I'm hurt, please help me!"
Becoming Leader: "Wow! Leader? Me? This will be great fun!"
Selected 1: "Whatever you need."
Selected 2: "Hey there hi there."
Selected 3: "Whatever you wish."
Repeated Selected 1: "I'm sooo sweet, I've got rotting teeth and
Repeated Selected 2: "C'mon people now, smile on your brother.
Everybody get together, try to love one another
right now."
Repeated Selected 3: "I don't think you're happy enough. I'll TEACH
you to be happy!"
Repeated Selected 4: "Happy Happy! Joy Joy! Happy Happy! Joy Joy!"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Happy to help!"
Action Acknowledgement 2: "With a smile!"
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Hop skip to it!"
To ???????????: "So you're a mage? I knew a mage once, but he
was pretty stuffy! You're not like that..."
To Edwin: "Smile more often, Edwin, it looks good on you!"
To ????????: "Well everyone is basically decent, once you get
them to unwrinkle their faces."
To Garrick: "Play your song again, Garrick. That one I like,
To Boo: "Ohh! It's just the cutest little hamesty
wampsty! Who's a fuzzy boo?"
Reply to ????????: "You needn't be so mean! I'm nice to YOU!"
Reply to ????????: "Oooh! Someone needs a tickle! Someone needs a
tickle! Smile already! Yeesh!"
Reply to ????????: "You are mean mean mean! No wonder people don't
like you!"
Reply to ????????: "Why must you be such a grumpy pus! Cheer up!"
To ?????????: "I've heard if you go too long without smiling,
your face will crack!"
To ?????????: "It must be hard work to be NEGATIVE all the
On any Death: "I've had friends die before, and it's still
On Edwin's Death: "Poor Edwin. He was just learning how to loosen

First Speech: "By the ice breath of Aura, 'tis good to see new
faces and taste freedom again!"
Fleeing: "Tempus, forgive my cowardice!"
Battle Cry: "Tempus, give us victory!"
Happy: "I am proud to stand among such strong warriors."
Unhappy: "Our actions are not those of warrior born."
Unhappy: "What sort of craven cowards are we?"
Leaving: "I can no longer honorably work with such as
Becoming Leader: "I have always dreamt of leading such a worthy
Tired: "*yawn* I'm tired."
Bored: "Damn the icicles of orb (??), I'm bored."
Badly Wounded: "Ah uh.. 'tis but a flesh wound."
Selected 1: "By Tempus' Shield!"
Selected 2: "What is your command?"
Selected 3: "Hello?"
Repeated Selected 1: "'Tis better to die on your feet, than live on
your knees."
Repeated Selected 2: "May Aura (Aurel?) bestow the Frost Kiss upon our
Repeated Selected 3: "By Valkur's strapping buttocks!"
Repeated Selected 4: "The gods favor is fickle at best."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "'Tis a fine day to die."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "If Tempus wills it."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "By Valkur's mighty Blade!"
About Shar-Teel: "Shar-Teel seems to have more spine than a lot of
the MEN in this party."
To Shar-Teel: "You are valiant of action, Shar-Teel. A pity
your spirit is mismatched."
To ?????????: "Stay well clear of me you foul-speaking
To ?????????: "Tempus would guide your wayward soul, if you let
To ?????????: "May Tempus one day show you the error of your
Reply to ????????: "I do not take such insults lightly."
Reply to ????????: "Thank you for your kind words."
Reply to ????????: "Do not mock me!"
To ?????????: "You shame this party by your mere presence."
To ?????????: "You are a strong warrior, I respect that."
To ?????????: "In a war of virtues, thou art an art."
On any Death: "To die in battle is the most glorious death of
On Shar-Teel's Death: "'Tis a shame to lose such an accomplished

First Speech: "Ho travellers, hold a moment."
Fleeing: "This adventure has gotten out of hand."
Battle Cry: "*whistles*"
Happy: "I think we all deserve a pat on the back."
Unhappy: "I cannot give my approval for what we've just
Unhappy: "If our fellowship continues in this vein, I may
have to leave."
Leaving: "I can't stay with this group any longer. I have
to call it quits."
Becoming Leader: "I think my new responsibility will be a great
deal of fun."
Tired: "Even the most prolific adventurer must take some
time to rest."
Bored: "My worst fate is reserved for sitting and
doing... nothing."
Badly Wounded: "Ugh... it's only a flesh wound."
Selected 1: "Life is adventure, or nothing."
Selected 2: "Yes?"
Selected 3: "What is your bidding?"
Repeated Selected 1: "The storm is always preferable to the calm."
Repeated Selected 2: "The essence of pleasure is spontenaity."
Repeated Selected 3: "You can't live without a little adventure."
Repeated Selected 4: "Luck is always on the side of the romantic."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Luck be a Lady."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Great peril yields great beauty."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Wherever Fate takes me."
To Safana: "Safana, you are full of such subtle wit and
To Safana: "Sometimes, Safana, I find myself attracted to
you, despite your shallow spiteful demeanor."
To Safana: "You've been dominating my thoughts recently,
Safana. It's distracting my work."
Reply to Safana: "If you weren't such a self-serving wench... I
don't think I'd find you half as attractive."
Reply to Safana: "Admit it, Safana, you sometimes find me to your
Reply to Safana: "You are rather uncouth today."
Reply to ??????: "I don't appreciate your humor."
Reply to ??????: "I accept your compliments."
To ????????: "A fine figure like yours shouldn't be risked in
an occupation such as adventuring."
To ????????: "A more beautiful girl I don't think I've laid
eyes on."
To ????????: "You have the most beautiful...uh...eyes."
On any Death: "I grieve to lose a friend."
On Safana's Death: "I wish we had more time to know each other,

First Speech: "Minsc continues to make the most... unique of
acquaintances. But for his charge thou art brave
Fleeing: "These odds are idiocy! Retreat!"
Happy: "This group shows... promise, exceptional."
Unhappy: "Must I watch over this group as a Nanny a
Unhappy: "I cannot abide by this decision. 'Tis idiocy."
Leaving: "Thy manner is inexplicably evil. I take my
Battle Cry: "For Right! And I always am!"
Badly Wounded: "By the Three, I do not feel well inside."
Becoming Leader: "A wise choice to appoint the wiser."
Tired: "Magic does not nest well in a tired mind. I
must sleep."
Bored: "Might we move on?"
In City: "Such bustle! The cities of Rashaman are empty
Selected 1: "Thy called?"
Selected 2: "Whatever thy need."
Selected 3: "Thy wish my ear?"
Repeated Selected 1: "Go here, do that. What about my needs?"
Repeated Selected 2: "These boots were made for walking, and that's
just what they'll do."
Repeated Selected 3: "Who are thou to touch me like you know me?"
Repeated Selected 4: "Watch thee where thy place thy pointer."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "As directed."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "No less than done."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "As well as I can."
To Minsc: "Ull... Must thou keep that rodent so close?
'Tis surely unclean."
To Minsc: "Stand easy Minsc. Thy needs not be so
Reply to Edwin: "Evil to thy cause? Perhaps. However, those of
decent nature know otherwise."
Reply to ?????: "Any protection would be courtesy not necessity,
my power is no less than thine."
Reply to ?????: "Thou shalt not question my will once I present
thy neck to the Orth Lor (??)"
Reply to ?????: "I pray thee did not kiss thy mother with that
Reply to ?????: "Thou art right indeed. After my own heart."
Reply to Viconia: "Thou art fluent in compliments. Some might say
To ?????????: "I'll thank thee to remain upwind. 'Tis hard to
cast spells while I gag."
About Edwin: "I should keep an eye towards Edwin. One can
only expect treachery from his kind."
Reply to ???????: "Thy decency is refreshing. So many we meet
are... lacking."
On any Death: "No more mistakes people. We can afford no more
On Minsc's Death: "Minsc! Minsc... his mighty berserker wrath will
not go unremembered."

First Speech: "Go no further! I require the services of your
group. (Yes, they will do nicely.)"
Fleeing: "Enough of this. Let these fools lose their own
Battle Cry: "Your worthless lives end here."
Happy: "A rare display of intelligence, undoubtedly
Unhappy: "I thought I could think no less of this group,
but with this behavior...!"
Unhappy: "I can stand no more! Our deal is void!
Leaving: "Our deal is void! I cannot stand your continued
waste of resources. We are at odds forevermore."
Becoming Leader: "They finally realize my true place."
Tired: "I'll not keep this pace without rest soon!"
Bored: "Inactive outward, inactive inward. (Why do I
suffer these fools?)"
Badly Wounded: "Strange... I do not feel so well."
Selected 1: "Again you disturb me."
Selected 2: "You are so irritating."
Selected 3: "WHAT is it NOW?"
Repeated Selected 1: "I do not understand this 'mouse magic' that
makes me do your bidding."
Repeated Selected 2: "Elminster this, Elminster that. Give ME 2000
years and a pointy hat, and I'll kick his arse!"
Repeated Selected 3: "Please don't disturb me while I plot to
overthrow you."
Repeated Selected 4: "They continue under the delusion that I care at
Action Acknowledgement 1: "As directed, for now."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "If I must."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "My actions are yours."
Reply to Dynaheir: "This witch deceives you with her lies! I tell
you she is evil!"
Reply to Dynaheir: "There is no protection if you goad me further,
About Dynaheir: "Her power is nothing without the will to use it.
Step out from behind your excuses and let us end
this here!"
Reply to ???????: "'Tis welcome you find no fault with one such as
Reply to ???????: "Her company is refreshing, but I am surprised I
find it so."
Reply to ???????: "No harm shall come to her as I yet live."
Reply to ???????: "Watch your words when addressing me lest they be
fed to you on the end of my boot."
Reply to ???????: "Your words please, though I know not their
Reply to ???????: "This group be a damned sight better off without
??????: "Must you crowd so close so close? 'Tis bad
enough I must walk with you chimps."
Reply to ???????: "Typical response... I wonder if they will prove
useful at all..."
On any Death: "On discarded. I'll have to find another group
if this keeps up."
On Dynaheir's Death: "Checkmate! At last the witch dies!"
??????????: "Ohh... I'm not much help for you. I'll just sit
with the pretties and watch them sparkle."
??????????: "Aah! Help!"
??????????: "I sad, but... sparkle makes for happy."
??????????: "I not like sad thoughts. I go sit with the
??????????: "I once had shinies piled up to the sky. I no
remember where they are."
??????????: "You find me friends... ok?"

First Speech: "Gentlemen, gentlewomen, may I introduce myself.
I am Eldoth Kron."
Fleeing: "Better a coward than a dead man."
Battle Cry: "If we must."
Happy: "I'm glad to be associated with such a fine group
of gentlemen."
Unhappy: "This party's direction seems to be somewhat
Unhappy: "I don't know how much longer I can bear the
company of so many fools."
Leaving: "Goodbye now. Hope to never see you again."
Badly Wounded: "Help! My injuries are grievous!"
Bored: "If I wanted to live a life of tedium, I would
have become a monk."
Tired: "I think it would be well to stop and rest."
Becoming Leader: "I take this responsibility knowing I am best
suited for it."
Selected 1: "You're so dull."
Selected 2: "What's your worry?"
Selected 3: "Don't bore me."
Repeated Selected 1: "There is no evil but stupidity."
Repeated Selected 2: "There is no good or evil, only the charming and
the tedious."
Repeated Selected 3: "Only shallow people don't judge by appearance."
Repeated Selected 4: "The first duty in life is to be as artificial as
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Certainly."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "As you command."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "This is so tedious."
To Skie: "Skie, my little angel, a woman should know her
Reply to Skie: "Skie don't bother me right now."
Reply to Skie: "Be silent Skie! It's not like your opinion is
worth anything..."
To Shar-Teel: "Shar-Teel your lot in life is to make cookies
and bear children. Now shut up."
Reply to ???????: "Stop your whining, wench."
Reply to ???????: "Your wit is somewhat lacking."
Reply to ???????: "I knew that."
Reply to ???????: "Don't try my patience."
To ?????????: "Perhaps we could talk over wine tonight. I've
never met a lady such as you, and I'm desirous to
know you better."
Reply to ???????: "Try to keep quiet and speak only when spoken
To ?????????: "You must be the most uninteresting person I have
the honor of knowing."
On any Death: "Too bad."
On Shar-Teel's Death: "The wench had it coming."

First Speech: "I am Faldorn. I have been looking for those who
would fight for the sanctity of this forest."
Fleeing: "I will not waste my life here."
Battle Cry: "Rrrrraaa!"
Happy: "We have pleased Oak Father. I sense it."
Unhappy: "Oak Father would frown on us now."
Unhappy: "I cannot standby people of such little
Leaving: "I will have nothing more to do with your lot."
Becoming Leader: "I will do as best I can as your leader."
Tired: "*yawn* All of nature's children must rest
Bored: "There is much to do, and little time to waste."
Badly Wounded: "Uhh... I am wounded."
In Forest: "The sanctity of these woods must be preserved."
In City: "Cities are a blight on the beauty of nature."
Selected 1: "Nature is all."
Selected 2: "I am one with nature."
Selected 3: "You ... want something?"
Repeated Selected 1: "Why must Man always despoil the Oak Father's
Repeated Selected 2: "Man is the least grateful of nature's children."
Repeated Selected 3: "Oak Father, please forgive your wayward brood."
Repeated Selected 4: "I am angry. Don't talk to me now."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "I will do that."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Of course."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Rrrruhhh!"
To Jaheira: "You are a fool, Jaheira, to think that Man can
live with nature and not destroy it."
To Jaheira: "You dilute our order with your compassionate
To Jaheira: "One day woman, you and I will settle our
To Jaheira: "Jaheira. Your choice of a mate suits your
weakling nature."
To ????????: "It's time I rid our fellowship of your...
unwholesome influence."
Reply to ????????: "I... I don't know why you speak to me so!"
Reply to ????????: "I have no quarrel with you. Please, don't
create one."
Reply to ????????: "I thank you."
Reply to ????????: "You have more wisdom than the others give you
credit for."
Reply to ????????: "I am glad to adventure with one who respects our
Oak Father's kingdom."
Reply to ????????: "Your shallow regard for nature sickens me!"
On any Death: "Death is a natural end, that everyone must
On Jaheira's Death: "Her poisonous influence has been ended."

First Speech: "Hello there. I have a pretty proposal for you."
Fleeing: "Brave brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick led the
way. Brave brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick ran
Battle Cry: "Once more unto the breach dear friends!"
Happy: "If man is known by the company he keeps, I shall
be known gloriously."
Unhappy: "Why did we just do that?"
Unhappy: "I can't stand by and just let this happen."
Leaving: "I'm sorry but I have to leave. I can't stomache
what we do anymore."
Becoming Leader: "I feel a little unprepared for this job, but
I'll try my best."
Tired: "A yawn is a silent shout."
Bored: "A bored man is an angry man."
Badly Wounded: "My goodness! I think I'm dying!"
In Forest: "I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely
as a tree."
In City: "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood."
Selected 1: "Yes, sir?"
Selected 2: "I am at your service."
Selected 3: "Life is glorious."
Repeated Selected 1: "Give and spend, and the gods will send."
Repeated Selected 2: "Make short the miles with talk and smiles."
Repeated Selected 3: "Love makes the world go round."
Repeated Selected 4: "Music has charms to soothe the savage breasts."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "At once."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "With god's speed."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "With joy, sir!"
To Skie: "Perhaps you'd care to hear my music, Skie. It's
very different and somewhat better than
To Skie: "Why do you stay with Eldoth, Skie? Can't you
see that he's just using you?"
To Eldoth: "Don't speak to Skie that way, Eldoth; she
deserves better."
To Eldoth: "My music is superior to yours, Eldoth; I was
taught at the college in Verdusk."
To Skie: "A girl of beauty is a joy forever."
To Tiax: "I think you need to learn some manners."
Reply to ???????: "Thank you so very much for your most gracious
Reply to ???????: "I don't know what I did to deserve THAT."
Reply to ???????: "It takes two to make a quarrel."
To ?????????: "I think you're an honorable person."
To ?????????: "I don't remember knowing a more caring person."
On any Death: "The world is such a cruel place."
On Skie's Death: "No! Why her? She didn't deserve this."

First Speech: "Heya! It's me! Imoen."
Fleeing: "Getting out alive, I am. There's nothing for me
here now."
Badly Wounded: "I feel so cold."
Unhappy: "Mutton mongerin riff raff."
Tired: "*yawn* I'm getting a little sleepy."
Battle Cry: "My blade will cut ya down to size!"
Becoming Leader: "Yer all buffle headed."
Selected 1: "I care not."
Selected 2: "Whatcha want?"
Selected 3: "Yep?"
Selected 4: "Yer a queer fellow."
Repeated Selected: "Do ya wanna tell me a story about trollops an
plug tails? Please?"
Repeated Selected 2: "I know nothing more, so leave me to go."
Repeated Selected 3: "Good on you if you save the day."
Repeated Selected 4: "Back home, Puff-Guts would always tell me a
Action Acknowledgement 1: "I am gone."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "I've done had enough of this."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "This way."
??????????: "BOOOring"
On any death: "Poor sod, taking the dirt nap so soon."
??????????: "There's something most unnatural here, and I
want no part of it."
??????????: "I told ya it was Eldoth what done the deeds. I
know nothing more, so leave me to go."

First Speech: "How long must we wait here? Things stir to the
south as we sit!"
Fleeing: "D'ah! Better to fight this battle when 'tis
Battle Cry: "For the Fallen!"
Happy: "Ooh... perhaps this group needs not quite as
much help as I thought."
Unhappy: "I... don't like the way this group is turning
out. Better leadership might help."
Unhappy: "Decide you well your next move. I'll not allow
this to continue."
Leaving: "You have shown your true nature, and we are
henceforth enemies!"
Becoming Leader: "You couldn't have made a better choice."
Tired: "I've just about seen enough waking hours, Slave
Bored: "Shouldn't we be doing something USEFUL with this
Badly Wounded: "I fear I need healing, lest I not survive."
In forest: "Tread lightly, you must show respect in nature's
In city: "This city is a blight on the landscape. Better
to have let the land grow wild."
Underground: "An open wound in mother earth, I would plug it
had I the power!"
At Night: "Darkness falls, and nature sleeps. Why do we
still tromp about?"
Selected 1: "Nature's servant awaits."
Selected 2: "Yes, oh omnipresent authority figure?"
Selected 3: "You've a task?"
Repeated Selected 1: "Ah, what now? Need your pantaloons pressed?"
Repeated Selected 2: "By your command."
Repeated Selected 3: "This would be a good place for a hinge."
Repeated Selected 4: "If a tree falls in the forest, I'll kill the
bastard what done it!"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "For the group."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "As you direct."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "'Tis good as done."
To Khalid: "Khalid my dear, 'twould take a sailor to untie
that tongue."
?????????: "Insufferable?"
?????????: "Beautiful?"
To ?????????: "Do you claim to fight evil while you are
diabolic yourself?"
To ?????????: "I know nothing of gold, but you are nearly
Zhentish in spirit. Zshh, 'tis disgusting."
Reply to ????????: "You demonstrate your own pettiness. It saves me
the trouble so I take no offense."
Reply to ????????: "Ah ah... careful. Ground tongue makes excellent
fertilizer, especially with what you're spewing."
Reply to ????????: "Is grass not made of blades? Do stars not
shoot? Nature be well armed and demands so of
her servants."
Reply to ????????: "You are ... amusing. In a what-the-hell is
wrong with you kind of way."
To ??????????: "Seldom do I find so little fault with someone.
I hope it lasts."
To ??????????: "Keep your distance. I doubt your motives are as
you claim."
On any Death: "No sorrow for those lost in righteous battles."
On Khalid's Death: "Blast it Khalid! You die! I swear you'll never
hear the end of it!"

First Speech: "Greetings, I am Kagain, what can I do for you?"
Fleeing: "This isn't worth dying over."
Battle Cry: "Oh for the love of money..."
Unhappy: "You buncha chumps, what the hell do ya think you
was doing?"
Unhappy: "Unh... do-gooders always make me want to vomit."
Leaving: "That's it! This dwarf is leaving!"
Becoming Leader: "As leader I plan to make us stinking rich!"
Tired: "Even a dwarf's got a limit to his stamina."
Bored: "Waiting around isn't going to make us any
Badly Wounded: "Unh... this dwarf's not feeling too good."
In forest: "Damn forest! Always reminds me of pansy
Underground: "I like it here... where the ghoul grows."
Selected 1: "I don't wanna talk."
Selected 2: "Go pester someone else!"
Selected 3: "I need an ale..."
Repeated Selected 1: "The only thing better than gold... is more
Repeated Selected 2: "You pugs are starting to piss me off!"
Repeated Selected 3: "Gold runs the world, kid. The faster you learn
that, the better life will treat ya."
Repeated Selected 4: "If I had a copper for every moron I've run
across, I could buy Baldur's Gate!"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Urrp... sure."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Alright."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Why me?"
To Yeslick: "You're the stupidest dwarf I've ever met!
You're an embarassment to dwarves everywhere!"
To Yeslick: "Yeslick, you're stupid mine is what started all
this trouble!"
Reply to Yeslick: "Yeslick, shut your lousy mouth and get out of my
Reply to Yeslick: "You're an imbecile Yeslick! If you piss me off
one more time, I'm going to rip your head off!"
Reply to Yeslick: "You lousy excuse for a dwarf! I'm going to rip
you a new arse!"
Reply to ???????: "You should shut up."
Reply to ???????: "Keep on talking that way, and I'm going to stuff
your mouth full of horse dung!"
Reply to ???????: "Shut up and show me the money!"
Reply to ???????: "Are you some kind of a moron? What did you
think you was doing?"
To ????????: "Altruistic moron..."
Reply to ????????: "Ya dolt! Shut yer trap before it gets ya into
On any Death: "Better them than me."
On Yeslick's Death: "Stupid dwarf was going to die sooner or later."

First Speech: "Calm yourself dear, we must proceed carefully."
Fleeing: "Better part of valor! Better part of valor!"
Battle Cry: "Oh... my... heart's really not in this."
Happy: "Gorion would be proud of your actions."
Unhappy: "Gorion would have none of this, 'tis shameful!"
Unhappy: "I'll not have a part in this. Change your
course lest I be forced to stop you!"
Leaving: "I will not allow this, it's utterly evil!"
Becoming Leader: "If you wish, but I'm not a very inspiring
Tired: "I think much clearer with rest... might we...
Bored: "I prefer these long periods of relaxation. A
lovely day for it."
Badly Wounded: "I'm getting weaker... I'll need a healer as soon
as possible."
In forest: "I am much more at east in the forest."
In city: "Cities are always so intimidating, so many
Underground: "There are so many places I would rather be..."
During the Day: "Sunny or not, 'tis nice to enjoy the
At Night: "Even with Infravision, I prefer the Daylight."
Selected 1: "Can I help you?"
Selected 2: "You have need of me?"
Selected 3: "Wha..? *ahem* Yes?"
Repeated Selected 1: "If at first I don't succeed... the wife won't
let me forget."
Repeated Selected 2: "Th-th-that's all folks."
Repeated Selected 3: "Ch-ch-ch *hehe* ch-ch-chia!"
Repeated Selected 4: "Click on someone your own size!"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "If none are better."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "I can, but try."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "I'll... do my best."
To Jaheira: "Please! Jaheira! You needn't be so so... uh."
??????????: "Yes, that's definately it!"
??????????: "Yeah, no no no! Stay beautiful... despite
To ??????????: "Usually everyone proves themselves, but there is
something... disturbing about you."
To ??????????: "I had thought none could be so beyond the
b-bounds of goodness! Surely you need h-help!"
Reply to ?????????: "Sharpen your tongue elsewhere. Everyone
deserves a chance."
Reply to ?????????: "You ... must you continually....?"
Reply to ?????????: "Oh.. uh... Thank you!"
To ??????????: "I don't mean to be confrontational, but could
you be a little less... evil?"
Reply to ?????????: "Your honesty is refreshing, but lace it well
with tact."
To ??????????: "Your company is a welcome part of this group."
On any Death: "Another friend fallen... does it never end?"
On Jaheira's Death: "Ja-Jaheira! No! Noooooooo!"

First Speech: "Hail. It is not often that I come across
strangers in this part of the world."
Underground: "Why must we emulate the ways of the Dwarven
Folk by crawling about these warrens."
In City: "This city is an example of man's excesses. I
wish it would be gone from this miserable place."
Happy: "That was a noble deed."
Unhappy 1: "I don't agree with our parties' course of
Unhappy 2: "I won't stand for such behavior again."
Leaving: "I can not allow this to go on! Defend
To Viconia: "Stay away from me, Dark Elf!"
To Viconia: "How are we to trust one who venerates the Spider
To Viconia: "Your evil ways will bring you ruin, Dark Elf!"
To Viconia: "Don't make me warn you again Drow, your next
slip will be your last!"
To ?????????: "You are a valuable companion."
To ?????????: "Your courage shames the others."
Reply to Viconia: "You dark hearted bitch! You'll die for that!"
Reply to Viconia: "Watch what you say!"
Reply to Viconia: "Shut your mouth!"
Reply to Ajantis: "Your candor is appreciated."
Reply to ?????????: "Shut up! Your chattering will drive us all
On any Death: "One more friend to mourn."
On Viconia's Death: "May Viconia's soul rot in Hell!"
Badly Wounded: "I don't know how much longer I can go on."
Battle Cry: "Raaaugh!"
Becoming Leader: "I will lead for as long as needed."
Bored: "Oh please, we have tarried long enough."
Tired: "*yawn* It is time for us to rest."
Selected 1: "Yes?"
Selected 2: "What do you want?"
Selected 3: "Don't bother me."
Repeated Selected 1: "There is a time for talk, this is not such
Repeated Selected 2: "Oh my soul aches for my lost Daeheriana (SP?)"
Repeated Selected 3: "We must not waste time on idle chatter!"
Repeated Selected 4: "My need for revenge gives me strength to go on."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Aye."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "As you wish."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Grr!"
Running Away: "Retreat you fools! We have no hope to win!"

First Speech: "Stand and deliver. That my hamster may have a
better look at you!"
In forest: "Boo likes the forest."
At Night: "Ah... night time, good for sneaking up on evil!"
Battle Cry: "Go for the eyes boo! Go for the eyes! Raaugh!"
Happy: "Camaraderie, Adventure, and Steel on Steel. The
stuff of legends! Right, Boo?"
Unhappy: "Yes Boo, I agree. This group could do with a
swift kick in the Morals!"
Unhappy 2: "If I continue with this I'll never look Boo in
the eyes again! Choose carefully, I'll not let
this come to pass!"
Leaving: "You have stepped behind the line of evil! Taste
Hamster justice!"
On Dynaheir Leaving: "As Dynaheir goes, so goes my Blade."
Bored: "My hamster is getting antsy. If we be
Adventurers, let us Adventure!"
On any death: "No finer a place to die than on the
On Dynaheir's Death: "Dynaheir! Noooo! You will be avenged!"
To Garrick: "Play on Bard, tis sweet music to my furry
To ?????????: "Boo does not like your manner... away with you!"
Reply to Safana: "I take no offense from your comments. You just
don't understand the bond I have with Boo."
Reply to ????????: "Your words are as sharp as my blade, although
not half as shiny. Ooh... shiny!"
Becoming Leader: "Magic is impressive. But now, Minsc leads,
swords for everyone!"
Tired: "I must rest. I've got a bad case of Armor
Badly Injured: "I need aid soon, lest my Hamster become... an
Selected 1: "Who wants some?"
Selected 2: "You point, I punch."
Selected 3: "Less talk, more fight!"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Full Plate and packing steel."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Butt kicking for Goodness!"
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Squeaky wheel gets the kick!"
??????????: "No! Despair not! I will inspire you by
charging blindly on!"
??????????: "Evil round every corner, careful not to step in
??????????: "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...
Watch it! I'm Huge!"
??????????: "When the going get tough, someone hold my
??????????: "There be safety in numbers, and I am two or
three at least!"
??????????: "Make way evil! I'm armed to the teeth, and
packing a Hamster!"
??????????: "It is as you would have it. It is my sworn vow
to see that your every need is catered to."
??????????: "Lay a finger on what I protect, and forevermore
you will answer nature's call... with a hook!"
??????????: "Stand you not too close, Dynaheir is under my
??????????: "I am a man of few words, and few hesitations.
Warnings past, and now you die!"
??????????: "You travel with Minsc, you toe the line! I
won't suffer slackers while I'm busy Heroing!"
??????????: "Choose your friends wisely, not all are as
trustworthy as Minsc and Boo."

First Speech: "He already be disturbed, now leave me be! Yer
company be toil enough as is."
In Forest: "I hate the woods! Prey be so much easier to
find in the city."
Underground: "Dungeons... the dark be nice, but BLAST this
Fleeing: "A pox on ye! I'll no lose my neck to this lot!"
During the Day: "I be much preferring the cover of night o'er
this blasted daylight!"
Happy: "Effective. I may kill you after all."
Unhappy: "Ye goody goodies make me sick!"
Unhappy: "Any more of your 'nice nice' and I'm gone."
Leaving: "I'll suffer this group no more! Best ye sleep
with one eye open."
On any Death: "Fool! Now we'll need another mule!"
On Xzar's Death: "And the mad wizard falls! Saves me the
Tired: "If I'm not allowed to sleep, our next assailants
may just live."
Bored: "A good blade must be fed, find prey, or I find
Badly Wounded: "A death be in me, if I no get help!"
Battle Cry: "And the rivers run red!"
Becoming Leader: "I have no equal, but I prefer to work alone."
Selected 1: "Ye spoke at me?"
Selected 2: "This better be good."
Selected 3: "What need ye dead?"
Repeated Selected 1: "I warrant your attention? Oh frabgerous day,
kaloo kaley!"
Repeated Selected 2: "Arrrrr!"
Repeated Selected 3: "Leave me be, lest your head leave your neck!"
Repeated Selected 4: "What part of 'I'm a Loner' do ye not
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Go suck your blade."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "I'll do yer toil."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Sleep lightly taskmaster..."
?????????????: "My equal is a talent of many men... all of them
?????????????: "I've suffered yer company as long as I'm going
to. Ye could be Harper's the way ye irritate me
To ????????????: "Keep yer distance ye goodie goodie. I no like
the smell of charity."
To ????????????: "Good or bad, ye'll go the way of all flesh."
To ????????????: "'Tis a wonder ye've lived as long as ye have!"
Reply to ?????????: "Do ye truly want your last words to be SO
Reply to ?????????: "Do not make light of me! My purpose is greater
than you could imagine!"
Reply to ?????????: "Your wit be as sharp as my blade! Do we
exchange jabs? Or will ye cease your prattle?"
Reply to ?????????: "Mayhap we should just be friendly more, and go
for tea."
Reply to ?????????: "Ye live longer if ye don't annoy me. Mayhaps
even a week or more."

First Speech: "Walking alone on the Coastway Road, how smart is
In Forest: "Deciduous, Coniferous, and uh... Green."
In Cave: "If I'm so smart, what am I doing down here?"
At Night: "If I weren't so intelligent, I might be a little
*gulp* nervous of the dark!"
On any Death: "The stupid will fall while the smart survive!"
On Tiax's Death: "Ah Tiax! If any had asked I would have said
that you were too dumb to live!"
Happy: "This group may be capable of learning after
Unhappy: "Tis a wonder that your brains can keep you
breathing! Try to behave!"
Unhappy: "Only the truly inept would resort to such evil
as this! I won't stand much more!"
Leaving: "I am getting stupid just being near you. You
are unteachable! Goodbye!"
Becoming Leader: "At last you realized the potential of my
amazing brain!"
Tired: "If I go too long without rest, I'll end out as
stupid as you!"
Bored: "The mind atrophies with disuse, let's do
Badly Injured: "Hello! I need healing here!"
Selected 1: "Can I... help you?"
Selected 2: "What do you need??"
Selected 3: "You grunted?"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "I'm too smart for this!"
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Is that all?"
Action Acknowledgement 3: "There's none better!"
??????????: "Live smart, live long, run away!"
??????????: "I am so Smart! S, M, R, T... I mean S, M, A, R,
??????????: "Shake a paw, come on, shake a paw!"
??????????: "Feel my amazing brain! Go on, touch it!"
??????????: "I wile away the hours, conferring with the
flowers, consulting with the rain."
To Tiax: "Ruler of the world, Hmmm? Only if chosen by
virtue of an uncluttered mind!"
To Tiax: "Indeed you grow GRANDER by the moment. Although
how a Fat Head will help, I do not know."
??????????: "Oh yeah? Well I've got more smarts in my little
finger than you've got in your little finger! No
wait a minute..."
??????????: "Violence is a trademark of LOW INTELLIGENCE."
??????????: "Well I certainly would have handled THAT
??????????: "If you were smarter, you'd enjoy my company
??????????: "If you need any help, you know, thinking, just
let me know! I'm here to help!"
To Garrick: "Mind not what others say, the intelligent enjoy
your music regardless."
Reply to ???????: "OoooOooh! Insult me again! Only this time use
your brain!"
Reply to ???????: "You don't expect me to belive that. I'm too
smart for your hidden insults."
Reply to ???????: "Who taught this chimp to talk? What they can't
do these days!"

First Speech: "I've been looking for strong men, like
In City: "This city is a beautiful place. So full of the
gullible and stupid."
Unhappy: "I really think this party needs new leadership."
Unhappy 2: "To lead this party, we need someone intelligent,
preferably female, and most likely me."
Leaving: "I've tried to guide this group in the right
direction, but I'm tired of trying. Goodbye."
To Minsc: "My feet are very sore, perhaps you could massage
Reply to ???????: "I love it when you speak to me that way!"
Reply to Coran: "I assume, Coran, that you think that your elven
charms are considerably. Let me enlighten you,
they aren't!"
Reply to ???????: "You have about as much appeal as a rotting owl
Reply to ???????: "You think that I'd surrendur myself to the likes
of you? That's a laugh!"
Reply to Coran: "Watch what you say, Elf!"
Reply to Coran: "I might find you attractive, Coran, if you
weren't so irritating."
Reply to ???????: "I like it when you are nasty to me."
Reply to ???????: "You could be... somewhat more creative in your
Reply to ???????: "Oh I always love a good compliment."
To ?????????: "You're a very sexy man."
To ?????????: "I'd love to see what... other skills you
On any death: "The rest of you should be careful, lest you end
up like our... unfortunate friend."
On Coran's Death: "Don't die silly elf. I didn't mean all the
things I said!"
Bored: "Perhaps we could do something a little more
exciting than looking pretty."
Becoming Leader: "This is probably the sanest decision this group
has ever made."
Tired: "A woman needs her beauty rest."
Badly Wounded: "I'm hurt, stop what you are doing and help me
right now."
Selected 1: "Yes, Dear?"
Selected 2: "I'll do anything."
Selected 3: "Oh, I feel so... sensual."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "If that's your desire."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Of course, Darling."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "With pleasure."
??????????: "Nothing's worth dying for."
??????????: "Mmmm... I keep very... pleasant company."
??????????: "Between two evils, I always choose the one I
haven't tried."
??????????: "When I'm good, I'm very very good. But when I'm
bad... I'm better."
??????????: "Everyone in this party is entitled to my

First Speech: "Hold travellers, I challenge your best warrior
to a duel."
Happy: "It seems this party isn't as pathetic as I first
Unhappy: "This is the kind of stupidity we get with male
Unhappy 2: "I can't take much more of this male imbecility."
Leaving: "Forget our deal, I'm leaving."
Reply To Eldoth: "Say another word, Eldoth, and I'll cut out your
Reply To Eldoth: "Your impudence will one day get you killed,
Reply To Eldoth: "Watch your mouth Eldoth, or I'll end your life
where you stand."
Reply to Eldoth: "You were warned Eldoth, now reap the
Reply to ??????: "Flattery will get you nowhere."
Reply to ??????: "*laughs* You're such a funny man! That's why
I'm going to kill you last."
Reply To ??????: "How would you like my sword tickling your
To ??????: "Useless male dungheap."
To ??????: "I spit on your manhood!"
To ??????: "Don't think yourself second to any man!"
To Eldoth: "Eldoth you're a impudent degenerate lout who has
delusions of male superiority."
On any Death: "More carrion for the vultures."
On ??????'s Death: "The swine had it coming."
Tired: "Some rest is in order."
Bored: "This is such a waste of time. Or should I say
that MEN are such a waste of time."
Badly Hurt: "I don't have time to bleed."
Battle Cry: "Eat steel, scum!"
Becoming Leader: "I'll lead this party better than any man could!"
Selected 1: "If it bleeds, I can kill it."
Selected 2: "I love bloodshed."
Selected 3: "Men are pathetic."
Repeated Selected 1: "Life is made fun by crushing your enemies."
Repeated Selected 2: "Sometimes the smell of a man makes me sick to my
Repeated Selected 3: "Steel is the only thing that a woman can depend
Repeated Selected 4: "Men never think with their minds."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Really?"
Action Acknowledgement 2: "I'll do it."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Okay."
??????????: "Discretion is the better part of valor."

First Speech: "Eldoth I thought I'd never see you again."
Meet without Eldoth: "Please help me!"
On any Death: "*sniffle* I can't believe he's dead."
On Eldoth's Death: "What am I going to do? You can't die, Eldoth,
you can't!"
Happy: "You're the finest group of friends I've ever
Unhappy: "I don't think what we are doing is morally
Unhappy 2: "All of you are such pigs."
Leaving: "I can't take this anymore! I'm going back
To Eldoth: "Eldoth, why do you treat our companions so
To Eldoth: "I love you... Eldoth."
To Eldoth: "Why do you always have to make fun of me? I
hate you! Get away from me!"
To Eldoth: "Eldoth tell them to stop being so cruel!"
To Garrick: "I'd love to hear your music Garrick."
To Garrick: "Eldoth is a kind man. He cares about me,
To ???????: "You're a good friend."
To ???????: "I feel safe with you in the party."
To ???????: "I think you're a beautiful person."
Reply to ????????: "Thank you, you're very kind."
Becoming Leader: "I don't know if I can handle this Leadership
Thing, but I'll give it a try."
Tired: "I'm getting tired, can we take a rest soon?"
Bored: "I'm... so... Bored!"
Badly Wounded: "Aah! I'm hurt... help."
Selected 1: "Can I help you?"
Selected 2: "Ah, I broke a nail."
Selected 3: "Ah, I mussed my hair."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Mm, my feet hurt."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "I have a cold."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "I have a headache."
??????????: "Do you like my perfume?"
??????????: "Let's go shopping!"
??????????: "It's been so long since I've had a hot meal!"
??????????: "I wanna go home..."
??????????: "Oh, I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?"

First Speech: "Yo! Tiax would speak at you! For 'tis destined
to be so."
Fleeing: "Tiax will rule... from a distance."
Battle Cry: "Tiax will smite thee!"
Happy: "Tiax is impressed with this group. You will
continue to serve him once he rules."
Unhappy: "Tiax fails to see how this will aid in his
Unhappy: "Continue with this... unprofitable behaver, and
Tiax will seek his destiny elsewhere!"
Leaving: "You are unworthy to sit at the feet of great
Tiax. I shall find another for that exalted
Becoming Leader: "As it should be. Tiax was destined to lead."
Tired: "Tiax needs rest, if he is to rule."
Bored: "We get no closer to world domination just
standing about!"
Badly Hurt: "Destiny had best hurry. Tiax does not feel
well... at all."
In Forest: "When Tiax rules, this forest will be lumber for
but a leg of his throne."
In City: "When Tiax rules, the stones of this city shall
build his castle."
Underground: "Why must Tiax traverse this dank hole. Cyric
said nothing of soggy boots!"
During the Day: "Tiax must squint in the sunlight. One day...
revenge shall be his!"
At Night: "Night would DARE hamper the sight of Tiax?"
On Quayle's Death: "Ha ha ha ha! Smart guy dies! And Tiax goes on
to RULE!"
On any Death: "Blast you! Escaping the inevitable rule of Tiax
by dying? Coward!"
Selected 1: "Who DARES prod Tiax?"
Selected 2: "Tiax hears ya."
Selected 3: "Soon Tiax rules!"
Repeated Selected 1: "Ya little monkey spanker."
Repeated Selected 2: "When Tiax rules, britches shall not ride up so
wedge like."
Repeated Selected 3: "Tiax does as ye will, but one day BOOM, he
Repeated Selected 4: "The day comes when TIAX will point and click!"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Tiax is as Tiax does."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Tiax will rule all!"
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Tiax moves! Make way!"
To Quayle: "Where will your learning get you when Tiax
rules? Duke of Manure at best!"
To Quayle: "Sure ye be smart, but none are grander than
Reply to ????????: "Thou wouldst mock me? Ye stiff rumped fool!"
Reply to ????????: "*weird noises* Tiax and his greatness shall
squash you as a bug you *weird noises* insolent
Reply to ????????: "Your insults carry little sting. Tiax knows he
will rule in the end."
Reply to ????????: "You cup shot mutton head! Tiax will slap ya
silly! When he rules."
Reply to ????????: "Aw, your goals are petty in comparison to the
wonder of Tiax!"
Reply to Garrick: "Give thy tongue a holiday! Tiax so commands!"
????????: "All the world will tremble beneath the feet of
????????: "Do as ye will, but 'tis for naught! Tiax must
????????: "Has Tiax mentioned he is going to rule? 'Tis

First Speech: "Help me! If you don't help me... he'll kill
In forest: "Your forests seem very strange, and yet...
somehow familiar."
In caves: "Tis akin to my home, but home does not welcome
Happy: "Shar looks upon us with favor."
Unhappy: "Surface dwellers can be so stupid."
Unhappy: "I am disappointed by our lack of progress."
Leaving: "I have no desire to remain in the company of
the witless!"
To Dynaheir: "You are one of the among us whom I can respect."
Reply to Kivan: "Don't threaten me, Kivan, it shall only lead to
your death!"
Outdoors 1: "There's no roof to this world."
Outdoors 2: "The light it burns!"
Random: "Male, fetch me something to eat!"
On Kivan's Death: "It is sad that Kivan and I never understood each
On any Death: "Death is not something to mourn."
Badly Wounded: "Shar, save me from the Spider Queen's
Battle Cry: "Lil Alurl! For Shar!"
Becoming Leader: "With the guidance of Shar we shall prosper!"
Tired: "I must rest."
Bored: "The Drow are never this idle with their time!"
Selected 1: "Jal Kahless?"
Selected 2: "Nightsinger, give me power."
Selected 3: "Oloth Zha?"
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Khaless Nau!"
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Nau natha."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "May Darkness prevail."
???????????: "We must run!"
???????????: "I pity you for your short lifespan."
???????????: "I was born of a noble race."
???????????: "Shar is a goddess of conviction and purpose."
???????????: "I'll go where you wish, if you keep me from the
accursed sun."

First Speech: "I thank you for my freedome, friends, for I have
languished in these dismal vaults too long."
Fleeing: "We're all doomed. Run while we're still able."
Battle Cry: "Onward... to victory."
Happy: "Oh! Perhaps we'll survive longer than I had
originally thought."
Unhappy: "This group is especially hopeless today."
Unhappy: "Keep up this evil, and we're deservedly DOOMED."
Leaving: "I cannot abide by these actions. I must take my
leave of this barbaric fellowship!"
Becoming Leader: "While leader I will endeavor not to get all of
us killed."
Tired: "Certainly I shall collapse from exhaustion
before I fall on the battlefield."
Bored: "If we are doomed to fail, could we at least do
it faster!?"
Badly Wounded: "My wounds are too grave! I am a dead man..."
In Forest: "The majesty of the forest makes me feel...
In City: "The bustle of the city makes me feel
During the Day: "The sun shines and I am amazed we live to see
another day."
Selected 1: "We're all doomed."
Selected 2: "Life... is so hollow."
Selected 3: "Our quest is vain."
Repeated Selected 1: "It is hardly worth the effort of trying."
Repeated Selected 2: "We delude ourselves to think our pitiable band
will stand up to our enemies."
Repeated Selected 3: "Let us save our effort and just lie down and
Repeated Selected 4: "I'll do what I can, but expect very little."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Whatever."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "Oh what is the point?"
Action Acknowledgement 3: "If you want..."
To Eldoth: "Eldoth! Could you stand away from me? The
stench is somewhat unnerving!"
To Eldoth: "Perhaps, Eldoth, you could be a little more
polite to our companions?"
To Eldoth: "You could do us all a favor, Eldoth, by getting
KILLED in the next battle!"
To Ajantis: "Have you ever wondered how... hollow your
convictions sound, Ajantis?"
To Ajantis: "It seems our resident Suicide Monger, Ajantis,
lives in a black and white world!"
Reply to ?????????: "If I wanted your opinion I would have asked for
Reply to ?????????: "I hope what you say was well intentioned."
Reply to ?????????: "Do not think I will endure your insults
To ?????????: "Your stupidity makes you a DOOMED MAN."
To ?????????: "Well, with you as my companion, who needs
To ?????????: "Around you I almost feel as if we have a
On any Death: "Another victim in our hopeless crusade."
On Eldoth's Death: "I would grieve for Eldoth, if it were not for
the sense of joy I now feel!"

First Speech: "Montaron, you are so AGGRAVATING! 'Tis
disturbing to my demeanor!"
During the Day: "I've never liked the Sunlight. 'Tis just...
too bright!"
In forest: "The trees move... do you not see it?"
In city: "A cuthroat in every alley... but I'll not let
them take us alive!"
Underground: "Oh I'm never quite so comfortable as when I'm at
least six feet under!"
Happy: "Smiles everyone! Smiles! This is like some
great fantasy."
Happy: "I'm starting to find this group almost...
Unhappy: "Must we be so insufferably CHARITABLE??"
Unhappy: "I'll not tolerate any more of this BENEVOLENCE."
Leaving: "I can take this no longer. May you all die cold
miserable deaths! Farewell!"
To Montaron: "Tell us a story, Monty, something with Bears and
To Montaron: "Ha ha there Montaron. Quite the fight, eh,
To Montaron: "Oh, come on Montaron lighten up! Must you be so
moody all the time?"
Reply to ????????: "Oh speak no more, lest ye gorge my sweet tooth."
Reply to ????????: "I'll not be mocked, thou most slanderous
Tired: "I tired. I'll be much more agreable with rest!"
Bored: "Much as I enjoy these moments of repose, get a
move on it!"
On Montaron's Death: "Montaron... I ... I never loved you!"
On any Death: "I suppose I should feel a sense of loss. How
unfortunate, I don't care!"
Badly Wounded: "Mommy, I don't feel too good."
Battle Cry: "I have become death! Destroyer of Worlds!"
Becoming Leader: "A wise choice for leader. *evil laugh*"
Selected 1: "Something troubling you?"
Selected 2: "Your voice is Ambrosia."
Selected 3: "Stop touching me!"
Repeated Selected 1: "Tell me about the rabbits."
Repeated Selected 2: "Those the gods wish to destroy, they first make
mad! Mad!!"
Repeated Selected 3: "I ate his liver with a nice Chianti and some
fava beans."
Repeated Selected 4: "I'll teach your grandmother to such eggs."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "If I must!"
Action Acknowledgement 2: "I could do no other."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Hardly worth my time."
Random: "I know dragons with feet like rabbits, tis true
I swear!"
?????????: "Wah! Mommy, I'm a scared!"
?????????: "I wanted Infravision like the elves. But it's
more than taking their eyes..."
?????????: "Why must you goad us into other peoples
concerns? Can you not just let us mind our own
?????????: "I begin to see your true nature, and tis as I
expected. None are as insufferably righteous as
?????????: "Ah yes, the chatter of friends and compatriots.
Does it not... warm the cockles?"
First Speech: "Aye, who' there now? More smithing? Or did you
burrow into another river?"
Happy: "We do good, just as my clan long ago."
Unhappy: "There'll be dark horizons if we don't change our
Unhappy 2: "I've seen enough greed and evil. Change your
ways lest enemies we be."
Unhappy 3: "Ye be no better than the throne themselves.
I'll not stand by while this happens!"
To ??????????: "'Twould be good if you tithed a few golds now
and then. The favor of gods is worth a few
To ??????????: "You sold your morays for the love of gold. All
Dwarves are kin, but I'll not call you family!"
To ??????????: "Friendships last when gold is long gone.
Perhaps you should be a little nicer to the
To ??????????: "I've been through enough without suffering you
as well. Be gone!"
To ??????????: "Watch what ye say. Good natured, I am. But I
swing a mean axe when evil's concerned."
To ??????????: "We fight for what's right, but you needn't take
such pleasure in it!"
To ??????????: "Violence solves only the simplest of problems.
You must think your way through the tough ones."
To ??????????: "A friendly face is a blessed sight in these
To ??????????: "Your ego is positively elven. Drop it a notch,
lest I do it for you!"
Reply to ?????????: "Thine words are always appreciated."
In a Cave: "'Tis just like the tunnels of my old clan."
In a forest: "I prefer the stone of my cell o'er this wide
open empty."
On any Death: "I've lost too many clan mates already. Must I
lose these as well?"
On Kagain's Death: "I wish no Dwarf dead, but I'll not miss his
Bored: "Why did I leave my cell if I'm to stand about
doing nothing?"
Badly Wounded: "Ill I am. When a Dwarf says he's sick, you know
it's serious."
Becoming Leader: "Slow and steady while I'm leader."
Tired: "Even Dwarves need to rest, I can't walk much
Selected 1: "You need something?"
Selected 2: "What e're you need."
Selected 3: "Ye need only ask."
Action Acknowledgement 1: "Clangeddin's will be done."
Action Acknowledgement 2: "As you will."
Action Acknowledgement 3: "Be glad to."
??????????: "I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morn."
??????????: "Clangeddin's might be with us."
??????????: "My father was a miner, and my mother, a miner
before him."
??????????: "Keep your straw and sticks, only stone protects
the pigs!"
??????????: "Ye owe 16 tons, what do ye get? Another day
older... and deeper in debt."
??????????: ** whistles heigh-ho **
??????????: "The mines were there for anyone who looked.
I'll not be blamed for what the Throne does with

F. Utilities & Editors

Exp Cap Removers:
Godlike (144kb download, version 1.1)
This really cool utility removes the experience cap from any version of
Baldur's Gate, including the Tales of the Sword Coast. If you don't know,
there is a limit to how much experience you can get in the regular game,
and this removes that limit. Really cool.
Note: If you install an Official Patch after using Godlike, the cap will
be back in place, and may muck up the game, so you will need to
check for a new version of Godlike, and run it again.

Author: Team BG
Web Site:

Saved Game Editors:
Gatekeeper (180kb download, version 1.09.01)
Allows you to edit most everything in your saved game files. Allows you
to edit anyone in your party including NPC's. You can change your
inventory, stats, and characterisitcs. A very useful program for the
cheater in all of you. Although not as intuitive as the BG Character
Editor, it is quite a bit more powerful, due to its editing of Saved Games
themselves and not just the Exported Characters.

Web Site:

Character Editors:
BG Character Editor (2.49Mb download, version 1.4.5)
This utility allows you to edit any character at any time. You can change
all the attributes, plus you can edit your inventory. With this and god-
like you could make a character who is nigh unto invinceable. It is most
useful when playing a multi-player game as well since you can then edit
your character at any moment.

Author: Team BG
Web Site:

Item Editors:
Item Override Editor (492kb download, version 1.3.9)
Allows for the simple editing of items. Change their attributes, or even
create new items.

Author: Team BG
Web Site:

Item Text Maker (468kb download, version 1.0.1)

Lets you change/add text to items. You know what those are? They are
the descriptions of the items that you get when you right click an item.

Author: Team BG
Web Site:

Item Graphics Converter (140kb download, version 1.0.0)

Converts a BMP into a format usable by Baldur's Gate, so you can make a
picture for any item that you want. Say you want the Long Sword to look
like a Smurf, well now you can.

Author: Team BG
Web Site:

Store Override Editor (254kb download, version 1.0.0)

Allows the editing of stores. You need the Biffstripper (see below)
before you can use this one.

Author: Team BG
Web Site:

Rules Editors:
Team BG Rules Editor (52kb download, version 1.0.0)
This editor allows you to edit the Exp Cap (rather than remove it in its
entirety), the Spell Progression, and more.

Author: Team BG
Web Site:

Script Writers:
Team BG AI Scriptor (27.5kb download, version 0.9.1)
This utility allows you to write your own scripts for use by your party
members. (a script is something that tells NPC's what to attack, and

Author: Team BG
Web Site:

Data Extractors:
Team BG Biffstripper (125kb download, version 2.0.0)
This utility extracts all the information from the BIF files that you can
find in the Data folder of your game. Very useful for extracting things
like Companion sounds and the like. Although you won't be able to
immediately play those sounds... (see WAVC to WAV below)
Author: Team BG
Web Site:

G. Non Editor Cheats

Movies (from Duncan Clay)
To make the movies available. This is most useful if you are playing through
the game again, and DON'T want to see the movies again.

Open the baldur.ini file, and under [Movies] add any of the following you
don't already have:


Item Copying:
You don't actually have to be playing multiplayer for this to work, it just
really helps. You also don't have to be actually playing with anyone else to
be playing as multiplayer. One thing to do when you find any item of value
would be to:

1. Save the game.

2. Export the Character with the item(s) that you wish to copy. (only works
with characters that you have created yourself, such as the main
3. Give all of that character's items away, and then click the bottom
button (Multiplayer Options), then click the Modify Characters button
(only works if there are no enemies around, and you aren't in the middle
of casting a spell), and then click on the Character Name to delete the
4. Now immediately Import the character back, and you now have 2 of
everything that person had.

Similarly if you are doing this in a single player, you:

1. Export the Character.

2. Start a new game.
3. At the Character Creation Screen press "Import" and the select your

It is really helpful that when you Export your Character to name him/her
something specific, not just "Character1" or something.

This is really useful for the ultra-rare items like the Full Plate +1. This
also works well if you want to start over, simply export your character, start
a new game, and import them there!

In Game Cheating
The information from this comes from TeamBG:

Step 1: Open the baldur.ini file, and under [Game Options] add this:


Save the file.

Step 2: Run Baldur's Gate. In the game press CTRL-TAB to bring up a little
console. To close the console again, press CTRL-TAB. You can now
enter any cheat you want into this little console window.

Cheat Codes:

Cheats:TheGreatGonzo() -- Summons 10 killer chickens who defend you.

Cheats:FirstAid() -- Creates 5 healing potions, 5 neutralize poison
potions, and 1 stone to flesh scroll.
Cheats:Midas() -- Gives you 500 gold.
Cheats:CowKill() -- Creates a CowKill spell if you're near a cow.
Cheats:DrizztAttacks() -- Creates a hostile Drizzt.
Cheats:DrizztDefends() -- Creates a friendly Drizzt.
Cheats:CriticalItems() -- Spawns all the game's critical items.
Cheats:Hans() -- Moves your characters to mouse cursor position
Cheats:ExploreArea() -- Marks entire area explored.

Cheat Hot Keys:


To activate the Cheat Hot Keys, enter this into the Console:


And here are the Hot Keys:

CTRL+1 -- change the armor of the paper doll (the armor class doesn't
CTRL+2 -- fades screen to black
CTRL+3 -- fades screen to normal
CTRL+4 -- highlight the background-interactive objects
CTRL+5 -- ???
CTRL+6 -- shapeshift your character into the previous paper doll in list
CTRL+7 -- shapeshift your character into the next paper doll in list
CTRL+8 -- highlights the text boxes
CTRL+9 -- highlight the sprites
CTRL+0 -- ???
CTRL+A -- do a sprite animation (see CTRL+S)
CTRL+B -- view last FMV sequence
CTRL+C -- jump to next chapter
CTRL+D -- display some strange numbers
CTRL+F -- turn the character
CTRL+J -- transport onto the position pointed by the cursor
CTRL+L -- information on positon (same as L)
CTRL+S -- select a sprite animation
CTRL+X -- information on position (more)

Item Creating

To create an item use this code:


Where "xxxxxx" is the item code, and ##### is how many of them you would
like created (from 0 to 65535).

When your item is created, it is automatically placed into your inventory.

Here is a list of the item codes: (LONG!)


AMUL01 - Necklace of Missiles

AMUL02 - Necklace
AMUL04 - Studded Necklace with Zios Gems
AMUL05 - Bluestone Necklace
AMUL06 - Agni Mani Necklace
AMUL07 - Rainbow Obsidian Necklace
AMUL08 - Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace
AMUL09 - Silver Necklace
AMUL10 - Gold Necklace
AMUL11 - Pearl Necklace
AMUL12 - Laeral's Tear Necklace (3000 gp)
AMUL13 - Bloodstone Amulet
AMUL14 - Amulet of Protection +1
AMUL15 - Shield Amulet
AMUL16 - Amulet of Metaspell Influence (+1 2nd level spell)
AMUL17 - Greenstone Amulet
AMUL18 - Wolfsbane Charm +2 vs Lycanthropes

AROW01 - Arrow
AROW02 - Arrow +1
AROW03 - Arrow of Slaying
AROW04 - Acid Arrow
AROW05 - Arrow of Biting
AROW06 - Arrow of Detonation
AROW07 - Arrow or Dispelling
AROW08 - Arrow of Fire
AROW09 - Arrow of Ice
AROW10 - Arrow of Piercing
AROW11 - Arrow +2
AROW1A - Arrow +2 (different picture)


AX1H01 - Battle Axe

AX1H02 - Battle Axe +1
AX1H03 - Battle Axe +2
AX1H04 - Throwing Axe
AX1H05 - Throwing Axe +2


BELT01 - Girdle
BELT02 - Golden Girdle
BELT03 - Girdle of Bluntness
BELT04 - Girdle of Piercing
BELT05 - Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity


BLUN01 - Club
BLUN02 - Flail
BLUN03 - Flail +1
BLUN04 - Mace
BLUN05 - Mace +1
BLUN06 - Morning Star
BLUN07 - Morning Star +1
BLUN08 - Flail


BOLT01 - Bolt
BOLT02 - Bolt +1
BOLT03 - Bolt of Lightning
BOLT04 - Bolt of Biting
BOLT05 - Bolt of Polymorphing
BOLT06 - Bolt +2


BOOK01 - Magical Book

BOOK02 - Spell Book
BOOK03 - Manual of Bodily Health +1 Con
BOOK04 - Manual of Gainful Exercise +1 Str
BOOK05 - Manual of Quickness of Action +1 Dex
BOOK06 - Tome of Clear Thought +1 Int
BOOK07 - Tome of Leadership and Influence +1 Chr
BOOK08 - Tome of Understanding +1 Wis
BOOK09 - Normal Book
| - miscellaneous Histories
BOOK68 - Book of Ancient Knowledge/History of the Nether Scrolls
(must be Identified)
BOOK70 - Yago's Book of Curses
| - miscellaneous Dusty Books
BOOK87 - Balduran's Log Book
BOOK88 - The Recipes and Ruminations of One Dradeel of Tethir


BOOT01 - Boots of Speed

BOOT02 - Boots of Stealth
BOOT03 - Boots of the North
BOOT04 - Boots of Avoidance
BOOT05 - Boots of Grounding


BOW01 - Composite Long Bow

BOW02 - Composite Long Bow +1
BOW03 - Long Bow
BOW04 - Long Bow +1
BOW05 - Short Bow
BOW06 - Short Bow +1
BOW07 - Long Bow of Marksmanship
BOW08 - Eagle Bow (Short Bow +2)


BRAC01 - Bracers of Defense AC 8

BRAC02 - Bracers of Defense AC 7
BRAC03 - Bracers of Defense AC 6
BRAC04 - Bracers of Archery
BRAC05 - Bracers
BRAC06 - Gauntlets of Ogre Power
BRAC07 - Gauntlets of Dexterity
BRAC08 - Gauntlets of Fumbling
BRAC09 - Gauntlets of Weapon Skill
BRAC10 - Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
BRAC11 - Bracers of Binding (cursed item)


BULL01 - Bullet
BULL02 - Bullet +1
BULL03 - Bullet +2


CHAN01 - Chainmail
CHAN02 - Chainmail +1
CHAN03 - Chainmail +2
CHAN04 - Splint Mail
CHAN05 - Splint Mail +1
CHAN06 - Mithril Chain Mail +4 (Drizzt's Chainmail)


CLCK01 - Cloak of Protection +1

CLCK02 - Cloak of Protection +2
CLCK03 - Cloak of Displacement
CLCK04 - Cloak of the Wolf
CLCK05 - Cloak of Balduran
CLCK06 - Cloak of Non-Detection
CLCK07 - Nymph Cloak
CLCK08 - Algernon's Cloak
CLCK09 - Mage Robe of Cold Resistance
CLCK10 - Mage Robe of Fire Resistance
CLCK11 - Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance
CLCK12 - Knave's Robe
CLCK13 - Traveller's Robe
CLCK14 - Adventurer's Robe
CLCK15 - Robe of the Good Archmagi
CLCK16 - Robe of the Neutral Archmagi
CLCK17 - Robe of the Evil Archmagi
CLCK18 - Knave's Robe
CLCK19 - Robe of the Good Archmagi
CLCK20 - Cloak of the Shield
CLCK21 - Holy cloak
CLCK22 - Shandalar's cloak


DAGG01 - Dagger
DAGG02 - Dagger +1
DAGG03 - Dagger +2
DAGG04 - Dagger +2, Longtooth
DAGG05 - Throwing Dagger
DAGG06 - Nester's Dagger
DAGG07 - Kylee's Dagger
DAGG08 - Hentold's Dagger
DAGG09 - Silver dagger - Werebane
DAGG10 - Soultaker Dagger


DART01 - Dart
DART02 - Dart +1
DART03 - Dart of Stunning
DART04 - Dart of Wounding


HALB01 - Halberd
HALB02 - Halberd +1
HALB03 - Halberd +2

HAMM01 - War Hammer
HAMM02 - War Hammer +1
HAMM03 - War hammer +2
HAMM04 - Warhammer +1,+4 vs giant humanoids


HELM01 - Helmet
HELM02 - Helm of Opposite Alignment
HELM03 - Helm of Glory
HELM04 - Helm of Defense
HELM05 - Helm of Infravision
HELM06 - Helm of Charm Protection
HELM07 - Helm of Balduran
HELM08 through HELM13 - Helmet
HELM14 - Kiel's Helmet


LEAT01 - Leather Armor

LEAT02 - Leather Armor +1
LEAT03 - Leather Armor +2
LEAT04 - Studded Leather Armor
LEAT05 - Studded Leather Armor +1
LEAT06 - Studded Leather Armor +2, missile attraction
LEAT07 - Studded Leather Armor +2
LEAT08 - Shadow Armor (Studded Leather +3)
LEAT09 - Leather Armor +3
LEAT10 - Hide Armor

MISC: All of these rings function as

___if the spell had been cast
MAGE01 - Ring of Invisibility | which means magic resistance
MAGE02 - Ring of Barkskin | can stop the effects. Ignore
MAGE03 - Ring of Mirror Image |_the fact that the titles of
MAGE04 - Pseudo Ring of Blur | these items may be missing from
MAGE05 - Pseudo Ring of Free Action | the descriptions and none of
MAGE06 - Ring of Haste ___| them have names as such - they
just look like scrolls. THEY DO
WORK !!! You need to be careful though as the effects do not
carry over from saved games like the proper rings do. This means
when you load a game you need to take the ring off and put it
back on again for the effect to work. But some of them are worth

Exceptions: The Pseudo rings do not function i.e. no bonuses at

all that I can detect. But the ring of blur does change the
sprite of your character like the spell does (which I like). The
other rings work fine. (from Kelvin Groves)

MISC01 - Winter Wolf Pelt

MISC07 - Gold Piece
MISC12 - Ankheg Shell
MISC13 - Samuel (body)
MISC16 - Fire Agate Gem
MISC17 - Lynx Eye Gem
MISC18 - Sunstone Gem
MISC19 - Turquoise Gem
MISC20 - Bloodstone Gem
MISC21 - Skydrop Gem
MISC22 - Andar Gem
MISC23 - Jasper Gem
MISC24 - Tchazar Gem
MISC25 - Zircon Gem
MISC26 - Iol Gem
MISC27 - Moonstone Gem
MISC28 - Waterstar Gem
MISC29 - Ziose Gem
MISC30 - Chrysoberyl Gem
MISC31 - Star Diopside Gem
MISC32 - Shandon Gem
MISC33 - Aquamarine Gem
MISC34 - Garnet Gem
MISC35 - Horn Coral Gem
MISC36 - Pearl
MISC37 - Sphene Gem
MISC38 - Black Opal
MISC39 - Water Opal
MISC40 - Moonbar Gem
MISC41 - Star Sapphire
MISC42 - Diamond
MISC43 - Emerald
MISC44 - Kings Tears
MISC45 - Rogue Stone
MISC47 - Golden Pantaloons
MISC48 - Idol
MISC49 - Melicamp the Chicken
MISC50 - Skull
MISC51 - Lock of Nymph's Hair
MISC52 - Wyvern Head
MISC53 - Bowl of Water Elemental Control
MISC54 - Child's Body
MISC55 - Duke Eltan's Body
MISC56 - Broken Weapon
MISC57 - Broken Shield
MISC58 - Broken Armor
MISC59 - Broken Miscellaneous
MISC60 - Spider Body
MISC61 - Bottle of Wine
MISC62 - Dead Cat
MISC63 - Chew Toy
MISC64 - Telescope
MISC69 - Helshara's Artifact Fragment
MISC70 - Delorna's Statue
MISC72 - The Claw of Kazgaroth
MISC73 - The Horn of Kazgaroth
MISC74 - The Candle
MISC75 - Dagger of Venom
MISC79 - Female Body
MISC80 - Male Body
MISC83 - Key to River Plug
MISC84 - Boo
MISC85 - Mulahey's Holy Symbol
MISC86 - Bandit Scalp
MISC87 - Contaminated Iron
MISC88 - Rabbit's Foot
MISC89 - Edwin's Amulet
MISC90 - Chelak's Body
MISC02 - Mirror (no picture)
MISC03 - Small Box (no picture)
MISC04 - Bassilus' Holy Symbol
MISC1A - Bottle of wine
MISC1B - Butter knife of Balduran
MISC1C - Sea Charts
MISC2A - Doppleganger's Wardstone
MISC2B - Level 1 exit Wardstone
MISC2C - Islanne Wardstone
MISC2D - Kiel Wardstone
MISC2E - Fuernebol Wardstone
MISC2F - Teleportation Wardstone
MISC2G - Level 2 exit Wardstone
MISC2H - Shandalar's Wardstone
MISC2I - Wardstone Forgery
MISC2J - Wardstone of forgery
MISC2K - Compass Wardstone
MISC2L - Bone Wardstone
MISC2M - Dwarven Rune Wardstone
MISC2N - Dwarven's Rune Wardstone
MISC2O - Lock of hair from Kirindale
MISC2P - Greagan's Harp
MISC65 - Brage's Body
MISC66 - Farmer Brun's Son (Dead)
MISC67 - Brun's Dead Son
MISC68 - Abela the Nymph
MISC71 - Delorna's Spellbook
MISC76 - The Dream Potion
MISC77 - Skull of Kereph
MISC78 - Invitation
MISC81 - Skull of Kereph
MISC82 - Ancient Armor
MISC91 - Grapes
MISC92 - Switch for engine
MISC93 - Odd looking key
MISC94 - Mallet head
MISC95 - Mallet handle
MISC96 - Peladon
MISC97 - De'Tranion's Baalor ale
MISC98 - Durlag's goblet
MISC99 - Cursed Plate mail armor (belt icon)


PLAT01 - Plate Mail Armor

PLAT02 - Plate Mail +1
PLAT04 - Full Plate Mail
PLAT05 - Full Plate Mail +1
PLAT06 - Ankheg Plate Mail
PLAT07 - Plate Mail
PLAT08 - Plate Mail +3


POTN02 - Potion of Fire Resistance

POTN03 - Potion of Hill Giant Strength
POTN04 - Potion of Frost Giant Strength
POTN05 - Potion of Fire Giant Strength
POTN06 - Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
POTN07 - Potion of Storm Giant Strength
POTN08 - Potion of Healing
POTN09 - Potion of Heroism
POTN10 - Potion of Invisibility
POTN11 - Potion of Invulnerability
POTN12 - Potion of Stone Giant Strength
POTN13 - Oil of Firey Burning
POTN14 - Oil of Speed
POTN15 - Red Potion
POTN16 - Violet Potion
POTN17 - Elixir of Health
POTN18 - Potion of Absorption
POTN19 - Potion of Agility
POTN20 - Antidote
POTN21 - Potion of Clarity
POTN22 - Potion of Cold Resistance
POTN23 - Oil of Speed
POTN24 - Potion of Defense
POTN25 - Potion of Healing
POTN26 - Potion of Explosions
POTN27 - Potion of Firebreath
POTN28 - Potion of Fortitude
POTN29 - Potion of Genius
POTN30 - Potion of Infravision
POTN31 - Potion of Insulation
POTN32 - Antidote
POTN33 - Potion of Magic Blocking
POTN34 - Potion of Magic Protection
POTN35 - Potion of Magic Shielding
POTN36 - Potion of Master Thievery
POTN37 - Potion of Mind Focusing
POTN38 - Potion of Mirrored Eyes
POTN39 - Potion of Perception
POTN40 - Potion of Invulnerability
POTN41 - Potion of Power
POTN42 - Potion of Regeneration
POTN43 - Potion of Insight
POTN44 - Potion of Strength
POTN45 - Potion of Freedom
POTN46 - Potion of Stone Form
POTN47 - Marek's Antidote (better than normal antidote)
POTN48 - Vial of Mysterious Liquid (used in Nashkel mines to
poison iron ore)


RING01 - Plain Ring

RING02 - Ring of Fire Resistance
RING03 - Ring of Animal Friendship
RING04 - Ring of Clumsiness
RING05 - Ring of Invisibility
RING06 - Ring of Protection +1
RING07 - Ring of Protection +2
RING08 - Ring of Wizardry
RING09 - Ring of Free Action
RING10 - Gold Ring
RING11 - Silver Ring
RING12 - Onyx Ring
RING13 - Jade Ring
RING14 - Greenstone Ring
RING15 - Bloodstone Ring
RING16 - Angel Skin Ring
RING17 - Flamedance Ring
RING18 - Fire Opal Ring
RING19 - Ruby Ring
RING20 - Ring of Energy
RING21 - Ring of Infravision
RING22 - Ring of Holiness
RING23 - Ring of Folly
RING25 - Koveras' Ring of Protection (+1)


SCRL02 - Spell Scroll

SCRL03 - Protection from Acid
SCRL04 - Protection from Cold
SCRL05 - Protection from Electricity
SCRL06 - Protection from Fire
SCRL07 - Protection from Magic
SCRL08 - Protection from Poison
SCRL09 - Protection from Undead
SCRL10 - Cursed Scroll of Weakness
SCRL11 - Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness
SCRL12 - Cursed Scroll of Foolishness
SCRL13 - Cursed Scroll of Ugliness
SCRL14 - Cursed Scroll of Summon Monster
SCRL15 - Protection from Petrification
SCRL18 - Cursed Scroll of Stupidity
SCRL1B - Agannazar's Scorcher
SCRL1C - Ghoul Touch
SCRL1D - Clairvoyance
SCRL1E - Dispel Magic
SCRL1F - Flame Arrow
SCRL1G - Fireball
SCRL1H - Haste
SCRL1I - Hold Person
SCRL1K - Lightning Bolt
SCRL1L - Monster Summoning I
SCRL1M - Non-Detection
SCRL1N - Protection from Normal Missiles
SCRL1O - Slow
SCRL1P - Skull Trap
SCRL1Q - Vampiric Touch
SCRL1R - Wraith Form
SCRL1S - Dire Charm
SCRL1T - Ghost Armor
SCRL1U - Confusion
SCRL1V - Dimension Door
SCRL1Y - Improved Invisibility
SCRL1Z - Minor Globe of Invulnerability
SCRL2A - Monster Summoning II
SCRL2D - Animate Dead
SCRL2E - Cloudkill
SCRL2F - Cone of Cold
SCRL2G - Monster Summoning III
SCRL2H - Shadow Door
SCRL2I - Letter
SCRL2J - Letter
SCRL3D - Letter
SCRL56 - Cure Serious Wounds
SCRL58 - Free Action
SCRL59 - Neutralize Poison
SCRL61 - Cure Critical Wounds
SCRL62 - Flame Strike
SCRL63 - Raise Dead
SCRL66 - Grease
SCRL67 - Armor
SCRL68 - Burning Hands
SCRL69 - Charm Person
SCRL70 - Color Spray
SCRL71 - Blindness
SCRL72 - Friends
SCRL73 - Protection from Petrification
SCRL75 - Identify
SCRL76 - Infravision
SCRL77 - Magic Missile
SCRL78 - Protection from Evil
SCRL79 - Shield
SCRL80 - Shocking Grasp
SCRL81 - Sleep
SCRL82 - Chill Touch
SCRL83 - Chromatic Orb
SCRL84 - Larloch's Minor Drain
SCRL85 - Blur
SCRL86 - Detect Evil
SCRL87 - Detect Invisibility
SCRL89 - Horror
SCRL90 - Invisibility
SCRL91 - Knock
SCRL92 - Know Alignment
SCRL93 - Luck
SCRL94 - Resist Fear
SCRL95 - Melf's Acid Arrow
SCRL96 - Mirror Image
SCRL97 - Stinking Cloud
SCRL98 - Strength
SCRL99 - Web
SCRLPET - Stone to Flesh
SCRL5A - Mental Domination
SCRL5B - Defensive Harmony
SCRL5C - Protection from Lightening
SCRL5D - Protection from Evil 10'Radius
SCRL5E - Champion's Strength
SCRL5F - Chaotic Commands
SCRL5G - Remove Curse
SCRL5H - Emotion
SCRL5I - Greater Malaison
SCRL5J - Oliluke's resilient sphere
SCRL5K - Spirit armor
SCRL5L - Polymorph Other
SCRL5M - Polymorph Self
SCRL5N - Domination
SCRL5O - Hold Monster
SCRL5P - Chaos
SCRL5Q - Feeblemind
SCRL5R - Anderis Journal
SCRL5S - Dezekiel's Scroll


SHLD01 - Small Shield

SHLD02 - Small Shield +1
SHLD03 - Medium Shield
SHLD04 - Medium Shield +1
SHLD05 - Large Shield
SHLD06 - Large Shield +1
SHLD07 - Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles
SHLD08 - Buckler
SHLD09 - Buckler
SHLD10 - Buckler
SHLD11 - Small Shield
SHLD12 - Small Shield
SHLD13 - Medium Shield
SHLD14 - Medium Shield
SHLD15 - Large Shield
SHLD16 - Large Shield
SHLD18 - Large Shield
SHLD19 - Large Shield +2
SHLD20 - Kiel's Buckler


SLNG01 - Sling
SLNG02 - Sling +1
SLNG03 - Sling +3


SPER01 - Spear
SPER02 - Spear +1
SPER03 - Spear +3, Backbiter
SPER04 - Spear


STAF01 - Quarterstaff
STAF02 - Quarterstaff +1
STAF03 - Quarterstaff
STAF04 - Quarterstaff
STAF05 - Staff of Striking
STAF06 - Staff Mace
STAF07 - Staff Spear +2
STAF08 - Quarterstaff +3


SW1H01 - Bastard Sword

SW1H02 - Bastard Sword +1
SW1H03 - Bastard Sword +1, Shapeshifters
SW1H04 - Long Sword
SW1H05 - Long Sword +1
SW1H06 - Long Sword +2
SW1H07 - Short Sword
SW1H08 - Short Sword +1
SW1H09 - Short Sword +2
SW1H10 - Short Sword of Backstabbing
SW1H11 - Odd Flame Sword (Creature Attack?)
SW1H12 - Hull's Long Sword
SW1H13 - Moonblade
SW1H14 - Short Sword +1
SW1H15 - Scimitar +3, Frostbrand
SW1H16 - Scimitar +5, Defender
SW1H17 - Perdue's Short Sword
SW1H18 - Sword of Balduran
SW1H19 - The Vampire's Revenge (cursed)
SW1H20 - Scimitar
SW1H21 - Short Sword
SW1H22 - Scimitar +1
SW1H23 - Scimitar +2
SW1H24 - Long Sword +1, Flame Tongue


SW2H01 - Two Handed Sword

SW2H02 - Two Handed Sword +1
SW2H03 - Two Handed Sword, Berserking
SW2H05 - Two Handed Sword (no image)
SW2H06 - Spider's Bane
SW2H07 - Two Handed Sword +3
SW2H08 - Two Handed sword +2


WAND02 - Wand of Fear

WAND03 - Wand of Magic Missiles
WAND04 - Wand of Paralyzation
WAND05 - Wand of Fire
WAND06 - Wand of Frost
WAND07 - Wand of Lightning
WAND08 - Wand of Sleep
WAND09 - Wand of Polymorphing
WAND10 - Wand of Monster Summoning
WAND11 - Wand of the Heavens
WAND12 - Wand of Magic Missiles


XBOW01 - Heavy Crossbow

XBOW02 - Heavy Crossbow +1
XBOW03 - Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy
XBOW04 - Light Crossbow
XBOW05 - Light Crossbow +1
XBOW06 - Light Crossbow of Speed

Creature Creating
Similar to Item creating, you use this code:


Where "yyyyyy" is the name of the NPC/Creature that you wish to create.
Notice that most have a maximum of 6 letters per creature. (though some have

Here are some of the Creature Codes:

barslim -- Bartender from the Green Slime tavern (dies quickly)
bub -- Bub Snikt
chimp5 -- Flaming Fist Mercenary, from HQ in BG
coksmth -- Peter of the North
kirinh -- creates Kirinhale, the Nymph from Durlag's Tower
Ray -- creates a diseased gibberling with exp of over 3000
ogreha -- half ogre
shadow -- a Thief
sprat -- a messenger
thalan -- Thalantyr, the Mage from High Hedge
tick -- just some loser guy
ughh -- a big Ogre guy
utor -- a scared slave
werewo -- Werewolf
wyvernba -- Baby Wyvern
wyvernbi -- Greater Wyvern

Other Cheat Codes


CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XXXXX") -- sets the EXP of all party members to

the amount in quotes
CLUAConsole:AddGold("XXXXX") -- Gives you as much gold as in quotes
CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("ARXXXX") -- Moves you to the Area in the quotes
(these are the areas you see when you
hit the 'L' key to get your location)
CLUAConsole:SetWeather(#) -- Use one of the following 3 settings:
0 - No Weather
1 - Rain
2 - Snow
CLUAConsole:PlaySound("zzzzzzza") -- Plays a sound from the Sounds folder
H. Online Resources

Really Good All Around Sites:
����������������������������� -- the Official Page (sort of) -- has a lot of good editors, also has a pretty
decent portraits section



Forgotten Realms Links:

Other Really Good Sites:
������������������������ -- the best source for Game FAQs! -- my site! Not updated in awhile, though


I. Strange Things

Baldur's Gate Readme and Manual Addenda Release Version 1.1.4315 (from Duncan

2c. Corrections to the Manual and Quick Reference Card

Manual Corrections

p.26 Dual Classing

The only classes than cannot dual class are the Paladin, Ranger, and
Bard, though others may have restrictions on which classes they can
switch to. The character must also have 15 in all the prime requisites
of his first class, and 17 in those of the second class.

The Ranger CAN dual class to a Cleric/Ranger.


Table 7: Ranged Weapons

Weapon |1/2|ROF|Spd|Hit|Dam| Useable By

Light Crossbow | 2 | 1 | 7 | - | - | F,R,P,B,T

Thieves CAN use Light Crossbows, but in the manual and in the game it
incorrectly states that they cannot. This makes the "Light Crossbow of
Speed" a good choice for your thief.


If you answer as follows when talking to Tremain Belde'ar the game crashes
(House in BG West AR0617) (from Duncan Clay)

(2) I Would know what payment I can expect. I'll not take this task
with out knowing what it is worth.

(1) Magic or no. I should require more than a meager amount of gold.
Certainly if many adventurers give so much, there be ample coin in
church holdings? Make that mine and we have a deal.

Inconsistencies and/or Mistakes:

After clearing the Cloakwood Mines, talk to Officer Vai and she will say:
"You efforts have not..." A clear grammatical mistake.

When asking Eldoth to rejoin the party he replies with "I though as much..."
when he meant to say "I thought as much".

Try this one on for size: After I had Viconia get kissed by Shoal the
Nereid, she gets killed, but then later revived. Now, Viconia didn't really
have a chance to kill anything after this, and when I checked her
information it said that her most powerful vanquished foe was "Viconia".

I had the Subtitles turned on, and when Kivan made his little Tired sound
("It is time for us to rest") the text read "I will lead for as long as I am

While in Durlag's Tower while doing the Nymph subquest, every time I went up
to the Fourth Level, it had reset. In other words, each time it was like I
had never been there! And after freeing Kirinhale, she was still there
asking for a release! And here's the best part, if I talked to her twice,
she gets freed again, and I get the 4000 experience AGAIN! Not only that,
but Riggilo is brought back to life as well. This is very very strange! I
am not sure why this happened, or if it will happen on anyone else's

The Level 2 Mage Spell "Vocalise" defined on manual page 107 cannot be found
in the game. However there is an additional Level 2 Mage Spell (incorrectly
described as Level 1) of "Detect Evil" only defined on manual page 116 for
Priests. (from Duncan Clay)


You can kill cows and other animals, and not only will it not affect your
reputation, but the local townspeople don't even seem to care that you are
slaughtering their animals!

You can even kill your own party members, without anyone caring. Once I had
Minsc kill Dynaheir, and he still mourned her death later!

After Melicamp is restored from being a chicken, he will still make Chicken
noises randomly!

Is it just me, or do Xvarts look like larger versions of Smurfs?

Here's a fun one. While in the Helm and Cloak Inn, I got caught stealing,
and the guard appeared. I ignored them so I wouldn't lose anymore than 1
reputation. Well there is also a band of adventurers there called the
Gorpel Hind. The Gorpel Hind people started killing the Flaming Fist for
me at no loss to my own reputation! Sweet!

I had Coran in my party, and since he is a Fighter/Thief I kept two sets of

armor for him, one for AC and the other for Thieving (a Plate Mail +1 and
Shadow Armor respectively) and whenever I would switch from the plate to the
shadow, he would no longer walk, he would "float" (it looked like he was
standing still, and just flying). Odd. This may also have been because
he was wearing the Girdle of Femininity at the time.

I was wandering around with an Evil party, and the reputation wasn't very
good (it was 4). Well I went into Nashkel, and naturally, the Amnish
soldiers there attacked me. This irritated me, so I went into the temple,
and bought myself a better reputation (18). But now, everytime I go through
Nashkel, I get attacked by these same soldiers, and if I attack them, I
lose reputation. Haven't they heard that I'm good now?

I've gotten an extra party member not mentioned in FAQ (i think he's
not) twice. When you take a pair of people (like Xzar and Montaron) kill
the other one away. Leave the other one off normally. I don't know if it
can be done instantly or only later, but when you take the character
back to your party, he/she will have a new partner with him/her to
replace the dead one! I cant remember the name, but he was a human
warrior with all blue clothes, STR 9 and other stats 6, and no face at
all, only a ? on the place of the picture. I've done it with
Khalid/Jaheira and Xzar/Montaron, if I remember correctly, but I did it
at least once, im sure of that. It's pretty useless but at least its
fun, I'd say. I tried that today, but I couldn't make it work right now.
But believe me, I have done it. (from Juha Alm)


In the Red Sheaf Inn in Beregost you can talk to Lachluger, who quotes a
Monty Python sketch, "Oh I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, I sleep all night and
I work all day".

Speaking of Monty Python, if Garrick gets hurt enough and has to run away he
will sing "Brave Brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick ran away!" straight from
Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

After having killed Marl, if you click on his friend Dunkin he will say "Hey
don't click me! I don't want any trouble!"

When Thalantyr is restoring Melicamp from being a chicken he casts the dread
spell "Antichickenator".

Some of the graves in the Nashkel cemetery are quite amusing to read.
Beware, don't read a certain grave too many times or its occupant may kill
you! (see the Nashkel section for more information) Kinda reminds me of
the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.

In the Nashkel Carnival, in one of the tents, you can find a fat commoner
who claims that he is "Big Boned". Taken straight from South Park.

Just South of Nashkel you will find a Kobold named Larry, and his two
brothers a Tasloi named Darryl, and an Xvart named Darryl. This was a joke
from the Bob Newhart Show.

Two of Yeslick's more uncommon speeches are fairly amusing. In one he says:
"You owe 16 tons, what do you get?" and in another he whistles the same
theme that the Dwarves do in Snow White and the 7 Dwarves.

Mer. Pike sent me this:

I'd like to pass along a useless bit of information that you may or may
not know about one of Yeslick's lines you mentioned, "You owe 16 tons,
what do you get?" This line is part of a song by Tennessee Ernie Ford
which is called, shockingly enough, Sixteen Tons. It goes something
like this:

I was born one morning when the sun didn't shine

I picked up me shovel and walked to the mine
I loaded sixteen tons of #9 coal
The straw-boss said, "Well, bless my soul"

You load sixteen tons and what do you get?

You get one day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

Well, some people say a man is made out of mud

I say a poor man's made out of muscle and blood
Muscle and blood, and skin and bone
A mind that's weak and a back that's strong
You load sixteen tons and what do you get?
You get one day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

Minsc says a lot of funny things, but one of them is from MST3K:
"I'm Huge!" (from Cave Dwellers, MST3K)

One of Quayle's lines is: "I am so Smart! S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T" which
is taken directly from the Simpsons, where Homer goes back to college.

One of Xzar's lines is: "I ate his liver with a nice Chianti and some fava
beans." Which is a line from Silence of the Lambs, said by Hannibal

A Shar-Teel line goes like this "I don't have time to bleed." Which is
quoted from the Predator as said by Jesse Ventura (yes THAT Jesse Ventura!).

Here's a couple lines from Tiax which struck me as funny: "The day comes
when TIAX will point and click!" and "Tiax is as Tiax does." a parody on
Forrest Gump's "Stupid is as Stupid does." Does that make Tiax stupid?
Among other things...

If you click on Khalid a few times he'll stutter out "Th-th-that's all
folks", the classic Porky Pig line from Looney Tunes.

Some of Garrick's lines are amusing. Here's Garricks take on Mr. Rogers:
"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." (sung) And he also does a mean
Monty Python routine: "Brave brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick led the way.
Brave brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick ran away."

And how about Alora's Ren and Stimpy impersonation: "Happy Happy! Joy Joy!"

J. The Dark Side of the Sword Coast

So, think that you've done everything that you can possibly do in Baldur's
Gate and its Expansion, Tales of the Sword Coast? Well how about adding a
few new challenges via TeamBG's wonderful little mod pack, called the
"Dark Side of the Sword Coast"!

You can find the DSotSC here:

Note: The Dark Side of the Sword Coast is NOT in any way shape or form
supported by BioWare, Black Isle, or Interplay, and as such, if you
encounter problems with the DSotSC, you should NOT email them! For
all support of DSotSC, check out

Here is a list of changes/additions that come with the DSotSC mod: (this list
is taken directly from the DSotSC website)

* This is an expansion aimed at a 9-12th level party. So I advise that you

take the party thru all of TotSC First! But you have to do that after you
have installed this expansion. Otherwise the new areas will not be
available. Of course you can always import your party in.
* 4 major quests well at the level of Durlag's Tower or Werewolf Island.
* More powerful monsters than anything yet experienced.
* Over 30 new areas.
* 100 new spells.
* Over 70 new critters.
* 80 new weapons, armor and other items.
* 8 New NPCs to join your group and some surprises!!!
* Experience cap raised to 20 million.
* Level 40 rules pack is included (instead of the level 20 rules that come
with BG/TotSC).
* Included is the program "BG/TotSC Backup Tool" to allow the backup and
restoring of your original BG/TotSC files (like "dialog.tlk", "Override"
folder and "Characters" folder). You MUST use this tool prior to
installing DSotSC!!!
* All of this is in a FREE download about 14 MB in size!!!
* We will also put up a seperate download containing a save game similar to
the one included with TotSC that will allow you to start your game at the
start of the most intense phase of the add-on (but if you do this, you
will miss some of the fun).

Time permitting I will do a Walkthrough for the DSotSC, but don't hold your

Tip: Most of the cool stuff in DSotSC doesn't appear in the game until
Chapter 5. Once you get to Chapter 5, head over to the Friendly Arm
Inn to find a new NPC... and a new quest...

Again, the DSotSC is an UNofficial add-on to the game, and is not supported
by Bioware, Black Isle, or Interplay!

Final Words...

ASCII Art created using the ASCII Art Maker by LTS (freeware)
You can possibly (doubtfully) find it at

This FAQ was writen entirely using the GWD Text Editor: (shareware)

Special Thanks: (Credits)
Dave for telling me that I could kill Zhurlong without losing reputation
(which caused me to notice that you can kill quite a few NPC's without
losing reputation, which is very very odd!)
Orlandu for a great many things
Ultradraco for some specifics on Noober
Alex Malano for pointing out that I had left Xan out of Sounds
Gabriel N. J. Sheets for some info on the Hentold Dagger subquest
Andy Miller for the missing subquest and Durlyle information
Stephen Ashton for the solution to Nadine's subquest
Peter Cheong Choon Wah for a thing on Brielbara and Coran
Jones for information on some wizards and Shar-Teel
NCPFLJohn for some information on Farmer Brun's son
KyleEChu for tips on killing Drizzt and Davaeorn
Starlight for the thing on Nemphre
Preston Lloid for his Names and Name creating strategy (Appendix D)
Mer. Pike for his Yeslick Singing information (see Oddities)
Andrey Moujikov for some Nadine information
Jesse LaCroix for the Ramazith information
Matt Canfield for his Nymph's Hair/Cloak info
D Sanders for his info on reversing charms
Kelvin Groves for sending information on Doomsayer and Item Creation
The Real FXD for some general tips and quests
edwardalacey for lots of stuff
Operador de Sala for the Perdue's Short Sword thing
Patrick for information about NPC Sounds
Douglas D. for a strategy in Durlag's Tower
Dark Angel ( for his alternate way to complete the
Lothandar's Geas subquest
Duncan Clay for some Items, Corrections, and Exp Charts
Jon WolF for telling me what a "nereid" is
Terry deBoer for an evil way to solve the Prism subquest
LrdGrifter for telling me that Tempus is neutral
Juha Alm for a new way to kill Drizzt, and some other stuff
CJayC for posting this FAQ
Anyone who emails me with nice things to say, you are appreciated!
Bioware for making such a great little game!

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Added all the Beregost Shopping information
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Expanded the Fighting General Strategy
Added the Personal Note below
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(Biffstripper and WAVC to WAV converter, Gatekeeper, and 4 Items Editors)
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Finished filling in all the Sounds
Small Changes
Changes in Version 1.1 (10-18-99, 423k)
Left Xan out of the Sounds listing, this is now fixed
Small updates and changes
Changes in Version 1.2 (10-23-99, 424k)
Changed one subquest a little
Changes in Version 1.3 (12-16-99, 428k)
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Small Changes
Changes in Version 1.4 (2-13-00, 429k)
Got the solution to one subquest
Other Small Changes
Changes in Version 1.5 (2-21-00, 430k)
Added to one subquest
Added some new information from Jones
Changes in Version 1.51 (3-1-00, 431k)
Fixed some TINY mistakes
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Filled in some missing FAQs in my Shameless Self Promotion
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Also added KyleEChu's method for killing Davaeorn
Other Small Changes
Changes in Version 1.61 (3-31-00, 438k)
Added a thing from Starlight about Nemphre
Added some information from Preston Lloid about names (Appendix D)
Changes in Version 1.62 (4-8-00, 440k)
Added a thing on Yeslick's singing from Mer. Pike
Changes in Version 1.63 (4-14-00, 440k)
Updated the Nadine's Son subquest yet again, thanks to Andrey Moujikov
Changes in Version 1.64 (4-17-00, 442k)
Added a note from Jesse LaCroix about Ramazith's Nymph
Changes in Version 1.65 (4-23-00, 443k)
Added a small note from Matt Canfield about Nymph's Hair
Other Small Changes
Changes in Version 1.7 (5-2-00, 448k)
Added a ton of things from Kelvin Groves, such as a neat trick for killing
the Doomsayer, and some Item Creation tips (see Cheats)
Other Small Changes
Changes in Version 2.0 (5-12-00, 484k)
Fixed a misspelling
Added lots of information from the Real FXD
Created section 15i. Sewers Beneath Baldur's Gate
Added Perdue's Short Sword Subquest thanks to Operador de Sala
Added some information from Patrick in the NPC Sounds section
Changed the Notes (see above) a bit
Other Small Changes
Changes in Version 2.1 (5-17-00, 488k)
Added some more stuff from edwardalacey
And added one thing from Douglas D.
Other Small Changes
Changes in Version 2.2 (5-28-00, 498k)
A gazillion small changes all around the FAQ! (error corrections,
clarifications, etc.)
Added a note from edwardalacey about Cursed Potions
Replaced section ii.) The Sword Coast with section ii.) Creating a Character
TeamBG's website has changed, so I had to change their links
Did a new ASCII art, which I think is much more attractive
Changes in Version 2.3 (6-8-00, 503k)
Added information from Dark Angel about an alternative way to handle the
Lothandar's Geas subquest in Baldur's Gate
Added information on TeamBG's neat "Unofficial Add-on" to Baldur's Gate, the
Dark Side of the Sword Coast (check out the new section in the Appendix:
J. The Dark Side of the Sword Coast)
Some other small changes
Changes in Version 2.4 (6-14-00, 514k)
Added lots of new items from Duncan Clay
Some small corrections
Added Duncan Clay's Advanced Experience Charts
Some other small changes
Changes in Version 2.41 (6-16-00, 515k)
Added a note on how to get the Vampiric Sword (real name, "The Vampire's
Small Changes
Changes in Version 2.42 (6-18-00, 515k)
One small correction about Shoal the Nereid (from Jon WolF)
Changes in Version 2.43 (6-19-00, 517k)
Another bit of information from Jon WolF, this time about Shadow Druids
(see section 8a)
And some info from Terry deBoer about Prism's Emeralds, and an evil way to
get some more money out of them
Changes in Version 2.44 (6-20-00, 518k)
Just some new information from Operador de Sala (in Nashkel, and N of
Gnollish Stronghold)
Changes in Version 2.5 (6-22-00, 521k)
Added a new general strategy from Duncan Clay, having to do with Party
Added a Ring of Fire resistance, also from Duncan Clay
Some other small changes
Changes in Version 2.51 (6-26-00, 521k)
Just one small change
Changes in Version 2.6 (7-10-00, 524k)
Added new information from Duncan Clay
Added some new names
Some other small stuff here and there
Changes in Version 2.61 (7-16-00, 526k)
Added some more new information from Duncan Clay
Changes in Version 2.62 (8-3-00, 527k)
Added some information from Juha Alm (a new way to kill Drizzt, etc.)
Deleted the "Personal Note" that was just above the Stinger

Safana: "My feet are very sore, perhaps you could massage them?"
Minsc: "I take no offense from your comments. You just don't understand the
bond I have with Boo."

This Document is Copyright 1999-2000 by Dan Simpson
Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast are Copyright 1998-99 by Bioware

I am not affiliated with Bioware, Black Isle, Interplay or anyone who had
anything to do with the creation of this game. This FAQ may be posted on
any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you
are posting it. You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

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