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Topic: Stop Multitasking, Start Monotasking

General purpose: To Persuade
Specific purpose: To encourage the audience to start Monotasking
Thesis: Monotasking is more effective than Multitasking
Today I am here to talk to you about the benefits of start Monotasking your activities.
How many times a day are you focused on doing just one thing?
It makes sense that multitasking sounds so appealing. Many people feel like they dont have enough hours in
the day to meet all the demands placed on them, and multitasking can seem like the most obvious and
effective way to get more done.
Bond: Link-to Audience:
Sometime ago,Multi-tasking was the buzz of the day. If you couldnt write that long report, tidy your desk,
do the household chores, judge your emails, receive the phone calls and eat a sandwich all at the same
moment, you were just not working effectively.
Destination / Objective Sentence:
I have decided to talk to you all about Multitasking vs Monotasking because I want to make you aware of
the dangers of being a multitasking person. My goal in this speech is to help prevent accidents in life, for
example accidents caused by using the phone while you are driving. Because research has shown that our
brains are not capable of focusing on multiple tasks at once.
b. Today I want to make you realize that multitasking is not the best practice. You may feel like youre being
more productive when youre multitasking, but monotasking will actually help you get more done with less
"Credentials" of Speaker (Credibility):
I have done much research on this topic before I had a lot of problems with me and my coworkers about this
Preview of main ideas:
Today I plan to talk about:
1. Why is Monotasking Better Than Multitasking?
2. When Mono-tasking is effective

3. Efficiency Of Mono-Tasking:
BODY of your Speech
Tell them
1. Main Point #1
a. First to define elderly abuse and its different forms.
1. Physical Abuse
2. Emotional Abuse
3. Sexual Abuse
4. Neglect
5. Financial Exploitation
6. Health care fraud
Transition: Next I want to discuss with you the information gathered for the year 2009.
Main Point #2
Some of the frightening statistics behind nursing home abuse or neglect are:
a. 2.6 million people live in either short term nursing homes or longer term assisted
living facilities.
b. 44 percent of nursing home residents have suffered from some type of abuse.
c. 48 percent reported having been treated or handled roughly.
d. 38 percent reported having witnessed the abuse of others.
e. 81 percent report having seen some form of verbal, physical, or other form of
abuse last year
f. 66 percent of nursing home residents suffer from Alzheimers disease or other
cognitive problems which limits their ability be aware that abuse is occurring.
g. 85% of the staff of these nursing homes blame the abuse on insufficient staff and
staff shortages.
h. Only approximately 20% of all cases of abuse are reported. The reasons they are
not reported are either because those being abused are too cognitively impaired to
remember enough to report it, or they are afraid of further abuse and not being
Transition: Next I want to say how nursing homes and assisted living facilities are nothing more than an
Main Point #3
1. What I mean when I say the these places are an industry is they are around to make money granted there
are some places that do care about the well being of their residence.
2.They care for our elderly, my grandparents and possibly your loved ones at the lowest cost possible.
a. Minimal qualifications
b. Inadequate staff
c. Low wages

Main Point #4
Ensure that state survey agencies immediately notify local law enforcement agencies or MFCUs when
nursing homes report allegations of resident physical or sexual abuse or when the survey agency has
confirmed complaints of alleged abuse.
Accelerate the agencys education campaign on reporting nursing home abuse by (1) distributing its new
poster with clearly displayed complaint telephone numbers and (2) requiring state survey agencies to ensure
that these numbers are prominently listed in local telephone directories.
I believe all nursing homes should have heightened security, possibly non invasive cameras in individual
rooms, or an easily accessible panic button in each room as well as throughout the facility directing the
tenants to the emergency services as well as nurses in the facility.
Restate main ideas:
After I have discussed with you:
What Elderly Abuse is,
The Statistics behind Nursing Home Abuse
How Nursing Homes are an Industry
What needs to be done

Restate thesis statement:

I hope I have opened your eyes to just how serious the problem of Nursing home abuse and neglect is.
Closure: To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.
Tia Walker, The Inspired Caregiver: Finding Joy While Caring for Those You Love